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Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Barbie Princess Charm School

Coloring Pages Of Barbie Princess Charm School

[ bell tower ringing ] wendy- hey sbf family! welcome back to step 2 of our ever after high house project begining, and middle, and budget and everything else! i am obviously so excited about this here project! so in step 2 we are going to talk a little bit about planning [ on screen -talk a little bit ? ] since the big doll house [ on screen - more like, a lot! we.. i didn't have a budget per say per room. i more had a budget to spend of money per two weeks. over a two and a half year period, it was very fair um, but some of the rooms did get pricier than others, i was just very smart in my shopping

so i waited patiently for prices and things to be in the price i wanted in this case i am going to plan ahead. i was challenged by a viewer i am going to have to look back and see who that was about doing things with cardboard and at a better price i think is a little more interesting for younger people so that this can be affordable and attainable, even on a small allowance, right? [cheerful guitar music] obviously part one was about the box and that was our shipping box 12 by 12 by 12 inches. you can check that out on our price list i got this at a dollar because it was one dollar for five or two dollars for one so, there is the differences

we are going to contrast low and middle and high. middle is where i am going to try and go for each of the rooms there is a few things i think you should definitely invest in. the box is one of them mostly because they are stronger and size consistant it is your foundation so you want those to be good so those can go for about one dollar and if you buy ahead and get a couple, you can pay a dollar on the low end next, let's look at the walls, the materials needed for that i got four 12 by 12 paper card stock which range from two dollars to eight dollars or on the low end you can just get some paper and or get gift wrap if you find some that have something that is not so christmas-y or birthday - like, you can get a whole bunch

and do a room or a few rooms or ceilings. so you have that option to save money gracie's rooms have some bigger boxes so she is going to use some of those for walls because 12 by 12 doesn't fit now, paper and cardstock... card stock is a lot thicker than paper and that is the difference between the two card stock selection is not as big as the paper selcetion so we tend to have to buy paper sometimes so, i say 3 walls. obviously i am starting off with darling charming. the first one i got with my gift card from christmas. so i am going to be working on her i have chosen three pieces of cardstock, matching, for her walls

this is also going to be better when we glue it it is not going to go through and warp the paper, if you know what i mean? but, we will have tricks to hide that if we do have to use paper for her floor i have chosen this piece here which is shiney and fun and then i wanted to show the difference, that sometimes the floor ones i had to grab these [on screen- the 1:6 scale is perfect!] not sure who i am using them for sometimes you have to get paper because it is a better choice in which case, i will probably cover it with some modge podge as part of my supplies to make it more durable so when you put things in, it doesn't scratch up and tear your paper

now, as well we have the ceiling here. the ceiling in my case has a dent in the box so, i want to cover it. you could just paint all the walls and that will bring you down to about a buck or two bucks or if you even have paint, it will cost you nothing. those are some choices you have for change of your budget what i am going to do is, because this cardboard house is going to be, rather plain... i don't want it to look like a kindergartener's cubby hole so i want to add some decor consistantcy and continuity in your own house, your trim probably matches. or your carpeting matches and things like that so the ceilings on all rooms i am going to make the same and i use this nice soft champagne gold this was five dollars for i think it was 3.99... err five sheets for $3.99

so that changes my number here and gives me a little bit of wiggle room luckily it was card stock and i was able to buy all of those ahead so, those are my choices as for planning, you all know i am new to ever after high... so i have been doing a list like this, i have been learning who the room mates are i got notes on who i want to dedicated it to [on screen - #favski?] chapter being which room or character we are working on so i am just writing down things i need to know and learning about them feel free to jump in on the comments and help me out with all that stuff because

i have a lot of catching up to do! now, making each of these rooms for twenty dollars is not bad! there are some things that are a must. to me anyways. but can change for you next, we are onto the wood bed base. i got these for a dollar fifty that is this, from michael's it is the perfect size, which i used a lot in the monster high doll house and of course, any of this stuff can be for monster high or bratz or barbie she fits on there perfectly! i really like those so i am going to be a little lazy and not use the cardboard

now, remember in part one we cut off two of these off each box? i am going to save one for a shims and the second could be used for building in which case, this is what gracie did on her little beds you can see the size is just right. only had to cut some of that and it even gives you some leftovers for using for other parts of your dollhouse i really like this thing! so i am going to use those therefore i have a dollar fifty on that. that can go up depending on what you use if you use the cardboard, then you got no cost!

next is our bed feet. basically how you rise the bed up so we don't have just a piece of board on the floor i got this averaged at a dollar for what i have picked that can go up to four dollars and even more depending on how you make that i am going to use various different things and i will show those per bed per room as i make them for the time being, those who watched part, ummm... the video where we intro-ed this whole project know that i got a phenominal deal on all of these dolls [on screen - link below] so i was able to go out and buy a tons of supplies to get me ready of course we have that...

if we look at grace's bed, when she made hers she used blocks sometimes she painted it and sometimes she didn't. that is her favorite so she does this. this price was four twenty nine but you get... 1, 2 3... 4, 6 beds maximum for that price so that brings that pretty decent on your budget same idea with all of these different choices i have this might be better for a boy or a girl or i want it higher or lower i picked all different things to use in many different facets, looks and by the time i paint them, we can make them all different these balls actually have a little flat spot

once they're are on so they will work just fine. that price gives you a lot of beds, bed feet spools... that is the price of those these ones i splurged on because i thought those would be really cool... like that it has different shapes, so i bought two, so that's going to be a little bit higher per bed, but, again, we want a little bit of difference got some more here, these ones look like little vases... tiny spools... or, you can think and look around if you want to bring your budget down to zero again you can take your card board, cut little squares and then glue them together

and then you can have your own size bed legs, whatever you might need so, once you put those underneath and if you make a blanket that is going to cover it, it's not going to really matter what that looks like or you can put a piece of ribbon to cover that. so that is a really economical way to do it you can use some beads. i have used that in casta's bed in the big monster high doll house set a couple of those on there, well more than a couple. you will probably need many for that. but, there is an inexpensive idea then you can get creative and look around your house for little boxes and things i found these around the house

and those can easily turn into perfect pedestals here was another idea, a toothpaste box which could be a nice high pedestal and of course, as i said that puts your cost over here at zero and my range is going to be approximately a dollar well, let's get into fabric for the bedding i've got it from four dollars average in my range. it can go seven dollars plus, of course then i have scrap clothes or fabric the reason i highlighted this is that...

if i should find something that i have that is old to use because i save old fabric and old clothes that are cute or i go thrifting and find something inexpensive that four dollars can go to zero, even on mine and then that can change what i spend in here and what i can spend more on so, that is something that changes quite often. such as.. this was an old leotard of gracie's that i had bought originally at the thrift store for her dancing of course, she grew out of it. i paid may be a dollar ninety nine then... i cut it up. this is bloodgood's comforter in our big monster high doll house now so that cost me nothing for all the fabric i have that is here

this was an old skirt of mine, a skort, that i adored! oh my god, it was my favorite skort ever! i have gotten a whole lot bigger since then. not even just a little bit, but a whole lot [ laughs ] so i love the colors of the fabric and i cut it up and this was ummm... gilda's comforter i forget who i used the black for of the under skort so, that, just keep that in mind, look around and check out other things at the thrift store too otherwise, i have quite a few different choices here they have these at joanne's which are like ninety nine cents i believe gives you a good amount, they come separetely so you can pick

what i am deciding here... of course you can switch yours any way you want for darling and any doll, i want the doll to pop out of the room, not have her blend into the room so i am going to go near their colors, but not exactly their colors so she will actually pop out from the cube these are two things i found for her. i, love fabric! i have an addiction to fabric i am sure some of you know what i am talking about? so, i am really going to have fun with this and be very colorful and enjoy my addiction to fabric so, these two are for her. those are ninety nine cents

these are in the quilting section. this i think is going to be for hunter this was something i thought looked very nice for rosabella? i think i had it for these were, i think this was, seven ninety nine for all of this. same size, but a bunch of them i can definetly have fun and i can split these and use and split them among rooms so that is an idea. and of course, check your remanants section you can't beat that price and that is a good amount of fabric for a doll bead something different i am doing... oh, and this one here... then you can buy by the yard i think you can go down to six inches i could not resist this, my eye seen faybelle? i think that is her name, fayabelle?

i seen that so that will definetely be incorporated with her again, getting into that decor consistency and continuity i am going to use the same thing i used for my cottage for the boo students there is that piece we used you can check this out on the link below. i show all how to make this full bedding set it's very long. it's very detailed. if you don't know how to sew and know very little about it this will walk you through the whole thing so, taking this idea, when i do my beds

i am not going to have flat, like here i like the plush look so when they sit they look like they are sinking into the mattress so, every mattress in every room i'm going to duplicate this and use this fabric so i got quite a few yards to get me through 27 rooms umm, i think it will go with my little titches of gold for everybody and, i don't have to think about it too much

because technically, once that is covered up, you won't much see it so why pick a crazy new color for each one... crazy new pattern it will be covered up, and be like their mattress's are all the same your eye will see it as a whole and those certain forms, the little gold things i am doing, so this will be extra and of course i will use these fabrics and have fun with the double sided comforter and play around of course, and get extra creative with pillows in any way i want to moving right along to my list, i have... this is optional now. you don't need to do this one this can range, i got two dollars and fifty cents and a dollar

and high, six to three dollars ribbon and trim can get super, super expensive what i need is two yards. one yard for the baseboard and one yard for the crown the baseboard is going to be along, like the edge bottom here and i am going to do that consistant in each room and then of course the crown is the top so when the ceiling meets the wall we'll have a piece of trim and that is where i can kind of match up and coordinate with each doll

very common and it will clean it up if i have to hide any glue mistakes so, for my baseboard i specifically have this price which i am set on you need one yard, three feet or thirty six inches of course to go around twelve, twelve, twelve i bought a huge ream of this because i know i need a lot i am going to have to even, go buy more as the rooms continue. but i bought them out of what they had so i have decided wholly and solely that this here is going to be my baseboard trim so on each room that is another thing about, regarding, continuity and consistancy

i am going to use this as my baseboard trim in everything so you see a little bit of gold in this, a little bid of gold in the mattress, a little bit of gold in the umm... ceiling so those things are going to all come together i think, and make it look less like that cuby hole thing trims can go anywhere... you can use all kinds of things if you do we have this washi tape which is nice ummm, between one of these two, i picked for darling. i don't remember which one prices can go anywhere. of course you can buy, go to the fabric store

and buy it per yard this was one i couldn't resist and of course, that is for ginger then your price ranges can go every where you can look... but remember if you save some money up here and find some fabric you can go back and forth. so we got that for like a bed trim or a bed skirt and then prices can range anywhere between the dollar store and the fabric stores passing holidays, uh, christmas is a great time to get trim! even if you see that price it can be half off or something

of course, they can get very pricey too but you have quite a few yards on there this one is four feet so you would have some extra for trimmings which helps out umm, yeah, they can even, they can get really expensive i wonder who that one is for? headboards! the fun of the creativity of any doll room is the headboard, right? many choices again. and this changes, your headboard changes everything down here depending on what you spend

i have it as two dollars up to five dollars plus that one can go way up depending on your choices and what you pick i'm going to do an average of two dollars and that might even change gracie has been doing cardboard so hers was a big fat zero that would be this style where she just cut out a piece of that fabric err, i am sorry, a piece of that cardboard and wrapped it with fabric choices are pretty endless on this too

and of course that can come off your piece you cut off the original ninety nine cent/one dollar box box you can decorate that anyway you choose of course! endless amounts of fabric, you can paint it you can just, you can do anything! that is where your creativity, your thinking outside of the box, your style, your theme all can show so that would be on the zero side or you can go into a little bit fancier umm, which still doesn't have to be pricey

i want mine... i am going to use this style so i can get different shapes so that is not out of the woods for my budget but at the same time i want to make some of them easy and switch up my looks so i found all these different things for different prices this one even has, is rectangular so that one can go this way or that way or stuck to the wall another reason why that card stock is nice because if we glue these to the wall

then it's going to be more secure umm, that price, i forget how much those were i think it was three dollars for that then just try to really think outside the box i'm thinking maybe for the hunter or one of the boys, that can be incorporated there then i have some leftovers from the monster high doll house i'll tell you one thing. picking these things off, the tags, is the worst! so i can back that with something...

fabric, cardboard, paint, whatever and i can do that as a headboard i found some other ones that are quite beautiful too i am seeing cupid and lizzie hearts in that one the choices are endless for that so again, if you go to cardboard or here you can save two dollars and spend your money more on the next batch of items which is where it gets fun too! now we're on this last part whole lot going on here

remember what i was saying? if you save some money up here you can spend more down here i am going to do this all as a whole because just, it can just interchange so much depending on each room and you can also make a lot of these things or make a lot of these things find yourself a piece of old fabric or clothes and then buy or spend a little more here

paint of course, i have a dollar budgeted in but at the same time you might have your own paint if you're a crafter so obviously you can take that off what i am going to do is pick one paint for something in the continuity department and one paint probably per dollroom i have a good selection of paint so i am good to go a lot going on here! we're talking about wall art, window , door...

side table, furniture and accessories in general i am going to make a door, you seen part one you seen my very crude little sketch i am going to use, i got more cardstock the five, i am going to split, cut that into three doors i think it is... three or four i am going to use this to make it appear like it has trim and i bought just this one strand which has enough for little doorknobs for every single room which is another titch of continuity

what i haven't found is a little something to use as a light and i was hoping it would be crystal pink like this to go with the ever after high theme then we can talk about side tables lots of ideas! lots and lots! these are all... i got it at a dollar, yeah a dollar that can go up and down depending on. blocks. this actually had a handle and i broke that off

so i can turn it over... turn it around and then it kind of looks like a tree stump remember my faux? you can check out our tutorial that i did in the cottage in the big monster high doll house so i can use paint treatments to make these things be endless ideas and ways to do things so that can turn into a stump, tree stump little trinket boxes, be it you buy them. i think they are fifty cents all different sizes and shapes or you have them around the house they all work as well

i can put trim around them, anything those will be per room we will see differences in that more of these trinket boxes. these ones are a dollar they comes in various shapes and sizes i got pretty much one of each different style they had at the store so i can interchange then, this one i was thinking may be mira shards a little trinket box with a lid

another idea, only a dollar as well, if you are trying to save some money so you can spend on accessories look around the house and be creative with boxes i got some... let me make a bit of room here... i have some boxes i use and things around the house that can easily be made into a side table some spice jars, you can put a top on that and paint it shaving creams tops you can use as is for a foot stool

or a side table, put something on top this one can be like that with a long table or it can be a high table or you can cut it in half and put this on and have two tables a toothpick thing, you can turn this way any little extra box, put a lid on it or a top on it so many choices for your little side table whether you want to spend a dollar or two or make something

and spend your money on other things the next thing i am doing is wall art, window and door. we already discussed door you know in part one i talked about the windows it is another bit of thing i want to do with continuity so they are all similar and they look the same to your eye, you don't have that cuby look i bought one paint for all of them so i will have the same color this is the first time i have used this, got that from target i bought this in case any of my ribbons or whatever,

it is puffy paint, dimensional paint, just for filling in any cracks that should get me through the whole house these are going to be my windows going to sponge paint those with a blue sky and then use a sharpie and just make a cris cross i am going to use these, a whole pack, i think was four dollars one for each room as the valance put the fabric on the back, we'll show you that then on each corner for a finial, going to do hearts

because i thought hearts worked well for what else do we havvve? how much money do you got left? how much can you work with? where have you saved? or where can you splurge? so then we get, accessories!!! always have a look in the clearance section that one is obviously going to be for her, i believe

now that i am looking at it, i do not really like that black with her so that is a, maybe - change - my - mind endless supplies!!! and choices for things! i think you can see who some of them are for you can get them on sale easter stuff is around so we found that i am thinking that for bunny may be, i don't know... all little different things though. there is another little bunny detail

so i am definitely ahead of the curve between embellishments, buttons... ...accessories... ...fabrics. there is lots to choose from. for twenty dollars for a budget that is a lot to take in hopefully you only have to watch this video once though to get the hang of it and see where we are at and i hope it helps you plan some things that were not in this budget

just kind of in the whole dorm budget, to have around, sundries... is obviously the tacky glue i have already made the thirty boxes and i am only at about here so that is going to last me a long time modge podge is handy i got some duct tape that i am going to edge the sides of the rooms with packing tape, that was i think a dollar fifty or two dollars i have used one of those so far, for all thirty boxes when we get to decorating, museum wax!

best stuff in the world! we have a tutorial on how to use that [on screen- link below] so when i do start putting accessories, this happens to be from ghoulia's room, once you wax those all in it certainly makes thing easier especially in a cardboard so if it gets bumped, it won't all fall over let us move on to making some of these rooooms! or the first one anyway! [grace in background] yeah!!!! [wendy] as you can see i have a lot of supplies! and a lot of work ahead of me! but i am looking forward to it! [grace] woooooooot! [wendy] super buddies forever has moved into ever after high!

we are committed now!!! [grace] woot woot! [cheerful guitar music] [wendy] stay tuned for part 3 where we use all this planning and all these supplies and finally begin making rooms! there will be lots of options and you'll be able to use the techniques i used if you like or divert from them and make your own plans! on our way! yippy skippy! ...see ya next time! [band marching away music]

Coloring Pages Of Barbie Princess Charm School