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Minggu, 16 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Coloring Pages

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Coloring Pages

our story begins with a cute young couple,a unicorn named crystal and an earth pony named steve. the two first met at manehattanhigh school, and over the years, they grew quite fond of each other. fondness grew tolike, and like grew into love. after their first date, the two were inseparable. a fewyears later, they were happily married and eventually had their own foal. they namedhim… dudman. as dudman grew up, he discovered the wondersof the world. he loved the happy ponies that trotted about the city, with all their hustleand bustle carefree attitudes. he even liked the tall buildings, big and proud and toweringabove the city he called home. although on the other hoof some things as much as youlove them have a dark side even at your own

fair city. as much as dudman loved watchingthe ponies run about their daily lives, he never really had an interest in making friends.he enjoyed being isolated from everypony, having his own quiet place away from the constantmotion and noise of the city life... but in life, there's always room for change. sometimes…these changes can be drastic, or sudden, or both. and sometimes... change just happens,whether you're ready for it or not. but who knew anypony expected this change?...the family was grabbing their heavy bags in their efforts to run towards the manehattantrain station and unfortunately for steve, the poor stallion was carrying the majorityof the family's bags. while dudman simply carries his school backpack and his motherwith her purse. what’s the hurry one might

ask? well thanks to steve, the family oversleptand were already running late for their train to ponyville! the station itself was crampacked, some lining up for tickets, others grabbing a bite. it was all accounts far tooovercrowded the family forcefully had to push and squeeze their way through the large crowdwithout having their chances to apologize. “train 4h6 is about to leave, everyponyif you’re on train 4h6, your train is about to leave”the speaker's message blared through the station, adding on to the families growing panic. “can’tyou go any faster?!”, crystal cried out, urging the stallion to move more quickly thoughhe could barely catch his breath. crystal was a dark blue unicorn with a beautifulbrownish mane and tail. usually proud and

optimistic in nature, preferring a formallook to her liking. she was always ready to give a smile even though she can be quitesensitive at times. which leads to her temper, but only ever showed when she’s stressedhaving a hard time calming herself down at the most. thankfully, that's just one morereason she loved her husband. no matter how stressed, he was always there to help herregain her composure. her cutie mark was a sweeping broom clearly in the process of cleaning,and it suited her quite well as she was always cleaning everything she can get her hooveson regardless of the last time she cleaned them. it was only natural to think that shechose an occupation that embraced her passion. she was a housemaid to all sorts of differentfamilies all across manehattan tidying up

houses and apartments for all the hard workingmares and stallions of the busy city. it was a life and a job that she loved, and the onlything she loved more than that was her precious little colt.steve had been panting for a good distance now, “it's not that easy -pant- to carryall these bags -pant- you know? and what exactly did you pack these things full of anywayshoney?” steve said, struggling against the weight of the bags. needless to say, the stairswere an obstacle. steve was a stallion that could hardly evertake things seriously, which of course lead to common glares from his wife, but he wasstrong and hard working none the less. his brown coat and black mane, tail, and beardwere well kept, and thanks to his wife's constant

fluster over things being clean he had a healthyshine. with a paintbrush as his cutie mark, he would often paint buildings, monuments,and carriages, never leaving anything looking less than stunning when he was done! he alwaysdelighted in meeting new ponies and loved starting a conversation. however, he can stayquiet when he needs to and has a keen sense of knowing when it's time to do so. one ofsteve’s favorite pass times was giving people nicknames, but in the case of dudman, he simplycalled him “colt”. steve often took naps, his other favorite pass time, but he's optimisticas much as his wife, which is a big factor in their happy relationship.“important things now hurry! we’re going to be late! called crystal once again runningfor the train.

now we come to dudman. if you ask anyone onthe street what they thought of him, they might say apathetic, aloof, or even simplyuncaring… but that was just because he wasn't the type to get excited about simple things.dudman is a unicorn, just like his mother, with a darkish blue coat with a dark brownmane and tail with streaks of lighter brown. the one thing he always wore was his brownsweater, which complimented his mane and tail nicely. unlike his dad, and more so that hismom, he was always taking things very seriously. jokes didn't entertain him, and drama justannoyed him. his mother always warned him not to take such views on life, but that’sjust what came naturally to him. he enjoyed his solitude, doing things by himself andaway from anypony else, his apathetic expression

ever present regardless of his true feelings.he did, however, like his mother, have a temper that was not to be trifled with. it wasn'teasy to get him mad, but you were better off not trying. he didn't smile often, but whenhe did... it was nice. the kind of smile that makes you feel like everything will be ok.well... it only happens rarely, but he can give a grin or two from time to time.dudman wasn’t particularly happy about leaving. he loved manehattan, every single thing aboutit. the towers, the hotdog stands, the parts of the highways off in the distance that hecould catch little glimpses of on a clear day... but now? now it would all just be memories.fortunately, he had one thing to keep them fresh in his memory, his sword. a while back,he got it off a traveling swordsmith, one

that used to make swords for the equestrianarmy. he stayed in manehattan, and over time dudman took an interest in the craft. he gotto know dudman a bit and eventually, they became relatively good friends. being taughthow to use the forge and the blade was some of his best memories, but before the smithleft, he gave dudman one of his old training swords. it had a few impurities in the blade,it certainly wasn't a showpiece, but to dudman, it was as much a token of friendship as anyonehad ever given him. the family luckily made it to the train ontime, but only just going through the doors before they closed. the stallion fell downto the floor, the bags landing awkwardly on top of him. the train conductor was surprised,but reacted quickly helping to get on his

feet.“oh my let me help you with that”, the conductor grabbed the heavy luggage and startedtrotting down through the main isle. “let me lead you to your seats”, the conductorsmiled as he escorted the family to their seats.when they finally arrived, crystal fell to her seat relieved that she and her familyhad made it, if only just barely, relaxing her mind on the thought. steve did the sameas well even though he was sweating bullets, he was so exhausted he could hardly move andsoon fell into a deep sleep. “mom can i sit by the window?...” dudmanasked tilting his head. he wouldn’t say it, and his face wouldn’t betray it, buthe wanted to look back at the city he grew

up in one last time before it was out of sight...sure, he could come back here eventually, but when you're a young colt, it eventuallyfeels like forever away… “well yeah sure my little dudman,” crystalreplied getting off her seat and moving over to the next one. it was such a small and simplerequest, how could she say no? dudman sat down by the window. after the longday they had getting to the train station he could finally put his mind to ease. theconductor came by after placing the family’s luggage on the back holding a hole puncher.“tickets please?” the family took out their tickets and gave them to the conductorhole punching them as the remains fell on the floor. the conductor gave the ticketsback with a smile. “can i get you anything

miss?”, the conductor asked.“no it’s alright thank you”, crystal replied sloping her head comfortably on theseat. it wouldn't be until later that she would realize she was bursting with hunger,seeing as how they had skipped breakfast thanks to her husband's outrageous actions.“all aboard the ponyville express! we will now be leaving from manehattan to ponyville!the trip will be about 5 hours so please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.” thepony at the front of the train made the announcement from the speakers as the train started topull away. dudman was watching the window, widening hiseyes as he saw a stallion with a light brown coat and a dark brown mane with an hourglassas his cutie mark shouting and begging the

train to stop. clearly, this pony wasn’tas lucky as them. “wait stop the train! stop!!!,” the ponyyelled at the train the words muffling through the window.but unfortunately, nopony heard him and the train couldn’t stop anyways as it has aschedule to keep. the train gained speed hearing the steam pumping through the trains machinery.he watched as the stallion fell on the ground having missing his opportunity. dudman feltbad for the stallion, but hey, he had his own problems. he glanced at manehattan throughthe window one last time going over flashbacks of all his memories he had there no doubthe was going to miss his home. crystal stretched a little, relaxing her stressed muscles andtook out the latest issue of the “foal free

press”. steve, however, was still fast asleephis head placed on the seat, snoring peacefully. “so honey, are you excited for our new home?”crystal asked reading her newspaper although crystal noticed that her husbandwas fast asleep, she began to take her eyes of her newspaper and poked the stallion afew times. steve jerked awake, having been right on the edge of a deep sleep.“eh, what?” steve said putting his hoof on his head, getting an angry sigh from crystal.“for real honey, i think i'm the one that should be sleeping. let's not forget the ponywho almost made us late today!”, crystal put her head closer to the stallion glaringat him angrily. steve gave a small grin lowering his ears at the mare in response.“so uh… what did you say?” he asked

“ugh, are you happy we’re going to ponyville?”crystal asked her husband once again, annoyance clearly evident in her voice.“umm, yeah of course! as much as you are honey! i've seen plenty of pictures of theplace, and it looks pretty amazing right colt?” dudman ignored his dad's question and continuedto look out the window, silently watching the trees as they passed. dudman wasn’ttotally mad, or sad, or particularly happy. his feelings at that very moment were verymixed and it was almost hard to keep his blank expression. he tightened his sword was still a wonder as to why they'd let him carry it openly on a train, but he wasn'tgoing to bring it up if they did not. “i think he’s still upset about leaving”steve whispered to crystal

“well he’s going to have to deal withit, we can’t change plans now. speaking of dealing with things i’m pretty hungry”crystal sat looking down at her growling stomach. “we'll make sure you get something lightalright? i wanna save my appetite for the bakery.” steve said giving a big smile.“bakery?...” crystal questioned her husband tilting her head suspiciously at the stallionsat next to her. “i love bakeries! oh honey, you know me too well” she said smiling andgave the stallion a gentle kiss. “but what bakery is it?” crystal tilted her head again."it's one of the best in equestria according to my sources! it's called the uh… ah, the"sugar cube corner!”, steve exclaimed looking at the flyer.“oh that reminds me, you found a school

for our little dudman right?” crystal asked.“i- uhh... of course i did!!!” steve flipped through the pamphlet for ponyville at a dizzyingpace, "riiiight here! see? the ponyville school house."crystal glared at the stallion angrily. "you just looked that up, didn't you?"“hey did not! i’ll have you know that- crystal twitched in anger causing steve toconfess. “yes..”"oh for the love of celestia steve!" “i’m sorry! i forgot!” steve quicklysaid in his defense, getting a sigh from crystal before she began discussing the next planof action for the colts education. “well, we’ll ask somepony if that’sthe only option there.” crystal looked over

at her colt she was starting to get worriedabout dudman’s emotional state. she could never tell what he was thinking, but her motherlyinstincts definitely knew when something was wrong.“don't worry honey... he’ll feel better sooner or later...” steve whispered to hiswife. five hours passed and the family was fastasleep, snoozing their day off. their naps were quite pleasant, right until the trainhorn went off. the horn startled the family awake. well except for dudman. he woke uprather smoothly, without being startled or shocked by the horn. crystal put her hoofon her head, yawning opening her eyes more after her beauty sleep. steve woke up ratherungracefully, flopping off of his chair onto

the floor and standing up quickly, as thougha speedy recovery might negate his momentary blunder. crystal smiled at that. even withall the frustration of the day, he still found a way to make her smile.“mares and gentlecolts, we have arrived in ponyville. everypony please grab your belongingsand exit the train. thank you for choosing the ponyville express, we hope you ride withus again.” the speakers announced. everypony was getting up and grabbing theirbelongings after a long relaxing trip through the countryside. the stallion stood up, feelingstrong again as he held the bags over his back. they trotted along through the centerof the train, heading towards the closest door. because of the size of the train, thenearest door was still a good distance away.

after a short while of double checking theirbags on the platform, the family finally sets off into the town of ponyville. they roundedthe corner, off of the train platform and came to a sudden stop as ponyville came fullyinto view. the town was beautiful! the fabulous ponies, the unique buildings, colts and filliesplaying everywhere you looked... this place looked nothing like manehattan. dudman widenedhis eyes at the thought of just how different such a town was from his home.“it's... it's beautiful.” crystal was gazing at their new hometown in awe, havingnever seen somewhere so... relaxing? gentle? pink? all of the above? either way, it wasstunning, to say the least. the town was nothing the family had seen before,and that's only the first part of what they

would come to see. they could already tellthat this place was gonna be good. after a short while, the family noticed the sign ontop of all the beautiful things. “welcome to ponyville…” dudman readthe sign giving a heavy sigh. he didn't like change.“well let's get going everypony, we've got a bakery to go to!” steve said with a hungrygrin. just the thought of delicious baked goods made his mouth water.“oooh! i hope they have cream puffs!” crystal said, excitement evident in her voiceas she trotted in place happily. as the family strolled through the streetsof ponyville, they realized that they had made the perfect choice. it wasn’t longuntil they saw "sugar cube corner", and the

couple was clearly ready to take a bite outof one of their tasty treats! “so..” steve took a look at the flyer,double checking that this was the right place. “sugar cube corner should be right here,”steve said as he pointed at the bakery. “wow... the exterior sure stands out forits business.” crystal said, looking at the extensive bright colors that made up thebuilding’s cake resembling shape. "no kidding! i could almost take a bite outof it... just kidding!" steve quickly recovered, noticing the disapproving look from crystal.the family went inside, the smell of fresh baked goods and frosting filled the air. aftera few moments of enjoying the smell, they went to the counter to order, but to theirnotice, it doesn’t seem that anypony was

here.“helloooo? anypony here?” crystal called looking around the front room. surely theowner couldn't have left the bakery unattended. in a flash of color, a mare with a pink coat,and a dark pink, poofy mane and tail, and three colorful balloons as her cutie markshowed up and greeted them with a heartwarming smile bouncing up and down in a hyperactiveexcitement. “ooo! new guests new guests new gueeeests!!!hi i'm pinkie pie!”, she said with a grin, seemingly ecstatic at the sight of the newcomersin the bakery. “oh! why, hello there.” crystal said,greeting the pink mare. for once, crystal was taken off guard by pinkies almost thelightning fast appearance.

“how do ya do?” steve spoke in a wellmannered and polite way. “welcome to ponyville! trust me, you'regonna love it here!”, pinkie said with a grin and a high pitched and overly excitedvoice. something wasn't sitting well with dudman...the family hadn't told anyone they were new here, nor did they tell who they were, butpinkie pie seemed to just... know. not only did she know, but she was planning somethingvery special for the family. dudman stared blankly at the strange pink pony. her cheerydisposition and constant smiles were... unnerving to dudman.“i’m gonna plan a party for all of you! everypony will be invited!” pinkie nearlyshouted. dudman was worried that if she smiled

any wider, her head would pop off at the jaw.crystal smiled, slightly confused. “oh, well that’s very kind of you, but we don’tneed all that miss pinkie. we just came here for something to eat." crystal was still thinkingabout the cream puffs. “no, i insist! it’ll be lots of fun funfun!” pinkie pie exclaimed “ooo! wait here!” pinkie darted back tothe kitchen, and within seconds, she was back with a tray of fresh baked hot cream puffs.crystal drooled at the delicious looking cream puffs. "freshly made and ready to eat! onthe house!”, pinkie said. she showed them to a table and set their tray down. “hereyou go! have a seat, you must have had a long day.”all this was too much for the family to take

in at once! a party was way more than theycould have expected, and now free cream puffs?! “miss pinkie pie, this is... this is farmore than we could ask for.” steve was trying to be polite, but his grin was evident ashe put down his bags. he was hungry, but happy at the same time.“dig in!”, pinkie gave a large smile. that was almost the breaking point. dudman'smom had mentioned creampuffs only once or twice, and only on the train... how did thismare know exactly what she had wanted, before she had even asked? dudman started to getsuspicious on the pink mare. “oh, that reminds me! i didn’t catch your names.”“oh! well, i'm crystal, and this is my husband steve. we just arrived here, you could saywe're fresh from the streets of manehattan.”

crystal said to the pink pony before her."ooooohhhh!!!! i loooove manehattan! then again, i love going anywhere! hehe!" pinkiewas likable, more so than most. it was still unnerving to dudman though…“noponys really that happy... she's either faking it... or just... not normal… is shethis naive to everypony?...” dudman's thoughts were more somber than usual... or maybe theyjust felt that way compared to a brighter atmosphere?crystal had been eating her cream puffs, amazed of how delicious it was! her husband wasn’tkidding when he said this bakery was the best of all equestria. “this is delicious! magnifique!”crystal munching on the cream puffs quite happily, delighted by it's perfectly sweetflavor.

“best in town!” pinkie said proudly, witha smile. steve and dudman were also digging into thecream puffs, and after a while, dudman noticed that pinkie pie was staring at him. “andwhy is this little one so quiet? usually, kids love my cream puffs!” pinkie said puttingher head near dudman. dudman widened his eyes at the mare, he wasstartled by the sudden closeness and almost dropping his cream puff. dudman chose notto speak at all. “that's our colt dudman, isn’t he such a little sweetie?” crystalwas obviously enjoying her cream puffs too much to notice dudman's discomfort.dudman swallowed his cream puff. “hey mom... can we go home now?” dudman looked overat his mother, hoping for a yes. pinkie was

starting to creep him out.“dudman! where are your manners?!” crystal said whispering, almost hissing in anger.“i’m sorry miss pinkie, he’s usually not the social type,” crystal said witha friendly but painfully fake smile. “oohhh!!! you're just like my sister maud!only like 10 times quieter... you’ll never make friends like that silly filly!” pinkiepie was trying to cheer dudman up, and it might have worked... if it was anyone otherthan dudman. “do i really sound like a filly?...” dudmanthought “i don’t plan to and never will be…”dudman was honest to a fault pinkie pie stood in shock it was clear thatpinkie wasn’t ready for an answer like that.

crystal quickly interrupted “anyways! itwas very nice meeting you pinkie pie, but we have to get our things to the new home!i hope you understand?” crystal said getting off her chair in panic. “could i troubleyou to get the rest of these to go please?” she asked.“oh, sure thing!!!” pinkie pie responded with a grin, grabbed the tray, and was backin a flash. the family left the bakery, happily full fromthe cream puffs. pinkie waved at the family. “byyyyye! see you at the party!”when pinkie pie went back into the shop crystal and steve glared and dudman angrily. theyloved him, but crystal couldn't stand being embarrassed in public. steve wasn't reallymad, but if he didn't, at least, pretend to

be, he’ll end up on crystals bad side.dudman was confused why they were looking at him like that. “was it something i said?...”“yes!” they said in unison “dudman, why would you say something likethat? you know first impressions mean the world to your mother.” steve said gruffly.dudman tilted his head, “i was only telling the truth... you even said yourself that i'mnot the social type-” “it doesn’t matter dudman! you could havejust said "ok" and been done with it!” his mother scolded.dudman really didn’t want to hear it. he was already upset about leaving manehattan,and now he was getting into trouble for telling the truth? “ life sucks... hm? what’sthat?”. something drew dudman's attention

away from his brooding. it was a statue...a statue of the mystical figure that we all know as discord. dudman however, had neverseen nor heard of the master of chaos. “hmm, that’s a pretty weird monument... i wonderif it’s an abstract piece?” dudman thoughts were interrupted by his mother's ranting.“-came to ponyville, and reputation counts more than- dudman, are you listening to me?!”crystal said angrily, annoyed at the colts loss of interest.“yup, she’s stressed alright. i wonder if her favorite carrot and dandelion stewwould calm her nerves a bit? i hope we have the things we need to make it when we getto the house.” steve was always thinking about his wife. he knew this happens often,he took it as his personal quest to make sure

she was as little stressed as possible. noone could question that he was a good husband. dudman was startled by his mother's suddenwords, he wasn’t paying attention when she raised her voice because he was more focusedon the strange figure. “yeah...yeah... sorry for not paying attention...” dudman saidlooking at his mother. it was clearly just the obligatory apology, not really heartfelt,and crystal knew it. “hmph!” crystal looked away in anger.steve looked over at his wife... he was upset at the simple fact that she was upset.“i’m telling ya right now colt... please, please don’t do it again.” steve said“ok… my apologies dad...” dudman actually did feel sorry for his dad. he didn’t meanto upset his mother, and he really didn’t

mean for his dad to get the backlash of it,but that’s usually how it went. the family arrived at the home they had reservedprior to moving. steve opened the door with his keys and the family went inside. “hmmnot too shabby, if i do say so myself! can i pick 'em or what honey?” steve smiledbroadly. crystal took one look at the kitchen and thedining room and made a quick decision. “this place is perfect! i can’t wait to cleanand decorate it!" crystal was almost giddy with excitement! her earlier stress inducedanger all but gone. steve and crystal were happily checking thehouse, deciding where to put furniture and what to put in each of the kitchen drawers.dudman, however, was just wandering around

the house, looking at the bedrooms, closets,and bathrooms... nothing really worth getting excited over. while he was trotting throughthe hallway, something grazed his face. “gah!” dudman jumped back, sword was drawnand pointed at- “a rope?”.... noponys is ever to know that i was spooked by a rope."he looked at his sword, as though telling it to keep his secret. after sheathing hissword, he examined the rope, walked around it a few times, questioned its purpose. "neverseen anything like this back in the apartments... i wonder what it does-ow!" he had pulled slightlyon the rope, and the stairs to the attic opened with a burst, nearly knocking the poor coltout cold! dudman fell to the ground, holding his head. a bruise was already forming fromthe impact. dudman was seriously hoping his

parents didn’t hear that, especially hismother. she goes crazy when her colt gets hurt, even something as small as a papercut,and usually goes into a panic attack as a result.“owwww... that's gonna hurt in the morning... scratch that, it’s hurting now!” dudmanlooked up the stairs. it was dark, quiet, all around uninviting... "oh cool! anotherroom.... wait a minute... i think i read about this once... this must be the attic! i wonderwhat’s inside..." dudman climbed up the stairway leading up into the isolated attic.the room was extremely dusty, full of spider webs, dust bunnies, and dead insects thathad most likely come up here for shelter then died of boredom. dudman had the feeling thatnopony had been here for years. the wood walls

were cracked and chipped, the concrete behindit was starting to crack as well, but what stood out most were the boxes. boxes, boxesand more boxes... aside from all the boxes, there was a shelf, but its was bit broken.there was nothing on it but a dry bucket of paint. dudman was a little curious, to saythe least, about what was inside these boxes. “why would the last owner leave all of thesehere?...” dudman questioned out loud, curiously eying a nearby box. nevertheless, he openedthe box and was greeted by a plume of dust, he coughed and waved his hoof to prevent breathingit in. once the dust cleared up he found... nothing. “well, second one’s the charmi guess…” dudman went on to the next box. he opened it, and again there was fact, after checking every box in the attic,

he came to the conclusion that perhaps thelast owner of this house was just an avid collector of boxes. they were all emptydudman sighed, “well that was an impressive waste of my time.” disappointment evidentin his voice. he found a brick and threw it onto the wall in anger resulting in anothercrack. before dudman left, he heard a shifting ofstone... a little more... then more... then- "ow! damnit!" a brick had fallen from a partof the ceiling, clearly disturbed by him rummaging through the attic. "right in the same spotthe stairs hit me... just my luck... stupid house... stupid ponyville... stupid brick!-huh? what’s this?" first of all, the brick was a different coloron the inside than the outside... almost as

if the brick had been painted.”wait... that's...the same color as the dry paint in the bucket... was this... hiding something?” and no soonerthan said that he noticed that there was something sticking out of the brick. after sweepingsome of the bricks debris away with his hoof, he picked up the half of the brick that wasstill intact. there was a gemstone inside of it."how do i... oh! that might work!" dudman drew his sword once again, however, he wasn’tstupid. he raised his blade, then smacked the brick with the pommel of the handle, shatteringthe softer brick, and leaving the gem intact. what fell out of the crumbled brick, however,was the gem, and a golden key with a round handle inlaid with small gems. both of thesethings were showing their age quite prominently.

the key missing a few gems, and the largergem was severely scratched in several places. however, they were both still quite stunningfor a simple unicorn who had never seen either before. to say that dudman was amazed at whathe found. “i guess this house... might not be so boringafter all...” dudman thought out loud. either way, dudman had no clue what exactly the keywas to, or why exactly the pony had hidden it and the gem had gone to such great lengthsto do so? “what is this thing?” dudman pocketed the two items, forgetting about hisboredom entirely for a few moments, he liked having questions that needed answers. it feltlike a purpose to be fulfilled. “dudmaaaaan!” steve yelled out, breakingthe silence and dudman realizing how long

he was staying here.dudman was startled by his father’s sudden yell nearly dropping the gem. he quickly placedthe items in his sweater pocket, rushed downstairs and pulled the rope closing the attic stairway.“dad?...” steve had a box on his hooves, “would youmind giving your old man a hoof? these boxes are a lot heavier than they look, heck themoving company took off right after they dropped them off, damn hotshots…”“oh ok.” dudman grabbed the other end of the box and helped his dad move the boxesinto their necessary rooms. both ponies picked up the last box. it was especially heavy forour dudman, having been the unsocial intellectual type, but they were able to bring the boxto his parents bedroom.

“ahh.. these boxes are heavy... i'm surenot young as i used to be.” steve dropped the box, placing it on the bedroom floor.“wheeew... so! where were you colt?” “nowhere dad... ” dudman responded only took steve a second to notice the bruise on dudmans head. "soooo did ‘nowhere’give you that bruise colt?" dudman immediately covered his bruise withhis mane “wha-no..” dudman said steve sighed “alright, alright. just remember,it’s better to tell me what happened rather than me finding out the hard way. come on,we have boxes to unpack.” it took them the rest of the day, but dudmanand steve finally got everything set up while crystal was cleaning the house. that was herone true way of relaxing. the future of the

family was uncertain, but things were happy.for now. the dandelion carrot soup was good, and the family slept easy. however, dudmansdreams were of far grander things than he could ever plan for himself... right? stillthe question remains, what’s up with that gemstone and its corresponding key? only timewill tell... to be continued…

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