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Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse

Coloring Pages Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse

[highlight]long time no see! [plz don't be sad] you know this song, right? please sing with us. long time no see. let's say hi.sorry? hello, this is highlight! how are you all? isn't this our first time meeting each other?

we covered beast's "highlight"for our first song. the second song was "plz don't be sad",our first title song. it's an exciting song, right? i was shocked that you were singing with useven thought the song was released several hours ago. - it's a great song.- is it? how great? what? make some noiseif you like the song! okay.

this is our debut showcase. thank you for joining us at our debut showcase. we really wanted to meet our fans. we are so glad that we have this opportunity today. that's right. safety comes first today. so please don't push peoplein the front low. there is a step in the back too.please be careful. many fans are watching us via v live too.

- v live... - where is the camera?- where is it? - the camera is right there.- i think it's somewhere over there. - hello all. - it's somewhere around here.- hello. hello. - hello.- how are you? even though you are not here with us,please watch us via the live show. - you can continue to tap hearts on v live!!- that's right. our last stage was ondecember 31st. it's been three months, right?

how have you been everyone? for today, we workedon our album. i was waiting for this day. - me too. - really?- yes! thank you. for me, i appear on many entertainment shows to promote highlight. it's our first day as highlight.when the screen was dropped, i was so touched. when "highlight" played,i felt something in my heart.

i was very touched. thank you so much for joining us today.thank you, thank you. thank you.thank you. we've established a new companycalled around us. - we have small staff but they work very hardfor us... - yes. - they work very hard. - yes, we also work hard for our individual schedule. we will start with our group schedule too. our fans really encourage us bysupporting our company and us. nice!

our song was released at midnight. you checked it out already, right? good. this stage was familiar to usyet it's not so familiar. - what? - what are you talking about?- please tell us how have you been. - i was...- you asked us first. i took some rest.i played games. i played games and i appearedin many entertainment shows. i am so glad that we released ourfirst album as a team. earlier, the stage director told me to be careful.

because i am going to destroy the stage today. i will be careful throughout the showcase.please enjoy the time until the end. i... as you know... i was in a musical, "the days".i worked as a musical actor instead of an idol.i worked hard for "the days". - i wish i can be in a musical again one day.- i am sure. - that's right. - well...- go on. - are you today's mc? - yes.- okay.

our new album,"can you feel it?"... - it's our debut album.- that's right. please tell us your favorite songfrom our new album. - shall we? - yes.- starting from me? - yes. - the song i worked with my friend from schoolyears... - your school friend. - yes. - the song is called "dangerous". manyfans like the song... - i know. i am so glad that you like the song. i like the song written by me. but my favorite is our title song,"plz don't be sad".

i think it's our best title song ever. - what was the title?- "plz dun be sad". - it's "plz don't be sad".- "plz don't be sad". - not "plz dun be sad". - please say it right.- okay, i got it. yo-seob, what is your favorite song? if you go to music website,you will find a song called, "start". so please check it out when you have time. i think my favorite song is definitely"plz don't be sad". - what about jun-hyung?- are you done with me?

- i thought you were done. - you hurt my feelings.- no way. - fine. - i really like "start" too.- are you sure? jun-hyung, please tell usyour favorite song. please tell us about thepre-released song. i worked hard for each songs soi like them all. "can you feel it"... it wasn't too hard to make the song. i wrote the song as if i was writing a letter. i didn't use much figures of speech.i just said what i wanted to say. - "it's still beautiful" has our 7 year memories in it. so i love the song too. - "it's still beautiful".

"it's still beautiful". - i love them all. - yes.- but our title song is released now. - so i will choose our title song.- okay. doo-joon, with our title song, what do you want to do for our fans? we need to spend some time now. - because gi-kwang's in-ear is broken now.- was that his in-ear? - yes...- which tells us that he performed really hard. - we destroyed his in-ear.- yes.

i heard the sound director isvery mad about it. - is he getting scolded?- yes, he's getting punished now. the director probably said, "come here you!".just joking. what's your message to our fans? my message is... it's a new journey now. we wanted to show our commitmentthat we can stay with you for a long time. it had many challenges on the way butour album is released finally. i bet you feel the same.

i hope this album will be specialfor you and us. - gi-kwang is not here...- now, he's here. - did you get scolded?- yes. sorry. please stand in the order. let's sing our pre-released song, "it's still beautiful" which was released on march 13th. [it's still beautiful] [ribbon] [12:30]

- are you having fun?- yes! we are also having fun but i am running out of breath. it's been awhile since we performed. i know you've missed us a lot. so many people have joined us today. that's why we are performingvery hard for you. - jun-hyung, what do you think?- i love it. ask someone else. - okay. - what do you think yo-seob?- i love it. it's been awhile sincewe've met our fans. - i worked really hard.- yes, i know.

i wanted to look cool. "you look good with pink".thank you. - what?- you look cool now! what was i talking about? - anyways...- you worked really hard. - because it's been awhile.- as i met many fans today... - i want to be nice to them.- yes, i know. - i wanted to look really cool.- i know. that's why i ran out of my breath.

- thank you.- many people are watching us via v live. - i hope you are enjoying the showcase too.- yes. v live, make some noise! - are you watching v live too?- yes! - really? is that possible when thereis no room? they were tapping the hearts for us. you are tapping hearts while watching us perform? good.i have a question. jun-hyung, our pre-released song...

- "it's still beautiful".- i love it. is there a special meaningto the song? we had two candidates forthe pre-relased song. i saved one for the future. - right? - yes.- right. - well... - that song is really good.- i... - i... - you didn't have a chanceto listen to the song, right? - i wanted to make that song a title song.- right. "when it's late..."let me stop here.

"when it's late, i..."that's it. "when it's late, i call..."that's it. - stop it.- sorry. - we will get into a trouble once we stepdown from the stage. - we are in trouble. because this wasn't a part of the plan.anyways, "it's still beautiful"... as i mentioned earlier...if you take a look at the lyrics... when we were beast... we had many memories and i wanted to remember themthrough this song.

it turned out like this in the end... but i wanted to tell you that the memorieswill last forever in the song. that's the meaning of the song. i hope you can remember our old memorieswith the song. yes, thank you. now, i saw someone watchingus on v live. - some are watching us on v live.- nice! - so cool.- nice! this is not on prompter.

- nor in the script.- okay. it's been awhile since we've met our fans. we were on a live show yesterday. but i didn't get to ask aboutour fan club. about our fan club name. let's talk about it now. - because we don't have much to talk about now...- do you like heart? - do you like heart?- yes. some people don't like it here.

- we have to be fair and vote.- yes, we have to vote. let's get some new idea from the audiences. i like heart, which sounds likean acronym for "highlight". right?any other idea? no? you don't like heart? many people don't like it. please give us a good idea.let's be serious. because we will start our promotion now. let's be serious.don't scream now.

let's be serious.what is it? howling? spotlight. - skunk? - spotlight!- sprite? no, spotlight.not sprite. who likes spotlight? - not many.- we had spotlight as an idea. we can consider them as one of candidates. - spotlight.- spotlight... strike.

- stripe?- strike? - sprite?- strike. - strike. no, right?let's get over it. - anything else? - my light?- my life? - shine. shine.- my light. - eye shadow? - shadow?- shadow? shading? - no shadow on our fan club.- shadow. - shadow. - shadow.- no way.

- i don't want shadow on you.- we need to get lights together. because lights and shadow cannot be apart? no, when lights come,shadow is gone. - so we won't choose that name.- okay. they told us many great ideas butwe can't decide now. why did you start talking about it? we can't decide now. - we have to fair and vote later.- we will vote later. we will make an announcementon around us official website.

the server is overloaded. - yes.- it's overloaded. - what's wrong with it?- let me explain as the president of the company. as far as i know,we've purchased more server. - we purchased everything we can.- everything. so if we give you feedback for you every time... we know when the server is overloaded. - but... make a cafe?- yes. where? at seongsu?

seongsu cafes are hot nowadays. i like geumho better. we will talk about it. we are listening to you. so don't be sad that the server is overloaded.we will try our best... i got comments from v live.moonlight. - moonlight.- moonlight. - moonlight.- then, we should name ourselves, pierrot. then, i see heart.

about 8 years ago,we asked for your idea for our fan club name. but we decided what we likedin the end. but this time, we will listen to you. - let's vote.- okay, let's vote. - i see my light. - my light.- what is that mean? - my light.- you are my light! - be my light.- i love the meaning. my's a good one. vote now?

- where will they vote?- they are getting mad. am i right?where can they vote? that will be decided later...around us will... on our official website orwe will make a website for voting... or we can rent a community centerand have them vote... what was that? we can edit it out later. - what do you mean?- no editing here? - no editing.- we are on a live show.

as we were talking... - we talked about many different topics.- yes. we only have one song left. already? - shall we talk a bit more?- yes! hightlight talk concert! any funny stories? - i have one. - what is it?- it's about my hair. i dyed my hair a lot recently.

many fans are curious about it. nothing special about it.i just bleached my hair a lot. - why?- i know. i know. because i worked as an idolfor 8 to 9 years. sometimes i had to appear in dramasand other shows... so i couldn't focus on my jobas an idol. so this time, as we aregoing on our new journey... - new journey?- yes. so i dyed my hair. - to tell you that i am not so old.- yes.

so i dyed my hair for you. some fans asked me,"why did you cut your hair?" i didn't cut my hair. it just came off. - the hair just comes off.- yes. - i know... - yes.- i bleached my hair before too... when you bleach your hair... - your hair becomes like parmesan cheese.- yes. - that's why it's short. i didn't cut my hair but...

it gets cut off. yes, do you have any funny storiesto share? we are...i am sorry? jun-hyung, say something! - me?- please talk, jun-hyung. - my hair? - yes.- why did you change your hairstyle? bleaching my hair hurt me so bad. i bleached my hair 8 to 9 times. at first, it was okay.

but as i bleached my hair more,my scalp was hurting really bad. - i know how you feel.- i know. i had to choose between bleaching my hairagain or dyeing hair with other color. but my scalp hurt so i dyed my hair black. sorry? sorry? go away? what?what did you say? i look good?thank you. - good looking, yong jun-hyung. - well...- nice! - nice! you will hurt your throat. be careful.- our youngest... - yes.

please talk to our fans.our fans are complaining. our fans want you to talk to them. - what should i talk about?- i think dong-woon talked a lot today. - dong-woon...- yes. please talk about your single album. - universe. - with jaehwan.- yes, with jaehwan. i thought jaehwas was older. - jaehwan and doo-joon are on "empty the convenience store" - he's younger? - he's the same age as us.- the same age as you.

whenever we talk about him... he loves it. - jaehwan is very nice.- yes. i worked with jaehwan. doo-joon is on "empty the convenience store"with jaehwan. this is how we make new friends... - like... - new friend. - yes, we make new friends when we work. - yes.- new friend. - new friend. - yes.- new friend.

- new friend. - stop, we are on v live.- well... this is how we pronounce the word.nobody talks like this... new friend. - anyways...- and... - what? - and... - yes. it's someone's birthday soon. - you look sad. - "plz don't be sad".- "plz don't be sad". "plz don't be sad".what's the date today? - it's the 20th.- the 27th? - the 20th.- the 20th?

- we have 10 days left.- you don't know the date? - 10 days left until gi-kwang's birthday.- 10 days left. don't we have to workon that day? for music show? - wait...- do we? the 23rd, thursday. - yes, it's thursday.- thursday. - no. - the show is canceled?- "m countdown" will be canceled? why? who decided it? i guess they canceled the show becauseit's gi-kwang's birthday.

so we can have a party for him. - the show is canceled?- canceled. - i don't know. why is that? anyways, gi-kwang's birthday isaround the corner. - let's sing it.- shall we? - yes! - let's sing the birthday song.- "happy birthday"~ 5, 6, 7, 8. - thank you.- nice! thank you for celebrating my birthday even though 10 more days are left.

we can't have a talk concert now. let's share our feelingswith our fans. and wrap up today's showcase. - starting from jun-hyung.- okay. i thought about many thingsas we made this album. we've worked hard for a long time. i hope you can feel it too. the album is released today. we will do everything we can.

- you know how we appear a lot onvarious shows... - yes! we are working very hard. let's... let's smile until the end of the promotion.don't be sad. keep smiling until the end. this was the new beginning of highlight and our fans. it was nice to have the special showcase with you. as jun-hyung saidwe have many individual and group schedules.

we have many work schedules! you will see us often on various shows. we will do our best for our fans, so please wait for us. we will begin now. it was very nice to perform on the stage and talk to our fans today. thank you. it's cold season and find dust is everywhere. please be careful not to catch a cold.thank you.

thank you.i can't miss that. highlight is back with the new name. please support and cheer for us. and as gi-kwang said, fine dust is everywhere nowadays... thank you for coming today. thank you for watching us on v live. we can't really tell you about detailed plans. i think we will work hard until thefirst half of the year.

- when the second half of the year comes...- you need to stop here. - i am the president. - stop it.- i am the president here. - you can scold me as much as you want.- we need board of directors. - where is the director? you can scold me if you want! he's probably watching v livesomewhere now. you know i give outa lot of spoilers. - no!- let me tell you this. until the first half of the year,we will continue to have our promotion. what about the second half of the year?

you won't have to wait for us anymore. we will appear morefor you. we will perform more for you. we will work hard as highlight. stay healthy. - don't be sad.- okay! bye! thank you so much forcoming today. we have a big picture now butwe don't have detailed plans ready yet.

i wanted to tell you that.what was that? - gryffindor.- gryffindor? what is that? - wingardium leviosa.- leviosa. - osa~- thank you for coming today. as yo-seob said,we will see you more often this year. please look forward to it. i hope you will focus on what you aredoing too. you can't focus too much on us. just think of us as your hobby.

- and enjoy some time with us.- okay! great.thank you for joining us today. let's work hard starting from today! let's say "nice" together! - 1, 2, 3.- nice. - last person.- okay. son goddess! son goddess! son goddess! son goddess! - long time no hear that. - i know.- haven't heard that for awhile. it's been awhile.

it our second beginning now. i am 27 years old already. the youngest member is27 years old. yes, i will wrap up now. i am 27 years old. but i will pretend likei am 17 years old. i will be super cute. super cute. is that why you changed your hairstyle?

yes, i didn't like this hairstyle after seeing myself in mv. i think it's too cute for me.i wanted to look handsome. i thought it was too cute for me. but our fans liked it. since our fans liked it and said, "you are cute". you encouraged me.i will continue to make curls with doroku. - you don't know what it is?- what is doroku?

the thing you curl your hair's my language... - your language.- well... it's been awhile since we performed on the stage. back in the days, performing on the stagewas something that's very special for me. but i was tired sometimes. both physically and mentally... it's been awhile since we were on a feels very special to me. we will do our best for our performances. when i say,"plz don't be sad"...

please say,"make a hittt!". - not hit. it's hittt!- hittt? - hittt. - what is that.- it means a hit. this is how the teenagers say. - this is crazy. - are you sure?- are you sure? - are you sure? - are you serious?- for real? - i agree.- i agree. i will say, "plz don't be sad".you say, "make a hittt". - "plz don't be sad".- make a hittt!

we will wrap up withthe last song. we don't want to go butwe have other work schedules after this. we will do our best! - bye. - bye.- thank you. [yey] thank you all.bye. - thank you.- thank you. - encore. encore.- highlight. - encore.- encore.

encore. [beautiful night] thank you all. this was highlight!thank you. - highlight!- highlight!

Coloring Pages Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse