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Kamis, 13 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Coloring With Sweetie Belle

My Little Pony Coloring With Sweetie Belle

thanks, ma. who are they, pa? get inside, john. he's hurt. let us in. - i'll tendto him.- i'll tell the sheriff. the cheaters' gang is over with.this time you lose. - cheaters never lose. never!- get out. kill them!it'll make for a nice memory! - get your colt.- never! don't do it!

go, molly! you were lucky, john luke. you dodged the cheaters' gang. and no one ever dodges a cheater. believe me, you're...very lucky, john luke! you beat death! you're lucky! you're... you're... lucky luke! got it already.

''american hero''... lucky luke! captain mac straggle, 20th cavalry. colonel mac straggle has a messagefrom the president of the usa. thank the presidentfor checking in on me... but i'm on vacation. he says he's on vaca... there's no vacationfor heroes of the west. kid, i know your father well.

he knows i stick to my guns. he says i stick... i'm going to tease pikeout of the klondike. tell the presidenti have an extra rod. you can tell him yourself,boy scout! we lead in 2 statesand are neck and neck in the others. i won't lose the election! this transcontinental railroadis the answer. with the coasts linked,

america will exist. shortly, sir.the new york-san francisco line will connect in golden cityin 3 months. that's too long. we have to finishbefore the elections next month. the tracks will daisy town. - daisy town?-that's crazy! -too dangerous.- we should burn it down! destroy daisy town!

whoever harms my pretty daisyanswers to me. don't get him wrong. the daisy townwhich luke remembers was heaven on earth. mr. maurice austin cooper, governor of utah! president... gentlemen... pardon my being sentimental, but...

i'm recalling how on july 2, 1831 , i came from ireland on the same boat as his father. the lukes tilledthe red soil of daisy town, where our cattle grazed in peace. but nowadays... the area is infested with desperados and indians.

you know me, winston. if i were you... but you're not. not yet. let me finish this term and maybe even another. here, cooper. in 3 weeks i'll drive in this spiketo inaugurate the last section. - mr. president, don't do it!- it's insane. i want mr. luke to establish orderin daisy town.

do you accept this mission? yep. how long will it taketo establish order? 48 hours. cigarette, anyone? still not smoking? i have an apatchi. still not smoking! he quit!

take care, coop. you're not obligedto go back to daisy town. that place is full of ghostsfor you. i'll speak to the president. i gave him my word. think it over. i'm not made for thinking. it's him, miss! lucky luke! that's enough kids.

stay here. be good. here! i love you! you're too lucky, lucky luke! way too lucky! you're lucky, john luke. very lucky! you dodged the cheaters'gang. you're lucky. you're...

birthplace of lucky luke boots, size 54. andfor the horse? rain coming. up, you maggots!and in single file! you never get sickof filling up jails? lucky luke,the man who never killed anyone. you never got overseeing your parents die. that cod-face of yoursgot a name?

pat poker. welcome to my town. missed. alas, you're unwelcome in mine. how did you dothe 5-dollar bill trick? lousy. leave my office. daisy town bodes ill for sheriffs. the soil is red with their blood.

before it gets red with yours, bet on blackand get lost before nightfall. expect a gift from me tomorrow. you alright with death? tomorrow i clean house. john! it's flimsey. remember? down here, john.

in the barrel. flimsey? flimsey the bug! what the heck? we're glad to see you! - get out.- you crazy? want them to kill me? tell everyone it's over now. time to come out of hiding.

poker won't let his gang go to jail. he hired a bad-ass banditto smoke you. who's the fat vat? my wife. no one's getting smoked, ma'am.pleasedto meet you. billy the kid city! end of the line!time to die! billy the kid's in town! i'm worth 5000 dollars! good lolly, mr. billy!

not mister. just billy. billy the kid. like you. so long, lilly. don't share with your brother! thanks for the ride! bam! got the old hag! don't move, you hear? you neither!

don't move! the boss is waiting. drop the gun, q-tip. start walking and keep them up. so? got my money, wizard? andthe bird's unharmed. how much did your hendrop from its ass? - 15,000.- billy the kid...

kill lucky luke for 15,000 dollars? you're right. 10,000. lucky luke sent me to reform schoolwhen i was 7. and i'd done nothing wrong. i thought you'd killed your parents. exactly. i'd done nothing wrong. so i came to kill lucky lukefor personal reasons.

i'll pick up my moneyonce he's dead. you offendatedmeby implying i could be bought. and get me some cherry juice! next time, i want cherry juice! he's coming! barber street! gentlemen? i assume you know the way to jail. yep... sometimes life can get prickly.

fourteen... pistol pete. go on... fifteen... rattlesnakejoe. so, hank, what's up with you? goldie. digger's daughter? pregnant with our 6th.

you're not lonesome, cowboy. stop by sometime! next time, bud. won't be no next time. i like you, billy.don't make me hurt you. pretty lousy last words...for a guy of your stature. out of luck. farewell, lucky luke. this is my snack.

it's my snack! it doesn't count. that's your water gun. nope. yeah. i don't get it. it worked in front of the mirror! poop! what's wrong? shut your traps, retards! you're out of luck. so long.

he killed me! i'm cold. i'm hot. give me a snuggle... i'm a monkey's uncle! his bullets hit mine! banana-chocolate. i wasn't hit. i'm not dead!

it hurts. it stings. it stings a little. you missedthe coach. in the meantime,i'll read you a story. i don't want to go! tomorrow... luke will grow his blade of grass...six feet under. it's between us now. hey, guys!

barrels in the buff! this saloon is for denizensof daisy town. so pay for your last whiskies. hear that, friends?time to pack up and leave. no! stay put, you idiots! bet on 1 7, lucky luke. 16 sheriffs await youat the cemetery. chips down. no more bets.

seventeen. black, odd and pray to god. he rode off into the smoldering sky he went off and let our kisses die he left mewith just two eyes to cry my lonesome cowboy... shot my heart like a bullet from his peacemaker thanks, sam.

rode in on his horse,used all his force took me for a ride took his belle with pride my lonesome cowboy shot my heart i await my lover, await my hero so that he and ican start again from zero abullet for belle or ring your death knell or belle will blast a bullet

into your heart no, pat! losing hand, poker. that hurts. it's too late to fight. like my watch? lucky luke. the man who never killed anyone. killing has its good sides.

there's before the kill, and after. it's in your head, your skin,your bones. it leaves traces. and memories. what will you do now? shoot the chandelierto knock me out? poor little hero...who never killed anyone. outside! get lost!

he's dead. luke kills i'll never kill anyone. never! you never got overseeing your parents killed. he's dead! killing has its good sides.alright with death? don't do it! cowboy! aren't you overdoing it?

use your trains come by here. come on, kid. let's go home. was that you who...? go on. do it again. are you done yet? you talk! you talk! damn, he talks! okay, i got it.i can talk. no news to me.

now climb on meand let's get going. okay? my name is john luke. i'm pacing aroundand my horse can talk. you done? start smoking again! i'm losing it. don't sit back down! we have work, lulu! have you forgotten? the train, the president,the mission, daisy town...

your horse and only friend,jollyjumper. that true, unsung hero...hidden under your butt. - have you forgotten or...- will you shut up? what's ''shut up'' in horse? in horse?in horse it goes like this... we don't say it oftenbecause it's a bit long. why didn't you talk to me before? you never laid on the tracks before. you know, jolly...

- you're my only friend.- true. i'd have been nothing without you. true too. yeah... you got that right. eleanor... eleanor's in love! too cute, johnny-johnny. i don't love you, eleanor.i love no one! i'll tend to him.

- i'll tell the sheriff.- don't do that. the cheaters gang is over with.this time you lose. cheaters never lose. kill him.make for a nice memory. i swear, coop.i always thought i was doing good. in fact i was seeking revenge. you were seeking justice. the west wouldn't be the westwithout you. you're lucky luke...

astar in our flag. i killed a man. you rid the west of a scoundrel. and life goes on. as governor,i shouldtell you to continue. but if i weren't afraidof betrayingamerica, i'd tell you this deathis the chance of your life. anew life,without guns, without violence. in any case, a trainwill soon run coast to coast.

cities will take overthe great outdoors. it's the end of our world, john. all these farmers, these families... they count on me. - who'll defend them?-they'll find someone else. trust me. change your lifebefore it's too late. i'm here for you. you realize what you're doing? no, cowboy, not your colt!

do you realize?you can't hang it up for good! cowboy... you're lucky luke! killed by lucky luke i foundthat in the dust. that's why i'm here, sam. for daisy and her kids. you have 280 years to go. geezer! give us two cherry juices. your jail is full of drafts.

and soon your body will be,lucky luke. have a lolly. i'll be a minute. thanks, lucky. you're the best triggersin the county. this town needs a sheriff. doesn't anyone want a clean slate? to stop being a loner? being on the run? to be respected and loved?

i don't know... to start a family. haven't we all dreamt of it? where's your colt? he has no gun! kill him! you sent me to jail! - our fate is for us to decide.- my fate wasn't 15 years in jail. kill him nice and slow! go on, you retards!

this will keep your mouth shut! nineteen... twenty. thanks, gentlemen. i'm billy the kid! and i'll ridthe west of lucky luke! out of my way, bowling ball! beautiful. if any of you hyenas touches him,you won't see the sun set.

calamity! jane... hats off for a lady!lily-livered, snot-nosed lowlifes! 1 against 100. you think you really got a chance, calamity jane? two... against 100. jesse james...

''to be great... ''is not to stir... ''without great... ''argument!'' hamlet. act iv, scene 4. is what i hear true? you hung up your colt, luke? jesse...

''the evil... ''men do... ''lives after them! ''the good, o the good... ''is oft interred... ''with their bones.'' julius caesar. act iii, scene 3. luke is a legend.

he deserves to die in a duel. and i won't let anyone kill him, besides me. i don't like your reason. but my choices are limited. you're deputy sheriff, jessejames. where are you taking my lucky? and why a duel? let's kill him now! what matters is notthe blood spilled, but the ink.

in 100 years,kids will read in history books thatjessejames,the greatest outlaw ever, killed luke in a duel. that's how it is. load of crap,your greatest outlaw routine. i'm the greatest outlaw ever! i should kill lucky luke!and i will kill lucky luke! give me that! and in 100 years,

kids will read that the kidwas the greatest outlaw ever! billy the kid,the greatest outlaw ever, killed lucky luke. and jesse james! catchy, isn't it? find another one. i need your carriage, doc.move. i'll watch over the town.

you have 48 hoursto walk tall in your boots, luke. become a legend again. from hitherto forward, i'm sheriff.everyone in the saloon! hot cocoa for everyone. and if you don't drink it, straight to jail. that clear? there's one left. is someone not thirsty? that's better.

- what do we do?- put bad guys in jail. why? to protect lucky luke. get it? because he has no gun? - because i'm killing him.- no, i am! where can we get badges? - in the sheriff's office.- so let's go there. i'm a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long, long way from home...

let's get you comfortable. take off these pants. i'll take care of that. he needs the help of a real woman. let's see if i'm real or not. sweetie-pie! i'll keep guard. i'm dead. you're the angelof lonesome cowboys.

good night, jolly. what the hell? i'm sorry.i thought you were my horse. - force of habit.- sorry. it's called water, cowboy. feel any better? nothing to see here. what are you doing? removing your boots.

what for? it's better. boots never come off! relax, tenderfoot. nails like thatkeep you on your toes. they'll skin your hide. at least it'll be clean. got any dreams? to walk on the moon.

walk on the moon? why not? some man will do itbefore i even see paris. traveling is my dream. for it to come old family custom. thanks. never say thanks. had any adventures? yeah, lots.

i'm lucky luke. ''lucky luke vs. the daltons''... i meant... adventures... in love. hold on. what? we squashed a snail. like my dad's hand.

the hand of a farmer. damn! farming is a pain. this is no life for you. look at yourself. you've even lost your luck. you've become unlucky, luke. you hit the nail on the head. you okay, man?

want some more? dumb ass! night, man. don't even try to change. some hero! goodnight! i love you belle. you're so soft. so pretty. but so damn hairy!

i love you belle. you're so pretty. chill out, lulu! cowboy, wake up! - come closer.- he's petting me! - what is this?- no touching! are you out of your mind? sorry, man! come back! come back, jolly! bare hand luke bad guys: 84good guys: 41

billy, we said no killing. it wasn't me. i didn't kill him! it wasn't me! he's telling the truth. mcgriddle died of frightjust before the gunfight. you see? okay... jail. - jail!- i just told them. oh yeah.

sorry, phil defer. where is luke? you'll have to killbilly and jesse first. 67 customers,that makes 8200 dollars. so long, sheriffs. honest money... if the daltons ever found out, we'd be like a jokeon a lollypop stick. us! the baddest bandits in the west!

his blade of grass is strongerthan a cigarette! what if the cowboyis taking us for a ride? what if he's tryingto escape? no one can escape his fate, billy. luke will take up arms again. fate tells me he'll take up arms... starting right now! ''how poor they are, those bereft of patience.''

hamlet... act... i'm sick of your ham!i've eaten it for 3 days! i already shot a teacherbecause i hated her rhymes! yeah, keep on laughing! it's the redheadthey'll read about instead. i'll make historyand i'm starting now! damned right, flea-bite! jesse james.act i, scene 1 .

you okay, jesse? night falls fast on el paso... this grass ain't made for smoking. sure ain't. - don't be stupid, defer.- you owe me for 5 years in prison! you stand no prayer with phil defer! i'll be fine... sure, you will's a shoulder wound.

i'll have your lambkinsup and walking. i'm sorry. never say sorry. cowboy! where are you off to? saying bye to a pal. - you want to leave?- yes. the two of us. i won't follow you to kingdom come! it's not that far.

i know a lake, with a log cabin. fish and clovers... jolly loves clovers.agood place to raise horses. and kids. kids? i meant to tell you some day... i think it's about get married. and have kids. thanks, i...

it may not mean much to you, man... but belle's the girl for me. and don't feelyou have to come along. first of all: i'm not a man. second: your saloon dancerisn't worth a coyote fart! don't tell me you thought... sorry, man... calamity.i apologize. i'm not sayingyou can't settle down. it's that... you understand!

you need a girl who's a legend too. agirl... like you! exactly.i wasn't meant to be a legend. me neither. i usedto want to runa ladies saloon. drink tea. bake cakes... it's my right!

you barely know her!how do you know she loves you? how do i know?she risked her life for me! risked her life? what do you think i do?sit around plucking my raccoon? i'll tear every bonefrom his stinking carcass, use his ribs for a ladderand piss on his face! son of a hyena! strange guy, that gal. mr. cooperis waiting in the sun room.

thanks. can you feedjolly? it's taken care of, mr. luke. very nice. fit for a horse! come in, john. coop... how is she doing? you know already? in the westnews travels fast as a bullet. i can't surprise you.

have you forgotteni think faster than my shadow? goose deuce,codfish flush, ace-in-the-sole. that. very well, sir. open it. you set sail from baltimorein a week. first stop, dublin. you can meet your cousins. i didn't intend to go so far.

without your gun,how will you protect your wife? you've sent half the countryto jail. you'll never be safe here. if i were you, i'd move to france. or belgium. you could do a show. or sell your sketches,if you still can draw. take the tickets. you can't live in the westwithout a gun.

if he'd understoodthis, your fatherwould have done the same. i owe you one. be happy with your wife.have lots of kids. that's enough for me. i'll miss you, john. ''he that ceases to be a friendnever was one.'' act iii, scene 4. othello. shakespeare.

you left thison your parents' gravestone. i want what i'm owed. aduel, to fuel the history books. forget it, jesse. you know it's over. get your gunor i'll widen her a-hole. i mean the hole in her arm. ''a'' as in arm. you understood. the hole in her arm. her arm-hole.

i'll make it bigger. i'll give her another a-hole.asecond one. bigger. i see why you need shakespeare. get your colt. you know that i won't. you have no reason to shoot belle. it's raining. you're still in the west. to lay down the law,you have to carry a gun.

pick up your colt. or die. if i end up with lead in me, at least it'll be from you. no, john! say farewell to your cowboy, lady. no way, josã©! you sure shut up the poet! finally a fair duel!

give him a gun! ''give him a gun!'' want a gun? - don't get wet.- no more games, billy. you stole my childhood, luke. i'll steal your old age. with your colt. blanks... wait!

you saidyou'd never shoot your gun again! it's not mine. hold on, lulu! it was just a joke! to impair, to scare you! - who put in blanks?- no one. - who?- no one! i've had my eyes on your gunsince jesse took it from the grave! i had no was that or be killed.

poker promised mei could leave with you. john, please forgive me! we'll have a family... kids... the boat's waitingfor us! john, don't go, please! stop calling me john.i'm lucky luke! holy guacamole!what's going on? - sorry, sam.- lucky luke! your gun!

you alone? the bandits left at dawn. the others are at the station,waiting for the president. the train... it's over 4 hours late now. the president... right. the tracks were wiped clean. the arrows smell of sequoia sapand whiskey. they want to frame the indians.

poker to a tee! you were right. saloon dancersaren't worth a coyote fart! you're a real pal. the president pardoned me once. i owe him one. wait for me! i want to come too! history is me!

- what's that horse?- it's a rental. i promisedto return itto its owner before i shot him! where are we going? there's nothing this way. except sure-fire death. ''he who dies this yearis all square with next year!'' hot diggity dead dog!

i'll be a monkey's uncle! it's a mirage. it was hidden behind a mirage. aone-armed bandit! looks more like a giganticslot machine... aone-armed bandit, that is. how do we get in? looks like your luck's back. billy, jesse, try the back.i'll try the front.

exactly what i had planned. but i don't likegetting orders from you. want a boost? thanks, man. ''to be... ''or not to be. ''that is the question.'' i was good, huh? i acted well! you're an outlaw, not an actor.let's go.

i'm not an actor? say that again. you're an amazing actor, jesse. best actor in the west. you're sarah bernhardt,only hairier. you're a shitty actor! what do i do? watch the ponies? i'll play solitaire. two cards.

lucky luke vs. pat poker. doesn't it feel like dã©jã  vufrom another life? i'm all in. careful, president. your life's at stake. set him free or... or what? you'll kill me? you've forgotten.

i'm already dead. that's magic! poker... i think i've won. i call you. straight flush, hearts. good going! full house. aces high. pathetic.

kill them! i'm counting on lukeand his lucky star. it better be a shooting star. hey, girls! billy, trying to look taller? at least i don't walk on my coat! - done reloading?- relax. i have 2 guns. those moronswon't even see us come in. one, two...

five! you're right, billy.they all fell for it. the stage door's always in the back. you ugly mugs... no more slugs? quad aces, poker. in a dead end,nothing like a friend. that's us! kill the president!

jesse, the president! you okay? ''my will is my body's gardener.'' othello. act i, scene 3. behind you, caca! stop calling me caca! thanks, kyky! it's not my fault! i swear on the life of...

on whose life? on belle's life, how's that?honestly, it should do. on belle's life... you wait here. watch out, john! why didn't you take that boat, john? coop? you can't be behindthis! you should have left!

how could you? this is crazy! i'll be president! agreat president! i knew no bullet could kill you! i had to destroy you from within! from within! i knew it! i knew it! i knew killing a man would kill you! i knew it!

give up, cooper. - you've lost.- remember, john. cheaters never lose... never! the cheaters' gang. you were one of them. it's you. you killed my parents. your father... was a brother to me.

until he met that... that filthy indian squaw! who became your mother. he wanted to turn us in. he left me no choice. like you, today. don't deceive yourself. i won't think twice. i didn't hesitate either...

to kill your kill your father. so do it, john. kill me! kill me if you're a man. i can draw, sing... collect medals... i can even speak a little horse. but i can't kill. farewell then!

you had it all built backwards. everything but the ''c''on your hat. the hat... 500 feet, john. fantastic! here, john. try this now. with this... you'll be a man.

squeeze... tight! the badge looked good on you. but it made holes in my outfit, sir. the cripple meant me! the united statesneeds men like you, courageous and honest. i don't like this.what flavor is it? the flavorof a change of profession. gentlemen, i can offer you150 dollars pay

and no job security,but the prestige of the badge. like you, my face belongs on posters,my name in books. me too.but my name in bigger letters. in that case, gentlemen... i suggest you beas far away as possible when these cigars go out. ''mercy is not drops from heaven ''as a gentle blesses him that gives ''and him that takes.''

the merchant of venice. act iv. scene 1 . beginner's luck. lolly, pops? there they are! goddamn scumbags! - game of poker?- get in! 10 blind, andflush beats straight! shut up! shut up, you oldfart!

shut up, you very oldfart! go to hell! filthy lout! i swear i didn't know. poker said you'd change.i wantedto give you a family. -to give us a chance.- achance for what? when you put in the blanks,we hadn't even met. i always loved you, johnny johnny. eleanor! eleanor's in love! someday i'll marry you,johnny johnny.

i don't love you, eleanor!i love no one! eleanor? but you were so... i was awful with you. i'm sorry. i'm leaving, john. paris, london, dream awaits me. i wish you the best. an old family custom. they're kissing!

i'll always love you. save your death for me, luke lucky.jesse james, end of act i. but it'll be mewho smokes your hide! lollypop? farewell, lucky luke.or rather... see you around! real friends, huh? we're all wild bratsof the wild west. your steam horsewon't change a thing.

my dear friends, dear friends of daisy town... what have you done with my gifts? on judgment dayone of us can hold his head high. thanks to him... your town is free! the railroadwill span the united states. and i'm alive to see it happen! thank you... lucky. don't mention it.

so... so i solemnly do bestow upon him the hero's star. the twenty-first of our great flag. where is he? he has that medal already.i'll hang it over my bar. it's tea time! drinks for everyone! earl grey, indian breakfast,ceylan and cookies!

there's whisky too. miss, do you need a pianistin your tea room? maybe i do.can you make cookies? i do wicked apple strudel. change your clothesand call mejane. can't you finish the song someday? go ahead! let's not start bickering now! i don't know how the song ends.

i'll tell you how it goes. i got a gorgeous, handsome horsey! - know that part?- no, i don't. yes, you do. then i haveanother possibility. the real herois the mustang... whose hum-humgoes bang-bang! i have an idea.just shut up. excellent.

like the man says:me hero, you horse. enjoy the scenery. look at that sunset. it's pretty pretty. by golly, jolly! jolly? - try to act jolly, jolly.- okay. hey! my name's lucky luke.i quit smoking in 1983.

i'm much better now.

My Little Pony Coloring With Sweetie Belle