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Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Coloring Hair Should It Be Clean Or Dirty

Coloring Hair Should It Be Clean Or Dirty

even the children ofthis country know... ...that the deal for tanks whichwe had with the gunstorm company... ...has a pay-off overa billion involved. who is the man who hasswindled the money? who is the one... have betrayedthe people of india? whoever he is...he's now within our reach... ...and he will not be able toescape. that's my word to you. in order to find out theidentity of that man...

...i have appointed threeresponsible citizens of this city. i'm mr. vishwasrao's deputy minister. with gunstorm, an americanarms-manufacturing company... ...our government hadentered into an agreement. i pocketed the brokerage inthe deal that took place. this is something that only peoplein the american company know... ...and i know. and now, before... vishwasrao goes to americaand unearths my name...

...and turns me into a merepeon from a deputy minister... ...this missionmust be carried out. otherwise, neither will yoube of any use to me... ...and nor will i beof any use to you. - that's right, isn't it?- yes, it is right. it's already pretty late...people are waiting for you. two members of the enquirycommission are dead. you're the 3rd...aren't you afraid? how can anyone bescared of traitors?

what do the traitorsof the nation think? will the elimination of threeindividuals wipe out the nation too? will we now be scared?not at all! this enquiry commission...will now be headed by me. i always wanted you to be at theforefront of this noble endeavor! victory to india! quiet, now! this doesn't work! i'll get you another,once we get home. okay?

i want one right now! make him shut up, will you? this is terrible! what are you up to, mister! this is a special bus...there are no vacant seats! get aside! there no special busesas far as we are concerned! can't you see, the bus is full!where'll you sit? on my lap?! you will provide the lap... ...but tony,where will you sit?

any seat will do for me! - this bag?- it's made of leather. you'll get a slap, smart-ass!make yourself scarce! i can't get scarce... but ican get fatter, if you wish. you want to messwith us, do you? there's no room forthat in here... about stepping out?- is it?! this punk's itching for a fight! let's get even then!come on!

let's go, driver! that was a great trick! the bus halts for ten may refresh yourselves! and take care ofyour belongings. let's go and buy achocolate for you. it's the same boywho was in the bus. which means the smart-assmust be around too! let's look for him! give it to me...

- did you find him?- no... he must be in the bus. - did you take a proper look?- there he is! looks like they've arrived. why, smart-ass?! they're bulletproof windshields!smash them! you will not escape, minister! who are you? a servant...a government-servant.

the one you just killed......was my brother! the law knows no relationships. give me a soda. minister vishwasrao was attacked onthe national highway this morning. a report from india this week. there was this man from there......from there... ...look at his courage... he camecharging from there and... ...sprang on one ofthe terrorists here. he gave the chapa sound thrashing!

where did this man spring from?we just couldn't know... this man has killeda brother of mine... ...and has had another arrested. this is indeedour good fortune! that man, whom we don't know,was present at the inn... ...and mr. vishwasrao'slife was saved. - how did you find the capsule?- third-rate. - what?- do you call that a program? it's worse than a newsreel!it's absolutely bogus!

why is it "bogus", uncle? you've called me "uncle" again! had you not been my niece,i'd have dumped you in the dustbin! but at least tell me whatmistake i've made. good lord! i'll have to tellher about her mistakes now! you've interviewed the public, okay.but where's the "hero's" interview? who's the hero? the chap who was present at theinn and who saved the minister. now look, sanjana...

...i think you'd better returnto your parents in america... ...find a good boy andsettle down in life. building a career is notyour cup of tea. bye... you want that man'sinterview, don't you? i will hunt him downand get his interview. we've made enquiry's about the man.his name is amar damji. such brave young men should geta reward for their bravery. he has an amazingagility in his body... ...with his brainsworking much faster.

he's no ordinary man. beware, deshpande... the enemycometh in the garb of a friend! don't you worry, jamdade... we'll immortalize this amardamji... much before his time. - i hear, he's very strict.- let's see... welcome, mr. amar! i'm jamdade... and my name is deshpande. please come...

you were really brave to havesaved the minister's life! but you'd better be careful;they're a dangerous lot. but you won't have to be scared,till we're both around! we're not only officers here,but two strong "shoulders"...! ...who take the entireresponsibility of the office! perhaps this is why you havea stoop in your left-shoulder. i have full confidence inthese shoulders you possess. i'm sure that... if i'm killed... will surely carrymy corpse to the crematorium.

but why should you die?may death befall your enemies! besides, we haven't joined theforce to lose our lives, have we? the truth is that we join... ...the police forceto sacrifice our lives. i'm absolutely ready and willing. get prepared too,and join me inside. you have been sent hereon a special mission. but you have proved even beforetaking charge that... are the police officer...

...who can protect the lives of theimportant personalities of the city. there's another thing... you will also have tofind about those people... ...who are bent on spreadingdisturbances in the nation. i realize what i have to do. those, who are outto destroy our nation... ...will verysoon be behind bars. the minister's here, sir. - how are you, majumdar?- fine. you could've sent for me.

why did you take the trouble? i've come to thank thisbrave police officer. i know such brave officersdon't accept words of gratitude. they attribute theirdeeds to their duty. but it's my duty too... thank courageousbrave officers like you. who has saved my life. who could have attacked you?do you have any suspicions? i never grope in thedarkness, majumdar.

write to me for anything that youneed to fight these terrorists. i'll immediately endorse it. glory to india. this court sentences raghunathsingh, alias dashrath singh... ...under section 302 and 304... death. i announce in this very courtthat i will not let you live! you have killed my munna! till yesterday i acceptedcontracts to kill other people...

but today, i have givenmy self a contract... destroy you! - i will destroy you!- and i will await you. you will not have towait for very long! i will certainly avengemy brother's death! i will not let you live...i will not! what's all this? why have allof you got into my house? we had no other way, minister. i am still not a properminister, my friend...

...l'm still a mere deputy minister.all thanks to you! you first goofed up inkilling vishwasrao... ...and now descend witha battalion on my house! are you out to have mesacked from my position then? vishwasrao's securityhas been doubled! and for an investigation in whatyou did... what is he called? by calling someone amar, does hereally become amar (immortal)? forget vishwasrao for the time beingand get rid of amar. no...nobody will even touch him.

why is that? - he's not related to you, is he?- no. he is raghu's prey. now listen, madam... ...that raghu hasn't merelyattempted to rape a woman! ...that he'd be outof prison in a week! he's been held under tad a!t-a-d-a! how does it matter whether raghukills amar or somebody else does! it does.

it makes a lot of difference. govind was our brother. therefore, his death will beavenged, as we want to. whether you avenge it your way......or mine... quick with whateveryou have to do. if amar damji were tostart bothering me... ...then i won't spare you. - i'm coming.- hurry up. - hurry up, amar...- are you too coming with us?

yes. i must pay his feesand even go to the market. are you comfortable? - drink your milk, amar...- no, i will not have milk! - but why?- i won't have it till papa returns. - who the hell are you?!- a thief... no! a servant here! and who are you? the man of the house. - it's pronounced amar. not amad.- that's it... a-m-a-d! - not with a 'd'... with an 'r'.- that's what i've said!

but, sir, why did you have to comein from the rear like a thief? had that iron-bar struck me,i'd have been dead, right?! just a minute!just you hold on! who's in there?! there's no one in there!you may go in now. you seem to bea smart detective. you've got it!by god, you've recognized me! you could recognize thegenius hidden in me! i'll open it...where were you trained?

nowhere at all! all those detective-novelsi've read... ...have made my brain tick!- it shows on your face. and how will it not?!i have it in my blood! my grandpa was a jailerof the british era! then how haven't you stillbecome an inspector? do you think i don'twant to be an inspector? the police department won't let me! you will see once i don theuniform as to what i can do!

now that you've been transferredhere, please do something for me! well, okay... but can you dosomething for me right now? - can i get a cup of tea?- what's mere tea? a "sherbet"... ...or any other cold drink...i will get you everything you want! in this house, it's i who... - damji here...- this is the collector speaking. - yes?- the file of evidence against... ...chaube, which you have...- why are you worried? that file on chaubeis in my custody.

till such time as the file reachesyour desk, no one can even touch it. you don't know anything about chaube.he's a councilor only in name. otherwise, he's a dreaded hoodlum. i'm also told that he's comingto your house. be careful, okay? very well. - was it the file on jeevanlal?- yes. - you both will remain inside.- but you... don't question me, shanti...and do as i say. - i'm getting scared...- go on now...

- suppose something happens to you?- nothing will happen to me. i, mr. chaube, have stepped ontoyour threshold, damji... can say you've foundsomeone to pay you your price. one loses a lot of precious timein observing social niceties. don't worry about my time...i've got plenty of it. but i have none! i've only just become amember of legislative assembly... ...i must be a member of parliamentand a minister too... ...there's so much todo in such a short life!

very have a very short life. shall we use the 'short-cut' then? where's the need to sit down?now look... ...l've already paid you in cash.and i also promise you a promotion. just give me that file in whichthere is evidence against me. now look, a politicianhas great reach... if that is true... thenstretch and pick up the file. so that is the file, eh! - beat him up!- don't you dare!

you won't come around like're bent on killing yourself! people like me join the policeforce to sacrifice their lives. - what happened?- a lot. - tell me something...- chaube will always rue this day. - and where are you going now?- to the collector's office. mother... what's happened, mother? your father hasn'tyet returned, son. go to sleep now.

auntie? shanti... my dear... what happened, sir? nothing... i happenedto recall something... i'll take it. just a minute. it's a sanjana roy... shewants to interview you. refuse it. i don't wantto give an interview. he does not want to givean interview. that's correct.

had damji listened to me, you'dhave still been a married woman. i tried to make him see reason.but he wouldn't understand. haven't you become a widow now? and look at that boy... isn't helooking like a proper orphan?! as if he were a beggar's son! never mind!just step inside... run away, amar! - mother!- grab the boy! run away son......for my sake, run away!

get him! don't let him escape! look at these dirty clothes!even the laundry would refuse them! and it's so hot, i feellike just stripping! must be someone for you. - is mr. amar damji there?- why? i'm sanjana roy, a journalistfrom "india this week"... ...we want to interview him. oh yes!he's very much here. mr. amar!

come along. do you want tobecome an inspector? good lord!must you ask me now?! - dress up quickly then!- why? am i in the nude right now? - tea for you, madam...- move aside! - where's your boss?- he'll be here in a minute. madam... will you take aphotograph of mine, too? go and attend to your work. is everything set, mohan?

here's the boss! - i want an interview with you.- that's very good... much of moneywill i be paid for it? - money?- what else! i've spent money too! how will igive you an interview for nothing? so what if i'm doing a job...i haven't lost my business acumen! now getting crackingwith the interview! i want to know how yousaved mr. vishwasrao's life. he loves playing with danger!

- who's "he"?- i mean... it's me! when children used toplay with toy-guns... ...i amused myself with marbles.- marbles! i went wrong! it happens when i speak to a girl!i get nervous! he means he's been playing with gunsand bullets since he was a child. sir's right! "sir"?who's that? this servant of mine!the chap's name is "sir"!

i see. can you recall the moment... ...when the guns of the terroristswere about to spray bullets... did you feel then?- how did i feel?! anger!he was absolutely livid! - yes. i was fuming!- why is that? because i wondered why i waswalking into the jaws of death! i wanted someone to stop me! but you said you lovedplaying with danger!

that's it; he says somethingand does something else. exactly! that's the problem.i never do what i say i will! and i rescued vishwasraofrom the jaws of death... ...beat up the killers,made life miserable for them... ...and brought the same old have you found my interview? there's a last question. would you suggest something for theimprovement of the police force? once... just once... ...let me get my handson a uniform...

...and you will see... ...then you will see!- what? - how i iron the uniform...- iron it? - how i have it laundered!- laundered? what do you mean? he means a cop's reputation shouldnever get tainted by corruption! wonderful!bravo, chappie! thank you! ...for the interview! and thanks to you, too.

why him? it's i who gave youthe interview... for free! that's right.but had it not been for him... ...i wouldn't have understoodhalf the things you said! that's raghu; the most dangerousmember of their gang. he's not afraid of killing... noris he scared of losing his life. it's good that you arrested's a major success for us. and this is shiva... raghuand govind's brother. he is the one operatingfrom a secret hideout. his aides are raniand raju pandit.

you have to get to shiva. and this is the onlypicture we have with us. mangal singh... known for the big,rajasthani moustache he sports. - an acid caused his left...- who are you talking about, sir? this is my daughter, anjali. - what doubt?- he doesn't look like a commando. that's something special about amar.he doesn't seem to be what he is. i have a specialty, too. i don't seem to be what i really am.and what i am, i don't seem to be.

- did you understand?- yes, i did. i'm leaving for my college.bye... you can choose any officeryou need for your assistance. - i'd like to handle the case alone.- why is that? - don't you trust my officers?- it's not that at all... but to win a game of chess... need a person to concentrate,not several brains to spoil things. wow! wow!wonderful! - mr. chaturvedi!- we seem to share our ideas!

how could you be so bright,even when you're not a chaturvedi? - that's amar damji, sir.- i know that... ...i know the contents of a letterfrom the look of the envelope! now look... vishwasrao must be a ministerfor everyone in the world. but for me... he'slike an elder brother. he's like a parent to me. in fact, you have notmerely saved his life... have saved mefrom being orphaned.

and you... you don't really knowwhat it is to be orphaned. i know very well... how itfeels to be orphaned. if there is anything you anytime... ...ask me for it.okay? who do you thinkthis person is? this? it's saab (sir);amar damji's servant. oh lord! people are destroyedby their enemies... ...but in my case, my ownniece is out to ruin me!

now look, sir... there are norelationships in business. just tell me what i've done. then tell me something, madam. do you want people to tear outmy hair at this age of mine? - or tear my clothes?- no... or then hurl stones at meas they would at a madman? then where is amar damji's interview? there it is! "this" is amar damji.

that's his servant there......and this... your ticket for america. that chap's my servant.his name itself is "sir". i get nervous wheni talk to girls. it's you, eh?!welcome! welcome! my interview seems to havebeen a roaring success, right? don't act smart... or i'llhave you sent to prison! i'll never give an interview again!i swear it by my grandfather! - get on with it!- i will, friend...

forgive me, madam! ...i only did as mr. amar askedme to. what else could i do? - but now you will do as i say.- what is that?! - is this report complete?- yes, sir. pass the phoneto inspector amar. you may's amar speaking. - i have your servant in my custody!- who is the man? if you want to save his life... ...come across thebridge over the river.

- who are you?- what will you do knowing that? listen to his voice,if you can't believe me. save me, mr. amar, or else,this chap will kill me! did you hear that? "you're on foot andyour goal is far away" "my sympathies are with you" "as i say, darling...i will walk with you" "what are we waiting for?" "i know it's a long journey;but why are you afraid?"

"i'm young and passionate;there's romance in the air" "as i say, darling...i will walk in step with you" "you have been must take a breather" "you have been must take a breathing" "walk you must..." "you have far to listen to me" "i've made a mistake, all right" "but please don'tridicule me like this" "looks like you'll say..."

"don't worry me" "c'mon, sisters...beat him up" "it was a mistakesomeone else made" "so don't treat me like this" "looks like you'll say...don't bother me" "i'm not guilty, i'm innocent" "i hope i don't hurt them" "why have you stoppedwalking, darling?" "you have a long way to go, okay.but what are you afraid of"

"as i say, darling..." "i've heard you, lady" we sent our delegatesthere on two occasions... ...but the gunstorm company refusedto divulge the name of the person... ...who has pocketed over abillion of public money. it is a matter of great regretthat some corrupt politicians... ...are filling their cofferswith money from such deals. can you tell us what you and yourgovernment are doing in this regard? i will myself goto america now...

...and i can assure you thati will not return empty-handed. i will get the name of theperson who is the real culprit. and it will not be me or you...but the public who will punish him. my deputy mr. chaturvedi will nowanswer your queries. jai hind. yes, gentlemen?i have all the answers for you. what are you doingin this uniform? didn't i tell you that i don'tlook what i really am? - i'm a cadet of the n.c.c.- i see. excuse me, sir... i havesomething to ask you for.

- when are you coming home?- er? very soon! to how they work. if icould get some live-coverage... i'll solve yourproblem just now. this is ms sanjana royfrom "india this week". she wants to make a tv programon your profession. - is a week enough for you?- i'll do my best, sir. - even two weeks are okay!- but, sir... at 9 a.m. tomorrow. once i get my hands on you!

what do you think my firstmove should be, hira? my moves are all haywire, sir!get out now! come on! what are you up to? the rat's hiding in the hole.i'm trying to get it out. don't put your hand in there,it might bite you! to ferret the rat out,tempt it out with a crispy... i mean, temptit with some bread. - what's in it?- open up! - a gun!- not a mere gun, it's an army-gun!

forget it. i know where this gun belongs.let's go! over here! what's it? get lost!you won't get anything more! - but we've come to give something.- what is it? we won't tell you. we'll tellmr. kasim... it's imported. - where did you find this?- in the dustbin! lying there! in the dustbin, did you say?you dare lie to me! - i swear by my mother!- are we fools to lie to you?

drive them away with some money. is that all, sir?we came to you with great hopes! we knew only you'd need such athing in the whole of the town! - what was that?!- it's okay, sir... - get lost!- thanks, sir! ...we'll see you soon withsomething more. that's a promise. well, mister, have you seen ablack-colored bag of mine? - it had two guns...- hey punks! who the hell is he? there it is!thank god i've found it!

it's just that the gun belongsto the police department. to the government. one hasto return it, doesn't he? hey!who the hell are you! shall we go to the lock-up then? you'll get ample air anda lot of kicks there! who do you sell the guns to? we don't sell them, was only to knock someone off... ...that i boughtthese two guns. those who "knock" others off...

...are large-hearted enoughto lose their own lives, too. let's see howlarge-hearted you are. no... sir!i'll tell you! i sell them to raju pandit...i don't know anything else, sir! but i do know... that thereare still bullets in my gun. his stuff is arrivingin a tanker, sir! can i know where we are going? don't you want to tell me?that's okay! what is the difference between thelife of a commando and a commoner?

a commando is a commandoand a common man is a common man. why don't you wear auniform like the police? nor is your hair like the police.why don't you have it trimmed? i don't wear a police-uniform,because i'm a commando. and i don't trim my hair becausethere's no barber where i stay. is this how you behavewith every girl? is this what you'vebeen trained in? will you stop yourchildish questions now? do i look like a child to you?i've done a course in journalism!

- do you understand?- oh yes. you have indeed grown. but onlyphysically. not mentally. sit tight now.if you fall... ...your body will shrinklike your brains! so, i'm a kid! i've no brains!and you!'re the bright boy!is this a place to park your car? keep your camera ready. hey! look there! we're sunk!it's the same inspector!

move aside, amar! he won't budge! get down, all of you!out! what is it? who do you think youare for stopping us like this? you dare open fire! don't youknow we're carrying oil in there? well, inspector? what kind ofhigh-handedness is this? - where are you taking the stuff?- what stuff? can't you see it'san oil tanker? a tricky situation, deshpande!let's find out...

what are you doing, sir?it's only an oil tanker! it has something else.not oil. what else can there be, sir?it's oil, for sure! get on top of the carrierand see what it contains! what else can an oil-tankercontain, but oil, sir? it's oil, sir. did you see that, sir?didn't we say it was oil! run! it's amazing, sir!one couldn't even dream that...

this is why we havegreat respect for you! get hold of these rascals!arrest them! you dare carry explosivesin an oil tanker! you look like astreet-side ruffian! i'm going in andyou will wait here. if i don't return in 20 minutes,go straight to the police station. well, darling... haven'tyou recognized me? no. what drink will you have?orange or lemon? you don't think i've comeshopping for fruits, do you?

- i want to meet raju pandit.- raju pandit? you bet! go and tell himakhtar hyderabadi has arrived. what name was that? i swear by the charminar!you've big eyes, not ears! go and tell him, will you? go on! call him over. i'm raju pandit.and who are you? well, pal! have youforgotten akhtar hyderabadi?

- i think i've seen you somewhere.- speak softly... ...and do not repeat whatyou just said in hyderabad. even a kid would laugh at you! after all, who does notknow akhtar hyderabadi! now look, punk!stop picking my brains! come straight to the point.what is it? i want to buy an imported gun. a gun?! whoever told youthat we sell guns here! the guys out there.who else?

actually, pal... l've beensent here by kasimbhai. have you got the dough? dough! my pants are being pulleddown with the weight of money! if you don't believe me,should i show you? come along now. my wife has a lover, raju... ...whose passions i wantto put an end to! give me a gun that will pump allthe bullets in him at one go! do you understand now?they've fooled me enough!

is this where the military'sstocks its arms? wait for sometime. some moreof my stuff is on its way. ak-47s... automatic. show him whateverhe wants, murthy. - this is shiva speaking.- what is it, mr. shiva? kasim has been arrestedby the police. and the vehicle carryingour arms has been seized. - what?!- you must be careful now... ...that cop couldbe hot on your trail.

hold on for a minute... - do you intend to kill me!- this is not even loaded! put it away. i don't wanta gun pointing at me! don't touch that. i'll give you a punch thatwill drive you home. get it? yes, mr. shiva... that birdhas flown into our cage! what!he's reached there too! - i'll put him to sleep here and now!- you will do nothing to him! he has to be kept alive;those are the boss's orders.

very well then. by the charminar! i can't quitedecide which gun i must buy! your charminar is now shaken,akhtar hyderabadi! forget the charminar... not astone in hyderabad will budge! don't, amar! drop your pistol, or i'llcut this girl to pieces! go on! throw it! drop your gun! now turn around!

move now!walk, i said! why did you come after me?i had to kill him because of you! my efforts have all been wasted.or i'd have... you forgot your gun in the car.i thought i'd help... - and so...- henceforth, do as you are told! raise your hair... now look, sanjana. you neednot come with me from tomorrow. i think you've alreadygot what you wanted. no... i still haven't got,what i wanted.

at 9 tomorrow, then. "what's wrong with me?" "i've fallen in love" "it has been loveat first sight" "i don't know how it happened...tell me, o heart" "what's wrong with me?i've fallen in love" "i lost my heartat first sight" "i fell in love" "how did it happen, i don't know;tell me, o heart"

"i possess a clean heart;i never ever knew i'd fall in love" "do not torment me nowthat my passions are aroused" "i possess a clean heart...i never knew i'd fall in love" "do not torment me now thatmy passions are aroused" "i hope we do nothing untoward" "what's happened to me?i seem to have fallen in love" "i lost my heart at first sight" "every evening i miss you" "i must return before it's dawn"

"there's a whole night ahead" "let's be together now" "what's happened to me?i've fallen in love" "how did it happen?you tell me" "how did it happen?i've fallen in love" "how did it happen to me?tell me, my love" well, mr. rani... ...your brother asked us to keepamar alive. we did as he wished! but with amar being alive,raju pandit got killed!

now tell me, till when we mustsit twiddling our thumbs! why are you rubbing saltinto your wounds, chaturvedi? there you are!it hurts, doesn't it? i've been telling you repeatedlythat it's a very simple task... kidnap his mother... bring her here.i'll handle everything else. - his mother is dead.- then bring his father. he doesn't even have a father. he's not a "son-of-the-soil",is he? he must have some relative...someone his own!

he has no one... he hasno weaknesses whatsoever. one is not bornwith a weakness... has to be created. i'll involve him insuch a quagmire now... ...that no matter how much he tries,he will not be able to wriggle out! - let's go, sonny...- yes, uncle. - you wait here.- where are you going? - upstairs...- i'm getting scared! - how can i remain here all alone?- i had asked you not to come!

now quietly sit here! and don't get scared......nothing will happen. let's do this... keep thisgun for your protection. if i don't return in 10 minutes,go to the police station. and don't get out of the van.understand? no! don't come closer! what happened? he's dead. what's this you have done?you've killed him!

what will happen now? i gave you a gun to scare him off.not to kill him! i don't know howthe gun went off! - but he was attacking me!- what the hell does that mean! - he came charging at me, and...- and you opened fire?! do you know you can besentenced to death for murder? save me, amar... you knowthis wasn't intentional. - you know he tried to attack me...- now let me think! - there's only one way now.- what is that?

i'll take the blame. but... what will you do then? there's no other way.i'll handle it. we shouldn't wait here any more.come on, let's go. let's go. here's your ticket.i got it with great difficulty. don't worry. i'll takecare of everything here. will you be sent to prison? no. i'll claim that he waskilled in an encounter. - at the most, i might lose my job.- please try to forgive me...

i'd never forgive myselfif you were to be punished. i know what i'm doing.i am only worried about you. whatever you did today issomething i'll never forget. your bag. air india flight al 101 tonew york is ready for take-off. passengers are requested toproceed for their security check. you killed him. you know you canbe sentenced to death for this. there is no other alternativebut to take the blame myself. while lying still, i waslistening to everything.

as she got down from the car,she said, "please save me amar!" and listen to what amar says,"i will take the blame myself" and she gets emotional and says,"what will happen to you, amar?" which was the dialoguethat scared her? "you can be sentenced to deathon charges of murder" - sanjana, listen to me...- what is there to listen now? i've heard everything. look, i have somethingto explain to you. there is no need for that.

i know you too well by now. by ridiculing me in front of others,you have proved that... care for no one,except yourself. even if... the other happensto be in love with you. "you have come to make a placefor yourself in my heart" "you have come to makea place in my heart: "you have now cometo be my love" "you have come to makea place in my heart" "you have come tolive in my heart"

"you have come to be my love" "you have made a placein my heart" "you have been kindto choose me" "even if you don't utter anotherword, i've heard everything" "you have made aplace in my heart" "you're a deadly youth" "you have beauty that kills" "we're both drunk today...- on love" "you are now my darling"

"you have made a place foryourself in my heart" - uncle? is that you?- yes, it's me. but papa's not at home. i know that. he's goneto poona, hasn't he? he said there was a file athome which i must collect. please come in, uncle. mr. majumdar hadtold me about a file... is very important.where is it lying? - could this be the one, uncle?- let me see.

no, this is very thin.that was a thick file. you have become very fat, too. i'm not fat at all, uncle. i hope amar has nottaken the file, has he? what do you know?what do you know! but how did you get to know? didn't i say... ...i guess the contents of a letterfrom the mere look of its envelope! okay tell me now... haveyou ever fallen in love?

have you done some of thosekissing scenes they show on tv? - should i talk about your wedding?- with whom? - with amar.- with amar? should i propose yourmarriage to amar? - will you do that?- why not? i'm a's my duty to help out. go and telephone him now and tellhim that i'd like to speak to him. just a minute, amar. it's for you. - amar here...- amar, this is anjali.

there is something i must talk toyou about. will you come over? - now? at this time?- yes... it's very important. okay.i'll be there in an hour. - he'll be here in an hour!- clap to that! what kind of hands to you have?so dry... ...what are you up to at college? - what are you doing?- i'm kissing it... didn't you like it?i'll do it nicely again...

who's that? amar?how are you? what has brought you thereso late in the night? - where's anjali?- there's something wrong here. please come immediately. what's wrong?everything's fine, i hope. i can't tell you over the phone.please come over immediately. - this is amar damji speaking.- yes, sir? reach the commissioner'shouse immediately.

with the finger-prints expert. - what's up, sir?- anjali majumdar has been murdered. - that's enough, sir.- and here you are. the move i've made this time... ...has killed the foeand not harmed me, too! - please come with me, sir.- what's the matter? it's important.please come along. what's wrong?! according to the report, thefinger-prints belong to him.

they're his finger-prints! the finger-print expert, dr. moghe,please present yourself! you're a renowned finger-printexpert and also a doctor. is it ever possible for oneto not even touch something... ...and for his finger-printsto still be left on some objects? not at all. mr. amar claims that the finger-printsfound on the scene of the crime... ...are not his. he also claims that he didnot touch anything there.

the finger-prints foundat the scene of the crime... ...and his finger-printsare the same. it's a lie!he's lying! it's not he who's's you! you're not a human-being,you're an animal! a wolf! please testify inthe witness box only. when i called from poonathat fateful night... was none other than thisman who received the call! that is what i'm tryingto tell you, sir!

why would i take the call,if i were guilty? a man can lie... but hisfinger-prints do not lie! they cannot!it is this man who has killed her! i was going to get my daughtermarried to you anyway... ...then why did you do this?why? please believe me, sir!i'm innocent, sir! in view of theevidence available... ...this court sentences amar damji,for the rape and murder... ...of anjali majumdar,to death.

i had not expected this of you. i'm innocent, sanjana. whether someonebelieves you or not... ...but you implicitly. take care of yourself. we'll rest only after we'vekilled you, amar damji! you thought you were very smart! you've made a mistakeby provoking us! - what are you looking at?- we'll kill you!

we will not spare you!we'll kill you, inspector! did you hear that?we'll kill you! he's come here, too. your time is've come to the right place... ...i won't spare you! shut up!go on... go inside. i don't want any troublefrom the three of you! well, sir, you got us caughtfor nothing, didn't you? he's no more a "sir"...he's a criminal like us.

...of our own status. he'll long for his parents,just as we do! only then will he realize thesuffering of parents! these guys are cops! they don'tgive a damn for suffering! they only wantmedals... promotions... ...the world be damned! do you think i'm workingonly for medals? people like you can never understandthe sacrifices of the police. because you have nevereven attempted to.

as for the parents andfamily you refer to... ...they are all your own. have you ever thought of thoseparents whose lives these animals... ...have destroyed?and who are still destroying it? and those who areruining this very nation? i'm doing my workonly as an indian... ...and not forsome obscure medal. in the discharge of my duties,if i have to destroy your houses... ...i will have no qualms.

stop! no one will touch him! this is the dayi have waited for. have you recognized me?! i still haven't been ableto forget my brother's death! ...l'd have avenged hisdeath on that very day... pulling out theintestines from your stomach! but what could i do? i was heldfirmly by the men in uniform! but today... nobody willcome between us.

it'll only be me... and you! what had you said then?servant, eh? a government-servant! by saving thatwretched minister... ...and by killing my brother,you've incurred my enemity! beginning with you and that minister,i will wipe out the government too! all three of you! mr. jailer! all hell'sbroken loose! come quickly! do something quickly, sir! get out, you swines!

you're always up to trouble!get out! it's already four... sit in the van.we've to go the quarries. come on, leave him! take different routes.we'll meet later in bombay. before that, i have tocomplete an unfinished task. the punk's dead! - but how did they escape?- they had a scuffle in the van... ...and the van metwith an accident. search every nook and cornerof the city for them.

regardless of whether the otherprisoners are found or not... ...i want amar,in any condition. dead or alive. you go that way. all of youdisperse in different directions. who is it? - what happened?- i've got a bullet wound. - should i call the doctor?- no. no one should knowthat i'm here. may amar damji'ssoul rest in peace!

and may you be booted! address me with alittle more respect. the fact that i dress modestlydoesn't make me effeminate! amar is dead; i've fulfilled my vow.which is what you also wanted. did you find his body?tell them. we combed the entire hilly terrain......we couldn't find his body. did you hear that? he's a rajput.he will not die so easily. what should we do now, sir? wear anklets on your feet...

...and dance like a nautch-girl!go and look for him! how does it feel now? what? your face? ...or these eyes of yours? - no, i was...- or your lips? i was only asking about the pain. - pain?- yes. it has now increased. have will like it.

no. i got it for you. it is said that "sharing"increases love between each other. "i wonder what's happened to me..." "ever since i saw you" "ever since i saw you" "i have gone crazy..." "this pining is perhaps love" "love leads to desire" "i love you so much"

"i'm afraid, i mightlose you" "in my breath lingersyour fragrance" "for you i wearkohl in my eyes" "my life is for you" "i've gone crazy..." "ever since i've seen you" "ever since i've seen you" "you are with me" "and i am consumed by desire"

"i feel like holding youin an embrace" "what magic have youworked on me?" "i'm drunk on you" "i live for you" get up. quick! now he can't escape from here.look for him! - did you find him?- no. search for him.he must be hiding somewhere around. where are you running away?come on!

look here; we couldn't findamar damji, but we got his girl. let go of me! she must be knowingamar damji's whereabouts. where is he? where is amar?tell me! - i don't know!- speak up! don't act smart, elsei'll ruin your face! - speak up!- i'll tell you. he's gone to dr. modi's house. where is amar damji?

amar is not here.but why do you ask? was he supposed to come here? okay, bitch!where is amar? - he was supposed to come here.- you're lying! she's speaking the truth. - what do you mean?- amar is here... front of you.don't move! empty the ammo from your guns,else i'll blow off shiva's head! empty the guns! come on!

do as he says! you can't get away alivefrom here, amar damji. so, amar? calm down!you will get nothing from bloodshed. you can talk to me. let me go!i'm innocent. not you, it wasi who was innocent. you have ruined my reputation. you will have to wash away thestigma attached to my name now.

don't hit me... l'm a very weak man.i'll die! i'm prepared toconfess everything. - do you have a vehicle?- yes... why? listen to me, sir. i haven't killedyour daughter. somebody else did. - he'll tell you the truth.- i will listen to nothing! believe me, sir. why else wouldi personally come to you? tell him, how were myfinger-prints found there. mr. commissioner... i designedamar's finger-prints... inspectors deshpandeand jamdade's behest.

they threatened to kill me.what could i do? look at this. they threatened to kill me.i'm innocent. which means that deshpande andjamdade killed my daughter. no, sir. they were at thepolice station at that time. they haven't committed the murder;but they surely know who did it. - yes?- what is this? can you tell me, deshpande? because of you, my daughter wasmurdered and amar was punished!

i'll have you both hanged! you'll do nothingof that sort. kill him!shoot, i say! amar damji shot thecommissioner and dr. moghe. sharma, mohite...come here quickly! at least no one will comehere to look for you. till when will we keeprunning like this, amar? till such time asi prove my innocence. till i prove that i'm not theculprit, someone else is.

you will not get the opportunityto prove anything. do you know they have pastedyour posters all over town? the moment you step out,either the police will kill you... ...or your enemies willgun you down! what uncle says is true, amar. you're also being accused for killingthe commissioner and dr. moghe now! i think the rat will have tobe lured not with bread now... ...but with the goodies. goodies?!

i had a six-hour long meeting withofficials of the gunstorm company. i've succeeded in knowing the namesof those involved in the scandal. i want to disclose the namesbefore the people of my nation... ...immediately onmy arrival there. you people will get toknow the truth too. switch it off. - what did you say?- switch it off! uncle... what will happen now? this is the worstexample of sadism!

we can even knock himoff at the airport. but what if he opens his moutheven before you get to him? there are still 24 hoursfor him to arrive. - but think of this......which is like unseasonable rain! - what is this?- go ahead and read it. "messrs deshpande and jamdade,my name is julie..." "...and i'm capable ofhaving you both hanged" "i have proof against the onewho killed anjali majumdar" "you both are involved, too"

"the price for theevidence is 300,000" "come over to kit kat club...- julie braganza" now, who's this babe? we haven't got rid ofone problem and this... drag the bitch hereby her hair! after i've dealt with her, shewon't even be able to write again! bring the bitch here!wait a minute... all of you go with them. "who are you?tell us your name"

"stop making us pine, darling" "they call me julietin the west" "in india, they call me laila" "in punjab, they call me heer" "they're all crazyabout me" "any other name?" "lover!" "the heart sways...tell us..." "whose lover are you?"

"the heart sways..." "i'm everybody's lover" "my heart sways..." "they are thousands after me...they're crazy about me" "they're after me...lusting for me" "there are thousands after me...they're crazy about me" "there are so many of them...whom will i call my lover?" "they're obsessedwith my beauty" "and i drive them away"

"there are so many of them...whom do i call my lover?" "i'm everbody's lover" "marilyn monroe?- no" "madonna?- no" "madhubala?- no" "so who are you?" "lover, i'm a lover" "my heart sways,o my heart says..." "'re the're my beloved indeed!"

my heart sways, too. ...but before my feet start kicking,get lost! have you both come by yourselves?haven't you brought your "father"? our fathers? they diedthe moment we were born! it's better to die than to bea father to people like you. just because we're speaking to youlike gentlemen, it doesn't mean... only scoundrels enter this profession. the gentlemen keep away. and you, baldie...

i know very well... ...who has raped and murdered thecommissioner's daughter. understand? who are you talking about? don't waste my time. cough up the money, else i'lltelephone the commissioner. please don't do that. actually, you'll have tocome with us for the money. julie will not go anywhere!the money will be brought here. else, i'll make a call!

move a finger to dial,and we'll blow off your head! if my finger nowpresses your finger... ...what will happenof your head? - no... no!- ms julie, you'll get the money. - come with me.- i agree, if you say so. because you're the sensible one.let's go. by the way, what else does yourboss do beside rape and murder? you'll get to know everything.just come along. please come.

and where is your "father"? is this the noose then,that is going to hang me? she's a terrific dancer, sir! i see!what is your name? the name is julie braganza... dancing is a hobby... ...and crushing snakes likeyou to death is my profession. - miss julie!- yes? i'm no snake...i'm a snake-charmer.

and i love playing witha she-snake like you are! - i don't follow?- don't you really? i'll explain. - uncle...- shut up! this is aunt julie;greet her and get lost! - greetings, aunt.- get lost now! - but...- get lost, i said! will you stripon your own now... ...or will you make medo the hard work?! will you violate my honor?

i will only violate it;not distribute it! come to me, darling... actually, women are my weakness;otherwise, i'm not a bad man. - please help me!- i'm not evil. come on! you're like a brother to me!save me, please! you look strong and able;save me, please! save me, jamdade! how many people willyou hide behind, dear? please don't doanything to her, sir.

oh darling, where are you off to! where are you going...let me at least come in! know something? you've founda great place to hide in! this happens to be my den! rascal! don't you havewomenfolk back home? i do... but none like you. you're julie, or bruce lee? now come into my arms! this bed is meant to be slept on.not danced on!

now come to me, darling! you keep jumping aroundand i'll get tired, okay? - don't make me lose my temper!- okay... i'm ready... butturn away to that side. - what!- turn your face away, please. oh god!she's feeling shy! then say so!i'll turn away! may i take a look? to tell you the truth...

...this is the firsttime i've ever waited. i knew it when i saw you thati'd make a trip to heaven today! just satisfy me... ...and you will owndiamonds worth rs.1.1 billion! i've never fallen in love witha girl having an english name. the silky darkness, indeed! - can i take a look now?- yes. go ahead. your trip to heaven begins! shall we go now?

move! not a soul will move! don't move... and drop your guns! drop them!drop them, i said! - hands up...- stick them up, idiot! drop your gun, else thisgirl will lose her life! drop it! bravo, raghu... turned the tables on him.

i've never been beaten up theway you have thrashed me today! i'll deal with you now,and rob you of your speech! uncle, listen to me... - what is it? speak up!- come here then. congratulations, mr. amar! you've been made in-charge ofmr. vishwasrao's security! so, there are changes inmy plans of violence. bring her here, mr. raghu.will you? now look;you love him, don't you?

so ask him to do as we say.speak up! - no...- what do you want? good... you see, mr. vishwasrao isreturning from america today. he'll go straight to the governmentbuilding and disclose my name. my men can't go to the airportwith weapons, you see. so, i want you toshoot vishwasrao. no... i cannot do that. it's terribly easy! all you have to do is to liftthe revolver and fire!

what's this you've done?why did you kill them? warrants have been issuedin these fools' names! the commissioner theyfired at has survived! had they been caught,i'd have been under fire! what i've done, indeed...hurry now, there's little time... ...decide on what you will do! - i can never do this.- but she can certainly die! and before i kill her,i will... ...haven't i said women are myweakness? make up your mind now!

okay... l'm ready to do it. have all the arrangementsbeen made? yes.the plane is about to land now. mr. vishwasrao will be landing onindian soil at any moment now. he brings, hidden in his heart,the name of the traitor... ...who has, for the sake of money,betrayed the nation and motherland. how are you, amar? what is this you are doing? what punishment doesthe traitor merit?

this is kasim speaking. amar has killed vishwasrao. how can you say that the traitordoes not belong to your party? - you see...- the mission is accomplished. but how did this happen? what's happened, mr. minister? - why don't you tell us what's wrong?- there's bad news... somebody has shot deadmr. vishwasrao at the airport. the minister's on his way.keep the car ready.

take them both in the jeep. where is the girl? she's under chaturvedi's feet. she's in the very building wherethe minister is now headed. and when chaturvedi realizesthat you have betrayed him... don't know what treatmentyour beloved will go through! these traitors have pumped bulletsnot into the heart of vishwasrao... ...but into the heartof mother india herself! a decent...

...daring... was mr. vishwasrao.- not "was". he "is". please be seated. the person involved in the pay-off ofgunstorm company is none else, than... deputy, chaturvedi! but we were told thatyou were assassinated. your plan was very good, chaturvedi.but you made a mistake... you entrusted the task of killingme to a man who would die himself... ...but never betray his motherland,like you have done.

nobody will act smart...or you're all dead-men! and you shouldn'tact smart at all! else, i'll make somany holes in your body... ...that you'll be used for a flute,even after you die! you have finishedmy political career. let alone a minister, i can't evenbe a peon in the administration now. that's fine; but you will help mein escaping from this place now. i concede that amar hasnot betrayed his nation... ...but he has surelybetrayed his lover.

- bring that girl upstairs.- okay, sir. are you okay? you men in uniform... not try to act smart. we have the whole buildingunder our control... ...and also about 50journalists as hostages. your beloved minister vishwasraois also enjoying our hospitality. this is inspector karan sharma,mr. chaturvedi... ...we have surrounded this building.nobody can escape us now.

is that so? have you seen enough, ordo you wish for some more? listen carefully now,to what i say... one will enterthis building now. my nephew will go to my houseto fetch the diamonds. he will not be stoppedby anyone of you. we need a helicopterto go to the airport... ...where an aircraftshould be arranged... fly us out of the you understand?

i've listened to your demands.but i can't fulfill them. agree to his demands, karan! my seniors are notpresent here right now. why don't you speak to karanon this walkie-talkie? if i do that, chaturvedi willknow that i'm in the building... ...and i don't wantthat at any cost! tell them to do as i say.go on. i cannot do that. chaturvedi and some terroristshave taken over the building.

we don't know how far they havespread in the building. but they're holding mr. vishwasrao andvips to ransom on the top floor. why are you playing with thelives of innocent people? speak to them... go on, or shouldi throw someone else now? do just as they areasking you to do. to arrange the helicopter and theaircraft will take us an hour. not more than 30 minutes! if you're any later than that,i'll throw people out of the window! - not more than 30 minutes!- okay, we'll do our best.

why isn't the babe here?go and take a look. - and nephew...- uncle? go home and bring the diamondshere. do you get it? - the cops there...- they'll treat you like a prince! speak up! - what was that?- that's bitta's voice! what's wrong with him? - harishankar and bitta...- what's happened to them? their corpses... they'vebeen killed by someone.

- the girl's missing too.- who could have done this? this could only be his doing. listen... i know you'veentered this building. if you don't come herein 10 minutes... ...l'll kill them all,one by one. do you hear me?...that's okay. i'll start the good workwith mr. vishwasrao's p.a. could you hear that? will you come here now, orshould i play some more "music"?

look for him through outthe building. get going! killing that rascalis no child's play! now either do something yourself,or kill me instead! keep this...check out your guns. you stay here.nobody can harm you here. come out in the open, amar damji! - we know you're here!- come out! you won't escape, you swine!you've dared to kill our friends. we'll finish you!

why hasn't the helicopter arrived?it should be here in 15 minutes. why hasn't my nephew returned?try tricks... ...and i'll fling allof them out of here! no!he should be here at any moment. only one of uswill survive today! lt'll either be you,or me! come out! step out. you're alright, aren't you?

- but i'm worried about amar.- don't worry. he'll be alright. uncle!i've brought it! - i've got it!- wonderful, my son! you've acted like thetrue son of my sister! how they glitter!it's the whole lot, isn't it? the whole lot indeed! it's already 30 minutes,mr. commissioner... ...but i still can'tsee your helicopter. try any tricks and i'll throwthem all out of the window!

don't do that!the helicopter is on its way here. all of you go down,but take the stairs! clobber the rascal! kill him! get out. how do you know that name whichi had given up 17 years ago? because, before you did that,you killed two people. - who were they?- inspector damji kanwar rathod... ...and shanti rathod.

i still remembermy mother's screams. ...and the sound ofher breaking bangles. i haven't forgotten. the father whose finger i heldwhile i walked... ...the mother in whosearms i snuggled comfortably... snatched them bothaway from me. forgive me!i admit that i killed your parents. look at these diamonds! wortha 1.10 million! we'll share them! take the whole lot of it!

i beg of you...please don't kill me. i am still your deputy minister! you're a cop! you cannot kill me.i surrender myself to you. you're a cannot kill me! you bloody cur! you are unfortunate that you heardonly your mother's screams... your father's cries were reallyworth listening to when his... ...stomach was cut open and hisintestines were dumped in the gutters. start singing the national anthem.your end has come.

as usual, you've won.

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