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Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages For Cat In The Hat

Coloring Pages For Cat In The Hat

sonny, your daysalso shall come. don't touch, he'll bite. giving the papertoo with the hay? i am giving hay in the paper.he likes the paper more... ...but even more than thathe likes film magazines. filmfare, stardust, mayapuri...but i can't afford those. hey, give a hand.- yes. how are you lifting it likethis? the child is heavy. why are you joking?

first do your job properly. thenyou can laugh your entire life. take this. very good! cheers! one minute! before drinking,let us revise the plan once. leave it, man. can't we rehearse tomorrow? tomorrow is a day of rest. before a big match, youshould always have rest. it is the technique of seasonedplayers. come on, tell the plan.

tell, friend. we have a glassof liquor in our hand... much more can we wait? tell, man. we will go near the long will we wait? tell. finish this off. shravan will wash his handsafter his meals and... ...come near the bushes to piss.then, i will operate the crane. i will turn it towardsthe school compound. you will be hanging from theother end of the rope.

and then, i will slowlylower the crane. then i will slowly hold thechloroform to the mouth... ...of the child. then the crane will lift youand through that way the crane... ...will make you cross theexpressway, and lower you... ...near the car which is nearthe hutments where johnson... ...will be alreadywaiting for you. me and digambar. no, don't take names.what is my name?

a b and this is c. correct. i and a will put thechild in the car. he will call the child's father. take mr. mehta, yourrs. 10 lakhs. hello! hey, mehta you rascal, yourchild is in our custody. fill rs. 25 lakhs in a simplesack and throw it in the...

...garbage at dharavi. if youtell the police, then i'll make... ...pieces of your child and sendhim over to your house. did you understand?keep the phone. rs. 25 lakhs. 33.33 o/o, 33.33 o/o, 33.34 o/o. okay? okay.- great idea! can we drink now? what happened, raju? raju,what happened? it's paining a lot. he's not even begun there a hospital nearby?

nanavati. i'll take himto the hospital. come. you come there quickly, okay? appendis or appendicity,something like this... ...the doctor was was a boil. it burst and so was cut off. he will work after a week.why do you worry? day after tomorrow the schoolholidays begin. it will reopen... ...after two months. till thenthe train will leave. even if the train doesn't go,he is lying now for six months.

great, digambar brother.some friends you are... ...fair-weather friends! we'll have to search a new manwho can operate a crane. yes, new man... oh, but he must knowcrane operation also. there are all kinds ofoperations in a hospital. o brother, bring a new man oran old one. why cut our share? when the new man comes and askswhat for is the man in... ...the hospital asking hisshare, then what reply do i give?

is he my relative? if he is not your relative,so what? he is his relative. what do you mean? my brother will operatethe crane and give us the share. clam down, durga.- your brother will do this job? he will do the job permanently. you keep quiet. you havealways had a problem... ...with my folk. where is your brother?

there is a fair at kalyan.ask anyone where... ...mumbai express is. will we get him at the station? the fair is very farfrom the station. so there is a train at the fair. no train. he's my brother. mumbai express? avinash is his real name. bringhim. this is not the question... or two rupees. entirelytwenty-five...

what is his job? brothers and sisters, you musthave seen many games that... ...amuse you, but this a gamethat will shock you. this is... ...the well of death. see, brothers and sisters,how he takes these rs. 100. mumbai express! fall on him! look, you do not worry. rajuis in a good hospital. whatever was the expense,we gave that.

boss! is it an ambulance? ithought it was the police. sir, sir, give somemoney please. sir, i did not eat since twodays. my brother is also hungry. sir, please give sir... sir... you are feeling remorseful fortrivial matters. raju is okay. sorry.- sir, one rupee. i should not have wept likethis. but looking at him... i remembered my childhood.i was this much only... ...when durga would takeme in her lap and beg.

the other signal was lookedafter by mother. durga used to beg? rajudidn't tell us. life also treats usvery badly sometimes. sir, look at these.- how nice days those were! durga would beg and i wouldsit in her lap and eat. there wasn't any need to work durga loves you a lot,doesn't she? she was telling younever disobey her. i wanted to tell you something.raju told he'd do it but...

how much time have we left? mr.a doesn't like wasting time. till the time we aresitting in the car... ...he will talk about work. this is what mr. a isthinking. yes boss? see, mumbai express? hello... hello... sorry. i normally shut my eyes.when going on a straight road... ...i feel nauseous. sorry. mr. new c, you cannot closeyour eyes. boss is...

...talking to you. he has only closed his eyes,but his ears are open. you look ahead. mr. avinash, the thing iam going to tell you is... ...very important. open yourears wide and listen. ears... ears... all right. what is the matter?- mr. a, hold. do you know punjabi?- no. do you know punjabi?- yes.

boss, the line is clear. youtell the plan in punjabi. i am a, he is b, you are c. we shall be full partners andperform a victory dance. balle... balle... balle... hey rascal, what were youthinking your brother-in-law... be and what heturned out to be. look, no foul language here. sister, he is talking abouthis actual brother-in-law. it did not take yourbrother-in-law a second to understand.

he understood it quickly. he isalso paying the taxi fare now. why are you repeatedly sayingbrother-in-law? is there no... ...other relation exceptbrother-in-law? can't you talk... ...something else? who is this? this is his brother-in-law. here, here, he understoodthe matter immediately. but how did he hear? i explained him all, fully well. you told the plan. buthe did not hear.

brother, all are telling.put on the machine. i have just eaten before coming. not eating, machine, machine.put the machine on. i forget it always. some talki understand by gestures and... ...the rest i guess. the machineis not needed at all. 1, 2 check. is he deaf? that means,what i said in the taxi... understood nothing? when i want to hear, i heareverything. tell, doctor.

doctor? my useless brother,he is not a doctor. then how did you performthe operation? hey brother, avi. hey, do not say brother. i'llgive you a smack. i am your... no need tobuild more closer relations. see avi...- carefully... you won't get squeezed. seeavi, we are at such a point in... where now he needs'll do one thing, dear?

all his works are illegal. iwalk on the straight path. straight path! you take thatbloody motorcycle and... ...keep going in circles. but at least the policedoesn't keep chasing me. at least hear whathe has to say. i had heard once. i becamedeaf and went into prison. at least you did not die?- so? look, such a major operationhas been done on him. they tore apart his entirestomach. now who knows...

...whether he remains aliveor dead tomorrow. hey durga!- you keep quiet. keep quiet. think. if something happens tohim, what will be of your sister? what? - brother, she'll be awidow and roam on the streets. don't worry about that.i'll get you remarried. whoever he'll be, he'll besurely better than him. you can think of getting yoursister remarried, but you will... ...not listen to what she hasto say. haven't you got a...

...foot long tongue now! did youforget that day when i would... ...carry you on the streetsand ask for alms saying... ...sir, give something; master,give something. forgot? - i forgot i would earn and you would keepstuffing in your mouth. and today... raise this thing,raise it. and listen to me. if i let you to die hungryin those days, then... ...would you have remained aliveto fret today like this? you told such a big thing?

yes. you heard such a big thingfrom your sister, but... cannot do sucha small job of hers. shame! shame on my efforts. see, she's broken into tears.every time the same thing. don't cry, sister. don'tcry. enough, enough. i'll do what i can. now should i tell everything. this is mr. a, b, c old one. you are new c tell a, b, c

there is too much crowd.someone may listen. okay, i'll not listen.- no, you listen, you listen. yes, i am sitting only. what to tell him now? you want to know the cause,don't you? - yes. the cause is johnson. the causeis you. the cause is me. boss, please move aside. i too am a cause. then sit on my head.

sorry. the causes are all of us. me? but i have just entered.where did i butt in? no, no, no, you have alwaysbeen amongst us. okay, okay.- now put to your ear... this... ...this... and listenattentively to me. look at him. look at me. two normal indians who wereliving their lives honestly.

he was doing some petty things,i was absolutely upright. no need to go into the details. we both grew up in dharavi.his father pulled a victoria. yes. he was famous in entirelocality in the name of... ...victoria wheel. threevictoria and six horses. if you start with the father,then when will the story end? now there is only onehorse left. - why? do you know why? i shall tell.

there is a very rich man,whose name is mehta. he is a big-shot builder. herazes the huts of the poor... ...and builds big buildings intheir stead. he tells people: you give me your hut, i'llgive you my flat. enough, digambar, enough.don't speak further. my heart weeps tears of blood. no, no, we'll definitely getjustice. whether anybody... ...helps us or not. i did not tell you so. if thisbuilder mehta usurped...

...your land, then why didyou not go to the court? if the land was illegal, howcould we go to the court? what are you saying? theland wasn't in your name? who said so? do you know the meaningof dharavi? quicksand. muck. years agoour ancestors came here... ...and made this land worthliving. tell me... ...what kind of justice is thisif yashoda raises the child... ...and devki takes him away?

and this is mehta, not evendevki. he is a kans. did i say right, johnson? yes, very correct. but who areyashoda, devki and kans? i did not understand that. but i understood. i got acause. first i was thinking we are... ...committing a crime. butthis is social work. from which angle does this seemto be social work to you? he is feeling like that,then why are butting in? you speak correctly.

sorry, i spoke disrespectfully.did you get offended? no issue, pal. you tell. okay, now will youtell the plan? you will take the cranenear the school. how will you lift the kid? why will he come with you? we have this.- what is this? - chloroform. oh, a cold drink! how will you make thechild drink this?

it is not to be drunk,it is to be sniffed. oh! what are you doing? you'llbecome unconscious. what are you doing? bringthat here. - hold it. got it... my hand. boss, boss, this isbetter than whisky. get outside. baazigar, baazigar, leave him. now don't ask me anyquestion henceforth.

this is there, the crane. turnit straight to the right. baazigar, leave him.leave him, leave him. nothing, boss. some blood.we'll take boss. to mother kali. are you going to makea sacrifice of me? take me to a hospital.- we'll go there too. the thing is, yesterday,my brother-in-law's... ...belly was torn open, todayyou have been bitten... ...i think mother kali is angry.

this may be the case. is the water clean? yes, it is. it is drinkingwater. the horse drinks it. you are putting horsewater on me? yes. the wound is alsoinflicted by the horse. his water will be the problem, boss. what no problem? do you giveinjections to the horse? why? - why ask why? you mustgive injection. like to a dog. dog and horse are alike. afterdog-bite a man barks and dies.

okay? and after a horsebite. i do not know. maybehe neighs and dies. what nonsense are you spouting?i'm dying of pain. take me to the hospital. taxi! why taxi? we havehe mumbai express. drive faster. if you want to go faster thanthis, you will have to use that. now the pain seems to be less. no, it is because of thatinjection that makes numb.

when its effect will go,the pain will increase. can you not talk somethingsoothing? i knew. without spoiling something, you can never do a job. yes, i only put his handinside the horse's mouth. why are you not tellingthat it's not my fault? hey, good-for-nothing, you aretalking disrespectfully to him? we have struck a deal. isn't it? brother digambar, i ask forforgiveness for this jerk. do not make a sour face.

i'm not making a sour facefor him, but for myself. two days before the plan,his stomach was cut open... day before,my hand was bitten. let them be torn or bitten, butyou got someone for the crane. but then who will drivethe car? - me... be silent. you do not evenknow to ride a horse cart. i know passably, but thehorse is a problem. avi is there. yes, nobody can ride a motorbetter than our avi. that...

...mobike, isn't it also a motor? yes. i have a heavyvehicle licence also. you have a licence? no. i mean, it's not nearbut far. in the fair. but you have it, don't you? thanks be to god. oh god,break the enemies' bones. what is finally decided?to kidnap or break bones? means we have to kidnap. machine... machine...

what? she said something,didn't she? enough. listen tome attentively. your son is in our custody.send the money in the... ...garbage at dharavi. rs 25lakhs in a simple sack. all this is going on. hey mehta, you fool.mehta, you idiot. in the sack, send this muchmoney and put in the garbage... dharavi. and yes, ifyou tell the police then... ...i will make the same numberof pieces of your child and...

...send them home. hey mehta, rascal? how many are this much? there is no need foryou to know this. this is a matter betweenme and mehta. anything else? yes, before disconnecting, asinister laugh. how will it be? like a joke. i get frustratedmanaging you. what is this? remove this jacket.

this jacket? thisis a lucky jacket. your lucky jacket will despatchus to a lucky jail. is this a jacket or a mobilehoarding. how big it is written... ...mumbai express! remove it. a told to remove. soyou must remove it. his hand is paining. he getstensed. i'll keep it inside. will his pain recede byremoving the jacket? i had already said, when theeffect of the injection... ...goes down, the painwill increase.

you are a big astrologer,brother, i am an ignorant fool. go, remove the car. how muchwork we have to do, brother! go... where is the steering? where is the steering? - that side.- this is... a left-hand drive. so? - i cannot do a left-hand drive. it is a monkey's prattle... how loudly it has sounded. what happened? the petrol isfull. can we go? traffic...

he doesn't have a licence. no, that i have. but not for aleft-hand drive. even if i had... ...i cannot do left-hand drive. why didn't you tell yesterday? i did not know till today thati have to left-hand drive. i also did not know thatthe horse will bite me... ...and too in the right tell. - that is also true. boss, time is running out.think something. what did we think? - shall i drive?

is this a horse that you willdrive? he doesn't know... ...left-hand drive, my righthand is not proper. how will i put the gear? i only said that i do notknow left-hand driving. but i can put the gear.with this hand. you drive with this hand.this hand will rest. it's a good idea, boss. okay, now listen carefully.l for long drive. d for... dog!

d for drive. r for... - i know it cannot be r forrat. as it is not d for digambar. it should be a for avinash,but you made me a c. it should be j for johnson,but you made him a b. can we not even follow the abc? start this literacy campaignlater on. the letters you can... ...see here. when i tell, youput those gears only. understood? if i say p then p, if i say d then d.hey, light a cigarette for me. yes sir.

don't strain your brain,only perform the action. if i say d then d.- d. b, b, sit in front.- yes, yes, sitting. you killed him? whereare you taking him? brother, to the the hospital. bye, bye.- come on, driver. you called me a driverin front of all. oh, so your ego was hurt. ifthe crowd had beaten you... a pulp, then would theego have puffed up in pride?

do something good, and don'texpect anything of it. when the marks on the burntrope don't go, then... will your pride go?- what, what, what? the bell of kirtan baba. nowwhat will we do of him? i think he's coming to senses.he seems to be a foreigner. see, didn't i tellhe is a foreigner? not foreigner, he's a madrasi. no madrasi, telugu. telugu. on the other side of bombay,all are madrasis.

where are you going, bundy? we are not going to bhivandi.we're going to town. no, no, no, no. en route, we'llget you admitted to a nice hospital. no, no, no, no. he's hurling abuses at me?you are bundy tapu... ...your father is a bundy tapu,your mother is a bundy tapu. bundy tapu means reversethe car. reverse. okay. reverse. why reverse? when we have togo this way, why will we go...

...that way? look, i am mr. thambu.- a tent? not that thambu, man.i'm an insurance agent. insurance agent? i do not want to go toany ordinary hospital. i will go only to such a hospitalwhere i can get a mediclaim. keep quiet, or we'llbreak your head. no, no, we have already donethat job. keep quiet, digambar. mr. a, mr. a?

quiet! this abcd hasmade my head spin. you don't get tensed. you weresaying something tipi, tapi? you are joking with me? i... i know hindi.- when? now. take to santacruz. there is a cemetery in townalso. we'll bury you there. reverse, reverse, stop the car. what are you doing? it is a monkey's loudly it has sounded!

think of it as protectedby god, or nonsense. the dog has a curved will always remain curved. when will it become not ask. whose car is it? do you have the insurance? why not? we have a wholeinsurance agent. okay. this is my card. i amgetting late. i am going. come on, better to fleefast from here. hey, which is yourinsurance company?

how did i come on the road?how it happened? yours is done, bundytapu? me there... it seems he's got hurton the head. - who? let's take him to my mediclaimoffice. 10o/o cut for me. this car is gone. have tocall a taxi. hold him. you too hold him. what allcan i hold with one hand? who will give the taxi fare? hey digambar, you give. don't tell the name. a,b, c and bundy tapu.

good. he's not hit on thehead. b remembers abc. you only pay the taxi fare.- yes. you didn't tell your name.- taxi! that's a better name than mine.mine is mumbai express. taxi... taxi... i thought your nameitself if 'taxi'. but where do we have to go? nanavati hospital. my god! that's myfather-in-law's hospital.

what? don't we have to go? what to go for? all have gone. nothing will happen. how will nothing happen?you pick the kid... i'll operate the crane. youdrive the car; i'll use the gears. the engine is still running.that's done. engine's running. there's still hope. definitely. but on one condition.pray to mother kali sincerely. all tension will be away.

now tell mother kali to save us. oh, keep watching. why is he hiding?- out of fear. he is scared, is he? i'll callhim now. see he'll come. look, there he comes.come here, come here. the whole car is dismantled. you are from kolhapur, aren'tyou? so you are saved. if anything happens, i'll pullyou out of it. understood? you told me he's from kolhapur,but he doesn't...

he's from kolhapur,but the problem is... ...he's deafer than me. is that so? let meexplain to him. your mother has got aheart attack, isn't it? and your wife is pregnant,she's expecting a baby... ...that's what he told get fits, don't you? you were bitten with a horse,and even then you drive? what kind of man are you?what kind of man are you? when a man is deaf, it seemsthat his brain is full of potatoes.

now you look here, takethis car to the garage. if he gets another attack,he'll bang the car again. okay. and listen, if you get thesefits again, don't go driving. not to drive at all. and youare from kolhapur. don't fear. it's enough. okay, okay.put the car in place. hey hero, what are you seeing?move the car, come on. now you can drive the car? the way you were driving,anybody can drive better.

r is for reverse, isn't it? do you want a kerchief?- why? to tie it around like this?- drive the car, please. why are they laughing so much? why are you laughing?why are you laughing? couldn't you havetold me earlier? i had asked you, whether youwanted a handkerchief. look... ...i drive motorcycles inhigh speed and life too. hence, always listen towhat i say. come on.

great! which is ourchild in this? will you remain quietfor a while? what are you doing?- i'm concentrating. you're scared, aren't you? whether i'm doing it out offear, or for concentration... ...why you have got the meddlein this? i am leaving. did you take the nameof mother kali? since the last three days,aren't we taking her name only? hadn't we done soon the road too?

now. here. with a sincere heart. see! this deception has gone on,is going on, will go on... this loot has gone on,is going on, believe me. his hat on another, another'shat on his. this is the traditionof fools. 1... 2... mike testing... carefully, man. careful. take car.

hey, hey, hey, hey... 1, 2, 3, why are you dancing?speak on the phone. is is that i am dancing oryou are making me dance? take it towards the school.- say like this then. this friend is going to open...the lock of the mind. without a key he's going toopen... the lock of the mind. the wealth he has got today...this wealth is black. see how he's bouncing...this rascal. this is some weird happening;it's all a big scam.

everything is bizarre in here,my prattle has sounded. the thing that ought to bedone. 150 feet. understood? hello? this is the country where greatleader like nehru and... ...gandhi have been born. what did you bring for lunch? whatdid you bring? - i don't know. all are mad.- hey, where are you going? toilet.- come quickly. we are hungry. it is said that you performyour actions... not worry about the you sow, so shall you reap.

who are you? whoever i am, do notbeat me. help... help. hello, hello, digambar. hello,digambar. say something. open your mouth. digambar... band, get ready. enough, not any more. all together, hail india! hello, brother digambar.

why are you speaking? give thephone to brother digambar. what? rascal? you haveruined everything. how did he get unconscious? sister, i have only helped. what do i know? has he toldme before blacking out? the child? yes, he is kidnapped. johnson is reaching thereonly, in the hospital. yes, got wounded. noise... mine... that glass gotshattered... johnson broke it...

...with his head... digambaris lying behind. i am also confused.what do i do? what? i only will haveto do that? is that so? hello, mr. mehta, how are you? me? i am fine. all by yourgrace. who is speaking? i am an assistant c. you people are phone anywhere. tell me quickly, whatis the matter? one minute. don't makehaste. i forget.

hey rascally mehta...- hmm? your son is in our custody. ifin a simple bag you do not put... much money and despatchit to dharavi then... what are you saying? don'tdo anything to my son. whatever money you ask,i'll give it to you. don't speak in between i forget. yes, if you don't send so muchmoney, then i'll make so many... ...pieces of your sonand send them home. finished. now speak.

what is the problem, brother?didn't i tell you... much ever money you aski'll give. tell me how much. so much... see, seth, i am new.i know only this much. whatever you feel fine, you say. what? i have to say?rs. 25 lakhs... rs. 25 lakhs? in those i'llbuy the whole well of death. look, look, don't put myson in the well of death. i implore you. i'll giveyou rs. 50 lakhs. what is this?

no, no, nothing. thechild fell down. do not drop the child please.i'll give one crore. one crore. no, no, no, sir. don't increasemore. you're such a nice man. your son will reach home. i hope everything is all right.- madam, that... mrs. ahalya, mrs. ahalya, she'sthe mother of the other child. her child is missing. that means our child is okay? no, mr. mehta, her child isalso missing with yours.

okay, okay. oh give me, give me. mrs. ahalya, mrs. ahalya... where is gaddu? your son's name is gaddu?my son's name is shravan. this is kishore bhai mehta.i am his missus. gaddu and my shravanare best friends. but where is gaddu? madam, the matter is thatmy son has been kidnapped.

i have been called by thekidnappers and i think... ...your son is also perhaps...- kidnap? and we are standing here?we should call the police. what are you saying? weshouldn't call the police. why? if the kidnappers come to knowwe have called the police... ...they will cut the children up. don't weep, don't weep, madam,it's of no purpose. see, these are professionalpeople, we'll have to...

...tread with extreme care. youdo one thing, you go home... ...and speak to your husband.but don't go to the police. i'll have to go to the police. hero... how are you?- how are you? i am all right.- did you recognize me? yes. i did. did the delivery take place? yes... right now... what is the weight?

of what?- of the child, what else? he is very heavy. did you have to operateor something? yes... it was very smooth. how is your friend with fits? he fell unconscious. the matter is... problems always come in a group. yes.

where are you going now? i am going very faraway... kalyan. what are you talking about?you are going to kalyan? even i am going there. we will go together, chatting.yes... we will give company. mother... shravan... shravan... my child... my love...where did you go? eat it.

one man... he mademe unconscious. he fought with me.i slept off then. when i woke up, i was all alone. oh... give it to him. give thewhole thing to him. and i have another idea.go and call the police. why the police? shravanhas come back, isn't it? they have taken the money,isn't it, the wretches! please don't abuse them.they kept their word.

now, even we should behavelike honest people. it doesn't seem good. what do you mean itdoesn't seem good? do you want to join their gang? if we don't go and reportin the police... ...they will go and kidnapsomeone else's child tomorrow. this is correct too. at least, some one poorwon't have to give money. their work will be done in free.

we made a mistake in haste. or else, our work wouldbe done for free too. we made a mistakein the calculation. keep your calculationsto your business. not with the life of the child. what would have happenedof the poor daddu? who is this daddu? silent. the people will listen.don't shout.

i have to go! yes... we will go. we willgo when we get the money. sit down now.- no, or else... it will come. who? - potty... what tea?- potty! don't come... don't come... help...- silent! what happened?- help... help... kick!- help... help...

silent... shut hismouth from behind. from behind... means...from behind the wall... push him from behind...- but he is in front. - help... push him out. god... make me do anything... but don't make me talk toa deaf man around the wall. i have a machine, who is deaf? i am deaf! my father is deaf.- help... push the boy inside... - don'tshout, everyone will hear it.

didn't i tell you,to shut him up! i did. now pull him inside.- help! shut his mouth! why did you let go of his mouth? here... - push... push... any problem? no problem, i am perfect. what is this?- can't you see? help me. - no.

help me. his stomach... - push... he is very heavy... hold him... silent, fatso... bring him in... come on... bring him in quickly. on the bed... on the bed...

move... move...- slowly... my hand... my hand... i am shouting about my can't listen? can you listen? are you deaf? both ears?- yes. what a team! one is a deaf... is a lame andanother is foolish. may god help you.

no... he is not abusing you. he wished us tobe helped by god. how will we be all right? fromwhere did you bring him? don't call me a fool.i am tambu. and i haven't come, ihave been brought with. you brought him... why?- i am a christian. then is it written in thebible to bring him here? that is not the case. but it iswritten that the people who... ...are about to die shouldconfess all their sins.

i am dying. therefore, i toldhim the kidnapping sin. and the sin that you committed... telling him aboutthis, whom will... go to andconfess that sin? no... no... just a minute... you keep silent. youare not in the gang. i am in the gang now! are we four from three now? what is the needfor him to tell... many partners we all are?- i knew it previously. when the equal shareis 33 percent... ...then there wereonly three members. now, there are four members...- the percentage too... no... he said it becausehe feared death. now, when he is about to die... does the percentagematter? - yes! now, what should i tell you?- i will tell you.

the boss is angry...why did you say 33? legally, you shouldsay 33.33. no? what is to be done now? mr. a... mr. a... whatare you doing? if you say anything else,i will kill you! why will i say anything?i am a partner now too. who said that you are a partner? whether i accept it or not,you are my guest? you came and stuck tome from anywhere?

i have put my blood inthis plan too. - where? here... here... here... inside too. legally, even i have a sharein the kidnapped money. yes. - see... if you say anythingin front... ...of outsiders, i will killyou. - listen to me... mr. mehta has given...- silent! why do you need totalk on his behalf? i don't want anyone's help. i charge for my value.

see... if you listento me... forget... ...33 percent, i guaranteeyou 40 percent. the plan is good, listen to it. okay. the plan is done. didyou hear that, avinash? i cannot hear anything.i am deaf. why do we fight betweenus four friends? it will be better if youlisten to this plan too. mr. a... come...- mr. b... come... you told this too?- please have a seat.

this doesn't seem goodduring a good plan. now... in lieu of 33 percent, whatif everyone takes 25 percent? will we put 25 percentin your mother's death? my mother is still alive.and she told me... ...being happy will not helpyou. no profit, only loss. the rest of the 25 lakhs,that means... ...25 percent, is dividedinto four parts... ...four policies.- what policies?

insurance policies. jeevan beema, jeevandhara in lic. and metlife, and hdfc,right now... ...there is an insuranceboom in india. - boom? yes... a boom. in the coming ten years, everythingwill double up! double... treble... in the end, cut fifteenpercent as tax. fifteen percent withtwenty five percent... ...isn't it forty percent?

and what will you get? ten percent commission.- him... don't give me. the governmentwill give it to me. it is all right.- it is a nice idea. with insurance, everythingis legal. really? - yes. really? if the child is alive, turnhim. he will choke. who is he? child, who else?

he is a child, but heis not mehta's child. we picked up the wrongkid, i mean... you! yes, i picked up the wrong kid. but you selected had met him. means? take him up. make him sit.make him! - who is he? see. he isn't speaking. take the rag out from hismouth. take the rag! rotten worms of therotten gutter.

you will be infested withworms in your death. my dad will cut allof you and kill you. is it? what does yourfather do by the way? he is the assistantcommissioner of police! is it? is he not thechief minister? i'll go and bring theinsurance policy. the child told and you agreed.- what is the name? my name is daddu. not yours, but your father's.- i can't tell that to you.

you cannot tell your daddy'sname. but you can lie? i am not lying. bring my bag. there is a mobile in that.there is my dad's number in it. go and dial it. the assitantcommissioner... ...of police will bespeaking with you. to know about your father, weshould go to the school first... ...and then take themobile and then... we have the bag.- where is it? - in the car. how? - you don't know. youhad embraced and slept.

the bag was in between. embraced?- i was unconscious. go and bring the bag. go! listen... if you lying,you are dead. if it is the truth?- what? what if it is the truth? bring it quickly. daddy. hello, daddu.

hello. who is it? acp sp rao. who is speakingfrom daddu's phone? is daddu really your child?- who is this? i am from the kidnapper's gang. we committed a mistake. we had... pick up buildermehta's son. we picked your kidup by mistake. are you digamber?

no... that digamber... hello... did you listen? a. the leader of the gang is a. and i am c, the new c. the rest of the membersare speaking inside. will you please hold the phone? your name is daddu? your father's name is sp rao? how did you find that out?

acp sp rao is on the line. the assistant commissionerof police... ...wishes to speak to you. daddy, nothing hashappened to me. silent... silent...- hello... daddu... mr. digamber, are you allright? are you okay? what happened, digamber?- shall i hang up? daddu... where are you? the money...- what money?

silent! silent!- go inside. hey, say something. didn't i tell you? a murderwill be committed. how? with this one hand.- you too. see... he is the boss, isn't it? if he told to go out,go inside! please. come here.

now... go there.- me? come on!- come. we are in trouble. we willhave to kill the child. our head is hurt, why areyou talking like this? you are speaking inanger, isn't it? yes. i insure lives, idon't commit murders. he is the acp's son. can't leave himjust like that. he has seen me. he has seen me too. if you speak some rubbish,you will go to heaven too.

boss... i...- see, say whatever you want to. but think about it. - okay.i am thinking... if i die... my wife will get allthe insurance money. no, kill him. but boss, this is murder.- you are also finished. you will kill me too? if one has to kill, whyare you seeing the age? i am a pure vegetarian. keep hitting.i will just see. but i will not just see.

dare anyone touch the kid.i will see who touches him. you... this is something. who? arun mehta. who is this? mehta's son. whomwe had to kidnap. hello, i am shravan here.can i speak to daddu? he cannot speak now, he ishere. his mouth... he is sleeping. who are you, uncle?

me... i am that one... uncle...daddu's uncle. daddu's uncle? - oh, sodaddu has come home too. daddu was released too? i was released when mydaddy gave one crore. where?- in the rubbish bin. the rubbish... we will remove the clothesand he will tell. stuff his mouth. we don't have thatmuch cloth. it is in the laundary. then go, tie him. wehave to go. - where?

sir, you have a big burdenof the daughter's marriage. i thought that i'd go tothe commissioner first. but then i thought that it'dbe better if i went to you. i will take help from you... and then offer a flatto the daughter... ...and the son-in-lawat a discounted... ...rate in my complex, as a gift. complex? which complex? that slum i told youabout in vakola.

if you clear it quickly,we will make... ...the complex fasterand you will... ...get the flats faster.- see, mehta... one hunt in two arrows seemgood in phrases only. yes... don't mix everything. everything has a value. you are right. you are correct. i always say that mr.rao is very clear.

that is the reasonthat not a single... ...scandal has you as thenamed one till today. sir... ahilya madam has come. have her sit in theneighboring room. you sit down. you too. daddu has been kidnapped. ourchild has been kidnapped. and him too... you said not togo to the police. and you are here?

i called you up. youdidn't take the call. why are you sitting quiet?what kind of a father are you? our child is kidnapped andyou aren't doing anything? ahilya, shut up. whatis the meaning... ...of coming in myoffice and saying... ...our child... our childagain and again? i am a family man. and we? we are not family? shut up.

see, you sit in theneighboring room... ...i will come right away. that's enough. i cannot takethis farce any longer. so what if i am not your wife. i am just like yourwife, isn't it? so what if you haven'tgiven daddu your name... he is your son, isn't it? stop shouting, someonewill listen. he has heard everything.

no...- shut up! see, my relatives areabout to arrive. here, they have come... come... please come...- can i come inside? please come... we weretalking about you. were you unveilingone of my secrets? i hope i am not disturbing you. it is my wife's orderthat i should... ...go with you and invitethe governor.

we will go. we will surely go. i will just deal with her. she is ahilya, she is his wife. what are you saying, sir? - wedon't understand how one is... ...related to someone inthe tension of the work. she is his sister. and you?- i am her brother. - okay. come on... we will go quickly.there is a lot of traffic. yes, we will go.

at least you wait inthe neighboring room. mr. mehta, you too.- me... i have to make your youngersister understand, isn't it? okay... yes...this way please... what will clutching yourhead like this do? search for daddu. do something. you cannot run from yourresponsibilities. where am i running frommy responsibilities? i am supporting youfinancially, isn't it?

supporting? you are usingme for your fun. see, please don'tsay all this here. forgive me, satya. okay, tears for yourwife and for me... hello. - yes, satya. i wasspeaking to your photo right now. you will live long. yes. how is me and my son'slife related to you? shut up, stupid woman. no... not you. there is a casehere. i am solving it.

okay, so i am a case? see, mr. acp shripoornit rao... if i don't get my son backtoday evening then i will... ...perform the ladies song inyour daughter's marriage, you cheap dance bar girl. you wretch. if i want, i canhave you disappear in two minutes. it will take those twominutes for me... bring your truthto the world. i am sorry.

see. i spoke to the kidnappers. everything will be all right. don't say anything to anyone. if we walk like tortoises, wewon't reach home till next month. do what you were doing, chew. no... my stomach is full too.i have another idea. what is it? i mean... i have another mouth. it is such a nice rope, chew it.

it is worth one and ahalf lakhs, chew it. chew it... good boy. wait... wait...where are you going? my water bottle and bag! quickly... quickly... oh god... i am sorry. stop the vehicle. did you forget our beatings?

you are being disloyal to us? where are you running off too?- hey...! boss... wait... i am coming. baazigar... come on... it is the question of thisaccountant's respect! come! should we go up too? back... go back... come on! hey... there... there...

come on... come on... don't leave him... catch him... help... go... go... hit him! back... back...! it isn't starting. good. very good.

catch him! kids! don't go so fast! where will you go now? where else? directly upstairs! the queen of the hearts... the owner of every heart... the heart has gone astray... there is some magic...

will we wait now? brave people don't wait ever. hey...- what happened? don't bring these mad dogsand horses in my presence. i don't have a penchant to bebitten by them. - me too. not maybe, definite. me too. yes... me...- okay... the phone. daddy...

acp... hello, i am the acp. don'tworry, digamber. he knows our name. hello hello digamber see, don't hang up. i amnot talking as an acp. i accept all your conditions,you hear me, isn't it? see... it is better if the matteris cleared out simply. me... i am ready for the deal.where is the child?

he is ready to deal, but heasks where the child is. child? good morning, boss. actually,the child was very bored. therefore, auras... our boss... he has taken himout for a stroll. he will come back.what is the deal, sir? i am the financial advisorof the group. mr. mehta... by the way, have youinsured the children?

hey...- careful... please don't threaten me. did isay that i won't give the money? see. just as how mr. mehtahas given a crore... ...even i am ready togive you a crore. hello, sir. i will speak tomy board of directors... ...and tell you the minutesof whatever... ...resolution we passwithin a minute. just a minute, sir. it is a very corporatestructure. it will be a big gang.

tell me. why are youirritating us? i am not irritating you.everything is the same. even this acp is ready giveone crore like mr. mehta. this... boss, one crore is more, tellhim to decrease a bit. that mehra ran with one crore. what should i say? say anything. sir, our directors feel,that you should...

...give us one ten, one one zero. why should i give youone crore ten lakhs? see, mr. mehta is withme. you closed... ...the deal withhim at one crore. i am a government servant. sir... we forgot to add servicetax the last time. at the rate of ten percent.- will you take a tax? that is between us andthe tax department. why do you meddle inthat? one minute.

you please talk to our ceo. him? you have made him the ceo? when will you give me the money? whenever you wish it. see... don't call up hereagain and again. this is a marriage home. ahilyais the mother of the child. you call up at her house,understood? this is your marriage house,and that is... ...the house of yourdestruction, isn't it?

hey... mind your languageor else... or else what? you wish to say that you aren'tthe child's father? oh, you are kidnappers,go on kidnapping. why are you meddling your nose... ...other's private liveslike a journalist? where are meddling noses? we just wish to findout that if you... ...are not the child'sfather, why...

...are you speaking to ussince such a long time? oh... i am giving you one croreten lakhs, isn't it? mehta will come with it.- why him? he is experienced. hehas been your customer. ahilya is his... - don't tell himthat she is my wife... please... she is his mother.- what are you saying? not mother... ahilya andhis mother is the same. he is ahilya's brother. whether he is elder or younger... are you related to that?you write the number down. the number...- what? - number... write... here, boss. 24922493. sir, will you repeatit once more? okay... when is uncle comingwith the money? oh... daddu's uncle. he willcome with it tomorrow morning. i don't move aroundwith the money. you will get the money tomorrowmorning. god bless you.

the money will come. butwhat about the child? this avinash too!- what is this 'uncle'? he is the acp's nephew, mehta. tell us clearly, is he thenephew or the uncle? i didn't think so... mehta is the acp'sbrother-in-law? brother-in-law! that avinash has goneto his uncle. come on!- come on!

the child has been searched for. that means, we know where he is. listen... shall we keepthe photo session here? yes... it is all right. - wewill sit here. - yes, all right. you will get him tomorrow. can't you call him with hisname? he is your child too. see, you don't have to repeatthis again and again. i am ruined. i am giving the earnings of mywhole life to those kidnappers.

and that too to repent for asmall mistake i had committed. i am being punished too. i didn't know that therewas a wretch... ...behind the police uniform.- mind your language. if i didn't save you,you'd be rotting... some remand homelike the other girls. police would have takenme to the remand home. you took me to the hotel room. i was so young, i didn't knowthe meaning of wretchedness.

if only i knew that you were married. that is the past. forget them. i should forget it? and daddu... this one?- yes. not this one, open this. this?- yes. give me this key. this key?- yes. i am opening the door.

yes, you have fooled me. you had an air conditionerat home. you needed a fanand you used me. you had your own fun. you impregnated me andtied a rock to my legs. ...when i met you, iwas a working girl. so what if i was a bar dancer?we have a union too? nowadays, even moviesare made on us. therefore, i am telling you.take care of your career.

take fifteen lakhs andgo away from my life. mind your language, mr. acp. i am the mother of your child.daddu is your child too. he is my child and therefore... i am giving onecrore ten lakhs... what? one crore ten lakhsto the kidnapper... and just fifteen lakhs forthe one who gives birth? hey... was i the onlyone left to fool?

okay, when are you givingme the money? those... that fifteen lakhs. okay, bye. daddu... my child... he is the best rider, avinash.he saved me. mummy. - is it?come in... have a seat. sit down. how did you save himfrom the kidnappers? but he is himself is fromthe kidnapper's gang.

mummy, sit down. avinash,sit down. mummy, he is a nice man. money... it hasn't come as yet... no... i am not doingall this for money. jiji was forcing andtherefore... i told them so much. the money that is stolengoes into the drain. if you loot from here, you willbe looted in the hospital. the stomach will be cut, thehead will scramble out... isn't it?- yes, mamma.

you don't want money? you just returned daddu? i did... for free? okay. i will leave now. no... i have to returnthe money to mr. mehta. i don't know if i have petrolin my bike or not. come on... i will take god'sname and reach there. please wait for some time.

mr. avinash, please have a seat. i want to talk to private. go inside. inside means? why should i go in? the young people don't speakwhen the elders are speaking. he is an elder later, heis my friend before that. actually, i wanted to speakabout daddu's daddy. he knows everything.

there is no secretin friendship. see, he is not a good man. who?- my daddy. he is spineless.- listen to that. if he finds out thatdaddu has returned... he will not give the money back. therefore i was thinking... shall i tell you what - yes. -i am thinking? why should we tellanyone that daddu...

...has returned beforewe get the money? as soon as we get the money... i mean... fifty fifty... i had thought like that. did you understand? this means... the car will goonce again on illegal road? there isn't any illegalin this. the money... ...that he will give willbe illegal. and taking... ...illegal money in a legalway is totally legal.

yes, it is totally legal. what do you think? illegal. friend, you don'tdo anything illegal. we will walk on the legal road. shut up, daddu. why should i keep quiet? i will tell acp sirthat i have returned. see, wait... no... daddu...

yay!- daddu... wait... avinash... what kind of a person are you? you are jumping around witha boy. are you crazy? yes, i cannot hear. forget that. now, can i ask you something?- what? are you crazy? are childrenhit like this? sorry. - why are youtelling me? tell him. i hit him for the first time.

lies. you hit me before too.- when? when i was young, i'd calledacp sir as papa... the theatre, youhad hit me even then. daddu... come here... - no... no... no... no... here... take my phone.and call papa. i know how important this is. where is your papa? even my mother doesn't know it.

you are lucky that youknow the number. smile please... let's see. i alwaysphotograph well. oh lovely, my photos alwaysturn out to be lovely! hello?- hello, acp sir. daddu. daddu constable. i want to give yousome good news. adults only, thistime... come on.

daddu... daddu... i knowwhat the good news is. i have made the arrangements forthat. - come on... adults only. now, listen to me, daddu. is digamber there? okay, is avinash there?- yes. give him the phone. but i want to talk to you. acp sir wants to talk to you. with me? but you wantto talk to him.

handsfree... hello. - thank you for taking thechild on the motor cycle. all is done. the deal willbe completed tomorrow. please don't call here. bye bye. come on...- yes... come on... what happened? did he hang up? he didn't like that i came back? son - in- law... please come... -no... no... dad... adult's only...

one minute. how are you? why are you troublingme? i am ready. what kind of a man are you?the child wants to speak. can't you speak for two minutes? i am very busy right now. what can be more importantthan the son? you know in which situationi am stuck. and therefore, you areblackmailing me.

kidnapping can be forgiven once. but blackmail... unpardonable. who is being kidnapped?what blackmail? hello... i am not blackmailing you.i brought the child home... hello... hello... he is an old friend, can inot joke with him too now? did he hang up once again? no... he is on the line.but there is some static.

tell me...- hello. yes... sir... what is this static? is the phone bad? - the stomachis bad, one minute. one minute, mr. mehta. it is the gang leaderon the line. he is down to blackmailing. bargain with him a bit. yes, i will do that...i will do that. the marriage is takingplace in a big house.

or else, i'd have told thewretches to do what they can. are we doing something wrong? no... we should say thisto the kidnappers. we should tell that to them. it was i who drank theblood and stayed. or does anyone spend somuch on an illegal setup? what are you talking about,sir? slow... slow... i am here, isn't it? just tell me. should italk angrily or softly?

talk what is cheaper. oh... dad... please come... daddy,please come. come on. hello, i have an idea.make him speak to me. what is this? the childwill have to... ...speak to outsiders tospeak to his father? outsider... no... i am his uncle.i am his uncle. oh, uncle... sorry... will youspeak to your uncle? - no. will you speak to your brother?no? okay... they... just wantto speak to the papa.

see, listen to me. the child is ultimatelyillegal, isn't it? actually, you are fortunatethat you... ...are dealing witha police officer... ...or else, which governmentofficer... talk whatever you wantto with ahilya. acp has told whateverhas to be told to her. okay? this is strange. he toldme to talk to ahilya.

where will i searchfor ahilya for? your mother... you... okay...i understand. this is a tragedy. don'tcry, if you cry... ...the child will crytoo. actually... ...nobody knows wheremy father is too. you... you are brave. when i came into the room,i saw what you said... you had an air conditionerin the... so you usedme like a fan.

what style. what will the fan do too? it is used sometimesin the summer. silent, the child is listening. that is what i amtelling you too. if the child is there, it willbe difficult for a lone woman. but you shouldn't calla child a stone... ...of the leg in their presence. they don't like... see...he doesn't like it.

daddu... where are you going? i am going to throw thisstone from the terrace. so that you can fly. what did he say in the end?- daddu... wait... there isn't anyone in thehouse too... - daddu... wait... ...- why from the stairs... the lift... he is going to commit suicide... why didn't you tell me earlier? wait... daddu...- daddu...

don't come near me.- you will fall down, i came so high to fall. from here... you want to jump from here? like this? daddu! okay, jump. but just answerthis question first. yes, ask me. but just one. one... one...

i will ask you such a question.- you are wasting my time... you don't have any question. -i do have one... i do have one... then ask me...- i am asking you... what is your age? why? - don't question myquestion. wasting my time. i don't have time. answer me. if november comes this year,i will be ten. what kind of answer is this?this is illogical. if november comes this year...november comes every year.

yes... - okay. so you will beten this november, right? - yes. promise. - no. is your questiondone, i will jump now. no... how will you jump now?you just promised me. that is what i said... yes, this is illogical. one hasto wait according to logic. why should i wait? all of us have to wait. youwill have to wait too. one has to wait for sixtyor seventy years... go after then, who stops you?

but we have wait. but you said thatweak people wait? i told... i said... that weakpeople do weight lifting. weak people do weight lifting... ...and strong people wait. they don't chase anyone,people chase them. there, mummy has arrivedtoo. please come... daddu...- hey, don't come near me. don't come near him.- don't come near me.

go that side, right...right... right... that's it... okay. so what is your point?- point? hey... don't come near me. i don't like coming near you. i can't listen and thereforei came near you. one isn't hasty in thematters of death. this death... is shameless. if you abuse it, hit it,it will follow you.

if you follow what follows you... ...where is the smartnessin that? if i stay alive... mummy willbe insulted once more. as it is, i am the stonetied to her leg. the task of life is to insult,then there is a real challenge. daddu... i had just said it. do you not believe me? if i don't believe you, whomshould i believe, mother? did you hear whatthe child said?

it is very deep. youapologize to him. daddu... please forgiveme... i will give you whatever youwant... come down... i want a papa. iwant a surname... ...behind my name in the school. i want such a house where allof us can live together. but this cannot be possible,because acp sir is busy. that's it? that's what you want? you don't meddle in don't understand.

who can understandbetter than me? this is what hurt mein the childhood. but i didn't have anyoneto explain it to me. i will become your father.i will stay with you. we three will live together. you are lying.- no, friends never lie. so, will you stay with us? - yes. you will never leave us?- never. promise?- promise.

actually, my leg is paining.let us sit. so, will he be my newpapa from today? - yes. and then, what willhe be to you? what he should be.- no, tell me clearly. now, say what is in your heart, what should i tell him? in your heart... okay... my husband. very good. come...

if anyone scoldsor beats my son... ...i will not keep silent.understood? thank you, new papa. this whole world asks for love. this world asks for love,you will get it here. the whole world asks for love. you will get the loveyou want there. being together, i havegot this lovely moment... ...from you in life.

i got my lost days in the end. my life was colored inyour color after all. nature... nature has startedcoloring me. clarinets started to ring... sax... saxena... sir... hello, sax.

at ease. listen. i am arranging for the money. you will have to goto mr. mehta's home... ...early in the morning tomorrow. hello. yes, mr. mehta. sax will reach with themoney to your house... ...early in the morning. oh!his full name is saxena. yes. and he is a policeman too.

high rank, secret police,encounter specialist. no, please don't worry. i trust him, heis my old friend. he will come withthe money to you. and you go and givethe money to ahilya. what? you want to make abuilding, so make it... oh... that permission toremove the hutments... don't worry, i will getthat permission for you. you do my work, i am doingyours, isn't it?

bye! it is just yesterday's matter.i had made sangita go bald. what, sangita was made bald? it was a ritual, sir. it seems like it isyesterday's matter. you remember that till now? how can i forget it? you were late while coming homefrom the office that day. and sister-in-lawscolded you a lot!

did you understand the work?- yes, sir. i will give my lifefor this work. you don't have to give ortake life in this world. no blood, on bullets. yes, sir.- out... out! what are you doing, mother? don't worry, mother. i and daddy are gandhiji'sstatutes. we don't see, listen or do evil.

because he is deaf, shut up.the bag has money. but they aren't ours, mother. silent... such a chance comesonly once in a lifetime. if i had jumped fromthe terrace... ...would you have got sucha chance. - shut up. don't touch that money,that's not ours. what will you do?- i'll tell my new father. new father... new father. isit done of you people decide? even my acceptance is necessary.

yes, ahilya, your acceptanceis the most necessary. if that was my money,you could have kept it. but it isn't mine. the rightful owner will haveto be returned the money. don't worry. we willnot want money. that acp is giving fifteenlakhs, isn't it? and then... i have savedtwo lakhs too. just if i marry someday. wehave seventeen lakhs then. and sir says thathe will sell the...

...well of death in twenty lakhs. he will give me a discountof a couple of lakhs. and then... from hereand from there. we will name it mumbai express. everything will befit in two years. yes... yes mamma, listen to papa. our life will be fit. what? with him? what is he? just a circus jokeron a motorcycle?

and what are you? bar dancer? daddu... whatever the truth be,she is a mother, isn't it? sorry, all i wanted to say isthat i like you two as a couple. who else likes it? don't say no, ahilya, please. i can do anythingfor and anywhere... no... brave peopledon't chase anyone. okay. you have heardthe first rule... listen to the second rule.

everything is fair inlove in and romance. love and romance? as soon as... ...i hear these words ifeel like throwing up. you will have the foodpoisoning of love if you... the wrong person. i saida wrong dialogue, isn't it? really. - but my love is notbad. i can assure you... i tell it to you tomorrow?i am sleepy. and we have to go mr. mehtain the morning too. yes. i am sleepy too.i will sleep with you.

come on. savita... don't be so stunned.he is a policeman. i had told you. saxena,encounter specialist. come inside. hey, stop this. okay, this is the voiceof that machine... i thought that mymachine conked off. a wireless machine, likeamerican police... to listen to...- cbi.

i am c, johnson is b. i see... you... i don't know... k.- okay, k. that money. yes. i knowit... i know it. you know ahilya's house,isn't it? i am coming from there. yes, you have to gothere again now. why now?

you will give thismoney to ahilya? to give this money to ahilya. no... keep this. i had gone to put the moneyin the rubbish bin... so therefore, in the back...- yes, i know. the weight is more too.- of the bag. - yes. this has come here, myburden has decreased. no, please don't decreaseyour burden here. decrease it in the car.

you know how to drive, isn't it? i have an idea. this is the key tomy mercedes benz. take the car out and parkit behind the building. we will not go down in thebuilding together. - yes. we will go through thesmall road. - okay. but this is not aleft hand drive? no, why? the left hand drive is notright. it is bad luck.

but this is a right hand drive,it is good luck. good luck. can i ask you something? you will not feel bad, isn't it? ask me. why not? this moneyhas come for her. you have such a nice heart. such a nice man... big man...breaking the homes of poor people... why will he make a multistory,i don't know.

did your boss tell that to you? no. i am asking it. then you don't needto know it too. i have spoken to yourboss directly. okay, so you have talkedto a directly? who is mr. a? we don't call each other withour names while we work. he is a, and i am c. okay, undercover names.

but i wasn't c before this. iwas brother-in-law before this. he is a partner, isn't it?- partner? yes. she has a share. you people have a share too? yes, everyone has one. a, b, c. mr. a is in this too? yes, first he was 33 andone third percent. then in between, there wasthis insurance problem... ...and then it becamejust eight percent.

the insurance peopleare in this too? they weren't in this before too. but when they gave us an idea... ...we had to accept it. had to accept it... you will have to accept it. you are a better businessmanthan me. what kind of a businessman? i have come to helpmy sister, what else.

sir, if i wished, i'd have ranaway with this money too. but... your boss said thatyou are to be believed in. did he say like that? he wasshouting so much on me! he is a wretch. but maybe,he has a good heart. i must have been wrongin recognizing him. no... he thinks that youare a very good friend. is it? anyway, sir. pleasegive me my sister's share. sister's share... the hospital is is nearby.

yes, nanavati. is it? but ahilya will beworried there, isn't it? no, there is nothing tothink about ahilya. she knows that i am comingto you with the money. you mean ahilya knows it too?- yes... no... there's a lot ofconfusion... please... one minute. hello, sir... yes...just a minute. here, talk here. i will followwhatever you decide now... hello...- hello...

it is me...- who is speaking? i think that i have heardthis voice before. are you not avinash? you are a super policeman. -you reached there. yes.- and the money? we have the money. here... no... no... my sister's share... see. nothing more than thedeal we decided earlier. i am not asking any more!

if you'd give a part ofthis to my sister... ...would you mind?- why would i mind... ...give it to your sister. why don't you tellit to him yourself? give the phone to mehta. about ahilya... she willtell it herself. thank you sir. thank you. mehta... whatever he is saying... sir... juice... - i don't wantit. - madam has said...

mehta... give him whateverhe says... what is the problem? nothing. what problemwill i have? don't trouble me. i ambusy in the marriage. yes... no... no... okay. sir... now you are the boss. a... c... a... c... you want an ac in agovernment hospital? no... mr. a... mr. c...

brother-in-law. sister-in-law,mr. mehta. conman... no, you don't have to mehra is a good man. see, he has come himself. and he has brought asurprise for you too. run... come on... give it to her withyour own hands. yes... how much?- whatever you wish. fifteen lakhs?

yes...- fifteen lakhs? someone will look. i willget a bag, big one. will i get a bag? yes... sister... sir...- what are you doing? - forgive me. we are corrupt sinners. you are the saint of thesaints. we thought wrong for you. please forgive us...please forgive us... what are you doing?what are you doing?

let me take your blessings,please... - why? why? we are sinners, our lifewill be rewarded. see, please don'ttalk like this. we were going to commitsuch a huge sin. but what could i do, sir?my husband is in hospital. and that brother is a goodfor nothing wretch. no... your brother is nota good for nothing. he is a very greatand talented man. no, mr. mehta, pleasedon't say like that.

if he was worthy ofanything, would... ...a woman like me have todo all these crooked tasks? sister... he is your brother,therefore you think like that. do you know what a good friendof the commissioner he is? he is such a great policeman! police. - yes... and he is notany small policeman. he is a big policeman.he didn't tell you? please don't tell himthat i told you. he'll feel bad, he is anencounter specialist, isn't it?

encounter specialist? no...- avinash is a secret police. what?- yes, secret police. brother...- keep it in this. no... don't worry. he will give you more. keep this. please forgive me, brother.fie on my words. - why? what all did i tellyou all my life. i gave you such trouble...

i gave you trouble. ifyou weren't there... you are the only support now.- curses on my bad fortune! i thought that my good brotherwas a burden all my life. mr. mehta... when he was young... ...i used to throwhim in a train to... saved of him everyday.even then... ...he used to come back. peopleused to smile at him. they used to say... is hea child... or mumbai... mumbai express.

so you left me? daddu was right. so. what was the need ofsaying the truth today? i don't know whether ishould laugh or cry. no... laugh. youshould celebrate. you have come so ahead in life. where have i come?you derailed... ...the mumbai express.- no... he does the justice.

the train derailed. andthe station arrived. ahilya and daddu arewaiting for me. i don't hate you even now.i will bring them. give your blessings tothem. come on, sir. lalla... take care of the money. james bond... secret service. ahi... alu...- hello?

yes, savita. what is the matter? a police man has come here.with another bag of money. even his name is saxena.- two saxenas? sir, do you have a brother? no, i have a met him... is his name saxena? i don't know about his surname. his name is only raju. only raju...- no, not only... - okay.

but... how did a man of yourname come to my house? my name?- see... - yes. - hello, who is it? savita... - no... it is notsavita... it must be a man. there is some man,please call him. mr. saxena. hello.- hello, who is speaking? i am police officersaxena speaking. - good morning sir. there is a man of my name,please call him.

there is nobody here. onlyme. what is your name? i am avinash... but my name...there is some confusion... okay. please speak to mr. mehta. hello... yes... but howdid another man... ...named saxena reach my house? no... sir... i am saxena. the person with you,his name is avinash. sir... your name is avinash? your name is avinash?

how is that? i feltthat you are saxena. is it? how did you feelthat i am saxena? does saxena look like me? no. i haven't seen him. then... how did youfeel like that? that is right. thereis confusion. yes... hello... he does all double. he sent a person herewith the money.

is it? has some policemancome there with money too? yes, you are right,you are correct. yes. he told me toshare the money. and follow his orders. soi am following his orders. okay, i will come there. stop that man. please listen... is thisavinash a senior officer? yes... he seems to be... okay. you come.

sir, mr. saxena iscoming himself. yes, let him come. hello darling, you will livefor a hundred years, darling! digamber... what do you want? brother, see we didn'trecognize you. we said something so stupid.don't think about it. - is it? we are stupid fools. we couldn't recognizea police man. me... a police man?

see, you cannot fool us now. you are the commissioner'sspecial man. undercover. who told you that? durga told that to me. what is he speaking? he's saying that i ama police officer... ...and durga had told that.- no, i told that. you... - i mean... it slippedout of my mouth. - why?

i committed a mistake.- you too... say that it isn't so. no, it isn't anything likethat. he is not a policeman. he is not saxena too. he is asking who you are,what should i say? avinash.- avinash... c avinash... they have to be given money too? if you have to, give them.

okay. tell me. how much? you are the kings, i willtake whatever you give me. see. i have been ruined by time. first, the horse bit my hand. then... whatever moneyyou put in the bin... ...that was taken by mr. avinash. avinash... this avinash... sir... sir... you took my money from the bin?

yes... this is it... yes... this is my gunny bag...this is my gunny bag! give me. yes, give it.- no. it is my money. now i i understand. you got the moneyi left in the bin... ...and you came hereto return it to me. and saxena is coming herewith ahilya's money. is it?- so, can i leave?

just a minute. if saxena iscoming with the money for ahilya... okay... go...- yes, all right. i will leave. sir... shouldi drop you somewhere? no... mumbai express is waitingfor me downstairs. mumbai express?- my motorcycle. bless you and yourmumbai express. you are so great... no... what are you saying?you are a great man. you gave such a huge donation...

...for durga, and then mr.rao gave one for me. ahilya.- i will leave. no... i will come till the car. - no,you have the motorcycle downstairs. you have a back pain.- i'll go... i'll go. please wait... hello, digamber...- daddy... hello, daddu... sir, shall i keep it and come?- yes, go. i have got the ticketsfor mumbai express.

and we are leaving the city. outside the city? but why? all the notes are false.and there are... ...cut magazine papersin between too. mamma is leaving you too. that magazine... that magazine...that money... daddu... no... no... don't worry... i am here... daddy is here. i willspeak to uncle. we will stay together. daddy, come quickly.- daddu...

there are just ten minutesfor the train to leave. ten minutes? sir... sir... forgive us... thief... thief... forgive us... i am not a thief...- hit him... is it done? yes, good. don't touch me... they ran with my money.- yes.

ahilya is going bythe mumbai express. stop them... catch them... break the car...- don't worry, i am saxena. whoever you are... pleasebreak the car! move the car. who is he?- what is this? there are two policemen here... ...and the thieves are runningaway with my bag. he is the saxena whomthe acp has sent.

sir, tell me. what shouldwe do? - should i tell you? yes...- go with mehta and follow them. thank you. god bless you. i have to stop ahilya and daddu. sir, just a minute. the acp has sent thismoney for daddu. money?- yes, sir. okay, ahilya's settlement?- all right. move... quickly... move the car...

shall i see it? god... - you took god's name,i have come, you wretches! i won't spare you. i will shoot you. faster...- okay, sir. mr. mehta, please call the acp. sir. all the money is gone.- what? my money is gone? all my money? no sir. your money isn't money is gone. just a minute.

he is asking what happenedof his money. sir, your money issafe with the... ...senior officer thatyou sent. he has gone... ahilya, to catchthe mumbai express. what are you blabbering about? i didn't send anyspecial officer. i had sent you. what is his name abhilash... who is this abhilash?i don't know any any abhilash.

sir, what is he saying? hedidn't send any abhilash... that's what i am saying. his name is not abhilash,his name is avinash. oh my god... right... his name is not abhilash.his name is avinash. mehta, please speak. i can'tspeak while driving. you gave the money to avinash? you fool! he is the leaderof the kidnapper gang. what did you do?

where is avinash? tell saxena to turn the car.and forget digamber. follow mumbai express!- sir, my money... to hell with your money.follow mumbai express. catch avinash. thatis your duty. yes... yes... yes... sir.- what did he say? he said... follow the car.catch digamber. that is your duty.- okay, sir. hey, not straight, left!

what is the matter, sir?- the music has played! where is the radio?- here... get me the control room quickly. i want to get down onthe next station. i want to meet daddy. if you speak again,i will hit you again. see. you hit me the third time. i will report will be jailed. you will have togo to the prison.

you brought the money, isn't it?- daddu... you are speaking a lot. hello... one minute. police. acp sir is on the line. hello, acp sir,one minute. here. sinner... this kidnappingwas your plan? and that avinash, he isyour lover, isn't it? weren't you ashamed to havefun with a stranger? you are the one whois a stranger.

and is better ifi don't know you. i am leaving forever and ever.stop chasing me. go to hell. i want my money. you cannot run away like this. the man who is following you,is a encounter specialist. look out of the window. you were never my wife, youaren't my mistress now too. you are just a terrorist now.

you will rot in prisonall your life. you were right, thismoney will kill us. what should we do now? - throwit from this train. - what? but what if the police thinksthat we are terrorists? we don't like looklike terrorists. but yes, we surely look likethieves with this money. throw it, mamma... throw it! no, daddu... no... this is wrong.daddy is here... i am here! daddu... i will not letyou do this. - but why?

what kind of a mother are you? is your work done? haveyou become a hero? oh my god... we are ruined now. the police will catch us now...with the money. is it? what will we do now? it isn't late yet. yourmotorbike? - it is outside. will it work? it is like me. mumbaiexpress, come on. mamma. daddy is enough for us.

then why this money? daddy for you, and money for us. promise me that daddywill stay with us? yes, promise. wait... wait... catch him. wait. i say, stop. let me go... yes... let me go... sir... sir... it is your call.

who is it? - is it goodto leave in the middle? this is the call of ig,just a minute. sir, acp s p rao, sir...that is terrorist. is that so, sir... sir... sorry, sir. okay, sir.- what is it, sir? i had told you to stopmumbai express... ...and catch the terrorist?- yes. the train has stopped andthe terrorists escaped.

the train has stopped somewhere. and laloo prasad yadavis traveling in it. give me the radio quickly.- here... sir... this side... where is it? give me the radio, everyonewill be in trouble. we will be given oursuspension orders. you took a left that time,take a right now. are you all right? my daddu strongest.- why are we wasting time here?

we should follow them... no... i will call theacp first. i don't... ...want any more confusion. - pleasedon't talk to the acp. - why? are you in the police?- no. then why did you say thatyou are in the police? when did i say thati was in the police? if he didn't say... yes...the acp told this. why did the acp say this? no... he is not a policeman.

he rides the motorbikein the death well. which well?- the death well. he is the best rider,the mumbai express. which express?- mumbai express. is this a name?- yes... see... all pursuit vehicles attention. keep an eye on them. i'll come. acp sp rao here. letmumbai express leave. let mumbai express go.

that's an order. are you mumbai express?- yes... - please go. sir... i will tell you everything,i was going on the right away, he is telling you to leave, isn't it? yes sir, that mumbai express...i am with him. come on, quickly.- yes, sir... just a minute, sir. mr. mumbai express, leave... go... a small fault in the vehicle. sir... stay on line... i willtalk to you later...

hold this... please... push. come on. there is a horse stablein jerimeri. we will get thekidnappers there. darling, come on, darling...please come... the mrs. is in a hurry...thank you, sir. bye... bye... no... let it be. everyoneis confused. sir, we sent the mumbaiexpress. - good,

it wasn't starting, we pushedit and started it. you pushed it? yes, sir, we pushed it. okay, whatever it is all right. okay, go and catch avinash now. yes, go and catch him. sir, avinash is mumbai express. i am upstairs today... the sky is downstairs.

good morning, sir. i am thambu. insurance agent. these hoodlumstried to kidnap me. come... come... here it is... here it is... leave it... it was here,where did it go? we kept it here...the horse ate it. how is it possible? howwill the horse eat it? we were saved...- where are we going now? on the straight road.

there is such a din. but the cat took the milk.breaking news... there is a new company, mumbaiexpress, private limited. the ceo is mr. mehta. sikander,durga, prasad, raju... all of them are on theboard of directors. but still on the top is avinash. he walked on the road oftruth and won everything. then there is thevictory of truth. all's well that ends well.

and life is a big well!

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