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Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

The Human Brain Coloring Book Free Pdf Download

The Human Brain Coloring Book Free Pdf Download

now there was a a film came out earlierthis year called hunger games and this encapsulated in so many ways the societywhere the global warming bollocks is supposed to take us throughjustification of course if you look at the the symbol of the film it's the phoenix the the the firebirdfor those who haven't seen it it was a world sometime in the future of enormoustotal well total control where different sectors were fenced off andand people were not allowed to go in most of the land of the country and theywere controlled from something called the capitol which was an elite thatwas served by older that the poor people

and hungry people around the country areand they had a games every year we're two young people would it would pickfrom each sector who had to fight on live television and the one who won wasthe one who stayed alive after all the others will kill the idea was to killall the others and win the game as dr. richard de 790 69 violence pornographyand obscenity in the media and movies will be increased to desensitize peopleto violence and porn and make them feel life is short precarious and brutish andthe hunger games was a classic but it was more than that it was a a symbol ofthe society that we're heading towards so fast

this was one of the be elite in thecapital all there the equivalent of what people call the one percent of us has tosay the real control it in far fewer than that and we have a version of thehunger games and it's called agenda 21 sustainable development and it is beingorchestrated outside or through the united nations and it is astalking-horse a trojan horse for world fascism as i'm going to go through and explain our agenda 21 was agreed atthe 1992 earth summit in brazil which was headed by this guy maury strong oneof the gang big-time a mate of al gore and he said maurice strong thisbillionaire oil man exedra he said isn't

that only hope for the planet that theindustrialized civilizations collapse isn't it our responsibility to bringthis about what they are trying to do and planning to do is use saving theenvironment which these buggers are destroying our to justify theindustrialization and the end of democracy and democratic killed you knowwhich is another thing i could talk about democrats democracy and freedominterchangeable don't think so anyway this is the wish list in documents foragenda 21 operating through the united nations an end to national sovereigntyor justified by saving the world by the way an international sovereignty stateplanning and management of all and

resources ecosystems deserts forestsmountains oceans of fresh water agriculture rural developmentbiotechnology and ensuring equity equal slavery the state is to define the roleof business and financial resources for abolition of private property is notsustainable this day really stressed here we go again how many times doesthis come up restructuring the family unit children to be raised by the statepeople talk this is what older sucks he said in brave new world people told whattheir job will be major restrictions on movement creation of human settlementzones i'll get to them in a minute mastery settlement as people are forcedto vacate land where they live for

reasons i'm coming to dumbing-downeducation achieved a long time ago mass global depopulation in pursuit of all ofthe above and what they're doing to hide it is they're setting up agenda 21organizations up in all local communities all over the worldamerica britain all over the place and they're giving the impression that eachof these is basically an independent local community initiative when it's allbeing orchestrated through this organization through their 19 nationscalled local governments for sustainability so i when i came acrossall this stuff i thought i'll have a look at the isle of wight few miles by afew miles and i did found that the isle

of wight adjoined agenda 21 in novembertwo thousand and it says on the agenda agenda 21 isle of wight website that itwas developed and written in partnership with the people of the isle of wight andreflects their vision for the future of the island ever since i saw that i have been askingeveryone i me on the isle of wight have you ever heard of agenda 21 no mate no mate no mate nobody's heardof it and yet it was that the people this is going on all over the world andthey openly tour in some of these organizations connected to it about thepost democratic post-industrial world

which is basically symbolized in so manymovies recently that are putting this stuff in now it's a big new burzynskibig mentor of barack obama one of the demo cons he was the national securityadvisor jimmy carter and he wrote in another of these prophetic books whichhe knows what's coming are called america's role in the technotronicleon1974 technotronic here involves the gradual appearance of a more controlledsociety such as society would be dominated by an elite unrestrained bytraditional values soon it will be possible to assert almost continuoussurveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete filescontaining even the most personal

information about the citizen thesefiles will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities 1970 wrotethat now we've got we've had a technic technocracy which is defined asgovernment by technicians specifically management of society by technicalexperts including bankers by the way thatincludes and look at what we've now got in italy we have in one of the biggesteconomies and a major countries of europe we have a government with not oneelected official in it headed by this guy maryo monty and wehad a situation in greece where we had this guy

loukas papadimos as a banker leader ofthe country never seen a ballot box in his life i'm this organization that i mentioned iknow these bloodlines are pretty good look at night hey are playing the inbreeding yourselfand this is brzezinski comes from the planet zog and and and this is davidrockefeller now they co-founded the trilateral commission one of thoseorganizations in that bilderberg council on foreign relations network with theclub of rome that i've shown and it just so happens that mario monti before hebecame unelected leader of italy was the

european head of the trilateralcommission and lukas papademos was a member of it this is the first step to justifyingproblems not these financial to take away even the right of people to choosetheir own government rubbishes most of them are anyway but at least work wegotta write at least in theory i choose it but no choice at all bringing the technocrats in this isabsolutely in line with agenda 21 and these bloody politicians in westminsterand all around the world capitol hill or all kind of know especially on capitolbought and bloody paid for

they gotta realize that they're in thebloody sites of this whole operation to because they are jew to no longer existsbut to be replaced by technocrats eventually and they want a world ofregions because if you're going to have total control of people in the hallwayalien police state way that they want is well you knowthings like the hunger games they have sectors which are fenced off from theother sectors if you need to do it right into the local level if you want tocontrol and this is why you are seeing this movement of the police state goinginto communities at a lower and lower level so one area of this structure thatthey want is breaking countries up into

regions and this is one of the maps orhow they intend to break up europe european union into regions and whatthey they have plan is that regions of one country are connected into regionsin another there for destroying national sovereignty and national unity becausethey want an end to sovereignty they want an end to all of it they just wanttechnocrats bureaucrats and uniform in positions of the decisions made by thosepeople and no democrats craddock things tool now this is something calledamerica 2015 this is all connected into the agenda for agenda 21 and they havebroken up america into a series of mega regions in which they will have megacities what they call human settlement

stones which i'll get to and part ofthis agenda 21 is for an enormous color of the global population and i'm notkidding when i say call i'm talking coming down to a billion or half abillion in inner inner world now more than 7 billion there was very the in1979 these appeared in georgia they're like they called america's stonehengethat georgia guidestones they call him no one can put their finger on and wherethey came from who who was behind them and all the rest ofit they're aligned astrological aligned and there's writing of them written instone and all that stuff in different modern languages and some ancientlanguage i think including babylonian

and they call for the population ofhumanity to be maintained under 500 mil even in perpetual balance with nature adraft copy of the united nations global biodiversity assessment cause for theworld population to be reduced to someone billion and nick rockefellertold our end result when that conversation took place that thepopulation was going to be reduced by at least half whichever it is their massivereductions in population and this guy gates and his missus through the billand melinda gates melinda gates foundation are absolutely bloodyobsessed bono's mates with what they call population are reduction this isthe the image the eye again of this

international hygiene meeting or eventsin in germany and people i realized but hitler's race purity program wasorchestrated from america and britain not least through the rockefeller familywho paid for a whole floor of the german university to be occupied by earnsrouting his team earns routing was hitler's race purity expert and therockefellers who were big-time into eugenics and all this stuff they senteugenic sets verse to germany to helping promote and give them informationbacking and expertise in the program the way that they plan to call thepopulation is cumulative lee and in some ways directly the cumulative is throughvaccinations through genetically

modified food americans are awash withgenetically modified foods from genetically modified corn and stuff andthe impact on american health is quatre bloody strophic why wouldn't it be fluoride and stuff in the water hungeralso manufacture disease and radiation and also what did dumb dr. richard de se1969 euthanasia and the demise pill limiting access to affordable medicalcare makes eliminating the elderly easier we now have this liverpool carepathway where doctors are deciding often without even consulting the family whois going to have their withdrawal of food of fluids and of drugs so that theydie very quickly

it's not the care pathways the deathpathway we also have this situation in america with it the death panelsdeciding who gets driven in 20 dozen in among the bloody elderly its euthanasiathat's what it bloody is and.and here in terms of reducing thepopulation how about this first of all sperm counts in many partsof the world are plummeting why they want to reduce the population plummetingand he's a is one the third generation of rats fed genetically modified foodbecome sterile and there's a company a biotech company small one in californiacalled eposide and they came out with something called the eposide jean youknow long ago today when we started and

i was talking about praises well craziesok crazes what they did was isolate the gene that makes people sterile it is agene which if it becomes part of your genetic structure a tax sperm it attackssperm if you are male and kills him so you are sterile and any sperm enteringthe female the female that has that genetic part of its structure thenattach the sperm and kills it so they're sterile now why would you create thatwell okay i don't know but what what did they then do every site they geneticallyengineered that gene into frigging corn and then we go the next step monsanto and dupont set up a jointventure to take over the eposide gene

and commercializing and if anyone thinks that you know thisis an exaggeration involving reduction in population this is a map of america under the unconvention on biological diversity the wildlands project and it is america thatthey want to see under agenda 21 you can't read the words are doing this thered bits are for little to no human use the yellow bits are for highly regulateduse the only bits for normal use of these bits here and there that are ingreen and they have to therefore clear the land to bring this about and that'swhat they are doing

which explains so much that is going onthat people that was why they doing this i tell you why they're doing this agenda21 get him off the land there's now a rural our white houserural council which has all the government agencies including thedepartment of defense to help rural communities know it is to rid ruralcommunities of people under agenda 21 and under eco fascism what are the things they're doing iscreating more and more and more environmental regulations to make itimpossible for small farmers and small growers and small and owners to survivein the rural communities and therefore

they're destroying the royal communitiesto get them off the land they're standing in these swat teamsbloody keystone bloody cops i'm to you know treat decent peopletrying to grow organic and raw milk produced more milk and treating themappallingly brutally horrific lee and they are designed to get people off theland one santo no food shall be grown that we don't code and more and moreregulations to get people in a situation where it's impossible to continue andwho moves in the corporations to take over the land more and more we're seeingso many stores on my website recently i'm more and more people are havingtheir community gardens destroyed

because they're told it's not it in thezonal regulations even though people are hungry and get into food for nothing they're being banned from growing foodin their front garden and all the other stuff at a time of great economicchallenge and this is what dr. richard de said in 1969 growing food will bebanned by saying it isn't safe and the state corporations will control all foodproduction the supply and distribution of food we monitored so that no one cangive food to a fugitive of the system and they're also doing it by changingthe regulations to stop people great food at home so they're all these thingsare coming together so that only the

food inc big food will control the foodchain and who gets food those that conform to the system and they're doingit in other ways we're now in 2011 they had those floods in the missouri andmississippi rivers are the us army corps of engineers announced that they had toblow the levees he was on the missouri to save the people further down theriver so they blew the levees and this is what happened to theland of small farmers all around that region destroyed three weeks laterletters arrived from the government offering to buy the land through theu.s. corps of engineers or army of engineers the army corps of engineers isthat what they call it and the other

thing they're doing is taking outfreeway exits to rural communities we should be very helpful economically andwhat they doing instead is putting these corporation kind of food that centers inthe middle of bloody nowhere we have which helps basically no one and thesecommunities rural communities are dying and people are leaving and they'retaking the bloody landover they are taking out dams so that people can'tfarm anymore they are destroying or closing rural roads or they are on amassive scale taking the tarmac from roads and leaving them as gravel onmaking it more and more difficult for people to live in rural communities isall being done on purpose and this bloke

you know what he came in cameron nevermentioned it in the election and then suddenly announces he wants to sell offall the forests of britain or the state forest thats agenda 21 now because somethe the people responded he had to take a step back but he'll still go on tryingto do it if not all mastery little bit and and this big society just agendabloody 2100 what's happening in this country small farmers are going out ofbusiness on a fantastic bloody scale getting them off the land that's thebloody idea and where do they want to put them in human settlement sons theywant this kind of in by 2050 2016 and it's the world of the hunger games theywant this is in there buddy documents

they want to pack people together inhigh-rise basically prison cell size living space so all the people thosethat they don't want to call are in one place and they're clear the land ofeverything else straight off the pages of hunger games that is this is michaelbloomberg mayor of new york massive insider in all this and frontman and hehas just announced in the last few months the first phase of agenda 21 hedoesn't call it out of course our building of a hundred and sixty-fivethousand units in new york right are absolutely the specification and the waythat they are going to be built and arrange these classic agenda 21 and thespace that these apartments will cover

for each person or family is betweenthese two yellow lines they are 10 feet by 30 bloody feet classic agenda 21building regulations are being changed in places like california to stop toreduce the amount of land that is used to build buildings and by 2020 thisdirective of the european union says that all new building much use nearlyzero energy by 2020 and that means massive changes in the structure andnature of human society and living space and this is the archon world of theseare con bloodlines that i talked about no creativity humans have creativitythey have to use human creativity they don't have it and here look at that

here are some of the bloody houses thatthey're talking about for people under agenda 21 you know talk about bloodyuninspired and then one of the things that was emphasized in the hunger gameswas the high-speed train that took the competitors from the sec tours to thecapital for this you know kill to the death buddy games and high-speed trainour networks are all part of agenda 21 they want that to be the main source dothey want an end of people in cars and stuff like that i said there but they want high-speedtrains to be the the prime source of all form of transport and interestingly youknow here's the regions that they want

under agenda 21 in america one else offthe land in all these other places and you know what's the plane arrivedamerican trains just disappeared and track they just think you know basicallyheard anyone use them all is all aircraft well suddenly out of nowhere onobama announced a massive building program phase building program forhigh-speed train networks in america and when you look out where he wants tobuild them it's like placing them over a map of the agenda 21 regions of americaand then of course our of nowhere cameron announced this year the biggestrailway building program since $year victorian times with high-speed stuffand buy these high-speed networks are

happening all over europe and i tell youthis i know this for a fact that at least some probably many of the peopleapparently working for european train companies orchestrating this i speednetwork they're building don't work for the train companies they work for bloodynato is it that all that is doing the orchestrating get them off the land well get them off the land through weather manipulation we'reseeing this big-time now this is some harp the high frequency active auroralresearch project in alaska now connected to many other similar things around theworld in short it bounces radio waves of

high-power off the ionosphere in thehigher atmosphere bounces them back to earth and can do many many thingsincluding create earthquakes and piece a cake manipulate the weather i'm one ofthe telltale signs of an earthquake created artificially appears to be thesecolored lights that are . the scale colored images in the sky which precedean earthquake and this guy professor kousuke hockey expertise gps signals hesaid in the mainstream media one hour before an earthquake in japan and theone in chile in $month 2002 there were more electrons coming through theionosphere this is a very strange phenomenon well not if you're dealingwith technology that not only bounces

radio waves off the ionosphere but oftenpunches holes in the honesty what he's doing it i'm and even in the yeah even in the peyton's that was appliedfor tiger burning eastland for the original part technology mentions thisman nicolae tesla he was the her in truth the scientific genius of the 20thcentury probably the scientific genius of the 21st if he was still here what he had done is cross the bloodyline which mainstream science will not do because of all the implications forthe agenda if it does that line is to

cross the line into understanding agreater understanding of what our reality is and how you can use it tocreate all the warmth of power you need without once the technology's therewithout cost and part of that is accessing the electrical level of theuniverse where i've been talking about turning into usable warmth and power andwhat did he say if you wish to understand the universe think of energyfrequency and vibration he was making weather affects these neighbors werecomplaining to the police he was creating lightning about his home in newyork he created many bloody earthquakes with thousands of windows who arecrashing when the technology you know

what went more than he thought and likeyour kind of crazy buddy comedy film he couldn't turn the bloody thing off anorder three windows were going and he also understood how to create freeenergy like i say accessing the natural power and and sources of power in theuniverse and turning into usable it power and warmth without cost andwithout if you like carbon dioxide now the same bloody people that are sayingwe must do all this to save the world from carbon dioxide are the same peoplethat have been suppressing this technology for bloody decade afterdecade after decade now in terms of weather manipulation dr.richard de the 1969 man he actually

worked on weapon manipulation in the usmilitary during world war two and the bbc recently did a radio documentary inwhich they expose that the great flood limit the 1952 when they had 250 timesthe rainfall and it created this massive like a wave of water that came throughthe the the village cutting 35 people was actually done by the r.a.s i'm andif they call it operation cumulus also operation which doctor and it wasmanipulated on purpose is an experiment on weather manipulation it's been goingon that long and earlier here is a air us air force document to the 1996 itdescribes the artificial creation of floods hurricanes droughts andearthquakes and continues weather

modification will become a part ofdomestic and international security and could be done unilaterally it could haveoffensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes theability to generate precipitation fog storms on earth to modify space weatherand the production of artificial whether all are part of an integrated set ofmilitary technologies now of course most people most people it will now be bloodyaware my god where we bombarded this year what with chem trails lot contrailswhich disappeared condensation trails chemtrails that don't disappear if theycome out the back of these bloody aircraft they stay around and they comeout and eventually dropped to the to the

to the earth and they have strontiumthey have aluminium their barrier is acidified in water itself is certifyingthe land and it is causing tremendous impact on human health cumulativelyagain the cul but is doing something else in the harp patents andspecifications etc in the disk option of a researcher describingsummarizing what it said it said this dispersed metallic particles such asaluminium barium and strontium the main chemical ingredients of chemtrails arein greens and controls may increase the atmospheres conductivity and thereforeenhance hearts weather modification performance so it's doing that as wellso where am i going with this well i'm

going here dr. richard de 1969 the weather will bemodified and used as a weapon of war to create drought or famine a weapon of waragainst who in de jan de 21 terms a weapon of war against the small farmerslandowners and growers of the world not least in america we have had in americathis massive drought this year which has devastated small independent farmers andgrowers of course the big bloody corporations can cope with it butunlimited bloody funds when they're part of the agenda and so also in 2011 andother times we've had these extraordinary forests of tornadoes thisthread 300 in a period of three days at

one point i think it was $month 2011 andthat of course is devastating rural communities of what have you creatingtornadoes we have technology child's bloody play oh and what we had in this countrydevastating weather and floods which again has had a massive impact uponsmall farmers and growers and you know there was a report for the europeanparliament to european parliament committee in the nineteen nineties aboutharp which was actually quite good because he was saying hold on a minutewe don't like this one of the things it was saying is that heart technology hadthe ability to manipulate the jet stream

and change weather patterns well when you look at the meterillogical explanation for the great deluge in britain this summer they sayextraordinary things happen to the jet stream and instead of going away andtaking you know dropping some and going off into europe it basically starteddoing this is why we got the bloody lot and when the farmers and growerscollapse in come the big agribusiness people the network to take over the landfour cents on the dollar also we're having this devastatingimpact upon the be our population around

the world monsanto another word for bloody eviland the other part of this is to create food shortages not a future just becauseit does not there because of the the production and food shortages thatpeople simply cannot afford it doesn't so bloody expensive and control if theyeat and their hearts and minds will follow this is all part of the controlsystem that they're bringing on get them off the land three financially get themoff the land they can't afford to stay there anymore um there you go that's it there you gothis is the

this is where we're at hunger games agenda 21 or what 3.5 million onus 18.5 million vacanthomes in the united states there you go are your poor what a joke woman in 1 million pound hat makesspeech about austerity praying for starving children while sitting on agolden throne this is the dynamic between peoplepoliticians and banks these answer to the same masters thus they changelegislation to suit them and screw them this is how it works through this systemis why the government are not doing

what's right for people economically orany other way they're doing it for that which which they represent politicsbanking or other stuff one global unit as this guy won't say it again but thisguy was talking about all the satanist in banki and this guy said the system isbroken it was built this way of course it was you know i let's get this right i go to a bank yeah yeah and you lend memoney that doesn't exist and then i pay you interest on it plus the bloodyprincipal right and we get my head around that but that's what's happening they've created a system because of thedynamic of the politicians are

representing the bank's legislation hasbeen passed that allows banks to lend at least ten times what they have ondeposit fractional reserve lending so every time we borrow fifty thousanddollars from a bank um or putting $50,000 into a bank let'sput it the other way they can now led ten times that which doesn't exist toother people that come on one alone is interesting when you follow this aroundthe banking system one lone i go for alone can you believe you let me 50,000plans yes i can while you're gonna lend me i'm going to type 50,000 pounds intoyour account where's it coming from no just typing inthis no problem so okay now you've got

50,000 pounds right which which which wehave created out of nothing fresh air ok so you get it in theory these figureson your screen you see a car you like you go over here and and and you you sayi'll pay for the car you give him ten grand or five grand for the car whateverhe didn't take that money and it puts it in his bank now this bank can lend tentimes that which has come from this which was created out of bugger-all inthe first place and when you follow this through the banking system the amount ofmoney that can be created from a single loan that was out of nowhere in thefirst place is absolutely bloody fantastic these people if they wouldcharge if they were charged with

criminal activity they would have toreincarnate many times to finish the bloody sentence but instant it's worsethan that because who creates money government's create money only jonesoverwhelmingly private banks create money by issuing non-existent money callcredit thus this is how the economic cycle goesbanks issue lots of credit a boom is created in the boom people feel moreconfident because they're got lots of orders in their business and they gotjobs look safe they borrow more money accompanies borrow money for more plantand machinery people borrow money to go above a bigger house a bigger car or bigholiday or whatever what happens in the

booms people tend to get more and moreinto debt credit card all that stuff and then at the optimum . the fishing linehas gone out there now they're pulling it in they create a crisis or reason totake money out of circulation not make as many loans what they call in 2008 acredit crunch nice one and and then suddenly there's not the same amount ofmoney in circulation even non-existent stuff i'm to create the economicactivity that was created before so suddenly people can't buy as many things people don't sell as many thingsand therefore businesses start to shed workers or go out of business peoplecan't pay their mortgages so they lose

their homes and the banks that i'vecreated this situation by lending money that doesn't exist plus interest then get all that wellthat does exist as they call in loads of collateral and this is how overcenturies fishing line out fishing line back they have hijacked the real wealthof the bloody world and the rothschilds and massively behind this in the bankingsystem this is nathan rothschild the man who was responsible for building up therothschild empire in britain i cannot what puppet is placed upon the throne ofengland to rule the empire which the sun never sets the man who controlsbritain's money supply controls the

british empire and i control the britishmonies supply and if you have one single currency whoever controls that moneysupply controls the bloody world that's the idea and if you control the banksand you control the central banks and you control the reporting of thefinancial industry you stitch the whole bloody thing up in 2008 when the crashhappened i said that three things would happen first of all there was the crash of 2008that happened then that said there's a problem to governments throw fantasticamounts of borrowed money credit at the perpetrators that banks until theyfinancial barrels are empty were there

and then at some point they want tocrash the economy again on a massive scale to create a situation where thereis a complete transformation of the financial system in the way that theywant to create it and it will be based on a world central bank they're alreadytalking about it which would dictate all global finance what are they doing inthe european union stepping-stones totalitarian tiptoe they're saying as aresult of the financial crisis in europe which these are created we must have centralized control of allthe banking of europe and then you look at the people who are coming forward tosolve the problem and when we had the

crash in 2008 bush the bush treasury secretary washank paulson who come a few years earlier from goldman sachs where he waschief executive officer i'm the new head of the european central bank is mariotadraggy mario draghi is a former employee of goldman sachs the guy currentlyunelected and running italy mario monti is hey former executive of goldman sachsand former executive of goldman sachs is like saying former agent of the bloodycia they never are so all this money was hosed at the banking system and in thatway a banking crisis became a government crisis because now the money's comingfrom the government to the banks and the

government's are then making it a peoplecrisis example watches happened i thought it was a banking crisis nowthey're taking everything away austerity programs agenda 21 that's what it's allabout i'd see what they want is a singlecurrency that's what they want so the euro was never an end in itself it wasalways a stepping stone to the single currency all the euro is is a stalkinghorse which has been used to delete the multi currencies of europe is deletedthe gilders deleted the mark is deleted the lira but it's not an end in itselfit's a a way of deleting all those independent currencies and they wanteventually the euro might be tomorrow

but they want the euro to disappear sothe world currency can come forward i'm and people like george soros one ofthe demo cons and a rothschild frontman and he and the vatican has called forworld central bank and a world government all the rest of it the imfwhich is just another agency of the bloodlines is now taking over control ofcountries like ireland and others on the basis of this this economic crash which has been manipulated andagain no heart no empathy consequences for people consequences for familiesconsequences for children they couldn't give a shit because they have no empathyand what we are seeing all over europe

is this gathering economic situationbecause it's manipulated for a specific end britain is now 1 trillion pounds in debtand the more and more debt people or countries get into the more and morecontrol the giveaway to others america has just passed sixteen trilliondollars in debt in truth it's bloody bankrupt and it's being donesystematically i've been saying this for years america is being used to destroy americaeconomically and militarily any country that cared about the people in a massiveeconomic crisis would not be spending

trillions on the bloody military andwars in different parts of the world but it ain't the american military it'sthe cabal's military being used to orchestrate the campaign of acquisitionfor the khabar therefore they just using america's economy too bloody pay for itand the idea of destroying america is if you have superpowers that the economicand military might to say no to your world government you do not have a worlddictatorship so destroying superpowers is absolutely crucial to this worlddictatorship that they want to bring in are in the process of bringing in andthen there's these bloody our credit rating agencies moody's standard &poor's and fitch they were the buggers

that gave triple-a ratings to totalshite that actually helped massively to cause the crash of 2008 now the creditrating countries are bringing my hem on the media are saying all this troublefor this trouble at mill for portugal the credit ratings agencies a damn breaktheir planning on writing safe people out of the pranks were gonna say it'sall a scan and this is this is the hunger games world agenda 21 world isunfolding and and you know it's great that people are challenging this thingwith the protesters stuff where you need to go get more than that they need toget streetwise because in the end this world government structure of fascistcontrol it's not bothered about what the

form of control is it just wants tocontrol so it's quite happy for independent bank's and biotech sand andan energy companies to be brought together under so-called governmentcontrol under like all the all wells minute ministries so that have a minuteof world ministry of oil a world ministry of biotech the world healthorganization created by the rock charles in the rockefellers by the way i'm wouldbecome the world health ministry controlling all pharmaceutical stuff andand often what have you what passes stylefor these people i'm and therefore that we've got to be street wise that when weif we see this is happening we don't say

yeah get the banks and all that stuffbecause we'll be cheering for the next stage of control treated more than it isnow we've got to get streetwise other things too quick aside there is amassive massive problem in the background of gold that ain't bloodygold that's actually gold-covered tungsten which is counted as gold andwhen that bloody comes home to roost that's a massive impact on the economyas well i'm and you're talking about you know the economy and debt this is what this is about debt iscontrol so let's get young people up to their neck in debt massive debt whichthey then spend the rest of their life

paying off just to be bloody programmed with thesystem's version of events this is a great list this is what youlearn from school truth comes from or authority intelligence is the ability toremember and repeat accurate memory and repetition are rewarded non-complianceis punished conform intellectually and socially this guy hl mencken said theaim of public education is not to spread enlightenment tall it is simply toreduce as many individuals as possible to the same self level to breed astandard citizenry to put down descent and originality and there was a studythere was a study at the william and

mary are college in virginia where theystudied the personality changes as people went through school they foundthis a massive decline in creativity as children have become less emotionallyexpressive less energetic less talking even verbally expressive less humorousless imaginative less unconventional less lively compassionate lessperceptive less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things dots are lesssynthesizing and less likely to see things from a different angle that'swhat they found happens is people go further and further into system and nowthey want to create their take this system and they want to make the kidspay for it with debt for much of the

rest of their lives right now is mysuggestion is my question what do you want to bloody do it for what do youwant to do it for what do you want to go through this system and have them tellyou what you must think about every bloody thing if you don't tell the exampaper what he's told you to believe that you won't pass why is it the done thing that you you gothrough school kitty kitty and then you you then haveto go to university oh yes you go to university that's whatyou have to do all you've got a chance to go to university and you're nottaking it all your crazy oh i'm not

speaking to you anymore and i'm yourfather for all this bollocks right well and i and i see i see these um theseprotests of young people and students in london and stuff over the everincreasing fees that are being charged to get ever-increasing get there forcontrol of young people at the earliest possible stage in their lives and i seethem do their protests and all that stuff and that's great when they gotback to bloody college and university the only way it's gonna change that theyrefused the bloody go don't take part in the system now when i say well i won't get a good jobbut i got the university our university

students a package challenge insupermarkets surely you have the the the creativeability to create a life without going through this friggin sausage machine cool on we can do this we don't need thebloody system perception control this is this is amajor things going on there creating an electromagnetic sub reality to talk twohours within the frequency of human brainwave and electromagnetic activityand this is what these are a bow first of all america britain anyone elselistening we need a massive no compliancerebellion against these freaking things

watch the word smart be regular smart isthe buzzword of agenda 21 it talks about smart meters smart grids smart citieshuman settlement owns smart growth smart drugs smart freakin ass that's when itwhen he's trying to outsmart agenda 21 birder and what is this bloody old thing this is in their own bloody documentsnot bloody you know sitting in a darkened room working this out but hetelling you this is a plan to create eventually a global smart grid and whatthe smart meters are as part of the smart grid they create in effect aelectromagnetic internet wireless internet in your home very very bad forhealth especially the young and also

it's about not only picking upinformation from your home and delivering that information to essentialsource but also are bringing information into your home within the human brainwave and electromagnetic frequencies to speak to you subconsciously and deliveryou with the perceptions that they won let's look at this this is our it's eid a director david petraeus in aspeech he made or talkie talked about the internet of things this is what hesaid items of interest will be located identified monitored and remotelycontrolled through technologies such as radio frequency identificationmicrochips sensor networks tiny embedded

servers and energy harvesters allconnected to the next generation of internet you're using a abundantlow-cost in high-power computing that would transform the art of spying andallow people to be monitored and automatically automatically withoutplanting bugs or direct infiltration he said that this involved new technologieswhich added processes and web connections to previously homeappliances are like fridges ovens lighting systems remember that for asecond this is known as the internet of thingspetraeus's confirmed that people would be watched through televisions these areall wells telly screens so the idea of

the smart meters is to create this editthis energetic environment this information environment which isdelivering information about you to the authorities and delivering informationfrom the authorities at the subconscious level to speak to you the smart grid iswatching you and the idea then is to connect these grids in differentcountries into a global grid they talk about in their documents and you know onjust the the health dangers alone especially to children this is the american academyenvironmental medicine the board of am opposes the installation of smart metersin homes and schools based on scientific

assessment of the current medicalliterature which raises credible questions about genetic concealereffects hormonal effects male fertility s blood-brain barrier damage andincreased risk of certain types of cancers from rf or e.l.f levels similarto those emitted from smart meters the board find it unacceptable from a publichealth standpoint to implement this technology until theseserious medical concerns a result we consider a moratorium of installation ofwhy the smart meters to be an issue of the highest importance ignored becausewhy it's the agenda for agenda 21 this lady thought she'd go green she doesn'thave to quite yet with a worthy but they

wanted to very short in america withthese green anything but bolts which are now being imposed upon us in europe ofcourse and other places around the world and she thought she'd buy some of thesethings these bulbs have got mercury in them and she put one in your daughter'sbedroom and it broke so she called home depot and ask them what she should doand they said well you better call the state authorities and they'll tell youand they told her she had to employ this private company to come and clean up herdaughter's bedroom of this contamination from mercury and it cost her twothousand dollars for one light bulb and if you look at the british health adviceand regulations for these things when

they break its do everything butevacuate your bloody home it is ludicrous these mercury bulbs are goingto go and are going on to you know open plenty of rubbish sites and tips andthey're gonna break of course they are and that the mercury is going to get inthe groundwater supplies and all that stuff and we're talking billions andbillions that are used around the world i'm and the other thing about thisyou're that is that is a transmitter of information that's where that is outi'll tell you what i mean i'm red flag when any authority doesn't say weencourage you to use these but says no no you are going to use these because wegonna ban the bloody alternative that's

what they've done with these bolts andbecause when they do that is the agenda i and when it's the agenda is more thanwhat seems to be the case and it's always about human controlling and oftenincreasingly destroying human health the woodpecker signal came about things inthe nineteen seventies came to light and it was a signal that the soviet unionwas broadcasting into america and they call it the woodpecker signal because itwas going ratatat ratatat like a like a woodpecker and what it was doing wasdelivering subliminal information into america to affect the perceptions ofamericans i'm and these two guys dr. robert becker an expert in nuclearengineering dr. michael persinger of the

laurentian university in canada anexpert in extremely low frequency radiation they made a study of thepotential of electromagnetic mind control this is what the smart metersare electromagnetic mind control dr. beck told to cybertronicsassociation conference in 1979 that long ago that human subjects exposed tocertain lf field patterns reported sensations of uneasiness depression andforeboding he said that he had measured the russianwoodpecker signal and found it was acting like gangbusters right in thewindow of human psycho activity exactly get in there by going on the samefrequency the bloody brain works on now

here's the point he said the signal waspart of the woodpecker signal is permeating power grids in the unitedstates it was being picked up by power lines are irradiated and it was cominginto homes on the light circuits now that was doing that in a light circuitelectrical system that was not purpose-built for the job the smart meters and the smart grids ofpurpose-built deliverers of subliminal information into every home business that is involved in them if wedon't say no to this they might as well put our bloody handsout and get the shackles on c'mon in

are all the things these bloody lightsdo to people not gonna be bloody good got a hotel with him in i never put himon which when you're bloody do you can't read anything they're rubbish becausethat's not what we're here to do under this radiation of gender look at that isthat's five minute 15 minutes rather phone call on these bloody things when iput phone calls on one of the most lethal parts of the electromagneticspectrum is bloody lunacy but it's not if you know what they're trying to do sowhat they we see with all these transmitters and staff is there creatinga sub reality an electromagnetic field information field to feed us informationand another level of the fake reality is

what's happening and what it's doing islocking into the electromagnetic field because that's what it iselectromagnetic phenomena and it's coming through to affect the holographiclevel because if you distort the electromagnetic field you distort theholographic level in terms of health on this guy michael persinger again andneuroscientist the laurentian university in canada said this absolutely right forthe first time in our evolutionary history we have generated an entiresecondary virtual densely complex environment and electromagnetic soupthat essentially overlaps the human nervous system exactly this is whatwe're looking at this is this is this is

the paddle stores in shit creek welooking at here finding out what was bloody at me so we can do somethingabout it the radiation of gender i've been looking at this for 30 years ticking off the sources of radiation asthey just compound on top of each other and one of the things that are theeuropean parliament report said about haarp is that it was punching holes inthe ionosphere and and allowing cosmic radiation in that shouldn't be gettingin and you then got the smart meters you've got the electricity grid you gotthe phones you got the wi-fi and then you've got all the bloody spent uraniumis coming in the weapons in all these

bloody wars they're dropping are thesebombs dropping around old and you get all these geneticeffects horrible genetic effects in the next generation because of thedistortion of the dna yes distortion of the genetic structure and then you'vegot fukushima i'm not gonna go into this now but it's in my last but remember whoyou are i have no way for machinima was a bloody accident no way and look at itever since it's been pouring ridiculous amounts of radiation into the atmosphereand maybe there's another reason for that because you know what people saywho researched this but only get as far as the five cents level they say but whywould these people poison their own

atmosphere well the people that entities behindthis are not like us they want control of the planet they cannot i'm come herefor long because there are vibrational and atmospheric reasons why they can'tstay and that's why they need the bloodlines middle men and women what if a big what if i say that they'retrying to change the atmosphere and they have these bombs all over the worldthese nuclear bombs called nuclear power stations and i talked to a lady in thenineteen nineties at length a lady called dr. kitty little she was anoxford on getting on in years at the

time and she was had been massivelyinvolved in the nuclear industry government level and stuff for variousinstitutions and she told me at the time she said you know the rock child wereabsolutely the people that draw in nuclear power they were the ones thatmade it happen and if the rothschilds do it there is an agenda for human controlor human negative effects because that's all they did he do so what about if they're changing theatmosphere and done another thing they say people say is why would they destroytheir own planet well

this planet's differences the ones thatthey operate on these bloodlines are the ones that are destroying the freakinplanet these are the corporation's destroyingrainforests people like monsanto destroying massively species diversityso we're becoming a monoculture the planet is being killed by these peoplethe organic planet is being killed by the inorganic monsanto was replace allnatural crop seed varieties worldwide with genetically modified species theyare creating the gmo super weeds which are creating mayhem this is the archon world what thecorporations are doing to the rain

forests and the bloody greens or to turntheir bloody heads and at this a part of the agenda and not be diverted away fromthis bollocks which is being orchestrated by the people doing thisit's interesting that said they could they talk about the grim reaper in termsof genetically modified food the grim reaper yet saturn there's monsanto whatthey do this guy michael taylor ease and the monsanto executive and then he movesto a government agency that supposed to be policing monsanto and then moves backto monsanto and now he moves back to government they're supposed to bepolicing monsanto and now this guy this croc is in charge in effect of theentire united states food policy and

he's either frontman from monsanto thereyou go gmo what is it doing its genetically modifying us and if yougotta and the medical health archive and look up genetic rouletteit's a documentary about the effect of gm on human genetics it is absolutely amust watch so perception control our agenda 21 giving us all this crack isnot only poisoning us know that's part of the culture community poisoning ourbut it's also destabilizing again you know we see all the shite here butactually it's distorted in formation is distorting the way thehuman form to coach reality and interact with reality so that we are more andmore are creating a distorted reality

not seeing things in clarity is like acomputer that's malfunctioning with their putting fluoride in the water whywould they bloody do that part of the agenda that's why this is fluoride aningredient in prozac sarin nerve gas rack . wrote poisons and pesticides anascetic agnostic and psychiatric drugs and it doesn't stop tooth decay and thisis from the web site of one of the companies that sell those fluoride forwater fluoridation this is what it says about fluoride elise own website as manyother examples of this with other companies that do it fluoride is used in the manufacture ofeffervescent steel and the smelting and

refining of light metals which is alsoused in fluoridation of drinking water as a wood preservative and it easypreservative and insecticide a protective coating of metals are pickledpastilles and other metals are flux for soldiering and welding as well as a fluxand pacifier for ceramic glass and porcelain enamel they're putting it inthe bloody water they putting it in the two-faced that's what it's doing withflora so the fluorosis but why would any sane people who care about humanity beputting the bloody waste products from the aluminium industry into drinkingwater and two-faced they would be doing it if they an agenda for the mentalemotional physical suppression of

humanity that's why they would do it anddump them some research is pointing to the fact that fluoride when it'sconnected with the aluminium in chem trails create something called aluminiumfluoride which has been connected to masturbation and dementia and this guydr. dean burke 34 years at the national cancer institute number erica said in point of fact fluoridecauses more human cancer death and it causes it faster than any other chemicalthink call agenda and it calcifies the pineal gland which takes into otherlevels of reality and now they're openly talking about putting lithium in thedrinking water which will make us happy

and love our servitude exactly is theoldest actually talked about in brave new world and this is how they're doingit because big farmer connects into the same bloody force as the secretsocieties satanism and the political structure thus they all work as one unitand it's the same with the world health organization and the pharmaceuticalcartel they all work as one and therefore they come together to say it'sgreat to poison the immune system of babies and very small children while theimmune system is still forming because then the immune system will never everbe as effective through their lives as it would have been left to its owndevices and this guy bill gates watch

him like a bloody whore with fieldglasses on but this guy is involved in everything in terms of funding throughthe bill and melinda gates foundation that is the agenda if fundingvaccinations around the bloody developing world on a massive scale outfunding things and promoting climate change being real putting sulfur in thebloody atmosfera nipple 8b on behalf of saving the bloody planet we need savingfrom bill starting gates in my view and he's massively is obsessed withpopulation control and now he's getting in with monsanto and bloody bono andthese people but bloody genetically modified food with these vaccines inplaces like africa because we have to

have genetically modified food becausethen we can feed the world no we can't we will start the world because itdestroys the soil it destroys the crops and it destroys genetic diversity theyare and they are unbelievably are in terms of scale drugging the young of theworld finding more and more reasons to give them drugs attention deficitdisorder uh i've got an answer to that givensomething interesting to do or let them express their own uniqueness now given the drug i had i attentiondeficit disorder when i was a school was called being cool being bloody stiff bywhat you're trying to tell me i had a

few offer it daydreaming out the windowno drug necessary and all this is in brave new world it's all a long plan allthese guys or lay your go bloody mad and this is the other agenda they want tokind of drug people and poison people but there are other people with a mindof their own but actually can see this and trying to avoid it with organic foodand with alternative methods of healing with alternative supplements that thefood no longer gives us and the authorities like the eu and the food anddrug administration and american all these bloody crooks they're all frontagencies for the biotech and pharmaceutical cartel and they aredestroying the opposition and they're

doing something more they're destroying any alternative tothe to the corporate system because they want everybody in there no exceptionsand and and you know i the last time i saw a doctor i passed him in the bloodystreet alright i do i don't know i'm walked onand and you know i go to a a guy called mike lambert at the shed clinic on theisle of wight freaking genius when it comes to healing and and you know i feelbloody great me absolutely great and i said i don't take their selling drugs anybody anybody wants to have a wordwith a bloody healing genius

jen clinic either whitewright alreadyrecommended now the fabian society was actually named after a roman generalcalled fabulous and his claim to fame was never having battles with the enemythat could prove decisive either way his method of taking over was to weaken andweekend and weaken the enemy over a period of time and then when they wereso weak to resist then move in that is precisely what the system is doing it'smaking those weaker and weaker wobble people that go with it at the motherweaker and weaker by the food we eat the water we drink by the electromagneticfields that we come into by economic suppression and manipulation all thesethings are being done to weaken and

weekend and weaken the target populationfabulous style so eventually they think they can just walk in when we too weakto resist that's the bloody idea physical controlour get through this pretty quick physical control ok major aspect ofphysical job take over the country's this is not a map it's a wish list sowish list of countries in north africa and the middle east and the near eastwhich they are picking off one after the other maybe i now they're into syria thatstarting trouble in lebanon though in iraq there in afghanistan of course theywant iran and what they're doing is

they're finding different excuses topick off different countries because they have to find different excuses orpeople might think that there's a pattern here and this is a what libya look like in 2007 this is what thesame street looks like in 2011 this is libya hey you are free and thisis what happens when you pepper bomb cities to protect civilians fromviolence and what happened i got a brief alreadygaddafi and all that stuff but um that's not the point what happened was that they've got thissystem where they want to target someone

so what they do is they fund and trainrebels covertly and they bloody armor and and then they get the rebels tostart shooting at government targets political response media response thenthe government starts shooting back at the rebels political response they're shooting and killing your ownpeople media response the same oh we've gotta send people in humanitarian and inconde de facto bloody world army nato dropping bombs everywhere and nowthey're doing the same bloody syria but a syrian civil war is a mercenary bloodywar that's what that is you know nato bloody weapons there in the boxes forhim and you know you know the this

america neocon organization the projectfor a new american century um it's a it was behind the bushadministration and in two thousand september 2000 before the bushadministration came in it produced a document our which called for our theincoming bush administration in america to fight quote multiple theaters of warand in places like libya and syria and all these countries but it said inthe document in september 2000 but this process of transformation this takeoverof country after country i was likely to be a long one absent some catastrophicand catalyzing event like a new pearl harbor one year to the month after thatdocument was published nine months after

the same people came to power in thebush administration united states had what bush called our pearl harbor and asa result they justified the targeting of all the countries that were in thatdocument this is a man called general wesley clark and he said this in atelevision interview that this is this is not god's gift to pc though he ledthe nato attacks in the former yugoslavia but he said in the televisioninterview in 2007 but i'm immediately immediately after nine eleven he wastold that a coup was being plotted by dick cheney vice president then i'm donrumsfeld defense secretary paul wolfowitz defense secretary deputy andwhat he called a half a dozen other

collaborators from the project for thenew american century that included an invasion of iraq six weeks later he saidhe was back with a guy and he saw the same officer he said why don't weattacked iraq are we still going to attack iraq and this officer said to him this is again you know after nine elevensix weeks so it's worse than that the officer pulled up a piece of paperoffice desk and said i just got this memo from the secretary of defense'soffice it says we're going to attack anddestroy the government's in seven countries in five years we going tostart with iraq and then we're going to

move to syria lebanon libya somaliasudan and he ran and clark said the aim of the plot was they wanted to stable iwanted us to destabilize the middle east turn it upside down and make it underour control and that is the agenda that's been followed and all theseexcuses to pick off country ever country are just that bloody excuses and ofcourse one of the things they want is to get tothe to the china and russian border they want a third world war with china andrussia so within their documents for ages and so what we're seeing are thesepeople going through the middle east using different excuses to pick offtheir target countries you know our

america stands for freedom we want toprotect brazilians we only care about peace i only kid in only get it she's hillary speaking no i just love itoh yes i love it syria next killer or love it they are that's bloody nature ergo likethat so we look at here and we look at iran and this is how many wars they haveinstigated or 14 second world war actually that's how many that instigatedof instigated for about 240 years this is how many of the usa has fought withbritain in $year in tag most of the bloody time since the second world war

these are american bases around iranwho's threatening who wanders the iranians are just the same as you and me people just want to get on with theirlives and their families and all the rest of it but let's demonize themthat's demonizing let's bomb why we're no art wheel of death these bloodypilate's doing all this stuff violent extremist you're looking a bloody mirrorlook at him talk about inversion the bloody terrorist fighting terrorism ilove it war is peace slavery is freedom acurrency strengths what is that our contact in version it's all that bloodymovie that we're coming through and and

it's all leading up to world war 3 i'mnot going to go into this in bloody detail that because of time butrothschild zionism which is actually not about jewish people it's about a secretsociety created and instigated and controlled by the rough charged that thejewish people is used as the bloody front to cover the real thing aboutrothschild zionism which is a bloody secret society and part of the khabarbut the rothschilds you know named after sat and all this stuff they built theknesset they built the supreme court building and that they do is that theyanyone that challenges roster the rothschilds and watch out sign is aminute agenda they are called

anti-semitic and all this stuff as thislady says anti-zionism is not anti-semitism and even bloody orthodoxjewish rabbis is saying the bloody same you don't have to be a jewish to be azionist that's what joe biden said absolutely don't most bloody great youknow zionists in america a christian bloody zionist leaving bloody armageddonand you get orthodox jews that absolutely opposed i anism you knowanother jew again sign is i'm jewish and i want israel to start killingpalestinians jews against the up patient these are wonderful jewish youngpeople that reduce these are he's a wonderful jewish young people refused toserve in the military and do this the

palestinian bloody kids that's what weneed how many people know that this is goingon between jewish people and armitage energized hey how many people know this is goingon this is the dynamic between a country of300 plus million and one of less than 8 million why because the rothschild arethe the controllers of israel and their controllers of the usa on a differentends on the same bloody body and install this money was handed by america toisrael it ain't going to the rank-and-file israelis species 400,000people on the streets of of israel last

year because of their economic situationto people at least have set fire themselves employee protest on what webloody need so much is for the people of israel who are being suppressed by theirbloody a hierarchy come together in common cause with palestinians andamericans and british and australians and africans are being suppressed bytheir hierarchy and realize that all those iraqis arethe same freaking i rocky let's come together is their worst bloody nightmare this is why america and israel workersone unit of both controlled by the same bloody lot is why he won't say a word orany other president when this mayhem and

slaughter is going on what's happeningin palestine is freaking genocide no other word for it genocide the systematic and widespreadextermination or attempted extermination of an entire national racial religiousor ethnic group this is rothschild zionism this is rothschild zionist sawhis buddy this all the time palestinian homes of are oftenregenerations bulldoze to make way for these bloody fanatics on these bloodyare crazies in the military and government yeah i'm going to build a war will wantto take the land no one's going to say

anything she's bloody israel told by therock charles no one says no to the roc chart they know that consequences hey palestinian children's playground wewanted for our war genocide bloody genocide this is palestinian land thegreen in 90 4690 4790 67 today genocide the systematic and widespreadextermination attempted extermination of an entire national racial religious orethnic group this is going on before our eyes we never did happen again we'rewatching it happen again the bloody zion bloody olympics dobloody jerusalem's i on this is not even about jewish people and the benefitsthey were hung out to dry employee

germany that we hung out to dry againwhenever it suits these people that's the bloody thing the elephant in theliving room of people are terrified talking about it because all theanti-defamation league of these rothschild fronts jump on your auntiesemi races i've tried it with me when you're sayingwe're all were all infinite awareness having an experience and the geneticspaceship is fucking irrelevant well it's very difficult to make itstick and even if it does i'll gladly given so we have this and we have this and yetwe must be scared of here and personally

i / tight ira biggest more likely weshould be scared of america and britain myself i'm a rough child's i anism wantto take us to the rogers & rogers i want to text into the third world war i mightbe saying this for years and of course armageddon is supposed to come out ofthe middle east third world war that that always all about death and thesewere invariant all of the watchtowers is in the project the new american centurythat orchestrated all this country after country takeover but this guy albertpike was a high freemason in america and he wrote a letter it said someone saysforgery them at our faith might gotta tell you what these fakes and forgeriesdone off telling detail with hindsight

history that's actually turn out to betrue i'm albert pike letter to his fb mazzini in 1871 he talked about threeworld wars coming so that they can each one would go towards eventually takingover the world and he talked about the first world war and the second world warnow the second world war would create a homeland for what he called politicalzionism and then he said this about the third world war the third world war mustbe fermented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agilent or ofthe illuminati the network the bloodlines between the political zionistisrael in other words and leaders of the islamic world the war must be conductedin such a way that islam the muslim

arabic world and political scientist inthe state of israel because they knew that was coming even then mutuallydestroy each other mean what note that mutually destroy each other are youlistening people of israel meanwhile the other nations once moredivided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point ofcomplete physical moral and spiritual and economical exhaustion and then hewas pointing out but then they would move in and say we can save everythingbut you have to do what we say and they have to do what the way we say it and ifit becomes a nuclear war then changing the atmosphere is another a bonus veryquickly physical control to this is the

police state this is the world of agenda 21 that theywanted bring if we've been allowing and weshouldn't i mean in terms of numbers we reach our army crikey it's a no contestdivide-and-rule stops is doing it i'm and what we've reached this point inphysical control where he has a kill list which the people have been killedwithout trial the judicial process or anything ikan um you know murder people in effectwith without recourse and you may have seen i've seen it all over the world howthe nature of police has changed i call

it recruiting the crazies what they'vebeen doing for decades now is recruiting laura enforcement all around the worldwritten as well not on the basis of whether they can do the job for thebenefit of the community is they used to do many of them do and many i'm stilltry to do it with a real system is a nightmare for them trying you knowsomebody decent police matter leaving police officers are leaving you can'tstand the game systems coming because the crazies are taking it over and whatthey've been doing is recruiting on the basis of personality type rather thanability to do the job and they the personality types they want arenarcissists psychological condition

characterized by preoccupation self lackof empathy and unconditional deficits and self-esteem and psycho-pass of aperson with an antisocial personality disorder manifested in aggressive urgentcriminal or immoral behavior and this is the common theme without empathy orremorse and that's why you're seeing the change in personality so dramatically inlaw enforcement around the world and and we get in a situation this guy brandonrule all he did was right on it was his twitter one of these social networksfacebook whatever i'm about you know certain things about the the new worldorder 911 he didn't like gets picked up and taken away to a psychiatric hospitaland he would probably still be there if

there wasn't this massive public outcryand help from a civil rights organization that sort of email egocommitting more crimes happily retired committing war crimeswins peace prize exposing war crimes considered terrorists and i'm withseeing all this stuff coming in and all the ladies drones in the sky and allthis stuff around within space and i jacking the internet and themicrochipping agenda that's coming in are stepping stone style with theelectronic to tattoo as they call it and stuff and you know using barcodes forbabies instead of names and i love this one up and you you take the bloodytablet and he's got a microchip in it

stage one patient takes pill and hasbeen modified to contain edible microchip to after pill to swallow chip is activated by stomach fluidssending signal on patch to arm for receiver transmits intimate informationto mobile telling patient when next dosage improvise lol darter what youknow normally generous the gender is that people will be drugged and theywill be technologically are monitored with were looking a little bit furtherin the future now but this is the agenda and they will be mother electronicallytell technologically monitor to make sure they have the drug and that is thebrave new world of suppression by

medication one quick thing before wemove on i'm just about on time transhumanism their transhumanism isso-called enhancing the human form with technology or you can be a superman wellwhat is what is this our contact force this oncotic force is a sizable force itis a robotic force it doesn't have creative imagination stuff like wehumans have and what they want to do just as they're destroying the planetorganic nature is they want to turn us into them and destroy our creativeabilities and to turn us into cyborgs that's what transhumanism is all aboutand so all these different things go into the same thing

shit creek this has been the adil stores and just very quickly whatyou bet people have been listening to today in their various places around theworld on as taken the subliminal into the conscious and that means that anyonelistening to this will be far more difficult to manipulate and scam afterthis point because what has been subliminal is coming to the consciousmind i'll give you a quick example are some people might have seen this becauseit's not you know it sits around quite a bit but if you haven't seen it there aresubliminal is very clear subliminals if you know where they are in these twopictures and most people who have not

seen them before will not be able to see them aboutninety-five percent well for those who can't see them that says sex there andthat says sex there now now i pointed out where they are i've taken the subliminal into theconscious mind from now on every time you see that picture the subliminal youcouldn't see before will be the first thing you see and that's what happenswhen you bring this information to the surface about what's going on thelanguage of symbols and

for people that haven't seen thosepictures before there you go first thing you seeconscious mind this is why getting this information to the service is soimportant so very quickly i'm the idea that all that i've talkedabout in this section alone is being orchestrated by men and women in darksuits around the table is moody christmas that's just the playout levelit's much deeper into the rabbit hole we have to believe we have no power we haveto forget that we are infinite consciousness having an experience thatwe become one of them and you know i say this finally in this section of peoplewho think that you can escape from it by

being spiritual and eating organic foodand and meditating all that not knocking any of that be my guest but this is whathappens to people in china that we're doing that the falun gong people theydon't want people to wake up there with people to go into other levels ofreality and realize what's bloody going on so they were at being trip irhythmically attacked abuse than slaughtered and and tortured as a resultof simply wanting to be what we would call that the basic new-age type of lifeand so i say to new ages and people like that you say is negative this is turnaround and face it now while we're still in a situation we can turn this aroundor face it then that's your choice

so where do we go from here we bloodyawaken

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