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Minggu, 09 April 2017

Can You Dye My Little Pony Hair

Can You Dye My Little Pony Hair

we used to just slide them off! ugh, i don'twanna get a paper cut! welcome to the gracie and mommy show. my middlepart's on fleek so i'm trying to make it look less middle-party. she's got a thing aboutthe middle part. today, so you saw the video where we took ivy - whoa, ivy - we took ivyto the american girl store, right, in new york to see the new truly me releases. heyivy. okay, so you saw that we looked at a wholebunch of stuff - everything in the store, pretty much - but you don't know what we we each got a doll. that's right. i got my second american girl doll - she's gonnaopen this one. i'm really gonna open this one. the story of - i got kit, i really wantedkit, and then she went into a corner of the

studio where i put things that don't urgentlyneed to be reviewed - like there are things that need to be urgenty reviewed? just gowith it. and um, i have my own priorities, and then it just sort of kept not happening,and then gracie wanted to make a boy doll... and so i gave her my kit doll so she couldre-wig her to make her a boy, because i started to feel bad about having two kit kittredgedolls. so you know while we were there we looked at the new truly me's, right, and whatwere you debating about getting? oh - i was debating about getting 55 or 49. okay. and49's not a new truly me though, right? no. neither is 55. so we did see - there was theone - there's the new truly me, what number is she, is she 62? the one who's got the olivecomplection and the dark hair and the dark

eyes. no, that's not the one you got. shedoesn't have dark eyes. oh. and then there's an asian one, and then there's a black doll,with cute little short hair. right. and there was also a new blonde doll. she has a bob,she had a new just above the shoulder bob. i think she had blue eyes, cause all the blondeones have blue eyes. which one did she get? dun dun dun! i got number 49. she ended upgetting number 49. her hair's really jacked, it's not her fault, she came like this! okay,so number 49 has wavy hair. if you had to do - okay, don't listen for a second, okay,let me cover her ears. if you had it to do over again, would you get number 49 again?yes. even though she's got the wavy hair? yeah i knew she had wavy hair. okay so youwere okay with it. okay. and what did you

name number 49? i named her skylar. also beforeyou all yell at me - her hair came kind of matted and strange, so -- yeah, out of thebox her hair was already like not super - it wasn't mashy mashy, but it wasn't super silkysmooth either, so. here, let's get skylar close up to the camera. hi! i'm skylar. she'svery cute. she's very cute, and this is the new truly me outfit. i like it better thanthe other one, cause it's like, it fits your doll's personality no matter what your doll'spersonality is, because the last one was so girly. and i thought you were gonna be soticked off because this was a dress. what i love is that the shoes are blue. it's kindalike a sweater dress. yeah, with sort of - let me see if i can get it to focus. sorry skylar,gotta tip you sideways kind of. see the shoes?

those are so cute! it's a pretty basic outfit,and now - and now whenever i get a new my american girl truly me, just like you, whateveryou call it, i don't have to have 1 million of the pink shirt and the grey skirt and theboots. i love the boots, but -- the boots were really cute, but i dig these shoes. cani take your shoe off for a second sweetie? sure, go ahead mommy! here you go. i'm notmommy, i'm grandma, by the way. that's okay. and there is - you see? it's got little sparklieson it and it's really cute. it's a pretty neutral dress, it isn't like automaticallygirly. not super girly. and i like the - oops, we were just like showing everybody your undies.whooooa, censor bar! and um, it's got a tiny bit of like toule up here with like a sequined,and on the bottom it's got toule with sequins,

so it's not like super sequined. so the trulyme dolls have the love to layer accessories that we showed you, and we did get those.yay, we finally get to put these on! yes! okay, so here we go. can you have a seat?you have a seat right there with grandma. so it comes with - that cool vesty denimylooking thing. and let me get a close up on that. it's got these little patches on it,it's got like ag, oh so cute. and wait, can i show them what else it comes with? it comeswith this headband with a tag that's bigger than the headband itself. yeah okay comes with this gold headband which is different. you wouldn't expect that with thisoutfit. it comes with these cute little tiny hair claws, which i love. i'm going to putall of this stuff on her. wait wait wait,

let me show them the rest of the stuff. andthen it comes with scrunchies - all the little scrunchies - and it comes with this touleskirt overlay so you can make her blingy. bling bling. excuse me, excuse me. ahh! don'tworry, it's not on camera, and you still have your undies on. i don't know why, but gracie takes the undiesoff. did we ever tell you the story of when we had to write raps about explorers? oh mygosh, wait, who was your explorer? i had roscoe d. balboa - that guy, and we had to make puppetsof them to go with it, and we made puppets of dressed up barbies. i made them from scratchout of a styrofoam ball. and he had like a hat, and hair, and - he had a fabulous hat.okay, so there she is with the toule skirt

on. i like it with the toule skirt. what doyou think? i think it makes me fancier. you know what i love? i love how your shoes matchyour eyes. okay, let's put the vest on her. so what is this other thing, while you'redressing her. what is this? this came with something? i think it's like - it's like acolor wheel or something? i dunno, i don't remember grabbing this, but it was in thebag. gracie seems to think it came with something. i think it just comes with the doll. withthe truly me? okay. oh my god, my eye's so itchy. wait, i don't have glasses handy. i only havethese! it's so satisfying to itch your eye. i only have these, i don't wanna wear these!you have to, it's your destiny! oh wait, i do have glasses. i have the black and whitepolka dot hipster glasses. ha ha. check me

out. now i can see. so this is from the playsection of the american girl. pick a color, choose an activity, i dunno. it has somethingto do with the truly me. we're so profesh, #soprofesh. i'm gonna put all the things onher. she's gonna put all the stuff on her. you guys can admire my art. and i'm gonnashow you this thing while she puts all of the stuff on her. so this is a box - it'sa box! it's a box! it's a box of activities, maybe? how to use your truly me spinner. ohokay. it's easy! just spin and match and discover something new to do. this must come with the...oh, so it's all... oh. it's all these different activity card things with all the differenttruly me, terrarium, make it... it looks like an ad for all of their stuff. it's a big adfor activities that you can do if you buy

all this stuff. yay, presents. okay, so that'sinteresting. that is a very unique and bizarre -- can you hand me the green scrunchy? greenscrunchy, oh. and i'm dizzy, because -- so, now the next question is, then you sawme trying to decide whether or not i wanted to get julie. and i really like julie, andi love all of julie's clothes, and i grew up in the 70s so julie has a soft spot inmy heart. do you wanna cut off the tag? or do you wanna leave it there ala mini pearl was a - comment down below if you know who mini pearl was - i'm just gunna saytwo words, hee-haw! okay, i've dressed her -- alright, show us! look at that. you are wearing everything rightnow. you're wearing all of the accessories.

talk about loving the layer! ba dum much layering. how do you feel about the accessories there, skylar? ehh it's a bitmuch, maybe, and i kinda - the tag, i dunno. i dunno. still, that tag is bigger than - thattag is huge, and she put them on like wristbands. cool! but the thing about julie is she's a blondewith what color eyes gracie? brown. what color eyes do i have? green, and we already havejulie, so that was kind of my thing. i was like, do we really need a second julie soi can dress her up in 70s clothes that gracie doesn't like to do that? and it is so hotin here guys, ehhh. so i decided to get... truly me, number 52. 52. she is the only blondewith green eyes. and you know mommy used to

have long hair, so - well they don't makea pixie cut doll, which we think they should. all the pixie cut girls out there need toband together and they need to make - presley, and yeah, presley got kit because it was theclosest thing to a pixie cut doll that they had that was -- oh my god. let me do it, i'ma professional. can you help me, i'm so hot, and i don't mean that in a good looking kindof way! you are good looking. thank you! oh that does come with a just like me littlewheel o' activity thing. see? it's right there. you're a master at this, huh? they made thebox harder to open i think. cause it used to just - we used to just slide them off!ahh... i don't wanna get a paper cut! this is the intro! #thestruggleisreal! i don'twanna get a paper cut man! wait here, you

know what, i don't really care about keepingthe top, so there we go. ta da! oh okay, so wait. oh, it comes - alright.mystery solved. that activity book comes in your package. that advertisement comes -- thatadvertising book, that book o' - hey, here's some other stuff you should buy, so you cando these cool activities! spin the activity wheel, but if you don't have those americangirl playsets, you can't do the activity! let's do this. so there she is. pick a color- let's pick green. choose an activity... i'm gonna pick food. you're gonna pick food?i'm gonna pick green, and we don't have any american girl food. green and food. i don'thave scissors over here, it's all the way over there. but i don't need a scissors, ishould just be able to get it out of the box.

look at these advertisements. i should'vedone this before the video... #soprofesh. which means they should be just like us, becausethat's -- ahh, i'm finally out of the box! yes you are. spats, meow meow box! spats lovesamerican girl boxes. now her hair is in this little side pony thingy. now i have not picked a name for her yet,but i am thinking of jennifer, because everybody in the 70s was named jennifer., that was like if you were born in the 70s. now the cool thing is that her greeneyes are a lot like my green eyes in that they're not like light green, like kristahas light eyes, and gugga has light green eyes, i actually have dark green eyes sortof, so they're not like so - they're more

almost hazely than green. but they're darkgreen, so i like that. and her hair - i did have bangs at some point in my life. now wecan take out the pony. finally! and her hair is not too bad! but - it's better than myhair! your hair is beautiful, you just need to have it brushed out, that's all! so thereshe is. so my plan for her, for jennifer - here they go. when your outfit's on fleek. seei didn't get the accessories, because i want to dress up in the 70s clothes, and my nameis jennifer, just like all the girls born in the 70s were named jennifer. flick! hairflip. hair flip. hair flip. hair flip. okay, so now let's show you - gracie? maywe have some outfits please? okay, let's - so we did buy some outfits, so we're gonna dressup our girls, but let's show you the outfits

first. we'll show you everything we got andthen we'll dress 'em up. so this is the starry hoodie outfit. mhmm, thank you. the starryhoodie outfit. this was gracie's - gracie liked this one. so it's a hoodie with starson it, and it says ag, and it comes with - thank you - it comes with these funky blue and charcoalgrey leggings. thank you. and these really cool blue sort of turquoise and ocean blueshoes. and there's my accessories. and this totally cool headband! so that's one of theoutfits we got. oh, i'm gonna dress -- so skylar's gonna wear this outfit? okay, now...i did get... so what did i get to dress my doll like julie? i got... oh yeah, this doesn'thave - oh, and do you remember the video - i have to remember to put this in the end card.when we got, who did we get when we met amy

the first time? was that kaya? no no no, wasthat grace? that was when we got amy lucy. okay, remember when we went to american girldoll, and the american girl associate that helped us name was amy, and so the doll thatgracie was gonna name lucy, we were like maybe we should name her amy after the person thatwaited on us? well she was there again, amy, and she remembered us, and so we told her- you know what, we actually ended up calling the doll lucy amy. guess what amy's sister'sname is? lucy. she was like, that is so weird, my sister's name is lucy! how weird is that. so this is what i got. i'm a member of theilluminati guys. illuminati confirmed. i got julie's skateboarding outfit, so there's hercool shirt. there's her skateboard. i did

not skateboard, i did not, i was a rollerskater, but the sneakers. i like totally had these sneakers. and i do believe i had shortslike this with the rainbow on the side. yeah. and i know for a fact that i had me some awesomeknee socks with some color stripes on them. so that is one outfit that jennifer is goingto try on. now i mentioned roller skates, correct? mhmm. my absolute favorite christmasgift ever was my sneaker skates, so i totally had to get the sneaker skates from the 70s.i even had a red stopper. mine were red white and blue though, but like, mine even had thered stopper! and the skates even come with funky socks, cause we liked our socks in the70s. i got julie's accessories from her - that's like her meet outfit stuff, because it comeswith this cool tiedye purse, these funky 70s

glasses, and this really adorable i didn't get her new meet clothes, but i got her accessories cause i like them. butwhat i'm going to put her in now, is.. and then we can just give ivy some of these clothes.yeah, we'll dress ivy up in these. back in the day, she was julie's best friend. yesshe was. i got the maxi print dress. the sundress.this was like, sundresses were like the thing. ah! i had a sundress. and then it's got thissort of like belty thing, where you can do like a hair, like a hair wrappy thing. that'sactually how they had it displayed on the doll. yeah. she's got a bracelet, necklace,and these cool lookin' earth shoes. alright. so we are now going to dress up all our girls.

our girls are dressed. our girls are dressed.our girls are all dressed up. so ivy is wearing the skateboard outfit, soshe's got the funky sneaks with the cool sassy knee-highs, the awesome gym shorts, i likethe shirt, and the bow is actually from julie's accessories. you got her? it's a flower. jennifer is wearing the sunglasses that camewith julie's accessories, and she's got the cool drawstring bag that came with julie'saccessories, and then she's got the headband thing - here, sit down - she's got the littleheadband babooshka thing. no, babooshka is a thing you wear on your head, a papoose issomething you wear on your back to hold the baby. and um, it - she got this little neck,this little plastic bracelet. we used to have

these cool sort of - plastic was a big deal.she got her love beads, man, and her earth shoes, which you just love. so cute. i'm sohappy! i am so happy. i don't think - i don't know that i'll leave the sunglasses on her,maybe we'll put the glasses up there, but i'm very happy with jennifer. very happy.what is skylar wearing? the starry hoodie! ride away, 70s, we're in modern times! moderntimes. girls wear hoodies and leggings and stuff. they have these cool shoes and thisheadband. yeah. very cool. very cool. so comment down below, let us know what youliked about the dolls. which one did ya like better, jennifer or skylar or ivy? ivy's here too! and um, let us know what youthink about the truly me. what you think about

the new meet dress, and all the new goodies.and let us know which was your favorite outfit! so yeah, comment down below, let us know whatwas your favorite outfit. gracie - oh wait, guys, we are trying to get to 500 thousandsubscribers. we're on the drive to 5... by july 23rd. we need about 50 thousand moresubscribers. that's a lot of subscribers. if you see a red subscribe button somewhere,can you please hit it? please? don't make fake accounts though, fake accounts are bad.don't make fake accounts. just, if you are not subscribed, and you can subscribe, andyou would like to subscribe, please subscribe! we wanna get there legitimately. that's right.we don't wanna get there fakely. that'd be dumb. that'd be dumb. that'd like destroythe whole purpose. i know. gracie, where can

they find us on the social media? facebook,instagram, google+, twitter. follow us these places, don't be a hater. thank you so much for watching everyone. welove you and we will see you again real soon. bye!

Can You Dye My Little Pony Hair