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Jumat, 07 April 2017

Anime Coloring Pages That You Can Print

Anime Coloring Pages That You Can Print

hey everyone this is mei yu and welcometo tutorial thursday last week i showed you how to draw in color a cute and easyfun2draw rainbow sundae thank you for all your support with yourlikes subscribes and shares today i'm going to show you how to draw an animeharley quinn from suicide squad step by step if you want more advanced tutorials youcan see this playlist for easier anime manga tutorials you can see this and formy cute and easy fun2draw tutorials you can see this playlist i hope my different art can help youexpand your creativity and drawing
skills in different ways alright so first i'm going to use mypencil and let's draw a circle for the head it's just a simple little circle likethat to represent the skull it doesn't have to be perfect or anything once we have like a round shape thenlet's go into the face so i like to draw a line going at an angle that meets thecircle on this side so she's going to be turned this way and then i'll go i'lltouch the circle then i'll go down towards her cheek
and then i'm going to curve just alittle bit and then keep going down towards the pointy chin ok once we have the chin area i'm going to start to curve up a littlebit more like this and then i'll go up towards the cheek and then the jaw right ok so we have her jawline and then theside of the face on that side just gonna make this skull line a littlebit bigger yeah and then all you erase this smallercircle
okay once we have the basic head and theface shape let's go into the details so first i like to draw a middle linefor the face and of course because she's facing towards the side this middle line is notactually like in the middle of the shape but it has to follow the face so this is going to be the middle partof the base here and let's do a one curved line pretty high up so this isgoing to be for the upper eye line or for the eyebrows and then the lower i line let's draw itlike that and you can see how i'm making
these lines curve or not like straightlines because the head is round so i like to make the lines follow the contour of the surface okay once we have these let's go intothe features so i like to start with a nose and it's going to follow thismiddle line go down like that and this is just going to be a prettytypical anime characters knows i've seen lots of characters have a simple pointy line like that so i think for this tutorial give her nose like this
and make sure i like to draw a littlesmall line for the nostril my characters underneath that lets go into a valve andlet's give her a nice big smile and the line like this and then go down so we have linker going across anotherone going down unless you're one more curve going down this way to form alittle triangle for the mouth if any of you want more practice withdrawing different faces and different characters you can see my other fun2draw and anime manga tutorials and then you can see how i handle differentfeatures different hair styles and
different phases so i hope that helpsyou guys ok so once we have this triangle let'sdraw a little bit of the teeth for this tutorial i'm going to simplify the frontteeth like that just the life and then maybe a tongue like that ok and once we have the mouth now i'm going into the lips so for theupper lip i want to curve up slightly and then down towards the corner of thebelt right here let's make that a little bit longer allright there we go and now for the bottom lip
i want to follow this curve just make alittle bit thicker ok as i'm drawing this mouth i think weneed the chin to be a little bit bigger so let's draw the face a little bitlonger so as you're going along the dry you can always keep checking yourproportions as you add more features you might think you might need to have tomake some features bigger smaller or longer so just go ahead and keepadjusting the drawing as you go ok so once we have the chin going intothe ear drawing a little shape like that and now we'll leave it for now ok now onto the eyebrows so for this lying here
is just going to be a guy like i'm notgoing to follow it exactly i'm going to draw the eyebrow startingwith a point along this line and it's going to march up like that and then youwill follow the line here so go down a little bit and then let'smake it thicker so just draw another line underneath and the end of theeyebrow be quite slim so just take her that off right here so something like that and then theother eyebrow will be very similar going to wrap itself around from that side ofthe face and i'll come towards the front okay great so once we have her i rose
let's start with the eyes so i'm goingto go on this side here let's imagine a distance and i'll godown here to start the top pilot go down a little bit just slightly andthen i'm going to draw her lash line so this line is quite thick and darkcompared to the other lines ok so once we have the lash line i want to draw a little corner of itcome down at this angle sometimes i like to do this for mycharacters just a little triangular corner like that and then i'm going tomake this little bit longer on the site ok
now i'm going to do a little bit of acorner on the side here and then the lashes can start to comeoff from this dark line and they'll go up as in triangles ok i gave her wild lashes because ithink it fits your character so once we have the lashes here let's godown towards the bottom part of the eye and the bottom lid is usually going tobe slimmer than the top lid that's how i like to draw my characterseyes so just like that it's a little curvethat goes up from this lower eye guide
okay once we have this big space let'sfill it in with the iris and then i'll show you how to draw the highlight andthe pupil so we have a little line coming down and then we'll have another line here so this is just one way to draw an animeor manga characters eyes there are many different ways to do it but for thistutorial this is so i'm going to draw it with the lines like that okay for this highlight i'm not going todraw the usual oval and the eye if you like you can go ahead and do thatfor yourself but for this tutorial i
think for me i want to draw something alittle bit different and let's try a little oval that kind of goes into thisiris part so i have seen some characters withthese kind of highlights in their eyes and i think it's quite different andvery interesting so i like to try that for today ok so we have this and then let's gointo the pupil which is just an overall inside the iris look at that ok ok so we have her pupil is just shadedin so it stands out and the pupils the
darkest part of the eye let's get that in nice and dark all right and i'll do a little bit of shading inthe upper part of the iris not too much basically i'm just pressing really lighton my pencil but i'm going to ink this drawing over afterwards too and then you can see how i'm gonnahandle that with my thinking pin ok but for now let's just leave the ilike this add a few more of these little lashes onthis site
ok so we have eye let's go into thesecond i on this side and because of theperspective of the face everything on this space will be kind ofsquished compared to this side and it's also turning around following the curve of the head so this is how i'm going to draw this i this line is going to be the top partand then the lash line goes underneath because everything has got more squishedon this side
i'm going to change the proportions tomatch the perspective ok so i have the lash line which isquite dark and thick that's how i like it for the lash lineand then let's draw the eye lash rose and maybe a little bit of the island andthat's it but you can't really see too much because of how she's turned herhead ok so once we have the top part let's gointo the bottom just like before drive on the second i like it
ok and then be iris so two lines coming down followed by the highlight going across so it's going to be shorter than thatand then the people coming down and it goes underneath the highlight so when ishade in the pupil i'm not going to shade in the highlight that's the highlight has to stay andwait for a shiny look ok so we have her eyes yeah just shade the top part a littlebit
ok excellent now let's go into her hairbut before i do think i'll give harley a little heart right here on the cheek by the way i'm curious what kind ofmovies do you guys like to watch like superhero movies action movies fantasyadventure anime let me know in the comments below ok soi'm going to get rid of these guidelines now so then you can see the face better okwe have her face them now let's go into her hair i'm going to show you how to draw hercool hairstyle step by step
first i'll start with its curved linethat kind of goes up and it follows the curve of the sculpt once i have that i'mgoing to her bangs first and i'm going to stylize it for this anime tutorial ok so i'm going to go up a little bitand then let's go down so this piece kind of hangs down infront of the face line and then going to go up here like that and then go down so now we'reforming the thickness of the hair so i'm going to style i some parts forthis anime tutorial so we have one piece
the bangs and just another little line for detail maybe a few more than and now for the other side let's go up come across a little bit now for the underside let's just drawfor the hair meets the head and then i'm going to go down and get all the waydown it's ok if you go across the eyebrow andthe lashes and then just keep going down
i've seen many anime characters thatactually show their eyebrows and lashes through the hair putting us free cool now let's go down on this side for thethickness just like that is going to extend this headline towardsthe hair get rid of this part of the face in here ok cool so we have her cool bangs comingdown on either side of her face just draw a few more lines in there for extradetail and texture and now for the top part of her head
i'm going to draw a curve going aroundlike that and then another curve so this actuallythis line right here is actually the middle part of her hand so that's the part in her ear and thengoing to go keep going around keep going curve and then go downtowards this year let's make this your little bit biggerfor them okay once we have these two curves let's go into her cool all right so i'm gonna draw loverponytails at the system
i'm going to draw the little band onthis side to hold the ponytail in place so it's quite circular and then fromhere let's draw a basic shape first so it's going to come out as a curve godown let's go down here and then for this tutorial i'm going to give her somenice wavy ends so like that and then on this side let's make the thickness so anothersmaller curve and it's going to go down go past the ear like that and then let's make her and isvery pretty and glamorous that now i'm just drawing more of thesebasic lines to show the hairstyle better
like this she's got some little layers and if you want more practice on drawingdifferent hairstyles you can check out some of these videos and i hope thathelps you create your own different hairstyles for characters so basically just repeat these kind of slines as you go lots of different s curves and here justkeep building them and keep repeating them until you get the hair style youlike okay i'm going to go ahead and draw afew more lines to break up all of these
empty spaces in the hair so that's going to make your drawinglook more realistic okay once we have this big tail donelet's go into the other side so of course you're not going to seethis part in this perspective because it's gonna be like over here and him areyou going to see of course this big curve coming up sostraw that coming out like that on this side and then just same thing it's going togo down and then have the nice glamorous wavy end
okay this one is going to go out andthen imagine that coming down maybe it's gonna go close to the face and then into the so i have a lot of these curved linesrepeating that really helps you build the volume in your hair curve the other way and then curved back ok i think she's looking pretty cool soshe's got her cool little pigtails going on
and for this area looks very bare solet's add these lines to show the direction of the hair and that's goingto make this area look more realistic so all of the hair is going to be comingin towards this area because of being pulled in towards the pic - and then on this side you're not goingto see that but we can show the direction of the hair going towards that. ok let's add a little bit of the ear ok now for our body so let's draw a neckgoing down for this to try only going to go up to like her front so will be thewhole body because i like to focus on
her face and the upper body for thistutorial so we have her neck and then for theshoulder comes out may be right around here i think i'm gonna just the shoulderlet's move it let's move the shoulder up to give her more of an attitude having that's cool yeah that's a moreplayful look this by raising that shoulder your kind of changing the wholelook of the character which i think it's pretty cool draw the shoulder like that and then herfriend kind of goes out
so here's a curve and then the body and then for the other side sothis shoulder is going to be going back down like this maybe the arm has been to a little bitand then this front would be a curve like that and in her body so just finished on the other line forthe arm and then this arm kind of goes against the body
ok now let's put on some details for hertop so let's draw the collar and i'm goingto simplify some things to make it easier for you guys to follow along i'm going to draw the color kind of likethat has a nice little opening for the neck and then let's add a few wrinklesaround major folds in areas in the body to make the fabric looks off so i havesome lines around the bust area and then a little wrinkle before it kind of ends around thewaist i'm just going to draw a little line foryour shorts fun wanted to go into the
details in short and then let's imaginethe middle line for the body so maybe her belly button is right around here and then her sleeves i'm going to draw two stripes near theelbow area and i'm keeping the line slightly curved to show the curve of thesurface in the arm so here are the other two lunes and then she's got this red area on top
that so i'm just going to draw the majorthings and she's got this cool choker aroundthe neck and i'll just draw some quick little details and not going to go intotoo much of the specific things in there ok so once we have those if you're alittle bit of the collarbone you should like to draw that for mycharacters there we go and then here let's drawdaddy's little monster i like that it's so cute i'm going to simplify the details in theletters for this tutorial
d a why yes and the l is quite loopy to go basic shape for the l i and together
and then little space and is quitestylized i'm going to start with a curve ok that's how you can draw harley quinnas an anime character and now i'm going to ink it ok so i'm going to use my brush pen togo over the drawing with some black line and i'm not going to do this step bystep but if you want to see how i ink a picture step by step you can see thistutorial and i hope that so first i'm going over the lines in theface and then we'll go into the other areasof the drawing ok so i got her cool smile and now forher eyes let's go into the upper eyelid
and for the lash line going to make aquick nice lashes i'm going into the eye so i have thehighlight and i'm going into the iris area the pupil make a really dark and for thelight shading above this area here so let's go into the shading with somelittle lines i just have three little lines right here so that's going to represent a littlebit of the shading that i did before but not going to go into much because i dolike how bright and white be irises at
the bottom because i like the contrastbetween the white of the iris and then the dark part of the people i thinkthat's quite striking so i'll leave it ok so i have one i done now i'm going tothe other one all right i hope you guys enjoyed thisand let me know how you feel about it in the comments below and thank you forsupporting art and my fun2draw channel with your likes subscribes and by sharing myfun2draw videos with your friends and social media i'll see every week on tutorial thursdayand friday there we go
Anime Coloring Pages That You Can Print
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