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Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

What Color My Little Pony Are You Quiz

What Color My Little Pony Are You Quiz

see you donã­t look like an oompa loompa.i look like an oompa loompa. welcome to the gracie and mommy show!we have a thing of yummy world. i forgot what it was called.i keep calling them something else. thank you kid robot. these areã–why are there crumbs on the bottom? (laughs) because our desk is justã–thank you kid robot for sending these. these are the new yummy world key chains.which key chains will we get? which key chains will we get?so yummy worlds are foods but they have faces, but they are key chains.they just have faces. yeah.letã­s open it.

letã­s open it up. so weã­re going to openall of them! all of can get these atã–they sell them at hot topic and i think claireã­s, but you can alsofind them at kid this makes me happy.oh look how pretty this is? oh you want to do the whole likeã–okay sheã­sgoing to do the whole display thing. thereã­s nothing quite like getting a wholebox of blind bags because i would say about 90% of the time youã­re going to get all ofthem. although sometimes we got an entire case of blind boxes of something and not gottenall of the possible ones. can i just rub them before we take them out?yeah.

before they get all disorganized.yeah. kid robot is the folks thatã–they do lotsof amazing blinds and mystery miniã­s like the bffã­s. and the bffã­s wave two comingthis summer. alright so iã­m going to getã–letã­s seeã–wewill put them on this saucy susan. (laughs) because iã­m too stupid to say lazy susan.when i was a child i didnã­t call them lazy susanã­s i called them saucy susanã­s. weã­regoing to do a saucy susan on a lazy susan here.(gracie counting) oh you know how we always end up with thewrong amount. it looks like a wrong amount. how many werein there anyway?

(laughs)letã­s just open some. whoever runs out first grabs from the otherpersonã­s pile. i like that plan. and i will go try toã–scissors. wait you havered scissors right here. we actually both have scissors this time.look at this. i cleaned the studio. did you notice?i noticed. the only thing i didnã­t do is sweep the floor.i didnã­t get to that part. i ran out of steam. i got really tired. i did a lot yesterday.i did a surprisingly amount of stuff. okay. first one. oh oh and look, itã­s evengot the pull tab. yummy world, you rock. i like the clouds.i like the cloud theme.

remember when we use to always go to toysr us and people would have stolen the zelf ones?(gasp) i got the cherries! oh my gosh.i got a gummy thing. these are so cute. look at these.i got one of the gummies. oh you got like a gelatin thing. wait, letme find out ifã– i want to eat it.i want to eat it. can i eat it?sure. you got the gummies. they are called the gummies.there is a blue one and a pink one. gracie got the pink one. and i got the cherries,which is che and ree.

see, itã­s che and ree. oh my gosh!okay, thatã­s probably a choking hazard and if you saw our april fools video you knowiã­m very concerned about choking hazards for children.gracie, did you happen to watch that video yet?i watched like two minutes of it. (laughs) you watched two minutes of it. youwere like, ã¬what is she doing? what did mommy do?ã®it was so ridiculous. but i kept putting boxes in my face going, ã¬oh i donã­t see why thatã­sa choking hazard.ã® here we go, next one. (gasp) oh daddyã­s goingto want this one. itã­s the redã– this is fun to suck on.itã­s weird. itã­s weird.

itã­s chacha.chacha. it is chacha the jalapeno. (chanting) jalapeno. jalapeno.okay, comment if you know what i am singing. only old schoolã–yep. only pre-google plus takeover peopleã–old school. (chanting) jalapeno. jalapeno. we wereã–she was and she got me into becausewhen gracie was little i used to watch everything she watched on youtube because iã­m a goodparent. by the way, even though this might have salivaon it nowã–oops. it almost hit the floor.this is the salivaã– then i wouldnã­t be able to suck on it anymore.thatã­s probably a good thing. it almost looks

like one of the ghosts from pac man.thatã­s really cute. i like that. thereã­s four of them.oh! thereã­s four peas in the pod? no. oh. thatã­s weird. okay thatã­s strange. so hereã­sthe peas in the pod. but the pod itself has eyes.the pod has eyes. isnã­t that a horror movie? and that oneã­s called the pods. okay thatã­svery weird. you need a new binky. you were not much ofa binky kid. you know pacifiers? gracie used to spit those suckers right out.i was always like, ã¬iã­m not going to do thatã® because i had nieces and nephews whowalked around till they were five years old with a binky in their mouths. and the bestpart is one of your cousins was walking around

with a binky in her mouth and you were likemaybe two and she was older than you and she walked by you and you just hooked your fingerthrough that thing and ripped it right out of her mouth like, ã¬what? you loser!ã® (laughs)representing badly. oh! we got anotherã–i got the other thing. so now you have both of the gummies.iã­ve got both of them. let me show them the blue gummy.look at how cute it is. we are going to end up with duplicates, whichmeans we can each have a set. somebody, i canã­t remember her name, oh i have to look it up and i will try to rememberand put it in the thing, so squishiesã–we

got a lot of comments on our squishies videothat we squish them wrong and thenã– how do we squish wrong?so i found outã–oh my gosh what is her name? so friend chelmee was in a video about thesquishy olympicsã–i have to look this up. one second. because it was the funniest have to watch it. itã­s all about how peopleã–oh. that is katie. why is her name katie? sheã­s a cake pop.why is your name katie? why is it notã–why is your name katie? why is it not cakey or poppy?everybody makes mistakes. (laughs)is that a meme that i donã­t know about?

phil, why am i left handed?ã® ã¬everybodymakes mistakes.ã® oh.squishy olympics. itã­s the hollycopter. thehollycopter did a squishy olympics was so funny. did you know thatã–random undertale fact thatno one cares about, did you know that sans is actually left handed?that makes sense though. look at how cute she is. thatã­s anyway, the point of the hollycopterã– i donã­t know why i know this.i just do. the point of the hollycopter comment was shedid a video about how sheã­s a collect-oholic. i think it was her. am i making her up now?that is one of the random things that i do

sometimes. i just spout random knowledgeã–.yes. she is a collect-oholic. gracie, you have to watch the video on how organized hercollections are. iã­ve seen some of her pullip videos.yeah! hollycopter, i will pay you to come to ourhouse and organize our collections. what did i get?oh this one was already pre-opened. actually it wasnã­t sealed.oh. oh. itã­s a square chunk of watermelon.why is it square? because did you know that you could make awatermelon grow in a square? how?when itã­s growing you put a wooden frame

around it, it will grow that is a real thing. remember the time iaccidentally grew watermelon? i was just about to say that.(laughs) the watermelonã­s name is bonnie.why? why do some of them have cute names like chachaand kiwi and che ree and some of them have names like katie and bonnie.just asking, kid robot? why?just wondering. i thought that was a poop. (laughs)i thought that was poop. oh my god i thought up the funniest skit.i have to find the poop stickers someone sent

us because i thought up the best skit everlast night while i was trying to fall asleep. imagine if these were scented.oh! bacon. oh we have the bacon scentedã– the plushie things. theyã­re not squishables.holyã–whiffer sniffers! thereã­s the bacon. if we get duplicates ofthe bacon we have to give one to aunt krista. aunt krista loves bacon. she was a vegetarianfor years but she ate bacon. yeah. process that for a little while.when i met her she was like, ã¬oh iã­m a vegetarian but i eat bacon.ã®i was like, ã¬you know thatã­s a pig right?ã® and baconã­s name is know like, bacon with one letter changed in makes more sense than bonnie.

or katie!cakey would have been a good name. it doesnã­t even start with a, ã¬wã®, itã­sjust bonnie. whatã­s the joke? (laughing)i donã­t get the joke. it has to be somebody who works there.what is the joke? i donã­t get the joke. i do love that it is square though. if yougo look up on youtube, ã¬square watermelon,ã® you can learn how to grow square watermelon.i got another gummy! yes!your life is complete. why is this one sticky?maybe it was in someone elseã­s mouth. ewe.oh i got another katie. i want to call her

cakey. iã­m being a wholeã–iã­m doing shopkinsstuff here. iã­m like, ã¬cakeyã®. no. these are really cute. this would go on mykeychain. iã­m still wondering why the watermelonã–i think cake pops are genius. is that like an inside joke?yeah. kid robot, please respond. is it named after someone?is it named after someone or is there a joke that someone named bonnie at your headquartersdropped a watermelon that went everywhere and now itã­s just an inside joke?or did someone named bonnie at your headquarters accidentally grow watermelon in her gardenthinking it was a cucumber from the middle east?because that might have happened to someone

that we know.true story. what?why are all these bags mutilated? something happened to these bags in transit.i think they got overheated. strawberry.(gasp) no thatã­s not a strawberry.thatã­s a raspberry. iã­m sorry. you used to love raspberries.and raspberryã­s name is razzy and i love that itã­s clear.this is now my third favorite. maybe my fourthã–oh this is tough. because i love the watermelon.i love the jalapeno. i love the cake pop. i love the cherries and i love the peas inthe pod because thereã­s four of them.

i love the gummies.and she loves the gummies. i donã­t think thereã­s one i havenã­t liked.thatã­s a problem. oh this one still has something in it.i got another gummy. oh.oh wait, thereã­s three different colored thereã­s five different colored.oh thereã­s five different colored gummies? oh i wasnã­t paying attention.i want them all. i think youã­re going to get them all. see?thereã­s the pink one. see i thought orange ones, mommy!and thereã­s the blue one that looks like

a pac man you ever have those times where youã­re in a reviewing session and you just give upon opening stuff properly? just go nunya style? nunya style.comment down below if you know what nunyaã– more gummies!more gummies. what color? another pink one.yes. alright. i think this is more cherries.what is this? oh more gummies. itã­s another blue keeps happening. i didnã­t know there were all different gummies.thereã­s a deviled egg and a taco.

oh wow. yeah thereã­s fiveã–i remember back in my derpy taco phase. remember derpy tacos? those were the days.that was the most cringy thing ever. i like galaxychickens more.gracieã­s just growing up and looking back at her youth and going, ã¬what was i thinking?ã®what was i thinking? whatã­d i get?i like these. speaking of cringy thingsã–oh yes! we got the lemonade or the drinky drink.i got a taco. you got the taco!what is this called? so this is called lemmy but this the pinkã–this oneã­s hot pink.okay, maybe it only comes in hot pink because

in this picture, see in the picture it lookslike that and this is what it looks like in real life.i like the picture better. wait, whereã­s the taco, man?whereã­s your derpy taco? this is a good taco.that looks like a good taco. this is a good taco key chain right the hollycopter has to come our house and organize our collections because sheã–owe. oops. oh no. do we need band-aids?no it just hurts. her collections are soã–.she has way morestuff than we do but sheã­s so organized. i remember one time you got a kajinker stuffin your eyeballã–

(gasp) remember that? i got a kajinker stuckright in the skin under my eye. you think this is easy what we do? this ishard. itã­s pretty difficult.and sometimes itã­s hard to get motivated but once you get motivated youã­re like, ã¬ah!ã®especially since you have terrible opening skills.yeah. weã­ve lost our ability to open blind bags,really because we havenã­t done it in so long. we got the turd.yay! we got, not called turd, it is called sounds like something daddy would name a turd.(sings) put a banana in your ear.

but itã­s a hersheyã­s kiss. well not a hersheyã­skiss because that would be copyright infringement. itã­s a chocolate chip named charlie.(sings) put a banana in your ear. iã­m kind of okay naming it chocolate chipcharlie. because when i grew up there were charleschips. if you grew up on the east coast you might know that.also starts with a ã¬chã®. ch. oh we got another orange gummy. the orangeones are sticky. the orange ones are a little you know daddyã­s going to film his first toy video today?nice. daddyã­s going to play with toys.i got aã–the kiwi is flocked.

(gasp) what is it? the kiwi?it looks like a baby poop. but itã­s flocked like a kiwi. because kiwiã­sare godã­s flocked fruit. it looks like a belly button.oh it does! it does. look! it does. it looks like a pregnantpersonã­s belly button. itã­s a pregnant belly. itã­s a baby bump. but actually itã­s a it a boy or a girl? itã­s a kiwi. itã­s a kiwi. and itã­s flocked.i donã­t know where i come up with these things. itã­s so fluffy.(louder) itã­s so fluffy! i donã­t know where i come up with these things.these things just happen. these things just come out of her mouth andi have no control over it.

wait, do you want to know its name?what? creative. you people really had a creative crisis overthere at kid robot. you got the deviled egg?thatã­s not what a yolk looks like. itã­s yolkel. see that has a name.(gracie sings) iã­m fairly yolkel. (laughing)so thereã­s yolkel. thatã­s cute. thatã­s a good one.i thought it was a deviled egg. the only reason i think it is a deviled egg because it lookslike they whipped up the yolk and put it back in the egg like you do with a deviled egg.i donã­t know where i come up with these things.

(laughs)here you go. youã­re just a meme machine.iã­m a meme machine. here we go.oh! itã­s a pistachio. and the pistachioã­s name is cash, which rhymeswith pistach-io. also cash, cashew is another type of nut.cashew. right. i donã­t think cashews look like this.why does the whipped cream have a face? oh because itã­s a two in one. does it havetwo names? yes. itã­s leah and linus.why? because these have to be names of people thatwork there.

they have to be.they have to be. that is really cute though.aunt..miss robin would want that one. (laughs) aunt miss robin is your new name.aunt miss robin. her new name is aunt miss robin.everybody has those aunts that arenã­t actually your aunt theyã­re just your momã­s friends.yeah, which aunt krista is one of those but youã­ve been calling her aunt krista sinceã–becausei knew her before you were born, then somehow when you met robin i introduced you to heras miss robin. i just started calling her you want to open the last one? yeah. because you guys are buds too.weã­re also friend-oã­s.

yeah.but you know because your friends are like, ã¬miss sueã® and that was miss robin and thatã­show she became miss robin and we introduced her to you guys as miss robin and it kindof stuck. we got a peanut.whose name is petey, which totally makes sense. so is there anything that we did not get?have you guys heard of pickle and peanut? itã­s like the weirdest show ever.thereã­s the peanut. thereã­s a show called pickle and peanut?itã­s literally the trippiest thing ever. wow. thatã­s weird.did we get everybody? we got everybody.except bubba. bubba the hamburger.

(singing) all around me are familiar faces.we didnã­t get bubba. anyway thank you so much kid robot.thereã­s a show thatã­sã–you know those new crappy shows that use photoshop animationand they just take like clip art off of google images and they use it as food and stuff.and they make it a show? they used it for the characters.oh wow. thatã­s pretty bad. iã­m honestly confused at how disney xdã–gravityfalls has to be censored. this is the one we didnã­t get. we didnã­tã­get bubba. but this is allowed to exist. (laughs)thatã­s really sad. why?why?

well anyway, thank you so much kid robot forthese yummy world key chains. also, itã­s one of those too hip too edgyshows. oh can find these at hot topic, claireã­s, maybe going to make it spin? i think the batteries fell out.did the batteries fall out? here wait, weã­ll pretend to make it has a battery. look, it has a battery.i donã­t know. this thingã– no itã­s spins. there we go. wait wait probably wasnã­t on right. itã­s so gross. itã­s got this slimy gel on

there we go. alright.we didnã­t put it on right. we didnã­t put it on the thing?wait. oh no. do we need to go to cyberspace andhave them teach us how gears work? (laughs)itã­s cyber chase not cyberspace, mommy. oh my gosh. just give up, woman!youã­re old and youã­re old. i think something fell off because this gearã­sã–.oh! ew!ew! this goes over here.right? turn it off.oh.

it goes over here or over here.wait. wait. letã­s try putting it on top of the thing.yeah, but then it wouldnã­t spin the gear. eh. why is it allã–gross. alright does it spin?what is this? itã­s a maybe weã­ve got it upside down.but it really looks like this has to match that doesnã­t it?ummm.. why did you eat my fries?over here. alright, daddyã­s going to have to look atthis because i think something fell out.

ewww!itã­s like ear wax! itã­s orange gross ear wax.ear wax is orange though, or are my ears just weird?that would be your ears, honey. ear wax is sort of a brownish nasty substance.itã­s like orangey brown. okay.this is an intense conversation. this is just soã–okay whatever.thank you so much kid robot for sending these to can find us all over the internet. primarily on instagram and youtube.please subscribe, comment, and all that kind of good stuff.kid robot, please tell us why you named the

watermelon bonnie.and some of these other people have real names and not food it some weird inside joke at kid robot that we donã­t know about?we need to know. we need to know the story.we need to know. thank you so much for watching everybody.we love you. bye!

What Color My Little Pony Are You Quiz