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Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Today Is Gonna Be Great Day Coloring Book

Today Is Gonna Be Great Day Coloring Book

♪ everyone fallsin love sometimes, ♪ i don't know 'bout you,but it ain't a crime, ♪ if you let me loveyou, love you, love you, ♪ love you for long time, baby, ♪ if you let me touch you,and if you let me love you ♪ 'til the morning,nah, nah, oh, ♪ mmm, ah, mmm, ah, mmm,if you let me love you, ♪ mmm, ah, mmm, ah, mmm - good morning, yo.

i decided to do my face today. what y'all think? guys, i am sotired this morning. like, i don't know. i'm just so drained. y'all know me. i don't go ham like this, 'kay? and i've been like go,go, go, go, go, go, go. like every hour we weredoing something yesterday,

so i'm still drained and pooped. i think it's because of the spa because we spent a goodtwo hours at the spa, in the hot tubs, steamrooms, sauna rooms, and i feel likethat drained me out. i don't know whyi'm losing my voice. well i know why. 'cause i be screaming! anyways, it's breakfast.

thank you, krystle. - [krystle] you're welcome. - [latoya] aw,hey, good morning. morning, morning,morning, morning, morning. hash browns, eggs,pancakes, bacon. i'm so excited, you guys. bon appetit. oh, orange juice. i'm really feeling for someorange juice this morning.

butter them pancakes. yeah, butter, that'show he butter. butter, get it, butter, edda, butter, edda, choppa,loppa, poppa ... (laughs) so, stud pissed krystle off. alright, would youlike to talk about it? - oh my god, i'm just irritated. - she's irritated becauseyou fools, all y'all fools

downstairs, stud, stud,and more stud. (laughs) - [voice] that'sexactly what it was. - and more stud. listen, stud's loud as hell. i heard him screaming randomlyat four or five o'clock in the damn morning. - i couldn't hear anyone else. i could only hear his voice. and it was like he was rightnext to me, yelling in my ear.

- holy crow! so basically, she was up allnight, because stud's loud ass. so, you know what, lemmego scream in his room. i'm 'bout to go scream in hisblood cart room, you know? because, even adam heard him. (snoring) your loud ass. your loud ass hadeverybody up last night. your loud ass!

you hear me? - thank you. - good morning! - mornin'. (chuckles) - [latoya] did you sleep? - yeah. - [latoya] on the brightside, krystle finished an entire book lastnight. (laughing) which book did you read?

- i read state ofdenial by bob woodward. - [latoya] okay, how was it? - it was good. - [latoya] interesting?- [man] how many pages? - i don't know. it was about george bush'spresidency and all the foolishness that happened. - what was theunderlying themes? (latoya laughs)

- that the bushes are idiots. - [latoya] theunderlying themes. hi, samia! (samia laughs) i know, i treat herlike a little baby. samia. - [woman's voice] look. - don't pashit. - [latoya] don't pashit? - [woman's voice] what,you mean don't pass it?

you don't pass shit. - [latoya] hi, samia! princess, what you doing? i love you. - hello, hello! how you guys doin'? - you got the fresh braid up. shout out to latisha. - shout out to latisha.

the best, straight up (mumbles) (latisha laughs) right now, i'm lookin' fly,i'm lookin' like a sweeter man. - sweeter man. - how you doin', latoya? - i'm good, justrelaxin', chillin'. i'm so tired today. oh, and you guys-- - what are you talkin'about, you're tired?

you slept for 14 hours. - what time did i go to sleep? - you went to bed at 10o'clock and you were sleepin' right here too. - it was nine, what time was it? - i was like nineo'clock, right? like 9:30, right afterdinner, she just went (snores) - [woman] it was the spa. - it was, it was.

- [latoya] ita hadto have been the spa. - sayin' the spa hit the spot. - the spa hit the spot. now i'm still tired, man. - yessir. - [latoya] adam, are you tired? - adam, how you feel? - good, i just need toshower, but i'm good. - he's ready to go workout!

- i'm not workin' out today. - oh yeah, sunday'syour day off. you're shocked? - i'm shocked that he'snot working out today. - it's sunday, you gottatake it easy, you know? - i guess. - sunday's yougotta take it easy. - [latoya] it's rest day today. - yes, it's a blessed day.

we all in the,where, blue mountain? - duh, where thehell, where you at? where you at? - i forgot for a second. shit. - [man] you're out here for twodays and you can't remember. (laughing) - i've been outhere for two days, and i thought i waslike, lost, bro.

- hawaii, we're in hawaii. - we're in hawaii. look outside, man. isn't it lovely? - [latoya] gorgeous. - so later, guys, youcan check out my fresh beta app at aaronbill's instagram, you know what i mean? (laughter)

- [latoya] you cancheck it out there, you can't check it out here,yo, can you check it out? - yeah, you can checkout more of it, like, - [woman] that's so funny. - the plug is real. - yo, forreal, makesure, hey latoya, make sure you put thatinstagram hash, like, aaron bill, my tagright there, that says- - [latoya] let's justspell it out for everybody.

- nah, they know howto spell it, come on. - b-i-l-l zedd? - yeah, yeah, you got it. - alright. - okay, got it, alright. ciaos! - okay, ya'll, so we'reabout to hit up wal-mart to get some toboggans andgt snow racers and ish. yo, so, what theheck is on your feet?

- [man] those are thebaggios from italy. - [second man] baggios. - [latoya] baggios. - [latoya] everyonehas bags on their feet. - [man] it's the new nikes.- [latoya] (sings) ♪ bags, bags on my feet. ♪ bags on my feet. ♪ ba-ags on my feet, aye! oh my god, please don'tgo outside like that.

- this is 1500 kanye rock. i'm good. - [latoya] alright,in that case. - [jay] the new yeezy life! - [latoya] okay, guys, let's go. you're staying back, mav? mav, man! just yesterday we wererunning up the hill. - tore my acl.

- [latoya] how did this happen? - i was playing football andsomeone went to tackle me and they fell on my leg and- - not everyone can bestrong like al ali. - [latoya] i know, right. - [man] yo, mav! - [latoya] adam has on snowpants, this is hilarious. - i got double socks. - [man] i got two of my socks.

- tube holes, tube socks. - [man] -know that, too. - [latoya] i have mysnow pants on here. (sings)♪ we 'bout to go toboggan it. are you serious withthose bags, though? - yes!- [latoya] shanique. - your uggs and feetare gonna get wet. - [latoya] arethey gonna get wet? - yeah.- [latoya] how?

they didn't get wet yesterday. - bags on your uggs? - [latoya] i don'thave bags on my uggs. - you need to putbags on your uggs. - [latoya] why do ineed bags on my uggs? - they're not waterproof. you're gonna get wet. - [latoya] what arewe gonna be doing? just tobogganing,going down the hill,

i don't see -- - they might fall off. - [latoya] what theyask, i'm not puttin' no bags on my feet. quick question, like why do you, you're so jamaican, yo! (jamaican accent) first the(muffled sound) with the, the trick, the track pants. (jamaican accent)now he has a do-rag.

(jamaican accent)with a hat over it! (sings jamaican song) - [man] but wait, i thoughtyou weren't wearing bags? - listen. - [man] you bag lady, now? - krystal told me thati have to wear bags, anything krystal says,i have to follow. - [woman] krystal knows bags. - she knows everything.

- [man] you have uggs and bags. - you need a bag, erica. - [man] don't follow the trend- - i'm not gonna do it.- [man] set the trend. - you don't need your bag now? - [erica] i'm going torebel and not do it. - she's too bour-giefor the bag. - [man] that's right,my baby don't wear bags. you don't wear no bags.

- [latoya] (sings)♪ oh the weather outside ♪ is frightful ♪ but the sky is so delightful ♪ (mumbles) no place to go ♪ let it snow, letit snow, let it snow somebody said, one ofmy hunties said that my singing is getting better. (vocalizes) so i'm gonna start singingfor ya'll every blog.

(sings) ♪ every flow -- (coughs) - you're going to hatewalking around with a bag. - [latoya] jason, youwanna sing with me? - yeah, what are we singing? - kay, what arewe going to sing? - um. - we have to singa christmas song. - a christmas song?- yes. - rudolph?

(singing together)♪ rudolph the ♪ red-nosed reindeer ♪ had a very shiny nose like a light bulb! (singing together)♪ and if you ever ♪ saw him, saw him ♪ you would even say it glows -- ♪ all of the other otherreindeers, reindeers, ♪ used to laughand call him names

like fat boy! (laughter)♪ i never let poor rudolph ♪ join in any reindeer games - [latoya] (mimics dance beat) (man sings dance music) ♪ chrismas eve,santa came to say ♪ rudolph withyour nose so bright (laughter) ♪ won't you ridemy sleigh tonight?

- [latoya] sometimeswhat, erica? - sometimes it's nice tojust hear the artist sing. - [latoya] what,oh my gosh, wow! - you don't always haveto change the song. - [man] let's show her. - [latoya] okay, sohe always does that? - yeah, yeah. - [latoya] like,whenever trey songz is singing or something.

- or like, a good,classic usher song, like "let it burn," andhe'll like completely try to change it into his own. it's like, just stop. - he's gonna sing hisheart out right now. - [latoya] he wants to s- - [erica] no!- [latoya] yes, go ahead! - what song, guys? - whitney houston.- whitney hou-

the hardest- - [latoya] okay, sing, usher. let it burn. - [man] ready?ready? - [latoya] (sings)♪ hard for me to say this ♪ it's comin' from my heart ♪ the long time comin' (zecko sings)♪ fell apart ♪ really wanna work this out

♪ things are gonna change (cheering) - [latoya] aw, hairin the snow, erica!? you're gettin' inthe snow, erica? shit! shit, erica! oh, god, she has hergoggles on. (laughs) - [man] what is that? - [latoya] diving in the snow.

swim goggles for tobogganing? - i can see everybody andeverything so clearly now. - that's true though. (all singing) ♪ i can see clearly now the(overlapping words) is gone (calm piano music) - alright, so we'reat wal-mart and we're looking at toboggans. i like the elsaone, the frozen one?

frozen, what's her name? okay, elsa and anna, yes! and ninja turtlesand more frozen. they don't have anyblack princesses, anyways, this one's cool. alright, lemme see, ithink i want this one. - [doug] that one's actually- - [latoya] that one's lit, doug. - shanice, come!

- [everybody] yay! - oh, wait! (laughs) - [doug] ya'll stillhave so much room. ya'll still have so much room. - [man] what do you mean? - so much room, yes. - too much room. - come, girl. neecey, erica!

neecey, get in this. what do you mean, we have somuch room in the toboggan. - ah! - [latoya] wecan't even see her. - can't even get in,i can't even see. - if you hear a crack, run. there's a next wal-martdown the street. - [latoya] okay, youguys, we're also gonna get some magic carpets.

we'll get a purple one, okay, yeah, we'll get that. - [man] we'll get some of these. - [latoya] yeah.- [woman] that's not real. - [latoya] how much is that?that has to be real. - we'll get the whole body. - [latoya] the outer edge? - those ones are really good. those are like the circles,the crispy circles.

i'm pretty sure. - [latoya] alright, solet's get the red one. we'll get a red one. then we'll get a magic carpet. cool?everyone cool? - [man] yeah. - [latoya] get yourselfa toboggan, guys. (cartoonish voice) becausewe're going tobogganing. oh, hell no.

- [man] hell yeah. - [latoya] that gtsnow racer's star wars. that's 98 dollars. - yeah, we go hard. - [latoya] you, ya'll go hard? - that 90 dollars? - [latoya] alright.(laughs) get you a cardboard. - [man] i think you're onto it.

- that's the besttoboggan of all. how much? - the aerodynamics of this- [doug] yeah, real shit. - see these lines? - [doug] i likethe coloring, too. - i know what i'm talking about. - [latoya] oh, ithink i want this one. it has like a littlerope that you can hold and you go down and thenyou can pull it up the hill.

you don't have to likecarry it, like, you know, the red one? - it's 30 bucks. - [latoya] okay, nevermind. - not to put carl onblast, but can we do an outfit of the day? - [latoya] let's doan outfit of the day. - yesterday was the- - [latoya] ya'll gonna dohis outfit of the day, erica!

- yesterday was thejamaican dad, uh, bottom. today we have the samejamaican dad boots. female morningstouffers, flared out. - [latoya] flares! yo, wearing flares. - short. - listen.- [woman] highwaters. - then, he paired itwith a nice do-rag. - i tucked it in though.

- [latoya] let mesee the do-rag. - [man] i thought you sonasty on the street, though. - [latoya] (mimicsjamaican speech) - honestly, you can't,you're either born with style or you're not. i was not. (upbeat music) - [latoya] stud. - what it do?

- [latoya] you kepteverybody up last night. except me, 'causei'm a deep sleeper. - everybody- - [latoya] just, you're so loud. - my bad. - [latoya] andcrystal's mad at you. - what she mad about? - [latoya] she's pissed, yo!- what she mad about? - [latoya] talkin' 'bouthow you so freakin' loud,

you kept her up all night,she didn't get no sleep, she had an attitudethis morning. - tell her to get earplugs, man. - [latoya] god, man! - when you're living withother people it gets loud. (video game blasts) it's what happens. - [latoya] so you're notgonna go apologize to her? - i'll apologize later.

- [latoya] what?- i'll apologize. - [latoya] 'kay, goapologize to her. (video game gun blasts) - [latoya] please.- right after this game. - [latoya] nah, this could,listen, you been playing games all night! - i'm a winner. - [latoya] and all day. (laughter)- i'm a winner.

- [latoya] holy crow. she's upstairs in thekitchen making your dinner. (background speech and music) - embrace it!- no! - embrace it.- stop. - embrace it. - it's you. - you're not upset. - yes!- [latoya] yeah, she's pissed.

- what? what the heck do youwant me to do about it? - [latoya] yo, youpissed her off, yo. - what do you wantme to do about it? - [latoya] give her a hug,tell her you're sorry. - i just did. - [latoya] you didn'tsay sorry, stud. - i just did! - [latoya] bro, get yourass back in the kitchen

and say sorry to her.- sorry, crystal. - (speech drowned outmy background noise) - [latoya] damn, she's pissed! my baby daddycarryin' my toboggan. you know what i'msayin', get you a man that can carry both, 'kay? two toboggans! - okay, guys, we'reabout to go tobogganing. look at these guys.

they're running upthe hill right now. oh, my god. - [woman] ain't noski-lifts out there! - [latoya] this is aserious workout, you guys. this is a workout, oh my god. - [man] this ain'ta joke, latoya. - oh my god. we're the last ones. - holy.

pray for us. - i'm already tired, aaron. - yo, come on,ya'll can make it. we haven't even, tookmore than two minutes. - i'm up. alright, here we go. okay. adam and i are about to go down. hold on, wait.

hold on. cool, let's go. are you ready? - [man] feet in?- yeah, my feet are in. 'kay, let go. (yells) ow! (laughs) - [jason] i had to stop,i didn't want to hit that. oh my god, jason!

yes, jason, yes! - [man] jay, how was it? (piano music) - [latoya] that's aaron. (piano music with bass beat) - ooh, mountainsecurity kicked us out. - i don't know whatyou're talking about. - why? where are we goingto toboggan now, ben?

- unfortunately, youcan't toboggan on any of the ski hills. this area's closed right now. - okay, ben. we had fun. - alright, well, that's good. - okay, see ya! - see ya later.- do you want my toboggan? - no, you're (wind).

- okay, i'll keep it. alright, bye, ben! bye blue mountain! ya'll, we got kickedout of blue mountain, but that's okay.look at this. my makeup is all over. where are we going now, guys? - home! - i don't wanna go home.

fine, we'll go home.- i'm muddy. - we got hot chocolate. - yes, jason? - hot chocolate! - that's not my camera. hot chocolate, yes! let's do hot chocolate, okay. - ya'll are done already? - [man] bro, we got kicked out.

- it was expected. - why, how'd you get kicked out? - it's not our property. it's private property. - [man] yo, how does thisdoor open a little bit? - yeah, man. safe ride back, bro. thanks for comin'. appreciate you.- till next time, ya'll.

- you were very loud. - [man] yes, the night'snot gonna be the same without you, buddy! - [latoya] 'kay ya'll,we're back at the crib. tobogganing was so much fun. mav, you hadtobogganing, didn't you? - i had so much fun tobogganing. - [latoya] it's a jokebecause he wasn't there. okay, anyways, hi babe!

- what's good. - [latoya] can you squat me? - geez, what, wheredid that come from? - [latoya] squat me. - where did that come from? - i want, i don't head. my crazy-ass brain,you know how it is. squat me! - [man] maybe ya'llshould get a room.

- my son. (everyone speaking at once) - power song, power song. (speaking with musicin the background) - [everbody in room] one. two! yeah! - [man] too much (mumbles). - [everybody in room] three!

- [man] let's go! four, oh my god. - [man] hey! - i'm, don't be scared. - two more, two more. - [man] two more, go! - [man] that's right, let's go. - [everybody] twomore, two more. (cheers)- ah, yes!

- [man] one more, one more! - [man] don't pokehim in the eyes. - yes! (cheering and clapping) - i'm gonna squat felecia. do you think i can do it? - [man] i think so. - okay, i'm doing erica now. - [man] somebody spother, somebody spot her.

- four, three, oh! okay, three'sgood, three's good. three's good. (clapping and cheering) (speaking and music) how do you know ican't squat you? - [man to side] yo,zee, i mean kyle. you gotta spot her, bro. - [man behind camera]let's go, let's go!

- [another man]uncomfortable right now. - [man to side] sheain't marrying tillyou squat her, bro. - okay, go crystal. she's a ten. - i weight a 180 pounds. - [man behind camera] oh. - oh, shit! oh, shit. - [man to side] i heard a crack.

- i feel it, it'sburning right here. - oh! - [man behind camera] ooh,ooh, ooh, oh, oh, whoa, whoa! oh, whoa, whoa. let's go. dig deep. - (moans) (screams) - [man behind camera] get it!

- okay, you're heavy. hey ya'll, anyways, i'm'bout to wrap it up. wrap it up, anyways,good night and we'll see you tomorrow. hey! this is the song,sound familiar? (music playing) - wait, latoya, latoya,can you do me a huge favor? - i can.

- can you guys do me ahuge favor, i'm so, so, i don't wanna sound bad, canyou guys do me a huge favor? can you guys pleasehave a great night? - all ya'll. peace out.

Today Is Gonna Be Great Day Coloring Book