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Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

What Color My Little Pony Are You

What Color My Little Pony Are You

haya and welcome to todayâ´s show. my little cat, dress up games are magic. nah, just kidding. this is just mixi di, short and sweet. but i could not pass up that opportunity to make that joke. this is actually not a pony dressup game, but a game that is called “mega anime couple creator”. i really wanted to play this game because the art is gorgeous. but i decided to add a twist. iâ´m going to make 8 different characters from the show “my little pony: friendship is magic”. “but mixi, itâ´s a couple creator!” well they do not have to be couples. they can just be friends.

i started with pinkie pie because i wanted to do something pink first. it was really hard to choose what kind of clothes i would give pinkie, but i went with something loose and fun and simple. the blue comes from her eyes and cutie mark, the pink comes from her skin, and the yellow comes from her cutie mark too. the reason why i paired her up with twilight it’s because i really like the dynamic between the characters. i decided not to make them fully human, so i gave them pointy ears and made their fur color their skin color. like in “equestria girls”. i decided to give twilight a schoolgirl uniform, because she’s such a good student.

and i also decided to give all the unicorns a wand, to symbolize their connection to magic. and of course twilight had to have wings. she is an alicorn after all. rainbow dash’s hair was probably the hardest one to make, because there’re so many different colors in her mane. in this game you can choose between 4 different colors to have at the same time. and even though rainbow actually has more colors in her hair it’s good enough for now. i gave rainbow dash something athletic that she could work out in. i noticed too late that there was an option to put muffins in the hands. i’m sorry pinkie! i didn’t know. i missed it.

unfortunately there wasn't really a really a yellow skin color, so i went with a really pale white, with a hint of yellow. i decided to pair up fluttershy with rainbow dash because i think they sing the cutest duets ever. this hair really fits fluttershy. and fluttershy got a beautiful summer dress. for rarity i needed to choose a dress that felt like something that she would design. because rarity really is the kind of pony who always makes their own clothes. and she’s awesome at it. i would totally let her make clothes to me.

in order to work in the color of her eye shadow and cutie mark, i decided to color the flowers on her outfit blue. and of course; rarity is a unicorn, so she too gets a magical wand. i never know what to do with socks. socks are hard. i really like applejack and rarity episodes. in the beginning of the series, they weren’t that good of friends. but later, as they spent more time together and learned to know each other, they became super besties. it just goes to show that even if youâ´re completely different people you can still learn to be friends. there’re so many different, beautiful hairstyles in this game. itâ´s always so hard to choose. but i felt really lucky with this one. this hairstyle felt like it was meant to be for applejack.

oh! well, the top is a little revealing, but it still really cute. and of course we need to add a cowgirl hat. of course i had to add the royal sisters. firstly: princess luna. finally i got a chance to play around with some really dark colors. luna, being the princess and all, got a big floofy dress. the cross doesn’t really fit in, but i couldn’t remove it. and now: princess celestia. why isn’t she a queen? hmmm… i have always wondered that.

just like with rainbow dash, it was really hard to work with the hair. i’m really happy with the dress. it fits her perfectly. and of course she needs a crown. i decided to give celestia different wings compared to the other ponies. she is the oldest pony after all. and in order not to make the episode too short, i decided to make two ponies extra. first up: starlight glimmer. it was really hard to choose what outfit to give her, but i’m really happy with this choice. once again a unicorn needs her wand. and then, lastly: sunset shimmer.

we have actually never seen her in the “my little pony: friendship is magic” show, only in the movies “”equestria girls”. but i think that she is a really important character anyway. once again i couldn't find the right skin color so i had to improvise. compared to the other poniesⴠstyles, i think that sunset's fashion sense has always leaned more towards rock. and done! they all look so awesome. if you want to play this game just follow the link in the description below. thank you for watching and see you soon.

What Color My Little Pony Are You