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Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Barbie In A Mermaid Tale

Coloring Pages Of Barbie In A Mermaid Tale

good morning, good evening everyone, and welcome to le point culture (the cultural moment) in a previous episode, i talked about the story of disneys classics of animation and i ended the video with a top 20 of the hidden messages in disney songs some among you know that i was never satisfied of this top 20 and that the idea to make justice for the coolest animated movies of our childhood, has tickled me for a while i've hesitated, songs, heroes, funny sidekicks or even do a top 20 of the best disney's classics of animation, or even of disney movies because we do talk a lot about animation, but disney, it's also this, this, this, or this

but i have succumbed to the call of the dark side of the force recalling myself that, what i loved with disney, was the songs, and the vilains and since, we talked baddly, but still a lot, about disney songs the last time let's go to get an overview of disney vilains so, before we start, you have tout know that i haven't see all of disney's classic s of animation on the 47 classic movies existing, i have seen 39 of them so here are the 8 that i have not seen, and that i will not talk about i could have watched them, but there is some that i really, really, don't want to watch yeah, because a villain who does cow-hypnotizing yodel, yeah, i think that's the time where i say we stop, it's not possible

anyway, in 77 years of animated feature, disney studios have provided us iconic villains, and we instantly start our ranking with #20, shan yu from mulan. shan yu is the leader of the huns, that the chinese army has to face oh, look how nice he looks, he is very cute, this tiny little man. yes, shan yu is one of those characters who, if they wanted to be nice...they couldn't. he wears his evilness on his face. what makes shan yu's face a villain one ? firt, the carnivorous smile doesn't help

i mean, you stick this smile on anybody's face, he looks like a psycho. good, once you've fixed the smile, facial hair... look at this diagram of disney heroes and villains well, of course, ladies don't count, but half of the male disney villains have a mustache, a beard, or both. on female villains it... it...iiiiirk ! well no, it doesn't work. so, once you got rid of the teeth and the mustache, the eyebrows, because bad guys frown, that's just how it is, if he doesn't frown...and there, he looks nicer already.

then, the hair, good guys have hair, that's how it is, it's old and bad guys who are bare. urh...yellow eyes, it's also a bad-guy thing, let's get rid of those, small eyes too is an evil thing, so let's make these bigger, the dark shadow around the eyes is also a villain thing, and the square chin is the last distinctive mark of the disney villain. and there, we turned shan yu into a good character, ugly, but good, i'd say he seems a little goofy, a little zany, a little... mongolian [here, =dumb] shan yu is a very classical antagonist, really basic,

he wants to do bad-guy stuff, like invading a country while killing people, and the good guys have to prevent him from doing so. his real big interest is really his design, which is a concentrate of disney crap. so there you go, if you want to turn someone into a disney vilain, draw in these 7 elements. #19,, not this radcliffe, this ratcliffe, there, the ratcliffe from pocahontas. in the movie, ratcliffe is the character who represents the english who are thirsty for power, without morals, and who came to america for the gold, mountains of it !! but ratcliffe, in a character trait barely overflown,

wants to be... king... [actually it's lord, but whatever, right] it's, well this is crap, yes, i'm a part of the few people who don't like pocahontas. what saves the movie : the graphics and the songs. because, i don't like true-facts-inspired stories that make fun of me. as it happens, ratcliff was tortured and killed by the indians, pocohantas was 11 and was kidnapped, raped, and married by force, and grandmother willow was destroyed to build a macdonald's ! there ! no, seriously, we talk a lot on the internet about the horrible origins of disney characters, but fuck, ratcliffe, the true ratcliffe, he was sent to trade with the powhatans,

except that he was too generous, that they didn't have anything left to trade, and that because of that, they found themselves starving to death, like pricks... so, the indians offered some corn, but it was an ambush !! and ratcliffe ended up tied to a pole, in front of a fire, and the women of the village came to remove the skin from his face, with mussel shells. at one point, he finally burned. so yeah, this, is the truth. #18, mr sykes from oliver and company. in this movie, the nice tramp fagin, who hosts oliver, owes money to mister sykes

sykes is an asshole, who doesn't hesitate to use humilation, violence, torture, or kidnapping... anyway, sykes is a...bad man. [text : "huge asshole"] so, we have to know that oliver and company is adapted from dickens' novel, "oliver twist" except that only 4 characters of the movie are adapted from the book, and among this 4, sykes is the only one who wasn't improved at all, on the contrary. in "oliver twist", sykes is a thug who works for fagin, and who ends up beating to death his girlfriend, nancy, because he believes she betrayed him, and who ends up killing himself accidentally. yeah, 'cause, let's be clear, in the novel, him, he's an asshole,

and him, he's a big, big, big, big asshole... and a jew. in the animated movie, sykes doesn't really have a personality, he's just a really rich guy, who takes advantage of his money to do filthy stuff. no, no, no, no, no, no polemics...even if...wait...(these are rich and corrupted french politicians) #17, dr facilier from the princess and the frog. facilier is the one who turns the prince into a frog, which is only a part of his plan to become the richest man in new-orleans. he is only #17 because the complexity of the movie doesn't allow him to actually develop. you don't see how it is complex ? okay...

so, here's the shortest possible summary of the lion king : scar is jealous of his brother mufasa, king of the lion kingdom, so he kills him, while making mufasa's son, simba, believe that it is his fault and take the blame, thus rules as a tyrant. simba is going to flee, away from the lion kingdom, but called back by his childhood friend, nala, and guided by the old monkey rafiki, and by the ghost of his father, he comes back to face scar, and triumphs, thanks to -among others- timon and pumba, friends met in exile, and he becomes king.

less than 20 seconds. short summary of mulan. the emperor of china calls the first son of every family to protect the empire from the huns. the fa family lacking of a son, the father must be enlisted. but their only daughter, mulan, decides to desguise into a man, to protect her father. in this task, she is helped bu mushu, a dragon, who wants to be recognized by the ancient protectors of the family. rejected at first, she soon becomes a crucial element of the imperial army, but her secret is discovered, and she is banned from the army. but when she learns that the huns have infiltred the imperial palace, she comes back and saves the emperor

bringing honnor to her family. about 25 seconds. the princess and the frog ? let's go ! tiana, a young waitress, wants to open a restaurant to honor her father's memory, but she doesn't have enough money. she founds a way, when big daddy, father of her childhood friend and mayor of the town, invites the prince naveen to arrange a meeting with his daughter, and tiana is chosen to cook at the party. but the prince and his valet lawrence, meet the doctor facilier, a voodoo wizard, who traps them and turns the prince into a frog, and lawrence into a prince,

thanks to a talisman holding some of naveen's blood, which will allow lawrence to become big daddy's heir, and facilier to get the money from this union. after a misunderstanding, naveen thinks that tiana is a princess, and asks her to kiss him to make him human again, for the money needed to buy her restaurant. but tiana is turned into a frog instead. but lawrence's transformation doesn't work anymore, and facilier needs a little more of naveen's blood to prolong the spell. so, he calls for voodoo spirits, promising them the soul of all the citizens of new orleans, once he's got it under control. the spirits accept, and leave to search for naveen, who flees with tiana into the bayou, where they meet louis and ray.

louis talks to them about mama odie, a voodoo witch.they go looking for her, and learn that this last night, naveen must kiss a princess, like charlotte, because her father is the king of shrove tuesday, so it makes her a princess, and he has to kiss her before midnight. but the spirits capture naveen and take him to facilier. but naveen escapes, thanks to ray, who steels the talisman and gives it to tiana, who destroys it, which makes the spirits angry, and they take facilier to hell with them. naveen doesn't succeed to kiss charlotte in time, so they both stay frogs and it suits them very well,

and they have a frog wedding, but because naveen is a prince, and that he marries tiana and kisses her, technically, he's kissing a princess, so it brakes the charm and they turn back to human and live happily in tiana's restaurant. oh, and ray dies and becomes a star because he was in love with one. ok, i'm exaggerating, but anyway, the plot doesn't give much space to the vilain, which is too bad, because a voodoo wizard with the face of the baron samedi, there was stuff to develop. the baron samedi is one of the representation of the ioa of the death in the voodoo religion. loas are spirits who serve as intermediaries between god and the mortals,

in that case, the baron samedi is represented with a top hat, a dress suit, and a skull. why did i put facilier in this rating, then, if he's not developed ? because he's got friends on the other side. the song itself rocks, but it is mainly the animation of the dude. his shadow is independant, awesome, he has total control over his cartes, awesome, the use of his powers, awesome, and the finale, awesome. look at him moving, he's a snake, he's a sorcerer, he's awesome.

but the truth is, that he is only as awesome during the three minutes of this song. #16, cinderella's stepmother. she's relatively low in the ranking, because we have to take into account that the tale from which cinderella is adapted is dated from immemorial times, and when charles perrault edited it in 1697, it already was a traditional oral tale. anyway, without searching for any excuse for her stepmother, she comes from an age when the concept of bastard was still really common, and where her attitude was normal. yes, she behaves like a filthy little bitch,

is filled only with hatred and has this stare from hell, and she's probably one of the worst mother of the world, (it's a french viral video - "mother" and "sea" sound the same in french) but at this age, once again, many would have acted the same. #15, jafar. jafar is agrabah's vizir, and is trying to become the sultan, trying to marry the current sultan's daughter, jasmine. when jasmine falls in love with aladdin, jafar tries to eliminate him. he is one of the most beloved antagonists of the disney universe,

then why did i put him so low in the ranking ? well, because nothing tells me that jafar is that bad...let me explain : what does he want ? to kill aladdin. well, okay, this is not cool. but why does he want to kill him ? to hook up with jasmine against her will... well, okay, it still isn't nice...but why does he want to marry jasmine ? to become sultan. because he thinks himself more legitimate than this guy.

let me remind you that we're talking about the guy who spends his time collecting animal figurines to build a mountain, leaves his country in poverty, and barely shouts at his daughter, when her tiger bit the ass of a fucking prince. can you feel the diplomatic accident ? can you feel that the guy's gonna come home to declare war to agrabah for the affront ? so, maybe jafar wasn't such a bitch after all. i mean, if for the official candidates you end up with this : well, first, we're fucking screwed, but then i say... jafar president !

i mean, i'm gonna have badges, t-shirts and all... #14, mother gothel. she is the witch who sequesters rapunzel in a tower, to use her magic hair as an eternal fountain of youth, and pretends to be her mother to manipulate her. we are on a rather high level of bitch here. kidnapping and confinement of children, manipulation, and here however, her only motivation is her pure egoism. but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, if you ever had the occasion to live for ever,

and that the only condition would be to kidnap a little girl, wouldn't you do it ? well, if you would, you're a psychopath, if not... dare to tell me that you wouldn't consider it... if you explain to her calmly that her hair would allow you to live for ever... well, i think, she's lucky to end up with mother gothel, who treated her relatively well, can you imagine if lady tremaine had had the chance to get eternal life ? she would have stuck all of it in the dungeons, and there, end of the adventure. number 13, elsa from frozen. chill !! let me explain.

most of the people would tell you that the antagonist of the movie is hans. and yes, he's an awful bastard. hans pretends to fall in love with anna, whom he just met, using her thirst for love to manipulate her to in the end, get the title of king. what an atrocious little bitch. but, it is nothing more but a vilain without meaning, without depth. yes, he betrays the heroin, but look, here is a small list of antagonists who betray the hero. well, we're not gonna drag on, you got it, no interest at all. however, elsa, here's an interesting antagonist.

think about it for a second. what does she ever do right in the movie ? she runs away to protect her sister ? no, i didn't ask what she did with good intentions, i ask what she actually did good. in the order : - she blindly obeys to her parents, breaking her sister's heart, leaving her alone. bad decisions : 1. - the day of her crowning, she refuses to get to know the prince and simply refuses the wedding. well, afterwards, she was right, but at this moment, uuh... well at this moment she is right too, but she doesn't explain to anna why she refuses the wedding, no wonder she's upset. bad decisions : 2

- when her power is discovered, she runs away, pretending to protect her sister, but abandoning her, good intention, but bad decisions : 3. - when her sister comes to get her, she shoots her, accidentally, right, but then when she creates marshmallow, don't try to tell me she didn't do it on purpose ? - she almost kills her sister, who's already forgiven her many times. bad decisions : 4 and 5. - she is taken captive by hans, and re-escapes, and when hans tells her that he killed her sister, what does she do ? she collapses and cries, believing the dude who got her locked up. bad decisions : 6. and it's anna who saves her in the end. [text : "lame ++"] this young lady deserves a fucking cookie statue of her.

her big sister hurt her accidentally, then abandoned her, then again, then hurt her accidentally again, resulting in her death, and she forgives all this, and gives her life to save her. fuck this bitch, this is a heroin !! and one the most beautiful love story disney ever gave us. when the evil is done with bad intentions by evil people, we have to face them, but when it is done with good intentions by people who love us, we have to forgive. elsa is one of the most interesting antagonist from disney, because she has absolutely no wrong intentions. number 12, the hunter in bambi. bambi is a little fawn who lives in the forest with his mummy, his friends flower the polecat and thumper the rabbit,

and everything is perfect, it's not always easy, but he learns about life. and then, he learns about death. we don't see the hunter, and he only does his job, that's all, it's the antagonist the least physically present in his movie out of this rank. in fact, this character is only two things : a music and a sound effect. for the sound effect, it's of course, the gunshot, and the music, it's this one : the death in bambi is the proof that hiding is often a lot harder than to reveal. check this out, small cinema lesson : show death without really showing it. bambi and his mother are eating.

broad shot indicating the presence of a witness for this scene. no sound indicates diegetically that the hunter is here, only the music, and the choice of the frame, makes us have this deduction. oh yeah, sorry, diegetic it means in the inside of the story. for example, the apparition of a title or the music of a movie are really often extradiegetic, outside of the diegesis. indeed, here, you can imagine that there isn't actually a harry potter title hovering in london's sky; it's an extra-diegetic image. however, in this shot, the name of this movie, the blair witch project appears in a diegetic way. same goes for the music, diegetical music because it's in the action, and that there's music playing,

and here, extra-diegetical music because it isn't in the actin, it's just for the spectator. anyways, broad shot, with a small zoom, and a scray music, getting closer and closer : a danger is coming. bambi's mother hears a noise, that not even we can hear. so, here, big shot on her face to show her worry. she warns her son, and here, observe the cleverness in the editing : bambi and his mother are in the same still shot, he leaves the shot first, because he's faster, and his mother leaves it after him. second still shot, bambi is already in the shot, he's running, his mother enters the shot. we still have a still shot with the two of them, when the mother crosses a frozen river,

we hear the first gunshot, she is at the center of the screen, the shot is taking her as target. because here, the hunter it's not a character, but an image and a sound. she manages to leave the frame, still shot following. we're still following bambi, but look, they share the frame only for a very short moment. she manages to leave but le gap between the two different characters is becoming larger, because their shared time on screen is getting shorter. the next shot isn't a still shot anymore, it's a shot of bambi running. the editing makes us understand that his mother is too slow, bambi even manages to leave the moving shot, his mother doesn't.

the next shot is again a still shot, as you understood it, they won't share it. bambi first crossed, by raising some snow, et his mother then crosses disappearing symbolically behind the snow she's raising. this time, it's the frame that is catching up on her. so, the next shot breaks a little the progression, because we can see them share the same shot, and be right behind one another. but i'll sugget three interpretations, either it is so that the little kids understand the next shot, to simplify the reading and make the death more violent.

either it's to put the emphasis on the fact that despite the fact that the frame has decided that the mother of bambi was dead, she is still right behind him. or, it's made so that they share the screen for one last time. next shot, still shot, gunshot and the music stops. his mother never enters in this shot. then, a cross fade to indicate that this part of the story is ended. and one editing lesson, one ! which explains that the hunter had the 20th place in the rank of the main vilains in movies of the american film institute, between the terminator and the shark from jaw.

#11, ratigan from the great mouse detective ratigan is a crime tycoon and basil's sworn enemy, and that's basically his part. i mean, till now, the villains i've spoken about have a main goal, either good enough with itself, or of which the true finality is not evoked. shan yu wants to overthrow the empire. why ? we don't know. ratcliffe wants to be rich and climb the social ladder. why ? because. sykes wants the money of a debt. why ? because. facilier wants to be rich too. why ? because. the stepmother doesn't really have any goal except marrying one of her daughters to the prince. why ? we don't know.

jafar wants power. why ? we don't know. mother gothel wants eternal youth because duh. elsa wants her sister's happiness for obvious reasons. the hunter, it's his job. and that's all. but ratigan wants power to be evil, just be evil. he likes being evil, it's his thing. like the first thing he does when he becomes a fake prince consort, it's taxing the old, the disabled and the children. because he's a douche, that's all, voilã . what i like in this character is his evolution.

in the first scenes we see him, he doesn't look that bad, he just has a over the top ego and he's sadistic. and final scene, there it's fine. but look how the character evolves : here his eyes take a non-natural color, there he walks on all four with his clothes torn, black and white flashes to underline the horror and the viewer's shock, there it's no more than a filthy blood-thirsty beast, and there look at him moving, he doesn't even have a shape anymore, he sort of becomes a black, clawed thing with a scary face.

there. it's kind of been a long way. disney's animation really is awesome. do you want some more ? "no !" fuck you all. #10, captain hook adapted from james barrie's peter pan, the movie takes the main plot and so captain hook is the incarnation of the adult in wonderland. [text : neverland, stupid... wonderland is in alice] peter pan was released in 1953 and it's the 8th disney classic. it's the first one that tried to make the main antagonist funny and endearing. well, he's still an asshole, not the problem, he manipulates kids and all, but he pretends to be a super fancy dandy

and he's got a phobia contrarily to all the villains before him, and he gets nasty humiliated at the end of the movie contrarily to all the villains before him. "why this ending rather than death ?" you ask, young psycho that you are. it could have been, look : yes, ah ah ah ah, i love blood ! except the scenarists thought that hook would be liked by some of the spectators, so he couldn't die. after all... "what would the world be like without captain hook ?" "yes, indeed."

#9, shere khan from the jungle book. the jungle book tells the story of mowgli, a baby who survived a boat wreck, who was raised by wolves in the jungle. his friends are a panther, bagheera, and a bear, baloo, and his enemies are a snake who tries to hypnotize him to eat him, kaa, a monkey who kidnaps him so he'll teach him fire, king louie, but the movie would be nothing without shere khan. i mean, it's not a manner of speech, literally nothing would happen if shere khan hadn't returned to the jungle. why don't the wolves keep mowgli with them ? because shere khan is back.

just look at the characters' terror when they speak of him. "you know the strength of the pack is no match for the tiger !" "no one explains anything to shere khan" "mowgli will meet shere khan" "the tiger ?" "d-don't mention it, your highness" and contrarily to many other villains, he takes a lot of time to appear. a little stat moment ? *i love stats* (les stats, in french is said like lestat, the vampire)

see on this chart the moment the main antagonist appears. shere khan is only beaten by madam mim and the queen of hearts, two antagonist who were never heard of before their apparition. but you're afraid of him during aaaaaall this time, he's mentioned and therefore his threat is omnipresent, and when he does appear, he's exactly what you'd imagine, only worse. not only is he a killer beast, he's also polite, smooth, machiavellian, he's a bad, bad kitty. #8, gaston from beauty and the beast gaston wants to do belle, but she falls in love with the beast [text is a pun between "do belle" and "make herself prettier", which sound the same in french]

gaston is jealous and wants to kill him, that's the very short version. i heard many people say that frozen is the beauty and the beast of its generation. but look at hans' evolution : clichã©d prince, conquers his lady but betrays her for power. now look at gaston : clichã©d... dumbass, he's not a prince, his just a kinda funny fool, surrounded by idiots, he flirts with every easy-lay and the townspeople like him. but belle is smarter, she's not fooled by gaston, because behind his appearance he's rude and stupid. and what is worse than a man who is aggressive, manipulative, narrow-minded, egoistic, cruel and stupid ? a man who is aggressive, manipulative, narrow-minded, egoistic, cruel and clever. belle refuses his advances, so first he wants to lock her dad up to force her onto him,

but when he learns about the beast and the feelings he and belle share, jealousy overthrows him and he leads the villagers in a massive man hunt to kill the prince, even when he doesn't defend himself. there again, from there to there, we have one hell of an evolution, all of that for a lady. "hey, belle, i've have a penis with your name marked on it !" #7, cruella de vil in 101 dalmatians cruella is anita's friend, she wants a coat made out of dalmatian fur, but to get it she had to flay 99 puppies. psych

just look at that design, she's skinny, she's square-y... she wears things, you wonder how she doesn't sink under their weight... even when she's in bed, there's as much live and love in cruella as there were girls in my bed when i was 16, fuck you all. look, even her phone is scrawny ! seriously, can you imagine playing million dollar password with her ? [word : adorable baby dalmatian] "hmmmm... spot." "dirt ?" "coat !" "uuuuuh..." "of course ! slay !" ".........." #6, the evil queen in snow white when her mirror tells her that her stepdaughter is prettier than her,

the evil queen sends a hunter to kill her, but he can't do it. the queen, who is also a sorceress, decides to poison an apple and to bring it to snow white herself, disguised as an old woman. the poor princess still makes it thanks to a first kiss of true love given by prince charming. and when even your mirror tells you you're ugly, you really are. when i was a kid, i was particularly shocked by three scenes with the evil stepmother. first, her turning into a witch. look at this violence, i suggest a creep-o-meter on the side.

[queen gasps in pain] "my hands !" there, so i already peed my pants. now the scene in which she learns snow white can be woken. "love's first kiss ?" "no fear of that !" "the dwarves will think she's dead." "she'll be buried alive !" there, so now i'm a bit dead inside. and finally, the scene in which she dies.

yeah, because i didn't talk about the end of the disney villains even though... *i love stats* we can see on this chart that the scenarists' tendency to kill the villains is very recent, before that they'd rather not mention it, or defeat them in another way. but with his first full-length feature film, disney went hard by giving her this hyper violent death, even for an antagonist. among the violent deaths made by disney you have gaston, sykes, gothel and... "i'll crush your bones !" ah, disney classics, so much wonder.

there, after that image, your kids will sleep well ! dinner's served ! #5, ursula in the little mermaid ursula was banished by king triton so she wants revenge by seizing the kingdom and to do that she manipulates ariel by taking from her the only thing she really owns : her voice. there again, ursula takes some elements from her notorious predecessoress, predecesresses, predecessies, predece... those before. she turns into a monster for the final battle [text : i know, aladdin was released later] she...what ? yzma in kuzco doesn't count ? okay, nevermind, it doesn't count.

she deals with a good guy. she dies in an extremely violent way. "oh, her death is not that violent", you remark, you shapeless, graceless, suppurating little biped. here, here is the screenshot that will help you sleep well. not this one ? this one maybe then ? but where ursula rocks, that's because she has more or less the same evolution as gaston, only in one song. "oh, how curious," you tell me, attentive impulsive young viewer, "you have yet to talk about the villains' songs."

yes, and rightfully so, because chronologically speaking, ursula is the first to have a real villain song. don't believe me ? till then, either the songs were from the villain's minions, or from the heroes, or they were simply comical. it's true, you can hardly take madam mim, kaa or the mad hatter seriously after their respective songs. then comes ursula with a song that directly hits my top 5 disney villains songs. and look at that, beginning of the song, she's not that monstro- okay, she's super ugly, and fat and purple and she's an octopus too... what i mean, she doesn't seem that bad.

... well, she does. but look. she starts invoking magic. ooh, that's nasty. then, very big close-up, and with her face, i get my claws up [sorry that's not half as good as the original pun] then, last chorus, it's the highway to hell. there, she won, ariel just gave her her voice, and there, she just took it. super saiyan mixed with house of horrors and seafood. #4, maleficent. and to make it short, no i didn't see the movie, no i don't want to.

so, why did i put her so high in the ranking ? first, because imo, she's the only really good element in sleeping beauty. princess ? boring. prince ? boring. fairies ? stupid. songs ? mercy. maleficent ? please allow me to make an entrance so cool that i put my non-existent magical balls on your forehead. hello !

in the first place, princess aurora is born, maleficent is not invited, so she invites herself. you didn't invite me to the princess' birth ceremony ? no, go fuck yourself ! therefore i curse her, she will die before she's 16 ! what ? you bitch ! ooooooh ! look at my finger !

no, not the malefuck ! then, as she sees her porky lowkey dumb servants have not found aurora, she electrocutes them. why ? pff, because she's mean ! then she finds aurora because the fairies are too fucking stupid, and she puts her in an eternal sleep. because ? because voilã  ! then, she captures prince phillip, locks him up and tells him the random girl he met in the woods and whom he is in love with, is by the mother of all coincidences princess aurora, his betrothed,

except no luck, she made her sleep forever and he's her prisoner so it's a shitty day for him. there, you have it, attempted murder, psychological torture, can she do worse ? dragon, motherfucker ! maleficent has the stare, she has the power, she has the style, she has the voice : "now shall you deal with me !" and still she's only fourth because we're getting to my top 3 : my darlings ! #3, hades. we have a greek god of death. what i like in this character, is all the care that went both into the bottom and the shape.

in the shape, he's hilarious hades is one of the characters that gets most of my sympathy. he's not the first funny villain, but he's the first with that rhythm, that flow, that passion, and he's also the first whose end doesn't convince me at all. i mean, bad guys, either you don't know what happens to them, or they're punished, or, uuh... you know, nightmares, night terrors, self-peeing, all of that. there, hades ends up in the styx river and... and that's it. he's a god, for fuck's sake, the styx is his bathtub, he gets out whenever he wants ! and i love the idea of hades as a comical villain,

because, well, for some reason, hades is always considered as a bad character. whether it's in manga, comics, video games, literature, cinema- no, no, this movie has never existed. and hades is always seen as a really evil character, disney gave him humor too. well, not disney. musker and clements ! yeah, because you guys know spielberg, burton and tarantino, but musker and clements, who only directed these movies, their names are not famous. so there, let's remember at least them, musker and clements, they even have nice faces.

#2, scar from the lion king ! for those who don't know, the lion king is a rewriting of shakespeare's hamlet, which makes scar the adaptation of a shakespearean character, claudius. except in hamlet, claudius kills his brother because he thinks he can rule better than him, scar wants power, for power. and he's the only evil disney character who... reaches his goal, no more no less. by the way scar's only interesting in the first half of the movie, after that he becomes a rude foppish little diva, and a very very very bad king.

but during the first half of the movie, let's count what scar does : he manipulates and tries to murder a child, his nephew no less, he leads a people to famine, and, ah, yes, he kills a main character. alright we're not gonna pretend that parents seldom die in disney movies... you don't believe me ? how nice, because : on the 46 main characters of disney history, 22 have their parents not mentioned, anything can have happened to them, we don't know, we don't give a shit. parent, what's that ? can you eat it ?

for the other 24, 11 start the story with their two parents, but only 4 still have both parents at the end. 4 lost one, and for the 3 others, hey, grand slam. for the others, 8 only have one parent at the beginning, and still, 5 take care of them and 3 are too lame too keep them till the end. objection ! dumbo gets his mommy back in the end ! and five have parents who are dead in the first place. there, in disney movies, being a parent doesn't bring much luck, as you can see on this chart. by the way, that's a perfect transition to go to

#1, judge claude frollo why a perfect transition ? well, frollo kills the main parent's characters in the first four minutes of the movie. [text : the main parent's character ? you know you're allowed to breathe when you speak, you'll say less bullshit] frollo is kind of the final boss of the sons of a bitch. why ? because when you consider all of his crimes, and i call crime those you find in the french penal code, we have : genocide, violence leading to death without the intention to kill, torture,

sequestration with psychological torture, attack by a person who is holder of the public authority, abduction of several people, detention as an offense to individual freedom, attempted murder, if you consider the lot of crap he did, he kills quasimodo's mom, wants to kill the baby because he's ugly, he locks him up in notre-dame for roughly 20 years, orders phoebus to hunt down and kill gypsies who did nothing wrong,

sexually blackmails a woman he condemned to death, orders the execution of innocents on a simple suspicion, and facing the captain's refusal he burns their house down himself, and then, he is certain to be a good christian. actually, frollo is just like the movie itself, you can put the disney tag on it, add so called funny sidekicks and make it animated, when you talk of racism, lust, sequestration, salvaging insubordination, reject of the differences, you can't imagine that children will get it.

it took me years to fully appreciate the hunchback of notre-dame. first, because 80% of the songs suck, because these characters are botched, because it's a bit soon to learn about the friendzone, middle school did that very well for me, [text : so did the rest of your life] fuck you too, plectrum. and shit, when you're a kid you get nothing about the issues addressed by the movie ! when you're 10 frollo is just a mean old man, but when you're 25 you understand he's the ultimate extreme son of a bitch, biatch.

btw, not related, but i just noticed that the 2 first places of the top 20 are held by characters who were dubbed by the same va in french : jean piat. that will allow me to speak a little of vas [the french ones, mostly] these stars in the shadow who are the heroes of our childhood. animation voice acting is the only case in which the american actor and the french one do the exact same job, and yet you don't really know them. have you ever noticed that this voice "oh, i shall practice my curtsying." and this voice

"can stone talk ?" were jean piat's ? and there, for vas, you have a couple groups, those who collect the big secondary roles like richard darbois, "ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck !" "i tire of your arrogance, old man." "well the bayou's the best jazz school in the world !" richard darbois is also the voice of buzz lightyear, of rasputin in anastasia, of bruce the shark in nemo, oogie boogie in the nightmare before christmas,

he's batman in the 90' animated series, the french voice of harrison ford, jeff goldblum, dan aykroyd, danny glover, anyway, at disney's, darbois has 3 secondary roles. contrarily to dominique collingon-maurin, the french voice of nicolas cage, who had two rather important roles, 30 years apart : arthur in the sword in the stone, and hades in hercules. "merlin ! i swallowed a bug !" "i'll only need a few seconds, i'm a fast talker, right ?" but you also have the shadow ants, the actors who give their voice in more than five disney movies !

like gã©rard hernandez, who dubs in 8 movies, look : "we'll sweep this clear in half a year !" "here, cousin. it looks like you could use a swig of this." "consarn it, where d'you think you're going ?" "my baby and i, we gotta talk." "new seashells ?" [here "new lipstick ?"] "there. i guess that'll teach'em." "ah, what do ya know ? it's-a butch-a !" [3rd dubbing] "meat, taters, whiskey and lard !"

or perrette pradier, with seven roles on her name. "come in, come in !" "you shall all be turned into frogs and eaten !" "come in !" "what do you think, sarabi ?" "get away from me, go on, you bunch of buzzards !" "a word of caution to this tale" "just give'em a kick. git !" "can't you see mommy's talking ?"

but among these great names, three particularly shine. philippe dumat for these five roles : "that is not talking correctly." "rob the poor to give the rich ! am i right ?" "oh, as simple as that, isn't it ? well, you're the boss, boss." "pull yourself together ! you will stop him but-" "all alone in that big house, with only his money as companion." claude bertrand, there again five roles "ah, a lovely pair of turtledoves."

"everyone's got better sense than to go barging off in that infernal forest alone !" "he's with me, ain't he? and i'll learn him all i know." now you just hide over there and you leave the rest to thomas o'malley. "yeah, the next time this sheriff will probably have a rope around our necks !" but most, most importantly, i allow myself a little shout out to the greatest french voice actor, who you heard in 13 animated disney movies, but not only, he's also the the french voice of c3po, of petrie in the land before tme, of asterix in almost all of his adaptation, alf, colombo, hercule poirot, maestro in il ã©tait une fois, and so, these 18 disney characters.

this gentleman is named roger carel, and he's the one you hear in all these extracts. "it wouldn't hurt you to take orders from your grasshopper, uh, your conscience, if you had one !" "a proud race... overstuffed hay bags !" "oh, you can't help that... most everyone is mad here." "ah, what do ya know ? it's-a butch-a !" [2nd dubbing] "oh, phillip, you're joking... ?" "perdy, perdy darling, we're keeping the puppies, every single one of them !" "shere khan, now that is a surprise !" "something smells awfully good. what is this appetizing smell ?"

"how come you always grab the tender part for yourself ?" "a perfect fit, sire. most becoming. you look regal, dignified..." "and the only reason for a bee being a bee is to make honey." "hm, that's not bad, not bad at all ! it's rather good, i think." "oh dear, o-oh dear..." "miss bianca, make sure it's fastened good and tight." "oh that's him alright, dinky, that's him alright." "maybe they're just napping, sire... move !" "oh, poor miserable gurgi, all smackings and whackings on his poor tender head !"

"actually, it's elementary, my dear dawson." there ! this little step off the topic makes me close this point culture about disney villains i'll remind you that some villains can't be in the list as i have not seen the movies, besides there already are a few tops of disney villains like's top 30, which gives the podium to these three characters or nostalgia critic's top 11 which gives it to these characters. don't hesitate on giving your opinion, and i'll remind you that the list of the disney animated classics excludes movies with live action shots, the straight-to-dvds, pixars and coproductions. or else i really should have made some room for all these people.

anyway, i hope you like this point culture and i say see you next time for a new video, ciao !

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