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Senin, 15 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages For Christmas Trees Being Decorated

Coloring Pages For Christmas Trees Being Decorated

i am going to show you how to decorate agingerbread house i personally don't like the eat agingerbread house after its been sitting around as adecoration so i just buy the kits and for the one time in my life that ican enjoy the decorating without the thebaking part that i actually don't really care for i jump on theopportunity i recommend that you decorate yourgingerbread house unassembled so you place your parts on a cookiesheet and you decorate the windows everything before you assemble

it will be drawing and you will be able to handle it and you'll have a lot easier time decorating flat thensideways depending on the design that you want the windows that are pressed into thatdough may not work for you so i wanted to have some shutters and soif i could shutters on the outside of this it won't work so i remeasured have the actual window part be thiswide so you can just draw a line to havesomething to follow and we're gonna flood these windows blueand then i'll be able to come back

after and add my shutters there we go so those are my side pieces, for the front door you just follow the press line that they do on the house and outline that in white icing and then flood it. you can build it upto get a little bit more for a bump on it try to keep your icing inside that line though and then once this is dry will be ableto

decorate the door. there we go. now for the side parts i'm gonnaflood the windows i had remeasured the window size that i want so i've got a very faint blue for the windows. this you probably don't want to have too much of a bump. just and a toothpick to spread it out or whatever you use you go through all the windows so that they're dry and we can at thewindow mouldings & the shutters and all that. there we go.

here's the door i've got a brown edible marker i'mgonna draw some wood grain on the door just random lines you can rotate your cookie if your angle isn't good i've masked the house with tape scott towels and i'm dusting the door with brown air brush here might tape this hiding the door i want the door to get colored so there

on that side. this way and now we will put a bit of a gold colour in the middle of the door lets take off our masking and there's the house a nice front door. a quick way to accent your gingerbread house front door is with the a wreath star tip and just a simple circle and there we have a wreath and you can drop in some red sprinkles

to get looking a little bit more festive and there you go you might want to just push around the sprinkles they stuck a bit on my doorthe airbrush remains a bit tacky and there we go here are the two sides of the gingerbreadhouse one is completed i'm gonna do the otherone while you're watching so on the top of the windows i'm just doingsome shell dots. so your dot

pull dot pull dot pull dot that's it i wanna have some shutters on each side of the window i've got atip in it is a ateco #48 and i'm putting the spiky edges to the top i want to have a different look you can stay a bit awayfrom the blue i'm working and red just to ensure that itdoesn't bleed into my blue you have got my boo boo stick sharpening

the edge but it doesn't look so pulled so on each side i'm and as you see it's hiding the window square that had been punchedby the manufacture of this gingerbread house cuz i didn't want tomake the windows as big as they had made them so you can leave thesecrust and then we'll be able to add the other little details that i did and those little hearts and the little wood there going the other way. alright so here

this is the middle so i'm just doing a swirl and that is it and then a dot and a dot now i need to work this way to make my heart's so it is a dot and pull dot pull to make these little hearts gonna have to move my cookie somethingso that i'm at a right angle

so you can get the hearts at this window so here at the window frame just a little detail but its cute you know i was looking at shutters on cottages they all seem to have this little cutout obviously can't do a cut-out but i can add. now i'm switching up my tipto a # 101 and i'm just going to be adding a little line along thebottom

and top of the shutters, just like that now here it doesn't look right you can just use yourbooboo stick to fix it you can almost sculpt royal icing when it is the right consistency. you really can get it to go the way youwant just going to flip it over so i can work there we go. the kit came with a lot of candies but i didn't really like the look if you don'twant it you know

if you wanna to practice icing obviouslyit's not with candies that you're going to do that. there are my two sides once thisis dry i'm going to just do a little of royal icing here by royal icing on the edges have thewindows here and i'll add some whites and sugar to make like snow that landed on the window how to dothe chimney so here's one side fashion i did on my show you how i didit on the other side company both sidesdecorated some all i'm doing is some random

by blogs to look like the stones actually gonnaswitch 0.2 fire one so that the law group look a little bit smootherto look like a stone so and you don't want them touching wantthem all random shapes leave a vote no space so they're nottouching cuz we wanna have the cement from the

from me the stones their in between addedafter with a toothbrush a toothpick toothbrush toothpick this flat memo with no actually doesn't matter if it'snot perfect this post look like stone some stones are not perfect rehearminute 1 on the age me as well

so once this has had time to cross thebay will be able to test it with some brown and black synonym of slide the middle parts you can grab it from the top turned toset it aside to dry here's the chimney so you can start offwith the brown just because it's the lighter color andyou're gonna shoot the brown from one side and the black from the other sothat we get a little bit misleading get through color for the stones fact machine here on inside the brown

can we go home how much how to draw fromblack into my hairbrush sheet on the paper until you see itgetting darker to see please see the black half lippiercing around so that you're shooting here we go can use stones will look more realistic and now once this is drywe're gonna come in and fill communal areas with some white spot from now on just with my white coming in and filling in

yes and this is to look like cement no give me a somewhat realistic to me the kick came with fat little gumdropsome cutting them in half khan a look if you flip them upside downkinda look like tulips okay so here i am sticking on acandy so who put on is rounding into one's course i pick a side where there's a bump on the candy in itsnot

became flip it over swiped the icing off with your finger for let's try again much better i could feel it resisting and now just a little bit of icing metal stickand gumball don't think i have enough and that darn a whole that little bombthat i had from before yes affecting my gumball reflectedactually 10 gumball in there there we go

alright now i wanna add these flowers my gumdrop garden i'm just doing some stands and someleaves and fill the leaves as you go year you a little drop provide the same and then flipped the gumdrop around merwe know a little flower

space them i want be turning out when this way yes when heran to slower it a little bit and the don't worry about the bottom of thehouse that's always kind in some snow be visible we found him to school aftermy house a bit so i can work some well i sync blue pressure flowers on and then the weeks out for the rest of the decorationreally

do whatever you want i just a wholebunch swirls star use fill in the area your hearts taught for we go from your you frame okay now here i y from the outside and i justcouldn't be swirl and i'm built off

and then around this can you get a bunchdarts heidi use down facing selective look a little bit cleaner and also there's a punch their from makers me like a circle there i wanted to hide every now from the outside again making this other side

and again i'm just of a swirl doing some here come royal icing polls thank god and then i had done just dotsall around it i mean it's whatever you wanna do done bigger and smaller the edge of the cookie will be hittingwith the roof so don't knock yourself out to the edge

new now so they're somewhat the same the only other thing that's missing isthe door wrong i nato schools well i think im transfers so stick one of those on here sprinkle them put a little thought a voice saying wego and now gonna work on this one becausethis is my better there's always a front i like that onebetter so on this one here we're gonna do a test i wanted you are

been overridden on the on the reef to swirls from there a ribbon on to marie so once this is dry again to put alittle bit if i sync there just to get some sanding sugar on the window cells just one putting things together thathave to stand up you really have to get your icing right cross its gonna make this absolutely nightmarish now youcan see look standing up holding up this is basicallysome and

edible cement you want has to be superstiff not parts stiff wit alright now i've got some piping bag with a simple round tip and we're goingto prepare those gingerbread men ste can be putting together the gingerbread house here's my back i've got a pretty fact tippin you apply your symantec you can be pretty generous and now here all along you're gonna hafta counton the fact that you're cement its

is nice and hard hold everything icing consistency is key here no hurry and get your fourth side on so that everything can kind of be welded together don't worry about looking at on this ismostly hidden so the kids come with this base thatkinda stands up the whole thing but it's not really attractive some you can avoid using it

you know we don't just leave this for alittle bit until kind of some instinct either you can with your finger remove excessthat you don't to that you don't need after we can comein type fast start a person thing somethinga little bit more decorative so we're just going to let this dry as for the house she and now i've got 48 echo in and jess from the bottom i'm hiding theicing

i me and to the cooking i'm doing ashell all the way up this is just a little bit nicer to lookat then what fair and it'll help also structurally too well the two pieces together so do that onboth sites speech forgive the mess in the back south for me

watching the roof onto our gingerbreadhouse we're going to be doing it with thiscements are you saying and now you just ice the edge of the up the cookie so that the cooking roof has something to grab onto how place your to

push a little bit but be gentle now you couldn't see him perform now i'mgonna do here is doing globs a very same home along the edge i put some along the bottom but you can if you guyscan see it can even grab anything sumner put some just in case let can even do anything alright so center yourself

with the other cookie a little bit ofpressure move your access here we go shift at a little bit decoration on the edgeof the roof i've got cairo's step to make roses can see the numbers hidden inside my paypingback: wanna put the see here wanna see it thetop is the big and from here it's notsticking k from you or michelle

movement all the way out and we got was gonna make like a little bit of anoverhang along the roof line and the same thing now you can with your finger just top it kinda flatten it make sure it'snice and stuck onto the key to the house from there we go i may be sticking cookies on top so youwon't even see that ste the only thing that i bought for thegingerbread house so these cookies

the box was two dollars just wanted adifferent color for the roof han solo do the roof now which is to align across 53 across for the first row you can lineyourself up to the bottom i'm the gingerbread 0 and we're gonna go all the way up seeking pile it on right here

mineral serene and i'm placing this one at the secondholes and i'm cooper voicing causes this tojust kind of pop up a little bit the second row give it a little bit now this is the back of the house filth i wanted to see from my chimney might have to cut these cookies i wannaput the chimney here

okay for this role and second holes its we've got all now take for cookie use and you just gotta kind of data see here to love them just cutting off a better fit so i canget my chimney and into that for

ok so this way samantha from have to fill out my piping i am have refilled my icing this is the final rolf cookies i think on the other side i had this many wall so the top here we're gonna have somecandles

here which fun own so what all this dry up and will be able to finish off a decoration sheesh text they sell white skateboards you might want to getyourself or novels that sanctions miss you can see itconscious of my sis align yourself up on mac cake for

and we're just going to quite belong all the way around cemented into place on the key ruler now if we look at the front of the house here lower so you can see over here on the roofline that's not very nice yet to figure out a way too high we'regoing to i produced are taken and we're justgonna do some little swirls on

tom in new three at a time i guess minecraft top some gumdrops that we can use on the front so we'll continue top from that hike theseam have cookies %um to make another batch racing gonethrough way more icing that i had anticipated for everyone alright so now we need to hide here andthis is in pretty

and talk to the children into from feel that looks matter think i'm not even gonna put i wasn'tfrom me said i just did a pipeline across now here along theedge in my chimney clean that up but i think i'm gonna usejust a a circle tip their alright cell from a new the roof i long for charitythey're just to clean that up turn this way so you can see

i'm just doing dots to high crack cookie there was cards it doesn't lookvery good do the same thing on the back golf all right now for the front of thecookie here the cookies okay we sure got these little candies all along i could look nice let's try lots i'm looking i don't have too much else aside from doing a pipe to borderthere

money me a lot a lot of placing it seems just alternate the collars was down time at least a little high it is a gingerbread house we need somecandy these weren't enough ticket theseparticular candies these are from my kids halloweenstuff still get halloween candies for you kids that

you don't really like set them asidefruit gingerbread house so now we're gonna do this right to getanother package keith candies but they hide that whole quite well smith doesn't look so sloppy anymore sign you see that ruffalo looks nice too so you gonna have to put it you knowquite a bit this icing on this scene because is like a hole inthe scope that carry

so there's not much in have anything forto grab on make sure you cool pile it on russet carnies are just gonna file like the colors in the news looks nice so there think that's good hides the whole quite well just my crown meant the stock you havein your kitchen to decorate here i put sprinkles for the path of i just outlined from in flight andsprinkled it

and now i have these little tree cookiesleft over from that source gingerbread houses many once for many years with wanna be's i'm just putting some icing on the back for a bit when a little at from bonham and i'mgonna stick it on the corner of the house suck can be seen on to science do the same thing on the opposite corner right here i have

to trees some ease while use them up week gone ste here's my complete a gingerbread housemissus data friends we had a little bit up fast snow on the window and then this is theside view again since now the shutters littlewindow boxes with holly and it i had those cookies on the roof i likegot the different color in a little candiesup top

there's the box almost the same as thefront the only difference is the with after the frame around the windows ididn't like it that light on the front end it narrower little candies along a ridge my kidshave been eyeballing them and there's the other one so he didn'tdo a gingerbread house this year you can live vicariously through me maybe you can go to walmart or whereverand pick up when the kits half of and try to makeone yourself

Coloring Pages For Christmas Trees Being Decorated