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Selasa, 30 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Hello Kitty To Print

Coloring Pages Of Hello Kitty To Print

hey guys welcome back to my channeltoday i'm going to show you how to make 10 diy emoji projects if you enjoy thisvideo please click that like button and comment down below with any future videosuggestions you might have and if you're not already subscribed and would like tosee future diy videos please click that subscribe button for the first project iwill show you how to make emoji night lights for this one you will need someplain white ping-pong balls begin by placing a thumbtack in the bottom centerof one of the ping-pong balls place the ping-pong ball onto a wooden skewer or atoothpick paint the ping-pong ball with either yellow acrylic paint or yellowspray paint

next you will need some flamelesstealight candles either of these kinds will work for this project here is my pingpong ball after my paint had dried now what i need to do is the hole on thebottom just need to make that a little bit bigger so what i did was i usedifferent sized screwdrivers to make the hole bigger until it fits over the light with any emoji face and draw that on to the ping-pong ball with a sharpie marker place the ping-pong ball over one of thelights turn it on and there you have your very own emoji nightlight the secondproject is going to be an emoji desk organizer for this project you will needone of these round glass bowls you can

find these at the dollar store a craftstore or walmart with some yellow acrylic paint or yellow spray paintpaint the entire outside of the bowl here is mine after it was spray-paintedthe next thing i did was with a pencil i sketched out the emoji face that iwanted onto the bowl and then with a sharpie marker i just colored that allin i'm going to use some of this sand thati found at the dollar store you can also find this at walmart or a craft storefill the emoji with sand then you can place your pens pencils or even makeupbrushes in it

the 3rd diy craft will be an emoji soap bottle tomake this you will need one of these spray bottles i found this at a beautysupply store i will also leave a link down below where you can find theseonline and if you can't find one of the use you can use the aqua ball waterbottles you will also need the pump from abottle that fits onto the spray bottle use some yellow acrylic paint or yellowspray to paint the outside of the spray bottle here is mine after thespray paint had dried the next thing i did was i chose an emoji face and withsharpie markers i drew that on take the pump and trim it down to sizeso it fits into the spray bottle

the last thing you want to do is addsome soap to the bottle and there you have your very own emoji soap bottle the fourth diy project is a mini emoji gift box for this one you can recycle atoilet paper roll mark off at two inches and then with an xacto knife cut thatout take the piece that you just cut outmark off at one inch and with an xacto knife cut off at the one inch mark with a piece of sandpaper sand down any rough edges next you will need a piece of cardstockany color will work place hot glue on the top of the one-inch piece and on thebottom of the 2-inch piece and glue

those to the piece of cardstock cut the card stock around the twocardboard pieces and here's what you should have at thispoint with a piece of yellow foam cutout of pile that is 4 3/4 quartersby two inches hot glue the two ends together place the pieceof foam in the bottom cardboard tube apply hot glue around the piece of foamto secure it to the cardboard tube use them yellow acrylic paint or yellowspray paint to paint the cardboard tube and here is mine after it wasspray-painted the next thing you can do is you can print out an emoji imageonline or you can draw your own face

onto the top of the box if you print oneout online just cut it out and some glue and then place it on top of the gift box add some tissue paper and a little giftand there you have your very own me mini emoji gift box we're at the halfway point for the fifthemoji diy it will be an emoji phone case for this one you will need some type ofphone case i'm just going to use this clear one and you will also need someyellow fabric start by hot gluing the yellow fabric to the phone case trim down the yellow fabric and thenwith some hot glue glue along the edges

to fold in the fabric to give it a cleanlook here is what it should look like at thispoint with an exacto knife cut out the whole for the camera and also the holeson the side and the bottom where you will charge the phone and use some hotglue around the holes that were cut out to secure the fabric to the phone case choose any emoji face you would like ichose this emoji face and what i did was i just cut out the face with some blackfabric and pink fabric and then i hot-glued that to the phone case and that is how you make an emoji phonecase

and for this sixth project will be anemoji mini side table for this one you will need one of these wooden circlepieces i found this at walmart in the craft section and you will also meanthree of these wooden dowels which you can also find at walmart to get the legs for the table in the rightplace i just cut out a triangular shape like this i placed that into the middle ofthe wooden circle and then a marked off at the three points next you will need some strong glue likee6000 or epoxy what i did was i placed some glue on the bottom of the wood doweland glued that to the wooden circle

once the glue has dried and the legs aresecurely on there then you will need some yellow spray paint and you'll justwant to spray paint the entire table so it's kinda hard to see but with apencil i just sketched out an emoji face that i wanted to put onto my table andthen with a sharpie pen i just filled that in and that is how you make a mini emojiside table i do recommend only putting light objects on this table as the legsare just glued on there for the seventh diy i will show you how to make an emojistress ball i went online and printed out some emojis and then you will alsoneed some of this water resistant glue

begin by rubbing the glue over all ofthe emojis and then with a wooden skewer or a toothpick even that out set that aside and let it dry once the front has dried flip it over andrepeat the same process on the back cut out as many emojis as you would like tofill your stress ball now you will need your cutout emojis awater bottle with some water in it and some of these clear balloons add theemojis to the water in the water bottle blow up the balloon twist it around afew times and then place the balloon over the water bottle slowly untwist theballoon and then start adding the water

into the balloon when you have thedesired amount of water and your emojis in your balloon then just slowly let theair out tie the balloon and now you have yourvery own emoji stress ball for the 8th diy i will show you how tomake a fake emoji fish tank i just went online and printed out theemoji fish and then just like the stress ball i use the glue to cover the front sideand the back side and you will actually made two of these images and one youwill want to mirror image so this is what you should end up with next youwill just want to cut both of those fish

out now you will need some bubble wrap andyou just want to cut out a little strip of the bubble wrap place the strip ofbubble wrap in between the fish just like this and then with the waterresistant glue glue all that together while that is drying i grabbed some ponybeads and a small glass bowl i filled the bowl with the pony beads and some water to anchor the fish down i'm going to use to pony beads and what i did was i just hotglue those together now that the glue has dried i'm going to take a full punchand punch a hole into the bottom of the fish i actually punched mine a littlebit too close to the bottom so i do

recommend punching it alittle bit higher take some white thread thread it through the fish and thenthrough the pony beads and tie it into a double knot you will actually want tomake the string pretty sure if you're going to use a small bowl or container place the fish into the bowl of waterbury it into the pony beads so it stays down and then trim off any excess of thebubble wrap that is how you make your very own emoji fake fish that you don'thave to feed or clean the bowl for the 9th diy project i will show you how to makean emoji text message pillow for this

one you will need some blue fabric ijust sketched out a text message bubble onto the blue fabric folded the twopieces over and then i cut that text message bubble out and here are my 2 pieces after i cut them outwith a piece of yellow fabric and a top from a water bottle i'm goingto trace out two circles i cut those two circles out chose two emoji faces that iwanted to use for this diy i cut those emoji faces out with the correct colorof fabric and i hot-glued those pieces in place to look like the emoji faces i wanted this text message pillow to saylol so with black fabric i just cut out

the letters and then i apply hot glue toall the pieces and glue them down separate the two pieces and in smallsections start hot-gluing around the edges and gluing the two pieces together leave a section at the bottom open ileft my opening where you see the tape now flip the pillow inside out to stuff thepillow i'm going to use some of this polyfill fiber start stuffing the pillowwith the polyfill fiber to close the bottom tuck the two piecesunder then add some hot glue and glue those pieces together and that is howyou make an emoji text message pillow the last diy project will be emojistring lights i went online and i

printed out some emojis you'll want youremojis to be about one-and-a-half inches across now you will need some of thiscrystal-clear shrinky dink paper i will leave a link down below where you canfind this place a piece of the shrinky dink film or paper over the emojis thatwere printed out and secure that down with a piece of tape with sharpiemarkers i started coloring in 10 of the emojis that i wanted to use for this diy when i had my 10 emojis colored in theni just cut all of those out and now it's time to shrink them downput a piece of parchment paper into the

oven then place the emojis in the ovenand bake them per the package instructions next you will need some of these tinyled lights in white i will leave a link down below where you can find theseplace a tiny amount of hot glue onto the back of the emoji and glue those to thelights repeat that for all 10 emojis and that is how you make emoji stringlights i hope you guys enjoyed this video on how to make 10 emoji diy craftprojects i would love it if you gave it a thumbs up leave me a comment let meknow which one was your favorite until next time i hope you guys all havean amazing day

Coloring Pages Of Hello Kitty To Print