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Selasa, 18 April 2017

Coloring Book For Grown Ups Free Download

Coloring Book For Grown Ups Free Download

hi this is jennifer stay from coloringpages bliss and this is video one of my new video series that i'm calling colorlike a pro and i'm hoping that through this video series i can help you tolearn some new techniques and get excited and inspired with your coloringso that you will color more often and have a more blissful experience whileyou do it my series is going to have eight videosin it this first one were going to talk aboutcoloring tools and i'm going to get you excited and inspired about all the funtools you can use and in the other videos we are going to cover things likechoosing your colors and some basic

techniques that you can use for coloringso that your finished results will look a little bit more professional andjust basically what i do to color so that i'm have really blissful experiencewhen i color and then when i have my finished product i feel really proud ofit and i want to share it i'm hoping this series will bebeneficial for everyone whether you're a beginner intermediate or already aprofessional hopefully there'll be things in it for everyone i'm reallyexcited about the series because i feel like people don't give themselves enoughcredit with their coloring and it doesn't really matter what level you'reon because you can grow on that level

and really enjoy yourself being creativeis really important we should be doing every single day so let's get it startedby talking about the tools we use most of us get started in our lives withcrayons basic crayons in kindergarten and if you ever watched a bunch of kidscolor it is really fun to watch little kids color you give them a big bucket ofcrayons and they just go for it children are fearless with crayons theyjust color they don't hold back they don't care what color they pick it'sreally fun to watch them color trees and anything people they just pick whatevercolor inspires them and they go for it adults as they get older they lose thatpassion they

just start worrying aboutwhether the trees the right color green or whether the face is the right skin toneand it really slows us down slows our process down and really takes the blissi think out of coloring because we get stuck the first second we sit downbecause we can't even pick a color it's it's sort of ridiculous but when youwatch children color they don't get caught up even at the very first stepthey just dive right in and start picking colors and in fact it's theopposite problem they almost use too many colors and so to me when you watchkids color it's true bliss they really enjoy themselves that's why they can getlost in it and they get upset when you

take their crayons away because theyjust want to keep on coloring so most of us have crayons sitting around these aretotally acceptable coloring tools if this is all you have pull them out and use them there are alot of techniques you can do with crayons most sets even just a basic setlike this you can pick these up around back-to-school time for like a quarteror less most let's come with enough variety of shades that you can come inwith some different techniques and get variations and tone and you can come anddo some pretty neat coloring effects so don't be afraid to just use crayons anddo your coloring that way

sit down with your kids or grandkids andand color with your crayons you don't need anything fancy so crayons are a great tool to use thenext tool that most of us have been exposed to of course the pencil crayonspencil crayons are one of my most most favorites so i have a lot of sets ofpencil crayons this is a really huge that i think this is my crazy art here ipicked this setup because i i wanted to have as many color options as possibleas many shades as possible and this set was really good in fact i think i pickedup additional sets that had a neon and there was even i think a metallic set thati picked up to add this set and this is

a really fun set now that i've upgradedto more expensive sets and i'll show those to you in a second this set has becomemy set that i pull out and i share with my nieces and nephews when they comearound so that i don't have to worry so much about taking care of the tips orwhether they dropped them i don't have to cringe and worry about it but theseagain if all you have or all you can afford are the inexpensive pencil crayonsdon't feel like you can't come up with a quality product because even these youcan still come up with good tones and shading and do different things with soyou can still do a lot of fun coloring here and the reason i upgraded from likea crazy art brand is because i do have

chronic pain my hands ache a lot andwhen you have to use these kinds of brands i found i had to push pretty hardto get these deeper tones and i would find my hands cramping up and hurtingand i couldn't color for the length of time i wanted to and so it was actuallydecreasing my bliss because i was at the end i was in pain and so i did myresearch and i found out the prismacolor brand was a really soft core brand andmost people online are saying that they were really buttery and smooth and easyto work with so i when i picked up the scholar line of prismacolor to play with first because it was less expensive and mostart lines they'll do a scholar line

first so it's like a step down from theartist line you'll have a scholar line which is just like a student line butit'll give you a chance to try their product you can see when you use it iwish you could feel these it because it's a totally different experience fromthe crazy art or a crayola you get it really is kindof a buttery feeling and so i can color for a lot longer i could use a lot less pressure to getthese deep tones and get a much more blissful experience and i was sohappy with these and then i started reading online again to find out is theartist brand really worth it

should i go invest a lot more money onthe artist brand and everybody was raving about the artist brand and so i did isaved up my money and i ended up investing in the artist brand andthere's a video where i talk about how i take care of my artists brand these areprismacolor premieres and how i take care of them and i love these pencils soas you're trying out tools that's how i suggest you progressthrough your tools if you find you love pencil crayons and you want to investtry going up to a scholar brand or the student grade and then if you like thatthen go ahead and upgrade to the artist-grade that way you know you'll behappy with it once you invest your money

in it of course i've read a lot online aboutthe different lines of pencil crayon and so i recently picked up a 12 set of thefaber-castell because you hear a lot about these polychromos and how wonderfulthey are and it's a huge debate online whether prismacolors are better than thepolychromos and so i've picked up a 12 set of the polychromos and i'm reallyexcited to play with these but i didn't want to pick up the full set until i hadplayed with the 12 set and so that's another way to do it kind of more inyour budget is to pick up these little 12 sets first and then if i love them i'll just carry

these in my purse this little 12 set will be perfect for carrying around in my purse so pencil crayons are greatmedia there's lots of things you can do with blending and there's tons of thingsyou can do with them so and i'll be talking more about colored pencils as wego along in my other videos in this color like apro series so colored pencils are great option lots professionals use them intheir art another thing that i love to play with is markers of course and mostof us start out with the basic crayola or crazy art brand markers these are what are found in mostclassrooms and this is a crazy art brand

here and this is crayola and i reallyactually enjoy these these are water-based these are really fun to playwith the i've got these bundled in tones a light medium dark right now andthey're quite fun to play with but they have their downfalls they leavestreaks because they're water-based they're really wet so if your paperisn't heavy enough it will cause your paper to ball up and destroy your paperand it can bleed through not as much as the other kinds ofmarkers that i'm going to show here in a second but you can do other tricks andfun techniques with water colored markers (hint hint)

look because soon i will be comingup with a video all dedicated to water-based markers but i really lovethe way water-based markers go on the paper they're really fun to play withand they're inexpensive again around back-to-school time you can pick up setsi think i picked up sets of 10 of these markers here for 50 cent's justrecently and because they're so inexpensive you can just reallyexperiment with them and not worry so much about ruining the tips and you cando all kinds of things with them and enjoy them and again i like hanging on to a set of markers that i canhand over to nieces and nephews and not

feel so precious about and because iknew i really was enjoying the watercolor the water-based markers iwent ahead and did a bunch of research and investigated what kind ofwater-based markers i wanted to invest in as an artist and i ended up i endedup investing in a set of tombos i will it's not a full set i've just been buyingindividual markers and i've been really enjoying the tombos i cut on learningsome calligraphy with the felt-tip markers and so that's my progressionthrough markers as well again i started with the really inexpensive until ifound this markers that i enjoyed and i picked a line i wanted to do and i'vestarted investing in them so markers are

really fun that's water-based markers ofcourse there are the alcohol-based markers which act and perform totallydifferent from the water-based markers the alcohol-based markers most ofus are familiar with your sharpie markers and these ones are notorious forbleeding but they leave such beautiful bold colors and you can do a lot ofreally neat things with your sharpie markers as well and bic has a reallypretty line too of markers that i've been having fun playing with i have a set ofthose that i keep in my purse that i've been experimenting with when i'm out andabout and then also in the alcohol-based family they've been coming out withreally pretty

metallics and i haven't played withthese in a while so i'm curious to see how they're doing really good which isimpressive to me these haven't been opened a long time and they're still nice andjuicy so these metallics are really neat let memove them a bit in the lighting so you can see them so that's another really funmarker to use are your alcohol-based markers so i have a whole bunch ofsharpies and i have a whole bunch of the crayolas and in my art studio here ihave some drawers and i've got them sorted by color and then when i sit downto do marker coloring i can pull out those drawers and they're sorted bycolor i can pull out what i want and go

for it typically i with this kind ofmarkers i mix water and alcohol in a coloring page unless i'm doing someblending and then that's when i pull out my tombos and i use my blending markersand do some fun effects there which i will be doing a tutorial video on thatsomeday soon so keep an eye out for that so make sure you subscribe to thischannel so you don't miss out on those tutorials so you know those are yourbasic three that you see most people coloring with right now crayon pencil crayons or colored pencildepends on where you're from what you call it and your markers now the latestthing that everybody's picking up of

course are your gel pens and i am a hugefan for gel pens these are really really fun and i'vebeen experimenting a lot with them learning a lot i've been researching thedifferent manufacturers and learning about which brands how they work howthey are made why some of them are working better than others and i'mgetting stronger and stronger opinions about these because some of them justaren't working that great i'm getting really good at learning that we're not using them to their fullpotential yet and so i've come up with a couple of videos that i've alreadyfilmed and i'm in the process of editing

and getting uploaded to my channel solook for those on how i use them to blend and make pretty gradients andblending effects so take a look on my channel here for those and i'll be doingmore videos on blending gel pens are water-based as well so they smear andthey do all kinds of fun things so don't be afraid of these gel pens get themout and play around with them and see what you can do with gel pens anotherthing that i've seeing people use which i have invested in a set of ourthese water-soluble colored pencils again i did the same thing here ipurchased an inexpensive set at my craft store and then i was really disappointedwith the quality and so i fell back on

my favorite brand prismacolor and pickedup their line of water-soluble colored pencils and i love it if you haven'ttried water-soluble colored pencils yet they are really really fun basically you color them out just like acolored pencil in fact you can use them just like colored pencils but the fullpotential is when you hit him with a brush with some water on it and then theyblend out into these beautiful smooth colors so i i haven't experimentedenough with them yet and i can't wait to play even more with them and again iplan on doing a tutorial video for you on them as i learn more how to controlthe color with the watercolor pencils

really really fun and again because itswater based you have to be really cautious of what paper you're using and how heavy your paper is because it is a reallywet media but i even have a little tip and trick for that so look forward tothat here on my channel here is a set of winsor & newton watercolor paint i'veactually done some coloring in my coloring book with watercolor paint hadto be really really careful because it gets really wet but you can pick upwatercolor paints again you can do a really inexpensive like crayola crazyart and then you can pick up a student grade and then there's artist-grade andall kinds of different brands and

experiment around with watercolors soi've kind of been doing a lot of investing right now in watercolor paintsbecause i've really enjoyed them and i have some tips and tricks on that aswell coming soon on this channel because these are really really fun and i'mgetting really neat effects and i can't wait to apply it to coloring pages in our books because this beautiful when we should be using these more oftenso paints are really versatile now another thing that people are usingwhich i've used and i'm excited to show you and teach you about our pastelsthese are chalk pastels here that i picked up really inexpensive i haven'tinvested in the next quality up yet

still playing around with the mostinexpensive set i could find i'm quite happy with the inexpensive set so i canonly imagine how exciting and and colorful the more expensive sets aregoing to be but you can do some coloring with the chalk pastels you can dobackground effects and all kinds of neat things with chalk pastels of coursethey're quite messy but you know i don't care about getting messy when i'm doingart in fact i love getting messy when i'm doing art so you can check out the chalkpastels another thing that people are usingare cosmetics they hit the dollar stores and they pick up inexpensive eyeshadows and blushes and nail polishes

and you can do all kinds of really neatthings with that and you can get background effects and actually colorwith these cosmetics and so don't be afraid of hitting your cosmetic dept andseeing what you can find that inspires you to color with there another thingi've seen people using are inks your ink pads that you use for scrapbookingor for making your cards pull those out and i've seen people use sponges andcolor with the ink pads i've also thought about using them fortextures and we'll talk about that i think it's on video number four in thisseries i'm going to pull out my inks again and show you my idea so if you'reexcited about your ink pads and want to

find a new way to use those check outvideo 4 when that one comes out and another thing which was reallyinteresting to me i recently saw someone using their fancy tapes their washitapes to create backgrounds and textures so i'm a touch a little bit on that onvideo number four as well we'll see how long that video gets because i've got alot of ideas for number four so but they use the washi tapes they cut off a pieceof washi tape and lay it out just to the right shape and size of the backgroundand it becomes these beautiful textures and background patterns using theirspare washi tape and it makes a really pretty background so pretty muchanything you can find in your craft

stash that has a little bit of color orsparkle can be used for coloring it can make a flat coloring page turn intosomething that looks like a pro did it so i encourage you to dig into your oldstash see what you've got mix them up layer them up that's whatthe professionals do i have a favorite artist lets see i wrote her namedown lets see if i can find it here her name is kendall hillegas i thinkis how you say her name or hillegas sorry kendall if i got your last nametotally ruined anyway she does the most amazing illustrations of food andshe mixes her tools i believe most of the time she starts with water solublecolored pencils and she lays a layer of

that down and then she goes to hercolored pencils and then sometimes she hits her watercolors and then she goesto markers and she layers them up like in the most amazing ways and she canmake her illustrations look so beautiful and like they look just like a piece ofapple pie or just like a strawberry meringue they're just beautiful you cancheck out her youtube channel i'll put a link below and you can see the kinds ofillustrations she does she has a really good demonstration on how she does herblending techniques to get her effects but she mixes her media and that's howshe gets such beautiful illustrations so please don't be afraid

pretend that you are six years old againand someone has given you all these tools and you can just sit down and playbe inspired by them don't be afraid of them get messy get the pastels on your hands and the inks on your hands and just seewhere it leads you and i promise you that you will have a blissful experienceand even if the the project doesn't turn out to be perfect you're going to learna lot and the next coloring project you do will be more professional than thelast one because of all the things that you learned thank you for joining me on video oneplease

subscribe to my channel and follow me onfacebook and check out video number two where i'm going to be talking aboutchoosing your colors so that you can color more like a pro again my name isjennifer stay from coloring pages bliss and have a wonderful colorful day

Coloring Book For Grown Ups Free Download