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Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Big Bird To Print

Coloring Pages Of Big Bird To Print

raja ravichandra varmawas a respectful and kind person. he used to do businessnot only to earn profit.. ..but also givejob to the unemployed. his three sistersmeant everything to him. and these three men are thosewho married raja's three sisters. raja loved his sisters whereas thesethree men loved raja's wealth. he is raja's brother-in-law,an absent minded man. but he is a good man too. after raja's death, his childrenbecame the point of attraction.

bhagat singh,a criminal minded business man. earlier,he was a professional killer.. he is a business man. start the auction. sir, no one has comefrom king constructions. after raja's death, who'sleft to represent the company. raja's elder son. has this kid entered thebusiness against me? - yes sir. you can start.

government's minimumbid amount is 1 million. 1 million and 10 thousand.- 5 million. bhagat construction's finalbid is rs. 20 million and 200,000. one moment king. you got bowled in thegame of business, kid. sorry, bad luck. i didn't get bowled,but hit a century instead. this spinning mill whichisn't worth even 5 million.. ..i provoked you andmade you to bid for 20 million.

and i made workers toearn a profit rs.10.5 million. a real king not only winsbut also one who makes people win. good luck. i won. - you won. well done, my child.- congratulations, my dear. sister-in-law, why do youcongratulate your elder son.. ..when the younger one had won it? he lost to make him win. you fool, tell you think it comes for free?

i'll not spare you. hey, what are you doing? why are you hitting him?what has he done? you don't know. king trustedhim and gave him the keys.. ..but he cheated us.- what are you trying to say? tomorrow isbrother-in-law's birthday.. we had kept the bonusof the workers in the locker.. ..he says the suitcasehas gone missing. i'll not spare him.. - hit him.

what's going on here? sir.. i didn't steal.i am telling the truth. you leave. - junior sir. sir, do you also suspect me? i said leave this place. told you to leave, isn't it?get lost! when uncle mentioned aboutthe police complaint, i got scared. i got much more scared. where did you keep the suitcases?

don't worry.i've hid it safely in my room. why have you hiddenthat suitcase in your room? go and get it to us. - right away. i knew that mr.deshmukh is innocent. i've been ignoring yourwrong behavior from many days. i kept my mouth shut because of myaunts and the respect of this house. you three will go right awayand apologize to mr. deshmukh. we thought afterbrother-in-law's death.. ..we could gaincontrol of the wealth..

..but he's anhurdle in everything. what do we do when someonebecomes a hurdle in our path? we take another path.- you guys do that. what about you?- we remove it from our path. mother! priest, after my elder son's birth,something inauspicious.. ..happens every 2 to 3 years. i called you hereto show his horoscope. this boy will lead a royal lifeand will face some hurdles too.

in the 2010, a danger awaits him. very dangerous. if he escapes from that,he need not worry. he will live long. what should we do as aremedy to avoid that danger? priest, is there any remedy? madam, we'll do all that we can. the rest lies in hands of god. move. move.

sir... how did it happen? the contract will be ours for sure.- sir, don't underestimate the king. what will he do?i've bribed everyone. it's murthy.. yes murthy, tell me.- sorry sir. a bad news. king has won again. no! what happened, sir?- king has won again!

king has won again! i'll not spare him! i'll hire a contractkiller and get him killed. i'll kill you, king.i'll kill you! he's dead. though you were with him,my son died. you've no right to live now. my son, your lastwish was king's death. not just the king,i'll wipe out his entire clan.

hello. hello, brother.. only if you come to theairport and give me a send off.. ..i'll board the flight to london. you know about me, don't you? so, come to the airport. my name is kittu, coal kittu. this is my business. and my side businessis to kill for money. today, i've takenmoney to kill you.

that means, you are finished. are you scared? not just me, no one inmy family ever gets scared. do you know why? everyone believes in god,who is unseen. we believe in god we see. god you see?what do you mean? - king. let me see how yourgod saves you now. kill him!

who are you? - king. i had heard a lot about, i met you too. remember, i am current. i give light as wellas torch people like you. you dared to warn me in my den.. you know mygift to you for it? your brother's death as you watch. if anyone of youdare touch my brother.. ..i'll kill them right here.

try it if you can. get up! get up! take this. touch him. touch him! tell me, who gave you money? king knows to protect his people.. ..and also knows howto finish men like you. i'm here not to stop you, butto tell you to lock horns with me. but not my people.

think it over again.. if you try to harm king's family.. ..then you'll be killed. this is not a threat. mother,why are you getting worried? ajay has just gone to london,he'll return. no, dear. sister-in-law is worriedas you are leaving for uttaranchal. yes, dear.

remember, the priest predicted.. ..this year is not good for you. so, you don't have to travel now. mother, i'll have to go. there's some problemin the factory. only i can solve that.i'll be back in two days. promise.- king... after our brother's death,you're our only hope. nothing will happen to me..

..when i'm protected by your love.- that's not the thing.. nephew, i heard you're leaving. gopi mohan told me. the thing is that..your aunt wants gold jewelry. gold prices have come down. if you give me rs. 500,000.. you'll bet on pakistanand australian cricket teams. i've quit betting. why are you quiet? tell him.

you don't trust india.i don't trust you. brother-in-law,you know that king hates lies. ask him money point blank.he won't deny us, will he? don't be so sure..i know about you all. don't provoke me now.go and do your work. when he has made it so clear,why stand here like dogs? let's go.- okay, dear. we'll leave. aunt you need jewels? if i needed jewels,i would ask you not him.

he's a liar. well said. nephew, hope you have notforgotten anything? - you forgot. what have i forgotten?- your pant. sorry. sorry.i forgot to wear my pant in hurry. any message to your mother? tell my mother not to get tensedand i'll come back safe and sound. okay, uncle. - okay, nephew. bye. - bye. bye. bye.

i've to tell sister thathe will back safe and sound. safe and and sound.. - what's this? what is it?why did you shriek now? you didn't wear you pant.- yes, king told me about it. but he told me something else too. how will i know what he said?- yes, you're right. but he told me to say something. what did he say? king has tightened the grip.

dadu wants his money back. if we don't repay,he'll put us behind the bars. what do we do? this phone keeps on ringing. it's dadu. this fool will live for 100 years. yes, he'll live for 100 years,but if you don't repay.. ..his money,this will be your last year. stop scaring me.

it's shafi's phone. shafi, bet on australiafor 50,000 this time. what's the matter?why didn't you answer my phone? dadu.. did you call from this number? i'm in delhi. i thought of meeting you in, i didn't answer. i am going to agra from delhi.can i get peda for you? if you were in delhi,how did you hear the gun sound? brother, where are you?

wherever i may be,you're at my gun point. what would you get if you kill me? i've made a foolproofsketch this time. if you miss, i will shootyou instead of the bulb this time. gurudev, tell us aboutyour foolproof sketch? i'll not tell you. just think.. king who went to uttaranchalwill not come back. i'm hearing this fromthe day i got married. will the work be done?

i don't think it will be done.- when will you get into action? have you made any plan? this phone.. sir, the flight landed just now. you're new to the job.welcome him properly. he's very smart.- don't scare me, sir. i'll take care of everything. so.. so sorry, sir. welcome, sir. i am swapna, sir.please, come. - let's go.

what's the problem?- local mafia, sir. they are threatening the workersand are stopping from working. they want to shut the factoryand takeover the land, sir. it will be difficult to runthis factory in their presence. we feel it's betterto shutdown the factory. when 3000 families are affectedbecause of a few goons.. ..we need to finish them insteadof shutting down the factory. they are very dangerous, sir. a soldier can fearwar but not a king.

"his walking style is rocking.." "his speed is more shocking." "his every move is breath taking." "he fights with the villain." "he is faster than the wind." "he turns the storm,which we all lack in doing." "he bows down theworld on his feet." "k i n g.come on. come on. everybody!" "k i n g, coming. the king."

"a king with brawnand with a kind heart." "even silence blows whistlesat the one and only king." "don't mess with me.don't mess with me, you now." "don't take the risk.don't take the risk, you now." "i am the king.i am the king, you know." "k i n g." "he moves forward overtaking you." "when he tightens his fists,he strikes hard." "he is one man army."

"all of them are talking." "changing life of many helpless.. ..he's the heartthrob." "his eyes are like a cheetah.he's always alert." "when injustice is done,he attacks ferociously." "he's the guy for us.he's co-backing." "his heart is filled with love.he's so care taking." "solves any problemsin a jiffy and unlocks it." "he is our hero.we all like him from the heart."

is this the plan? hello? - sir,it's getting late for the flight. i'm waiting in the hotel.- where are you? in graveyard.- graveyard? are you okay? i'm okay. sorry, king. did you lodge a complaintabout a missing man? - yes, sir. try to identify him. is he the one? - no.

is he the one? - no, sir. is he the one? no. what? my son is missing? it's true, madam. i lodged compliantin many police stations. but no information about him. there's an old saying.. ..even the god can't knowwho the thief at home is.

what are you trying so say,gopi mohan? king has gone to uttaranchal,but will not come back. he is finished.- gopi mohan, what is all this? evidence to your plot. inspector.. - dcp. yes dcp, inspector. put him in jail and give him a policetreatment. truth will come out. mr. appaji, you've to cometo the police station with us. i will come.i've many evidences against this.

i'll show you right away. move. give way.- will he bring his phone? darn it. he escaped. how far can he runwith his big tummy? search. arrest him.- constables, come on. gopi mohan,i now understood your cunningness. you got king finished. and trapped appajiwith the phone recording. two birds with one aim.

sister-in-law,let's ask our ajay to come back. no. he can't tolerate it. however,nothing will happen to my son. you don't have to worry. lord, i gave them hope. but you are my hope. make sure my son is back home safe. safe? safe? safe? sister, king told me

that he will come home safe. don't worry. he'll be safe.- i know. he will surely come. for our sake. lord will surely bring him back. "o lord, have mercy." "sacrifice my life for my beloved." hello sir.- why have you come back again? didn't i tell younot to come here? your lease period is over.

he has to get his daughter married. if you vacate.. ..he will sell this placeand get his daughter married. are you a hero? no, i'm raghu rokda's man. raghu rokda.raghu chopra. raghu thopda. get out. - get out. get out. who are you?

east side, koima. west side, kandla. north side, kashmir. south side, kanyakumari. every citizen ofindia knows raghu rokda. who is raghu rokda? do you know charminar? - yes. taj mahal? - yes. gate way of india? - yes.

and you don't knowwho raghu rokda is? - no. i'll give you a clue. if raghu rokda hits,your head reels. - really? do you have any doubt? you must be raghu rokda.- correct. i'm raghu rokda. i pierce like a pinand tear like a sword. this building owner made adeal with me to vacate this place. if you don't vacate he'll feel bad.

and if he feels bad, i'll get hurt.- really? how? - like this. this was a just a trailer. do you want to watch thefilm or vacate this place? what's going on? sir, he is hitting me. i told you to vacate. - howdare you mess with the police? i'll gun you down. i'm sorry. i beg to you.

go. thank you.let's go. let's go. don't get was just a drama. - drama? swear by the sauced. you're really great. enough of praising him.give me the money. rs.10,000. rs.10,000? it'll not even cover drinks.- sir..

..don't be so money minded. we helped in his daughter'smarriage. just let him go. had you not donethat job for free.. ..we all would've been in heaven. heaven? - i mean, bar. disco lights all around.drinks. and girls dancing around. you forgot about my marriageand want to have fun in the bar? what else can i do?i'm trying my best. did anything work out?

the profession we are in.. one is willing toget their daughter married to you. we can't change our profession. but we can at leastchange our looks, right? there's a right time for everything.- look, it started raining. shivani, don't get wet in rain. what happened?- a girl drove me crazy. which girl?- she went in the bus. let her go.if not her someone else.

but i liked that girl. you did like her,but where can you find that girl? if raghu rokda decides,he will get her. cut! take a look. how is it? it is good. but what is it? what?- it's really wonderful. it looks like adog more than a camel.

if i've painted a dog, it willobviously look like one, right? show that to the dog?it'll be happy. send this paintingfor your alliance. they will be surely like you. even my alliance will be fixedwith master's sister in a jiffy. what's the matter?why is it barking? it says, put some clothes onbefore sending my painting. boss. our business in hyderabadis going out of our hands.

shut up. first tell me,how is the painting? which painting? don't you see thepainting of a dog? is this a painting of a dog? you call this a dog? your men praiseeven for your sneeze. it looks more likea camel than a dog. neither it looks like a dognor a camel. you'll make painting ofdog and camel..

..but you're not concernedabout the business.. ..which is going out of our hands. i liked it. if you degrade my painting,i will strangle your neck. forgive me, boss.spare me, please. i spare you since you'remy childhood friend. what's your problem? a man named raghu rokdais taking over hyderabad. if he establishes his business,we will be nowhere.

the one who messeswith gyan will die. where does he live? nobody will come.i will handle him. hey you. come outside. where are you, raghu rokda? if you're daringman then come outside. look who is here to meet you. come outside. idiot.where are you hiding? i heard that you're runninga business in my hyderabad?

did nizam present hyderabadto you as birthday gift? hey! - hey! hello boss gyan. you? narasimha?- please come. he is my son. let's go inside and talk. look, gyan boss rulesall over hyderabad. my men threaten themand get protection money. since when did you starttaking protection money? and what does that mean?

it means competition. you can never become adon just by hitting a few people. i can finish peoplelike in minutes. even the commissioner salutes me. boss, ashok is being beatento pulp at sr nagar police station. don't they know that he's my man? they are beating him badlyafter telling your name. - shut up. shut up. what was i saying?

if you do business there, shouldi open a bangle shop for a living? i forgive you. if you wish to be a goon,work for me. i won't work for anyone. what is he saying? he is very arrogant.he listens to no one. i've dealt with manysuch arrogant people. i'll compromise withhim since he's your son. take hyderabad andkeep 10 percent commission.

it is you who's come to me. alright. now what? i will fix the commission.- you'll fix the commission? you will take 10percent commission. narasimha,he's ruining my business. what can i do?you handle him yourself. what a son you've.i'm quiet because of you. alright. i will take 10 percent.but don't tell anyone. why?- people will put me to shame.

how would they knowabout the deal between? make him understand.- please compromise. okay. yadav, bring that here. i'm forced to do this. take it. it's a gift for you.- what gift? open it. it's wonderful. what is this? - a painting. you call this a painting?it's like a drunkard scribbling.

you call this a painting? which idiot made this painting? dare you. mind your tongue.boss painted it. shut up. this paintingwas done by master, not me. brother narasimha, i'vea wonderful bungalow in hyderabad. you shift there. okay? boys, shift today itself. shift? that placeis full of rats and pigs. if we clean it,it will look wonderful.

bye, bother narasimha. okay. - bye raghu. take care. boys, i gave hyderabadfor 10 percent to narasihma. he turned out to be old, i didn't hesitate to do so. but why 10 percent? don't take tension. he'll take the risk and we'llget 90 percent doing nothing. it's good that heagreed for 10 percent. saying that you reminded me.

when i was threatening them.. came and said our boy was beingbeaten to pulp in sr police station. i beg you. don't beat is on leave. i won't beat you. - thank you. i will present you a gift. you said our bungalowwas dirty, right? you must clean the entire bungalow. boss gyan has giventhe responsibility.. ..of handlingbusiness to boss raghu.

he didn't give,but he took it from him. boss, he's rajesh mental.- hello, boss. he's been committing crimeever since his childhood. he set up a liquorshop in his area. the problem started there. women stage protests sincetheir husbands were being ruined. you tell me, boss. if he's paying protection money.. is obvious thathe will do business, right?

apart from committing crime,you have set up a liquor shop? it's him not me. you take their hard earned moneybefore it reaches their families. you take their livesselling illicit liquor. idiot. fool. where are they? next. tell me what's his story? if you listen to his story,you will be really hurt. really? - yes.

his father-in-law promisedto give him rs. 2 lakhs. - yes. he gave him rs. 1 lakh, butrefused to pay balance rs. 1 lakh. he got angry and beat his wife andbanged her head against the wall. so, his father-in-lawlodged a complaint against him. isn't that unfair? do you need dowry for your dirtyface? - he married her not me. you ruined a girl's shattered her dreams. you hit her. where are they? they are gone.

do you have onlysuch cases with you? only such thingscome up for settlement. settlement is not forus to get settled in life. if you bring such cases to me,i will break your bones. why is boss tensed? - shut up. sir is coming. the entire city is scared of our boss.but our boss is scared of sir. is our boss scared of him?- shut up. our boss is inlove with his sister.

she said her's is a family ofartists. and his family of killers. and that she'd convinceher parents for the marriage.. ..only if boss impressesher brother with his painting. good morning, master.- good morning, master. good morning. did you do your homework?- yes. i will show you. i spent all night to paint this. is this what youpainted all night long? what's this?

merciful sky. - what? caption of the painting.- oh. the boy in thepainting is an orphan. he has no food or water. not even clothes to wear. okay. doesn't he have ears? he is deaf. won't the deaf have ears? i can't convey in thepainting that he is deaf.

that's why i didn't paint ears. will you remove thehead if there's no brain? go ahead. when he feels hungry,he looks down. when he feels thirsty,he looks at the sky. and then the sky feels pityand releases 3 drops of water. it's a wonderful painting. you said one story.. ..but how will the otherperson understand the painting?

everything is so clear inthe painting. - nothing is clear. boss. - what's the matter? important matter, sir. this is even more important. you say everyone will understandyour painting, right? yes, sir. it's crystal clear. kutty, take a lookat this painting.. ..and tell me ifyou understand anything. since the boy doesn'thave a toilet at home..

..he has come to the jungle. since he was in a hurryhe forgot to bring mug. he's looking forleaves to clean himself. am i right? - absolutely right. don't get upset. you're not intelligentas you think you're. that's why your painting stinks. you tell me, what do i do, sir? when i paint, my hands shiver.- stop drinking.

how is drinkingrelated to painting? if your hands don't shiver,you can paint really well. try again. i'll come tomorrow. you idiot. is he asking for leaves toclean himself? - i'm sorry, boss. if you tell me theconcept of your painting.. ..i will tell thesame thing to master. is he a fool to ask you again?- no, no. listen to me, boss.

raghu rokda isruining our business. ever since he entered hyderabad.. ..he's making huge sums of money. he's giving us something, boss. people trust banks anddeposit their money in banks. if people use creditcards and refuse to pay.. ..banks will beforced to shut down. and common people willhave to face the consequences. only in our city rs.7 crores is due for our bank.

if you recover that money,we will give you 10 percent. more than the commission,i liked your job. deal okay. we will get started from tomorrow.- thank you. thank you, sir. he gave me wrong informationthat you're ruining the business. i like your style of business. i'm happy. there should be honestyin the business i do. my boss wants money not justice.

if we do wrong thingsfor the sake of money.. ..then boss's imagewill be maligned. that's dangerous for you. if we deal such cases,we get money and a good image. what do you say?- i have no problem. we'll never interferein your business. do business in your style. okay.- bye brother narasimha. i will teach you a lesson.

there, you insultedme in front of my master. and here, you want to createmisunderstanding between us? what shall we do with him? forgive me, boss.doctors are on strike. forgive you? alright. boys, i hope you understood?the dealing must be very smooth. okay boss.- not boss, call me bro. bro means brother.corporate style. okay, bro.

disperse. i'm coming from the bank.- have you brought it? what? - i'd appliedfor the credit card. have you brought it? i'm here to take not to give.- take what? credit card bill. - bill? there is no outgoingonly incoming here. that means i only take money,i never give money. sir, i may have to takelegal action against you.

legal action? i'll complain to tv9 thatyou brought goons to my house. i'll lodge complaint in police stationthat you misbehaved with women. if the lender is smart,.. ..defaulter is smarter. hello? k.k. more speaking. do you need a credit card? yes. i need repayment record is very clean. i do prompt payment.

thank you, madam. why are you taking my belongings? why are you taking my car? why are you hitting me? you didn't understand when idealt with you in corporate style. now, i will deal withyou in raghu rokda's style. if raghu rokda hits you,your head will reel. - how? like this. how was it?- i feel the reeling.

you must be raghu rokda.- got it? pay money and take your belongings. load everything.- i think i spoke a lot. which floor is he in? - 3rd floor. are you blind?- sir, my girlfriend.. to hell with your girlfriend. give me your'll be good on you. - sir, i.. give me even the balloon.get lost. why is everyone dancing?- today's valentine's day.

if you offer a rose to any girl,she'll surely accept your love. shut up.i don't believe all these. these youngsters arespoilt brats of rich parents. let's go. among the shoppers whodid shopping in our mall today.. ..first prize winneris token no. 153. what happened, boss? the girl i saw in the bus stop. congratulations. - thank you.

thank you. - your name? shivani. - sister-in-law'sname is shivani. isn't she beautiful? - yes, boss. you won rs. 25,000. what will you do with this money? i request you to donate it toany orphanage on my behalf.- wow! that's really great. on this valentine's day..'re presenting sucha wonderful gift to the orphanage..

..what are you goingto present your boyfriend? sorry, i've no boyfriend. boss.. - she has no boyfriend. yes, boss. can you tell us the kindof a man you're looking for? basically, he should be sensitive. what is she saying? - oh. he should be a follower of gandhi.- oh god. boss, did you hear that?- he should have passion for art.

none of her expectationsmatches you. - shut up. thank you. - thank you. boss, sister-in-lawcaught your balloon. she's holding your rose thatmeans your love will be a success. shut up.he never believes in such things. when did i say that?- boss, sister-in-law is going. it's a lucky day. we congratulate allthose who received red rose. happy valentine’s day.

we missed her again. i didn't miss her,she's in my heart. "i've seen the wholeworld from a-z." "i explored both hollywoodand bollywood." "i saw you and fell for you." "you are my sweetheart." "i'm looking forsuch a boy friend." "his qualities shouldbe like bollywood top heroes." "when i saw you,my heart got lost."

"you'll be my emperor." "listen to me o beautiful!i'm mad at you." "you are my are my romeo." "we are a perfect match." "like amitabh and jaya,a made for each other couple." "we are a perfect matchlike hema and dharmender." "come on,let's get lost in each other." "the man who jayabachchan loves is no. 1." "the man who fell forhema is a romantic hero."

"i won't fall in your trap." "do something to proveyourself special to get me." "what to do, my aishwarya?" "i ruined in your love." "oh my abhishek." "one should be mad like you." "like ambani,i'll build a palace for you." "like shahjahan,i'll gift you the taj mahal." "i'll change yashraj'sname with yours."

"i'll write lallu'sbihar in your name." "your eyes havecast a magic on me." "come, i've acceptedyou as my beloved." "you are my majnuand i am your laila." "i am yours and you are mine." "sweetheart, come in my arms." "i've fallen for you." "o my darling.o handsome. i like you." thank you for coming, sir. welcome.

take rest for a few minutes. we'llcall you when the shot is ready. hey, record it soon. - yes, sir. how is it?- as copied from someone. i mean, it is the originalcopy of 'bunty and bubbly.' sir, the chorus is missing.i'll call them now. hey, the tempo is different.the tune is different. that was a tempo,this is a truck.. had ash in itand i have cash in it. that was sweet and this is bitter.

greetings, sir.- shivani, he is mr. jayasurya. listen. - sir? send that girl inblue dress inside first. let's give her a break.- okay. hello, sir. - hello. have a seat. - thank you, sir. what's your name? - shivani. beautiful name.there is music in your name. see shivani, to be frank,i know nothing about music.

but still i am awardwinning music director today. you know how? - by stealingother composers' tunes. did anyone ask you? so, to come up in the industry,all you need is a relationship. especially, the relationship betweena singer and music director.. ..must be like thatof a husband and wife. you.. - don't misunderstand me. i mean to say that we shouldhave a good understanding. okay. let's forgetabout music and..

..let's talk about life. hey.. - yes, sir. book a guest house in the evening. send our car to her house.she will come. okay sir.- you understood? i understood very well. i wish to beat you with slipper. but i'll leave youas i respect your age. i trust my talentnot your recommendation.

shall i book the guesthouse or hospital? welcome to tataindicom's swaranjali. we've select the finalists.. ..amongst the selectedsemi-finalists. our 1st contestant isshruthi from srirampuram. all the best. - thank you. i'm going to sing the song fromfilm 'sharmilee.' 'megha chaye adhi raat.' lyrics by nirajand sung by sd burman.

this is my guru's song. when i worked under him, he usedto call me as 'besuriya' with love. he liked me very much. he always used to say:it is only you who.. ..would win an oscar for india. if there was anoscar for copying.. would've won it every year. start. all the best. "the clouds havegathered in midnight..

..i am unable to sleep." "tell me, what do i do?" good. good, fantastic.- thank you, sir. what tune did you sing it in,shruti? - pandip raga. pandip means sa re ga ma.tune. how did you sing?- sa ga ma da. where is re?- there's no re in pandip. this is public andthey know everything. yes, i know there is no re in it.

but you could've addedit and made a new tune. that's magic. such small mistakes do happen. everyone tends to make mistakes. but make sure youcorrect it in the finals. remember that, shruti.- okay, sir. our next contestantis shivani from hyderabad. i'm going to sing a song'humne dekhi in aankho..' ..from the film 'khamoshi'.

lyrics by gulzar andsung by lata mangeshkar. music director is hemant kumar. this is my uncle's song. i want to tell you that i'vea bond with this particular song. don't say that you composedmusic for this song. thank god. i and my uncle stayedin golden beach to.. ..compose tunes for that song. you know about hemanta.

it is not easy to convince him. our relationship was such that.. ..sometimes weused to sit till 3 am. one day uncle washumming like this. i heard the tune andmade a song immediately. hemant was surprised. he used to value my judgment. you must be very braveto have selected that song. anyways..wish you all the best. carry on.

"i've seen thefragrance of your eyes." "don't blame it forrelationship by touching it." "just." don't keep changing the channels.give me the remote. one second.- what? what happened? she's the same girli saw at the bus stop. "don't give it a name." "i've seen the fragranceof your eyes." - stop it! what is the tempo ofthe song you're singing?

do you know you aresinging it very wrong? 2-4! 6-8! do you know thesituation of this song? do you know the value of the song? romance betweena hero and a heroine. where's that romance? i want the romance. i'll give you an example.

the child who's hungry callout his mother differently.. ..and the child who'shurt shouts differently. there's a difference in both. the emotions are different. the tune and themelody is different. everything has a unique tune. instead of concentratingon your clothes.. was better you could'veconcentrated on the song. i am telling that!

i am sorry to say that the songsof our films have come to an end. the reason for it isunskilled singers like you. you've mocked the music. don't disappoint musicdirectors like me.. ..who want to giveyou a good break. don't disappoint us!is that clear? we want to take youto greater heights. but you don't want to come there. you mean guest house.

at least be preparedfor the finals. i'm ready to give you a break.all the best. why did you get angry firstand then wished her all the best. i didn't understand, sir. you won't understand my game. wasn't it wrong toput action in romance? wait for the reaction. "sweetheart, my heartis yearning for your love." "how do i live without you?i'll die.." - stop it, shastri!

what's that language? even i couldn't understand will public understand it? people will understand, sir.- don't argue with me. do you know more than me? sir.. - yes. can i send thoseladies singers first? it is late.they'll finish the song. are they related to you? aren't they takingmoney for singing?

if they want any favor,let them come to me directly. who are you in the middle? they know what you willask them in return of that favor. get lost. get lost. sing something rocking, shastri.- okay master. yes, rocking. "o girl! you are wonderful." "you opened thedoors of your heart." "seeing you,i've got bowled over you."

sir.. - yes! someone has come to meet you. let them in. - okay sir. this is the action of my reaction. she came to me running. shastri, stop. replace girlfrom the song and put thatch. thatch? - yes.- okay. "o thatch!you unlocked your heart." stop!

1! 2! 3! o thatch!you unlocked your heart. o thatch! o thatch! o thatch! o thatch! o thatch! - 1, 2, 3! o thatch! o thatch!o thatch! o thatch! o thatch! is this also a settlement case? no, a personal case. you unlocked your heart. o thatch! hello, sir.

your fans. - fans? i mean, we are your fans, sir. from the jayasuryayouth association. when did you start this?- just now. a few days back,a group of people came here.. ..and said that they'llapplaud seeing me on the screen.. ..and took rs. 25,000.they didn't even clap. we aren't like them.- so, what are you then? they took money but didn't clap.

but we will clapwithout taking money. then okay. come, sit here. what brings you here?- i will tell you. on your birthday.. will you distribute free food?- no. blood donation. all over the city. very good. my blessings are with you always. we need blood not blessings.

whose? - yours. what rubbish!- i'll explain it to you. close the doors. - why? we have decided to donateyour blood all over the state. who are you to donate my blood? who are you tosteal other's tunes? watchman! call the police! what have i done? understood? if you raisea question, my answer will be this.

so, shut up and do as i say.- what should i do, sir? you do one thing.make a tune. write lyrics to that tune,sing that song and impress us. okay. hey b22. "clap. clap your hands." "clap, but don't abuse me." trying to cheat mejust like you cheat.. ..producers and directors? what did i do?

what did you do? i will tell you. sing the originalsong of this tune. "almighty.. o benevolent." "almighty.." do you understand now,why i slapped you? yes i do, sir.- understood what? you want to hear somethingnew from me. - start. i didn't expect you tohave such good music knowledge. don't try to act smart.sing your own song.

by god's grace i didn'thave to make my own tune till now. try today.- i can't compose a tune suddenly. you'll have to try today. don't hit me more, sir. i remember.. i composed a beautiful tunebefore becoming a music director. i never sang it for anyone. no one wanted to hear that tune. i'll dedicate it to you now.- go ahead.

"don't leave me and go." "don't break this patient's heart. "i gave everything and wooed you." "i forgot everyone in your love." "god, i'll die in love.i'll be ruined in love." "god, i'll die inlove.." - jayasurya! what happened, sir? the tempo is different.the tune is different. what are you singing?- what are you singing?

your fans want to takeyou to greater heights. but you insist to stay here. sir, i understood everything. you're not my fans, but her fans. you're very sharp. you understood in 4-5 slaps.- absolutely, sir. did you understand?- yes, sir. that girl in the finals.. you don't have totell anything now, sir.

watch the remaining part on tv. very good. you will come up inlife. - hope my life doesn't end. it depends on your behaviour. was this the reactionof your action? listen. sir. - here's your payment receipt. brother raghu has paidyour credit card due. if you do it again, brotherwill chop your legs. - okay, sir. why is she here?

madam, you must beshivani who reached.. ..the semifinal in swaranjali,isn't it? people know me. yes. today is your finals, isn't it?why are you still here? i'm not participating. hello? - boss, sister-in-lawis not going to the program. is it? where's she now? hey! are you blind?- shivani? the singer? yes. are you my fan?

not just an ordinary fan.a very big fan. i couldn't pay forthe sms's i sent for you. so, my outgoing got cut. the program isabout to start there. why are you still shopping here? go immediately. please. i'm fed up explainingto all my fans. i'm not participatingin that program. that's it. understand?

boss, i'm jayasurya speaking. the program is to begin.that girl hasn't come yet. i know.- what should i do now, sir? postpone the program. careful.careful.. brother, be careful. why are you in a hurry?where are you running to? sir, shivani's program is aboutto start on tv, i've to hear her. are you also her fan just like me?- yes sir. as her fan, why aren'tyou watching her program on tv?

friend, a bad newsfor all her fans. - what? she is not participating in it.- no! i had vowed in the temple. i'll stand on one leg.i'll chant mantras. i'll go to temple bare foot. but i think i need to commit suicidenow. - why are you saying that? you need not do so..she'll sing for us. you don't get tensed.go home peacefully. understood?go home peacefully. - yes, sir.

go. go. - okay. ms. shivani.. don’t cry. by winning make yourfans cry with happiness. "sad and heartbroken." "my poor heart." "the heartbeat you can hearis from your heart or my heart." "from your heart or my heart." thank you! what is this?

you call this a song? what lyric is that?you mixed up everything. what we gave himwasn't enough i think? it was wonderful. fantastic. can't believe a semifinalist has sung this song. she is like goddesssaraswathi herself. give her a big hand! thank you, sir.- no. okay? - okay. okay.

it's not my success. it belongs to my fans whoencouraged and sent me here. absolutely. how could'veyou won if brother wasn't here? shut up. - sorry. like i came here whenmy fans requested me to.. ..i want them toheed to my request too.. ..and start goodwork like blood donation. boss, how is this possible? you have to do itwhen she's told you to.

uncle, did you get all the detailsof the person who is coming now? secretariat gopal rao hasrecommended this boy. - is it? like a spy if you willfind fault in everyone.. ..then you'll findevery person wrong. don't quarrel with anyone. deal carefully. - okay, boss. to me, marriageis like betel leaves. life will turn colourfulonly if betel.. ..nut and calciummix in right proportions.

if not.. - the heart is brokenlike the betel nut, isn't it? yes. - shall i tell you something?i pity the guy who you will marry. you don't have to fear. my daughter willtake care of everything. welcome.. i.. - i know. come inside. come. come. have a seat.- settle it immediately. how many more times should i come?- you won't have such problem. you're being referredby secretariat gopal rao.

we like you. see each other first.then if you both agree.. ..we'll get you married. do you think i'm here for.. ..bride seeing ceremony.. you? here? - yes. yes. do you know him, dear? yes, uncle. he is my fan. what's your name?

didn't you tell her my details? i did tell her.but she might have forgotten. his name is sharat kumar. what's your occupation? haven't you told her even this? i did tell her.he's a software engineer. where? - haven'tyou told her even this? i did tell her everything, sharat. he is working as softwareengineer in tata indicom.

sir, you don't tell her anything.i'll tell her everything now. - okay. as secretariat gopal rao said.. ..i'm working as softwareengineer in tata indicom. my name is sharat. let's be friends for some time. only then we will knowour good and bad qualities. once we know about ourgood and bad qualities.. ..then we'll think of marriage. it looks like a big process.

hello? yes. i will take care. what happened, uncle? it's about credit card people. they will lure us with asweet voice to take credit card. we delay paying one payment,then they threaten us. moreover, they havehired goons for collection. this isn't fair, isn't it?- yes, sir. the real party must have come.what do i do?

sir, you don't worry.i'll deal with them. no thanks. i'll handle them. sir, you stay here.i can manage them. but what will you do?- mr. sharat. leave him. it's usual for him.- it's my duty. you sit down. i'm sharat.- i don't care who you are. sir, it's me.- i know who you are. go away. you asked me to come here.

you came because i invited i'm telling you to go. uncle, why are youso angry with me? i don't care.i'm like this. what will you do? okay. i'll go to thesecretariat and tell everyone. i'm dead. i'll be back in a minute. do you think i will get scaredon hearing the secretariat name? secretariat gopalrao is my close friend. he might be your friend.but he is my relative.

what do you think of yourself? you are threatening him? will youask him to put this man in jail? will you leave from here or not? uncle, you go inside.- actually gopal rao.. he's threatening you again.go away. uncle, you go inside. go. go. listen to me. i should tell him thati'm the boy whom gopal rao..

..sent to see his daughter. don't tell him. - why? have you ever fallen in love? if i really had, why wouldi come here to see this girl? i fell in love. - with whom? the girl you came to see. does she love you? she loves me that's thereason you're out and i am inside. correct. but what do i do now?- sacrifice.

why should i do it andfor whom should i do it? do it for me. - who are you? they will tell you. you won't make the payment? i made him understand that.. ..while discussingabout wedding cards.. shouldn'ttalk about credit cards. thank you, dear. aunt, no formalities between us.

don't get too close.our friendship has just begun. i've a small doubt. i hope there's no trianglein this friendship angle. no. i go one by one. only then, i can havefull concentration on him. am i right? want more?- no, i am full. brother.. now do you understand?- brother, understood in detail. what did you understand?

went to propose that girl,but became a punching bag instead. you recognized yourself correctly. the punching bag is of no use now. i thought you'll have gunsin your hands and girls around you. but you are sitting witha painting brush in your hand. like in films, do you wantme to kill someone all the time? painting is my hobby. one will surely be surprisedto see rose in yamraj's hands. was i wrong?

stop your rubbish. tell me why you have come here.- what do i say, brother? i couldn't sleepfor the past 3 nights. do you want me tosing lullaby for you? i don't have to explain youhow soft an artist's heart will be. a goon, a third class fellow.. ..came to my studio andhurt me in front of my staff. not just hurt,he beat you to pulp, right? why are you getting scared?boss, don't feel shy.

we shouldn't hide anythingfrom doctor and goon. tell him as it is. have you finished talking? i can tell him only whenyou stop talking. - okay. go ahead. the thing is.. this is what had happened. what should i do for you?- you must show your power. no obligation becausei'm the top music director. charge as per your market rate.

he should be beaten so badlythat.. - i will tell him, sir. you should beat himthe way he beat you. how will i knowthe way he beat him? i'll explain you, sir. i've never seen anyonebeating like that. like sivamani beating jazz. like zakir hussain with tabla. like drums beingplayed on pritam's song. he beat him & thenasked him to sing.

sir, not only this, he even.. you narrated the whole storyto him is still anything left? sir, one line more.. he played all theinstruments on him. i understood. i understood. he hit him to pulp. we shouldbeat that guy to pulp, right? yes, brother. tell me, who is he? raghu rokda.

you are provokingme against my men? you you want to ruin my business? no, how can i wish that sir? my hip is paining for standinglike this for the past 3 hours. shall i relax for some time? sir, don't move.he might thrash you. you feel bad more than him. you are an artist. i'm drawingyour portrait and leaving you. if you blabber again.. i'll..- you'll hang me upside down..

..and make my portrait. no. i'll place a bomb under you. it's over.come down and see for yourself. you will be happy.- come and see it. why are you looking at me?look at the photo. he looks like a ninja turtle. the entire gold shop is on you.won't you pay the credit card bill? i don't even pay the current bill. am i mad to pay credit card bill?

if you do anything,i will lodge a complaint.. ..that you're threatening us. will you lodge acomplaint to the police? take all the gold. no. stop beating me.- come on, out with your gold. leave me.- come on, out with your gold. stop it. stop it. why are you beatingthis poor man like this? please, don't hit him.

if he hasn't paid the bill,will you hit him? beating a fellow man is not right. i will pay his bill if you want. return his gold to him. come on. you take the gold and go inside.- thank you, sir. ms. shivani.. you? what brings you here, ms. shivani? i was going to temple.i saw you. i stopped. - really? what a coincidence?even i was going to temple.

i saw them, i stopped. i go to temple every saturday. don't hit me. - go away from here. what happened? why did you stop?- he is beating my fans. boss. boss. why is he calling you boss? respected people in thiscity address each other as boss. you stay here. sir, please. stop beating him.

who are you to stop me? i'm a fellow man.- fellow man? then get lost. stop now. your sister-in-law is watching us.we can deal with him later. threatening me?- sir, please listen to me. i'll break your bones.- sir, calm down. if i see you again in this area,i will break your legs. you want me to pay the bill..? ms. - hope you are not hurt.

when someone beats us,we do get hurt. he came and savedus at the right time. i did nothing. she saved you. thank her. - thank you, madam. thank you. why were you quiet whenhe was trying to beat you? he will feel bad by tonight. besides mr. gandhi said that.. ..when someone slapsyou on one cheek..

..he told us toshow the second cheek. that's something we can't do. at least if we don'tslap the guy who beat us.. ..gandhi's soul will be at peace. how dare you layhands on raghu rokda! boss total 1 million.- keep the money inside. okay, boss.- boss. - what happened? your men beat me all least leave me now. my boys haven't completedtheir boxing practice yet.

i will leave you oncetheir practice is over. - no! boss! i beg of you. - let go off my leg.get lost from here. hello? - it's me. shivani. hello, shivani. what's the matter? nothing special.i just wanted to meet you. really? where should i come? why leave your office and come? you be in your office.i will come there. okay. come. bye.

what's the matter?you seem to be very happy. shivani is coming. - here? no. to the office.- whose office, raghu? that means,she is going to sharat's office. madam.. - yes? where is sharat? - which sharat? the big guy like a buffalo.- in that cabin. hey, what are you doing?- i am done for? give me your coat. - for what?

i said give it. give it i say. did someone come here for me? why would someonecome here for you? didn't i tell you thati will use you at times? sir, don't press the keys.the files might get deleted. to hell with you.i'm sharat. i know everything. who am i then? hi sharat! - hi! hi! - hi.

hey.. - no. please, come. sharat, who is he? - guess who? your pa?- you are absolutely right. exactly, what's your job here? tell her. system analyst with database communication skills. did madam question me or you? go and order somethingfor her to drink.

i was following your orders. you tell me to speak andthen say that i talk too much. hey mister! i told you two days back that.. system has got virus in it. clients are coming today. don't you have any sense thati've to give them presentation? sharat, why is he talkingto your pa instead of you? we don't talk to each other.he is our mediator.

is there any problem?- ego problem. whenever i come to talk, you takeleave to meet prospective brides. what do you think this as?an office or coffee house? is this your drawing room?who are they? friend. - who asked you?why are you answering me? i knew..i knew that you would say this. come on, go ahead. ask me who i am?ask me what my position is. ask me why i'm sittingon this chair?

ask me who this girl is?- exactly! who is this girl? if there are anyproblems between us.. ..don't get anybody in that. how could you insulther by asking who she is? is she lord governor or minister? she's not governor or minister.. ..she's a celebrity, sir. is she a celebrity?is it? in which field? - music. shivani, a great singer.

you are saying as thoughshe's lata mangeshkar. i've never heard her name. shivani, don't feel bad.he has no manners. oh no! hey, mister! you can becomethe ceo of this company.. ..but you can neverbecome a singer. i feel ashamed to speakto insolent men like you. you are insulting me in myown office? - insult? insult? i haven't started insulting you yet.

you mannerless.- ms. shivani. you don't get angry. don't spit here. come i'll show you the dustbin.- darn it! worst behavior. bring strangers to office and.. ..made them abuse me? i'm in no way related to them, sir. why did they come to yourcabin and sat in your chair.. wearing your coat.

not just in my chair,but also in my life. ms. shivani, why are you gettingannoyed? - leave me. mr. sharat, when he isso rude, why were you so polite? i am not interested in fights. but how could you be so softand polite? people misuse it that. go! go. yesterday that man hit you andyou said he would regret. i don't think he regreted..- brother! forgive me, sir.

i couldn't sleep lastnight after hitting you. now if you forgive me,i will sleep peacefully. if you feel bad for you acts,it is the greatest regret. there is a changein you at least now. even i wished the same. never hit anyone, go.- i'll not hit anyone, sir. ms. shivani,my family members are your fans. you must marry a good man like him. i shall leave now.

unbelievable mr. sharat. your formula is really great. i did nothing. i just followedgandhi's footsteps. by the way,will you tell me till where have.. ..our ship of friendship sailed? it has reached tillthe wedding hall. heard there was an exhibitionof mf hussain. he earned billions.

even, we'll organize an exhibition. we'll also earn nice money.- shut up. we don't sell art. nobody would take this paintingeven for free. don't stare at me.concentrate on your painting. master, it is not my fault. they are disturbing me. if you don't concentrate,you'll become useless like them. what did you say?- hey!

can't you respect anyone?- did you hear that? shivani,i didn't like what you did. you gave all the credit to your fanswhen you won the singing competition. you didn't say a wordabout your elder brother. if i had done so, peoplewould've known i'm your sister. wonderful much foresight you have? i couldn't think about it. you would've become a prime ministerif you could think so much. my foot!aunty.. uncle.. - yes, dear.

are you taking goodcare of my younger sister? she's not our own daughter,but we take care of her as our own. by the way, how far yourpainting classes have come? with master's guidance i'mnow into coloring from carvings. even primary school children takejust 2 weeks to reach this stage.. ..but your brotheronly took 2 years. master. my sister has come. so,i don't feel like painting today. so, please grant meleave today from class. did you see the hippocratic world?

when people come tome with their problems.. ..they say i am god.they treat me as their own son. but nobody gave theirdaughter in marriage to me. they said i'm a goon's son. now i've crossedthe age of marriage. forget about me. i sent to you to be with uncleto avoid you also becoming like me. did you find any good man?- yes, brother. who is he?

i found a man i dreamedabout since my childhood. moreover he's my fan.his name is sharat. he's a software engineer. why are you delaying it?bring him here and tie the knot. here? he'll die in shock. oh god, is he a heart patient?- no, brother. he's a respectable guy. i've kept our backgroundsecret to him. if he comes to know,he'll ditch me.- is it?

what do we do then? you don't worry,brother, i've a plan for it. where are you going decked upearly in the morning? shivani wantsto introduce me to her family. i am going there! hello? - raghu sir, i'm sharat. who sharat? the sharat who looks likea buffalo. - you?! tell me, kid. what am i to tell?- then, hang up.

no, i'll tell you. i usedyour identity as you used mine. how's the result? - result. sir, money. do you know who am i? - no. east side kohima,west side kandala.. ..north side kashmir,south side kayakumari. all round is india.everyone knows raghu rokda here. are you raghu rokda? - yes. take anything you want sir

i'll come back if i want.- i am saved today. well done. use my name as you like. i was doing the same. money sir. do you know who am i? no. - east side kohima,west side kandala.. all round is india. everyone knows raghu rokda here.- are you raghu rokda? yes. - you idiot!

leave my vest, who are you? i am inspector of kala chauki! how dare you threatenmy brother-in-law.. settle creditcard due? come! along with favors you'veto face troubles too, adjust it. well said, please do me a favour.- what's it? they want to come to thestation everyday to sign. - do it. they may arrestme again for forgery. what do you want me to do then?

come here and tell the inspectorthat you are real raghu rokda. hello? - hello? line was clear till now. complaint to the mobile company.why telling me? where's the number? boss, if real sharat is around,your identity will be revealed. then, let's bump him off. shut up! i'll tell shivanithe truth at an opportune time. okay boss.

where is the entrance forthis hotel? - i don't know. why are we stillrevolving here only? will we continue to revolvehere or go inside too? sir, the way in is this side. i am not a fool. you go away. how dare you! brother! is it you? couldn't recognize me, right? you look like a real business man.

sister, you don't worry.if he rejects you.. ..we'll crack up his bonesand make him agree! - shut up! you fool. if you say anything else,i'll slap you. shut up! or my engagement will turninto parting. - do as she says. shivani, where is sharat kumar? boss! king! don't let him go.stop him. stop him! stop the jeep!

who are you?is this a way to ask lift? take a u-turn from the front. but i've to go straight? no questions,just follow the orders. i'm on an important mission,why are you troubling me? don't act smart, king! king? who is he? - get going. why so many guns and vehicleslike in action films? leave me boys, my girlfriend'sfamily is waiting for me.

let me go. - don't talk. brother.. got him. who is this king? king! kill him! why hasn't he come yet? didhe pick up any fight on the way? fight? sharat is scared of fights. shall i tell you something? sharatfaints on seeing blood. - oh god! if you make a wrong call,you can apologize and hang up. if you disturb a wrong man,you won't be able to apologize too.

where did this sharat go?oh, he's here. you are late? my brotheris waiting for you. - brother? yes. i don't have anyoneelse other than my brother. he sent me to livewith my uncle for studies. what does your brother do? he owns a business ofhardware import and export. come, i'll introduce you to him. brother! he's sharat. software engineer.

sharat, this ismy brother gyaneshwar. she gave me the shock of my life! she made me believeshe's like mother teresa.. ..but actuallyshe's hitler's sister. that's okay, but howdid you manage to come out? i'll tell you. brother, this is engineer. he owns a business of hardware importand export. - hello, how do you do? raghu rokda, how dare youtrap my sister with fake identity!

who are you talking to sir?- i am talking to you. me?- yes, raghu rokda! brother! what's this? his nameis not raghu rokda, but sharat. you'll know it now if he'ssharat or raghu rokda. - brother! sharat. sharat! shivani, he workson 10% commission for me. he is raghu rokda. he's not sharat.- sharat, what happened to you? sharat. what are you saying,brother? he was referred by secretariatgopal rao, uncle's friend.

i went to his office andselected him after many tests. you spoiled entire the show. if people know i'm your sister.. educated manwill ever marry me. i was putting up an acttill today that i hate goons. i trapped this innocentman with great difficulty.. ..but you spoilt everything. you talk like a philosopherwith such a violent background. spill water onhim and wake him up!

sharat, are you okay? hold it.- you said your brotheris into hardware business? what's that gun?who is this raghu rokda? a dangerous goon of this city. he's a replica of you. - yes. why is he carrying gun then? brother is a big business man.. ..he's facing a threat from him,that's why.. ..carries a gun for security.

i don't understand what'sall these guns and threats? you need not understand it too. i've an urgent meetingwith the hardware businessmen. i've to attend it. come on boys. his plan is great. - yes. greetings sir.- greetings, where is raghu? that.. - that.. what's it? where is he? he's sleeping.

is he any nawab to sleep till now?wake him up. no brother..don't wake him up. - get up! are you so weak?pull it with strength. who is that disturbingme early morning? partner! how come you're here?for your commission? no, we came to confirm. to confirm what? - you shut up. raghu, where were you at 10.30 pm? kala chauki police station.- police station?

i threatened acp's brother-in-lawfor credit card dues. he locked me up all the night. is it? - yes. get me acp ramesh on phone. brother! - ramesh! did you pick up anyoneby the name raghu rokda? not just picked him upbut bashed him up all the night. how dare you threatenmy brother-in-law! - enough. when did you free him?- i freed him at 10.45.

are you sure? - sure. raghu, when he lockedyou up and bashed you.. ..couldn't you tellhim that you're my man? do you think he would've done thiswith me? he's boasting with you. i'm confused who should i trust.him or him? bye, let's go. let's go. bye brother raghu. thank god!- how can they look alike?

i'll tell you brother. i saw an old hindifilm on tv recently.. ..there's a bigroyal family in it.. ..they have twinsafter years of marriage. twins? - twins! why did you say that in english?say it in hindi. they celebrate it grandly and.. ..children get washedaway when a cyclone hits them. i know the rest of the story.

shorty narasimha got one ofthe kid who grew up as raghu rokda. another reached a good sister likes him. he's sharat.- absolutely right, boss. tell me brother.- give me sharat's address. i misbehaved with himmistaking him for raghu rokda. i'll go and apologize to him. who is it at the lunch time? you?! no way, go away!- open it! you are not satisfied aftergetting me fired from the job.. you've come to my house too. i beg you sir,please leave me and my identity. as if you are the onlysharat in the world? there are two raghu rokdas too. that's the reason the other onegot thrashed at the police station. sharat, who is it? i thought you live alone've a family too? they were here beforeyou came into my life. how to manage them?- you need not do anything.

my grandma is blindand my grandpa is deaf. your family is very useful. your grandma is blind, your grandpais deaf, and you're brainless. this family is for you, sir. who are they? - friends. my name is sharat. - is it? you too have same namelike my foolish grandson. why have you allfriends come here? bride's brother is comingto meet sharat. - is it?

oh no. so, you'll come hereevery time they come for you. hey idiot, listen..- granny, that side. you don't say yes becausei'm blind and he's deaf. show some attitudeto bride's family. they may refuse aswe both are blind and deaf. right, more thing,.. sit besidesme so that i can gesture you. they'll not doubt, then. i think they are here, come, let's go.let's go and sit there. - where?

how? brother you?what brings you here? boss, he's sharat kumar.- yes, i can see him. i am sorry for whatever happened. you got confused little.- so, i came.. meet your familyand say sorry to you. who is he? - sharat. sharat?- he too is sharat, my friend. confusion with identicalpeople and identical names.

how do i deal with such people?- you are right. introduce me to your family.- come. he's gyaneshwar, shivani's brother.he came to say sorry for the incident. why are you standing?please, have a seat. sharat, sit here. - yes. i'm not saying becausehe's my grandson.. ..he's a gem of a person. devotee of goddess.- yes, she's right. uncle! aunt!

i brought a marriage proposalfor sharat, didn't i? it's cancelled. it seems they abused our sharat. he didn't tell you, but he told me. forget them. i'll get better ones. gopal rao, don't get angry.. ..bride's brotheris here to say sorry. greetings gopal rao. - hello.think before you say something. what did i say now?

by the way, who is he?- he's sharat. is he sharat?- he's also sharat. sharat's voice is different,where is my idiot now? i must manage very carefully now. you got confused withjust identical names.. ..i got shock of lifewith identical faces. that's the reason i made a mistake. sharat,i get an idea on seeing you. you are handsome. i'llfind you another good proposal.

shut up! being a respectable man,you talk like this? how can you talk about finding anotherproposal when we are talking here? why? can't we lookfor another proposal? you shouldn't. - why not? come out, i'll tell you why not?come out. come out. why? where are you taking me? can you bring a better proposal forsharat? - why are you pushing me? he's handsome and smart, so ipromised to get a better proposal. what's wrong in it?

do you think we are softwareengineers in suits? you.. what will you do? what canyou do? - he's challenging me. shri, take him with youand give him a good thrashing. he mustn't be seen tillmarriage is over. - okay, boss. what's happening here?- confusion drama. sharat, i told you tosit next to me. sharat, dear.. change your positions.- grandma, he's coming. - don't move. i talked and convinced gopal rao. we'll see an auspiciousday and fix the marriage.

what do you say, grandpa?- as you say. as you say? do you always say it twice?- yes. yes. sharat kumar, just a minute please. bye granny. - bye son. you fool. your brother-in-lawis playing games with you. he's more interestedin your friend than you. don't try to know everything atthis age, you may die in confusion. that's right. that's right. fool. what's this?- open it, you'll know.

who painted this? mf hussain?ravi varma? your brother-in-law. - who is he? it's me! - you?! i can't believe this.amazing. beautiful. see, sharat is an educated man,so he knows the value of art. but that raghu rokdawon't value art. brother-in-law,who's this raghu rokda that ill-fated guy..he's not a man but manhole.

idiot cuts throats for money.useless man! obnoxious man! but why talk about suchbad guy at this happy hour? i must give this good news tomy sister, bye. - bye, be careful! boss, did you see that?both brother and sister.. ..have played a trickon you and are abusing you too. they started thedrama and i'll end it. i'll confuse them withsharat and raghu so much.. ..that they'll go mad. you go against us?- listen to me.

stake another 25 on pakistan.i'll give you money. you always talk about the money. dadu? - listen, call his family andask them to give money and take him. give me rs. 50,000 now. you haven't settled old dues yet,how can i lend you money every day? won't you? - i won't! why should i live then?i'll kill myself. no! leave me! i want to die.leave me. leave me. let me die. here. take this. here's your money.- dadu, believe me.

i'll surely repay your loan.i'll repay all your loan. yes. shafi, i am sending rs.50,000. stake 50-50 on each side. brother, how long shouldwe have to bear him? we have to bear him untilwe get back our money? what happened? - we found king! what a great news, bhima!is my nephew in this city? find him quickly!dadu, i'll repay all your loan. let's celebrate it.don't worry about the expenses.

spend lavishly. go. go. we must find him first.- we'll surely find him. where will he go?now, he's trapped. "i fell in love with you.." shivani..- brother? you're so happy. yes, the news is such. - is it? i thought raghu rokda wasfooling me with two identities. both are different people. they are as differentas sky and earth.

i selected him to match our family. shivani, let's fix marriagebefore he comes to know.. ..about our background.what do you say? as you wish, brother! - oh.. her horoscopeis like goddess sita's. and groom's horoscopeis like lord ram's. okay, we'll get them married. sure, sir.the auspicious time is in one hour. one hour?

do you think it is so easy? you asked suddenly andi saw immediately. so, the auspicious time toowas of an hour. but it is not possible.look for another date. forget another date,you'll have to look for another groom. priest, are you out of your mind? if you blabber rubbish,i'll kick you. - hey. dear, don't get angry.the problem is.. if this engagementdoesn't happen on time..

..there'll be many problems.not only this. uncle's life is in danger too. the first child bornto this couple will.. ..swallow the maternal uncle. am i any sweet to swallow?- no. we call it as bad omen to theuncle, your life will be danger. who's the one who'llbe the reason for my death? brother, forget it.this is rubbish. i don't want to take chances.

what if he's telling the truth? priest, how much time is left now? you've already lost5 minutes in the countdown. hey, what are you watching? goand make arrangements. - yes boss. you call sharat here.- shall i tell all this to him? if you tell him the details,he'll question you to death. you call him herewith some pretext. i'll take care of the rest. already 30 minutes over, don't knowwhether he left the office or not?

are you standing here for my pyre?get lost! brother, sharat kumar is here. what's all this? - he has started it..vow on goddess.. ..don't say anythingfor next 30 minutes. you've made a vow on goddess. i'll tell you now. priest saw your horoscopeand he said something. if you both don't getengaged in 30 minutes.. ..there'll be hurdles in your lifeand you will have to go on exile.

you know who that satan is? that raghu rokda. all this chaos is to getrid of that fraudster duplicate. brother-in-law, i knowyou're worried about your family. but don't worry. we'll invitethem all and get engaged again. the auspicious time will pass by. priest, start chanting. come, sister.. come.. i've made him swearon goddess to keep silence.

finish this matter soon. bride and groom saydo after finish the hymns. hail lord ganapati. - hail. don't say that.. say the hymns.sir, is the groom deaf? what a stupid idea it was.yes, he's deaf. what to do? saying yes in heart will do. then do it like that. - as you say. hail lord vishnu. - hail. you can exchange rings now.

give me. shivani,put this ring on his finger. i'll hold his hands. but. - put the ring in his finger. i put it.- done. brother-in-law, you putthe ring on shivani's finger now. go ahead. - hurry up. hurry up. shivani if he opens the mouth,he'll kill me with his doubts. listen, take him outwith you for a movie.

hurry up. hurry up. you are mad. isn't she a telugu heroine? she used to work in telugu she acts in hindi. don't disturb me the film. - okay. he thinks i am the ownerof software company in suit. no use in giving usjust a marriage feast.. ..we want silk saris too.- yes. you're ready to takesilk saris as gift..

..but never bothered tofind a girl for me in 10 years. didn't i?- that kanpur girl was ravishing. you said i'm a goon's sonand our nuptial night would be.. ..celebrated in police, she refused me. they said they wantedan intelligent boy.. had brawn but no brains. hey aunt, if i had no brain,would i've trapped.. ..a guy like sharat easily? brother.. brother..- why did he come again?

sharat, have you forgottenanything to come back? coming again? i'm coming now. coming now? where's my sister? your sister? - yes, my sister. your sister called me,that's the reason i am here. who came earlier then?- boss, double role. raghu rokda.he wanted to say something. but you bind him in an oath. sir, if you pay my fee,i'll take leave.

you come with me. i'll be back.- okay, brother. priest, igot my sister engaged to wrong man. according to the rituals.. must get her marriedto the man she's engaged now. priest, shut your mouth. he's just a henchman, shouldi get my sister married to him? priest, do something.- get her engaged again. but shivani isn't here.

brother can stand in herplace if bride is not available. that means you canput ring on groom's hand. then why waste time here.come with me. sharat, we both mustget engaged quickly. i'm not like that.- am i like that then? according my family tradition.. ..i must get engagedto my brother-in-law. according to the horoscope, ifwe don't do it in next 3 minutes.. both will have to go on exilelike lord ram and goddess seeta.

ask him!priest, tell him. - yes.. yes. where is shivani?- went to watch a film. went to watch movieat engagement time? it's a tradition that bridemust watch a film while engagement. priest, you carry on.- i am not like that. i'm straight.- give me your hand. if you put me this ring,do i have to marry you? this is our tradition, you put. okay, i'll. - put it.- very good.

excellent! oh god. the auspicioustime has already past if i tell them, they'll thrash me.if i don't tell, they'll thrash me. let him die, then. listen, this tradition,dance, and men getting engaged.. i didn't understand anything. it has just started,you'll know everything gradually. brother,raghu rokda is very cunning. baby is alone with him.we've to hurry.. - yes.

mr. sharat. forgive me.i've a meeting. so you go home. who? - satan! hi. where did you go till now?- i went out on an urgent work. don't tell shivani anything. brother? what are you doing here?- come out! come out. come out.. i'll come back in a minute.- where are you going again? come here.

idiot raghu. so manythings were going on there.. ..couldn't you utter a word? you got engaged to my sister. why didn't you reveal that youare not sharat but raghu rokda? you never gave any chance to speak. he's right, brother. i accept it was my mistake. i got her engagedto you instead of sharat. engaged to me instead of him?are you drunk? - shut up!

i don't drink in day time.isn't it? - no. the thing is that sharatand you look alike. so, i made this mistake. with the exchange of rings,our hearts too got exchanged. can't change my heart aseasily as changing the ring? i'll tell your sister thati'm not sharat, but raghu rokda. listen, i take the responsibilityof finding a better bride for you. you couldn't find one for yourself,how can you find for me? forget that.i had given hydrabad on 10%.

take full 100% brother, what's this?- shut up! i'll thrash you. what do you say? remember one thing. it is a tradition of our house thatengagement means half marriage. so, i'll not leaveyour sister at any cost. if any sharat comes to stop me,i'll break his limbs.. ..and make him an handicapped. explain to your sisterthat raghu rokda is her husband.

not any sharat. - hey! what brings you here? the thing is that.. - i'll tellher. you don't trouble yourself. one of our aunt saidnewly engaged couple.. ..mustn't go out,so i came here to pick you up. brother, this is rubbish. we are going out for shopping,you carry on. sharat, come on.- you aren't understanding. sharat.. strange..- sharat, she's calling you.

me? i'm sorry. come on, let's go. if sharat comes to know this,he'll fall unconscious. we must make an intelligent move. no need of intelligence,we'll thrash him. you look very tensed, sir. did somebody copy your tune? i'm planning. - what? planning to revengeraghu rokda and gyaneshwar.

looks like you're not satisfiedwith what had happened.. need to eventhink about it now. you don't know what is revenge. revenge means the end of the job,sir? if you say.. - shut up! my brain is filled with revenge,i'm not able to create a tune. why do you want tocreate a tune, sir? as usual internet,google, download copy. - shut up! to taunt me and irritate me. i am from ranchod andi know the pain of revenge.

i know few factionistswho are in the city now.. ..they can solve your problem. l don't want to wasteyour time with my tragic story. you have to kill one man.what's your price? price depends on the person. hey! tell them, i've called them. is it any sale? what do you want? we want him.

boss, is this sharatkumar or raghu rokda? what's his name? king! king?where did he come from? he came from coimbatore.rajachandra pratap varma. we came in search of him. brother. - what? come aside for minute. - why did youinterfere in such serious matter? brother,the movie story i told you..

..mother gave birthto triplets not twins. this is the third..- will you shut up. what's this? one is sharat, second israghu and third is king. - right. these fellows don't know thereare others here just like king. before they see sharat,if we handover raghu to them.. ..our sharat will be safeand raghu will die. come on boys. we understood.if we handover king to you.. would it benefit me?

he says rs.100,000,agree for 200,000, boss. i'll pay 10 million. money isn't important, you'vecome to me for the first time. your job will be done in 2 days.- call me after job is done. goodbye. - come on boys. so insolent people? didn'twish me goodbye before leaving. shivani, i need to tellyou a shattering truth. shattering truth? by mistake i got you engagedto raghu thinking him as sharat.

what?! - yes dear. what actually had happened was.. that means,do i have to marry raghu now? no. your brother won'tallow your life to ruin, dear. priest has mend the mistake. you don't get tensed. youneed not worry at all. i'm here. what should we do with raghu?- i've a plan for him. you be alert, don't get drunk. shivani, you don't worry at all.

we'll take careof everything. - okay. idiot is coming. come raghu. why did you call me?- want to tell you something. we've decided something.shivani, tell him. look raghu, right or wrong,i got engaged to you.. - yes.'s right to marry you.- what about sharat? forget about him. now noone can change what happened. it's our traditionto throw a feast for.. after engagement.- is it?

get it soon.what are you doing? - get it fast. get it. how neatly you've packed it!here, drink it. - what is this? drink it, you'll be knocked out.- hope it is not booze? it's nectar. drink it. "it's a feast thrownby my brother-in-law." "i came running." "he gave me something to drink."

"i want to go crazy now." "my body is swayingas i had a peg of nectar." "the earth and the sky is rotating.what's going on?" "i am falling asyour eyes killed me." "you've cast a magic spell on me." "the earth is up and thesky is down. what's going on?" "my brother-in-law,what did you do to me?" "what kind of intoxicationdid you fill in my body?" "i used to think youas very innocent guy."

"the path of love is fragrant." "i've bought flowers for you." "you've stolen my heart." "i fell for youin the first sight." "come into my arms.let me love you to my content." "i am feeling shy.have some patience." "i want to kiss you. tell metill when do i have to control?" "your eyes.. - gulp it down!" "your eyes have stolen my heart."

"it killed me from within." "the one who got alongwith me was ruined." "everyone who messeswith me will die." "don't know whatyou've done to me?" "i am losing my control." "i feel like kissingyou on your lips." "i am becoming yoursand falling for you." "come with me as the flightfor mumbai is waiting for you." "marry me, embrace me.let this world go to hell."

"you are my king." "they are a madefor each other couple." "you are my king.i am your madhubala." "your love has cast a spell on me." "i am your are my madhubala." look, they have brought him. dadu, your rs.50 million are rolling in. move aside. put him down.hurry up. open it. - stop.

hurry up. - i gave you information,i've an obligation. you want to open it? - no, sir. i must take revengebefore he comes out. how dare you beat me!who do you think i'm! i'll thrash you! bring him out and then beat him. open it. come on. i would've died! boss, how come you're here?

i told you to get himdrunk and put him inside. but you put me? who kicked me?- that music director! this short man? you idiot! stop. - no. i never knew you were inside the bag.- how dare you beat me! what's this drama?where is king? - he escaped. he fooled us.

i'll personally get him,come on boys. you all will go from hereonly when king comes here. how dare you threaten me! have you drawn all your guns?are you crazy? if you kill me?then how will get king? what are you saying, brother? i can't repeat it. do as you please. but get raghu.

listen.. my brother is introuble because of you. i'll engage raghurokda with my talks. beat him as soon as youget a chance. that's it! no blood or no death! - okay. but he mustn'tget up for two hours. we don't know that technique.we'll beat him. we don't mind if he lives or dies.- what else do you know? idiot. he's all hide. fatsos. move. hurry up. come on.

get him out. come on.- he's here. you've come at the right time.- just a minute, brother. how dare they keep you as hostage? let's settle it.- they are not human begins,.. ..but animals.they don't understand. i will deal with wait. hey you. here's your, do whatever you want to. be careful.he's very cunning. i'm warning you.

give him to them. with this our problem ends.- yes, brother. hey! - yes, brother?- go and get the payment. i want highest denomination only.- okay, boss. miss shivani, who are these guys? let go.- miss shivani? brother, i was in the did i come here? brother, i think he's sharat. i've to go to my office.tell them to leave me. - come on.

he's talking about means he's sharat. what to do now?- hey you stop! brother! miss shivani! do something. - come on. leave me. did you all forget my thrashingsthe last time i gave? by the way, who are you guys? come, king! i'd once beat yourmen for calling me king.

if you call me king,i'll hack you to pieces. i know you're not king. if i sent you to king's place,all my problems will be solved. so, you must impersonateas king for few days. why should l?- for rs. 10 million. i must like the job alsoalong with remuneration. i'll support only ifyou're on the justice side. i'm on the justice side. i'm livinga dog's life amongst these wolves. and my nephew king's debtshave become noose to me now.

i can understand your dilemma,.. ..what will happento me if king returns? king will never return. never. why will he not come?- he's dead! you promised to settlethe loan after finding king.. ..but now say he's dead. will you spare meif i said king is dead? now that i've got an opportunity.. settle your loanswith raghu's help,..

..i'm telling you the truth. what's the guarantee thatyou're telling the truth? gopi. he saw king die. tell him. death of the dead body. thought my family willbe danger after king's death. that's why i kept it a secret. raghu, if you help us, probably, i'llbe able to get king's killers also.

please. - i liked your job.i will do it. done. brother? miss. shivani? sharat, what were youdoing in that temple? i told you i visitthe temple every saturday. as usual i'd gone there.someone hit me on my head.. ..and i fell unconscious. when i opened my eyes, i'm here. even we know that.tell us what happened inside?

they told me if i impersonatedking, they'd pay me rs.10 million. i got scared. you don't get scared, sharat. let's tell them he's sharatnot raghu and take him with us. why are you talking like sharat?are you out of your mind? they don't want sharat or raghu. theywant someone who looks like king. what to do now? you do as they say. i'll getraghu and take you away from here. then i'll go to officeand apply for leave.

have you come to visit yourin-laws? they will not allow you. why not? i've done nothing wrong? explain to him.- what's the problem? actually, the problem is.. boss, raghu is cunning man. he'll return back. why would he return back? my sister is his weakness.that's why he will return back. we'll take her along.

she too has a weakness.- what is it? my sister loves me very much. she'll not go anywhere without me. i'm worried about howto fit him in kings' place, and you expectme to take everyone? you don't worry, i've a great idea. your father had committed suicide. your father will not attainsalvation easily, pooja. if you want his soulto rest in peace..

..i believe you shouldbe doing something really big. and only you can do it. deposit this rs. 2 millioncheque today. - yes madam. sister-in-law, we lookedfor king almost all the states,.. ..only three statesremain to be searched. haryana, gujarat and ch.. chattisgarh. - correct, mr. sairam. i think giving newspaperads there will help us. but it'll cost you rs.200,000.

okay, do it. - okay. mr. sairam, give rs.200,000cash to mr. vora. - okay madam. than having faithin human beings.. ..i think you should havefaith on god, sister-in-law. so i've decided to offer free foodin all the temples of the state. okay, do it. it'll cost rs.1 million for doing it. before spending so muchmoney one needs to think about it. i'll not have it. becausemy king is priceless diamond.

you said it right, sister-in-law.our king will definitely come back. appaji has come back! appaji! you cheat. how dare you to come back here? why are you silent? how could youcome after betraying your wife? are you worried about missingking or me coming back? don't trap us with your words,we don't care if you live or die. we are worried about missing king. don't cry. i can feel your pain.

nephew! he's back. - what happenedto you son? what's this? what happened to you? tell me. sorry madam,he can't recognise anyone, nor speak. what are you saying?- appaji would've done something. don't accuse him,.. ..king met with anaccident in uttaranchal. i'm dr. gyaneshwar kale andshe's my sister dr. shivani kale.

hello. we were searching for herbs in theforest when we heard human cries. when we went to see, we foundyour son on the verge of death,.. ..we treated your sonwith herbs for quite some time. suddenly this man recognisedhim nephew and brought us here. i was worried aboutmissing nephew,.. ..another worry wasliving away from you all,.. ..i was looking in forest withoutfood or water, there i found king. you don't look like aman fasting but a gargantuan.

i'm from a well off family. will my son become normallike before, doctor? he'll definitely,but he needs art therapy. art therapy? what's that? it is a treatment. englishmedicines are called allopathy, treatment with naturalherbs is called ayurveda. art treatment iscalled art therapy. you saved my son. willyou stay here till he recovers? as you please.

we'll not go anywheretill he recovers. brother. arrange for their stay.- okay, sister. come sir. - go. gopi mohan, you triedto put me out of this house.. ..with your cunning mind. i will put you out of his house.- thanks, mr. appaji. you saved rs.1.2 millionby bringing back king. this was just a trailer, sairam. the whole film showstarts from tomorrow.

"the sweet tune.. ..of music is being played." "my heart sways.. ..on your tune, always." "my song can ease your pain." "i pray to god that youare blessed." tell me who is that? mother! - yes. eldest uncle!

wonderful. - you recognized me. who is this? second uncle. - correct. and who is this?- youngest uncle! yes. very good. once i make everyonethat raghu is king.. ..i will settle all the debts. this is your last chance. are you threatening me?i don't want to talk to you.

appaji, i can't playthis drama anymore. i really turn into an handicapsitting on this wheel chair i can't bear gyaneshwar'shorrible paintings.. ..and shivani's terrible songs. i'll go mad. quiet. - i cannot tolerate anymore.handle things yourself. listen to me.i will massage your body. promise. the last session ofart therapy begins today. say along with me closingyour eyes so that everything..

..goes on well and thereis no hitch in the treatment. hail lord ganesha! now open your eyes. i'm jayasurya,creative music director,.. ..i'm the managing director of thisart therapy that's going on here. am i not? yes madam, he's our guru.- hello. what have i taught youand what you're doing here? will you come to the climaxwithout following any order?

we did follow order. which order did you follow?tell me. kalyani raga mustbring back legs,.. ..keeravani ragamust bring back joints. which raga will cure diarrhea? he got angry. - you're notconcentrating on important things.. ..because of your half knowledge. what is it, guru?- sense of touch. the last raga must be tried only whenpatient has lost sense of touch.

if there's any trace of it,.. ..the treatment may leave himinvalid for life. i don't have any sense of touch.- it is my job to check that. where are you going? move back. feel it? - no. you too move back.- okay, guru. feel it? - no. - no? feel it? now? now? no?

feel it? - no feeling at all! i feel he's taking revengeinstead of treating him. you're crying!that means you can feel the touch. not crying guru but tears of joyfor your attention and love for me. he says he doesn't feel the touch,let's start the last treatment. what's the time now? - 10:20. inauspicious time! if you do goodthings at bad time.. ..patient will get well butdoctor will turn into a handicap.

we forgot it in tension. art treatment willnot work in tension. let's start tomorrowat auspicious time. this was just aglimpse of revenge.. ..tomorrow you willface the real revenge. let's meet after the break. i'm dead! - sharat, stop it. he broke my legs.- somebody might hear you. he beat me black and blue.

he hit me so hard as thoughi eloped with his daughter. i will kill him. i'm dead. idiot. sharat, why are youtalking like raghu rokda? well, i couldn't rememberany mantra after getting beaten up. i heard someone abusing aftergetting beaten up. i copied it. you brother and sisterwatched the fun.. ..but never tried to stop him. i can understand your pain.

i'll tell brotherand get raghu beaten up. i will get him beatenblack and blue. we are always introuble because of him. now, why are you actinglike raghu rokda? i lost control on myselfseeing you in pain. render your service like this. i did re-recording for manyrevenge films in my career,.. is a unique feeling thatyou get after taking your revenge. you'd fun. let's go.

i still have to avenge gyaneshwar whomade me stand in hot sun to paint. then.- then? - shivani. what? look kishore, shivani isthe reason for me to come here.. ..leaving behindall my busy schedule. guru? - what? oh gyani! since you'rean artist i'm giving you a chance. if you give your sisterto me and apologize to me..

..i'll spare you. what do you say? what did you say about my sister? i beg to you. please leave me. fold your hands. - okay, boss. do it guru. i said fold your hands.- my hands are not moving. brother, he beat his legs,why are you breaking his hands? madam, keep quiet.please don't say anything. don't provoke him.

how dare you yell at me? brother,break his legs. - break it. we are punishing him. you broke it so easily.which technique is this? this is known as leg lock. must do it very carefully, else he can die. - i'm dead. brother-in-law,i'll try the other leg. - go ahead. thanks, brother-in-law. - he'san unprofessional. he'll kill me! can anyone become a doctorwithout killing few patients?

brother-in-law, get started.come on. take rest now. good landing.- guru, are you still alive? i'm alive. great! he's alive. you used thetechnique perfectly the first time. thank you, brother-in-law. keep it up. - why are youleaving me in this condition? would i be in thiscondition all my life? you'll be fine if youexperience the same thing.

till then, you're bedridden. yes. - how did this happen? you tried to become a hero,but turned into a zero. you must be happy, right? like a snake charmerdies from snake bite,.. ..similarly, art doctor hasbecome a patient of art therapy. after two pegs doctor tried the lasttreatment on king and it backfired. it left him in this state. forget him. you need toconcentrate on treating king.

yes, doctor.the auspicious time has come. start the art therapyand start singing. he's moving. wow! try to get up. come on. he is alright now. careful! - come on. get up. slowly. - don't hold him. he'll walk on his own.- careful, son. careful.

mother. gopi mohan, how is itpossible that one gets cured.. ..and the other gets bedridden? why did he come? now, how will i tackle him?- who is he? your younger brother.- my brother? king's brother. you have to handle the situationcarefully. - don't worry. i will tackle him.

ajay? - mother. you didn't informus about your arrival? i was missing you all. where is brother?- chote? how are you? - brother. i'm really happy seeingthe entire family together. do it properly. who are they? well.. - after you went to london,your brother met with an accident. they brought him home safe.- accident?

why didn't you inform me?- i'm very fine now. what brought youhere all of a sudden? i wanted to giveyou all a surprise. pooja, she is my mother. - hello. and he's brother. - hello. hello. who is she?- she's my girlfriend. mother, if you agree,we want to get married. you knew that we won'tgo against your wish. laxmi? - yes

bring the veneration plate. i have to welcome daughter-in-law. dear, come inside. baba, we've got nothingto do with duplicate king. we've to kill king'sbrother soon and move out. find somebody else then.he's not able to move from here. what can he do? bye. brother kishore.. - what? take me to gopi mohan.

stop ordering me like this. doi look like an auto driver to you? what do you have to do with him? i've got an idea to finishgyaneshwar and his gang. you can't walk,but you have to talk. so what?i can talk and take revenge. your hands and legsare already damaged. you want to lose your mouth too? you'll see whetherl will lose my mouth.. ..or will make you runaway from here?

take me there, come on. you were very happysaying that king vanish. how did he come back? i don't understand. if you don't understand,shall i explain that to you? hey appaji! he has replaced theking with a fake man? he has planned to usurpall his wealth alone. instead of standinghere and getting angry..

..go and talk to raghu rokda. hey raghu rokda,with the help of appaji.. became theking and fooled us. are you drunk? i'm the king. if you are the king.. tell me aboutthe incident that took place.. ..when you were 10 yearsold and only you and me know about. no one else knows about it. tell me what it is. on your seventh birthday,your father gave you a gift.

tell me what was that. hey you guys,why are you questioning him? call the police andthey will interrogate him. put his gang behind the bars. why are you staring at us? when i was 10 years old.. fell on my feet pleadingme not to expose your theft. i still remember. you asked me what was the gift myfather gave me on seventh birthday.

this sword. - run, kishore. hurry up. save your life. do you know why he gave me this? to hunt down beasts like you. why did you kill me? tell me. why did you kill me?- i don't know anything. mohan, you did something.tell him, why you got him killed. i'm a goon, but not a murderer. i said so to have control over him.

mr. sharat. you're looking verydull. didn't you sleep last night? don't know, brother-in-law.i feel some burden over me. and since morning,l have an headache. it happens in such games.don't worry. you will getused to it. have your breakfast. uncle, please comeand have breakfast. no nephew.we will eat later. - i said come. okay, fine. one sip and he's finished.

have your breakfast, uncle. dadu had called up in the morning. if i don't give him money,he'll kill me. so, tell sister-in-lawand get me rs. 10 million. i'll throw that on his face andkeep his mouth shut for some days. i think i should have breakfast. good morning brother.- good morning ajay. sit. juice. go inside and get me money.get it.

what happened to you? drink the juice. are you listening to me or not? brother, what are you doing?leave her! brother! why did you come here?- leave her! why have you come here again?- leave her. - tell me. leave her. - tell me! son.. what are you doing?- brother. - tell me. leave her! leave her!

son.. pooja, are you alright? brother.. - what happened, ajay? what happened, mother? nothing happened. sometimes the patient suffersthe side effects of the medicines. this was just a result of that. doctor, what's wrong with my son? let him take rest andeverything will be fine.

take him with you. come, my son. gyaneshwar, he pushed me down.. ..lifted such a big table, ..tried tostrangulate that girl's neck. has he gone mad? it wasn't him who did this.- then who did this? tonight i'll show you who has donethis and who's getting it done. i know about you, can't sleep without drinks.

so, you're spinning some ghost storyand keeping us for your company. i too feel the same. you will understand. where's the were spinning stories about it. what's in here? your head? the one you are seeingnow is raghu rokda.. ..but it is the kingwho has possessed him. king's spirit?how is it possible? to take revenge..

..the king's spiritwas rounding this place.. ..and has possessed raghu rokda. in the morning, when youwere busy eating your breakfast.. ..i was concentratingon raghu rokda. when pooja came,i noticed a change in his behavior. even i saw him?- i saw his eyes turning red. why is king angrywith ajay's fiancã©e? may be he is againstinter caste marriage. there could be other reasons too.- i see.

i made them believe that those werethe side effects of the treatment. after referring to thehindi translation of the book.. ..written by sigmundfreud on ghosts. then i could understandeverything clearly. what you say is like thestory of the film bhool bhuliya. shivani, even movies aremade based on real life stories. look, raghu rokda hasfully turned into king. but raghu is not aware that he isbeing possessed by the spirit of king. what should we do now?

i've a treatment for this problem. this amulet will saveyou from all the evil spirits. it has blessingsof 1000 years of penance. as long as this is with him,no evil spirits can harm your son. this amulet will protect him. he must have this onhis wrist all the time. god protect you. according to his horoscope.. ..once he gets over his bad time,his marriage is on the cards.

so, make arrangementsfor his marriage. what are you saying, priest? just tie the amulet & leave.why talk unnecessary things? where will he find a suitablegirl all of a sudden? there's no need to find a girl. a suitable girl forhim is in this house. who is she? - shivani. what do you say, doctor? my sister will decide it.

what do you say, shivani? i'm very happy today. brother, make arrangementsfor the engagement - as you wish. happiness has come toour palace after a long time. make sure, you don't lackanything on such auspicious day. the impersonator king isbecoming a hurdle for everything. pooja, i'll take careof the impersonator. king's brother mustdie tonight. - done. baba, we can't trust girls fully.

``hey.. who are you guys? hey, stop there! he fights well. wow sharat!you alone thrashed them to pulp. sharat is not so brave. then, you are.. - raghu rokda. raghu rokda?what happened to my sharat? he left once i came here. planning to fool me andget shivani married to him.

if you don't get your sistermarried to me on the same day.. ..sharat who escaped will die. shivani.. get up. what's it brother?i was seeing a good dream. you are talking about dreams. butyour life is about to get disturbed. what happened, brother? since raghu rokda has entered thishouse, sharat has left this place. what do we do now? we have nothing to do with thesepeople. all we need is sharat.

we'll leave this place right away.come on, get up. yes brother, i got up. my life is in danger but you'rebusy in your marriage arrangements. if you don't do anything soon,dadu will kill me. what are you staring at? thereis an amulet tied to your hand. oh god! sorry, ajay. why did you come here? why did you come again?

why do you want to killmy brother? who are you? tell me. who are you? tell me. brother, leave her.. have you gone mad? - leave me. brother,she is here to ruin our family. whose brother are you? you are not king. i know that you'reraghu rokda. - no. i am king. king died long back.i got him killed.

why?- to get rid of him. people call me as king's brother. the world doesn'tknow my name also. even if i win,the credit goes to the king. king is everything. so, i wanted to be the king. so, i got him killed. now you've come here as kingand acting as king to mint money. tell me how much you want.i will give you.

just leave this place right now. who are you guys? you'll know who we are,but listen to this before that. many tried to kill king.none could succeed. but you killed him. you killed the faithking had in you. you killed his affection for you.but you couldn't kill the king. killing king is notjust tough but impossible. knowing that his only brotherwhom he loved so much..

..had tried to kill him.. ..and one who is in unbearablepain sitting here is king. rajachandra pratap verma. you are lying.he is raghu rokda and not king. there can be menof same characteristics. but a man like him is just one. king's body guard munna's realname is raghu rokda. he is my son. after knowing that a plot has beenplanned in his house to kill him..

..he made you allbelieve that he is dead.. ..and came back here as raghurokda to find out the killer. when he knew that it was you,he is really dead. boss, pooja is none otherthan the daughter of.. ..ranga rao who usedto work here earlier. bhagat sait who couldn'tdestroy your family directly.. ..told pooja totrap ajay in her love. pooja.. why should i marry you?

you depend on yourbrother for everything. what if there is no king at all? pooja, if king hadn'tcome here on time.. would'vekilled brother ajay. he would've killed you too.tell her. yes, bhagat saittold me to kill you too. pooja, to protectmy family's honor.. ..i couldn't say anythingon that day regarding your father. by the time i came to yourhouse to seek his forgiveness..

..he had committed suicide. you were very young then. so i thought of sendingyou to my aunt's house. without your knowledge madeall the necessary arrangements. i didn't do a favoron you by doing so. i just fulfilled my duty. for the injustice done to you, you'vethe right to kill me even now. but ajay is no wayrelated in this matter. ajay, father made me kingand what he gave me wasn't power.

it was responsibility. i wanted to give you all thati missed in my life.. ..because of responsibility. i treated your education as mine. i treated your victory as mine. i was never your brother.i was like your father. i thought that i wasgiving all that you needed. but i failed to know your wishes. i knew my life was in danger..

..because of which mothernever had a peaceful sleep. if she comes to knowthat you are my danger.. ..she wouldn't bear that truth. i am sorry. what you did wasn't asmall mistake to be pardoned. father, i've completedall my commitments. but i couldn't keepall of them happy. i've only one choiceto make them all happy. i must go far away from here.i am sorry.

come on, let's leave. dear ajay,your mother has left this house. but mother? she told you notto look out for her. take this. here are theproperty papers that you wanted. from now on,you're the king of this palace. appaji, she also wantedto convey something to you three. she was strict towards youall not because to save money.. ..but to protect youfrom falling into difficulties.

to look after hersisters-in-law properly.. ..she has equally sharedthe wealth to you all. surprised seeing me? are you surprised how lcould remember all these things? we can forget if glass breaks. if heart breaks, we cannot forget. i wonder whereand how my sharat is. make sure he comes back to us soon. prayers are answeredimmediately here.

sharat.. - good morning. where did you go without eveinforming us? - raghu threatened me. i got scared and wentto my grandma's place. your cowardice saved your life. what coward?do you think i'll spare him. i'll file a complaint with police. what complaint can youlodge on someone who is gone? gone where? - to hell. look, that's raghu rokda's father.

he'll not be able to bearthe news of his son's death. be kind hearted andwhenever you've time,.. him andact like raghu rokda. it is not possible. - why? what can i say?i saw king's mother in the train. i didn't want to breakher heart so i acted like king. now you want me to act like raghu. how many characters can a man do?i'm not a movie star. nothing wrong in doing any..

..number of charactersfor a good thing to happen. then, i will ask shivani.where is she? sharat, you went missing suddenly.i really got tensed. shivani, i want to tellyou a truth. i'm not sharat. then? - i'm king. kittu, do you knowwhy you are alive? i must know everyplan of bhagat sait. sir! sir! sir!

swapna's is a fraudster.all other details are fake. how did you appointher in our company? on seeing yourrecommendation letter. i had signed these blank letterheads and kept it in a safe.. that they can be usedin my absence. which means that thereis someone in my house.. the one who attackedyou is bhagat sait's man. but i couldn't find out thedetails of the girl who shot you. your day to day program detailsare on bhagat sait's table.

even your uttaranchal trip. i doubt that someonein your house is helping him. thank you, kittu. munna, listen carefully. i started this dramawith the help of munna. get inside fast.police are after you. you have to become theking and stay in this palace. i also found out thatother 2 uncles too are also.. ..not connected to this plot.

to give my brotherhis most desired post.. ..i made everyone believe thati am dead, and later came here. sir.. tell me, kittu.what is the matter? bhagat sait gave me money toplant a bomb in your brother's car. what did you do?- i planted it in his car. bhagat sait.- kittu, is the job done? bhagat sait, i warned you before.. ..that if you think aboutmy family members. i'll kill you.

i was telling that.. - shivani,.. ..since you were worriedabout sharat for the past 2 days.. ..i didn't tell you the good news.- what is it? i love master's sister very much. yes, i know. you also know that she putme to test, right? - yes, i know. he has passed me with full marks.- is it? don't be surprised. i couldn't see artbeing humiliated.., i took this decisionwith a heavy heart. shut up! - what? let me talk, sir. let our marriagesbe on the same day. what do you say, sharat?- as you say. two marriages in one expense. when gyaneshwar's sisteris getting married to raghu rokda. how should the marriage be?- time for celebration. brother-in-law. - yes.

he thinks you're raghu rokda. didn't i tell you thathe won't know it? - right. doctor, let's perform theirmarriage as fixed earlier. i am going to buy sarisand jewels for my daughter-in-law. okay mother. brother-in-law.. - tell me. she thinks you're the king.- she is innocent. hey sharat..- why are you shouting at me? not you. him. - who?

greetings sir.- greetings, sharat. i came here to visit the temple. sharat.. - yes, sir. he is calling me not you. tell me, brother-in-law. -invite your friend to the marriage. i'll kill you if youcome to the marriage. my grandfather says i'm useless. but i am of great use to you. congratulations.- sharat kumar,

hereafter you have toact like 3 people.. ..and satisfy them. iwonder how you're going to do that. you're telling him asif he is very new to this. what if he comesin the fourth role?

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