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Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Printable Coloring Pages Of Hello Kitty And Friends

Printable Coloring Pages Of Hello Kitty And Friends

the return of superman. chapter 134. "how to make your day special." (cheerful music is playing in the living room) (who's so cheerful this morning?) (yes, he's the same man) (who cried himself out last chapter) (he's forgotten all about it and now he's cheerful) (is he still in shock?) (he's as cheerful as a little girl)

(dad, stop running around and play with me) you seem to be more relaxed than last time. it's just babysitting... 2 nights and 3 days is nothing. your friends are coming over, haeun. (i'll show them my new skill) that's my girl. (she succeeds in rolling to the left) good job.

you're so good. are you going to be alright? are you going to lose all the games like last time? (he's getting worried) i shouldn't have said that. no, no. that won't happen again. wow, this in incredible. - do they look delicious? / - yes. try some.

- is it good? / - it's so good. - honey. / - yes? see you. bye. (mommy doesn't want to leave) - be good. / - okay, okay. - okay? / - don't worry. - do well. / - alright, alright. meanwhile, donggeun arrives with the baby walker.

hey, guri guri bang bang. (i don't like to be called guri bang bang) jiho makes an impressive appearance like the actor. (the reality is, they are just two dads) (they still greet each other with edge) - packing is a lot of work. / - it is. how have you been? i've been taking care of my kids. i wonder what gyojin is up to.

is anyone home? - yes, coming. / - hello. (the youngest gyojin runs to the door) jiho. welcome. hello. yes, good to see you. come on in. (gyojin takes joy's baby walker first) wow. it's bright in here. - it's nice here. / - yes...

say hi to uncle gyojin. - hello. / - hello. you've grown again. - where's haeun? / - she's sleeping. - is haeun sleeping? / - yes, she is. - she can make an eye contact now. / - yes. - haeun must have grown a lot. / - she has. babies grow so fast. hello, joy.

joy's grown so much. she's grown a lot. - look at her. / - her face looks smaller. right. her face is smaller. she's crawling now. she crawls. - really? / - it's so hard now. - jibong... / - there you go. (she starts crawling with a loud shout) - wow, she does it so easily. / - what the?

(what in earth is she doing?) (this is how the dads perceive joy's crawling) (private joy keeps moving forward) (she finally occupies the teether) - she's good. / - well done. you did it, joy. (what do you think of my growth?) she'll be marching soon. seoheun, you have to crawl too.

(i'll fly like a feather) - come over here. / - wow. - look. / - ehyun's amazing. she's an incredible cook. - oh, no... / - here. - try some. / - it's delicious. (yummy) she's saying that it's been a long time. she's glad to see you again.

(you have such pretty feet) they face each other and are connecting. - right? / - definitely. (at that moment) (drop) (joy drops her teether) (joy, you dropped your teether) (yes, my hand feels empty) (struggling)

(she fails and drools) (wipe your face and try again) did she cry again? i saw the broadcast. she cried when they said good-bye. but now i realize that when she... this morning as i was leaving, my wife... i said good-bye and she cried. okay, okay. we're here.

(these dads are slacking off) (you have to yell louder) (joy cries louder) she's asking me to pick it up. i'll pick it up for you. here. don't drop it. you should just not drop it. (joy puts her teether deep into her mouth) (haeun wakes up in the meantime)

haeun. did you have a good sleep? hello. - hello. / - hello, friends. haeun is happy. haeun looks happy. - haeun is happy. / - she's your friend. yes, they're your friends. - your friends are here. / - haeun, your friends.

they're discussing how to give their dads a hard time today. you girls hold a meeting about that for 3 minutes. - make good plans. / - talk for about 3 minutes. just for 3 minutes, okay? just talk to each other for 3 minutes, okay? (she can't stop smiling) haeun has such a sweet smile. - she does. / - is she smiling?

she's looking at the babies. (joy, smile like me) (do i look like a grass doll?) are they still holding that meeting? - yes. / - really? (i'll show you my new skill, it's called crawling) (she finds the camera) (what on earth is this?) (she grabs and shakes it)

it's just amazing. (they are amazed by both joy and the camera) (i'll take a close look at it) (please excuse me for a moment) (do i look cute upside down?) jiho, there's a traditional market nearby. they have all sorts of street food. spicy rice cakes and pork hocks... - we can go there and... / - pork hocks?

we can't have pork hocks without soju. (he knows how to appreciate good food) the weather's so nice too. (just imagining it makes jiho smile) we have to go to ttukseom and have a drink on a day like this. that's right. ttukseom is here. - hangang is close as well. / - it's right there. what do you do there?

(they know how to appreciate a good drink) (smiling) why are you smiling? (serious) - did she laugh? / - she did. she laughed at me. (i laughed because i want to go outside) the three dads head out. it's really green. yes.

- i think this is constructive. / - yes. we're almost there. it's here. we just have to cross the street. where did the three dads go? it's a workshop full of handmade crafts. jibong has a relatively small head. there aren't many headbands that fit her. all of the girls' hairstyles... they're all very unique.

if we put headbands on them... you'll be making headbands for your babies. we'll start by choosing which styles you like. - it's easy to make, right? / - yes. is it very complicated? - you'll learn fast. / - good. i'm really bad with my hands. i was telling them on our way here. some men come to make these for their girlfriends.

we're here for our daughters. (feels like you're up to no good) will my wife like this? have you done anything like this before? - no. / - some people do, though. they come for their girlfriends. as for wives... - you haven't seen any? / - no. that's sad.

(they're too busy chatting) (haeun grabs seoheun by her hair) i have so many spider webs. (she has a strong grip) (shaking) (we should stop them, uncles) - she's grabbed her. / - haeun, haeun! (gyojin goes to stop haeun) haeun, why are you doing that?

she looks like a wreck. just up to here. okay? don't bully your friends. it's meaningful as you're making these yourselves. - you're right. / - so... don't be disappointed even if it's not pretty. at the middle of the tape, you'll stick the end of the ribbon. (this student is utterly focused)

so the ribbon is here. i went too far. - can you show me one more time? / - from here... - push it down again. / - i did. - i pushed three times. / - once more. okay. - my hands are shaky. / - hold it from the bottom. my hands are too shaky. (make me a pretty one)

now, put it together. (as they're struggling) - you made a different design. / - did i? are you sure you speak korean? i haven't touched such small scissors in about 20 years. - hold on. / - who's doing the best? (she takes a close look at their work) the three dads and their ribbon handicraft skill.

who is the best at it? we're all bad at working with our hands. you all did well. i think he's the fastest. (donggeun wins) (happy and sad) (you're the best, dad!) you're done. all you have to do is glue it to the headband.

- on the headband? / - yes. you need to measure the size of your baby's head. i should use a lot of glue just to be sure. how much would this be worth? if you sell them, it would be at least $10. we made something worth $10. if we sell these for $10... (they're priceless because of the love put in) should we try selling them?

- jibong. / - will this fit? jibong... can you take this off? (seoheun suddenly starts to cry) (nervously checks her diaper) (could it be?) i knew it. she needs a change. hold on, haeun. (haeun as well?)

let's take a look. (of course) she needs a change too. (this is an outbreak) there's the toilet. i need a towel... and, what was it? and that... from that thing... towel...

- i'll bring your bag. / - there's a small towel... yes, please bring my bag. no, you have to stay still. stay still. gosh. i'm so sorry about this. we came to make headbands but look at what we're doing. (meanwhile) (crying)

(surprised) (he runs over to check) joy too? we made such a mess. i'm sorry. (the three friends unite with their poop) it's such a mess. did all of them poop? did they all poop? they've synchronized after spending time together.

how can this happen? (this is the joint pooping project) she was leaning to the side because of her poop... like this. hold on, i have to put it... (seoheun and haeun are tilted to the side) haeun, the toy is over there. where are you looking? (even when they try to make them sit straight)

she keeps falling over. she's going to fall off. they're humans too. of course they don't want to sit on it. they kept sliding this way. they were sitting like this, then like that. i thought it was strange. sorry, i didn't realize. i'm so sorry.

sorry. we're still inexperienced. (we're new to this) - now... / - let's get back to the ribbons. daddy made it. (the headband ceremony resumes) that looks really good. it matches her outfit. (they're wearing headbands their dads made) their clothes match their headbands.

look here. look over there. (you need a photo to commemorate) 1, 2, 3. they're wearing headbands their inexperienced dads made with love. it must be so special since they're one-of-a-kind. look over there. look at those men, daebak.

- there are a lot of people. / - yes, there are. let's walk proudly in front of them. let's walk like models. let's go. walk like models. (suddenly, they walk down a runway) like a model. you too, daebak. you have to lift your legs to walk like a model. try it. go. (they pick it up right away)

(daebak looks like a model too) (his hairstyle is like a model's too) (it's the popular two block cut) seola, wait for us. we have to walk together. lift your legs and walk. a lot of people ask my wife why... i dress so horribly with such a figure. they call me a fashion terrorist. they say i shouldn't waste my figure like that.

i read fashion magazines too. why would i want to dress horribly? it's hard to find clothes that fit my thighs. i made up my mind and decided to try up-to-date clothes. i decided to try wide pants. i'm going to become a fashion king. outlet. outlet...

we're here to buy clothes. let's choose pretty clothes and try them on. (this is where he will transform into a fashion king) today's mission is to escape being a fashion terrorist. he came here to become a fashion king and also to have a good time with his children. let's look forward to their transformation. isn't that cool? it's a fountain. look. it's a fountain.

look, daebak. go and see. don't fall in. (daebak approaches the fountain) don't run into it. watch out, be careful. (sua protects him) it's dangerous. (the water rises high) (wow!)

it's taller than me! (daebak is very excited) goodness. are you excited? (the water went up so high!) (his chubby hands) have you never seen this before? have you seen a fountain before? (it's our first time)

again. again! (it's a new world) - it's cold. / - daebak, do you want to go? it sprayed on me. - did it spray on you? / - yes. who was it? (screaming) (this is his most exciting moment of his life) let's go. bye, fountain. see you later.

bye-bye. (it looked like he was leaving) (stopping) (he runs back to the fountain) again. it's water. come here. what is it? (catch the water for me) say it's nice.

(he wants to catch the water) it's finished. the fountain is going to sleep. let's go. (it's working fine) tell the fountain you love it. i love you. (seola loves you too) (see you later, fountain) - seola, sua. / - that looks like fun.

- seola, sua. / - that looks fun... do you want me to look cool or not cool? - cool. / - cool? should i buy trendy clothes like the younger generation? - yes. / - okay. - will you pick some clothes for me? / - yes. yes?

- girls, let's go in here. come on. / - okay. daebak, you were here too. - the clothes here... / - this is yours, dad. you want me to wear that? wear this? but it's a skirt. i can't wear a skirt. come here. (they start to look around) it's almost summer.

i need some shorts too. i always wear sweat pants. (something catches daebak's eyes) (this looks nice) you look good. let me see you. where's the mirror? you look cool. let's see. look in the mirror. (daebak's point of view) daebak, you look good. - you can go fishing like that. / - dad, look at this.

- watermelon. / - it's a watermelon. i ate watermelon yesterday. i ate this. you don't need this, right? - no. / - put it back where you found it. - okay. / - you should help. my goodness! it fell. it fell on the ground.

(she tries to put it back up) my goodness! why does it keep falling off? it keeps falling. shall we start shopping? (daebak is browsing as well) - daebak. / - dad. it's so dark. come here. (what is that?) - it's dark. do you want to try it? / - yes.

come here. the world turns dark with this. hold on. it's so dark. you look cool. - it's dark. / - here. - it's dark. / - it's too big for you. dark... - okay, i'll get you one later. / - dark. dark. - give me. / - do you want it? try this one instead.

it's dark. does it look dark? they don't have kids' glasses. here you go. what did you say? huh? what do you mean by that? (donggook has no idea) (what is daebak saying?) daebak disappeared while repeatedly saying this word.. he desperately searches for something.

(he looks for something) what did daebak mean by this word? we followed him. (socks! socks! socks!) (satisfied) (here we go!) (come to think of it) (wow) - do you want to buy him socks? / - yes.

- color is good. / - do you like this one? they're all good. good. (daebak has a soft spot for socks) daebak meant socks. he still loves socks. (where did dad go?) dad. dad! (having found socks, he goes back to dad) well, i...

(we have a lot of socks at home) i don't know what's what. this must be in style. daebak, you tried on something like this before. excuse me. do young people wear this a lot? - young people? / - these are wide pants. - this is wide? / - yes, it's in trend. will it still be wide on me?

let me measure your thighs. (will they fit?) - you know the ones they wear? / - yes. the top doesn't fit. 64cm... (his thigh measures 64cm!) (his thigh is bigger than their waists) - it'll fit. / - if it's 64cm... - i'll try this on. / - okay.

- i'll be right back, wait here. / - okay. (donggook goes to the changing room) - wait here. / - dad, try it on. okay, i will. (rushing) (what are you doing in there?) daebak, wait. (daebak flings open the curtains) (sua decides to join him)

stop opening it. people are looking. right? peek-a-boo. - dad. / - yes? (this is fun) excuse me. is it meant to look like this? (is he the hulk?) is this how it's supposed to be? did they make it right?

the size is right, it does look a bit small though. i think they didn't finish making it. do i look good in this? what do you think? you look cool. i do? i don't think you mean it. i mean it. (he changed into another pair) are all the calves meant to be...

- i can't pull it up any more. / - i think they're small. it fits my waist. - how do i look? / - pretty. - pretty? / - yes. (he spots a tie on sua's neck) this is really uncomfortable. look, it's a tie. some men wear ties like this when they play. you shouldn't play like this, though. look. some men play like this.

(she hates it) okay, let's take it off. you don't like it, right? - don't wear it like that, okay? / - me too. you too? do you want to play like this? i think you would play like this. sing a song like that. you play like this. this is how some men play. (i like this) i guess i can't wear clothes like won bin. (disappointed)

- hold. / - hold you? daebak, what should i choose? - which one? / - give me. which one? - give me. / - do you want me to try it? - yes. / - do you want me to try this? - give me. give me. / - you want it? - should i try this? / - yes. can i just try it on over my top?

(what did daebak pick up?) (socks again!) you really love socks, don't you? the size seems okay. look. how do i look? - good. / - good? goodness, i have to buy it if you make it dirty. (i picked it out for you to buy) say sorry.

(i'm sorry, dad) (i like it, hooray!) let's get this one then. come here. it will get me through summer. - do you want new clothes too? / - yes. - okay. let's buy you something. / - okay. do you want something pretty or cool? maybe both? that one. you want that one? okay.

- thank you. bye. say bye. / - dad. dad, i want to go somewhere else. - what? / - let's go somewhere else. okay, let's go somewhere else and buy you clothes. ♪ should we go to the sea ♪ ♪ to catch some fish ♪ seola, sua. you're wearing the same clothes, right? this time, you'll get to choose your own clothes. - okay? what will you wear? / - okay.

- pink. / - pink. you both want pink? what about you, daebak? - do you want pink too? / - yes. you're a boy. daebak, don't do it. let's go in here. (his eyes widen) (they find animal shoes that are just their style) (daebak is interested in animal backpacks)

(he's even imitating the tiger's stare) how frightening. - what sound does that make? / - cow. what sound does it make? - moo. / - dad, look at this. daebak, you should try something trendy instead. this will look so cute. - can he try this on? / - yes. (donggook can't give up on wide pants)

(but the fit) (he looks like a sack) it looks like hanbok. (next, he tries on a pair of wide jeans) this is cute. (how do i look?) daebak, you look like a cowboy. (he transformed into a cute cowboy) (it's summer so long pants will be too hot)

i think this might be better. it's summer. look to the front. this was trendy when i was young. pull out the back. - do you like it? / - yes. we'll take this. you can wear it now. (seola is running with an outfit that resembles the flag) - seola, did you choose that? / - yes. - what about a dress? / - no.

they don't look good together. (sua changed into a dress) sua, you look like a princess. you're a princess. this is so pretty. - did you choose this? / - yes. it's so pretty. seola! seola, look at sua. she looks like a princess. - wow! / - isn't she so pretty? where did you find this?

(it would be nice on seola too) pretty clothes. - seola! / - pretty clothes. i think this would look good on you. (he finds a dress in seola's favorite color) it's pink. do you want to try this on? (how pretty will she be?) (finally, cute seola appears!) is seola pretty? she's pretty too, isn't she?

the three siblings turned into fashion kings. did you have fun shopping? (donggook bought clothes daebak picked out) he didn't get to buy the wide pants he wanted but he changed into daebak's chosen outfit. you sit here too. sit. i will give it to you. sit. here. okay. let's get ice cream.

seola, where did sua go? to the toilet. when you feel like pooping, you go to the toilet now... but daddy can't go into the ladies' room. (please give it to me before sua comes back!) do something cute. wink. (he winks)

thank you. (bowing) here. okay, have some. (he finally gets ice cream) is it good? do you want more? (macaroon ice cream is served!) macaroon. give me some!

(donggook is surprised) - give me. / - you want it? (i will eat every last drop) (with a spoonful of ice cream) he'll do anything for food. (it's delicious!) - here's the macaroon. / - macaroon. (seola takes a bite of the macaroon) (she savors it)

(it makes me want to dance!) - is it good? / - yes. last time, you just watched us eating ice dessert. you eat well. (last summer, while his sisters were enjoying dessert) you put all of that in your mouth! daebak, you can have this when you're a little older. you have to be at least one. you have to be older than one to eat this.

eat with your mouth. (as if making up for lost time) we have to eat before it melts. (he devours the ice cream) - what's this? / - it's delicious. you've never tasted anything like it before, right? love it! ♪ come here let's ♪ (the sweetness calls for pansori)

who do you think looks the best today? seola? - you think you look the best? / - yes. (how about me, seola?) sua fell in the toilet. let's go. let's go save sua. i will help her. - help her, seola. / - okay. (they go to a mini amusement park)

you have to ride a horse with the prince. - it's big. / - it's big. you have to ride the horse with the prince. daebak, come here. (what's this now?) (it looks fun!) this is... (a shoe fell off) will you wait until i get on?

(daddy seems busy) (i'll just do it myself) (he sits down first and takes his shoe off) sua and i will ride it first. (he tries to put it back on) then seola will go. (why is it not working?) (what do i do?) (he gives up and gets up)

(daebak steps on hot asphalt) (it's hot!) (he feels the hot thrill on his sole!) (he can't stop tip-toeing) (i need my shoe) (he smiles) daebak, your feet must be hot. it's hot, isn't it? why did you take it off? your feet are hot because you took off your shoes.

(save me, daddy!) (rejected) (daddy?) come here. walk over here. (i can't believe this) come here. hurry. it's hot. it's hot. (daddy) (he does his best to walk forward)

it's hot. it's hot. i'll cool it down for you. (he arrives in daddy's arms!) (it was a tough journey) daddy, you ride this. - should i ride this? / - you should ride the horse. i will ride the horse. you guys ride that. let's go! (are you okay, daebak?)

(he holds his sisters' hands tightly) i am going up and down. go up. (they are prince and princesses) your daddy bought you clothes. who is the prettiest? seola. - sua. / - seola! who do you think is prettier? sua or seola? (he's thinking)

me! (i am the prettiest!) last chapter, the twins went to a rural village. take off your shoes and pants. i'll wash your pants. take off your pants. seoeon, you too. (my pants got dirty after all the field work) (you're supposed to tread on laundry) (daddy, i need to rest)

there you go. step on it now. i'm scared. seoeon! hey! (seojun the cinderella does all the housework) (he steps on the clothes) (and squeezes out water) (he looks like a homemaker) (you need to use the washboard)

(seojun squeezes the laundry with his tiny hands) that's it. that's it. (he even hits it with a laundry bat) you're such a fast learner, seojun. (do my share too, seojun) (watering) daddy. - why? / - i want to try that too. come here and try it.

there you go. give it to me. (he has a stable posture) that's brilliant. water the other side too. (will he be able to turn?) no! (the cameraman gets soaked) (seojun directly pointed the hose at the cameraman) you shouldn't spray water on the uncles.

(turning) (you mean i can't do this?) not to the uncles! that's it. press it hard. (seojun hangs the laundry) press it hard. that's it. - that's it. / - seoeon's as well. (it's clean)

seoeon, seojun. look at this. what's this? - it's mine. / - it's a cat. - it's a cat. / - seojun. it's mine. - it's a cat. / - what are you doing? - what are you doing, kitty cat? / - did you eat? what are you doing? (they look the same)

- he doesn't talk. / - kitty cat. the kitty cat... must be guarding the fire engines! look at that. he's in front of the fire engines. (that's why you weren't talking) he must be guarding the fire engines. please guard the fire engines well. - thank you. / - let's go. by the way, can you eat the things on the ground?

(of course, what do you take me for?) the twins go to a nearby elementary school. what memories will they make at sotae elementary, which has a 100-year history? (it's packed with students) (should i play on the slide?) you have a bag. (the students surround him) - why are you wearing a bag? / - seojun.

maybe he goes to preschool. - are you lee seojun? / - yes. i am lee seoeon. (he tries to disguise his identity and play hard) (the elder children are busy talking about robot toys) yota, ex, neo. (he hears it!) me too... i also have yota, neo, ex...

- and... / - how about phoenix? i have phoenix too. - how about evan? / - i have evan. do you have all of them? (we are on the same wavelength!) do you have gryphinx? i'm going down. (he's excited) seojun, where is your brother?

- my brother? / - he went that way. meanwhile, seoeon is having fun with the girls. (he's happy playing with the older girls) (thanks for taking a liking to me) not too many people! (there are girls wherever he goes) do you want to ride this? - do you want me to push it? / - another one! that one!

(the girls overlook his fickle taste with love) (i like hanging out with them) (we will take care of you) dad, sand got into my shoes. seojun, what's wrong? sand got into my shoes. - you should make him sit first. / - sit. (you have us, seojun) the boys take care of seojun.

(seojun, we will protect you) (cleaning his shoes and foot) (they bonded tightly talking about toys) their toy-based friendship is strong. come here, seoeon. - let's go. / - mommy. mommy, mommy. 20, 21, 22. catch him!

- catch him! / - come on. we got him! seoeon wins! (his shoe falls off) seojun! (the purple girl comes whenever he needs help) seojun's shoe came off. gosh... you have to clean his feet first. let's get your feet cleaned up. (when he tries to eat chocolate)

(she takes the rubbish for him) - do you want me to open it for you? / - yes. okay. give it to me. (thank you) what is your name? i am kwon donghui. she's kwon donghui. (i've never seen such a sweet person) seoeon.

seojun, are you allowed to eat all of that? - yes. / - i don't think so. - yes. / - no. - yes. / - your teeth... you will get cavities. no. you will get cavities. just have a little bit and give it back to your dad. (she's very sweet but) seojun, stop eating that.

no, i want to eat more. - no. / - you will get cavities. lee seojun! seojun, do you want to play here? i'm going to go up here. no. - do you want me to help you? / - come here. (did my mom send her here?) how did they go on television?

when they were first born... producer kang... (his face darkens) he suggested that we give it a go. i shouldn't have agreed. (i'm just kidding) (his shoe goes flying) (he plays with the children) you're better than me!

i will bring it for you. (he feels like a child again) what's the time, mr. wolf? you're out. the three of you are out. - you have to admit to this. / - no. no, come on. come and hold my hands. you're out. the three of you. (i should play too) (seoeon missed the beat)

seoeon, you're out. come here. (he won't give his son any advantages) seoeon, you're out. you moved. (he blends in perfectly with the elementary school students) ready. go. (seojun plays safely under the care of donghui) are you having fun? go down. (a pretty girl appears)

(she's my destiny) (the girl of my dreams is here!) do you like her? (nodding) let's go up here. (but she leaves) where did the pretty girl go? she was here a minute ago. (he finds her!)

do you want to ride this slide with me? (he finally gets a date) ready and go. (while seojun is so happy) (donghui brings his real destiny) he's seojun. (who is she then?) (am i seeing things?) you're the same.

(did you fall in love again?) you confused me. (he hugs the girl) (hwijae intercepts) - no, the pretty girl! / - stop it. come here, pretty girl. gather in the center, guys. boys make a strange face. let's make the girls look prettier. 1, 2, 3.

(that's my specialty) (i will make you look pretty) today was even more special because of the new friends. alright. let's go. (it's time to leave the bed and breakfast) grandmother, grandfather. we had a good time. take care. - take care. / - take care.

you're so lovely. give me a kiss. give her a kiss, daeul. (kiss) you're so lovely. you're such good children. thanks to you, we had a great time. - come again. / - we will come again. i don't have much to give you. we grew this in our garden.

what's this? - it's a sapling. / - it's a dekopon tree. dekopon? that's great. kids, when this tree grows, there will be big oranges. - thank you for the oranges. / - no problem. - grow it well. / - yes. - thank you for the orange. / - okay. enjoy. come again.

(they blow hand kisses) the family heads to udo. this is a ship. (it feels good) it's nice to be on a boat, isn't it? - yes. / - it's a boat? do you want to go to the third floor? (they leave with much anticipation) let's go and see what's there.

that red one is a lighthouse. do you see the lighthouse? - right? / - there! isn't it pretty? it's so pretty, isn't it? (the scenery is nice) (shivering) are you cold? (i am cold, daddy)

- are you cold, daeul? / - i'm not cold. i will give you a jacket. that's it. look at me. (sea breeze is nothing) let's see. (he tries to appear tough) - i am cold. / - are you okay? - i'm cold. / - you're cold? - i will hug you like this. / - yes.

you're not cold now, right? soeul is such a sweet sister. just looking at them warms our hearts. because of the cold sea breeze, they go down to the cabin. rice and barley. barley. rice. (he always copies his sister)

you do it, dad. do it. (while soeul and daeul are having fun) (the boat has arrived at its destination) we're already here. we're here? hello, udo! along the beautiful coastal road, people enjoy the refreshing breeze of udo. (it's fun to ride along the coastal road)

soeul and daeul will ride a bike around the coast too. alright. let's do this. (i'm excited) are you ready? - yes. / - yes. - let's go. / - let's go! - let's go! / - let's go! they go bike-riding with much excitement.

(what does today hold in store for them?) soeul, daeul, is it fun? - yes! / - yes! which is more fun? the jeju olle trail or this? - this! / - how about daeul? this! how's the sea? do you like it? - i love it. / - i love it. - how much do you like it? / - a lot!

a lot! i'm going to pass through a puddle. i'm passing through a puddle. (we're passing through a puddle) (so thrilling) (look, it's soeul and daeul!) hello! there's a horse. there is a horse? horse?

the horse went inside. hello, horse! (hello, horse) they bike through the olle trail, enjoying the cool ocean breeze. bumsoo stops for a while and collects wild flowers. he leaves with a pretty bouquet. (he picked a handful of beautiful wild flowers)

look at that. should we go there? should we go there? (have you ever seen such a place?) what's scary? (bumsoo fearlessly bikes towards the waves) (soeul and daeul are scared of the waves) (the waves won't eat us up, right?) (i said i'm scared, dad) isn't it fun?

should we go nearer? (soeul shakes her head) (it's dangerous, daeul) (bumsoo goes closer to the waves) but big boy is excited) the tide is rising right now. then the road will slowly get submerged. when the tide goes out, it's called the ebb tide. (i see)

was that scary? let's go up. should we go up? (soeul and daeul experienced the rough tide) (they ride along the coast) it's a beach. (they arrive at a beach with white sands, emerald sea) it's the sea. how nice!

stand here. attention. follow my lead and take off your shoes. - why? / - let's go into the water. leave your shoes here. this is jeju-do... here come the waves! run! let's run! (sand and waves help them form fun memories) this is fun.

(they engrave another memory into the sands) who misses mom? (raising hand) let's video call her. honey. - hi, honey. / - honey. mom! hello, soeul and daeul. what are you up to? we are talking to you after playing.

- mom. / - daeul. udo... don't go. mom, we will be back tonight. see you at home. home. later see you. later see you! (this sounds like a comedy skit) i'll go to mojito for a glass of maldives. you mixed up the words. c-dragon's "grooked."

♪ kidding me are you? ♪ later see you. (bye-bye, mom) (after a video call with mom) - mom. / - what is it? - how much do you miss mom? / - a lot. what do you want to do when you see mom? - when i see mom? / - yes. i want to give her a hug.

i want to give her a kiss. you want to give her a kiss as well? o... lov... (soeul writes on the sand) love. does anyone want yogurt drinks? i'm selling yogurt drinks! (it's mom!)

(am i dreaming?) it's mom. - mom! / - oops. 2 hours prior to their arrival in udo... while bumsoo was looking after the kids... get up. it's time to go. a cameraman hurriedly leaves the group. who did he go to meet? yoonjin was secretly waiting for the kids.

are soeul and daeul there? i saw them by the beach. (the siblings are on the beach) - they are nearby. / - really? (she hides her face with a raincoat) close your eyes. (yoonjin's udo surprise is a success) soeul, didn't you miss me? - why are you getting teary-eyed? / - mom, look.

- soeul is crying. / - did you miss me? why are you not crying? here. - look. / - daeul. didn't you miss me? look at me. come here. - weren't you surprised to see me? / - no. - weren't you surprised? / - no. - not even for a bit? / - no.

(shocked) yogurt drink. - do you want yogurt drink? / - yes. - did you have fun? what did you do? / - yes. - water. / - you played with water. what kind of water is that? (i forgot) - bag water. / - that's bag water? (bag water equals sea water)

let's try it. - what shall we try? / - water. - let's try it. / - shall we? (the children play in the water with their mom) it's cold, isn't it? (the whole family runs along the emerald beach) (soeul and daeul are smiling brightly) (they make happy memories in jeju-do) soeul, show mom the video you filmed yesterday.

mom... i don't know what it is called. it's a pretty flower in jeju-do. got it? soeul, you filmed an amazing video. this is from yesterday morning. were you walking while filming? and, honey... (did bumsoo prepare a gift for yoonjin?) are these real flowers?

i picked them on my way here. do you know why i gave her a bouquet of flowers? mom and dad... - got married on this day. / - wedding anniversary? you know about wedding anniversaries. - do you remember what we made? / - that's right. t-shirts. we made t-shirts to commemorate this trip. this morning, bumsoo printed messages on t-shirts.

(handmade t-shirts to commemorate their trip) there's mine, mom's, soeul's... what was written on daeul's shirt? goblin, why did you come here? i came here to get daeul since he won't get dressed. okay, he'll get dressed now. - i wore trousers. go away. / - he wore trousers. he needs to put on a top too. i wore it.

(big boy's all dressed, go away now) i will help you put yours on. we haven't had matching shirts in a while. you are right. daeul, come here. (daeul wore his shirt as well) - what are you doing? / - daeul, let's catch crabs. - crabs. / - crabs? let's go and catch crabs.

- are there crabs? / - of course there are. - where are the fish? / - soeul and daeul. - soeul and daeul. / - what? isn't it nice to take a trip? let's have an even more exciting family trip next time. ha ha. the day turned more special with the surprise visit from mom. they learned many things on the trip

and grew up a lot. this will be an unforgettable memory for them. it was very nice to visit the olle trail. i realized why it was so popular. working with my children at the farm was meaningful too. i am incredibly happy that i shared fond memories with my children. our trip to jeju-do was fruitful in those ways.

(he hopes to remember this trip forever) the three siblings are at an eel restaurant. hello, fish. i will catch an eel. look. here is an eel. look at that. daebak, look at this. (he caught two eels at once) catch more.

i will catch one more. (i want to catch one too) wow, there are a lot of eels. my goodness, it's a big one. look, daebak. it's really big. look. (startled) this one is really big. - it's big. / - one, two. they don't bite. here, one for sua and one for seola.

(they get an eel each) (seola bravely carries the basket) i got it. look. (did you see me carrying it?) (i am not scared) daebak, touch it. go on, touch it. (the tail sticks out)

i'll hold it. (she throws the eel on the ground) - what is it? / - its tail keeps sticking out. let's leave them here and go into the restaurant. who will eat a lot of eels? - me. / - me. (no, it's me!) daebak, will you eat a lot as well? after the eels they caught outside are grilled,

they are seasoned in salt and wild raspberry. how does it taste? look, it's raspberry sauce. eating raspberry will make you strong. raspberry! give me. doesn't it look good? shall i try it first? it must be hot. (donggook doesn't care and takes the first bite)

(staring) (how does it taste?) it's really tasty. thumbs up. seola wants some too. - sua too. / - seola too. no, sua. - seola too. / - sua too. seola too.

(take my spoon!) (they could just eat together) (donggook gives the sisters cooked eel) ♪ dad, cheer up ♪ ♪ you have us ♪ - you only say that with food. / - i love you, dad. - only when i give you food... / - i love you. - dad. / - ♪ dad, cheer up ♪ ♪ we are here for you ♪

(blowing) there you go. there you go. don't you feel stronger? power! power! do you feel it? my goodness. do you feel the power? the first restaurant i took you to was an eel restaurant. you couldn't eat your formula

because i forgot to pack water. you could only smell the eels. last summer, the five siblings went out to eat for the first time. while his sisters and his dad enjoyed eels, daebak could only smell the food. he finally gets to taste eel after a year. - is it tasty? / - yes. do you feel stronger?

power... do you feel the surging strength? sir, is it true the tail is the best part of eels? - yes. / - why is that? eels enter the mud with the strength of their tails. i see. people ask me if eels are good for you. i have 5 children. daughter, daughter, daughter then son, son.

you have a lot of children too. have many? i have 5 children too. my goodness. sua, do you want the tail? i want the tail. i want it too. the oldest person should eat the tail, right? that's right. the tail should go to the oldest person. that's too bad.

right, children? i will eat the tail for more strength. the tail is the strongest part of an eel. this is the tail. dad, be strong. okay. i will eat this and be strong. eating this... will make you fat like grandma? (grandma gets attacked for no reason)

cheer up like grandma. you want me to be fat like grandma? grandma is so fat. do you think grandma is fat? grandma is fat. (please keep it a secret) (we will) (they are loyal) - it's the tail. / - the tail.

- i don't want it. / - are you full? then it will go to daebak. (daebak doesn't know what's going on) daebak, this is your lucky day. this is yours. you got the tail. the tail. you got the tail. you weren't supposed to get it. this is the best.

(he ate the tail) he is eating an eel's tail at 18 months. (it replenishes his energy) (he is a man on fire) i get that you feel the energy... but you shouldn't use it up right away. (it tastes amazing) (i love eels) i am glad i brought you here.

(what a lovely taste!) daebak. this is the last piece. let's leave after a toast. cheers. (clink) (it was an energizing day) it's already been 10 months since i joined the show. back then, i didn't know how to take care of my children.

i was such a beginner. the first time he went to the eel restaurant, he could only smell the fish. however, he enjoyed eels today and expressed his excitement. it made me proud but i also felt sad to see the children grow up so quickly. (o.g.g joint babysitting project) let's take a shower.

please wait a second. i will wash you up soon. (seoheun will go first) the 3 dads join forces to shower all 3 babies. let's wash your face first. wipe your face... here comes the water. (we take good care of our customers) back of the head...

(he has been rubbing his hands for a while) (gyojin is in charge of shampooing) (i will make your hair soft) that's enough. i need to lay this on the floor. (donggeun is in charge of drying) - that's good. / - let's go. (this salon has a good service) done.

get her. be careful. wrap her in a towel. (we provide the best service possible) - okay. / - you are done. - done. / - done. there you go. it feels good, doesn't it? - it's time to dry her. / - here. wipe her hair with this.

that's good. wipe her neck too. it feels good to have uncles help, right? doesn't it feel good? why does she keep looking around? (he swiftly brings a towel) - okay. / - thank you. they shower the babies and clean up afterwards quickly.

the salon boasts the best teamwork. (come to their salon) i want to send my children there. bathing babies is hard even with three people. she looks happy. we should have bathed you a long time ago. she must have wanted this. (i feel refreshed) (night time)

after a refreshing bath, the babies fall asleep. the dads enjoy a late dinner. they order in to satisfy their hunger. (the dads are hungry) (it looks tasty) (they eat hurriedly) (donggeun takes a bite too) i was so hungry.

this is how fathers live. (savoring) (he can't help but smile like a fool) (everyone freezes) (she's awake!) (dad is coming!) (please don't wake up) (sigh) it's impossible for us to sit down together.

(i was hungry) she must've been hungry. reasons why babies cry are pretty simple. they cry when they're hungry, or hot... tired. it's so hard to think of that in that moment. you're right. but moms somehow know. i know.

women raise them from inside the womb. you're right. that must be why babies love their moms. (sentimental) i miss my wife. (i know how you feel) i miss her especially around this time. i have an idea. we should send a text message to our wives.

(knows what's up) whoever calls the fastest wins? no. i'm disadvantaged. "honey, give me a call." - just five words. / - whoever gets the first call... will get a round of applause. whoever gets it the last... because it's so sad, will be exempt from breakfast duty. - 1st. / - what about the middle guy?

he can make breakfast. - he will be put on breakfast duty. / - okay. the person who gets the last call should get flicked in the forehead. (what?) well... why? we should feel sorry for him so he should be consoled.

it's unfair for the person in the middle then. if you flick me in the forehead... i won't flick you so hard. i'll make sure it doesn't scar. did you say scar? - "honey, give me a call." / - "honey, give me a call." don't add anything. i keep making typos and my hands are shaking. hit send at the count of three.

- 1... / - get ready. wait. put them all here. 1, 2, 3... - wait a minute. / - i hit send. send, send. (the text messages are gone now) make sure your phone isn't on silent mode. (they disable silent mode on their phones)

how do i switch on the sound? (it's ringing!) (another phone rings right afterwards) (who got the call after 5 seconds?) (no way) (gyojin is the first to receive a call) (after just one second..) (donggeun is second) (dumbfounded)

(the winner dances in joy) (is this a dream?) (is it really my wife?) this is unbelievable. - honey. / - honey. (their fates have been decided) were you on your phone? you must have seen my text right away. (isn't my wife the best?)

(i will count the seconds until my wife calls me) i am so happy. anyway, i have to make breakfast tomorrow because you called. (he tells his wife about his breakfast duty) (however, he looks happy too) really? i will call you back. don't put it on speaker. jiho, your phone's not ringing.

do your wives live with their phones in their hands? (donggeun prepares to flick the loser's forehead) hey... (he is ready to deliver the blow) i will hit you if you leave a scar. sure thing. (the youngest is pumped) (gyojin shed tears last time because of a prank) (he's ready for revenge)

my hand hurts. (same space but different moods) (he flinches) i'm not afraid of getting hit, or betting... isn't she supposed to call me back by now? exactly. thing is... the fact that she hasn't called back is quite sad. she must be sleeping.

- right? / - yes. hit me first. let's gather all the memories from today. i'm not very good. how do i hit him? should i hit him here? i haven't done this before. okay, let's do this. it's all for fun anyway. (then please allow me)

(gyojin's strong counterattack) (he runs away after hitting him) you almost made a hole in his head. (this can't be happening) she still hasn't called yet? (his expression shows his pain) it's red. it's all red. (you wait and see)

(the twins are in chungju) what are the twins doing on such a peaceful night? the mommy frog is here. are you the mommy frog? mommy frog. where's the baby frog? over here! ♪ sleep, sleep, my baby ♪ (mom, i'm not a tadpole any more)

- come and sleep with mommy. / - let's sleep. (i don't want to sleep) - go to sleep. / - i don't want to. (bump) i'm sorry. moms don't force their kids to sleep like that. you should go to sleep. i don't want to. (the baby frog decides to leave)

don't go, my baby! i got you. (the two frogs come out to sit on the terrace) (what is dad doing?) (hwijae is fixing the pushcart) what is that? it's a stroller. (is the basin a stroller?) i want to go inside.

(the convertible stroller departs) (this is amazing) scream if you're having fun! scream! is this really fun? (hwijae pushes it with all his might for the twins) let's go back to the room. (why did he prepare the stroller?) i wanted to make a present for the next guests.

i decided to use the pushcart and the basin to make a temporary stroller. you just need to stick it on here. once you stick it on... it will turn into a stroller. let's decorate it. i am... - here. / - okay. (this would look cool if i stick it here) - a frog. / - good.

look, i stuck it here! the frog. dad, i did this. what? (he imitates the frog) (looks 100% the same) how did you do that? (the next expression is...) (a surprised frog)

that's right. - good job. / - do this one. (you're an entertainment prodigy) (you're definitely my son) (he passes a tiny sticker to dad) (let me see) (the true entertainer helps his son) let me see. you look awesome. show the uncles.

- which uncle? / - over there. show him the mirror. say uncle to show you. (he checks himself in the camera) (the musical note stickers turned into a moustache) gosh. go away. did you see? what do you think? it's cool. it's cool, right?

what do you think, uncle? (he acts adorable) he's acting like he's pretty. who would like to help me? nobody. - there is. / - seojun. - this. / - who would like to help me? - then should i help you? / - yes, seojun. who wants to go get some tape from next door?

- me. / - that's right. wear your shoes. - i'll be right back. / - that's right. (wait for me tape, i'm coming) (the staff room is located next door) (he runs fast without hesitation) please give me some tape? (yes, that tape) (it's here)

- is this the one? / - yes. good job! high-five. nice, seojun. (hwijae cuts off the tape with his mouth) why did you cut it with your mouth? because it's hard to cut. mum will scold you if she sees you doing that. (i can't do anything in front of the kids) the present hwijae prepared for the superman family.

the super car the twins decorated... it's complete! (the super car is complete) the treasure soeul and daeul hid is there. try digging. dig deep. dig very deep. we're done. well done. this is the last hint.

(now, he only needs to bury it well) (the place where soeul and daeul hid the treasure) this is like a horror movie. it's become a horror movie. (can the next family find the treasure?) the next day at the twins' house. they have another full day planned. even their outfits look out of the ordinary. what are they up to?

the delight of sundays! metal tray karaoke! metal tray karaoke. when i say, "metal tray," you say, "karaoke." metal tray... karaoke! that's right! karaoke. - metal tray... / - karaoke! (everyone loved this show)

(hwijae, 13 years ago) (everyone was afraid of the metal trays) please start the seventh attempt. ♪ twinkle twinkle beautiful small stars ♪ small stars... (he got it wrong) ♪ beautiful small stars ♪ old school show, metal tray karaoke. please welcome today's guests,

lee seojun and lee seoeon. (hello) today it's metal tray karaoke. who's a good singer? who sings well? what song are you good at? 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ a, b, c, d, e, f, g ♪ ♪ h, i , j, k, l, m, n, o, p ♪

♪ let's go through the forest ♪ ♪ let's crawl through ♪ ♪ when you pass through the swamp ♪ - crocodile. / - ♪ crocodiles will appear ♪ ♪ crocodiles! ♪ good job! since they're going to kindergarten, i sing with them often. i sing to them before bed...

they sing out of the blue, whenever they feel like it. they like to sing. metal tray karaoke... i honestly think we'll succeed easily. small tray... seoeon, seojun, look. when she points at you, you sing. our first attempt, begin! (attempt 1)

(today's song is "my little brother") - get ready! / - dad, help me. go! (silence) (bang) you have to sing! ♪ my little brother ♪ you have to sing so i won't get hit. let's play the song.

(attempt 2) ♪ my brother has curly hair ♪ ♪ my mischievous little brother ♪ his name, his name... - ♪ his name ♪ / - that's right. it spilled. ♪ dad calls him a toad ♪ - what are you doing? / - ♪ sister calls him prince ♪ ♪ i don't know, i don't know ♪

that's right! that's it! that's good. let's do it. (attempt 3) seoeon first. (dancing) ready... - ♪ my brother ♪ / - that's right! ♪ has curly hair ♪

♪ he has one name ♪ ♪ but three or four nicknames ♪ that's right. next! ♪ mom calls him ♪ - ♪ boar! ♪ / - boar? you did so well in practice... i never mentioned boars... i've never even used that word before. no, no, that's correct.

what's correct? ♪ mom calls him piggy ♪ - we did well up till now. / - yes. but we can do better with one of these. pick one, seoeon. - i think it's this one. / - this one? good. "sing together." everyone, take a seat. (it's my turn to shine)

(will they be able to succeed?) "my little brother." let's go! sing louder! ♪ mom calls him... ♪ louder. ♪ piggy ♪ - ♪ dad calls him... ♪ / - ♪ toad ♪ that's right. ♪ sister calls him... ♪ ♪ a prince ♪ which one is... louder.

♪ is the right one? ♪ wow! we did it! kung-kung-tta next? lee seojun, kung-kung-tta. (twins kung-kung-tta, coming soon) before we meet mom, you have to help me with something, rohui. can you help me with the tofu? (tofu?)

rohui, mash the tofu. mash it for me. mash it. try mashing it. (can she do it?) (delicious) (dad, you should try some) rohui... this isn't for me to eat.

rohui, you're not supposed to eat this. watch. mash, mash. mash, mash. that's the way. ♪ like this, like this ♪ ♪ add the egg ♪ ♪ mash it ♪ (is this how i do it?) that's right. you're supposed to mash it.

please help me mash it. (will rohui be able to help this time?) (is she going to put it in her mouth?) (she stopped herself!) (she's thinking about it) (okay, i've made up my mind) (i should eat a lot) (this is delicious) (she's happy eating tofu)

(you're so tasty) (it's the return of the eating fairy) (if you're in my hand) (i will eat you up) rohui, are you doing well? (i'm not sure) you're mashing it, right? (just eat it) just then, rohui looks closely at her dad.

(a strange hand gesture) (what's she doing with her hands?) she's copying her dad with precision. this is why children are mirrors for their parents. (taeyoung missed it) (he's surprised) observing so closely then copying it... i did think that kids learn from their surroundings so i thought we should always be careful.

it made me realize i need to show her my best always. rohui starts to cook in earnest. that's right. you're such a good girl. dad's working hard too. we need to add the tofu you made. since you helped, we need to add it in. (he puts in the tofu rohui helped to mash) this is the first time you helped me cook something.

(did it come out well, dad?) they made a packed lunch for mom. he's as good as most housewives. (on a bright summer day) they head out to the park to meet up with mom. let's go, let's go. let's go. rohui! where are we? hangang! (it's a nice day to be outside)

today's weather is perfect for a picnic. rohui, when you see mom... tell her that you had a good time with me. - okay? / - yes. (he's waiting eagerly) (i really like it here) (eugene secretly approaches them) (roaring) mom's here!

look at her smile! (the family is reunited after 48 hours) yay! rohui's mom. you'll be shocked. i made a packed lunch. i made it with rohui. - did rohui really help? / - she helped me a lot. ta-da! (it looks delicious) what did rohui do?

she mashed the tofu. - here it is. / - gosh. (a lunch box filled made with love) rohui mashed all the tofu. - so this is rohui's work. / - she mashed it all. she mashed it. rohui, did you really mash it? (yes, i did) (our daughter is such a good girl)

- here. / - goodness me. it's a bit cold. it's really cold. - it's really cold. / - is it really cold? i had to make sure it doesn't go bad. it tastes even better because rohui made it. (i'm glad you like it) open this. - is this a present for me? / - of course.

when you're not around... i know you miss rohui. we made a record of what we did. (she's surprised) it looks so alike. dad prepared it to remember his special day with rohui. (it's a special memory for rohui and dad) rohui, have you seen this?

this is you and dad. i want to make one too. let's go back together. we'll go back together next time. - thank you. / - you're welcome. the plaster i asked you about... did you finish it? of course, i did. since we couldn't finish the plaster of

rohui's hands and feet, - yes. / - so finish painting it... - and let's make a new one. / - okay. this time we should do our hands too. then we should do ours first. should we? - let's do ours separately. / - okay. so one person can mind the baby. (she prepares the plaster)

there's more than enough. (she mixes it) go, mom! you can do it. we just need to print our hands. rohui! wink. - she winked. wink. / - wink. - good girl. / - so good. it's getting hard. i will take my hand out now.

look at this, rohui. what's this? (mom, what's wrong with your hand?) - let me do mine. / - okay. go slightly to the front. we need to apply it while rohui clenches her hands. will this work? will this go well? rohui, clench your hand. fist.

- clench it. / - she's not clenching. should we just try it? let's just try it. rohui, what's this? rohui. this isn't easy. what should we do? (she even tries to tear it off) it's okay. - did you get it off? / - yes, i did!

(did it turn out well?) how will rohui's hand print turn out? - so we just take this off? / - yes. we need to remove it carefully. you need to take it off bit by bit, slowly and carefully. (dad, did it turn out well?) mum, dad and rohui's plaster hand prints. how did they turn out?

(taeyoung takes out his print first) wow, it's good! wow, i didn't expect it to be so good. it's really good. (mom's print turned out well too) it's so much better than i'd expected. i swear. rohui's print is the problem. do you think it will be okay?

(did mine turn out well?) (he peels off the rubber cast carefully) so far so good. (i believe in you, dad) wow! that's so fascinating. (rohui's hand print is complete too) - it turned out well. / - rohui. this is your hand.

rohui! rohui is growing up day by day. they'll be able to cherish this moment for a long time. we'll take it out. (thank you, dad) let's write a letter to put into our time capsule. when is rohui going to open this? when she's an adult? before she gets married.

- when she has a baby. / - before she gives birth. - about... / - how long will that be from now? about 30 years from now, i guess. i hope we still have about 30 years. i agree. mom should write the letter. - dad should write it too. / - we will write it together. i'll dictate and you can write it down. - really? / - yes.

by the time you're reading this letter, you must be getting ready for motherhood too... my gosh, you're confusing me. (we should show her this footage too) (sincere) (i hope by the time you're reading this) (a pretty baby just like you is growing inside) (as we're making this time capsule) (dad is 37, mum is 35 and you're 13 months old)

(hope this shows how much we love you) (from mom to rohui, 30 years from now) at first, i was just writing it... but as i wrote on, i pictured the future. it felt strange. i felt something well up inside me. i pictured the future as if it was a movie. i don't want to think about that yet. it's too far from now.

i'll just hide our time capsule... and not look at it. i'll just forget about it because it's a time capsule. let's hurry. 1, 2. good girl! - 1, 2. / - 1, 2... next chapter. (the powerful twins come together!)

- hello! / - hello! the return of superman. chapter 135. "dad school." don't miss it.

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