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Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Coloring Hair From Dark Brown To Light Brown

Coloring Hair From Dark Brown To Light Brown

the girl in the wind:jeanie with the light brown hair chasing the sun a new wind is blowing up until yesterday i was sleeping i can understand andsee my heartbeat i just want to keep running these feelings are so strong over the green grasslands i feel reborn

i met you from the heart i now know i canfly across the sky please don't die, mother jeanie never thought that her mother, a woman who wasso radiant and strong, could get sick. no one imaginedthat it could happen. then, one day ... - jeanie.- mother.

- help me up, jeanie.- no, you need to stay in bed. - you are very weak.- don't worry. - i feel better already.- you need your rest. if you get tired,you won't heal. jeanie... dad said that yourheart is very weak and fatigued. he said that? father is very sorry because he ... ...didn't notice you were sick.

but why? it's not his fault. he ordered you torest in bed for a while. what about the house? you need not worry. nell will clean, wash and prepare meals. everything will be alright. you're right, nell is a capable woman. today, i arrived late for school!and guess what i did? i practiced using the piano.

are you getting better? yes! i've decided to practice every day, and you'll always beable to hear me play. magnificent! i hope you keep it up... - i will!- but if the patients arrive in the clinic, will freddy be alright? you don't have toworry about that. i've made you all worry, dear. no, the trouble was my fault, not yours.

since your sick you shouldn't bother... ...with your duties. don't take... ...your sickness too lightly. don't worry, i will recover soon. i am strong willed. this is certainly true, dear. but your heart worries me. my heart?what's wrong with my heart? ah ... it's very weak.i didn't notice.

and i even madeyou work as a nurse. this work, however,is very tiring, and you must be tired. i want you to tell me the truth. am i very sick?be honest with me. honey... must have hope. if you want tomake it through this. you've never been theone to let things go.

calm down, everything is's not serious. great! then i'll comeand help in the clinic! hold on now! maybe i should havesaid it was serious. you need your rest so stay put. i'm sorry for bothering you. all right, freddy, i'll followyour orders and... i'll rest unless you tell me otherwise. ms. river! what are you doing here?

no, i recoveredperfectly thanks to her ... ...and i've started working again. i pick cotton in the fields everyday. this is great news,but remember to take it easy. yes, i will follow youradvice to the letter, doctor. you saved my life.but ... tell me, what happened? i knew that ms. angela,who has been so good to me, is sick, and then i cameto greet her as soon as i could.

i'll tell my wife of this visit.she will be very happy. if she rests for a fewdays she should be better. she is always so kind to me. i don't know howto repay her generosity. please, put this bouquet offlowers next to the bed. these flowers have thepower to fight any disease, - even the most serious.- flowers that fight disease? we all want ms. angela to heal, so her sweet smilecan come back.

and she will be among us again. thank you. i'm sureshe'll get better soon... ...and she'll smile once again. have you seenms. rivers flowers? yes, they are wonderful!and everyone is asking about you. really?that's nice of them. i want to thank them for allthe affection they've shown me. i brought lunch! thank you.

well, judging by the smell i think it... ...must be a delicious lunch. try to eat it'll need the energy. our little jeanie helpedme prepare this lunch. - jeanie helped?- i did this and this! and i helped peel the potatoes. you helped peel potatoes? i am very proud of're a good girl. i didn't think you could do it.

but i'm gonna becomea great cook one day. i will become the best! i'm glad to hearyou say such a thing. when i get better,i'll teach you all the... ...things a young lady needs to know. you'll learn manynew things from me. right! meanwhilei'll continue to practice. did somethingspecial happen to jeanie? - what?- she's much happier now,

she's also gotvery better with the piano. she must have a reason. maybe because sheknows that her mother is recovering, and that she can situp in bed and eat alone. i love you, jeanie. stephen! hip, hip, hooray! - why are you here?- i'm really astonished. you've becomequite the piano player.

you could becomethe best in the world! but there are many otherpeople more talented than me! i'm not that good. on the other hand, i willbecome a great composer, i'm sure of it. you know, every time i go to church, i pray that your dreambecomes a reality. are you sure praying is enough? of course, i know you'll... ...become a great composer.

thanks also to my prayers,i'm sure. you cannot go wrong. and then, when that happens, i will ask you toplay the piano for me. and i will do it with great pleasure. i really hope that day will come soon. oh, i know it will. yes, you're right, stephen!you have to be determined ... ... to be able toachieve what you want in life. never give up!

even you mustn't give up, jeanie. i can already see your first concert. i know it will be great. "jeanie interpretsthe music of stephen"! who is it? - how did i do?- jeanie! you played the pianolike a true professional. really? you mean ididn't mess up even once. - i can't believe it!- you were perfect.

you've outdone yourself,you're improved a lot, darling! i'm so happy! it's the first timei played without making a mistake. it's dark in here ... i'll turn on a light! - no, that's okay.- it's not too dark? soon the moon will appear in thesky and illuminate the entire room. - what are you saying, mom?- i had never noticed ... ...before that the moonwas so bright and radiant. - it's wonderful.- yeah. being stuck in bed,i have time to look at things ...

...which i wouldn't normally consider... ...and i never realized it's beauty. you were right, mom!the light is beautiful! what did i say? being sickalso has its positive sides. it's makes me happyto see you pleased. it means that you'regetting better every day. yeah, actually i feel better buti feel like something is wrong. your father said it's nothing to worry about. i came to say hello!i have to go to school!

be good, and pleasebe careful in the classroom. bye! seeing jeanie socheerful makes me relieved. i too was once a little girlwho was exactly like her. but then again, thatwas a very long time ago. but what are you saying, ma'am?you are still young! look at what a nicebreakfast i've prepared. i'm starving, nell. even though i'm always lying in bed.

i shouldn't eat toomuch or i'll get fat. if jeanie hearsthat you don't want to eat, she'll be worried about you. i will do as you say.but when jeanie gets back... ...tell her that i ate everything. of course! i'm convincedshe'll be very happy... hear that!but next time you'll eat everything. i understand, nell. good morning, dr.'ve got mail.

- here.- thanks. see you later, doctor. i saw from the medicalrecord that you sent me ... ...that your wife hasa serious heart problem... ...and there's nomedicine that will help her. i'll give you some advice, don't frighten her with excessive constraints ... ...and do what you feel is right. you must make herlive life like normal,

otherwise you'll risk hurting her... ...and her heart could be affected. angela! - oh, i'm sorry...- no, it's alright. - last night i had a dream.- eh? i dreamed that iwas completely restored ... ...and we went into thehills to have a picnic. we went up there to admirethe beautiful landscape of the valley. a picnic on the hill?

and becausei was in great shape, we all did a race tothe top and i won. jeanie was runningfast and almost won, but you were exhausted and looked up at me, ...and you looked jealous. continue with the story. jeanie! mother, what elsehappened in the dream? you know what, father never came up the hill.

me and you got very impatient with him because.... ...we were dying fromthe desire to sit down ... ...and eat the deliciousmeal that nell prepared. go on, go on! finally dad reached the top of the hill, but unfortunately,at that point, i woke up ... ...and i don't reallyknow what happened after. - can you remember what we ate?- no... dad, it's all your fault!you moved way too slow.

so the night passed andmother had to stop the dream! i'm sorry, but i assure youthat i did my best. it was only a dream, dear. you mustn't be angry at your father. and don't pester him.he's got enough problems. sorry! i didn't mean it, father. it was only a dream anyway. i ruined the picnic,

so i'm sorry for what i did. i humbly ask forgiveness. about that dream,maybe you were running about sinceyou want to get better. yes, i think you're right. angela...jeanie... hello, - good morning, sir.- what a pleasure to see you! - i'm in great shape.- i see your getting better.

i'm so happy for you. i never been sick untilthat day when i fell, but i'm betternow since i found the... ...strength to continue. well, i just knew you... ...would get better because of all the good you've done. did you have to rest that long? that's what freddy toldme and i obeyed. i was in bed waitingfor things to get better.

i didn't hear that frommy husband. oh, yes, you're just better ... ...but you shouldreally stop fooling around. oh, henry would you prefer me out of bed. i'm glad to see you're still the same. lady angela, from what ican tell you've been healed. yes, it must have been thosemagical flower that she sent me. well, doctor! thank youvery much! see you! goodbye!

now i feel good. i've finally gottenaway from that bed. i can live again. angela? excuse me, i'll see you later. you don't have to work. joe who is giving me a hand. please, let me help you!i'm better now. i really want toget back to work.

you could at leastgive me something to do. - angela,...- well...! don't be worried!i'll be fine! - yes, but you see ...- then let me... ...only work for a little while. this way i won't overwork myself. i'm home! what ?! mom isworking in the clinic ?! does this means thatshe is completely healed!?

you're little one is really good. stand still and doas the doctor tells you, so you don't get hurt. are you sureyou're not tired, mom? i can practice alone as usual. don't worry about me!i feel great, i assure you! but mother... i stayed in bed for a long time ... ....and it would be impossiblefor me to be sick again.

today i turned back to my home ... ...and i want to see that stars. sitting at the piano,next to my daughter. an old legend says ... ...that when people die,they become stars. if i die, who knowswhat kind of star i'd become. die?! don't say thateven if you are joking! i would try to shinestronger than the others, so you might recognize me ...

...and see me inthe middle of the sky. what's with the speech, mom ?! i'm sorry if i madeyou mad. enough talk! next, we'llplay a piece together. you're talented,so let's start right away. right. could you play this... you've improved a lot, you know? sorry about before,i didn't mean to scare you.

i assure you thati'll never do that again. but ... promise me you'llalways be a happy girl. yes! let's continue jeanie. the next verse suits you. mom? - mom!- angela! sir! mom!

- jeanie ...!- jeanie. your dead. mom!please, you mustn't die! you don't have to die!mother, please! no! jeanie cried desperatelyfor a long time. she loved her mom. she could not live without her. unfortunately many othersad events await little jeanie. i can't recover becauseof the death of my mother.

i can't even go back to school. fortunately, bill andstephen try to cheer me up ... ...playing the harmonyand banjo for me. but i want the music to stop! don't play the piano ever again! in the next episode ofjeanie with the light brown hair. "tears are on the other side of stars" an episode with romanceand adventure. don't miss it! after a peek at themirror of memories

the day is young and ican see it across my chest i loved those bright red shoes those hills and meadowshave now lost their freedom i can't wear thatlace dress anymore little by little everyonebecomes an adult while longing for a gentle embrace i want to continue to thatfar away source without giving up

Coloring Hair From Dark Brown To Light Brown