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Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Coloring Pages Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

hi this video was made to help a specific person but i got the idea to use it for a larger public we're going to talk about colorscript not its story if you're interested in it, i'm sure there are websites that can talk about it lot better than me the colorscript is essentially used for movies. a set of scenes that tells a story with an evolving ambiance for the scenes

the ambiances are impressions that we give to the spectator by using sets of lights and colors that remind the spectator situations he probably lived for example, for a lot of people, summer is the season where they are having the most fun it's nice, it's hot, there's a lot of contrast of color going from orange to light blue in the color wheel. if we take back the colors of a beach during spring, it is highly probable that the spectator feels like he's on a beach during summer

(at least incousciously) if i want to represent a scene where forces of tremendous violence are occuring i won't use colors of a circus as reference but i'd rather try to understand how a volcano enter in eruption how light and constrast are working out what inspires violence in this world i'm gonna look in that direction

of course such thinking is not always necessary for most movies making a movie while changing places and time for the action in a logical manner is plenty enough to show that you choose your colours in a logical manner on the other hand, you can't do it like that for a movie like nemo where everything is in the ocean you have to think about colors for such a movie if not the result might be a little ... mouldy we're gonna take paperman (disney) as an example

first of all, it is important to understand the story of this little movie. in short the story of paperman is focused on a man that work in an office he's dressed like a office man holding a folder he's waiting alone

at the train station probably like everyday he's bored of this routine but today is different while he was waiting at the train station a young lady gets there and wait aswell by his side nothing's happening but for this office man it was a sunray in his day

an instant of happiness a break in this monotonous and dreary life that's when the wind rise and a sheet of paper flies from his folder and gets sticked on the face of the young lady agitated, he removes it and feels sorry the young lady look at the sheet of paper and laugh when seeing it puzzled, the office man then look at it

the wind was so strong that the red lips of the young lady lefted a mark on the paper a funny accident that made the day of our office man he's laughing, he's happy unfortunately, the young lady takes the train that just arrived she's leaving the office man stays at the station (that's a bit stupid that he missed his train he could have been with her right from the beginning xd)

oh well; they look at each other one last time before going back to their respective day : the routine. the office man arrive at his office and he can't forget this young lady he's working in a silent environnment heavy where everything is the same everywhere each office for each employee is the same

the employees all look the same he, alone, is different he's young, he still has hair and he's keeping preciously the sheet of paper marked by the red lips of the young lady if he stays like that he's probably going to end like the other employees he looks through the window and see surprised

the young lady he met before she's here, in the building nextdoor to attend to a meeting he tries to get her attention, but with no success he then decide to go and meet her and, in a strange way, meet her again pushed by the passion he put in crafting little paper planes to get her attention ...aaaaand it basically ends like that. with such a scenario in mind

translated into color we can note that his work is monotonous so his environnment at work shouldn't have that much color the employees and his boss are cold and indifferent so we'll use cold colours for them on the contrary, this young lady is like a sun for the main character so we'll use warm colour, that remind the sun, the spring, the summer. then we have the main character that is stucked in his work but would like to meet the young lady. so i chose orange, yellow for the young lady

and on the opposite, blue to represent the work of the main character and green for the main character because green is between blue and yellow so between work and young lady. now, we're going to practice. i'll be using gimp 2.8 but you should know that this method can be used with any image manipulator with layers system and the choice of the color like adobe photoshop

and other programs (but i prefer gimp) first of all you have to know that what we'll be doing is called colourisation we take pictures with gray tones and we colorize them a work with colours on gray tones is done without changing the "values" (lighting) maybe we'll put a slight change after the colourisation is done but not before if you want to use this technique on your own work

you have to know that rigorous work on gray tones is needed. let's begin here we have a board of pictures in gray tones that split up the movie paperman they are the strong moments of the movie where ambiance should change when each picture has been colorized this board will become what we call a "colorscript" we're going to colourize together a picture

this one it is the moment where the office man tries to get the attention of the young lady from another building let me remind you that the young lady is our "sun" the office is a real "funeral" and the main character is ... between these two. the key of our picture is the young lady the whole picture would be rather ... warm. we also have a view on the building of the office man

using our first ideas, it should be blue-purple, cold but it takes a lot of place in the picture we'll have to figure out a way to have a cold building in a warm environnment without making a huge contrast the spectator has to mostly see the young lady and then the office man in the previous picture i made it so the building where the young lady has a meeting is bathed into the light and the inside of the room

would be rather green i had to make it so there's a contrast between the wall of the building and the inside of the room but i also had to make it more joyful than the office of the office man even if she's working we're going to apply colours that are not too saturated and not too desaturated something in between that we'll be able to change over the time i put one colour on each layer in colour mode to make the use of this technique easier

during the first 8 (rather 10) minutes of the video i put colours using my own way because i have a certain idea of how the colour should evolve according to the lighting from here i decide to show a simple way to get good colours without necessarily knowing which colour i want in the first place here, i pick pink magenta a colour that has nothing to do with this scene but it's so different that the rest of the picture

that i can clearly see where i'm putting it then using the tool to change hue, saturation and luminosity i adjust the hue and the saturation to get what i want i don't change luminosity because, here we already have the right luminosity by using the gray tones adjusting luminosity on layer in colour mode doesn't change anything anyway imagine an orange ball you put it in the dark, like this young lady here her orange colour gets darker and

according to the light that's getting on her the highlighted areas would have an "orange" colour that looks more like "yellow" and the saturation would change aswell what makes colourisation interesting is that idea of "changing the hue" and "changing the saturation" you can clearly observe what are my choices for the hue, the saturation and the place i'm applying them on just by watching the window of hue-saturation after i'm satisfied of my choices of colours 0:32:35.700,0:32:37.300i make a correction of saturation

by creating a layer in saturation mode on this layer i put a white colour (which have 0 saturation) i make it so the building of the office man is less saturated when looking far from his window like that, the attention of the spectator is directed on him because only his window is different compared to the rest of the building here i'll accentuate the fact that the sun is following the young lady and shines on her it's a bit more "glamour" but it works

i make a layer in color dodge mode and i put orange to ... highlight that side by doing so, i accentuate the orange colour (symbol of the young lady) its saturation, its values it reinforces the contrast and i correct the saturation of the eyes of the young lady she shouldn't have "orange eyes" and the white in her eyes shouldn't be that strong in the dark, so by desaturating them, they got a bit "gray"

and that's it. i might make other videos in the future, cya next time. ;)

Coloring Pages Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2