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Senin, 29 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Fish In The Ocean

Coloring Pages Of Fish In The Ocean

- all right, here weare ready to go again. you know just recently i was doing a demonstration in a mall. and i had a man come to me and he said, bob, i can never paintbecause i'm color blind. all i can see is gray tones. so i thought today, we'ddo a picture in gray just to show you that anyone can paint. so what i've done here, i've mixed up

a great big bunch of blue and brown, probably about one thirdblue to two thirds brown to give you a rough idea ofwhat the mixture is here. and all i'll use is thisgray color and white. i have the colors onmy palette only because i was too lazy to clean mypalette before we started this. so i've already applied somemagic white to the canvas to help speed things up a little bit. so let's take the old mighty brush here

and we'll take a littlebit of this gray color out. (thudding) beat it into the bristles, really work it into the bristles. and let's start withthe old mighty sky here. just let it work around and play. (screeching) great big things happening here. just let 'em fall out of your brush.

keep that brush moving. circular patterns. just let it play. and we'll put a little bit more paint. maybe we'll come right over in here. here we go. just let that work. we're gonna have a light source, right in here.

i'm gonna have some lightcoming through there. maybe we'll do some allmighty mountains today. we haven't done mountainsin a past couple of weeks, so, i think it's time. now we're cleaning the brush. (water splashing) here we are. shake off the excess paint thinner. (metal clanking)

okay, now, gentle squirling motions here. we're gonna beginblending the sky together. very gentle. just let it work. let it play. let these little things just all around, fly around, have fun. here. let's begin pulling 'em like this,

just to give an indication thatlight seeping through there. now, we'll work on this one a little. just make that brushcontinually go in circles. that's probably the biggestsuggestion i can give you that will help you, let itcontinually go into circles. otherwise, it'll looklike it's raining up. we don't want that to happen. okay, now, we're just gentlyblending it together a little. okay, now, take the fan brush.

and we'll take a littlebit of this gray color on the fan brush, very very little color, very little color. and let's put a few littlehappy clouds in here, a little bit more distinct. and it will push everything else back. once again, circular pattern. always try to do this little circles. there we go.

just let these littleclouds float around the sky. okay, now, we'll take the big brush, and very gently, blend out the back of it. we'll fluff it out a little bit. and then blend it together. maybe a little more gray and we'll put in a little more cloud. just right in here. just let him float around.

fluff 'em up. blend them in. okay, then that gives upa pretty nice little sky. and i thought today, we'ddo some fantastic mountains. everybody enjoys mountains. so let's start here and we'll just use the same gray mixture, this blue and brown. and let's go right over here

and drop in a fantastic big old mountain. oh, there we go. just let him wander. very little paint. we take off all the excess paint. scrape that canvas hard. all you want to remain under is the value, what's been pushed into the canvas. now, with the large brush,we'll pull that down.

already we begin to havea basic mountain shape. okay. all ready. now, we'll highlight that mountain here. i'll take some white. just titanium point. let's have our lightcoming from the right. so, we'll put a little highlight, oh, maybe right there.

maybe a little touch rightup in here somewhere. and then light's gonnastrike along this edge. there, now for the shadow colors since we have nothing else. we'll just take a little gray and white to make it a little bit darker than what we have upthere for the highlight. a little lighter than thedarkest color in there. so, somewhere in between.

now, very gently, we'll beginpulling shadows in here, on the contour of the mountain. there you go. there it comes, justlet that old paint break as it pulls down there. okay, a little bit over here. i think we've mentioned this before but you need to have a veryvery firm paint to do this. if you have a thin oily paint,

you're gonna get into some problem areas because you'll become mud mixer. you need a paint that's strong, firm, dry. okay, we'll give this one alittle shadow right there. so he stands out as an individual. just bring this some down. let your imagination just wander around when you're doing these things. now, with a clean dry brush,

we'll just lay some mistdown here just by tapping. just tap the bottom of it. over here, follow these angles and tap then lift upward. always following the angles that you built into your mountains. mountains are so simple, they're hard. okay, that's give us anice quick basic mountain. let's put one on the other side.

might as well have somegood practice here. let's come right up here. oh yeah, all mighty mountain. here it comes. just let him wander righton here down in front. this one, i wanted to bea little darker in value than i have behind so it looks closer. so i'm applying a little more color than i did on the first one.

okay, we'll blend this one down but i'm not blendingit as much, once again. all right, clean thepaint off the brush here. i probably just bought a studio. okay, now we'll put somesnow on this mountain. touch, follow the contour of the mountain. now, it just really give me a feat when i was a traditional painter. oh, it's been weeks sometimeworking with a little brush

trying to make all these things happen. there. ain't that fantastic? that you can make allmountains in minutes. and you can do it. there's no big secret to it. all you need is a dream in your heart. and an all mighty knife. okay, now make a littlemore of the shadow color.

and we'll throw some shadows in here and move right along. and it'll be a touch darker. there we go, that'swhat we're looking for. we'll put a little shadow right in there. a little shadow here. ah, there's one. there he is. so how easy just to givedimensions to these mountains.

it's all a game of angles. just a game of angles. mountains are geometric shape. play with angles. okay, maybe we'll bring this down just a touch farther here. okay, and now we'll gentlytap on this a little just to diffuse them, don'twanna destroy, just diffuse. and i guess this brush is dirty,

i think we'll put some water in here. i think we'll have water on this one. just pull up from outside the image, try to keep this lines level so that your water didn't look like it's running off the canvas. you have to tie a book in ifyou don't want it to catch it. there we are. since, i owned thestudio, i can do that now.

i'm gonna use the one inch brush and i'm just gonna gently lift up. it's just a clean brush. just lift up, make it look little things way back in the distance back here, far far away. just lifting up with little short strokes. don't let the strokes get too large. all right.

just here and there. and maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe there's some littleevergreens back here. i'm gonna make some with a fan brush and maybe we'll make someof the palette after this. a little bit different. all right, let's just drop alittle evergreen right here. and i'm using the colorthat's very very close to the background mountains.

so that looks far far away. give him a friend. we forget the trees get lonely too. then as you make trees, that in your mind, they'rea little bit closer to you. allow 'em to be a little dark. a little bit darker andmaybe there's one areas. right there. now he's closer so we want him darker.

and we'll lay some color right there. and we just gently lift up, just to make all kindof little things happen. since, this is a wet on wet technique, you can smooth the paint, it'll slide. the magic white underneathmakes it wet and slick. and it'll just slide and move all you have to do is learnto control it a little. tick-tick.

now, let's take, put a little bit of reflection into the water. i've taken a little bit of the tree color and i'm just gonna gently pull down. straight down. most importantly, it comes straight down. and maybe we'll make an uneven one here. so, all kind of little things can happen. now if you follow it down,

very gently, go across, just enough to give it a watery feel. it's easy to destroy. and look at that already. let's take a little bit of the magic white mixed with a little bit of firm white. i wanna paint this a little bit thinner. there we go, now cut through it. and let's put some happylittle water lands back here.

now, watch right in here. we'll create a little cove. just that easy. but all these lines needto be basically straighter, once again, your water willrun out of the painting. okay, we'll just let onerun in the corner here. (thudding and screeching) just like so. okay, let's make some happylittle area green trees

and i promise today, we'll makethem a little bit different than we have from the past. oh, we'll make them with theold mighty palette out here. okay, decide basically whatyou wanna tree, right there. now, we're gonna take blue,just a tiny bit of paint, right at the point of the knife and touch, and we just begin touching. we're not trying to draw with this knife, all we're doing is layingpaint on the canvas.

we touch the canvas, thecanvas takes what it wants, gives you back what's left. okay, just let this treework out of your knife here. and we're still using nothing but the blue and the man-dite brown. blushing blue and man-dite brown. and there's our little tree. maybe right there is another one. i just wanna do enough of theseto show you how to do 'em.

when you do your painting at home, you determine how manytrees live in your forest. see there, lot of paint zone. and what's really nice, when these painting dries these trees are very thick,you can feel the texture. maybe over here, maybe a great big tree, maybe one, maybe he's tired,

like that. but once you do that, you're committed to, you got to put a tree there now. okay, so there we go. a lot of paint. okay and hum along as you paint. just let it flow of your knife. (humming) and all that kind of good stuff.

okay, lot of paint. lot of paint. big trees, strong all mighty trees. here we give 'em a little trunk indication just by cutting through. right over here. up here, just a little indication. maybe some little stems here and there. okay, now if we wannahighlight these trees,

maybe lay a little bit of snow on 'em. we need a shadow sideand a highlight side, so i'll just use thesame basic shadow colors i used on the mountain,maybe a little touch darker, there we go. all right now, very gently, very gently. just touch so the paintgrabs on those high points, just barely touch like so. put the shadowing first,just go over here,

here it comes, barely touch. there it is. okay now for the other side, maybe there's some snowlaying on these trees. we take a little bit ofwhite, titanium white and very gently once again, just a little, barely touch, catch the high points. don't wanna kill all thatbeautiful dark color. okay, just do it over here.

little tiny bit, okay, there we go, like so. now when we get to start paint going here. let's just lay a littlebit right under here. okay, there, now we'lltake a one inch brush and back to one of our golden rules, it takes dark in order to show light. so, we'll take a dark coloron the one inch brush here, i'm gonna throw in some little bushes.

these are just the shadows for the bushes. something like so. and over here, maybe some bigger trees. always try to remember to thethings farthest away first, like in my mind, thesetrees behind these bushes, so you need to do him first and then come forward. okay, now that we have dark, we can begin worrying about the light.

let's pull this down one right here and turn into a happy little reflection. zip, that easy. okay, now we use a one inch brush with a little magic whiteand a little firm white mix together, we'relooking for a paint this, slightly thinner than what'son the canvas already, so it'll stick. maybe attach more magic,

and here we are. okay now, now, push off allthese beautiful little leaves, just let them hit, sparkle in the sun, and at the same time you can reflect them right into the water. that easy. here comes the one right here, there. there they are, lookat the little rascals. ain't that unreal that you can do that

in such a quick, quick stroke. now very gently, whisper light. (hushing) don't wanna destroy, justwanna diffuse a little and that's how we make mirror reflections. okay, now let's take alittle bit of the white and put some snow down here on the ground. oh, there we are. okay a little bit of the thin white,

it'll make a littlewater land underneath it. (screeching and thudding) okay, there we go, all right. okay now we can take in, just cut a little sticks here and there. just like so, there we are. okay now, we get to worryabout the other side. and that one is, that one is looking good.

a little more of the thin whitemixed with the thicker white we'll put some happy littlebushes right along here. look at them littlerascals sparkle in the sun. this is a cold painting, blue and it makes it so cold. okay, we'll put a littlefew stems in this. you know this remindsme of a home in alaska. we see a lot of scenes like this, and i've always want to live

in a, in a beautifulmountain range like this. so let's build a house. we gotta have a house. we'll make the backkey to the house first, just like so, and we'll makethe other side of the house with just white, let itrun right down the canvas. there he is, just like so. and a little more of the darkcolor fill them in the front. a little bit of thatwhite get on your knife,

just to give it a little toneof values here and there. at such, it'll be good in dark. just give him a door, heneeds a door. (whistles) a little touch of themagic white to outline it. maybe this is an old slab cabin, so we need to put some boards in here. (squishing) and we need some snow onthe other side of the roof. can't have just one side with snow on it,

we need snow on both sides, there. okay, now we need some snow on the ground. so we just touch and snow is a game ofangles like mountains are. so most important that youfollow the lay of the land when you're laying a snow in. just let it go in thedirection the land flows. now let's push little house back up into the bushes a little more.

i'll take a little bit of the dark color and put a happy little bush right here and then some of the light color and just throw some highlightson that bush like so. maybe a little bush lives right there. ah, there we go, super. maybe just to play a little here, just throw a little treeright up through here. okay, we'll put a little highlight on him.

and i'm gonna use the liner brush and some thin oil and i'll thinsome of this down a little. throw in some happy littleleaves outside here on this tree. just let 'em right along. wherever you think they ought to be. and you can use paint thinnerto thin this paint down. i prefer oil that causes slicker, okay, it moves easier. there we go, maybe one more right there.

and we just let him go. few little sticks down here at the bottom. i think we're just aboutto have a finished picture. a little bit of oil here and we're gonna sign him in red, we're gonna treat and we'll ina little signature on there. this is a fantastic painting because it uses only gray and white. i'd like to show you a variation of this

and it uses only burnt amber and white. so maybe we can get thecamera to swing over to that and we'll take a look at it and show you what youcan do with other colors. and there's really no limit to what color, any color will work as longas you use the basic method. so, on behalf of all of us here, you have a super day. (soothing music)

Coloring Pages Of Fish In The Ocean