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Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set Of 6

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set Of 6

hello! artist! how are you! today with a new video! this time he will do a tutorial of crayons tutorial of crayons is based on my own experience of as coloring with crayons for several years and learned on my own, researching, reading, watching art videos and going to comic conventions seeing cartoonists and manga always self-taught, always seeking and practicing a lot with pencils colours: d i have some knowledge of the subject of color, color'm practicing a lot, you know very well that we never stop learning every day: d

guys have to be humble, simple and friendly without believing that we know everything. there is always a cartoonist better than another we have to have the mindset of tranquility, concentration and a lot of study and practice to be better ourselves every day in this tutorial. i'll teach you. as i paint with colored pencils. if you have any doubts. leave it in the tray reviews to help: d i'd love you to share the video, to learn more artists!

in your social networks.facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, snapchat: d let's start with the tutorial these are my sketchbook sketchbook first name is fabriano his art paper is not very thick but potentially to draw quick sketches with crayons, markers and pencils this art paper is not really his name only that this role of art is very good! it's excellent! it is an art paper heavyweight between 150 grams to 200 grams

in this paper i hate art liquid watercolor yes i calculate art paper having a basis weight of 150 or 200 grams this art paper i like is mixed media here are some examples where i describe this art paper serves different techniques: d drawing techniques such as pencil, colored pencils, acrylics, watercolors, ink and markers the colors used for this tutorial are the premier prismacolor 72 colors, 120, 132 and 150 will be easier to match colors. for its wide range that have these colors prismacolor pencils premier colored end will be faster but if you're mixing too many colors can do: d

everyone has their own technique and i respect: d this paper highly recommend it. : d this art paper because his name is cardboard illustration. :v xd this card illustration art, i really like. you can make very many effects with colored pencils. there are several effects that you can do without any problem, from the most complex to the easiest to do. this card illustration art is mixed medium, can use from pencil, colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, oil, acrylic, ink, markers and a lot of drawing materials these are some examples of drawing i made with this card art illustration this card illustration art his name is gilbert.

it contains 50% cotton in its surface. this is a lightweight cardboard art and smooth. this cardboard gilbert illustration art i really like and i'm drawing a lot in it this cardboard art illustrations will help you a lot when you are painting with your favorite drawing material. bond paper is good but to make quick sketches or drawings, but if you want a drawing paper art and that is also very good quality, you'll need to draw art papers heavyweight and very good quality. if in your country you can get this catulina art gilbert get it! if you can not get with other test papers art drawing but with smooth superfice and having at least 30% cotton or more! or an intermediate of 50% cotton and cardboard gilbert this illustration. for the years then i'll be making, i'll use fabric fabriano paper the following colors are light green, medium green, bright green, white also need a pencil sharpener i will not use the black color, in this example the illustration takes black color, takes you to the original photo wearing black, besides the black gives it more contrast your picture but also saturates and sometimes makes your drawing display ugly

i have three color techniques always used when drawing i will make an example, this example is a cube. in this cube i'll paint it on all sides with these colors. i always start coloring strong color and strong pulse while i'm moving forward down the force to obtain a lighter color what i do is to color all sides of the cube. always on the same side, i will not combine colors yet ... after applying enough strength in color and while i'm down force to obtain a lighter color. repeatedly to start once more and once more ... it's like being created layer by layer: d follow a stronger and clearer then ever, with all the colors we have in hand.

you can try this exercise with more figas 3d and other colors. this makes our vision of colors is great, we also provide the facility to combine the colors for our next illustrations: d in the following example: makes a square. here i have my light and my shadow here. i start coloring strong and i'm down force to get the lighter color. coloring up where unemployment is satisfied: d add the siguiento color is green intermediate color combination and i'll just like a while, but this time if i put force but must be less for no more than the lighter color. then add the bright green but this is going to be a minimum asher darker color can clog the colors are. also in the direction of the shadow i do the same but start with the green intermediate and finally the bright green but gently so as not to cover the intermediate color.

this was the first technique. in this second technique with this palette is a medium pink, half purple and strong purple. i begin with this intermediate purple, drawing strong with color and strength to go down to give way: d take the next color and combine with another color, the color will be lost but no problem. i use a lighter color on this occasion to give a clearer picture small pink lights. also used to give white light to the drawing and it also added the pink: d finally i use the strong to combine with the intermediate color i will degrade until that so purple. recapitulating it in the two techniques need to handle our pulse so well. now the graphic examples.

here we have some lenses. think they already are by finishing them: dbut they can not finish it because they can not get the exact colors. then let our palette in this case blue. we started to verify that colors are similar to the image. i start taking a strong blue color, an intermediate blue, light blue, a light blue for detail and finally the white to make some highlights. with these colors represent pus in drawing this picture: d and begin to make tests comparing them with the image side and even combining them with another color to get the result. we started making the example and chosen colors. make the shape of the lens, then i start with the strongest color and start painting strong force going down to have a lighter color.

intermediate blue combine with strong blue. always seeing the image coloring never let you see the picture and still colored so once again once more ... sharpener i recommend is called kum much is very good sharpener combinadolos continue until the drawing represents the imgagen i'm their cheating. i use to shine the light blue and white color, this makes small or large details make lusca drawing i'm doing, we must never forget those little details: d for the following year it is a perfume but only makes pure cap: d in this case i take my gray palette colors begin to compare. sometimes the exact colors not found then that is where notros debeos of being able to combine as they are in the image. white is always present so try to buy many black and white colors: d

other exercises that i recommend you do is the following. many boxes do you like that. try to combine the colors with each other. colors example would be:dark brown, intermediate cafes, oranges, browns, yellows loud and clear. lip. the colors are carmine red, pink, cream, yellow and white. another exercise that also i do is make patterns with small drawings or forms, this is because although we know that in the clothes we use and we see in today's fashion and retro colors are used in all types through the light colors for the planes, for the neutral to dark. here we have a sexy girl xd where i am applying these patterns to perform xd. this is another example of patterns but applied now in the girl's pants

to finish the tutorial. i leave these illustrations. all this that i show is based on a lot of practice, i explain these techniques here are the same as applied in my artwork. i want them to have good luck, patience and lots of practice in their artwork. if you liked the video let me your like, your subscription and also please share it :d thank you very much to see the video i hope you enjoyed it a lot and we will be looking to next video tutorial bye !!!! : d

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set Of 6