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Rabu, 12 April 2017

Christmas Tree Dot To Dot Coloring Pages

Christmas Tree Dot To Dot Coloring Pages

...on a crisp colddecember morning fouryearold caillou wasasleep snug as a bug with gilbert his cat. caillou's daddy was alreadyoutside shoveling snow while caillou's littlesister rosie and his mommy were in the kitchenpreparing breakfast... ...time to get up caillou! yawn! here you go rexy youcan stay nice and warm.

gilbertwhat are you doing? wow! daaaady! look at all the snow!come on gilbert! caillou was excitedto see so much snow. he couldn't wait togo outside and play. gilbert? (giggles) silly cat!get out of there! (giggles)

daddy i'm almost ready to gooutside and shovel with you. but you haven't had yourbreakfast yet caillou. we'll go outtogether later ok? caillou was upset because hewanted to go outside right away. ok daddy. caillou! rosie eat yourcereal sweetheart. good morning caillou. huh! 'morning.

hmm? did someone wake up on the wrong side ofthe bed this morning? caillou wanted to comeoutside and help me shovel but i told him he hadto eat breakfast first. (purrrr!) well someone's hungrywhy don't you feed gilbert? ok gilbert.i'll get your food. gilbert hungry! gilbert no!

get down. come on rosie ah!let's get you dressed. here you go partner. you'll need your energy tohelp me shovel all that snow! caillou washungry after all and he was looking forwardto helping daddy outside. brrrmmmm! look rosie i'm a snowplow! hey!

i'm gonna get you! clementine! hi caillou! caillou was happy to seehis friend clementine. he had no ideashe was coming over and caillouloved surprises! hi rosie! hi! oh how lovely! come on in.

wheeeeee! tag! you're it! i'm gonna getyou clementine! = ha ha ha ha! hi caillouhi clementine. here it's an invitation tomy school's christmas play. wow! a christmas play. yes! i'll be there too. mybrother billy is in the play.

that means santais coming soon! caillou knew thatchristmas was coming soon but he didn't quiteknow exactly when. is santa comingtonight sarah? not that sooncaillou in two weeks. two weeks? what will i do until then? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ i'm just a kid who's foureach day i grow some more

♪ i like exploringi'm caillou ♪ there's big news todaychristmas is not far away ♪ santa i'd like tosay i'm caillou ♪ there is a toy i'djust love to get ♪ i've been a good boyso santa don't forget ♪ angels and candy canefrost on my window pane ♪ santa please hearmy name i'm caillou ♪ caillou caillou ♪ i'm caillou

ha ha! ♪ bring in the christmastree with lights all twinkly ♪ for daddy mommyrosie and caillou ♪ christmas is the day toshare with friends and play ♪ please santa come this wayi'm caillou ♪ reindeer are prancingthrough the air ♪ santa's elves are dancingthere's laughter everywhere ♪ santa pleasehear my name i'm caillou ♪ caillou cailloui'm caillou

ha ha ha ha! that's me! sarah andclementine had left and caillou was happy tocome in from the cold. did you havefun sweetheart? uh huh! don't forget to putyour stuff away please. ok brrrm... i'm a snow plow.

what are youdoing mommy? i'm writing christmas cardsto our friends and family to wish them a merry christmas. sarah says thatchristmas is in two weeks is that a long time away? we'll let's see... christmas is exactlydays away. which doesn't leave us muchtime to get everything done! like what?

well first sendoff these cards then we have to get atree decorate the house and of course there'sthe santa claus parade. santa's in a parade!? when? hmm... in a few days i guess. caillou was very excited atthe thought of seeing santa. but he was a littleconfused about how many days wereleft until christmas! can i draw somethingon your cards mommy?

how would you like to makeyour own christmas cards? oooh! gilbert? aheehee! silly cat. i'm gonna make a cardfor mommy and daddy and rosie and gilbert. oh! and sarah andleo and clementine. hi caillou. stop it rosie.

you're stepping onmy christmas cards. rosie stop! what's wrong caillou? rosie is steppingon all the cards that i'm givingmy friends! rosie give too! come on rosielet caillou work and we'll think of somethingelse for you to give ok? oh! i almost forgot!grandma and grandpa.

caillou worked all afternoonon his christmas cards... here you go rosie. do you want mommy to help youmake a present for caillou? we could draw apicture together. but rosie didn't want mommyto help her. she wanted to be like her big brother and dosomething all by herself. daddy! look at all thechristmas cards i made. can we give them tomorrow?

we usually mailchristmas cards caillou. but they need thembefore christmas. don't worry everyone willget their cards on time. here this christmascalendar will help you keep track of how many daysare left until santa comes. see these windows? there are of them one foreach day left until christmas. i can count to ! .

good for you! now everynight starting tonight we'll open one window anddiscover a story behind it. i like stories. you'll like thesestories a lot. each window shows us how christmas is celebrateddifferently all over the world. with a tree andpresents and santa? well that depends some children celebratechristmas in different ways.

can i open a window? sure. this one. it's stuck. caillou didn't wantto tear the calendar so he opened itvery carefully. he was anxious to see whatwas behind the little door. a christmas tree! this is how christmas wascelebrated a long time ago in a country called germany.

would you like tohear more about it? in a country far far away there lived a youngboy about your age who loved going towork with his father. his name was fritz and hisfather was a lumberjack who cut down treesfor a living. fritz liked to watchthe men do their work and he knew that someday he would grow up to be a lumberjackjust like his father.

fritz and his dad headed intothe village to sell their trees. (neigh!) fritz noticed thatthe men didn't use the tiny little tree atthe bottom of the sled. but fritz suddenly hadan idea how that little tree could be used.he thought the tree would look nice in hishouse at christmas time. and fritz loved the smell oftrees better than anything else. fritz's motherthought the tree

could use a little decorationand since that time people in many parts of the worldhave brought an evergreen tree into their homesat christmas time. i like the christmascalendar daddy. tomorrow night we'llopen another window. and now it's time foryou to go to sleep. good night caillou.(kiss). good night daddy. and caillou fell asleepdreaming about germany

and fritz and christmas trees. caillou woke up in a bighurry the next morning. ergh! can we get achristmas tree today? uh good morning caillou. um good morning. so can we get a tree? i think that'sa great idea. me too.

i'll call a friend of mineand see if we can come by. what friend daddy?go where? when? haha! you'll's a surprise. caillou lovedsurprises but he really wanted toknow who daddy was calling and where they were going toget their christmas tree. who is daddy calling? can't tellit's a surprise. all set.

let's finish breakfastget dressed and get going! yayyy! rosie is sure sleepingin late this morning. (meow) gilbert hiding? ♪ gilbert where are you? ha ha ha! silly cat. caillou and his family left togo and get a christmas tree. but caillou still didn'tknow where they were going.

where are wegoing daddy? yeah where daddy? you'll find out soon. but all caillou could see were trees on eitherside of the road. i know! we're going togermany right daddy? = ha ha ha!no caillou! rosie look!it's jonah's farm! jonah! horsie!

but caillou was suddenlydisappointed. he liked jonah but he thought they were goingto get a christmas tree today. but what aboutthe tree daddy? that's why we're here. jonah has a christmas tree farm! ohhhh! welcome back caillouuuuu! wheeeee! me too!

wheee! the place looks beautifulin the wintertime jonah. thanks it's ourbusiest time of year what with the christmastree farm and all. what's a tree farm jonah? you know that at christmastime a lot of people like a tree to put intheir house to decorate. so i grow trees justfor that purpose. kind of like a tree garden?

exactly. i think someone over therewould love to take you all for a sleigh rideto the tree farm. ginger! blackie! here you go caillou do youremember how to feed them? gentle... good boy blackie. i think he remembersyou caillou. can we go to thetree farm now jonah? absolutely but firstwe need a blanket

to keep us warm onthe sleigh ride. could you do me a favor andget the big red blanket from inside thebarn caillou? (neigh!!!) caillou was startledby the noise. hello horsieyou're my size. i have to go now we'regoing on a sleigh ride. bye horsie. here jonah.

there's a littlehorse in the barn. yes there isthat's our new colt. colt? yes. that's what wecall a baby horse. maybe you can comeback in the spring to see how muchshe's grown. oh boy! sure! is everybody ready? = yes!

yaa! then here we go! yaha! and they all headed offto find a christmas tree. look at all thechristmas trees rosie! whoa! blacky! whoa! ginger! did you enjoy the ride? = yeah! christmas trees everywhere!

hee hee hee! choose any tree you like. ok. come on rosie. there were so many trees. caillou didn't know how theywere going to pick one. rosie! are you hiding? i know where you're hiding.behind that tree!

i see you! you hide caillou. caillou and rosie thoughtthe christmas tree forest was a great place toplay hide and seek. caillouuuu! caillou? caillou didn't wantrosie to find him. so he stayed very quiet. but suddenlycaillou felt alone.

and he didn't wantto play anymore. caillou didn't likebeing all by himself. rosie?... mommy?... daddy? there you are caillou. did you find a tree you like? these trees are bigand scary. well why don't we goover to another row where there are smallertrees more your size. ♪♪ the christmas treesare in a field

♪ one will growthe tallest ♪ the tree that doesn'tget sunlight ♪ will end upthe smallest ♪ now there is one special treesmall and bent and hard to see ♪ as tiny as a tree can bethat's different you'll agree ♪ bent and tinychristmas tree ♪ pretty as atree can be ♪ bent and tiny christmas treethe perfect tree for me! now caillou see howeach tree is different.

just like you and me. ♪ for some trees it is betterto grow up straight and tall. ♪ but sometimesstrong winds blow ♪ then it's betterto be small ♪ tall is good and so is smalltrees have different lengths. ♪ whatever sizeit doesn't matter ♪ each has different strengths. ♪ pretty as atree can be. ♪ bent and tiny christmas tree

♪ the perfect tree for me. ♪ the perfecttree for me! ♪♪ i really likethis tree mommy. really? but it's so small andit has a big bend in it. why did you pick this one? because it's just likethe tree in daddy's story. you're right.what do you think rosie? christmas treeee!

well that settles it. caillou was proud to havepicked the christmas tree and wanted to be sure it was in the best spotin the living room. can we put the tree in themiddle of the room daddy? it would be a better idea ifwe put it in a corner caillou. over there! no wait! that corner would be better.

no umm maybe over there! whup! perfect! whoooa! gilbert! caillou was very happywith how his tree looked and he knew exactlywhat it needed to become a real christmas tree. that evening caillouhad a brilliant idea.

he wanted to make a special star to put on top of his veryown special tree. meanwhile... rosie had afew ideas of her own. rosie made a present forgilbert. all by herself! that's wonderful rosie! oh you're such a big girl now. (giggles) daddy funny. yes daddy's funny. what are you doing withthe wrapping paper?

rosie big girl now! gilbert cut that out. shooo! go away. oooofff! giiiiilbert! are you alright? ha! ha! daddy's very funny. now could you pleasehelp me up! could we help youdecorate the tree daddy?

i think that's agreat idea caillou. what's that rosie? pwesent. there you gowhy don't you two help me finishdecorating the tree? mine! mommy gavethis one to me! caillou saw howupset rosie was so he decided to lether have the ornament.

here rosieyou can have it. that was verynice of you caillou. christmas is a time ofgiving and of sharing and you did a very goodjob of sharing with rosie. can i put my star up now? that's a great idea let'ssee that star of yours caillou. what's so funny? daddy funny! and now the lights!

wait! i want the room dark. ready?... = aaah! the tree doesn'tlook little anymore. it looks great! it's the besttree we've ever had! caillou and his family allloved their christmas tree. now it felt likechristmas in their home.

when caillou got tobed he was very tired. did you have fun today? and now i can't wait till santa puts all my presentsunder the tree. christmas is about more thangetting presents from santa. really? like what? christmas is atime for giving especially to those who aren'tas fortunate as we are. what does "fortunate"mean mommy?

we're very fortunate becausewe have a beautiful home and we always haveplenty to eat and you're very fortunateto have all these toys. but i don't playwith all of them. i have an idea. why don't you gather up thetoys that you don't play with and tomorrow we'll makesure they go to children who will enjoy them asmuch as you once did. now it's time to open anotherchristmas calendar window.

let's see there's eleven windowsso if you open one how many windows are left? ! right! tomorrow there will be tenmore days until christmas. let's see what we have. what is it mommy? this is how children ina country called mexico

celebrate christmas. would you like tohear what they do? yes yes! several daysbefore christmas mexican children have a parade. they dress up asshepherds and as angels and a young girl dressedas mary rides a donkey. a little boy dressed asjoseph leads the way. following them arethree children

dressed up as the wise kings. they dress up to tellthe story of christmas. did you know that inmexico they speak spanish? spanish? it's a beautiful language. do you want to know how to saymerry christmas in spanish? feliz navidad. feliz navidad! caillou liked learningnew words and he liked

how merry christmassounded in spanish. i wish i could bein a parade too. good night caillou.sleep tight. and don't letthe bed bugs bite. when caillou woke uphe remembered the idea of giving away some toys hedidn't play with anymore. c'mon rexy. we have some work to do. see rexy? i don't playwith these toys anymore

the way i play with you. what caillou doing? i'm giving these toys away. rexy? ha ha ha! no silly!not rexy! these toys that i don'tplay with anymore. i'm giving them to kids who don't have as manytoys as me and you. no duckie.

no rosie. these are for kids whoaren't as fortunous as us. but rosie like duckie. ok you can keep duckie. look mommy. these are the toys ipicked to give away. good for you caillou. they're going tomake lovely presents. how about some breakfast.

you must be hungry afterall that hard work. rosie didn't quite understandabout giving and sharing. but she wanted tomake caillou happy so she decided to wrapup rexy and give him to caillou as a surprisechristmas present. see rosie? i'm packing all thethings i'm giving away. oh! i forgot something! rosie wanted to giveaway some things too.

give away! but she didn't quiteunderstand what to give away. mommy and caillou weregoing to the place where caillou's toyswould be given away. but caillou didn't knowexactly where it was. where are we going mommy? here's a clue. what's big and red and... santa claus!

yes but what's big andred and has a loud siren. i know! a fire truck! and where do wefind fire trucks? in a fire station! you got it! at christmas time some firemencollect toys and give them away to children as presents. like santa! caillou really liked thegreat big fire trucks.

the firemen had used them torescue gilbert from a tree. here let me help you. thank you. it's nice to see you again. hi. are these toys thatyou're giving away? uh huh. well that's verygenerous of you caillou. sparky!

sparky was very happy tosee caillou again too! ha! ha! i taught sparky anew trick caillou. wanna see? give the paw sparky. good boy! do you wanna try? sparky give the paw. good boy sparky!

let's go take a look at what'sin this big box of yours. stacie we havesome more items. what are you doing? i'm fixing up some toys tomake them good as new again. now let's see whatyou've brought. huh? how did that get in there? ha ha ha! this is a strange toy.

and there's more... i know! rosie put them there. ha! rosie probably saw yougiving things away and wanted to add afew things of her own. now this is better. let me see. hmm i have justthe thing to fix it.

do you wanna help me caillou? wow! look at all the wheels! let's see... i think thisone will be a perfect fit. can you hold the truck for me? there! is it alright? it's just like new. great! why don't you bring itover so i can wrap it.

is something wrong? now that caillou'struck was working again he wasn't sure he stillwanted to give it away. caillou you're going tomake a little boy very happy when he gets to playwith your truck. caillou thought about it anddecided that it would make him happy to give his truck tosomeone else for christmas. here. can i help you wrap it? you sure can.

this truck is goingto make someone very happy this christmas. and it's all thanksto you caillou. that night caillou was ina big hurry to get to bed. rexy rexy! daddy's going to tell usanother christmas story. oh it's you teddy. i was looking for rexy. ready for anothercalendar story?

let's see how manywindows are left. so we open one tonight andtomorrow there will be nine days left 'til christmas. it looks likea classroom. you're right! this takes place a long timeago in a country called england. the children are at school and they're writingletters to their families. the parents thoughtthe letters were

so beautifully decoratedthey decided to send holiday greetings to theirfriends and families too. soon people all aroundthe world were sending beautifully decoratedholiday cards to each other. that's when christmascards started. that's right. and now bedtime. sweet dreams caillou.(kiss) when caillou wokeup he remembered

his christmas cards and wantedto mail them right away. hi mommy. hi rosie. can we mail mychristmas cards today? sure can i see them? clementine and sarahand jason and jeffrey. hmm... i think you forgot someone! who? how about aletter for santa?

santa! yay! santa! caillou decided to draw apicture of all the toys he wanted santa tobring him this year. rosie too. horsie. what's that? a space station. is that what you wantsanta to bring you?

and a new truck and newskates and a baseball and a soccer ball anda football and a... whoa don't you thinkthat's an awful lot? ♪ ♪ all that cailloujust to please you ♪ don't you thinkit is too much ? ♪ no no mommy thereare more toys ♪ santa should bringme in a rush. ♪ santa bring me always me meare you just my me me boy? ♪ but i want a fire engine ilike getting lots of toys.

♪ you like gettinglots of toys. ♪ what about giving ?what about caring ? ♪ what about sharing ?christmas is for everyone. ♪ a telescope a deck ofcards a basket for my bike ♪ a soccer ball a dinosaurlots of toys is what i like. ♪ lots of toys iswhat you like. ♪ but but but but i ime me i i but but me me me. ♪ maybe caillou you couldtry not to be a me me boy. ♪ ok mommy i will try toshare more of my gifts and toys.

♪ you will see it's lots of fun ♪ to share some ourchristmas joys. ♪ now i'm not ame me boy. ok what i really wantis a space station. can we mail it to santa now? yes but i have to get somestamps at the post office first. wanna come? sure. so caillou and mommy gotmore stamps for their

christmas cards atthe post office. ok caillou. drop them in. good morning!how are you today? caillou and i were justmailing our christmas cards. do you take the lettersto the north pole? not exactly. i pick up the mail inthe boxes on my route then i bring them backto the post office. then how does itget to the north pole?

well why don't you comeinside and i can show you how the mail gets sortedat the post office. can we mommy? please! of course let's go. all the mailgets sorted here and put into different piles. mail that is going faraway is sent from here to other post officesall over the world. do you use asleigh and reindeer?

ha ha! we're not aswellequipped as santa but we have planesand trains and trucks. what's that bigpile over there? ah. that's a veryspecial pile. those are all the lettersaddressed to santa claus. is my letter tosanta in that pile? it will be very soonand we'll take extra care to make sure santa gets it. that's a conveyor.

it helps us sort out all themail into different piles. this is just likesanta's workshop. maybe we should let ourmailman get back work. you're welcome. merry christmasmr. mailman! mom told me you got a tourof the post office today. yes and therewas a big bin with a whole bunch ofletters to santa. santa and his elvesmust be very busy these days

and you've been busytoo so come on bedtime. where is rexy? he must bearound somewhere. i'm sure you'llfind him soon. do you think teddy would like to hear tonight'scalendar story? so are you two readyto open another window? how many days left'till christmas? let's count theclosed windows.

= we open another windowtonight and tomorrow there will be eight moredays till christmas. ok go ahead andopen this one. who's that daddy? that's saint nicolas. once a long time agoin a country called turkey there lived a goodman called nicholas. nicholas felt sorry fora farmer and his family

because they didn't haveenough money for food. he was a very thoughtfuland generous man so he decided to give theyoung family a basket of food. the family neverknew who had given them the wonderful present. and from that day on nicholasdecided to leave a present for the family every year. saint nick taught us theimportance of being kind and thoughtful to others.

i know how to be kindand thoughtful daddy. you sure do. you were very thoughtful whenyou gave your toys away. (kiss)good night caillou. honey have you seenmy electric toothbrush? no. have you seen my slippers? ♪ ♪ another morning and i can'tforget it's not christmas yet. ♪ another morningeigh days to go

♪ christmas comes way too slow ♪ please! christmashurry up and come ♪ waiting for you is no fun ♪ hurray ! leo is here todayit's so much fun to play! ♪ bedtime and wecount the days ♪ christmas seemsso far away ♪ another morningseven days to go ♪ christmas comesway too slow ♪ waiting foryou is no fun

♪ hurray! for tobogganinglet's shoutout and sing ♪ another morningsix days to go ♪ hurray! i'mlearning how to ski. ♪ here i come watch me! ♪ christmas seems so far away ♪ christmas seemsso far away ♪ ♪ when caillou woke upthe next morning he remembered thatrexy was still missing and started searching for him.

caillou looked everywherehe could think of... ...but rexy wasnowhere to be found. i can't find rexyanywhere mommy! i'm sure he'll show up soon. but we have to get ready to goto the santa claus parade now and you young man have toclean up the mess you've made. but! huhuh! no buts. ok mommy.

♪ jingle bells jinglebells jingle all the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride... daddy! i can't see. ♪ jingle bells jinglebells jingle all the way... ♪ oh what fun it is to ridein a onehorse open sleigh... look rosie majorettes! merry christmas! candy canes! look! santa's elves!

huh!? don't go too far. we're in the parade! hahaha! merry christmas! that was fun! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! look who's coming! ho ho ho! merry christmas! ho ho ho!

bye santa. is santa going backto the north pole? not yet. remember he wants to seeif you've been a good boy. how? well i guess he'll askyou when we go to see him. we'regoing to see santa we're going to see santa! hi caillou! didyou see the parade!

yes! and now i'mgoing to see santa! bye clementine! 'kay bye! caillou! caillou!did you see the parade? yeah! and i was in theparade with the elves! do you want to cometo my house tomorrow? we could play dinosaurs. ok see you tomorrow! ho ho ho! andwhat's your name?

what is it sweetheart? baf'room. oops. sorry santa. your turn caillou. ho ho. and what's your name? caillou. have you been a goodboy this year caillou? yes. i even gave some of my toysaway at the fire station.

well that's wonderfulgiving is very important. and what would you likefor christmas caillou? a space station but i alreadysent you a letter about that. santa i can't findmy dinosaur rexy. hmhm! would you like santato bring you another dinosaur? no there'sonly one rexy. can you help me find him? if i see him wheni come by your house i'll put him underthe tree ok?

thanks santa. oh! and my sister rosiewants a toy horsie. ok. let's countthe closed windows. = ! that means thattomorrow there will be days left till christmas. this man's nameis "diet maros". that means father frost. he lives in russia and

he brings children theirchristmas presents. ♪ ♪ there are placesin the world ♪ where santa has adifferent name ♪ where differentlanguages are heard ♪ where christmasis not the same for christmas in denmark... ♪ julemanden bringssurprises ♪ he plays tricksand wears disguises. ♪ children leave himmilk in dishes

♪ they'll ask him togrant their wishes. ♪ there are placesin the world ♪ where santa hasa different name ♪ where christmasis not the same ♪ ♪ sing me some more... good night my love.(kiss) (dingdong) hello how are you? leo! caillou's here!

hi caillou. come on up. watcha doing? i'm making my parentsa card for hanukah. do you want to makesomething for your parents? can i use this too? caillou thought he would makesomething for rosie as well. so leo and caillou got to workon making cards and gifts. who's the snowman for? rosie.

you have painton your nose. so do you! = ha a ha ha! leo! caillou! just a second! quick i have tohide my mom's card. what are you two up to? nothing mom. yeah nothing.

i see. well since your doing nothingwhy don't you two wash up and go outside to play. do you want to play hockey? ihave an extra pair of skates. woah! pass it over leo! here it comes. whoah ooof! you ok?

huh oof! whoa oof! caillou! leo! how aboutsome hot chocolate! mmm... i love hot chocolate. it's a menorah. during hanukah we lightone candle every night. it's called the festival oflights and it lasts days. and we play dreidl. what's a "dreidl"?

i'll show you. it's like a top. you spin the dreidle and yousee on which sign it lands. i'll go first. shin. that means you haveto put a raisin in. aww. give it a big spin. gimel!

you won all theraisins in the pot. when caillou went home he made sure to hide thecards and the snowman. shh i have tohide my presents. rosie have pwesents too! shh! christmas presents shouldbe a surprise rosie. so don't tell anyone ok? hey you two.

pwesents! shhh. later that nightcaillou was very curious about rosie's presents. rosie? are you awake? shhh! caillou didn't wantmommy or daddy to hear. what did you get mefor christmas rosie? uhuh. pwesents supwise.

caillou said so. i know... but if you tell me yoursi'll tell you mine. ahem! christmas presentsare a surprise right caillou? right daddy. ha ha! c'mon then. bedtime. caillou tuck me in! time to sleep princess.(kiss)

night daddy. night caillou. mommy would you singme your santa song again pleeeease! ok sweetheart. c'mon. so tomorrow there will bedays left until christmas! go ahead and openthe next window. ♪ where christmas isnot the same for christmas in greece... ♪ santas are calledkillantzaroi

♪ they are elves whoburst with joy ♪ they laugh and play are fullof fun and down the chimney ♪ here they come. ♪ there are places in the worldwhere santa has a different name (kiss) grandma! hello caillou. couldyou give your grandma a hand and takethis for me? what is it?

christmas presentsfor you and rosie. could you put them underthe tree for me please? sure! oh! wait caillou. i almost forgot i have apresent for gilbert too. what a...lovely christmas tree. i picked it myself androsie helped me decorate it. well you did amagnificent job! it looks even betterwith presents under it.

gwama! hi sweetie. grandma is gonna staywith you caillou while we go out shopping. yayy!rosie too! woah gilbert! here let me helpyou with that. what do you say wemake an extra large batch of christmas cookies.

and share them with myfriends at the retirement home. i know all aboutsharing grandma! great thenlet's get started! ♪ ♪ at christmas timethe family's near ♪ our hearts are filledwi yuletide cheer ♪ we share our giftsbut the best part ♪ we share thefeelings in our heart ♪ christmas is a timeto share all that we do ♪ christmas is a time tocare for others too

♪ let's share ourgifts with everyone ♪ the young the oldcause sharing's fun ♪ share the thingsthat we hold dear ♪ with friends andfamily far and near. ♪ we share our joy ♪ we share a toy ♪ we share a tickle ♪ we share a weshare a pickle ♪ we share a hug

♪ we uh wewe share a bug! ♪ we share our time ♪ we share a rhyme! ♪ we share our cookies! ♪ yes we share our cookies! ♪ christmas is a time toshare all that we do ♪ a time to care forothers too ♪♪ look grandma!i made a snowman. this is fun!

i'll add some raisins. good idea! wow! they're perfect! i think this batch isready for the oven. hello everyonemerry christmas! everyone was veryhappy to see grandma and caillou again. cookie? i baked them myself! mmm. delicious.

thank you caillou. caillou was veryproud of his cookies and he was happy thateveryone liked them. thank you young mandon't mind if i do. and what are you askingsanta for this year? a space station! ah! excellent choice...and excellent cookies! these arewonderful caillou. now that you're heresharing your cookies with me

my christmas just gota whole lot better. spending the afternoonwith grandma's friends was like having a wholebunch of grandma's and grandpa's to play with. grandma and caillou decidedto play a game of "go fish" while waiting for mommydaddy and rosie to come home. hmmm. do you have a tree? go fish! a tree! i get another turn!

do you have a dog? yay! (phone beep) i'll get it! woof woof woof! (startled meow!) come back gilbertit's not a real dog! that was sarah's mom. did sarah give you aninvitation to her school play?

ooops! i forgot. here it is! it's tomorrowat three o'clock. so did you have funwith grandma today? uh huh i evenwon at go fish! good for you! let see how manywindows are left? a christmas stocking! just like mine!

and santa's going to fillit with candy right daddy? haha! i'm sure he will. but do you know how thattradition started? boys and girls all overthe world used to leave something for santain their shoes. in france children placetheir shoes by the fireplace. and in holland wheresanta claus is called "sinterklass" children leavehay and a carrot in their shoes for sinterklass' horse to eat.

in hungary childrenshine their shoes before putting themnear a window sill. in italy there is a womancalled 'la befana' who arrives at christmas timelike santa claus. and children leavefood for her in their shoes outsidetheir front door. and in puerto ricochildren put vegetables under their beds for the camelsof the three kings. i'm going to leavesomething for santa too daddy

but i won't put itin my shoes ok? ok caillou. sweet dreams. and caillou hadvery sweet dreams. sarah's christmasplay is today. can we go mommy? please please pleeeease! i don't see why not. what time does it start?

grandma said at o'clock. fine but there's somethingreally important to do first. what? the christmas lights outside. so you'd better get dressedand come and help me. grandpa's comingover to help too. caillou couldn'twait to help daddy and grandpa with the lights. he felt like a very big boy.

hello. here's your extra pair of hands. right on time! grandpa! are you ready to setup some lights caillou? we need lots andlots of lights. meanwhile rosiewas busy too. she was making sure her presentswere ready for christmas. caillou... daddy..

mommy... gilbert... no gilbert! pwesents supwise! good job caillou. it looks great. that about does it. caillou was very proud ofhaving done such a great job. he couldn't wait to seethe lights all lit up. good job you two!

caillou we have to get going. sarah's play starts soonand we don't wanna be late. but when caillou andhis family arrived at the school there was noone else in the audience. i think we're early. it's exactly . not according to theschool clock it says . maybe you should asksanta for a new watch. all right everybody.

let's begin the rehearsal. hi sarah! i'm sad because christmasis coming and... where's jimmy? jimmy? that's yourcue to come on stage. he's sick miss johnson. oh dear. well then we need to findsomeone to replace him. why don't youask caillou?

he's right over there. hello caillou. would you like tobe in our play? that sounds like alot of fun caillou. caillou was nervous. why don't you come onstage and give it a try. sarah will be withyou the whole time. it's easy caillou. when i say "i'm sad becausechristmas is coming...

you say "and there is no snow". and you say it nice and loud. go ahead sarah. i'm sad becausechristmas is coming... and there's no snow. very good caillou. could you say it alittle louder this time so your mommy anddaddy can hear you. that was great caillou!

excellent! caillou was happy he hadsaid his line right. he was very proud. and then you andsarah go off stage. and at theend of the play you come back on stagewith sarah again. then sarah says. hurray it's snowing! and caillou you say"it's christmas time!"

nice and loud witha big smile ok? wanna try it? it's christmas time! you're anatural caillou. caillou liked beingin sarah's play he felt all grown up. when the play wasabout to start caillou was feelingnervous again. don't worry i'll holdyour hand you'll do fine.

ready? say all your lines niceand loud everybody. good luck! thank you everyone. we have a lastminutereplacement this afternoon. let's have a big roundof applause for caillou. but when caillouheard his name it made him even more nervous. sarah i forgetwhat to say.

you say "andthere is no snow". oh yeah. come on! we have togo on stage now. now?! yes! come on! you can do it. caillou... 'andthere is no snow' and there is... louder! and there is no snow.

(friendly laughter) you did great! thanks! where is all thesnow this year? yes where? santa needs snowfor his sleigh. go ask uh... old man winter. old manwinter.

ok i will go. old man wintersanta needs snow. ok i'll huff andpuff and make it snow! ♪ ♪ snowflakes we'resnowflakes here comes the snow. ♪ snowflakes we're snowflakeswe're winter's big show ♪ snowflakes we're snowflakeswe're fluttering down ♪ snowflakes we're snowflakesdown to the ground! now i can bringmy presents. hurray it's snowing.

(crowd cheers) only two windows left daddy! that means tomorrowis christmas eve! wow! christmas isreally really soon. it looks likechristmas dinner daddy. it is! many people around the worldcelebrate christmas with a special christmas meal. in spain they eat'besugo' which is fish.

and in norway theyeat roast goose and there's cheesepancakes in austria and plum pudding in england and in france onchristmas eve which is called "rã‰veillon"they have a special cake called a "bã›che de noã‹l" which isfilled with chestnut cream. daddy? yes caillou? i'm hungry!

(purrrrr...) teddy! gilbert! today is christmas eve. santa's coming tonight. c'mon! we have lots to do. 'morning! uhmmm caillou?cookies for breakfast? they're notfor me mommy. santa's coming tonight

i'm going to leavehim some cookies. is santa comingdown the chimney? like he always does. then we should cleanout the fireplace. i don't want santa to get dirty. good thinking caillou.hahahaha! ah! that must begrandma and grandpa! grandma! grandpa!santa's coming tonight! yes he is but only whenyou'll be sound asleep right?

and the best way to go tosleep is on a full tummy! so i guess webetter get cooking if we're havingturkey tonight! and apple pie.right grandma? absolutely are you goingto be my little helper again? it was a busy scenein the kitchen with preparations for christmaseve dinner going on everywhere. i need help makingthe turkey stuffing. now here's a spoon.

now mix it all up. well the pie'sready to bake. and so is the turkey. stuffing's ready too. you finally foundyour toothbrush. i still can't figure out wherethe other one disappeared to. same place myslippers did i guess. let me helpyou sweetheart. why do we haveto get dressed up?

grandma and grandpacome over all the time. because it's christmaseve dinner silly. it's a special night. there. now you look perfect. the meal was wonderful. caillou was so full he thoughthis tummy would burst! i bet you'venever seen anyone do the famous thumbtrick before.

dumdeedumdumduh! ladies and gentlemenpresenting grandpa's famous missing thumb trick! abra... caadabraaaa! how'd you dothat grandpa? a magician isn't supposedto reveal his tricks. oh! i have a joke. go for it!

knock knock... who's there? isadore. isadore who? is a doorbellringing grandpa? = ha ha ha ha ha! that was a goodone caillou! and now for my famouschristmas apple pie. even better than grandpa'sfamous turkey stuffing.

♪ we wish you amerry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ and a happy new year. what do you saywe go outside and see how ourlights look caillou. rosie too! ready caillou? ready! ok. here goes.

= ohhhhhh! wow!amazing! i'm gonna wait upall night to see santa. but santa won'tcome if you're awake. awwww! do you want tosee what's behind the big christmas eve window. yes!yaaa! santa! he's on his way!

'twas the nightbefore christmas when all through the housenot a creature was stirring not even a mouse. the stockings were hungby the chimney with care in hopes that st. nicholassoon would be there. the children were nestledall snug in their beds while visions of sugarplumsdanced in their heads. and mamma in her'kerchief and i in my cap had just settled downfor a long winter's nap.

when out on the lawnthere arose such a clatter i sprang from the bed tosee what was the matter. away to the windowi flew like a flash tore open the shuttersand threw up the sash. when what to my wonderingeyes should appear but a miniature sleighand eight tiny reindeer with a little old driverso lively and quick i knew in a momentit must be st. nick. now dasher! now dancer!

now prancer and vixen! on comet! on cupid! on donner and blitzen! and then in a twinkling i heard on the roof theprancing and pawing of each little hoof. as i drew in my handand was turning around down the chimneyst. nicholas came with a bound. his eyes howthey twinkled!

his dimples how merry! his cheeks were like roseshis nose like a cherry! he spoke not a word butwent straight to his work and filled all the stockingsthen turned with a jerk and laying his fingeraside of his nose and giving a nod upthe chimney he rose. he sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle and away they all flew likethe down of a thistle.

but i heard him exclaimer he drove out of sight. happy christmas to alland to all a goodnight! sweet dreams caillou. caillou was excited tosee all the presents. and he noticed that santahad eaten all his cookies. mommy mommy!santa ate all my cookies! i see! can i give mypresents first? please! please!

alright your presents first. here mommy. here daddy. thank you sweetheart! when did you make these? it was a surprise! i made them at leo's house. and the wrappingis so beautiful. open it!

oh! what a beautiful picture. it's you mommy! and is this apicture of me? thank youit's wonderful. and this is for you rosie. rosie pwesent? snowman! do you like it? yeah!

i think santa broughtthis one for you. just what i wanted! now! rosie pwesents. how nice thank you. thank you rosie. well look at thisyour missing slippers! oops... and yourelectric toothbrush. = here you go. caillou present.

rexy! there you are! you weren't lost at all! now i get it. rosie wanted to giveus presents we love. yaaaaaaa!caillou love rexy! you two did a verygood job at keeping your presents a surprise. and i thinkrosie just started our very own family tradition.

caillou learned a lot abouttraditions from all the calendar stories right caillou? uhhuh! i learned about thefirst christmas tree and where christmascards came from and saint nick. he taught us that giving andsharing are important right? right. what is it rosie?

gilbert present. merry christmas gilbert. here daddyit's from santa. ha ha ha! just what i needed! ♪♪ it's christmas morning ♪ and it's snowy winter weather ♪ it's christmas morning ♪ and our family's together ♪ we need to share our loveand say that we all care

♪ we want to feel that loveis in the christmas air ♪ the love that's in our heartswill stay with you and me ♪ and now our family's herearound the christmas tree hee hee hee hee! ♪ merry christmasmerry christmas ♪ merry christmas everyone ♪ merry christmas everyone ♪♪

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