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Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

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>>mayor smotrich: good afternoon everyone, welcome to the rancho mirage city council, the community service district, city council representing the redevelopment successor agency and the library board and housig authority board. and flag salute is first.

cindy will be leading us in that. >>mayor smotrich: cindy would you please call the roll. mayor pro tem hobart, here. councilmember kite, here. councilmember townsend, here, councilmember weill, here and mayor smotrich.

here. >>mayor smotrich: we have a busy schedule today and lots of good things happening. we have a couple of presentation. we will start the first it is my pleasure to have our emergency preparedness

commission come down and present the american red cross award for excellence, in disaster preparedness in the race to be ready of rancho mirage. and coming down here is marsha stein, president of the commission. and dr. paul cockson.

>> good afternoon, mayor smotrich and, race to be ready, given to the strfnlg and wear selected by the red cross for this most innovative and educational event for three counties. so they actually, recognized our race to be ready.

for riverside county, san bernardino county and orange county. that is fabulous. really, that is such an incredible honor, considering this is the first time we've done this and we actually made money as well.

it is a fabulous event, i'm so pleased it was recognized as such a fably event, for people to recognize what is necessary in a disaster. many of you were there. the only problem is the wind, rancho mirage high school. this year it will be rancho

mirage library thanks to theoute generosity of david bryant. dr. paul will talk about that we're talking about the race to be ready but we're also including the forum. it is going to be on the same day so we'll have speakers inside and everything going on

outside. i'll let dr. paul talk for a minute and then do a presentation to our mayor. >> hello, good afternoon mayor. stave, councilmembers. especially charlie townsend who really came to our rescue when we weren't quite prepared enough

to get the race to be ready off the ground. he came through and gave us that sos life preserver and really helped set us on our way where we definitely have a creative recognition around not only this valley but also throughout southern california, we have

also been contacted by other cities who want to duplicate what we've created. so mayor smotrich, thank you for bringing this concept to our forefront and my wife and i to be able to come up with an event to marry the idea of being fit to be able to walk one mile or 5

k and for the more important aspect of being prepared. in this valley, with eat and all the elements that we have here, not to mention the biggest fault that's in california, we now have started to save lives. and that's what's really empowering is that we have

already had some successful cases. we have now distributed 25,000 children in this valley with our competition to become artists for the race to be ready, for our tee shirts and for our finishing awards. so the trickle-up effect from

the children to their parents and to their grandparents, is working! and without your support, and the staff of the city, everybody, it really has taken a village, to make this event, you know, get off the ground and we did end up racing, right to the

forefront. and so thank you again for this terrific opportunity. this year we will marry, or 2015 we will marry the form with the race and expo, bringing in the opportunity to have lectures and classes inside and outside, teaching people about the

elementary aspects of survival, first aid, cpr, fire extinguisher outreach, the 8.0 earthquake trailer again the smoke trailer, showing people not only how to get out of a structure fire but how to prevent one. the course as this year it will

be manned and womaned by all the emergency responders that do participate in any kind of a natural and/or manned made even and that includes the cert people which this city is incredibly behind, citizens emergency response teams, green teams which are always one of

the first responders, races people, ham radio operators, the only form of communication that is available when there's no power. people on our course making the people feel comfortable and nothing knowing that these peopl help them.

being prepared can be easy and it can be fun and that's what the theme of our event is and why we know that with the help of the city, we'll continue to have an event that will continue to have this valley better prepared and will continue to save more lives.

so thank you very much, mayor, we would like to present you with this award that we received from the american red cross, for excellence in disaster preparedness. so thank you for putting rancho mirage into the place that it needs to be, especially with

this important event so thanks again. >>mayor smotrich: thank you so much. [applause] >>mayor smotrich: thank you, thank you. we will put it in our showcase and we will display it proudly.

it was a lot of hard work that went into receiving that and it's much appreciated. thank you both. moving on to another award. this is presented to captain kevin vest of the riverside county sheriffs department and he is coming down in front and i

will meet him down there to present a proclamation. and this is i have to tell you with very mixed feelings because as much as we all want him to be successful in his new career, we certainly are troubled with the idea of having him move on to another area and it's going to

be our loss. so i'll be right down there. well, here we are. and i have a few words just to say in your honor. and let everyone know some of your accomplishments, certainly not all or even great part of them.

but this is a proclamation honoring captain kevin vest, whereas kevin vest joined the riverside county sheriffs departments after serving five years in the united states marine corps and began his career at the southwest and whereas on october 12th,

1995, kevin was transferred to patrol at the palm desert sheriffs station and in 1997 was assigned to the first motor division for rancho mirage. and on december 28th,2000, he was assigned to the indio station, then to the jacinto station, and awarded the medal

of merit in 1999. to streamline police reporting and whereas kevin vest was promoted to the rank of captain in november 2011, and became the station commander for palm desert station, where he serves as chief of police. for palm desert, rancho mirage

and indian wells. on april 4, 2012, kevin vest was awarded manager of the year and on november 12th, 2014, captain kevin vest will be promoted to the rank of chief deputy. and will be leaving the palm desert station to head the

central district patrol bureau. now be it resolved that i iris m. smotrich on behalf of the entire ccity council, do herebyd our sincere appreciation to captain kevin vest to the sheriffs department and the city of rancho mirage. we wish him the best in all his

future endeavors. we certainly do. i will let you say a few words if you will. >> mayor, council, all i can say is thank you very much. it's been wonderful to be back. i can't believe three years has flown by so quickly.

sorry, coming back to the desert, meeting faces that i worked with before so it's been great, thank you. >>mayor smotrich: thank you. and how about if we wherever you would like. >> you're welcome. >> all right and i guess one of

my last official things that i'll do for you is i get the pleasure of introducing the new commander of the palm desert sheriff station, captain sue trevino, a little bit about her she is a 27 year veteran of the department this is her like my myself this will be her whereas

i only had two prevention, this is my second time at palm desert, this is sue's third at palm desert. she's very familiar with rancho mirage so captain sue trevino. >> good afternoon, honorable mayor members of council i am so excited to be back in the

coachella valley, as chief vest said i have almost 28 years of experience and 21 of those years were in the coachella valley. so then they made me leave and go to the west end and i'm like hey can you please send me back to the east end and i'm so happy to be back.

and this is my third tour of work rancho mirage, indian wells and palm desert. i'm happy to work with you and serve this wonderful community so thank you again. >>mayor smotrich: and thank you so much, susan. welcome to our city again and

welcome to your new job. >> thank you very much. >>mayor smotrich: and moving to our next presentation because it is with great honor that ted weill is going to be presenting a proclamation to morris beschloss. if you would come down, i think

ted is going to be meeting you there. >>councilmember weill: as you can tell, morrie is not bashful. this is a great honor for me. we are presenting a proclamation to someone that i refer to as an institution in our city. >> belonging to an institution.

>>councilmember weill: he has been here, he has made a name, he has been a credit to the community. and we're just thrilled. to give you an idea of how admired and respected he is, as many of you know for years, morrie and steve kelly, who is

on 1450 radio, have had an annual sparring session. and which is much fun. they duel and yet you can see the affection they have for each other, as well. and it's a joy for all of us. morrie has many admirers and a great deal of respect from the

we are so proud, we are so proud that he lives if our city. he is a credit to rancho mirage. and morrie has a number of admirers. one of whom is david bryant, who gets together with morrie regularly. and david, would you like to

come up and say a few words? >> thank you, councilmember weill. my dear friend morrie beschloss. late 20th century, giving way to early 21st century which is not to give away your age at all. the remarkable thing about

morrie is leaving germany at age 10 in 1939, and by then america was noticing and certainly the german people were noticing and certainly jews were noticing, hitler meant serious business this was a terrifying time. morrie came to our country with his family.

he used his intellect, his study habits his voracious reading, his quick understanding of the english language which i think is remarkable, as ted said, he has become an institution. he has a television show and u.s.a. today has him as their featured economics writer,

that's a remarkable feat i think, coming from that background to this great country, being every day our story encapsulated in one story. we love you morrie. >>councilmember weill: not yet morrie. morrie's ready to grab the mic.

i know you are. i believe that another very good friend of yours, might like to say a few words. dana would you like to make a comment? >>councilmember hobart: well, there's nothing more to be said about morrie.

wait a second, i didn't mean to phrase it like that morrie. i me mean oops, there's not enoh time to say all the good things about you. morrie has been good friends for about a dozen years. >> 17. >>councilmember hobart: it's

about. i've been corrected every time i've been on the wrong side of any fact but there's nobody i know literally nobody regardless of age who has the precise memory capability that morrie beschloss has. and every time we get into an

argument, if it ever centers on an era of time or a date, i back off, because i know i'm wrong. morrie has been a wonderful friend and you've been a wonderful attribute to the city your column in the newspaper and for those who don't know it is now published in u.s.a. today

after having a long string of years of being published at the desert sun. and now, he's writing for the world. and it's just a real pleasure to be able to call you a native son, so to speak. >>councilmember weill: morrie,

what i'd like to do is present with you this proclamation and obviously we would enjoy hearing you say a few things. meantime, this proclamation is honoring morris, morrie beschloss, lived in rancho mirage since 1982 and will celebrate 60 years of marriage

to his wife ruth on november 13th, 2014. and ruth is here. >>councilmember weill: ruth we're honored to have you as well. >>councilmember hobart: that's the best part of morrie. >> whereas, morrie beschloss was

the eagle scout award presented to 1% of eeghts ea eagles accoue who have distinguished themselves personally 25 years or more. and whereas morrie beschloss has received a lifetime award as the plumbing heating cool, l hall of fame he was also named to the

valve industries outstanding second haft of the 20th century personage and when he received the only distinguished person award from the university of illinois communication college, and media design inner the beschloss family center in perpetuity.

and morrie beschloss is a world affairs director emeritus, california governor state senator and assembly declaration of merits and whereas morrie beschloss was a young presidents association international member and received the military officers association lifetime

membership award, whereas, morrie beschloss published position with u.s.a. today is designated as beschloss economics, and he is the sole online ongoing u.s.a. today economic analyst. and whereas, the radio and tv audience of morrie beschloss

numbers at least 25,000, and u.s.a. today website viewers number in the hundreds of thousands. now therefore be it resolved that i, iris m. smotrich, mayor of the city of rancho mirage on behalf of the entire city council do hereby honor an

extraordinary citizen of rancho mirage, who brings value and respect to our wonderful morris beschloss it is my privilege and honor, morrie. >> thanks sted. you know i'm here with -- this is family. you're my family.

i'm the luckiest guy that ever lived to spend his latter years, by the way i'm still looking forward to what i'm going to do next. but at this stage and time to be here in the finest city in the coachella valley in riverside county in california in the

world! we are so lucky. all of us are so lucky to be here and look at what this city has done just in the last 20 years. i don't have to tell you. but i feel privileged. now, i promised my wife i wasn't

going to say anything about her. but i'll tell you the greatest thing that ever happened to me, that 60 years ago, november 13th, in 1954, we were married. and half of what i've done, maybe even 75% of what i've accomplished, would not have

been possible without her. >> also she in her own right has been a contributor to the city dana hobart nominateher and she was adopted by the whole council as contributor of the year. when you and i really really respect this award more than anything else i've ever done.

thank you very much. >>councilmember weill: thank you, morrie. much, ted and thank you, morrie for all the fine work you've done through the years and the city would not be the same without you. anyway moving on to another

introduction. and honoring a group of gentlemen from our architectural review board. and bob kopp is going to be coming down there to introduce and here he's coming. and while he's arriving here let me read just a little bit of

information about the architectural review board. it was established in 1985 and it consists of eight members. and meets the second and fourth monday each month. the arb members have educational, experience, and interest in disciplines or

trades related to building design, resort design, architecture, landscape design interior design craftsmanship environmental design and. much, much more. a minimum of two members must be licensed landscape architects

and three members must be architects. reviewing site plans, architectural and landscape projects in rancho mirage, ensung the compatibility with neighboring property and development, evaluating efficiency and safety of public

access parking, upholding the appropriate amount of open space and use of water efficient landscaping and ensuring consistency with adopted design guidelines and design review policies. the board provides the planning commission and city council with

valuable input on projects. so bud kopp our planning manager is planning liaison for our arb. i'd like him to introduce our members. >> thank you, mayor smotrich. i see four of them in attendance today can you all come down here to the front?

we do have a few members that were unable to be here today because of conflicting schedules. but it's my pleasure to work with the -- this group of dedicated individuals. i'd like to first introduce our chair of the architectural

review board, ron gr gregory hee on the end. ron has practiced landscape architecture in the desert for about 35 years or so since 1977. he has a firm called rga landscape architects. his many years of experience have given him keen insight into

water efficient landscaping and landscaping design. he has been on the city of rancho mirage landscape architecture board, for many years, a graduate of u.c. berkeley and he has two children, carly and jeff. tim holt is a 34 year resident

of the city of rancho mirage. and he's a licensed architecturn cla hawaii washington and michigan. his firm concentrates on public sector projects in riverside, san ber bernardino and indio dennis freeman, a desert developer since 1976.

he is semi retired and he's also a licensed general contractor, a real estate agent and a mortgage lender. dennis has been married for 38 years and has two male adult children and he's spent many years of community involvement with numerous desert

organizations. we have bill johnson, resident of the desert for 41 years. bill and his wife gail have two adult children and he is happily a grandfather of two grand sons. and he enjoys liking and harley harleys. unfortunately, some of our

talented individuals who serve the architecture review board couldn't be here today, so we thank them for their service. in addition we have albert kelly who is out of town. he attended the university of washington with executive courses in business at wharton

and kellogg. al's career has been primarily in the hospitality industry with hyatt for 32 years and retired as vice president and coo. he was in charge of destination resorts spas casinos and a whole host of things and for the past ten years he's had his own

consulting business here. we also have ray lopez who is out of town today, he is one of our landscape architects to a company ron gregory arb and he has a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture at cal polysan poly, san luis obispo. he has worked on many park

projects landscape design guidelines and model home complexes throughout the valley. we also have dave prest who functions as our vice chair, he is principal with prest cuksek architects here. he has been married to his wife michellene and has three

children and all conference baseball player and also played three seasons in minor league with the san francisco giants organization. and last but not least, we have charlie martin who tends to function as the resident comedian of the group sometimes.

he grew up in bellingham, washington, wh which he refers to as the paris of the west. did graduate work as an army ranger in vietnam and from there he transferred into a married model citizen in seattle. he has designed and will residential commercial including

a 20 story medical office building called the cabrini hospital. charlie moved to the desert in 1973. he practices with a one man office right now and charlie stated that he'll become a really good architect when he

turns 80. that's his story and he's sticking to it. so members of the council, and ladies and gentlemen, this is your architectural review board. much gentlemen and thank you to bud for putting that stowing. we have such a talented group of

jest helgentlemen. thank you so much. nonagenda. oh no, we have one more presentation and this is going to be done and richard is going to be handling this and it is relating to the big horn institute.

>>councilmember kite: thank you, madam mayor we have one more. i an pleased to introduce jim de forge and aim yeah bayard from the big horn institute. help to protect the big horn sheep in the mountains above the city. jim did his graduate work and

undergraduate work at cal poly, has helped start the big horn institute in 1982, to look into causes of the big horn sheep decline at that time. and he continues and he continues in his position as executive director. if the amy has worked as a

biologist for the past 14 years and received her degree from kansas state university. big horn is important to us here in rancho mirage, you can see behind us the big horn looking down on everything we do here. so at this time amy i'd like to have you come forward and talk a

little bit about the current status of the big horn sheep, and the city's involvement with the institute. thank you for being here and thanks jim. kite. thank you mayor and fellow councilmembers and staff.

appreciate the opportunity to give you a brief update about big horn institute's work and the contract that you support us with. furif you recall, in august, our barn burnt down. that barn is essential as it houses all the alfalfa for the

herd. we asked you for funding of $5,000, you graciously gave us that funding. with that funding we were able to build this beautiful steel barn and we are very pleased with that, it was completelied in december, it is full of

alfalfa. we have released 126 sheep into the mountains around rancho mirage and palm springs. so it's kept two of the herds from disappearing. the herd is the northern santa rosa herd. the current population, there's

about 75 adult big horn in your local mountains here. which is pretty steady or a slight increase from last year. 12 lambs survives in 2013 which is very good. we've actually had good lamb survivorship the past two years which is necessary because the

herd is getting older in your local mountains here so that's very encouraging. we documented 24 lambs born this year in the rancho mirage area and are pleased that many are still alive. the big horn proof fence or big horn seclusion fence that the

city constructed is another one of our responsibilities. we make sure we inspect that each month. it's been 12 years since the complete fence was built. phase 1 if you recall was done in 99 and then the rest of it was completed in 2002.

it has completely eliminated all big horn urban related deaths in the rancho mirage area since its construction. it's been an incredible recovery tool. it's kept big hornz out of the area since 2003. we had a couple of breaches, and

we have been addressing that. we still inspect that four and a half mile fence every month. we're out there liking that to make sure there's no areas of concern where the sheep can get into the area of rancho mirage. we take care of any gaps we can. this is an example of a couple

of fence issues this past june, what we have to avoid, an open gate which is an obvious concern, this is behind thunderbird heights. we had someone cut the fence that photo on the right, that's a concern, that is a preserve there, a person with a dog, we

don't want the sheep coming through. your staff is responsive and helps. we include the city's water source the rancho mirage sheep preserve water. it's hard to tell, this is the fire access road adjacent to

city hall there and that arrow is pointing to a broken pipe, where the water is gushing out. that feeds your water sort. the functioning beautifully, receiving sheep use and a vital resource for the local sheep and we clear out invasive nonnative vegetation.

this is bradley spring and behind thunderbird heights. the immediate vemg takings around that is fountain grass and arrow weed can be as high as five feet tall. we'll go in and trim that, the sheep can be in that weed and be ambushed by predators.

that's a concern. there are some of the other things we're doing with your funding and we very much appreciate your support. and proud to work with such a conservation minded community. i wanted to keep it brief. >>mayor smotrich: i know that

the work you're doing is so much appreciated and doing such fine preservation of these lovely animals. any comments from council? >>councilmember weill: i have one question amy, how do the big horn sheep fight off predators such as the coyotes and the

larger cats in the area? >> they don't fight, they run. they have to flee them. occasional a ram might chase off a single coyote. a big horn will leave predators. that's why they need the steep terrain to get to the areas the predators can't get to them.

>>councilmember weill: what about the lambs? >> the lambs have to be taught right away also to run and go to that steep terrain to where the bobcats and coyotes can't get to them as well. they are very adept, but the they are ambushed around water

sources and things like that, those are weak areas for them. >>councilmember townsend: amy are the coyotes on the rise? >> we don't know for sure but there are more typically around the urban fringe, sometimes people feed them or they are attracted to where we leave pet

food out. certainly it might seem like they're on the rise, you may see them around the homes, more than if you are liking in the hills. i'm not sure if cal fish and wildlife has a handle on their number. thank you for your time.

>>mayor smotrich: okay, moving on to nonagenda public comments. and this is a time for people who want the opportunity to speak publicly on issues that are not on the agenda for a maximum of three minutes per speaker. so i do have a couple of yellow

cards here. if you have not had the opportunity to fill one out, you may come up and speak without filling out the yellow card but we will call first of all chelsea panshow and she is going to be speaking about up with people in the coachella valley.

>> good afternoon, thank you so much for giving me a couple of minutes. even though you had to since i filled out the yellow card. my name is chelsea panshot. we are bringing about 100 students from 20 different countries, into the coachella

valley, from the 16th to the 23rd. they are going to be spread out across the valley, they'll be living with local host families so it's a great cross cultural opportunity for our cast as well as families in the area. we'll be doing about a thousand

hours of community service across several nonprofit organizations in the area doing some work in the schools. we've talked with the project, meeting with finer food bank this afternoon and several other nonprofit organizations, we'll be roughly ten to 15 sites per

day and then doing a couple of benefit concerts for local nonprofit organizations to help them raise funds and awareness for their programs. our cast represents about 20 different countries. we're happy to share, come and share our cultures with the

area. we haven't been back in this area for nearly 20 years ago. so we're very excited. one of our former board members lives in indian wells, so he has spearheaded this process to get the cast back into town. we'll be celebrating our 50th

anniversary so this is one of only five tour stops in the united states. we'll be spending five weeks in europe and five weeks in mexico and the group is roughly 18 to 29 years old that's coming into this area and local youth will have the opportunity to apply to

travel in future programs. they can earn 12 college credits for traveling with us for six months and 24 credits for traveling with us for a year. i'll have the chance to meet with local centeri city managery the purpose of our visits isn't to come in and do something to

the community, we want to come in and do something with you. it will be great to learn about the needs here and how we can best support those and hopefully get community members to see how they can get out and help as if you are interested, check out the performances over the

weekend that were here. are there any questions? >>mayor smotrich: well, seeing no questions, thank you so much chelsea, it is always a pleasure to hear about the organization. >> is it all right if i leave this? >>mayor smotrich: sure, why

don't you leave it with our city clerk there and she'll pass them out. moving on to the next person with a yellow card. allen worthy. and please remember to keep your comments to three minutes. >> yes, good afternoon, thank

you for having me again and thank you for allowing me to speak the last time, i was tardy if you recall because i was delayed on the freeway. i'd like to speak in general of the egregious behavior in upholding the rule of law. i'm a christian scientists and

proud of it. contrary to the popular belief, we go to the doctor. a genuine christian scientist loves all who love god, good, and he loves his enemies. it will be found that instead of opposing such an individual, subserves the interest of those

medical faculty and christianity and they thrive together. the question will present itself shall people be treated mentally without their knowledge or consent? the direct rule for practice of christian science is the golden rule.

as you would do to men should you do to you, do ye. much less have our minds tampered with. the abuse i call attention to is promiss continuopromipromiss cu. promiscuous. i end with a writing from science, where she writes, those

who discern christian science will hold crime in check. they will aid in the ejection of error, they will maintain law and order and cheerfully await the certainty of ultimate perfection. we have had far too much malfeasance and egregious

behavior in behalf of the three cities with regard to the crime that has happened to my family and we are appalled and there are no words to describe what we have been through and the losses that we have suffered because of it. and i would appreciate all of

your kind prayer and support mrs. anenberg would be appalled. much, mr. ruddy. moving on to other comments, people who wish to speak, the next one is roxann bauer. >> good afternoon, mayor council and the staff. my name is roxann bauer, i'm a

resident of rancho mirage and i come to you today because recently the signal on lost alamos, gerald ford have been removed. two days ago when i was on my way to pavilions, i spoke to citizens on patrol and they just cleaned up their fourth one of

the week. i ask that that light be put back because i really feel it's going to be a fatal accident. any questions? >>councilmember hobart: maybe bruce harry could address the subject for you a little bit. >> what she's referring to is

the protected left turn that was removed august the 5th. we've done that in about eight locations in the city. i did ask the sheriff's department to give me a history of the accidents, i was aware of the two that just recently occurred on tuesday.

as i mentioned the signal was modified on the 5th. there were two small accidents on the 16th and 30th of august that were not reported. they were just an exchange of information between the drivers. they must have just maybe bumped each other or something.

the first accident that occurred with the broadside was on 9-27. i'm getting the report from the sheriff's department on that, i have not seen that yet. the second accident occurred on 10-20, it was also a broadside. these are basically caused, trst is -- the person is turning left

and a through-vehicle is hitting 10-20 there was an accident report not available and then the two on tuesday. so basically there's a total of one two three four five, five reported accidents and two information-exchanges. so that would be a total of

seven that have occurred since august 16th so we're looking -- we don't know the real causes of them, right now they were given to me from the sheriff's department as left turn violations. so far of the eight that we've had around town they've worked

pretty well. i've had a lot of complements on we did put up additional signage which we had originally had when we originally, it was up for a full 30 days and now i think we're starting to see some of our seasonal residents coming back to town, visitors, i want

to make them aware that there is a change, there is no longer the red green yellow protected arrows, the green balls that you are supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. we got the signs out there, we will be looking at the center section carefully.

i'll study that intersection -- >> if i say one thing, you put yourself in that turn lane and you put -- a car is coming to turn into mission hills, you have to literally go into the intersection past the other turning lane to see if there's traffic.

and by that point, it's too late. it's very dangerous. >> yeah, i haven't seen the accidents yet i'm not sure -- >> i've seen three myself. >> i'm not sure what caused the accident so i have to look at >> i know someone the one that

was not reported a woman and she said it was just -- you just can't see. it's you know barely -- it was a small one that didn't go rurted but it's just too hard to see so i -- >> we'll look at it. >> i appreciate your time.

>>councilmember townsend: bruce, was there a reason they were taken down for traffic flow or why? >> no, this is trend that's going on throughout the country, throughout california. a lot of motorists are tired of waiting at green arrows, arrows

didn't become popular until 20, 30 years ago. but a lot of -- we got a lot of calls from residents why captain we put these permissive left turns in. a lot of palm springs has them, a lot of southern california you'll see them popping up.

cathedral city has some. not having to wait for green arrows. they don't work at all intersections. there are intersections that we won't put them at because they don't belong there. so we have a list that the

traffic safety commission we study for over 18 months. we went out and did site surveys and installed them and this particular intersection seems to be having the most problem. we're not having this problem at any of the other intersections so we're not really sure what's

going on if there's a site line problem we'll look at that and maybe this is an intersection we may have to put the protected left turns back in. but we'll have to study it more. once i can see the accident reports and find out what the true cause of the collision was.

>>councilmember townsend: so it's just not rancho mirage that's removed them, it's kind of an ongoing new way of doing traffic flow? >> yes, correct. >>councilmember kite: bruce how long do you think it will take to do a complete study on this

and do you think it might be worthwhile to go ahead and put the light back the way it was until we are able to finish this study and come back with results? >> putting the light back to where it was is not difficult to do.

we could do it in a day's time. it would be putting the indications back up and reprogramming the controller but it can easily be done. and certainly if that's the council's desire to do so like i said i haven't seen the accident report, so i don't know what the

primary collision factor was, whether it was somebody not paying attention or whether it was a line of sight issue. i don't know yet. we wanted to wait until we got the report. the sheriff said i should see a report here shortly now that

they've taken the statements they've talked to the drivers but the two that occurred on thursday, on tuesday i'm sorry the one that occurred in the later afternoon was more of a major injury. the other was minor cuts and scrapes on the vehicle but the

one in the afternoon this the one that was broadsided received some injuries nothing life threatening. >>councilmember kite: we could put it back, during the study. there have been accidents there compared to the other locations there's something unique about

that light that's creating the situation. >>councilmember weill: may i could we have that photograph that showed the oncoming lane? yeah, that one. i think the point -- what is your name again? >> roxann bauer.

>> >>councilmember weill: i think the point ms. bauer is making is particularly in the left-hand eastbound lane a vehicle that is coming in that lane, say at 50 miles an hour, is moving what, how many feet per second? >> 88 feet per second at 60

miles per hour. >>councilmember weill: so two seconds, carry them back 170 feet from the intersection. and i think reaction time is probably, depending on age and all that is somewhere between 1 and 2 seconds. which almost --

>>councilmember kite: even more for you and me. >>councilmember weill: even more as richard said, as he whispered in my ear, even more for the two of us. and i am concerned that that lane is obscured significantly by -- from ground level by the

trees and then the shrubbery that is depicted in the photograph. and i think that richard's on the right track. i think we should probably get it back up, get it into operation and then see if there's any way to make that

intersection more palatable for such a left turn shorthand so to speak and what we have at the present time. because i don't -- as i think of the left turn situations throughout the city, i don't think of one that has quite the obfuscation elements that this

one has as you look westerly. >> yes, one thing about gerald ford, the islands are 18 feet wide. those are our widest islands in the city, most of them are 16 feet wide. there may be more than an island -- we make sure there is

at lee 4 to least 4 to 500 feetf sight. if there's a car in the left turn lane it's hard to see around that vehicle, especially if they haven't made their turn up. we can certainly put the intersection back into protected

mode. >> what is the view for a car that's going eastbound, wants to make a left turn into mission hills? that could also be an obscured view because of what we have in the median. it's probably a good idea to put

it back in while our study goes forward and make a final decision later. >> we'll get it in as soon as we can and hopefully, in the next day or so it can be in. >> thank you for your time. much ms. bauer. next people in line, paul and

linda greiner. they also wanted to make comments about traffic accidents. >> your honor, councilmen. i don't want to take your time, it was pretty much stated. >> state your name. >> paul greiner, mission hills

and oakmont. my issue is, the problem is the car that's making the left-hand turn either westbound or eastbound is blocking the view of the driver on the opposite side. and the other biggest factor and the only reason i came back up

is speed. because it's 50 miles an hour, and no one's going 50. they're going 60 or 65. so because it's difficult for patrolmen. they can't find anyplace there, there's no place for them to park to observe traffic.

so because of that, speed on there is really strong. and that makes it even more dangerous. but the main thing is it's a blient left-hand turn lane. and -- blind left-hand turn lane. and the guard angel villa has

witnessed the accidents. he's the guard in charge at that nrchinverness guard. so i don't take any more time that's basically why we were here as well, about that same intersection and about the speed. much for your comments.

richard did you wish to say something? >>councilmember kite: bruce what is the speed limit on that street? >> the speed limit's 50 and as a matter of fact i did speak to our jimmy johnson our deputy, i've seen him down there many

times. he likes to hide out around the braille institute and the other direction. i asked him about the speed, he says there are people who are drive at the speed limit and some drive over, those are the ones he tickets.

we have that 15% that drive over the speed limit and those are the people that we're targeting to issue citations. he didn't think the street was no more unusual than any other street in the city but you will see people that can drive 60, 65 on that street at any given time

so that certainly is a concern. i think the biggest thing we need to look at the line of sight issue. this intersection may need to be one that remains in the protected mode. it is one of the intersections that we can't leave the

permissive at. >> the other thing is from that intersection, los alamos, that light from down where the children's museum is, the guys use the light and they know they can run as fast as they want down there without any policemen.

it's rare you ever see him there so it would be a great place to get some revenue for the city. fay, thank you foanyway thank y. >>mayor smotrich: thank you for your comments, mr. greiner. >>councilmember weill: pall had called me and we had chatted about this once before and

consequently as you recall, we put in a speed meter to essentially slow things down. and that lasts for a while of course and it does slow down. so bruce, conceivably we could do that a little more often putting a -- you know a meter there of some kind.

one of the flashing meters. and it does slow the people down. you know, it frankly it creates the impression that they're being clocked for excess speed. but it is effective. we could do that i think in that area more often it would slow

on to our last speaker, linda cole and i believe linda still also wants to talk about the dangerous intersection. >> same topic yes. i'm linda cole. >>mayor smotrich: state the city in which you live. >> rancho mirage.

using the intersection we're discussing just about every day. i won't repeat anything but it is definitely a blind corner. if you were in the left turn lane and it's any car, i don't care if it's a short sports car, the larger the car the worst the vision.

you can absolutely not see by that car to see oncoming traffic for maybe a half mile to a mile behind it and at 50 miles an hour those cars come through very fast. i don't care how carefully a driver you are, if you can't see you don't know if anyone's

coming. at night you can see lights but during the day you have no hope. you mentioned the accident this week, two of them. these are not small accidents. the one that you said no one was harmed, i happened to come by after the accident.

there was a huge white panel van, tall, flipped. i mean these are not minor accidents, when you have cars turning over in that intersection. and so you know, it maybe helps traffic with that left turn signal.

but when you have two or three hours of the whole road blocked because of accidents, defeating the purpose. so i really am glad you're going to look into this because one day it's going to be a fatality if we don't do anything about it so thank you very much all very

>>mayor smotrich: thank you very as we all realized we take this seriously. there was a lot of studying done before these were put into place but we're going to explore further and certainly take action as soon as possible with this one intersection.

so thank you so much for all of you coming down to speak with us. and we're listening to you. okay. no more city comments? or no more public comments? i think we'll close public comments right now and move on

to city council comments. so dana would you like to go first. >>councilmember hobart: sure, be more than glad to as i was thinking about today i was wondering how many bachelors we have in rancho mirage who are essentially alone.

and it occurred to me that some of them might like to mead a lady named kelsey. this is the opportunity to not only meet kelsey but lynn lockwood. >> let me put on my dignified attire. >>councilmember hobart: this is

kelsey. she was here before. she has three great legs. >> kelsey is our spokes dog here for the superpet adoption happening here in rancho mirage. she has a beautiful spaniel face and if you're a spaniel fan you can always find these dogs

available at adoption events. november 15 and 16, what we used to call whitewater park, now called rancho mirage park. musicians, entertainers, dancers all day long, the event starts at 10:00 a.m., ends at 4:00 p.m. we will have 400 animals up for adoption, dogs and cats, all

over southern california. there's no place like a home. so whether you're a spaniel lover or whether you want the tiny guys, chihuahuas, we have a lot of shitzus coming. everyone loves that dog. you will have reimbursements of your adoption fees.

you get your money back for that so that's a really wonderful thing. we are very grateful for the city of rancho mirage for having supported us through the years with this event. it is amazing. if you don't want to adopt and

you have a dog, $10 rabies shots, $10 like row chips. we'll have $10 name tags. this is an incredible event. bring your own dog, have your vaccines up to date. we would love to have you there. >>councilmember hobart: thank you, lynn, as everybody could

see, kelsey would be a great addition to a lonely guy's life. you will let her go? >> sometimes we get a little teary eyed, but they all need to find a home. that's what the goal is. thank you so much, appreciate >>councilmember hobart: we look

forward to seeing you. dana and thank you kelsey. any other comments from the council, richard? charlie? >>councilmember townsend: do i have one. would i like to invite everyone to attend this saturday and

sunday november 8th and 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. rancho mirage's 14th annual art affair taking place at the rancho mirage community park featuring ore 100 award winning visual artists with their art on display. a large food court and wine

dparnd for your enjoyment, live r and b and smooth jazz murveg will be performed by five continuous bands. performance from 1 to 3. southern california entertainer fitz will be performing. for information and directions can you call the rancho mirage

city hall at 760-3204511 or visit online >>> also, we invite you to attend the groundbreaking event the three acre park will take about nine months to complete and will include the new amphitheater which will seat 600

people. most of the amenities will remain, including four pickle board courts. they are upgrading the area for children with new workout equipment and new pedestrian promenades. a new grand arrival drop off and

turn around will also be built. we hope to see you at these wonderful events at rancho mirage. charlie. richard no comments? >>councilmember kite: just one brief comment because i know dana would want me to say

something about this. but for those of you who do support the big horn institute they are having a golf tournament, coming up on the 24th of november. at stone eagle. and prior night, they are having a pre-party at the ritz carlton

hotel. so if you are interestin helping the big horn institute and attending a great golf tournament and a pre-party contact the institute, the big horn institute in palm desert. >>mayor smotrich: thank you, and ted i believe you said no

comment today. and i just have one quick comment and it's to advertise our fall book sale at our wonderful library. it's on highway 111. i'm sure most of you know exactly where it is, it is in the community room and they are

having a wonderful book sale, thursday it will, friday and saturday, november 13, 14 and 15. on saturday it will be from 9:00 to 3:00. this is a huge selection of gently used almost new books at most cases and at wonderfully

affordable price et cetera. the foundation book sale raises money for the library and it mrs. promotes enthusiasm for reading. so put it on your calendar. we hope to see you there. we'll be moving on to our if there are no corrections or

additions to the regular meeting of october 16th, 2014 i would like someone to make a motion. >>councilmember hobart: move approval. >>mayor smotrich: second? >>councilmember townsend: secon. >>mayor smotrich: okay, please vote.

motion carries, 5-0. and moving on to our consent calendar and randy will be going through this but first if there's anyone on the council or from our audience that wants to pull an item now is the time to speak up. otherwise, randy is going to

take it from here. seeing no one. >>city manager binder: thank you, madam mayor, members of the city council. first is waive full reading of ordinances on the consent calendar. item number 2 is second reading

of an ordinance that amends the zoning title 17 to increase minimum parcel size for most of our residential zones in the item number 3 on consent is a resolution that would authorize bruce chearm the director of public works to execute project applications when we submit

those applications to the california department of water resources, for water grants. item 4 would provide transportation subsidies for marijuana patients and their caregivers. this was a resolution that was in place about a year ago and it

would make it permanent. this would reimburse people up to $25 a month to and from medical marijuana dispensaries, and this would have a budget amendment that would go along with it. the resolution is for your number 6 on your consent

calendar is approval of contracts. and number 7 are demands. >>mayor smotrich: missed 5. >> sorry. number 5 is the quarterly treasurer's report and it's in your packet for receipt and file.

moving to public hearings. >>councilmember kite: i move approval of matters on the consent calendar. os please vote. all right moving on to item number 8. >>councilmember kite: is that off calendar?

>>mayor smotrich: this is going to be off calendar. move on to item number 9 and this is something that is going to be -- >>councilmember kite: madam mayor just for clarification for the public, what does move off the calendar mean?

>>mayor smotrich: well, it was removed from the calendar so we are not going to be discussing it today. >>councilmember kite: okay, it will be at some point in the future? >>mayor smotrich: go ahead randy.

>>city manager binder: so item number 8 was withdrawn by the applicant because he removed the basketball hoop goals, which means that it's no longer a sports court which means it no longer need to meet the sports court requirements. so the issue has been resolved

between the applicant and the homeowners association. >>councilmember kite: so the item has been removed and will not be back. >>councilmember townsend: it's resolved. >>city manager binder: formally it was resolved.

that clarification. moving on to item number 9 this is something that is going to be presented by bud copp and bud if you would go ahead with this. >> thank you, madam mayor. good afternoon. members of the council. this project involves the

construction of a new 26,000 square foot building adjacent to the existing range rover dealership to accommodate jaguar automotive sales and service. it is 3.3 acres in size, within district 5 of the east highway 111 specific plan. to the north across highway 111

is commercial retail in district 4 of the specific plan. to the south across slo sahara,s medium density private homes. and the bently dealership, and the dealership with audi, and beyond that is district 5 of the specific plan as well. on the site plan, a centrally

located driveway which is on the -- on the right side of the screen, it's in the right in the middle. the centrally located driveway provides access to the site. the proposed building is on the east side of the driveway and is located 265 feet from sahara

road. and 300 feet from the nearest residence on sahara road. the building is setback 75 feet south much highway 111. the building will occur over what are currently two parcels and condition of approval number 46 has been added which requires

a parcel merger so that all facilities occurring on one lot. the project has 15% building coverage which is well below the 25% maximum permitted under the specific plan. the site plan shows 245 parking spaces. the zoning ordinance requires

148. so this is parked well beyond the minimum requirements of code. a total of six auto display pads are proposed along highway 111, and the landscaping which is the maximum permitted by the zoning code and then just in front of

the showroom you can see some -- an outdoor plaza area which is also intended to display additional cars. on the west side of the driveway is parking. and so the city has required a three foot architectural screen wall to screen the parking area.

on this site plan you can see that the one access point located on the left of the screen, it's located west of the proposed building. and within the site an east west drive aisle is located just to the south of the building and it provides additional access to

other locations, including the signalized intersection in the middle of the site where the traffic circle feature is. no access is proposed or permitted onto sahara road. there has been a continuing issue with semi trucks parking in the outer lane on highway 111

or on other local streets to either load or unload vehicles rather than entering the site. to some extent that concern is due to the tight curb return radius on the site and the relatively steep gradient of the driveway at highway 111. several conditions of approval

have been added to address this ongoing concern. i might point out a couple of them, condition number 25 requires the curb radius of the jaguar driveway to be enlarged to match the other entrances on the site to facilitate ease of semi truck access.

you can see in the upper left corner of the screen there's a notation that shows that that curb radius would be enlarged. condition number 36 requires the project's engineer to straight on the finatodemonstrate on thel condition, that access is possible.

requires all loading and unloading to be conducted on the project site. from the east to the west, the area is fairly flat, but the proposed buildings located about five and a half feet above the top of curb. the property continues to rise

towards sahara road which is 16 feet higher than the proposed pad elevation. the top of the wall on sahara road is about 21 and a half feet taller than the proposed pad elevation. and since the proposed building is 26 feet tall, as seen from

the nearest residence, the new building will be about four and a half feet taller than the existing wall on sahara road but also it will be 300 feet from the nearest residence. the existing rock fascia on the western end of land rover will be removed and there will be a

common wall between the two dealerships. the building is consistent with jaguar's corporate design and displays contemporary architecture with a stucco finish and light tones as seen in the rendering here. the primary feature of the

building is to rotunda on the northwest corner of the building and that rotunda will be a slightly darker tan to provide some visual contrast with the building and a three foot high band of rock fascia is proposed along the front of the building which will match the existing

rock on the range rover dealership. the bulk of the building is 26 feet in height while the rotunda extends another one and a half feet above the roof line. the height of the building is well below the maximum permitted in the zoning area, in the

specific plan district which is 35 feet. superefficient plate glass is proposed on the north and west elevatioelevations with aluminu. the architectural review board did have a concern, as you can see here on the left side of the screen on the bottom, as

response the applicant added metal awnings on the side of the building. extend three feet out from the building and will have perforated metal with two foot steel frames. the service area as you see on the screen is a darker tone and

it is architectural split face block. it will have roll up doors that remain painted to match the corner of the building walls. staff initially was concerned about the stark contrast that the building presents when compared to the range rover

and immediately to the east. however the architectural review board thought the contrast was appropriate. the showroom will occupy the northern haft of the building while the service area as just to the south and it will be hidden from public view.

the showroom is an open area with offices, conference room, support facilities around its perimeter and including the service area the entire building footprint is just over 22,000 square feet. entry doors are provided to the showroom within the rotunda

feature and then towards the eastern end of the building and there is a 3200 square foot mezzanine on the front end of the showroom which accommodates offices and parts storage. that is accessed from the inside of the building. the service area towards the

rear has internal drive aisle with work bays on either side and no windows are proposed in that facility which is appropriate for both an esthetic perspective and to minimize noise exposure. this is the landscaping plan and it includes a 25 foot wide

parkway around highway 111 and landscaping within the parking palm trees palo verde and acacia. the display area if front of the showroom consists of colored concrete pavers in complementary earth tones and the display area will span the entire frontage of

the building. and in order to ensure that this area does not become a row of parked cars and does, indeed, remain an attractively snraid area, limits to three, as i attractiattractively displayeda. not obstructed by parking lot screen walls.

the lighting plan has been carefully reviewed so that light levels don't pass beyond the property boundary and they are primarily located within the parking areas. all landscaping is limited to low wattage landscape lighting and unlike the audi dealership

to the west the building's interior lighting does not have the potential to be excessive, since there is no floor to ceiling inflate plait glass window. nonetheless, there is a condition that prevents this from happening again.

at the october 23rd planning commission meeting there was discussion of the continued issue of on street deliveries. the planning commission was satisfied that the conditions of approval would assure that delivery trucks of all sizes could turn in and off of the

property. and the commission was also concerned that if one of the dealerships were to sell to a third party access and parking could become an issue. we did point out condition number 46 which assures that reciprocal accessing will be

maintained. we also had story poles installed on the property and there was a resident that spoke at the planning commission addressed the commission to express his concerns about the building height and potential view blockage and he presented

photos along with a simulation of how that blockage would occur. the commissioners discussed is views from sahara road and sharshared their own observatios from the bus tours we conducted in the advance of the hearing. the applicant requested

clarification of condition number 21 regarding the sahara road landscaping and staff indicated that the purpose of the condition is to be consistent with the sahara road landscaping plan. the planning commission impressed a concern that the

landscaping did not hear to have been well maintained as seen in this photo. and then there's some dead vegetation and then just some trees that need to be trimmed. so the commission stated that this needed to be maintained per the approved landscaping plan

and that some additional foliage on sahara would also help screen the low profile building, which really can be seen about four and a half feet above the wall. the commission recommended further enhancement of the landscaping, as a result of viewing these existing

conditions on the bus tour. in the hearing the applicant also requested the condition number 19 be modified to allow more vehicles in front of the showroom. the planning commission stated that since there are nine places to display the vehicles, that

the dealership could rotate the vehicles on the display area which would create visual interest. also, at the planning commission meeting, the -- in regard to condition number 36, the applicant requested that the required meandering sidewalk be

changed to a curb-adjacent sidewalk similar to the audi you can see on the screen this is an aerial photo of the oddi dealeaudidealership. eric's furniture is kind of a legal nonconforming type situation where it has the curb adjacent due to the parking

configuration and then also the curb adju adjacent would need te an mirage road for pedestrian crossing. the next slide here shows the meandering sidewalk in fronts of the rolls bentley dealer on the right side of the screen all the way over to the electric vehicle

establishment. we believe that -- staff believes and also the planning commission agreed that the city standard meandering sidewalk enhances the esthetics and they recommended compliance with and then also, here again is a photo of the curb adjacent

sidewalk with the next photo showing the city standard meandering sidewalk that really provides some upgraded esthetics and better pedestrian separation from highway 111. the commission recommended the meandering standard be applied. also the applicant at the

planning commission requested that the 36 inch screen wall west of the entry drive be reduced in height so that the parked inventory can be seen. the commission agreed with staff that the area in question is a parking lot, with vehicles parked approximately nine feet

apart and that parking lot screening should be required. following the public hearing and comment period recommended filing a categorical exemption for this use pursuant to ceqa and recommends approval of the preliminary development plan, with two minor modifications,

condition number 46 requires a reciprocal access easement to be recorded between the properties to ensure reciprocal access is and condition number 21 was modified to enhance the landscaping along sahara road. because of the condition of landscaping along sahara road,

as i displayed in the photos, the council may wish to further modify condition number 21 to add a condition such as the applicant shall rehabilitate their portion of the sahara road landscape parkway per the approved sahara landscape parkway plan.

this includes but shall not be limited to trimming of all shrubs and palms, check vegetation, remove any dead or dying term and a sufficient material of decomposed granite will be complied, permit issuance or within 30 days of granting this entitlement if

that's the council's pleasure whichever is sooner and subject to remove review and approval e planning manager. i will answer any questions and we do have applicant's representative in attendance as >>councilmember townsend: bud, the other access road will

service the dealerships correct, there will be no semi truck parked on the street anymore? >> the project is conditioned that all delivery and pickup be on site and yes, the project is designed to accommodate semi access entering and exiting the site.

>>councilmember kite: but i don't think any of us at the council level disagree with your recommendations on the improvements on sahara. is there any reason we should not make the improvements as you have just stated in the condition?

>> the improvements along sahara? >>councilmember kite: yes. >> no, those -- those are really maintain issuesmaintenance issu. the sahara road should not be in the condition it's in, and we will be working with the applicant in the next 30 days to

bring that up to standards. >>councilmember kite: so as you have read it and proposed it will, if we decide to pass this issue as we're talking about, it would be so stated as you have put it? >>councilmember hobart: if i may interrupt i am going to propose

an amendment to condition number 21, and what i'm going to suggest is that the final landscaping plan shalt restore landscaping on sahara road striking the words incorporating enhanced. if that's agreed to there will be that change.

>>councilmember kite: okay, great. okay, could i ask a couple other questions, bud? on the front of the display brochure that we have, it talks about the number of required parking spaces. and as you stated in the

beginning of the report, there is a 245 space. can you show me, by using one of the site plans, where we have the 245 spaces? >> there are parking spaces just to the right of the structure. it goes all the way back to the sahara wall, which is, i

believe, 400 feet. it's a big -- it's a big area. further back than that. all the way back to the sahara road wall. and then there is also parking all the way over in back of the range rover dealership, the back half of the property essentially

is also parking. and then there are some parking spaces that are nestled into -- just to the west side of the service bays. >>councilmember townsend: and that's in place now, right? >> a lot of the onsite -- yeah. a lot of the -- the area is

paved right now, yes. >>councilmember kite: so bud, the requirement of the number of spaces is for what purpose? to provide cars that are on sale to park in there? it's not for customer parking? >> well, it's a combination of both, really.

the parking code is a combination of the buildings, very little would be used by customers. the majority of it would be used by inventory but it does accommodate both. >>councilmember kite: so are we double-counting the requirement

for land rover and some of the other agencies in the area as far as toapt total number of spaces? >> no, this is trickly for the 26,000 square foot building that is in addition. spaces you pointed out behind land rover are not being

counted? >> no -- could you bring that back up on the screen please? they do meet the parking requirement, you know, i -- i don't have an answer to that question. >>councilmember kite: okay. >> i think it stands alone, bud

this project and land rover stands alone and the other dealerships as well. >> that's the way it was reviewed, yes. >>councilmember kite: can you tell me about plans to the west of the existing proposed new building and eric's furniture?

>> i'm not aware of any plans other than the one before you today. >>councilmember kite: okay, so that will just be used for parking of excess vehicles? >> yes, and as conditioned the two parcels would be merged onto one single parcel.

and if they did propose an additional building, we would review the parking again at that time. as you may recall a few years ago, there was a mazerati dealership proposed on this site and it incorporated rooftop parking.

there is a possibility of additional buildings on this site through creative design and scrieng. >>councilmember kite: thank you. >>mayor smotrich: thank you richard, dana. >>councilmember hobart: can we see the condition, no more than

three vehicles will be displayed on the hardscaped display area on highway 111. which are the six, it is six currently right? >> the ones closest to highway 111 there are six display pads located within the parkway of highway 111.

those are in their own display pads, landscaping, have boulders and landscape lighting around just to the back of that right in front of the showroom right in this area this is a paved area that originally when we looked at the landscaping plan there were cars that were lined

up across the front. and if it's -- if they're lined up across the front we determined that was more of a parking lot and we would require a parking lot screen wall. but the applicant wants to have this as kind of an outdoor display area in front of the

they really don't want a three foot high parking lot screen wall to obstruct the view into the showroom, so what we're requiring this is an attract display area of three additional vehicles in that hard scape >>councilmember hobart: to add it to make a total of six or to

limit it to a total of three? >> there are three additional display pads on the west side of the entry drive. the ones across the frontage -- >>councilmember hobart: hang on a second. i want to understand where you are, so can you understand where

i am. it is my -- so you can understand where i am. it was my intention to limit the number of cars for display, to three, to allow them to go back to six if they want to go back to six. >> the city code that limits it

to six limits it within the landscape parkway. so that is three on either side of the driveway along highway 111. >>councilmember hobart: okay, recommended reducing it to three. >> no, no.

the six across the frontage that are highlighted on the screen, that is the maximum permitted by code and the planning commission agreed that that's appropriate. >>councilmember hobart: so the total will be six when you count both sides and both sides are hardscaped?

>> they're their own little display pads for each individual automobile. but those six display pads would remain, three on each side of the driveway. the three that we requested, that they be limited, would be the three on the paved area

right in front of the showroom. in addition to the six. because we -- our concern was, we didn't want this paved area right -- >>councilmember hobart: what are we limiting it to or from? >> we were limiting the three in front of the showroom to a

display pad rather than allowing it to turn into a parking lot without a screen wall. >>councilmember hobart: where are the -- you're eliminat limio where are the other three? >> the applicant wanted six where it's highlighted on your screen in addition to or five i

think it was in addition to the six that were located along the parkway. applicant wanted -- the three that are circled in red and three right below it and then three to the west a couple of feet, few feet. so the applicant wanted 3, 6, 9?

>> that's what staff -- that's what the planning commission's recommendation is. the applicant wants more than the three that are highlighted in red on the screen. >> you've got to answer my questions using my words because i'm not -- i don't know if we're

on the same page bud. the applicant wants a total of nine, is that correct? >> the applicant wants a total of 11. >>councilmember hobart: the other two are where? >> where it's highlighted in red.

>> they wanted two more than >>councilmember hobart: they wanted to be able to put a total of five in that space that's now circled? >> yes. >>councilmember hobart: and what's our objection to that? >> we feel that if they're theye

attractively lined up, it is a parking lot. >>councilmember hobart: our concern is that it will be a parking lot if we leave it at five? >> a parking lot without a screen wall yes. problem is, we're telling him

how to market his own product. what if we -- which is something i intended to do. what if we reduce the screen wall three feet to one and a half subject to staff's approval? >> and allow five vehicles in that area?

>>councilmember hobart: yes. >> that's fine, we can certainly modify the condition. what the applicant is looking for? >> yeah, i think that would satisfy the applicant. >>councilmember hobart: i don't see any reason for us not to

give him full latitude to market his vehicles, rather than -- i mean as long as it's not disturbing the city in some burdensome or onerous way. i personally think we should increase that, let the applicant have what he wants and that will be an amendment i'll offer when

we get to that point. the other question i had, had to do with, well, with the point i didn't make clear with respect to the screen. i'm going to suggest a permissive condition that allows them and i'll give the language in a bit but allows them to go

down to one and a half feet if they wish under certain conditions. >> understood. >>councilmember kite: bud, could i ask you on the landscaping across the front of the property that we just talked about, is the landscaping from the

easterly edge of the development all the way to the westerly edge of the parking area, is that all going to look the same from the landscaping standpoint? >>councilmember kite: including the cars that are situated on the pads? >> it will be consistent across

the entire project there frontage. >>councilmember kite: okay, is that going to look like the rendering we have on the cover of the illustrations? is that going to look that way all the way across to the other parking area?

>> well, the rendering should depict what is shown on the landscape plans. and -- >> looks pretty accurate. >> yes, it appears to be so. you can see there's a red car that's on the left side that's set in the landscaping and then

there's a blue car that's set in the landscaping. now i might also mention that did require some additional boulders to be placed within the landscaping. >>councilmember kite: okay, the five cars that dana was just talking about are sitting

between the building and the red and the blue car, is that right? >> yes, those are the vehicles that are kind of parked in the background there. and they would be displayed in front of the showroom. >>councilmember hobart: i did want to make one more comment if

i could, wrm with respect to condition 36 iii, it is my understanding the applicant would like to leave the sidewalk which is already in place, leave it there rather than as indicated in this condition, that it be -- removed the existing sidewalk.

do we have a photograph of that sidewalk by any chance? i think we should treat this sidewalk much as we did with the audi sidewalk just a few feet away and we didn't make them tear it up and make it a winding which -- a meandering one to use the words here, a meandering

bike path but rather just allow that to remain in place. rather than tearing it out and having them go to that expense. i don't see any reason why it shouldn't be treated the same as we did the same for audi. i will be suggesting a modification of that condition

to eliminate the first sentence of 36 a,iii, which in effect would allow them just to leave the bike path that's there in place. >>mayor smotrich: so that whole paragraph is going to be eliminated? >>councilmember hobart: not the

whole paragraph. just the first sentence, starting with plans for, and ending with along the frontage. >>mayor smotrich: where are you. you said 36 a, iii. >>councilmember hobart: page 9-23. at the very top.

that iii, it will be to strike that sentence. which in effect will allow. the existing bike path to exist at-is. >>councilmember kite: bud, in regard to the truck access are you comfortable with the proposal and feel that that will

do away with the problem we have right now as far as trucks parked on the highway? >> yes, we were very concerned about that issue when we reviewed the project. we have included three conditions to that effect. one will increase the curb

radius into the property which the public works department city engineer will determine -- they will determine that it will meet the wheel base of the semi trucks. also, the grade will be shown on the final development plan to be acceptable so that they can

access it with the semi trucks and then, there is a specific condition that all loading and unloading occur on the project >>councilmember kite: will that meet the requirements, if those shops are shut down and there's nobody -- are they still going to be able to park their trucks,

bring their trucks into parking even if the stores are shut down? >> the site plan does not show any gates that would prohibit that from occurring. so they would be able to load and unload. it is my understanding that

usually loading and unloading occurs during the regular business operations when they can receive or dispatch vehicles. >>councilmember kite: there's a lot of delivery there early in the morning. >> they can access the site

without going through a gate. >>mayor smotrich: bud, do we know how long an average delivery time is? >> i don't know, our code compliance division and sheriff's pharmacist would have that information. >>mayor smotrich: okay, thank

you. any more questions or comments? any questions or comments from the audience? okay, the public hearing is open and we have someone, chris hector who is going to come down and give us some more information.

he is representing the desert european motor cars. >> madam mayor, members of the staff and council, mr. blue regretfully cannot attend because he is traveling out of state. what i'd like to do i might be able to clarify a couple of

concerns about this patio area. if it's possible could we go back to that one -- i believe it was number 10, or the -- that show that. >> when you say number 10 -- >> no i'm sorry, number 10 on the -- well we can see it -- number 10 i think it was on

the -- what the condition requested by staff is where it's circled that we be limited to three vehicles there. this is a large area enhanced concrete and display area very nice. it is consistent with what we have right adjacent to it in

land rover and also in front of building a and the other facilities as desert european. this area is basically used, will be used for two things. one, jaguar si jaguar has six ns it has coming out. during this beautiful winters the public would like to see

this. those as a flay to display all six brands, we will also use that to, when people buy their cars and stuff they will get ready and pick up their car from there during the winter months. the opposition we have is just don't condition us having three

cars in that beautiful area up we'd like to be able to tastefully display five cars up there so the clientele can see secondly if we could have that same design up there, the area that mr. copp was speaking to the west adjacent to eric's furniture, staff is requesting

that we put this three foot wall directly behind those three featured car displays there. what, that area behind that illl be all new car inventory where all different models, different colors will be displayed. it's not an area where the public will park.

it's not an area where service vehicles will park. there's more than enough room for service vehicles deeper back into the project that won't be seen by the public. but desert european motor cars feels that that's you know an important area for the sales of

their vehicles. so that as people are driving down 111 they can see that car, they can see the colors of the cars, things like that and use so our request there is to eliminate that three foot wall, and it's tastefully landscaped the front six pads are for

featured vehicles. they're rotated, very often, every two to three days, so that changes there, to catch the public's eye so they can see what we're having to -- >>councilmember hobart: you don't have any problem with 18 inches?

>> well, we already have an exist 1ing 18 inch wall, that's right hibd the bike path. you saw the previous shot that showed it,. 18 inches? it was right there. >>councilmember hobart: if we gave you the option of reducing

from 36 to 18 -- >> that works well, those european vehicles now are all low profile cars and it is elevated, that area is evaluated from the street. so if you put a three foot wall there and put a low profile vehicle behind it and someone's

driving down 111 they're just barrbarely going to see the topf the car. that's what we were asking, the existing 18 inch wall, we're going to clad all the front of it with stacked stone which matches desert european and i believe everyone will agree

that's very attractive. >>councilmember kite: how much of the cars that we're talking about here in the first row, how much of that height is actually going to be above those other cars that are parked on the pedestals? are you going to be able to see

those other cars? >> in between them you will. there's almost 120 feet in that section, from driveway to eric's furniture. and there's just the three featured display pads there. the problem with the display pads and with that wall there is

it can't be even if the wall was there we have to have breaks in the wall because you have to be able to load those pads from behind, you can't do it from the front coming up. as we are showing it, requesting to show it, we have brakes and can load the cars from the back

but again if that car is there and it's 36 inches high, somebody driving by will not be able to see the vehicle behind that wall. and we feel that's an important sales aspect to be able to see the beautiful new car inventory as consistent with desert

european in front of land rover in front of ar porsche, we don't have a wall that hides those as far as the other conditions, we have no problem with that, as far as sahara road, i appreciate the verbiage put in there. i have spoken with the landscape company that takes care of that

and unfortunately, that's one picture there, that's one area, nice trees and palms and everything like that but certainly we have no objection to going in and cleaning and making it look as attractive as it should be in the city of rancho mirage.

>>councilmember hobart: do you have any problem with the bike past being a continuation of what you've already got or would you prefer to put in a meandering -- >> we would like to do it the way it is because as it came up with audi, a meandering sidewalk

would not connect with a meandering sidewalk on either end, it would be straight. as it is in front of land rover, it is a straight path, that's why we're requesting to leave it the way it is. >>councilmember kite: bud, where does the meandering bike path

actually start? >>councilmember hobart: in palm desert. >> you know, if you go beyond the rolls-bentley dealership, i'm not sure where it stops. it's pretty consistent. >>councilmember kite: everything between audi and bentley, that

main area, that's all just straight nonmeandering? >> yes, the first curb adjacent sidewalk and it's a fairly short span in that area but it does continue across eric's furniture and the new audi dealership. meandering section would be actually out of character with

what we already have there? >> it would -- well, it would not be consistent between the audi dealer and range rover. but it is the city standard. and it, in staff's opinion, it does have an increased level of esthetics. and you know we look at projects

to try and get a high level of esthetics out of it as well. >>councilmember hobart: i grief iagreethat it's higher level of it seems to be a burden to change it out here where we didn't change it out for audi and a nice properly treated sidewalk or bike path, although

albeit straight, is still an attractive amenity in front of and i think staff's on the right track. talking about meandering as being attractive and urging us tto go that way. i think the realities of this situation pretty much auger

against it. so it's certainly something we should be addressing at every opportunity and i appreciate the fact that staff is recommending that we follow code. >>councilmember townsend: mayor, can i ask something? >>mayor smotrich: sure.

>>councilmember townsend: do you know what the wi width of the sidewalk is in front of the audi? five feet? >> all the way down from the corner of mirnlg. it is. >> our standard for --

>>councilmember hobart: that is now but obviously this met code back at the time it was created. >> i think the audi had been an exception because there was an existing wall already there. >>councilmember hobart: i'm not talking about audi it wasn't there but the sidewalk was there

in front of audi, i think. >> yes, it was. >>councilmember hobart: and the sidewalk here has been in front here for a number of years and whenever it first went in i'm presuming it went in according to code. would you presume otherwise?

>> i think the sidewalk that was in front of audi before, that had been there for quite some >>councilmember hobart: forgot the sidewalk in front of audi, how about the desert european. >> sit eight foot? >> in front of the land rover range rover building, that

matches all the way down to mirage and there's that small 18 inch wall just behind it that is consistent all the way down except for in front of eric's because they used their for an entire -- >> eric's is a complete driveway approach.

(inaudible). >> and there are existing utilities, water meters, sewer cleanouts, fire hydrants, that are existing in there, that if you went to a meandering sidewalk those would all have to be redone, removed, go back to the city on laterals.

>> my only concern is we provide enough width for two pedestrians to walk by or a pedestrian and entice clift. curbs are 18 to 20 inches back of curb. a curb adjust sidewalk might limit that. i just want to make sure that we

have enough for two people to past. >> i'd like to address the vehicle loading and unloading. at the suggestion of mr. harry we have went ahead and purchased signs that say truck and transport entrance 500 feet, and where to arrive, an arrow, we

are going to temporarily put them up to direct the transports to the end of desert european going down the alley and we will put it at the main entrance and 500 feet before that. >>councilmember hobart: i think that's a good idea. as you know this has been an

ongoing problem before you took over ownership there. and it's one that has really beset the city, far too frequently, when we have those big vehicles with all the cars they're covering, they come up in front they stop they block the highway 111, the full lane

they block when it's there the problem of getting them in and all of that where they're going to park it is something that code enforcement has just been driven nuts about and i suspect you as well. so we really are looking forward to you remedying that situation

because that does pose a serious hazard and danger to motorists >> it's been a pain we would agree. i've been involved with desert european for the last 12 years and we realized what the problem is, not making excuses, you know, we know that it is

difficult to get these independent transparent drivers transport drivers,we don't haveo direct, will be able to go in a straight line at the back of the property turn and unload at the back and proceed to the easterly part of the project come to the alley and exit out.

>>councilmember hobart: randy, correct me if i'm wrong, haven't we tried to make it easier for your transportation companies bringing cars in to park on the -- for a period of time up to two or three hours on the -- what's the word -- >> frontage road?

>>councilmember hobart: yes,. >> frontage road. >>councilmember hobart: we've tried to give you more of a break than you had before so they wouldn't be ticketed automatically virtually. >> i think this will be the answer and soft our problem with

the signage and direct them and everyone, the employees have been alerted that if a driver comes, you know, direct him to where it comes, we have interior signs on the property that tell him where to stop and we direct him to where we have him unload. to answer your question, if it's

a full transparent that can trad seven to eight cars, it takes them a while for them to be offloaded and accepted, it can be done in that area and solve the problem. >>councilmember kite: can they enter through only one of the two entrances or exits?

>> they can actually come in, come in at the main one we can go to this way or exit, or if they happen to miss that they can go to the end, where they have signage and they can come in the back and circle around that way and come out. so they only have to make two

turns, they are not meandering through inventory, sharp turns, we have made efforts to take the landscape areas and make a softer radius so they're not driving over a corner of it. we've looked at it and again i feel pretty confident we've got this problem solved.

>>councilmember townsend: what is your timetable once this is approved to put the shovel in the ground? >> with approval of this we're anticipating within a couple of weeks of submitting our construction documents to building and we hope to be -- to

have a shovel in the ground before christmas. >>mayor smotrich: any further questions or comments? if there are no further questions or comments dana would you like to go ahead. >>councilmember hobart: let me make the following propose --

>>mayor smotrich: we do have some comments. please come forward and state your name and place of residence. >> my name is david stokes. i live on sahara right behind the jaguar dealership. >>mayor smotrich: could you

speak a little louder? the have jaguar leadership. when we had the last meeting we actually discussed the gap in the landscaping on sahara. it looks quite odd, and the reason for that is two trees had been cut down. so the landscaping looks a

little sparse in that area. so if we're just going to maintain it then it just means putting decomposed granite and leaving it there. i thought we were going to replant those trees so that the gap would be filled in and it wouldn't be so esthetically

unpleasing. >>mayor smotrich: okay. >> and i think mr. hobart mentioned that. >>mayor smotrich: randy, could you please make comment. >> mr. stokes, the conditions would require desert european replace those trees not just dg.

>> i just wanted to make that point, thank you. your comments. any other speakers from the audience? all right we'll close public comments and dana if you would like to go ahead. >>councilmember hobart: yes,

i would move approval of the preliminary development plan, ea 14002, with respect to the conditions i'm about to propose. with respect to condition number 19 to strike it in its entirety. what it says now is no more than three automobiles shall be displayed on the hard scape

display area on highway 111.second, 11. second, with respect to condition number 20, to moifd it in the fomodifyit, to include pl color adjacent to the display area north of the dealership randy is that clear to you? >>city manager binder: yes.

>>councilmember hobart: it is to me but i wanted to make sure it was. then with respect to condition number 21, to amend it in the following way. the final landscaping plan shall restore, add the word restore, strike the words incorporate

so so far say, shall restore landscaping on sahara road, strike the words in addition to the required landscaping, so that it will say, restore landscaping guidelines, add a comma instead of a period there, to the satisfaction of staff. then with respect to the

permissive condition, i would suggest that it be condition 21 a, and that condition would read as follows: the 30 inch screened area shown on applicant's plan may be reduced to 18 inches, so long as it is architecturally treated to staffstaffaverages satisfaction.

>> a comment on that. >> the 36 inch screen area, i think you mean 36 inch screen wall. >>councilmember hobart: what did i say? >> area. >>councilmember hobart: wall, yes, wall.

and then for condition number 36 a, iii, strike the first sentence on page 9-23, strike the first sentence of that condition which will eliminate the words plan for required eight food f foot wide class 1 meandering bike pat shall be submitted to the city engineer

and shall be constructed along the frontage. i think that covers the amendments that i was intending to make. >>councilmember hobart: so that's the motion. >>mayor smotrich: that covers that and i will second that.

so please cast your vote. and the motion carries 5-0. thank you dana for all your input. >>councilmember hobart: pleasur. >>mayor smotrich: okay so we'll be moving on now to item number 10. and this is something that

jeremy our planning technician is going to be covering. and thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, madam mayor, members of the council. good afternoon, the applications listed on your screen have been submitted in conjunction with the remodel and revitalization

of the rancho las palmas center, highway 111 and bob hope drive. this project is multifaceted in nature, and requires a large amount of demolition resurfacing and refacing. for the buildings which are to remain there will be a collective loss of 102 square

feet of building area when the entire project is completed. this slide shows the zoning for the subject property which is cn neighborhood commercial, also shows the zoning designations for the surrounding properties. this image shows the site plan as it currently exists.

this shows the demolition of these buildings is critical to the redevelopment effort. the image on the right here shows the proposed site plan. the buildings which are highlighted in green represent those which will be reconstructed, and as displayed

they are located at significant locations within the project buildings k, m and n will be highly visible to passing motorists and will become the most identifiable structures within the context of the project. also noted is the proposed mid

block entry along highway 111 and the newly signalized, project's northern extent where it intersects with bob hope drive. three major issues are identified, number one there is no direct access into the site number 2, vehicles cannot turn

left onto bob hope drive when exiting the site and number three there is no convenient pedestrian connection between the rample rancho las palmas e. the number of parking spaces will increase by 36 stalls. the applicant was able to do this by reorganizing the

southern portion of the project. the landscape plan of the project is quite extensive rich in climate appropriate plant types. the area shaded in yellow represents the portion of the project which will receive a complete rehab.

dense with parking trees and amenities. outdoor plazas which includes such things as public seating, raised planters, water features and accent trees. the plazas are linked to one another, these pathways are easily identifiable due to their

upgraded paving material, and they will provide access to different shopping areas on foot. offer refuge that are protected in vehicular movement. a substantial grade change exists between highway 111 and the intwo new buildings that lie

closest to that thoroughfare. the buildings are between eight and ten feet below the highway 111 curb site. the entire site slopes downward towards the north. the image on the left here slows the color and material selections that have been chosen

for the project. there are a total of three plaster colors, a composite siding, and two metal finishes. all are subdued in nature and reflective of the surrounding environment and at this point i'd like to discuss each of the individual buildings but will

spend the majority of the time discussing the four newly proposed buildings. building a is the major tenant space that exists among the in line tenants and the former von's grocery store. the other buildings which will essentially remain whose

footprints will not change will be limited to facade upgrades. a tower feature will be erected over the store's main spri and the pitched tile roof will be removed in favor of a contemporary flat roof. existing buildings are to remain, roof heights will range

from 24 to 27 fight in height with the tower features reaching a height of 40 feet. building b currently house test cvs pharmacy and is the first of the four buildings that will be demolished and reconstructed. reach aa height of 45 feet and additional height of 35 feet and

the rest of the structure will be 29 feet in height. 18 inch built out panels will be added, 23 feet intervals along all of the elevation to break up what would otherwise be a large expanse of blank wall. building d houses the wells fargo bank and will not change

in footprint. upgrades for this building will be limited to facade improvements. heights for this building will range from 16 feet six inches to 18 feet with a tower element reaching a height of 29 feet. buildings f and g will maintain

their existing footprints as well and will be outfitted with new facade systems. heights for this building range from 14 to 22 feet with an architectural feature extending to 27 feet in height. improvements to building h will also be limited to facade

upgrades and roof heights will range from 16 to 22 feet in height. buildings i and j are the last of the in line tenant spaces and again they will be simply outfitted with new facade systems. the footprint of these

structures will not change. the roof heights will range from 16 to 22 feet in height. and the centrally located architectural feature will reach a high of 28 feet. building k is the second of the four buildings which are to be a major variance was submitted

for the development of this building for two reasons. number one a reduced setback was being requested on the building's east side and number two the circular tower feature at the building's southeast corner extends beyond the required height 22 foot setback

due to the fact that the existing building which currently sits on that site maintains the same 22 foot setback. the required setback is 25 feet so a 22 foot setback would constitute a 12% deviation from the requirement.

building k sits approximately ten feet below highway 111. staff feels that this difference in grades can be counted as a credit for the building's height due to the fact that if there was no grade change a 20 foot high building would be at this location, what it gives the

applicant the right to construct a 30 foot high building. exists only one foot beyond the setback line. because this is the first building motorists will see it is an important way finding mechanism and also an iconic building within the overall

staff believes the architectural design is appropriate but feels that the circular tower element should be limited in height to 33 feet six inches. goodwill building which lies opposite magnesia falls drive to the river which lies opposite bob hope drive.

the esthetic would be maintained and constitute a 13 foot variance from the height requirement. 16 to 28 feet in height and the tower feature over the north entry reaches a maximum height of 32 feet. >> jeremy, if i could interrupt

one second and then you can continue. the 13 and 12% variances he is talking about they are considered major variances. anything less than 10% is technically considered minor, that's why it's major. >> so building m lies at the

corner of highway 111 and bob hope drive. a conditional use permit is required for the development of this building due to the fact that a drive through element is being proposed. the drive through window itself will be located at the

building's northwest corner. staff believes this is the ideal location for this element as its users would not interfere with other visitors at the site. a elevation change exists, naturally changed from that grade change. roof heights range from 25 to 30

feet in height with tower elements reaching a maximum height of 36 feet four inches. and building n is the last of the four buildings which is to be demolished and eventually reconstructed. this building lies just south of the mid block entry from bob

in conjunction to this development due to an overheight request. two tower features adorn this building's north side one on the northwest corner and one on the northeast corner. the tower feature at the northwest corner has been

located at the setback line and extends to a height of 28 feet. which is eight feet beyond the maximum height limit. the grade elevation at this location is actually one foot above the adjacent bob hope drive curb height so the tower would appear as a 29 foot

structure from the street. as previously discussed for building k the unique location of building n allows it to become a focal point and a way finding tool for passion motorists. staff is recommending the tower feature be limited to 29 feet in

height so it fits this context with the rest of the center and 25 feet in height there would still be undulation between the building's roof and it would limit the deviation to 25% above what the code requires. additional height 25 feet six inch and 28 feet in height and

the tower reaches a height of 34 feet. so that's basically the project. as it's been proposed with all the new buildings, the reconstruction, the demo and the two new entries so with that based on the content findings and conditions of the staff

report the planning commission has recommended approval of this project and i'd be happy to answer any questions, thank you. >>councilmember townsend: is building k the brandini building? >> yes, that's correct. that going to demolished?

>> that's correct. what about where brandini's was going which was the old tuesday morning? there was conversation at one time that there was goington to be a stop sign stoplight or lighting there to go into that building for the street traffic.

>> right, so the new signalized intersection will take place right here, next just north of the we well far go building. the old tuesday morning building is they back of the site and it will be upgraded with facade improvements as well but that is essentially kind of a back road

that goes behind the shopping centers. brandini's is taking that >> it is my understanding, yes. >>mayor smotrich: jeremy do you happen to know if anything is going to be done with the basement under brandini's or is are they going to be using it?

it is a very large area, i viewed it last year and it's quite a place over there. >> that was the old airport. >>mayor smotrich: exactly. >> it is my understanding brandini's will be able to do their manufacturing and storage in that location.

>>mayor smotrich: okay, all right. any other questions? >>councilmember kite: a question regarding cvs. i know there was some discussion regarding the hours of operation, and has it been decided yet as to whether they

are going to ask for 24-7 or something less than that? >> it is my understanding they want the ability to operate 24 hours. but that that decision has not been made yet. they just want the opportunity or should the need arise they

want the ability to do that. >>councilmember kite: so would they need to come back to us once they make a decision to get approval from the council? >> the way the condition was crafted -- so if you refer to page 10-62 at the top, it says the cvs site shall be permitted

a 24 hour operation. however, the city council reserves the right to modify the hours of the operation if there are noise complaints by the community or nuisance issues created by the 24-hour operation. so at this point, they would

have the ability to do that. >>councilmember kite: they would have the ability to go 24-7 without coming back to the council. kind of a time frame are we looking at from start to finish, a couple of years? >> that would be a better

question for the applicant. i don't know that. also i see about 20 or 21 tenants that are proposed at this point. are any of those units going to possibly be subdivided in the future, is there rook room fort or is that something they talk

about? >> it's a good question, not something that has come up. i think when we look at the sign program later there's really only space for a certain number of tenants. so i don't know that they could subdivide a whole lot in that

center. dana go ahead. 10-4 the language, the recommended language coming from the planning commission, is that trash bins be upgraded. to what extent is the city benefited by having it any more specific than that?

or is -- does upgraded have some kind of a meaning that the developer and we should also know? >> i think this issue was mostly specific toll trash bins near the loading docks behind the building, they were in a state of disrepair.

as far as the trash bins within the project site, for instance, in the parking lot areas, i don't know that there are any. so it would basically be specific to those behind the loading docks. other vague issue i had was, right below that the former

tuesday morning building, be upgraded with the rest of the what is the suggested upgrading that we're dealing with here? >> the upgrade would also be limited to facade improvement shade systems and the like as with the existing buildings that aren't going to change their

footprints. >>councilmember hobart: are these either the trash bin upgrading or the upgrading of the tuesday morning building, do these carries with it the addition of to the satisfaction of staff? or is that not required under

these circumstances? >> it is required, just due to the fact that we haven't seen any proposals for either of these things so they would have to be approved by the planning staff. >>councilmember hobart: do we have to add conditions or would

that be part of what we are approving that those will be dealt with by staff and the applicant? >>councilmember weill: it would be part of my motion to include >>councilmember hobart: okay. and with respect to condition number 23 on page 10-4 at least,

i'm sure it's somewhere else as well, having to do with the bus stops, maybe if you do a motion, ted, at the end of that sentence, turning the word center period to a co comma, and sun line transportation agency, i think we've got to get sun line probl probl approving thes.

condition i'm looking at 10-4 in what is numbered 23. >>mayor smotrich: all right, regarding the applicant shall design and construct bus shelters. >>councilmember hobart: right. >>mayor smotrich: have they already submitted that design?

>> they have not done that yet, it will be done as part of the final development plan. >>mayor smotrich: okay, is that going to be constructed fairly soon or going along with the average construction time? >> it would be done in conjunction with the center.

i don't know if it would be done initially or towards the end but it would be done as part of the center's reconstruction. we have to add there that they have to meet the standards of sun line transportation agency. >> i have a question of that, are we still having an issue

whether sun line want curb cuts or they don't for their bus stops? >> that's, when we route these for comment, that gives them the opportunity to add conditions, and they basically left it open saying they don't need any more resources at these locations.

but again it is something we could reach out to them and inquire about when we submit the bus shelter designs themselves. >>councilmember townsend: are there turn in lanes on 111 going into the main entrance? >> there's going to be no deceleration at that location.

>>mayor smotrich: all right. >>councilmember kite: i have a question on the landscape plan which is page 4. of the large brochure. specifically having to do with building i and j. can you bring that up, page 4? it's the enlargement buildings i

and j. that's it. can you go into a little bit of detail there as to what is going to be planned, and throughout the entire project we have a sidewalk running through the various businesses. here it looks like we have an

outdoor eating area and the issue with the sidewalk would be handled how? >> this whole area is going to be redone. as you can see, it ranges from 20 feet to 60 feet in length from the front of the building to a parking stall.

the actual layout of this will probably be modified somewhat depending on the tenants but there is ample room for outdoor dining opportunities certainly in building j and building i, where it juts out but the area will be accented with seating >>councilmember kite: pavers as

in other areas of the development? >> that is correct. >>councilmember kite: and are all walkways cover pavers? >> all of the new areas yes are colored pavers just like you see here and then the pathways that connect them will be created

from interlocking pavers discernible from the rest of the pavement. >>councilmember kite: and will there be any pavers going across the parking lot from one side to the other? so if you look at the screen here, so this, so you can see a

plaza here, large plaza, this area that's in red, is a paved pedestrian walkway that connects to this building. and then those are consistent to all of the other -- all of the other buildings throughout the so you will be able to walk throughout the site, on a

dedicated pedestrian walkway. ftc. >>councilmember kite: will you be able to walk from bob hope side to the steinmart building? >> that would probably be the easies weasiest way for a pedesn >>mayor smotrich: i have one question in regard to the stein

steinmart building on page 22 of the large book. is that the final rendering of what they're planning to an do d the appearance they're planning to maintain and is that a contrasting color or is the dark color going to be textured something or any kind of stacked

rocks or -- >> that's -- there's no stacked stone or anything, it's all just stucco color. that's basically what that building facade will look like. is that according to steinmart's own wishes, is that a corporate decision of what their buildings

are -- >> i don't believe it's a corporate design. i think it's using color pallet where it is the pallet of the whole center. >>mayor smotrich: could we add a condition where it could be a little more attractive?

>> sure, we could add a condition to upgrade with composite siding or stone to the satisfaction of the planning department. absolutely. >>mayor smotrich: okay, i think that would be good and i think that -- in fact some wording

here that we might be able to use, additional building articulation shall be provided on the front elevation and then it can be included in the final development plan to be improved by staff. >> sure, that will be fine. >>mayor smotrich: okay, any

other questions or comments? ted, were you going to elaborate? >>councilmember weill: i'll save my comments until after the applicant. >>mayor smotrich: okay, no other questions or comments. all right.

the applicant is here. so i believe you would like to come up and fill us in on some other details. please state your name. >> honorable mayor and councilmembers my name is irwin busey, with pair gone development group.

i want to say thank you to the staff and the city of rancho it really has been a good journey, it's been hard but it's been a good journey. we have a -- i think a wonderful project with some wonderful tenants with great pedestrian connectivity, enhanced

landscaping, great architecture and to just address the steinmart comment, this is way beyond their typical elevations. we have been working with all the tenants to really upgrade their elevations in terms of their look and the articulation in the building because this is

an important asset for us to make sure that we deliver a quality development to the city >>mayor smotrich: so you are saying what they have in the rendering meets your approval? >> it meets our approval and beyond what we originally started with significantly.

i wanted to take a few moments just to address a couple of other comments. regarding the bus shelters, that is going to be part of the first phase. as a condition of delivery to cvs we're required to complete the off-sites which include the

new access point on 111. and with that we'll be also incorporating the bus shelter and we're fine with that condition. all i don't want to do is be in a position where there's more dedicates requireddedications rb hope.

regarding brandini it is a perfect building for them. they are storing product offside, they can consolidate, use the basement. we have not come up with a facade yet because quite honestly we have been working with a few other things we need

to solve but we're getting there and we will have something that's approved by staff and also compatible with the rest of the center. demising in -- really there's not a lot -- a lot of the space is already demised. our focus has been to get the

anchor tenants solidified and done and we think we've got a great lineup. there's going to continue to be more progress. the project in itself is going to take roughly on a good day 18 months to 24 months which my construction manager has

promised me which is great. it is inside joke there. and goal is to start construction on or before christmas as well. we're committed to fast-tracking cvs has some specific schedules that we want to meet as well as our other tenants as well.

i'm happy to answer any other questions that you have. we're excited about the project. >>councilmember weill: there was the question that the mayor asked regarding steinmart and the facade. you want to address that? >> well, the -- in terms of

steinmart the facade has met with our approval and we have gone back and fort with steinmart pretty significantly and what i would like is to maintain the existing elevation, that's been routed and approved through real estate committee. it adds breakup to that facade

and really provides contrast within that facade and that's what i would like to do. >>mayor smotrich: ted, that's it for you? then in other words, there will be no change in steinmart what you're saying? in other words what we see is

what you duet? >> well, that's my wish. get? >> that's my wish. i wish for a lot of things. >>councilmember weill: basically what we're saying if you change that it would then not match the rest of the center, is that

correct? >> i think we would keep the facade the same. i think maybe there's an opportunity, in my thought was to add some land whether it's creeping vine or something to that effect, to add some contrast to the building.

in terms of other architectural materials, we've spent a lot of time on the design with steinmart in terms of where the front door is going and et cetera and it's been a process. >> my name is steve carlson, i manage construction for pair

gone commercial group. i wanted to address the elevation a little bit further. the elevation you have before you the main tower has a composite material that we're using on the other tower elements and it is contained in just about all the key elements

throughout the project. there are also some -- there are also two metal types that we're using out there as accents. the last terse have different textures. some of the plaster in key areas is venetian finish which is a hard finish, the renderings

don't give it that much depth or read. and we think it adds quite a bit to it and it is replicated throughout the site. be. >>councilmember weill: i like the look, i think the look is terrific and it blends extremely

>>councilmember kite: irwin you did a great job on this project. i mean from what it was two years ago to where you are today, outstanding job. great job on ted working with i think you really brought something special to rancho it is so special, i think there

are things that we want to see in the development that really make it special and bring people to it for other reasons. rather than shopping. because it's the place to go. and there's a couple of things, i'd just like to ask you about. you know these are kind of off

the wall but i know you've done a lot of other shopping centers. and have you ever done a center with some sort of an architectural focus in the middle of the parking lot like a clock tower? because we've got the great ability to bring in those two

roads one off of highway 111 and one off of mag falls to come together in the center of the and i think something like that would be unique for this area and unique for this type of development. >> you know i appreciate the comments.

i think that there's definitely areas that we've really focused on. the pedestrian connection from the bus stop, all the way over to building k. we spent a lot of time on that because to me that's a natural play for people to use that

pedestrian connection and allow that connectivity. regarding the prad y pad yo pato make places where people can sit and enjoy. what i want is the outside seating to energize but also to have pedestrian access to the rest of the shops as well

because that's important. we are going to be doing a specimen tree as well which is going to be a focal point near the main encumbrance across from wells fargo and hobby lobby. and i need to look at to whether there's some other opportunities that we can do something to that

effect. we want to make it a great i want to make sure though, that to get here it's a long process in terms of the tenants, parking, et cetera, and we've got a site plan that's been approved. i do believe there's

opportunities to figure out whether it's a piece of public art or a specimen tree or something that can add. >>councilmember kite: yes, that would be great, i think it would break up the parking lot a little bit and give you a better feel when you are there and you

get a real experience in shopping. >>councilmember kite: last thing, rancho las palmas shong shopping center, why not a different name? >> it's funny you bring that up. we actually had a discussion about the name, whether it

should be rebranded or not. we spent a lot of time talking to community members and surprisingly, people said rancho las palmas shopping center i've been going there for years, i want it revitalized and the new energy in there. surprisingly that's a brand

that's recognized within the we thought about rebranding it but i don't think it's the right move. >>councilmember kite: maybe we need a new brand because it's a new vision, it's a new development, rather than the same old rancho las palmas

shopping center. >> i will definitely take that into account and maybe get some ideas from various people as to what -- can -- and one thing i mention i really appreciate you taking the time to say how hard we've worked because it's a long i'm really happy to be here but

quite honestly i would not be here without the help of everybody on my team on the city's team on the community's team on the tenant's side as well, cvs, we have spent a long time working on something that's a win win for them as well. >>councilmember kite: this is a

big deal for our city, this is a massive turn around for that whole end of the city and we appreciate what you're doing and your team as well. >> thank you. >>councilmember weill: i'd like to compliment erwin and his entire team, they have been

excellent to work with, the flexibility, the communication is probably as important as anything, the communication has been terrific, richard at the other member of the subcommittee has been extremely helpful, randy and the city manager the entire planning department, bud,

jeremy has worked really hard on this project. shaun smith i can't say enough about as far as coordinating this is concerned, shaun did a great job. i know that bruce has been very pleased from a construction standpoint.

of the planning because you know this is a 36-year-old center. and the impediment in the past has always been, the ingress and egress and the lack of visibility from highway 111. and with this change, for the first time, now you are going to have the accessibility and you

are going to have the vision and a view corridor that has been lacking. and that's the reason of course that it's been a difficult project to lease in the past. so irwin, you've all conan excellent job. >> thank you, really appreciate

>>mayor smotrich: and i'd like to make my comments. you've don't a great job. it is a relief to get this moving. if you decide to change the name, marketplace, las palmas marketplace would be catchy, and i love richard's idea of

something a feature in between the parking lot. we want it to be beautiful. saying all that i would just move back for one second back to steinmart even though it he meets with your approval i think the beauty of your shopping center is very important and

even when you look on pages 23, 24, 25, in the big book, it's very unusual architecture, it is very attractive and i think it would be very desirable for this shopping center, for the tenants that surround the steinmart and for anyone approaching steinmart to appreciate a more attractive

look. and i think that architectural enhancements and upgrades really can be done very, very modestly and would really add a great deal to an existing building like that. so i would like to make that as a condition to go into the

record. >>councilmember weill: well, the only comment that i can make about that is that has gone through the arb, they have looked at that and i know i have sat in on those meetings and they feel that the design is extremely attractive, the colors

are attractive, and i personally would not be inclined to make that kind of a recommendation. well, that's why we have menus. >> thank you, appreciate it. >>mayor smotrich: okay any other comments? any further comments from the public?

seeing none public comments are closed. to, madam mayor, i'd like to make several motions if i may. >>mayor smotrich: okay go right ahead. >>councilmember weill: actually i'll incorporate, i'll incorporate this as four.

the first motion will be for the city council to adopt a categorical exemption, pursuant to the california environmental quality act, ceqa, section 15302, class 2b, replacement of a commercial structure with a new structure, of substantially the same size, purpose and

capacity. number 2 -- >>mayor smotrich: i believe we are going to be doing this as individual votes. >>councilmember weill: okay >>mayor smotrich: why don't we go ahead and vote on number 1. someone will second it?

>>councilmember townsend: i'll second it. >>mayor smotrich: okay, we have a motion and second. please vote. motion passes, 5-0. carry on. >>councilmember weill: okay. the second motion then will be

as follows. i move to approve conditional use permit case number c.u.p. 14006. with the 24-hour cvs condition, recommended by the planning commission modified as follows. cvs shall be permitted a 24 hour drive through and 24-hour

operation, the city council reserves the right to review the conditional use permit and modify hours of operation to protect surrounding land uses and mitigate impacts to public services. that would be the motion. >> and that would be subject to

the content findings and conditions if the staff report. >>councilmember smotrich: okay. >>councilmember hobart: on the conditional use permit, which one of these is applicable to the conditional use permit and which are applicable to the major modification or the major

variance? what are we approving with one of these? randy can you explain that to us? >> jeremy, the c.u.p. and the major mod conditions are one in the same list is that right? >> okay.

so the c.u.p. are included in the major modification. major variance is what? >> the major variance is a separate case. >>councilmember hobart: with respect to what? >> with respect to the setbacks for a couple of the buildings.

so technically because you have one list of conditions for the c.u.p., and the major mod, you should probably take number 2 and 3 together in one motion. >>councilmember hobart: because those incorporate the conditions that we have in the report. >>councilmember weill: then why

don't we -- why don't we expand the motion then to approve major modification case number mod 14011, with a conditions commission, modified as follows. as part of the final development plan, the landscaping, trash and recycling areas at the rear of the former von's building shall

be upgraded, and the former tuesday morning building shall be upgraded architecturally, to be complementary to the shopping and, comply with such other standards as required by the sun line transit agency. >>councilmember hobart: which is that you're talking about

condition 23? >>councilmember weill: talking about the bus stop. >>councilmember hobart: talking about condition 23? are you amending condition 23? i'm not quite sure what's going >> 10-4 condition 23 recommended by the planning commission.

i believe he's amending that as you suggested. >> he's amending 23 and 24 for that new streamlined language. could you say that language again with respect to sun line ted? language was essentially that it would comply with such other

>>councilmember weill: and that would be added to number 23. >>councilmember kite: ted, are you done with that motion? or are you still doing the motion? >>councilmember weill: that would be the conclusion of that portion.

>>councilmember kite: so subject to the findings and blah blah blah. condition al to the staff report. >>councilmember kite: i'll second that. can you read the conditions having to do with cvs?

>>councilmember weill: yes, the language with the cvs is as follows, cvs shall be permitted a 24 hour drive through and 24 hour operation. the city council reserves the right, review of the c.u.p., and modify hours of operation, to question on that.

the statement about 24 hours of service, does that mean that the complete store is open 24 hours, also in addition to the 24 hour drive through? >>councilmember kite: pardon me? entire store would be open 24 >>councilmember townsend: are we saying we can change that?

>>councilmember weill: the city always has the right to change it in other words if there was a problem of any kind, if there was a disturbs disturbance of a, the city reserves the right to go in and say no it has to be reduced. cvs is aware of this?

they know it can happen? >> it is a conditional use permit so they understand -- >>councilmember townsend: it could happen. so there would be no oops we didn't know about this? satisfact ory?

>>mayor smotrich: motion and second but i would like to amend that so that steinmart would make architectural upgrades subject to review of staff. would someone be willing to second that? >> i'll second that. >>mayor smotrich: we have a

motion amendment and second. >> upgrades to the steinmart >> correct. calling what the upgrades are? >>mayor smotrich: pardon? >>councilmember townsend: up grad upgrad es facial or color?

>>mayor smotrich: to add where there's a contrast if you look on page 22 of the large book -- >>councilmember townsend: i know what you mean. >>mayor smotrich: you can see it's just the contrast in paint colors. so something i mean there could

be some little architectural enhancements that could be made. and just to make it a little bit more attractive and make it look more like rancho mirage and like you know the upgrades of the other building. buildings. to ask the applicant to come

back up and make comments about that before i agree to add that as the condition. >>mayor smotrich: the public hearing is open again. we have irwin busey here. >> and steve carlson. i would like steve to reiterate the different finishes being

used, i'll let him address that. >> yes, the components or the elements of the elevation for the steinmart are similar to those elements used in all the other tenant buildings. they're a different, they are compositions of the same different materials.

it's not just a single material. there are metals, there are a composite material which is a theme here that we're using on all of the towers and there is a core 10 steel which is one of the metal finishes that is being university and that is consistent with all of the

buildings within. so if there's a specific upgrade to the steinmart building we'd like it to be consistent with the other buildings to the extent we can and not introduce something foreign to that particular building. wouldn

't it trow off the entire look? that would be the problem wouldn't it? >> it is a very contemporary architecture. the design was intentional because we wanted to move away from the appearance the center has now which is kind of old,

and it also is unsuccessful now. and we want to completely change that look so that when people return to the center in its new state they'll completely forget about the old center and what it was all about. and so that we were careful in choosing the particular pallet

of materials and i think again that particular flat elevation doesn't really give you the sense of all the different temperature that's in the different components of that element but it's the same on the other buildings as well, so all of those buildings have the

same, different materials, in various styles and shapes on >>councilmember townsend: theres a lot of similarity to the gene autrey building, that looks very well over there. >> a lot of the architecture in the valley we had a lot of image boards we looked at to try to

bring in some of those desert looks while making this a distinguished look, we really wanted it to be something that separateit from the river and clearly separate it from what it looks like today. >>councilmember weill: i personally couldn't see how one

building could be -- have a different look than all of the other buildings in the center. the whole idea is that you're creating a symmetry here and you have a design look and colors consistent throughout the and that -- i think that's the appealing part from a personal

>>mayor smotrich: and i would agree with you. and i think that in order to really make everyone comfortable here we can take a five minute break and take a look at some of these renderings and see if we can come to some kind of agreement on how the steinmart

building may be able to take on more of a look of some of the other buildings that are being newly constructed. so why don't we take a ten minute break here and we'll come back. >>councilmember weill: where are we on the other motions at this

point? >>mayor smotrich: well that motion is on hold right now because it included 2 and 3. >>councilmember weill: but we have -- >>mayor smotrich: and you have a motion and you have a second. and then there was -- i made an

amendment and richard seconded so -- and we are not voted on anything yet regarding number 2 and number there on page 10-1. so why don't we just take a break and we'll discuss it a little bit and then come back. we are reopening and coming back...

from our recess and tim's gonna take it from here. yeah, we've re done the motion, randy you want to read the change that we just made? it starts from the beginning of the motion and we'll incorporate two and three with the change.

okay, thank you, so two stays the same, which is all the language for the conditional use permit and the 24 hour operation, and three would be modified as follows: move to approve major modification, case number mod14011 based upon the content findings and

conditions in the staff report with the conditions recommended by the planning commission modified as follows, as part of the final development plan, the landscaping trash and recycling areas at the rear of the former bonds building shall be upgraded and the former

tuesday morning building and stein-mart shall be upgraded architecturally to be complimentary the shopping center to the satisfaction of staff and to amend condition number three to say and comply with other such standards as required by the sunline transit

agency. okay, that is our motion. richard, i believe you second it? yes, you had a different motion. that includes, that's now included. we combined, well we combined- first find out if richard

seconds it. yes. you second it again? well, what's the position on it right now? you made a motion, i second and we adjourned. right. okay.

and then randy just read- go ahead ted. she modified the motion. we modified the mo- so we're incorporating the mayors motion into what was just said? what randy just read. got it, okay, i'll second that.

okay, all right, please cast your vote. and the motion carries, 5-0. okay, moving on to item four on that- okay, and a motion for item four will be, i move that the city approve major variant case number va4140004, based upon

conditions in the staff report. and, i will second, please vote. motion carries, 5-0. thank you all so much, and thank you all so much for all your hard work and all your patience and working so well with staff, we're looking so forward to the grand opening, but first we're

looking forward to the shovel in the ground. we appreciate everyone's help and we're looking forward to it too, i wish i could say that the works over, but the work has just begun. it is. we're excited about it, and

thanks again for the opportunity to be here. you're welcome, but at least the growing pains are over. [laughter] well, the city, the city will be very proud of this project. absolutely. i feel quite certain about.

yes, thank you again. all right. madame mayor, if i could just make a comment, i wanted to thank councilman wile for helping us through this project from start to finish, working with the developer, working with staff,

and the subcommittee, thank you very much. you're welcome. you all deserve quite a hand, thank you. [applause] thank you, thank you. can we move on to number 13 as we have a chamber executive

director is here? yes, what a good idea. samantha. all right, we will move on to number 13. well, doesn't, doesn't number 11 kind of play along with number 10? well, it does.

it does. well, we have a conflict samantha, who's the director of chamber has to leave and she wants to make a little, a little thank you to us before she goes. number 13. are we switching or going ahead? we're switching back to 11.

going back to 11 you're saying? right, and this is gonna be presented by joseph carpenter, our economic development analyst, and shawn smith. shawn's gonna be in the audience directing. thank you, madame mayor, members of the council, i'll be very

brief today. on november 3rd, 2011, the city council adopted resolution of the 2011-39 through which you approved the surplus personal property policy, section three, paragraph two of this policy reads in part that if any department head

determines that any personal property of the city, valued at over $500 or more is not needed, that the department head shall notify the city manager that such personal property is being surplus. such surplus personal property however must be deemed

to be officially surplussed by the city council, be a resolution prior to its' disposal pursuant to the provisions set fourth in the policy. furthermore, section four, subsection c of the surplus personal property

policy permits the city council to dispose of surplus personal property utilizing a variety of methods including donation to a non profit and good standing with all applicable laws and regulation that serves the community of rancho mirage.

during the chamber of commerce subcommittee meeting on october 8th, 2014, the subcommittee, consisting of mayor smotrich and council member townsend stated they would support the furniture currently being used by the chamber of commerce,

being deemed surplus and the city donating the furniture to the chamber to aid in their relocation efforts. down on pages 13-7 through 13-10 of your agenda and currently displayed on your screen. the personal property requested

to be deemed surplus consisted of seven, non rolling chairs in varying styles, 17 rolling chairs in varying styles, two u shaped desks, three work desks, six rectangular tables, and one small table. after consulting with multiple

division managers, as well as the directors of public works and administrative services, it was determined that these items will be of no use to the city. therefore, with the support of the chamber of commerce subcommittee, staff recommends

that the city council adopt a resolution declaring the listed items, surplus and approve disposition by way of donation to the chamber of commerce. at this time, i'm available for any questions. thank you, joseph.

any questions or comments? i think that the city attorney might want to remind us that in none of these categories does any member of the city council qualify as a person who can receive any of this discarded or surplus equipment including our own equipment that

we may be using, maybe ipad's or iphone's or chairs, or any of that. so, i just want to stop us drooling from early before we get too far along the process. well, mr. townsend was wondering if he could be selling some of

this in his store, now i can't. okay, steve did you want have a word? that's true, with the exception of the city attorney. okay, yeah but, none of the city council members are allowed to be the recipient of any of the surplus, these surplus

items. so there. so, give it back, is that what you're saying? okay, any other comments or questions? that's it. a lot of good stuff. yeah, there is.

any comments or questions from the audience? all right, oh, we do have someone. here it comes. here comes samantha. we have a bidder. here is samantha, and she is our esteemed director of our

chamber of commerce. thank you, madame mayor, city council, and staff, i just wanted to thank you for taking the time for considering the donation of the furniture to us, it will definitely help in our transition, we are moving

november 24th, so if we can load up the moving trucks then with your decision today, that would be fantastic, so thanks for that and we hope you come visit us at our new location. and if you have any questions. where is your new location? our new location is 71905

highway 111, and we will be sharing the parking space with lamps plus and perch, so we're just the office building directly behind them. all right, good luck. thank you. thanks. congratulations.

it's a wonderful, new location, we wish- and, i would like to say thank you to charles townsend and madame and mayor and joseph and shawn smith for the assistance over the past few months in locating somewhere that's appropriate for the

chamber to move forward into and to grow into, so thanks for that. and, i'm sure you will grow and congratulations again, thank you. i will make a motion if i may. that the city council adopt resolution 2014, declaring any

items listed and the staff report surplus and approving disposition by way of donation to the chamber of commerce in accordance with resolution 2011-39 which approved the surplus personnel property okay, may i have a second. second.

okay, please vote. and thank you so much joseph, and thank you samantha, all the best. all right, going back to item number 11. and this is something that is going to be handled again by jeremy, planning technician.

thank you again, madame mayor. so for your consideration our zoning text amendment case no. zta14001, and sign program case no. sirp14001. again, the site is located at the northeast corner of highway 111 and bob hope dr. this is a signed program for the rancho

paul shopping center. a zoning text amendment was submitted as part of the entitlement package for the purpose of allowing more flexibility in the development of sign programs when proposing conjunction with large scale, comprehensively planned

commercial projects. a large scale commercial development is defined as being greater than 15 acres in size. the amendment seeks to add language to section 17.28.100 of the rancho mirage municipal code, the title of that section being sign program.

currently, the development of sign programs, must adhere to the development standards that are listed within table 3-13 section 17.28.150 of the rancho mirage municipal code, staff believes that by allowing large scale commercial project to develop sign programs,

which may exceed the limits and posts by the aformentioned table, an applicant would be able to create unique sign programs that align with the design characteristics that, the design characteristics and themes of their respective shopping centers, and at the

same time maintain the goals and policies that are listed in the community design element of the cities general plan. basically the way the zta would work, it would give the following exceptions, exceptions to the standard requirements will only be considered if the

following conditions are met, number one; the shopping center shall provide proof to be superior and architectural in landscape design. number two, the quality assigned shall be superior and designed in construction quality, and appropriate in context and

scale, for the proposed application. and number three, a detailed written analysis shall be submitted for all signs that are proposed to exceed the standard requirements. the proposed ordinance has been attached to this staff report.

at this point, i'd like to briefly describe each of the proposed monument signs, and then show a site plan so that you can see where each of the signs will be located. this slide displays the center identification monument, the maximum height of this monument

sign is 4 feet 7 inches tall. and then all of the monument signs will be constructed of materials that correspond directly to the shopping center itself, such as the corten steel and the cultured stone. this slide shows the two panel tenant design, which extends to

a maximum height of 7 feet and allows all of these signs as well are double sided, so you would have two two tenant panel signs on each side of the structure. here you can see the three panel design, which reaches a maximum height of 8 feet 7

inches. and lastly, this is the five panel tenant design, which would extend to a maximum height of 11 feet 9 inches. so, the site plan shows the location of each of the proposed monuments, staff has recommended and the planning commission

has agreed to the recommendation that for the proposed signs should be revised. starting with the sign labeled as number one, three panel tenant monument is proposed at this location, however staff feels that this sign shall be restricted to center

identification only. and the concern here, is that due to the orientation in height of this sign, it will prevent motorists from seeing oncoming traffic that travel northbound on bob hope drive as they try to exit the center. so, just real quickly here.

so, at the new, at the new intersection here, as a vehicle approaches the intersection to make a right, for instance on a red light, the orientation of the sign being perpendicular to the road will prevent them from seeing oncoming traffic, and as you can see at the other

locations, at the other intersections, the signs have been restricted to tenant identification, and they've been oriented parallel to the roadway so that folks can see right past the signs and see traffic coming, it's the same situation that was done here,

so that's why staff is recommending removal of the three panel and installation of the tenant i.d sign at this location. also, the tenant i.d sign only reaches a height of 4 foot 7 inches, so even if it was oriented this way, motorists

would be able to peer over this sign and see vehicles coming towards them. signs two and four as listed, are the five panel design. staff feels that the height of these signs is excessive and is recommended that they be revised to the three panel

design and that no five panel design should be permitted as part of the project, and by revising them to the three panel design, you would be shortening each of those signs by a little more than three feet. and then finally, the sign identified as number three,

which is located at the corner of bob hope drive and highway 111, there are two signs proposed at that location, a center identification monument and a three panel tenant monument sign, staff is recommended that the three panel tenant monument sign

be eliminated and that this corner be strictly umm, well that the center i.d be used at this location just because of the prominence of this intersection. and, in regards to the building wall signage, staff is happy with all of the proposed signs,

with the exception of two, two instances, so i'll just briefly describe those. number one, staff is recommending that the cvs pharmacy sign on the east elevation, be restricted to 42 inches in height, as opposed to the 54 inch

letters that are proposed. and, here you can see- >> you can see the image on the bottom north elevation. which is right here, so the north elevation faces into the project site and really can't be seen from the street. staff is okay with a 54 itch

iinch height, the cvs pharmacy sign but on the east elevation which will be seen for motorists for highway 111,ing staff has recommended that be limited for a couple of reasons, the fascia on this is quite large and even a 54 inch sign, it sits comfortably, signage to fascia

this would shrink down to 42 inches which would be consistent with the existing cvs sign that exists on the building now which is much further away from the so that's one of the items. and then number 2 has to deal with the tenant signs on the west side of building n.

staff is recommended that these signed be limited to 18 inches in height. mostly so that a distinct hierarchy of signage can be established here. the letter hielts on the tower feature are 24 inches in height, and they will be used for tenant

identification purposes and those are right here. so staff has basically recommended that these be 18 inches in height to create a hierarchy. one of the other reasons is that it falls in line with other -- with building k so the south

elevation of building k which facings highway 111 has the same has 24 inch letters on the circular tower feature. and then as proposed to have 18 inch letters for the tenant sign at that location. so staff is just simply requesting that the applicant

mimic that location so building m and building k would be consistent. and that baste concludes the presentation i do have exhibits for each of the individual buildings if council wishes to see them but fen no additional changes were recommended by

staff nor the planning so with that based on the content findings and conditions of the staff report the planning commission recommends approval of the project. just as a side note i wanted to mention that after the planning commission, the applicant did

submit a revised sign for crives building which basically adheres to everything the planning commission wanted. one remaining had to do with ancillary signage. happy to answer any questions. >>councilmember kite: so cvs is happy with the 42 inches on that

one base? >>councilmember kite: that's >>councilmember weill: so essentially all of the recommendations that planning has made has been agreed to by applicant, with possibly one thing that's going to be discussed by the applicant is

that accurate? >> that's for cvs itself. as far as the monument discussion i'm unaware. >>mayor smotrich: any other questions from council? any questions from the audience? public hearing is now closed. or you want -- okay did you want

to come up and -- good. you're going to speak to us >> thanks again, irwin busey. couple of things to discuss. i need a minimum of 21 inches letters, for not only building k but the building, the old bank building on bob hope. that is just standard in the

industry to have -- that is a minimum. so i would like that. >>councilmember kite: what are you recommending now irwin? >> staff recommended 18 inches and it's -- i haven't seen 18 inches and i've pen doing this 25 years for a long time.

and so i would respectfully request 24 inches on that. can you pull up -- >>mayor smotrich: can you pull up that that would show that on the screen? >>councilmember kite: how many locations do we have that situation?

>> just two. >>councilmember kite: just two locations. >>mayor smotrich: and would that meet the same ratio between the facade and the actual letterings as the other buildings? >> good question. i don't have the answer to that

but we could make sure that we've got an element and it's scaled and looks correct. but from a tenant standpoint, attracting good tenants, they are going to want a 24 inches. you're asking for six inches >>councilmember kite: what has to be amended?

>> there's no condition of approval this requires that sthairt jeremy? >> it was a discussion in the text of the report which i think irwin is addressing. but there is no condition to amend to change it back to 24. add that now.

>> you don't need to. >>councilmember hobart: since they are not conditioned they can go to that height? >> are they proposing to add that as well? >> yes you are asking for a condition to be added then? >> well, my mistake i apologize

but i missed that, that should be 24 inches so my mistake. >> okay so if the council agrees you would add a condition that says letter height for the signage on building k, shall be a maximum of 24 inch letters. >>councilmember kite: no less than.

>> a minimum of 24. >> he is asking for 24 inches. >>councilmember hobart: we don't want to give him a chance to go to seven feet. >> there you go. >> and then would i like to spend a couple of signs on the monument signs too.

after recommendation to go from a five panel sign which was 11 feet six inches to a three panel sign one of the reasons that i want a four panel sign, as i already have three majors which is hobby lobby steinmart and cvs which are going to occupy three sides but then i'm in a lease

for a grocer for 10,000 feet, i am requesting that the five panel monument signs be reduced to a four panel monument sign with a maximum height of eight feet six inches. >>councilmember kite: what about reducing the size of the lettering so you can keep it the

same height as the three panel but do four panels? >> i think that's a little tough because i have exhibits in my leases already, so -- >> but you are going from five to four? i will limit the height from five feet six inches and woe

will work with staff to make sure the base is compatible and works. >> good. >>mayor smotrich: go ahead. i was going to make a suggestion that perhaps when richard asked about the lettering reduction in size, would there be any chance

if you did have a four-panel sign, that you could reduce the base in height? >> and that's what we did. i actually submitted a drawing to staff which reduced the overall base to get it to the eight foot six inches. and we reduced the pace.

there was some discussion as the is allocation of the clad stone versus the core steefl. so we worked that out with staff but that's important. the other thing that i want to mention is brandinis is going to be taking the tuesday morning space they are in the back of

the shopping center it's critical because there is no identity, it is critical that i have some type of signage on bob hope for them. the center identification sign that staff proposed on m-3, i would propose that to be a two-panel sign and the height

and window and placement would be subject to staff's approval. i think it's really important to have signage for brandini, brandini is an important tenant within the community and we want them to be as successful as >>councilmember kite: two panel for brandini?

>> yes i propose a two panel. and then the last thing i want to bring up and i apologize but cvs also it's great they agree to the 42 inches but we have just a couple of clarifications. because the wore pharmacy, the y because -- the word pharmacy because of the tail --

>>councilmember kite: just have to cut off the tail. that's all there is to it. >> good afternoon, mayor, madam, my name is roosaleo, we are a developer in southern california. we wanted to clear those ings technicalities up before we sign

on the conditions. as you know we agreed to reduced size of the sign and east elevation to 42 inches. however, and the conditions, there was a provision in there that basically limit us to 200 square feet on the front and if we follow that condition

we are going to have to eliminate yet another auxiliary siep. south elevation. i can point to it but we are going to get rid of that sown it's not going to be allowed. would have to have it on the screen.

>>mayor smotrich: i think sarah can bring it up. go ahead. >> so maybe i move on to the second item. second item i think is a technicality. in the conditions the sign that is 54 inches the word pharmacy

they limit that height to be 36 inches. but if you look at the assenting and descending letters, that was actually 42. we don't know if that's part of the conditions, we can't change the sign itself, we want to modify those words and condition

to be 42 inches rather than 36. i think we are looking at the letters m and a but didn't take into consideration the y and the p. it is a technicality, i don't know if there's a difference. >> we have the exhibit coming >> if you go to the last page we

can follow up on the last item i was talking about. as you see the condition is to have the word pharmacy to be only 36 inches but if you include the y and the h that's going to be a 42 inch height. that is a technicality i'm north sure it makes any difference.

>>mayor smotrich: randy. >>city manager binder: randy, you don't need to modify the height of the letters. it would be assumed. >> the area right now is 133 square feet we are allowed per the conditions only a maximum of 100 square feet.

so drive through sign is important because it is the only way to basically tell people driving on highway 111 that this particular store is a drive through store so we want to modify the condition to essentially say square foot area to be 133.

rather than 100 square feet. >>mayor smotrich: are you talking about all the signs combined or can you point out which sign you're talking about? >> the drive-through sign. >> the green signs to the left, far left, south elevation. there's a limit of 100 square

and they've got a total of 133. so all they're asking is to make sure that they can have that drive through sign because it's such an important part of their business. >> jeremy what specific portion of the approval are we speaking if you could provide focus.

>> if you look at the north elevation it says a specific amount of square footage allowed for whole elevation. >> rosario are you laserring the wall over there? >> somebody is playing with something. >> this is a sign that we want

to keep. so if you include all of these signs it basically adds up to 133. the maximum allowed is 100 so we essentially want to modify that condition to say 133. >> hold that thought. jeremy what condition number is

it? >> if you refer to page 11-19, first two lines b and c, he would be refer to the total shall not exceed 100 square >> if the council is amenable to going to 133 square feet. >> is cvs is thought happy with the 42, we're at 42 and that

took a lot of effort. >>councilmember weill: that was a compromise, we appreciate that and i know you worked hard for that compromise. >>mayor smotrich: randy why don't you explain where we are? >>councilmember hobart: you have motion and emotion.

>>city manager binder: if you could close the public hearing. >>mayor smotrich: plib hearing, if there are no others who wish to speak the public hearing is would someone like to make a >>councilmember weill: we've cross poll inized about pollenn. >>city manager binder: ceqa, per

16061. >>councilmember hobart: b paren c. >>city manager binder: you need >>councilmember weill: i'll make the motion. >>mayor smotrich: richard seconds. okay please vote.

motion carries, 3-0. thank you, moving on to number 2. >>councilmember weill: the second motion would be that the council adopt the attached amendment pursuant to case number zta 14001 amending title 17.

section 17.28.100 of rancho mirage municipal code, to allow comprehensively planned commercial developments of 15 acres or more, to propose sign programs which are not restricted by the development standards listed in be tame 3-13 of section 17.28.150 paren signs

allowed by zoning district. >>mayor smotrich: all right is there any discussion on that item? seeing none, okay, please vote. motion carries 5-0. moving on to item number 3 on that page. >> are we deleting this now?

>>city manager binder: so i think councilmember weill is looking to amend the sign program, modifying condition number 4, to state tenant monument sign proposed at the newly signalized intersection at the project's morn extent shall be replaced with a two-package

monument sign and moved to the northern corner. and then condition number 7 be modified to say a total of four tenant identification monument signs shall be permitted, two of which shall be four-panel designs and who of which shall be two-panel designs.

the only change there is three panel to change to four panel. and then add a condition that building k be allowed 24 inch letter height for tenant signage, and i think that's it. >>councilmember kite: did you say we were changing the five panel to four panel?

the condition says five panel to three panel. but councilmember weill's motion is to change three panel to four panel. compromise between the two. >>mayor smotrich: and i believed i seconded it. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but it

was also for building n to upgrade the letter heights on building n and to allow the 133 square foot for the cvs. >>city manager binder: very good >>mayor smotrich: so we'll include that also and please thank you all. and thank you.

>>councilmember kite: irwin how wide is that eight-foot sign? is that eight foot by eight foot? >> eight foot height overall. >>mayor smotrich: irwin can you talk a little louder and turn on your microphone? >> thanks again.

preeshed it. moving on to the action items. first will be number 12 and that will be presented by our city attorney stephen b. quintanilla. >> thank you, senate bill number 7 was adopted with the intent of encouraging or providing a financial incentive for charter

cities to pay prevailing wages for public works construction projects. six charter cities filed a lawsuit against the state and we had anticipated that these six charter cities were going to receive or there was going to be a restraining order issued that

would prevent a particular part of the law from taking effect january 1st 2015. unfortunately they were unsuccessful so a number of charter cities have been rushing to comply with senate bill number 7. what senate bill number 7

requires is that it requires that charter cities that wish to continue receiving any grant money for construction projects, to adopt an ordinance that repeals any provision it has the charter city has in its municipal code or charter that exempts itself from payment of

prevailing wages and adopt provisions that the city pay prevailing wages for construction activities that exceed $25,000, with respect to any alteration demolition repair or maintenance activities. so with that said what you have before you is an ordinance that

proposes to do exactly that. and exempt from this, if this is adopted before january 1st, 2015, the city will be eligible to continue receiving state grants fori. construction now any project that was awarded or involved construction activities associated contracts

that were awarded prior to january 1st, 2015 are exempt from the payment of prevailing wages so we do have some existing contracts that are subject to amendments. and it's my determination, i rendered a legal opinion that those are exempt so even though

we will be amending those there is a high likelihood the to be amending those to continue them for an additional term though should be exempt from payment of prevailing wages. my recommendation is that the council introduce this ordinance.

and adopt it. steve. any questions from council? any questions from the public? seeing none, we will close the public -- >>councilmember hobart: i move that we adopt the ordinance that repeals rancho mirage municipal

code section 3.34.100 that exempts a locally funded public works projects from the payment of prevailing wages and adds another mms 3.34.105 to impose prevailing wage requirements on certain locally funded public works projects. >>mayor smotrich: and i will

motion carries, 4-0 with one person who has left the day temporarily. moving on to item number 13. >> madam mayor before you get to that -- >>mayor smotrich: we did number 13, moving on to 14. >> while isaiah is putting

together his pie charts just make an announcement that bruce harry's staff, bill harrison, the signal technician has already changed the left turn signal at highway 111 and gerald ford. shows how long your meetings are.

>>mayor smotrich: all right, so isaiah is going to present this, our finance director. take it. >> thank you, madam mayor, members of the city council. the purpose of this is to share the good news on the results of fiscal year 13-14 and in

addition to request some cleanup budget adjustments that we need for 13-14, to comply with our budget policy. twice annually the city manager leads a review of our budget, once at the mid year, so halfway through our fiscal year, and then again, at the year end, and

this is the result of the city manager's review of the year end numbers. so i'm going to focus most of my presentation on page 14-2. on page 14-2, i have a chart right in the middle of the page that is titled fiscal year 13-14 summary and this shows you the

progression starting from the left column, that was our original budget. so when we first adopted our budget that's where the amount the middle column titled amended budget and the far right column is the actual results for 13-14. so in the top half of our graph

you'll see that our operating surplus for 13-14 was $2,940,255. that is a significant increase from the amended budget which was projecting just over $300,000. the driver is the operating revenues exceeded revenue

projectprojections, and the intt income on the city's investments. everybody else was really just due to the conservative budgeting practice of the city, where numerous other general fund revenues came in just above budgeted amounts.

we always budget revenues a little conservative and so that was the result of just actuals coming in a little higher than what we were projecting for numerous other accounts. on the operating expenditure side, we came in under budgeted expenditures by two million.

the fire tax fund did not require a subsidy from our general fund and there was lower than expected participation in the vacation buy-back program. and then the remaining of the difference again is due to our conservative budgeting practices where actuals came in just a bit

under what we budgeted for operating expenditures. so that is a result of why you see a great operating surplus and the operate surplus gives the council a picture of our main figures and how strong our system is, 2.9 million surplus shows the strength of the city.

the bottom half of the graph focuses on these nonoperating activities. nonoperating revenue is really mostly made up of grants those are nonroutine and really reimburse expenditures on capital projects when we have grants.

the nonoperating expenditure side is where you'll see a significant difference from budget, the amended budget there's about a $10 million difference to where we actually earned and that was simply due just to a delay in certain projects, which i've identified

in the staff report. the significant projects that were delayed just the timing difference was the purchase of $5 million we were projecting in the budget 2.125 million for section 19 water improvements, we didn't have any expenditures under that project and there

were about 2.5 million in various other street related projects that got pushed into 14-15 which made up that big difference. an attachment to the staff report, savment a listing of all the budget, procedural items to comply with our budget policy so

the full listing is noted in attachment a to the staff report. then attachment b gives you the detail of every other fund the city has. with that that concludes my presentation and i'd be happy to answer any questions.

isaiah, lovely report. >>councilmember kite: great job isaiah, come back for 14-15, okay? >> and i did fail to mention we did meet with the budget subcommittee which is mayor pro tem hobart and councilmember kite and they reviewed all this

in detail, i kept their time for about two and a half hours so i definite appreciate you guys time during this process. >>councilmember kite: you better remember that. >>councilmember hobart: richard did you have to ask for that compliment?

>>councilmember kite: yes i did. >>mayor smotrich: moving along someone make a motion? >>councilmember hobart: i'll make a motion to adopt amending the fiscal year twean-2014 budget. we don't have to did those separately, also recommend that

the city of rancho mirage housing authority approve and adopt the attached resolution number 2014 ha next in order amending the fiscal year 2013-14 next, move that board of directors of the city of rancho mirage public library approve and adopt the attached

resolution number 2014 lb next in order amending the fiscal year 2013-2014 budget and finally that the board of mirage community services district approve and adopt the attached resolution number 2014 csd next in order, amending the fiscal year 2013-14 budget.

>>councilmember kite: second. >>councilmember kite: good vo job. >>mayor smotrich: motion carries, 6-zero. item 15, this is our last item, presented by david bryant, our esteemed library director. >> i bring forward the request

to kilo the library to the public, january 21, 22, 23 and 24 of 2015, this to allow us to fully utilize the building setting up three distinct programming areas for our annual writer's festival. we have sold 740 tickets to daylight.

we think staff and the rental company we're renting luncheon furniture fro from can best utilize the public if we are shut to the public those days. i would add however that is 1.3% of our current library year and the library will remain open online, and via telephone.

so we certainly will continue to provide service, all of our databases will be accessible. so we'll very much be there to support information research. but we think that to really utilize the facility as we need to, to set up properly for this major event, second annual

writers fest we would appreciate your approving closing those four days. david, any questions from council? >> no. >>mayor smotrich: any questions from the audience? public comment is closed and if

i can have a motion. >>councilmember townsend: i will do a motion that the library board approve closing the rancho mirage public library from wednesday, january 21st, through saturday, january 24th, 2015, to provide fuller use of the library building, and

campus, for the 750 plus ticket holders for this exciting event on the city's calendar. >> second. >>mayor smotrich: okay we have a motion and second. thank you all very much for attending and we look forward to seeing you next time.

and just have a wonderful evening. >>councilmember weill: we appreciate so many people staying through the whole program. >>mayor smotrich: meeting adjourned. >> we have to regulation into

closed session. we have to reopen again and we'll hear from steve quintanilla regarding our closed session. >> thank you madam mayor. we will adjourn into closed session, regard section 54956.9, for wawrs case and pursuant

section 54956.9, regarding a case in which the city is not a named party. your report and we are now closed and the meeting is

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