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Senin, 10 April 2017

Cars Coloring Pages To Print For Free

Cars Coloring Pages To Print For Free

welcome to how to cook thati am ann reardon today we are making a 3d lightning mcqueencars cake. you can use this method that i am going to show you to make any car cakethat you like but today i am going to show you how to decorate it up as lightning mcqueenbecause that is the one that has been requested the most. to make it easier for you to follow what iam doing i have drawn up a cutting template. you will need to cut out the template andcut the cake board and some of the fondant templates, just follow the instructions oneach piece and if they are two large to fit on the page then they have a joining lineto guide you where to join them together.

that's available on the website howtocookthat.netas well as all of the ingredients for the recipes that i am using all of that is onthe website and i'll put a link in the description below this video. lets start with the number 95 place some non-stickbaking paper over you 95 and cut around the coloured part of the numbers ignoring thewhite outline you want to cut close to the colour. then roll out some white fondant if your fondantis sticky you may need to gently rub some oil on the rolling pin when you roll it outjust to stop the fondant from just gluing to it. place your non-stick baking paper withthe 95 cut out onto your fondant. then using

a dry paintbrush with either some edible yellowpowdered colour or luster dust just dust that over the top half of your numbers. then usethe red on the bottom half and blend it in the middle by gently smudging the red intothe yellow. if you've got orange then use orange in the middle if not just blend themtogether. use a tissue to remove any excess colour so that it doesn't spill onto the numberswhen we're peeling it off. then gently lift off the paper. using a knife cut around thenumbers leaving a white border around them so that it looks just like it did in the picture.when you are making a 3d cake like this it helps to make a lot of the details ahead oftime. so that you're not trying to get it all done the night before the party.use a straw to cut out the centre of the number

9, that will be too tricky to do with a need to make three of these number 95's one for each side of your car and one forthe top. once they are made don't move them off your baking paper because if you do tryand move them while they are still wet like this they're going to move out of shape, insteadcut around the baking paper and move to a tray so that you can leave them to dry. next for the rusteze symbol that's on thefront bonnet take a sheet of non-stick baking paper and carefully cut out the word rustezeand the curved lines around the top and the bottom. don't worry about the tiny writingon the logo we are just going to do the big word. make sure you keep the centers thosetiny little bits of the letter e if you lose

it just cut another little one because youare going to need those. roll out some brown fondant and place thebaking paper over the top. and then carefully place those little pieces of the e in theright spot. and then using a dry paintbrush again brush on some yellow and then some orangeand then right on the very corners just a small tinge of your red colour you don't wanttoo much of that because it doesn't contrast enough with the browns you wont be able toread it if you do too much red. remove the centre of the e and cut around the logo. thennext we want to make the outline for the logo, to do that roll a long skinny snake of blackfondant. this needs to be even the snake otherwise the outline will be uneven, if you don't getit right first time just roll it back up into

a ball and try it again it can take some practiceto get a long even snake. if you can't roll snakes and you've tried and you just can'tget it then you can try cutting a thin shaving using a pizza cutter.brush a little water around the edge of the logo and then pick a starting point and wrapthe outline around using the end of your paint brush to push it into the small corners.once you've done that with the rusteze symbol you also need to outline your number 95. youneed more of that black so again either roll it our or use the pizza cutter. and same thingmoisten it with a paintbrush starting at one end using wrap it around using the end ofa paintbrush or knife to get it into all of the corners then place some extra black outlineand place it on the bottom sides of the numbers

to make it look thicker like a shadow. to make your eyes cut out circles in the sizeshown on the template. i used a piping tip for this, you only need two eyes but i liketo make extra so that i can choose the two that look the best together and look the mostnatural. using a straw cut a circle of black fondant out and place that onto the eye. ifyou put a tiny dab of water onto the white it will help it stick, if you use too muchyou'll have a puddle of black around the pupil so you want to make it just damp rather thanwet. using some blue colouring paint around theedge of the eye and then on the white fondant, making sure you leave one quarter of the eyea bit lighter than the rest of it. you can

make these fondant details that we are doingahead up to a month before and just leave them to dry out in the open air at room temperatureand then once they are dry you can put them in an airtight container but make sure you'vego non-stick paper between them. add the tiniest little dot, a tiny ball of white fondant justto the edge of the pupil there just to bring the eye to life. now to make the head lights and brake lights,to do that place your templates onto the fondant and cut around them with a knife. paint themwith black food colour around the edges and on the top to match the pictures that you'vegot. paint in the yellow and red and then add the black details on the top of the brakelight. so this is just like painting a picture

or just like colouring in really. you've gotthe shape cut out and you just need to copy what is in front of you to colour it in. iam using gel colors for this, you can get those from cake decorating stores. to make the very back of the car cut aroundthe template in red fondant twice, trim the second one shorter than the first and addto the base, using some water to glue them together. again just making them damp notwet. then carefully put your brake lights into position .then roll out another snake of black and this time cut it into equal lengths, brush those with your silver luster dust.if you can't get hold of luster dust then

you could just use grey fondant for theserods instead or silver. using a tiny bit of water place one in thecentre, one on either side and then one half way in between each of those. i'm using thenend of a piping tip or you can use something small and round push down like the tip ofa pen with the ink taken out of it on the end of each one so that it looks like it isbolted into place. i am always on the look out for other sweetchannels on youtube and if you are having a cars party then you might want to checkout mycupcakeaddictions tutorial she is putting up a mater cupcake this week i'll put a linkto her channel in the description below this video for you.

now for your windows, roll out some dark greyfondant and cut around the template to make the shape of the back and the side windows.set those aside on a tray to dry with all your other details. now all of that can be done ahead, weeks beforethe party so that then when you come to doing the actual cake the day before the party itis not a stress. you guys keep asking how long does it taketo make these cakes, well to do all of those details and some of them i made more thanone of so that i could choose the best of that took 6 hours so set aside plenty of a couple of days before i want you to make the cakes and the frosting. i am usingmy favourite chocolate cake recipe which is

moist and delicious and all of those recipedetails are on the website along with all the details about the fondantand frosting quantities that you'll need for this.i am tripling the cake recipe which will give me 6 trays of cake, of which you only need5 for this cake. so you'll end up with one spare tray cake which you can use just toeat. for the frosting i am making my chocolatebuttercream and some ganache and i've left the ganache overnight to firm up. then i'mjust beating those together so it give a rich chocolatey frosting but it's not quite asexpensive as if you just used ganache using the buttercream makes it a little more affordable.

cut out your cake board template out of thickcardboard. and it will also need to be waterproofed so it doesn't just absorb the moisture andthe oil from the cake and then it is going to be too soft. so you can either do thatusing foil or tape. and completely cover it so it is waterproofed. bend your base up tomatch the profile of the base of the side of the car. if you want a simpler option youcan skip doing the cake board all together. that's fine you just make the base of yourcake sit flat on the serving platter and for that option you will need that 6th layer ofcake so don't eat it then. and there obviously then wont be a gap under your car. if youwant your car off the platter then you need to support it up, i am using 1 cm maths countingblocks, if you are using a wooden cake board

you can drill support rods in and trim themto the right size like we did on the minion cake. but today i am using a tile so i amnot going to attempt to drill through it without cracking it so i am going to hot glue gunthem into place instead. once your finished your cake board should look like this withthe cardboard sitting off the tray and it is not completely flat it is going a bit upat the back and a bit up at the front. once all of your tray cakes are completelycool i want you to spray them with some simple syrup to ensure that the cake is extra moist.when you're making 3d cakes the cake is expose to the air for quite a while while you putit together and carve it so it can dry out, so to help counteract we use simple syrupwhich suprisingly does not make the cake soggy

just makes the cake moist. put your car template onto one of the traycakes and cut around it using a serrated knife. place a small amount of frosting onto thecake board to hold the cake in place. then here is my trick to get it to the cakeboard without it breaking. slide it onto something flat and strong i am using a chopping board.bring it to one end and then fold the baking paper under the edge . then place the startof the cake in the correct position and pull back the baking paper under the board backtowards the the opposite edge. as you do that the cake slides off into place.smother that in a thin layer of yummy frosting. then add you next layer using the same method.if it is not quite in the right spot straighten

it up as you go. you need to repeat that until you have 4 layersof cake piled up. then cut your 5th layer into two pieces and add it to the middle sectionbecause that's where we need more height . now take you side template and use that asa guide carve over the top of your cake. cutting over the bonnet up over the top and down theother side. next take the large roof template and lineup the front of the windscreen which you can see where that is from where you cut withyour side template. cut around this template going straight down to the level of the frontbonnet and no further. then remove the excess cake.then add the smaller roof template this time

that up with the top of the windscreen notthe front of the windscreen . trim down on an angle to join up with the base of the previouscut that you've just done using the bigger template. next we want to slightly trim down the frontbonnet just like it looks on the car in the same width as the top of the roof. and youwant to do the same thing again at the back of the car do the same at the back of thecar so it goes down slightly in the middle. using your knife then slightly round off thecorners at the top and base of the cake. take a round cookie cutter in a similar sizeto the wheels if it is slightly smaller that's ok you can do more than one cut and usingyour template to find the correct location

for the wheels and push the cutter into thecake. then use a spoon to scoop out the cake that's in the middle there. next you want to cover the entire cake infrosting. this seals in the moisture of the cake and gives us something for the fondantto stick to. once it is completely covered place it in the fridge. while it is in the fridge we are going tomake our wheels to do that cut oreo sized circles out of some red fondant. then usinga smaller circle indent the centre. then using a straw cut 6 circles around the centre inthe middle section. then take another straw and flatten it one way and then turn it anflatten it in the opposite way and use that

to cut around the edge of the wheel to cutrectangles out of that. cut out 8 circles of black fondant.sandwhich 2 oreos together using frosting and then spread a thin layer of frosting aroundthe edges. add a circle of black fondant to the top and bottom of each stack.brush a small amount of water, just dampen it, onto the black and add the red circleson top. roll out some black fondant fairly thickly and evenly. to help you do this youcan buy rings for your rolling pin or you can use two of something that's the same sizelike chopsticks like i am using here. cut it to size using the template and thencut a narrower strip of red fondant that has been fairly thinly rolled and put that upfairly close to the top edge of your wheel.

then use a chopstick to make an indent forthe top of the red circle go into. so that when you are rolling it you are not squashingthat red disc that you have just made which would make it crack so we are just indentingdown using a chopstick or you could use a ruler whatever you've got that is going tomake enough space that when you are rolling that red bit can just slot one of your wheels on top and roll it up. when you get to the end trim off the excessusing scissors and push the end neatly into place. give it a gentle roll to smooth outyour wheel and then repeat that of course to give you another 3 wheels. take you cake out of the fridge and usingsome quality paper towel gently rub to smooth

out any little bumps in the frosting. takea bit of time here to do this carefully because when you cover the cake in fondant any bumpsthat you have in your frosting underneath you are going to be able to see .next thinly roll out some white fondant and place it where the mouth should go, it needsto be bigger than the mouth will actually be.but it needs to be fairly thin so that you don't see the line on the edge of it whenyou put the other fondant over the top. rub a little cooking oil onto it and so themouth template will stick over the top. add a really thin piece of black across each cornerof the mouth just under the template. next i am placing a toothpick right in the middleso i can use it to find where to cut it later,

we will pull it out so it is not in the finishedcake so nobody's going to eat a toothpick you don't need to worry about that, it's justto guide us to where.. now you don't want it sticking out too muchyou just want it sticking out just enough so that you can press on your fondant andfind it later now to roll out your red fondant, lightlygrease your rolling pin and roll out that fondant. before i start rolling i put thebaking paper over the top of my cake to measure how big my fondant needs to be and how wideit needs to be as well. so that i know when i get on my baking paper i need to roll itall the way out to that size and i know confidently that will cover the cake. pick up your fondanti just do that using my forearms and drape

it over the car, gently smoothing it intothe contours. tuck it into the wheel holes and use scissors to trim off any excess fondant.when trimming always leave more than you think you need so you can tuck it under neatly.somehow when you are cutting fondant at the bottom of a cake it always seems to shrinkmagically once it's cut and it's too short then and you don't want that so cut it longerthan you think. use a ball of red fondant to smooth out overthe cake without leaving finger prints on it. this also helps to smooth out any littleimperfections or bumps you might of given it while you were putting it on. now for the mouth, feel for that toothpickand once you have located it take a knife

and gently cut across in a smile shape onthe front. gently push the fondant up and down to makethe smile shape and remove the baking paper. so you don't need to take any red fondantaway we're just going to squash it up and squash it down.the purpose of the baking paper was to keep the teeth really white. pull out the toothpickand use a knife to cut the smile shape in the teeth. now at this point it seems to come togetherfairly quickly because you've already done a lot of these details ahead socut the bonnet lines so that you can see where the bonnet goes , stick on your little headlightsjust using a tiny bit of water to make it

stick. then add you rusteeze symbol to thebonnet. add on your side windows to both sides ofthe car. then place the number 95 on top, find where you want it to go before you addany water to it and then brush a tiny bit of water on the back and stick it into we need to make the rivets for the front bonnet just cut small circles out of blackfondant using a straw and then dust them with silver luster dust. add your four rivetsto the front bonnet. don't use too much water when adding your details or the colour ofthe fondant will run, you just want to make a tiny little bit of water and then put theminto place. at the back of the car add a strip of fondantand support it using a ruler propped on something

that matches the height that you need. moistenthe back of the car and add your back detail piece into place. secure in place using spaghetti.leave them long and sticking out for now we can trim them short later once it has fusedinto place. the reason we use uncooked spaghetti rather than toothpicks is because they areedible and wont hurt anyones mouth. make sure when you've put that back of the car on thatthere is a close join between the back piece and the cake so that you can then you canleave them to fuse together. use the template to cut out the windscreenand then place it on your cake. then cut out the red top of windscreen, i did this by handbut i will add a template for that as well. and then place that over the top of the windscreenlining it up up with just above the white

so that you can't see the white at the add your eyes making sure that the white dot is facing the same way on both of can place them in the middle like this or you can put them to one side like on thecars poster. it's up to you. next we need to make the side lightning flashfor our car. so roll out some yellow fondant and use the powdered colour or luster dustagain to shade from orange to red. roll out some black fondant really thinly and placethe yellow flash you've just done over the top. then trim around the edge leaving a blackborder the whole way around. the reason that we don't make this part aheadis we need it to be still malleable so that we can put it around the shape of our the thin end of the lightning flash

near the base of the front wheel overlappingjust a tiny bit and then smooth it towards the back of the car and around that back bit.trim the start of the lightning flash using scissors and then using your cookie cutterto gently cut around the wheel area. now you do not want to push too hard because you don'twant to cut through the red fondant here, just the lightning flash. add your numbers to each side of the car,brushing on a tiny bit of water to the back of each letter to make it stick. by now you should be able to trim off thespaghetti and remove your support from the back.

add you wheels, for them to fit you need thehole to be high enough right to the back, if they don't fit just use your finger orthe round cutter to push it up a bit higher. then slot the wheel into place.for the front wheels you can put them in straight or you can put them on an angle just likeon the poster. add the other two wheels and you can cakeis completed and ready to party. thanks for watching and if you make this cakeor a different car cake using this tutorial make sure you take a photo head on to theblog and load it up in the comments section there i love to see what you have done. andif you haven't already subscribe .... and join us next week for a dessert recipe followingweek for chocolate and then back to cake and

you can put all your requests in the commentsbelow. see you all next week, bye.

Cars Coloring Pages To Print For Free