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Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Thank You Coloring Pages

My Little Pony Thank You Coloring Pages

i need to take her dress off so we can seethe... wishes come true. the action packed pee'ing action! (laughs) action packed pee'ing action. welcome to the us show! yeah. it's mommy and she's gracie. i'm mommy.

she's gracie. okay. people say they want to see gracie in thevideo so yeah i'll be gracie for now on. so we're finally hip with the kids. wait we got to move backwards. why? the top of our heads are getting cut off. oh. just pull the table...

eh! there you go. continue what you were saying. so we're finally hip with the kids and wehave lol surprise dolls, thanks to our friends at disney doll adventure. thank you so much. they found these where they live. we have not found them yet and they sent themto us, which was really sweet. the concept, gracie.

there's seven layers of surprise inside. what are those seven layers? in case you're one of the people in the worldwho has not watched a video about these. it's a secret message. collectable stickers, which you're going tothrow out. and then the stuff that actually matters. a bottle, some shoes, an outfit, an accessory,and a doll. and it says that these are lil outrageouslittle's, which feel redundant to me. they just wanted it to say, lol.

they were working really hard to get lol tobe something. so it's lil' outrageous little's. and there are 45+ to collect. i want all of them. and you mix and match with accessory's andthen you add water for a surprise, which i've seen the water and it looked like not thatinteresting. but you know. can i open one? yes.

start opening. okay by the way this was sent to us by oneof our...your friends or something. disney dolls adventures. it's your partner too. i don't keep up with business. well you will when you're older. so our first layer. a very tiny layer. layer number one.

secret message. it's a lemon and a cat. mine is a crying emoji and a mouse. i got a lemon and a cat. right. i'm so bad...wait let met show everybody. we're not good at riddles. so these are our secret messages. comment down below and decode these for usbecause i'm not even going to try to use the

brain cells. you got a tart cat. okay next layer. pull here. sourpuss! oh! what's mine? mine is like a sad emoji and is that a bear? no it's a zipper.

it's a zipper? silent mouse. quiet as a mouse. see? you're good. so you just look for the place where it sayspull here and that's how you know that's the next layer. and i got some stickers. feed her to...changes colors.

spits. tinkles. or cries. alright so these are her stickers. next layer. these are really fun. i like these. i think these are cool. i think this was a really cool idea.

it's pretty rare that i actually enjoy blindbags or something but this is cool. even those mario kart blind bags i have sittingover there? okay i can't get my next layer to open. so you got some accessories? i got an accessory. oh my goodness. i can't get my second layer open. i got it. it just took me a while.

oh and they're different colors. like the next layer is a different color. baby googoo. remember lady googoo? lady googoo and what a big deal that made? she's been resurrected. this is the same thing. alright so now i'm on layer 3 and you're onlayer 4 right? these are great i love these.

they're like the death star but with dollsin them. i don't do star wars. yeah, but you get the concept. okay you got a bottle...where's your bottle? here you go. it's sort of like a mason jar. so she's got sort of a mason jar bottle. these are so cool! (laughs) i told you they were cute.

oh and they put l and r on the shoes so youknow which ones to put them on. that's so cool. how convenient. i got what looks like a traditional lookingsippy cup sort of bottle for mine. next...where's my next layer. i think i'm supposed to just rip it all offnow right? probably. oh there's not a zipper. and then see it's starting to look like...we'renot even showing you this, see, we're exposing

all of the pink plastic. and the plastic is really cool too because... oh it came off. it's supposed to. nice. these are my shoes. these are going to be my shoes for my girl. gracie got...where's your little orange shoes? they're over here.

they're green. they match her mason jar. she got little green shoes. and here's mine. it's a little swimsuit. wet suit kind of thing. i got little white shoes. i got teeny tiny white shoes. can i show them your little swimsuit?

you should probably do that in front of thecamera. here's the little swimsuit. ahhhhh. and that exposes... now check this out. inside their little thing is...there's a littleseating area so there's a little couch and trays. there's a cup holder for their bottle. i mean it's a whole little hangout place.

it is. alright. last one for me. oh here's my doll. i was like, "where is she?" gracie's going to see which doll she got. eh. so i'm going to find my outfit because i'mgoing slower. these are so cool.

it's not everyday you see a blind bag that'sactually unique. this was a very unique concept. so this is an orange looking shirt with abib looking thing. so it goes with the orange theme. i got a binky. oh she's got the binky. she's about to open her doll so i'll waitto show you the list of stuff. show everybody your dolly. awe!

squish. there she is. oh she's so cute. i'm going to get her dressed. i can't wait to put a needle in her butt. oh yeah. because that's a thing. so this is the one side. so there's popular, fancy, rare, and ultrarare.

so you, gracie just got super babe. surfer babe. (laughs) surfer babe. so that's who gracie just got. she got surfer babe. and these are the babies and then the littletiny baby ones on the doll circle, robin got the actual baby, not toddlers, baby babies. alright so that's from the athletics cluband she's light blue so she's popular. popular is a nice way to say common.

isn't it? popular. (sings) popular. here we go. there's a little pee hole. oh she's got a pee hole? so that must mean she pees. she's also got a mouth hole. i guess they all have everything?

i don't know. well you have to feed them so they all havea mouth hole. and i got... oh my gosh. she's so cute. she's got whiskers painted on her face. the whiskers come from within, gracie. (gasp) and look their heads tilt and everything.

and this is baby cat. and she is from the theater club and she ispopular. look at my daughter. i love her. she's so cute! so let me dress mine. i gave birth, guys. sort of. it's really cool that you have to...that there'sso many layers so you don't just open it and

it's done. it's like this journey of discovery. i really like these. now they're not cheap. i think they're $7.99 a ball but you end upwith a really cute doll. it's like a little cup holder. there's a little cup holder in her littlehouse. let me get her little white shoes on. now we have to find out what they do.

now i've watched a lot of videos about this. so you can do this one of two ways. okay let's get naked. so you can pee. let me just show them mine. the only thing is the backs don't cover theirbooty very well. i feel like you can see her booty. so i do happen to have water right here. so you basically squeeze...

they're pretty easy to decapitate. and then you suction in the water. this is how you're supposed to do it. get the water in the bottle. put the thing in the baby's mouth and squeezethe water in the baby. from what i understand this is the processthat takes too long. you could on the other hand just squeeze thebaby's head, put the baby in the water, and suck in some water. so now let me see.

she sounds pretty full. let's see what she does. she's a spitter. is that coming...yeah. is that coming out of her mouth or her eyes? oh she's a crier. it's coming out of her eyes. see i think that's kind of weird. that's not my favorite.

i think mine's a pee'er because she's gota pee hole. she's got a pee pee hole? it makes sense because when you're a surfersometimes you.... sometimes you pee in the ocean. these things happen. okay let me just dry you off on my hand. yep. just going to dry her off. what do you do, child?

(laughing) i probably should have gotten...oh i do havepaper towels. haha! but she's got a little pee hole. how do you get them to pee? she's spitting all over me. i don't know how you get them to pee. we'll have to get a pee one and find out. you want to open another one?

sure. we have two more from disney dolls adventures. okay home girl. put your clothes back on. okay let me get mine to hang out in her littlehouse here. where's my house? where's the bottom of my house. alright here we go. oh and there's a little slice of pizza inthe lid.

so even this is useful. so you can put it down here like a littletray so they can have some pizza in their little house. alright go sit in your little house. and they're legs bend and stuff so you cansit them down like babies. and she's going to go sit in her little houseand she's going to have herself a little slice of pizza. this is your mason jar. where's mine?

where's your shoe? where'd your other shoe go? oh i missed an accessory. oh she had cat ears that i forgot to put onher. oh look and they even snap into the side ofher head so they'll stay on. isn't that cute? they're probably supposed to go behind herhair, mommy. oh maybe not. i'm a little confused about how the cat earswork but there.

now she has cat ears. look how cute she is. okay go sit in your little house. "alrighty. i'm going to go sit in my little house. i got my sippy cup and i'm going to sit inmy house. yay!" let me get rid of my trash and go to my next... okay spitty mcgee.

they are so... i want one that pees. well maybe this one will pee. this was a really cool idea. these are mga i believe. i think that's who made them. yes they are mga entertainment. interesting. okay let's see what mine is.

i got another sourpuss. it's trying to tell you something. pull here.. i feel like i'm being personally attackedand i don't like it. awe. these are cool. these are fun. we need more blind bags that are originaland not just "open a bag and you get a thing." somebody was really thinking how could youtake blind bags to the next level?

i got a blue ribbon and two babies. i want one that pees! i got a blue ribbon plus two girls. best friends! yeah! i rock. here let me take all of your trash. these generate a lot of trash so parents beware. there's little parts so these are definitelynot for children under 3.

these would be much choking hazard. where's my next layer. (sings) next layer. is that it? is this it? i don't want to do it wrong. i don't want to reveal something... i got another bottle. well you get a bottle for everybody.

everybody gets a bottle. no i feel's too soon to pull there. but it says that i should. i'm very concerned. okay i got it. almost there. are you excited yet? stickers. i think that layer you get the same stickerseverytime.

that's kind of know. but i still dig it. okay, pull here. now we're going to get down to start gettingsome...a bottle. what kind of bottle did you get? i got a normal bottle. you got a pink bottle? can you show everybody your stuff when youget it? this is my bottle.

ba-ba. and did you get little pink shoes too? i got little pink and white shoes. oh cool. let's see what i got. let's see my ba-ba. oh i got a blue looking bottle. oh i got a blue mason jar. that's cool.

what did i knock over? i knocked something over. i thought i knocked it over but whatever. hot mess. that's us. where's my next zipper? oh wait, is this ball blue? alrighty let's see what kind of shoes i got. oh i got a little princess dress.

oooh. oh i got cute little shoes with... they're cowboy boots. oh they're cowboy boots? (gasp) oh yeah they are. look at my little cowboy boots. you can't see them at all can you? not at all. nope you can't.

i got cowboy boots. a mason jar. i feel like i'm getting a country girl. i don't think you have to use a... i'm obviously getting a princess. you're thinking a princess? i don't think you need to figure outwhat you're getting here. so this is my blue death star sphere. i got another binky.

did i miss my binky? was there a thing that had a binky in it andi missed it? maybe not. i think your accessory was the ears. oh that's right. oh look at this cute little dress. let me show you the princess dress i got. look i got this definitely like a cowgirlkind of dress. there's definitely a rodeo feel to this.

open. here's this. there's my thing. there's this thing. oh my god she's like arena from arena andthe diamonds. i think i know what i got. you think you know what you got? i can tell by decapitating them. oh really?

is it this one? no. no it's... which one is it? oh it's this one. she got royal high-ney from the glamour gangthere. glamour squad who's also popular. okay i think i got a binky. time to drown her in water.

okay can you show everybody her dressed upbefore you drown her? here she is. drink up, baby. drink up, girlfriend. (gasp) she's so cute! i already know what mine does. do you want to dry her off? i got a glove on. let's see what you do.

i don't think you got water in her. suck up the water, girlfriend. yeah i think she sucked up water that time. . water board the child. (laughs) water board the child. that's pretty much what you have to do withthese. redo. come on gracie wants a pee'er.

maybe she doesn't even suck up the water? chug, chug, chug! wait let me take off my glove. this is what mine looks like without her outfit. now i'm going to put her outfit on. so she would be... who are you? she's line dancer and she's also popular. in other words, common.

(laughs) it's a nice way to say common. there we go. you've been water boarded. please do something. she pees! yay! she makes the pee pee. oh wait. left shoe.

right shoe. binky. okay pee for us again, home girl. okay and i'll try to zoom in on the peeingaction. somebody had an accident. it's just like first grade all over again. i never peed my pants in first grade. no? i don't think you ever peed your pants.

i peed my pants sometimes. did you really? you can tell that it's a pee'er because it'sgot a tube in their neck. ooooh! that's a good way to know. and i know that mind cries. so i'm not going to water board her becausei can see she's got little tiny holes in her eyes underneath her pupils. so this is little line dancer.

okay go hang out in your little house. go hang out. chillax with your friends. here's your drink. yeah, here's your mason jar. i don't know what's in that mason jar, girl. they are so cute. these are adorable. i can't stand how cute they are.

look at that. these are... i'm going to try the... you're going to try that method? so vote and let us know which one was yourfavorite. was it....she just squirted pee out of herpee thing on my arm. i think she use to go to the doctor for afrequent urination. i think so. i think she's got some issues.

i'm stealing these. these are mine now. i love them. comment down below and let us know which onewas your favorite. was it royal high-ney, line dancer, baby cat,or...who was the other one that you got? princess. that was royal high-ney. oh and the surfer. surfer babe.

so let us know which was your favorite. thank you so much disney dolls adventure forsending these to us. these were a big hit with somebody. thank you all for watching. please comment, subscribe, thumbs up, andall that kind of good stuff and we will see you again real soon. bye!

My Little Pony Thank You Coloring Pages