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Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

My Little Pony The Best Night Ever Coloring Pages

My Little Pony The Best Night Ever Coloring Pages

narrator: previously, on "bride of discord."pinkie: where's discord? celestia: he escaped before the spell hithim. twilight: we have to find him! equestria'snot safe as long as he's free! celestia: we do not know here discord is.the only thing we can do is wait for him to come out of hiding.discord: they all think i'm gone for good. fluttershy: i feel like everywhere i turn,he's there, watching me. applejack: it's been three years.celestia: saddle arabia is facing a terrible crisis.spike: but you can't leave right now! the gala is tomorrow!celestia: twilight, you will be in charge

of everything.shining armor: cadence is in no condition to go...cadence: i'll be fine, shining armor. nothing's going to be happening to the baby.(lightning strikes) luna: sister, we must turn back!discord: too late, your highnesses! (main theme) (dance music playing) (children chatter)orphans: oh my god, it's so pretty! look at the dã©cor!i just can't believe we were invited to the gala today! i've never beento the gala before!

yay! aw, i wish i had a mommy to experience this with. hey, guys, did you hear about rainbow dash being here? yay, rainbow dash! it's gonna be so awesome! yay, this party's totally awesome! canterlot male: well, my dear. the gala certainlylooks...different this year. canterlot female: are those...children?orphan: i'm going to get you! yay! canterlot male: orphans, obviously. theirattire is absolutely atrocious!

canterlot female: why would the princesses allow a bunch of street urchins into an important event like this? pinkie: come on, everypony! i know what'll make you shake those groove things! (sings "the pony pokey") canterlot female: and is she singing the...ohmy goodness! canterlot male: this has got to be the worst gala we've ever... twilight: welcome to the grand galloping gala! canterlot male: oh, your highness! good evening! we were just talking about how splendid the gala looks this year! twilight: i'm glad you think so.

now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go mingle. canterlot female: but your highness, aren't you going to greet the other guests? twilight: oh, they know the drill. besides, i'm not gonna spend the entire party shaking hooves. (crowd chatter) pinkie: (singing) you do the pony pokey you do the pony pokey you do the pony pokey and that's what it's all a... rainbow dash!

rainbow: what in the...? pinkie: rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! rainbow: uh oh. pinkie: i missed you so much! rainbow: (choking) pinkie...i missed...i missed you too...pinkie... pinkie: i'm so glad you're here! you still remember me, right? rainbow: yeah, course i remember you, pinkie. you're not that easy to forget.

applejack: rainbow! twilight: you made it! rainbow: hey, even if i wasn't performing with the wonderbolts, i wouldn't miss an opportunity to see you guys for the world. hey, where are rarity and fluttershy? applejack: fluttershy's practicing her song and rarity's picking up the cutie mark crusaders from the train station. though (chuckles) they're not exactly the cutie mark crusaders anymore. rainbow: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! whoa! back up!

fluttershy's practicing what now? twilight: she's singing a song tonight. rainbow: fluttershy,'re kidding, right? twilight: we thought it would be a good confidence boost for her. rainbow: and what was that you said about the cmc? scootaloo: rainbow dash! rainbow: hey, hey! scootaloo! (hugs) i missed ya, kid! let's have a look at ya. wow, you've sure grown. that a...

scootaloo: a cutie mark! can you believe it! applejack: (chuckles) i tried to tell ya. scootaloo got that about a week ago. rainbow: a scooter cutie mark, huh? i always knew you had slick moves on that thing. scootaloo: i know! how could i have not known that that was my super special talent? applebloom/sweetie belle: twilight! rainbow! pinkie! twilight: wow! you girls look beautiful! you've done it again, rarity! rarity: actually, you have applebloom to thank for this. i needed help at the boutique and hired her as my assistant.

she has quite the knack for fashion, did you know? applebloom: and guess what appeared yesterday? applejack: (gasps) your cutie mark! why...why didn't you tell me? i...i knew scootaloo and sweetie...i...i was worried that you... applebloom: i wanted it to be a surprise! pinkie: ooh! it's an apple! like applejack's cutie mark! but there's only one! and it's green! no, it's red! it's a green apple being painted red! sweetie belle: she redecorated the entire clubhouse! applebloom: and that's when this here appeared!

applejack: (sniffs) my little applebloom has finally blossomed. come here, you! pinkie: aw! twilight: but you said sweetie belle had her cutie mark too. sweetie belle: i do! pinkie: ooh, lookie, lookie! it's a musical note! twilight: well, you do have a lovely singing voice, sweetie. sweetie belle: i got it at the talent show! we were doing a comedy act, but no pony was laughing. scootaloo: then sweetie belle started singing, and we joined in!

sweetie belle: when every pony clapped, i realized that not only do i love singing, but i'm good at it! then, i got my cutie mark! applebloom: and we won! rainbow: (chuckles) you three sure have come a long way. twilight: we all have. spike: rarity! boy, am i glad i found you! i was wondering if you'd like to... rarity: oh, look! there's fancy pants! i'm going to say hello! spike: wait, rarity! i wanted to... oh, forget it. applejack: um, uh...ya know, spike, if...if ya wanna dance, i could always...

spike: really? you'd do that? applejack: yeah...if ya want to... spike: can you really convince rarity to dance with me? applejack: oh no, spike, i was...actually... (sighs) i'll do my best. fancy pants: i say, my dear! that ensemble you're wearing is fantastic! did you make it yourself? rarity: oh, indeed i did! i made one for each of my friends, including twilight! oh, and the princesses too, but they were called away and... applejack: rarity, i need to...

rarity: oh, fancy pants! you remember my friend applejack? fancy pants: but of course! how's the apple business? applejack: it's gettin' along fine, but...rarity, i have to... fancy pants: rarity, my dear, i must compliment on that country design! it goes so well with the hat! rarity: doesn't it? though i told her those boots would clash with... applejack: rarity! rarity: oh, i'm so sorry, applejack, what is it? applejack: look, rarity, spike really wants to dance with ya. fancy pants: spike?

rarity: my little dragon friend. fancy pants: ah, yes! princess twilight's ward, i heard! applejack: yes, yes, that's him. rarity, ya know spike likes ya and all. you really should... rarity: um...would you excuse us for a moment, fancy pants? fancy pants: of course, my dear. rarity: (giggles) (whispers harshly) don't blow this for me! applejack: huh? rarity: fancy pants just got out of his courtship with fleurs-de-lils, which makes him the most eligible

bachelor in all of canterlot! if he thinks there's something between me and spike, he'll never make me his marefriend! applejack: wait. you and fancy pants are... rarity: not really, but he's just so kind and...and charming... much more charming than that prince blueblood, that's for sure! this could be my only chance to get the stallion of my dreams! applejack: what about spike? poor boy'll be heartbroken. rarity: we're friends. i'm sure he'll understand. now, if you'll excuse me. applejack: oh, what am i gonna tell him?

rainbow: hey, aj! soarin here wants to know if... soarin: if you have any of that apple pie? applejack: (sighs) over at the dessert table. soarin: awesome! rainbow: don't eat it all at once, soarin! save some for me! (chuckles) that soarin, isn't he a crack-up? applejack: yeah... orphan: (gasps) look! it's applejack! and rainbow dash! (gasp) they're more perfect in person!

(children chatter) rainbow: wow, these orphans sure look up to you, don't they? applejack: you too, they're big fans of yours. orphan: we love you, rainbow dash! rainbow: hey, hey, hey! they have good taste! orphan: you're my hero! orphan: some day, i wanna be just like you! rainbow: the sky's the limit, kid. though, you might wanna get a pair of wings, first. twilight: have either of you seen fluttershy? it's almost time for her to go on.

applejack: she wasn't in her room? twilight: i already looked there. applejack: she's probably in the garden. you know how comfortable she feels around the critters. rainbow: i'll go get her. spike: applejack! applejack: oh, uh...spike... spike: did she say she'd dance with me? applejack: uh...well...ya see...sugar...rarity, uh...she...she... ya know? she just might save one teeny dance for you! spike: really?

applejack: if ya ask her, that is. spike: thank you, applejack! spike: i'll never forget this! applejack: anytime! applejack: oh, why can i never be honest with him? fluttershy: (singing) can...any pony...find me...s-some pony to...? (sighs) what am i doing? i can't sing! not with every pony watching me! rainbow: why not? we all know you're great! fluttershy: rainbow dash, i'm so happy to see you!

rainbow: are you sure, 'cuz, the others told me that you've been down in the dumps lately? fluttershy: well, um... rainbow: is it those nightmares? fluttershy: um... yes. i can't help it! they just won't go away. and i have a bad feeling that...that he's going to come back! fluttershy: i...i'm so scared! (cries) rainbow: hey, hey, it was just a dream! you've gotta hang loose! this is a party, after all! also, it's time for your song. fluttershy: oh, i don't really feel like singing.

rainbow: aw, don't tell me you still got stage fright! come on! don't you remember how you helped us with that tornado? fluttershy: singing is different from flying. rainbow: you were able to sing that "find a pet" song with me. fluttershy: that was when it was just you and the animals. but now there are hundreds of ponies in there, watching me! rainbow: don't worry! i'll be right here to support you. we all will. rainbow: of course, i could always drag you. fluttershy: okay. let's do this.

rainbow: yeah, come on! discord: ugh! this party's so boring! it's not as dull as last year's, i'll give 'em that. oh, i hate this disguise! how are you supposed to hold anything with these hooves? (children laughing) discord: and who invited those brats here? orphan: so you just have to stack it over there and you put it over there and then see, ta-da! it makes a castle! discord: ugh, if there's anything i hate more than ponies, it's younger ponies! discord: soooo bored! canterlot filly: mummy, i'll go get some punch, okay? canterlot mother: sure thing, honey.

oh, and get some for my friend too, okay? canterlot filly: okay, mummy. discord: hmm... ah! (snaps his tail) canterlot female: (screams) there's a hare in the punchbowl! applejack: oh for goodness... calm down, ma'am, i'll refill the... land sakes! you meant the animal? canterlot male: hare! disgusting hare! (glass breaks) applejack: get out of here, ya pesky varmint! stallion: my eye!

discord: (laughs) oh, that one never gets old! (pinkie singing loudly into microphone) discord: ow! my ears! twilight: thank you, pinkie! pinkie: you're welcome, twilight! discord: phew! that pesky purple pony finally does something right! twilight: mares and gentlecolts... discord: blah, blah, blah... twilight: welcome to the grand galloping gala! you all having a good time?

(applause) twilight: good, because there's more to come. we have an exciting program planned for you tonight, including an air show from the wonderbolts! (applause)rainbow: hello, canterlot! discord: (yawns) boring! twilight: but first, we're going to hear a song from a very close friend of mine. mares and gentlcolts, the element of kindness herself: fluttershy!(applause) discord: oh, goody! the wimpy little pegasus is going to sing! this ought to be hilarious. stallion: whoa, look at her!

discord: ugh, what are they all staring aaaaa....?(glass breaks) (romantic music) discord: (internally) heavens above! she...she's no! no! you're not going through that again! momentary lapse, just a momentary lapse! fluttershy: you can do this, fluttershy. just breathe. fluttershy: (singing weakly) can...any pony...? (gulps.) find me... scootaloo: (whispers) girls!sweetie belle: what? scootaloo: let's help her!applebloom: yeah! fluttershy: (singing) some pony to...cmc: (singing.) love!

(instrumental) fluttershy: each morning i get up i die a littlecan barely stand on my feet... cmc: take a look at yourself in the mirrorfluttershy: take a look in the mirror and cry cmc: and cry...yeah, yeah.fluttershy: lord what you doing to me? fluttershy: i've spent all my years in believing youbut i just can't get no relief, lord! fluttershy: some pony...cmc: some pony! fluttershy/cmc: can any pony find me...? fluttershy: ...some pony to love? discord: beautiful.

sweetie belle: you're doing great! now sing louder and with more feeling! fluttershy: got no feel, i got no rhythmi just keep losing my beat... cmc: she just keeps losing her beat!fluttershy: i'm okay, i'm alright. cmc: she's alright, she's alright! yeah, yeah.fluttershy: ain't gonna face no defeat! fluttershy: i just gotta get out of this prison cellone day i'm gonna be free, lord! fluttershy: some pony to love! cmc: she works hard!fluttershy: every day! cmc: every day!fluttershy: i try and i try and i try! fluttershy: but every pony wants to put me downthey say i'm going crazy

they say i got a lot of water in my braingot no common sense i've got no pony left to believe! all: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! (cheering) discord: that voice! so sweet, so clear, so perfect! blech! so sickening! i have to put a stop to this! (teleportation sound) (screams) fluttershy: what's every pony...? (gasps)

discord: my dear fluttershy, i had no idea you had such a lovely voice! (fluttershy chokes on her words) rainbow: get off of her, you creep!discord: what? we were only dancing. (rainbow groans)twilight: discord! discord: ah, twilight sparkle!twilight: that's princess twilight sparkle, to you! discord: oh, sure! give the pony wings and a crown and suddenly she's better than everyone! surprised to see me? well, it has been a while since we last met. sorry i didn't send you a postcard, but i assumed it was fair, since i didn't receive an invitation to this party! applebloom: y-you weren't wanted here!

discord: oh, what's this? well, well, well, if it isn't my three little saviors! (cmc whimper.)rarity: hey! leave them be! applejack: come here, girls!discord: i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you three! twilight: stop it, discord! why are you here? discord: isn't it obvious? i'm crashing the party! oh, and taking over equestria while i'm at it. (crowd gasps)rarity: oh no! twilight: ha! you should have stayed in exile, discord! now that you've revealed yourself, we can turn you back to stone! discord: oh really? as i recall, you need the elements of harmony for that.

twilight: exact...applejack: uh, twilight? we're not wearing 'em. twilight: what?rarity: oh, we stopped wearing them two years ago, remember? when we thought he wasn't coming back! twilight: oh. well...we don't need the elements of harmony to teach you a lesson! (twilight's horn charges up)discord: you're kidding, right? (snaps his fingers)twilight: my horn! give it back! discord: really, twilight? are you as big a stick in the mud as celestia? (snaps his fingers)twilight: what the...? (discord laughs)rarity: ew! mud!

pinkie: (laughs.) stick in the mud! that's funny! twilight: grrr! just you wait until princess celestia gets back! she'll give you your just desserts! pinkie: yeah! with whipped cream and sprinkles! discord: (laughs uncontrollably) what's the matter, twilight? can't run a kingdom by yourself? you need mommy celestia to come make everything all better? (makes kissy noises) well, i'm afraid she won't be able to help you this time, given her current predicament in "saddle arabia." twilight: what are you talking about?discord: see for yourself! (snaps his fingers)

(crowd gasps) sweetie belle: he's got them locked up!twilight: and they don't have their horns! shining armor: what have you done with my wife?! discord: she's perfectly fine, i assure you. so is her foal, by the way, though it would be a shame if, uh... something were to happen to her mother before her birth. shining armor: her? discord: yes, yes, you're having a girl! congratulations! you want a gift basket? shining armor: i swear, if you hurt cadence... discord: wouldn't dream of it! but if any of you ponies try to stop me, your princesses get it!

that includes the unborn one! (twilight gasps)pinkie: that's low, even for discord! fluttershy: monster! discord: monster? that's a bit strong a word, don't you think? oh, do let me know if you want another dance, my dear. (fluttershy whimpers) discord: i'll be looking forward to your call. rainbow: you touch her one more time and you're gonna get it, dipcord! discord: whatever. i have other things to attend to anyway.

now for the weather! today's forecast is cotton candy cloudy with a chance of chocolate milk! seriously, it's going to be raining cats and dogs! hope every pony gets home safely! or not. (discord laughs maniacally) (lightning strikes) spike: did that lightning just come from indoors? sweetie belle: look outside! it's raining chocolate cats and dogs! pinkie: awesome! i mean...not awesome! grr! (crowd screams)

filly: we're gonna die from chocolate rain and cotton candy! twilight: every pony! calm down! everything is under control! keep it together! stay inside until further notice! i... they're not listening to me! spike: we're listening, twilight!applejack: we await your orders, princess! twilight: my orders. okay, um.... applejack, rainbow! get the orphans down to the cellar! they can stay there until the storm is over. it's not safe for them to return to the orphanage. rainbow: copy that! come on, aj!applejack: alright, kids, follow me! twilight: fluttershy, you keep an eye on applebloom, sweetie belle and scootaloo. don't let them out of your sight!

fluttershy: okay. come here, girls. shining armor: i'll round up the guards to help the citizens of canterlot inside! twilight: good idea, shining armor. rarity: i'll help with crowd control!spike: me too! pinkie: me three! me three! twilight: thank you, every pony. we'll meet up in the throne room in one hour! the most important thing to do now is to keep calm! spike: on it! twilight: some princess i've turned out to be.

My Little Pony The Best Night Ever Coloring Pages