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Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Frozen Elsa Let It Go

Coloring Pages Frozen Elsa Let It Go

hi everyone, welcome to the trolls vs villainsspin the wheel game! it's me ellie sparkles and it's time to spinthe wheel again and this time we have our favorite characters from the trolls movieplaying against the villains from pj masks. on the troll team, we have suki...anda mystery troll. on the villain team, we have luna girl, romeo,and night ninja. who do you think the mystery troll is? i'll give you 2 hints: the mystery troll alwayslooks sad and he's good friends with poppy. do you know who it is yet?

let me know in the comments! whichever team opens all of their surprisetoys first wins the game. but we have to watch out for romeo, becausehe likes to cheat! are you ready to spin the wheel and find allthe surprise toys? let's go! there goes our first spin. i wonder who it will land on first! look how colorful the wheel is when itspins! and… stop!

it landed on dj suki! nice, that's one point for the trolls team! dj suki is a fun troll who likes to play musicfor everyone. that’s why she wears her music earphoneson her ears. ok dj suki, are you ready to find your surprisetoy? dj sukileft us a trolls movie blind bag. let’s open it and see who we got! awesome! we got poppy!

poppy has pretty pink hair and ablue dress.. oh no! what happened to poppy's long troll hair!? and she’s missing her flower hair bow! it looks likesomeone cut her hair! and it's so messy! poppy's hair doesn't look pretty anymore. let’s check inside the bagto see if her hair is inside. here it is! was the evil romeo who cut the poppy'shair! romeo loves to cut the trolls hair...he'ssuch a mean villain! that’s not nice romeo! you're not allowed to cut the trolls awesomehair! ok, lets spin the wheel again and show thevillains that it's not nice to cut the trolls hair. it's starting to slow down. it's romeo again..what is he doing here!

romeo blew on the wheel so it landed on theluna girl the nighttime villain. romeo is cheating! ok pj masks fans, which insects likes to followluna girl around....grasshoppers or moths? let me knowin the comments. let’s punch a holein luna girl and see what surprise we find. are you ready luna girl...awesome! we got a mickeymouse clubhouse policeman mickey figure!

look how awesome mickey mouse looks! he’s wearing bigyellow shoes and his hands look like they are directing traffic! he is even wearing a policeman hat with alittle yellow mickey mouse sign! his hands and feet at so big! look, he can even sit down to take a break! his mickey mouse ears are the cutest! let’s keep going and spin the wheel again.. oh no! romeo is back, planning something evil again!

and look...he turnedall the characters on the wheel into romeo. and.. it landed on the greenromeo! the villains are winning the game. ok, romeo your evil plan worked this time,but we'll keep a close eye on you from now on so that you can'tcheat anymore. let’s see which surprise toy romeo leftfor us. wow, nice! it’s a transformer surprise bagthere’s three other rescue bots you can

collect. and we got optimus prime! optimus prime is the leader of the transformers...andhe has really cool colors! red, blue, silver and black. he has big, metal muscles and his arms, legsand head can move around. look how we flies around looking to rescuesomeone! maybe optimus prime can help us stop the romeoand the villain team from cheating.

weneed to stop these naughty villains and win the game! remember, if the wheel lands on night ninja,the villain team wins the game! and it landed onnnn... the mystery troll! we already know that the mystery troll isalways sad and he's friends with poppy. another hint is that the mystery troll isreally blue, but he turned gray because he is so sad. do you know who it is now? it’s branch!

that's another pointfor the trolls team! don’t look so upset branch, we are goingto get a toy now! let's see what you left for us. cool! we got a superhero bobblehead hero figure! i can’t wait to see which superhero is inside! it’s a captain americabobble head! captain america is one of the leaders of theavengers and he wears a really cool blue suit. ok pj masks fans, which pj masks hero wearsa blue costume like captain america?

let me know in the comments. it's so much fun watching captain america'shead bobble on his little square body. there are two characters left: poppy fromthe trolls team is left and night ninja from the villain team. whoever the wheel lands on next wins the game. let’s give the wheel one more spin. it's starting to slow down....anndd.. its.. poppy from the trolls movie.

nice! the trolls team wins the game! poppy is the main character in the trollsmovie. she's good friends withbranch and she always tries to cheer him up! ok poppy, let’s see what surprise we gettoday.. ready! go! awesome, we got a mylittle pony micro lite blnd bag! these microlites are so cool!

and look...we got pinkie pie! pinkie pie is one of my favorite ponies. i love herbig pink hair...just like poppy. and the cool thing about this toy is thatit can be used as a little light. you can squeeze pinkie and her lightgoes on. and she's also a fashem toy....her pink earsare super stretchy and she's fun to squeeze. bye pinkie pie! even though the trolls team already won thegame, let's spin the wheel one more time. wow, this spin is really fast.

and it landed onnnn....night ninja. night ninja is the last villain in the game. sorry night ninja, the villains didn’t winthis time, but let’s see what surprise we get anyway! ready night ninja.. and go.. it’s a surprise justice leaguemashem toy. it’s a martian manhunter! this is a rare mashem toy and it looks socool. he has a big green head and red eyes withlittle blue feet.

but the best part about him is that he'ssuper squishy. i could play with him all day! when you squeeze him, a big mashem bubblepops out! look how far hestretches too! wow! i love mashemtoys! his face looks so funny when you stretch himout! i had so much fun playing the trolls vs villaingame and finding all the surprise toys. poppy got a my little ponyfigure.

dj suki got a poppy troll figure. branch got a captain america bobblehead. luna girlgot a policeman mickey mouse. romeo got a rescue bots transformer. and night ninjawon a martian manhunter mashem toy! good job everyone! if you had fun, click on the gecko to subscribe to my channel. and if you want to watch more videos fromtrolls or pj masks, click on

one of the videos on the screen. thanks for watching! this is ellie sparkles! bye!

Coloring Pages Frozen Elsa Let It Go