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Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

Princess Coloring Pages That You Can Print

Princess Coloring Pages That You Can Print

hey everyone this is mei yu and welcomeback how was your holiday my holiday was quite eventful i wasactually planning to do this video a few days ago but there was a familyemergency i had to take my dad to the hospital inan ambulance because he got a very contagious bug and then after that twomore of my family members also got sick from the same virus one after the otherand so i had to stop everything to take care of them because for me i thinkfamily is the most important thing above everything else but at the same time iwas thinking you know i really would like to do this video because i knowmany of you are waiting for me and you

would like to see what i have coming upand i also miss you guys and miss you fans so here you go this is the video i hopeyou enjoy alright so today is going to be fun andyour katy perry as a beautiful amazon queen on her jungle throne i'll show you how to draw her gorgeoushair her big flowers that she has on her hair her cute outfit and her junglethrone made out of palm leaves this is from her music video rawr andthis video is part of my fun2draw celebrities and youtubers playlist

the link is at the end all right firsti'm going to show you how to draw her front of your face i'll start with a big curve like that and thenunderneath i'll draw smaller curve for the cheek onthis side for under the face i'll go across as a long curved line you saw something like that and i'llstop right around there as for her facial features let's startwith a cute little nose so like that now i'll show you how to draw herbeautiful lips

let's start with a nice smile and then i'll draw anothercurve like this to make it look like she's singing in the jungle for the lips i'll draw a line on top here goingacross like that and then the bottom lip would just be another curve and let'sdraw it underneath like this ok so now that we have her mouth let's get into those big fun2draw eyes adraw cheek line like that and then i'll do another one on this thing make this alittle bit longer there we go okay good job everyone

keep it up for the eye let's stop the spot up here so i knowthe height of the fun2draw eye and now i just want to take this and draw a bigcurve coming down towards this cheek line we drew and then another curvedline coming down like that i'll draw one more curved line and theeye for the side of the eye and then i'llmake it nice and dark at the end of this video i'll show you how i did for my newyear's resolutions for 2015 ok i'll make this set a little bitbigger this ok

as for her pupil i want to make her lookup in this dry so i just draw a big curve like that followed by a smallercurve in there for the highlight on top and then the shading would start withjust the diagonal line like that i'm glad to know that many of you followalong with me step by step in my previous tutorials it's great you guys are doing that tofollow along with me like that because you're learning all kinds of differentart and drawing techniques keep it up ok so we have the shading in here and to complete the fun2draw eye let's just draw three more lines in theshading

so the first line you up like that the second lines a little bit shorterand the third line is the shortest here we go i just make this little bit thicker there ok i like to draw a pretty little eyelashon this side and let's make it dark so it stands out ok excellent so we have one furniturei'll done for the other one here will go

a little bit faster ok so i have the rounded triangle forthe fun2draw eye side and then the shading get the big pupil coming up and then thehighlight shading let's make this area all nice and dark ialso think this is a great way to make the highlight look very bright becausethe white of the highlight is right up against the dark shading ok so that just makes the eye look extrashiny and bright ok we have the three little lines inthere and let's draw the eyelash just like that

ok excellent you guys keep it up so wehave her eyes and now show you how i'm going to draw her pretty eyebrow so up here i left a big gap as you cansee above this i and right now i just want to go up slightly at an angle butthen eventually i do want to curve around a little bit like that and soit's quite long and thin i want to make the front part of theother a little bit thicker so let's add the thickness here so the back part is thinner than thefront part like this a little bit thicker

there we go and the other side will bevery similar it's just facing the other way okay sosomething like that and then add the thickness near the front ok so we have her beautiful face all done and now for her hair so i'mgoing to show you how you like to start the hair let's dot the spot up here ok from this dot i'm going to draw a partof the hairline coming around like this and then the other part and it comesaround down a little bit and it's going to curve around this area near theeyebrow and it's going to go down

towards the eye and then passed this cheekline that we drew before so it's coming around the curve slightly towards theface and then yeah and i'll just make this lineattached to the hairline so this area looks more complete ok so we have kind of like the openingin her hair and before i draw the other parts of her nice hair i'll show you how to draw herbeautiful flower crown that she has on her head so let's take a point let's say rightaround here and it's kind of pointing up

so let's make a distance and this iswhere i'm going to start the first flower as a little circle for the center she's got these brilliant beautifultropical orchid flowers in this video i like to summarize someof the details so hopefully that's going to make iteasier for more of you to follow so right now i have the circle for theorchid the first flower and now for the side i want to go up curve out come around like that and then go backup towards this middle of the flower

this side will be the same thing is justfacing the other way so go up curve out it's a really big side and then justfinished that piece ok so we have the two big sides of theorchid and to finish it up let's draw the bottom piece as twocurves like that so one two and then the top pedal comes up asa curve ok so just like that we have one flower the second one i'll draw here and it'sgoing to be a little bit smaller because this second one is kind of like on theside of her head and because of the perspective it's not gonna be as big asthe front way

alright so the second one let's draw thelittle center the pedal will be smaller so go up andaround but not as big ok go down and up repeat that going the other way okay good so now we have two differentpedals and complete the rest of the flower like that and the top don't worry if you're drawing doesn'tlook exactly as mine i think the most important thing is thatwe're just having fun while we're

practicing our art ok so we have two flowers let's draw the third one this time iwant to draw it as a flower that's slightly tilted towardsthe side more so this is one side of the pedal andthen you'll see a little bit of the center part followed by the other sideof the big pedal just coming out and then this bottom piece kind of justcomes out like that and goes down and just draw the top one all right of course she's got more thanjust three big flowers

so for some of the other flowers thatare wrapping around her head i'll just draw some little indications of petals i won't get into too much detail forthem you little here and there so this is a really good way to make itlook like it's wrapping around her head ok excellent everyone so we have theflowers and now what i want to do is finish up her beautiful hair and i'llshow you how to add some volume two coming around here i'll draw curve thiscurve kind of follows the same curve as the side of her head

ok i'll go in slightly and then you'llcome out like that as a nice big curve for all that volume ok so we have a big curve excellent keepgoing go down and i'll stop right around here so let's start with the hair endslike that ok now on this side i want to draw a little curve comingfrom behind her face and then draw some more of these curved points in the hair i want to add some more volume soanother wavy line coming down that ok right now we're just drawing the basicshapes of the hair

later on i'll show you how to make itlook more natural with lines but for now this is what we have okay that's good okay we're comingaround on this side now so here from this little flour on this side i want to draw a curve coming down likethat so this is still part of the back of herhead but it is going to soon curve out likethis and to just the beautiful hair keep curving ok now we can start withthe ends like that so these curves will be for the ends ofthe hair

ok let's draw the other side so againjust a nice big curve in there and repeat these lights and it's very good that you guys followalong with my different videos because i'm going to show you how to draw allkinds of different hairstyles ok so we have another beautiful line ohyeah look at that look at that volume ok so we're just building the volume aswe go excellent ok so we have the hair atleast the shapes of the hair to make it look more like hair add these nice loose curves

and keep them flowing so i just have a few in here let's drawa few more near the ends here yeah and a few more ok near the flowers andkeep going down into all the different parts of the hair ok excellent everyone so we have herhead and the flowers in the hair all done now i'm going to show you how todraw her cute outfit and her jungle throat okay so now we have her headlet's draw a cute little body i'll begin with a little neck areaunderneath her chin and now i'll show

you how to draw her cute little top withthe animal prints first let's draw the shape of her body so i have a curve right here for herchest and then i want to go down into a little waist ok so i'll stop right there on this side i want to draw a part of the arm so thisis the shoulder and now i want to go down a little bit like that and thendown again for the arm let's draw the other side of the armlike this so very slender like a long slimrectangle followed by a cute little hand

which is coming up so here's a small thumb and let's go upa little bit and then go down into the rest of the fingers and i'll show you areally simple way to draw a hand with the fingers close together so basically i just want to draw thisshape this shape looks like a letter v and because the hand is kind of on theside you're not going to see all the fingers and the fingers are quite closetogether - i'll just divide this area into two fingers like that just bydrawing a line so now we have a simple hand on thissite with the thumb and a few fingers

there ok once we have the arm let's go back up towards the rest of thebody ok so i'm just drawing her little back and going down towards thewaist ok now for her cute little animal printtop i want to draw a curve like this andthen i'll draw another big curve like that ok i'll repeat the same thing under here

curve and then a bigger curve and she'sgot a little piece of fabric in the middle where it's kind of like tiedtogether so i just drew a little triangle shape underneath there with afew wrinkle lines in the middle i'll draw two curves going towards theshoulder for the strap on this side and then the other arm we'll worry about that later once wehave more of the body done ok now for her little animal prints inside her top this is a really easy way to do it he'sgot all kinds of different shapes and

patterns but to make this more easierfor you guys to follow along i'll simplify some of the details sofirst i like to begin with a spot like that so it's like a little oval and tomake it look more like an animal print i'll dark and one side of it to make alook uneven ok let's draw another little spot righthere and these spots won't be the same length or the same size they'll be varied for more natural look i even get some stripes in here - wellthat's really why look at that so i have a little stripe it's dark linecoming up like this

throw another little stripe nearby yeah just like a tiger ok so we have thestripes let's add a few more little dots andspots in here so basically i'm just going to vary thedifferent patterns to make it look really wild ok so that's that side let's go on inhere just add a few more different stripes and spots ok oh yeah she's looking good

she's got some on her straps as well ok so once we have the little top done let's go down into the lower body nowfor her outfit i love is so cute this area right around here her waistshe's got some little flowers i'm not going to make them as detailedor as big as the ones on her head i just draw something really simple justto indicate that she's got flowers by her waist so i have a little round shape with somedetails inside four petals and basically that's all i'm going to do because thisarea is so small

don't want to make the drawing toocrowded ok i draw a little line across the waistand now i'm going to draw her cute little skirt that's made out of leavesdraw the curve in here for her body and then another curve coming out andbasically just want to do a zigzag line like this i'm going in going out going back in theback out keep doing that until you finish of thisshape here ok to make it look like this is made outof individual leaves not like just this whole piece of fabric that has a zigzagpattern

let's draw the lines to separate theleaves from each other that some little leafy texture in here just for a wild look there we go okay excellent so we have our cutelittle short skirt and for the leg i'll draw a line coming out and then aline going down if you seen that roar video she's gotall diet all different kinds of poses and different outfits i think for this drawing i'll have hersitting like a queen so this is how i'm going to draw thelake so it's bent about the spot

this is where i'll start the other linefor this lake for the lower lake just draw a nice long line like that ok the ankles quite slim for the heel i'll draw a round area now i'm going into the foot and curvetowards the toes and then basically just want to finish it up so that's a really easy way to draw thefoot the foot is kind of facing on this side so you won't see all the toes i'll just draw an indication of someright here on the bottom and a bit of

the little bone in the ankle finish up this leg draw it going intowards the skirt and to make this pose easier for you guys to follow along i'll make the other leg very close by sobasically just want to repeat the bench line like that coming down and then thefoot so the feet are pretty close to eachother i think it's such a cute little pose - okay so we have the legs now wecan finish the other arm so that's the shoulder and just draw therest of the arm a little bit of the strap

ok we have katy perry the queen of thejungle but she needs her throne so we have todraw the palm leaves for the throw i'm going to start with these lines insight and eventually the leaves are going topoke out a little bit from her hair and from around her body and this is how ilike to draw the pond leaves it's not just any kind of leaf it's like a palm leaf so this is areally good way i think to draw a palm leaf to make it look like it i have this like going down and insteadof just drawing another straight line

going in towards her i want to draw this triangular bit that's kind of being eaten away it now iwant to continue and maybe let's do one more little triangular it like that andthen it goes down towards the body ok another one let's draw another leafcoming here there's another little triangular pieceand taken away but actually this is just how the leaf is formed okay and just go back up ok now let's draw the line inside themiddle for texture

ok these ones hidden behind the bodydon't have to worry too much about the details let's just go into the outside ok so this kind of comes out cut across a little bit it's got thislittle triangular piece maybe he's got another one and then down hey i draw the line let's add a few moreof these bits in here maybe some we're going to be pointing i'll add a few more poking out

this one comes out goes in as good alittle triangle thing in there and i'll add a few more pointy ends justto fill out this part of the drawing ok i'll draw one big one here that she'ssitting on it a little bit and i'll draw one line for the basewhere she's sitting on in her throne okay i hope you guys enjoyed that please like and subscribe so you won'tmiss new videos i have every week keep up the good work learn how to draw in color morebeautiful cartoons with my fun2draw ebooks and my fun2draw apps they makegreat gifts for birthdays and holidays

links are in the video description ifyou followed me since a year ago you will know that i made this video atthe end of 2014 where i made my new year's resolutionsfor 2015 so now at the end of 2015 let's seewhich resolutions i have achieved make surprising challenge drawings on fun todraw and may art yes i've done some of that make more newfun2draw apps yes i've done some to as well as fun2draw ebooks eat less potato chips uhh i'm still working on this one

Princess Coloring Pages That You Can Print