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Rabu, 12 April 2017

Color Me Delicious A Coloring Book For Grown Ups

Color Me Delicious A Coloring Book For Grown Ups

happy to be together on happy together! (happy together is the laugh virus on thursday nights.) - hello. / - hello. - myungsoo just arrived / - yes? - from canada. / - is that so? we meant to come to the studio together. (on saturday evening, at the candlelight vigil,) (myungsoo is looking for someone.) (he's dressed as hyunbin from "secret garden".)

laim. have you seen laim? - have you seen laim? / - no. excuse me. have you seen laim? no, i haven't. aren't you laim? i'm hyunbin. - hello. / - you know me, right? the show began, but i couldn't find laim. aren't you laim? when did you get married?

laim. oh, no. i'm in trouble. i'm looking for laim when i should be in the studio. anyway, myungsoo will come to his seat soon. today, the kings in the entertainment industry - will be here with us. / - they're the kings. yes. they're exceptional in their genres. they're also acknowledged for other genres now. kings of each music genre are here. please come out.

- welcome. / - come on. (welcome) - hello. / - hello, hyunwoo. - hello. / - hello, junggil. hello. (they created the music commander craze.) (he's ha hyunwoo, the vocalist of guckkasten.) (he's lee junggil, the drummer of guckkasten.) (we'll take over variety shows too.)

- hello. / - welcome. (he's the king of ballad.) (he sings with a powerful voice that evokes emotions.) (he's k.will, the undisputed vocalist.) - microdot. / - hello. (he's the king of hip hop.) (he's microdot, the master rapper.) - hello. / - it's been a long time. (he was the king of rhythm and blues in the 2000s.)

(he's brian, the first-generation idol star.) - please take my gift first. / - what's this? i run a flower shop. i made this for you. (brian made a flower basket himself.) - it's pretty. / - it's too big to edit out. this is nice. please sit down. before myungsoo comes, let's begin with team jun. - everyone knows them. / - he's finally here.

i've never met him and hyunwoo before. we've seen you in person. - when? / - at the awards ceremony. we saw you at the mbc entertainment awards. - that's right. / - i saw you there. - you were sitting in front. / - right. i applauded a lot. when we were rehearsing, you were watching us.

you said, "just relax and enjoy it." you applauded us. did i? you must've been nervous. i was touched by your cheers. - it gave me strength. i was grateful. / - is that so? - i'm a big fan of yours, jaeseok. / - you are? - i was surprised when i saw you. / - why? you looked more handsome than i'd thought. they look alike.

- they look alike. / - they do, indeed. many people say that hyunwoo and hyunwoo look alike. (they really look alike.) - internet users say that. / - they look like brothers. - exactly. / - you two look more alike from the side. in fact... what's that? - my goodness. / - what's that?

- it startled me. / - he looks like gollum. i saw that photo on the internet. - it startled me. / - who is that? - isn't that gollum? / - whose photo is that? - it was taken / - isn't that you, jaeseok? - exactly. / - after i finished performing. i was very tired and took my glasses off. he looks like the puppy we saw last time. it seems hyunwoo feels uncomfortable

to take his glasses off right now. let's wait - for the right time. / - okay. i'll make him take them off later. (they're surprised.) - his eyes looked... / - what was that? it was too quick. (we'll show it again in slow motion.) (you and i must have the same origin.) (yoda brothers)

in fact, unless he takes his glasses off, - he looks very charming. / - he's adorable. (laughing) i'm sorry, but junggil exaggerates his reactions too much. - it hurts. / - i'm sorry. he's over the top. - junggil is very energetic. / - he's peculiar.

he gets too excited on tv shows lately. - is that true? / - my goodness. - junggil's character / - i like it. - it's new. / - will be a success or failure. you'll either succeed or fail. my right ear is deaf now. (because of his loud laughter, my right ear is deaf.) - my ear hurts so much. / - was it that loud? yes. it was.

- myungsoo, you're here. / - hello. (everyone gives him an enthusiastic welcome.) - you're finally here. / - hello. - hello. / - why are you dressed as hyunbin? i was looking for laim. i couldn't find her. is that a suggestive comment? no. it isn't. i got lost while looking for laim. you must've gone through a lot in canada.

- you look so haggard. / - exactly. i had a 25-hour flight. (i had a 25-hour flight.) - i'm sorry for my looks. / - now that you're here, please say hello to your team members. - guess their names. / - who is he? (who is he?) i don't know him. (the kings of each music genre are here.)

(it's the intense battle among the kings.) (they give you goosebumps.) (to be reborn as the king of variety shows,) (they go through a merciless talk battle.) (in this chaotic era,) (the most confusing man appears.) (junggil is the key in making the show successful.) (an unprecedented character is born.) (the kings of music become the king of variety shows.)

("the kings of the genre") to be honest, - i really wanted to be on this show. / - why? it's because i like jaeseok so much. - really? / - yes. i'm a big fan of yours. - i didn't know. / - i used to be myungsoo's fan too. - he said, "i used to be." / - let's let him finish. are you disappointed by him?

- we met on "i am a singer". / - we worked together. that's right. i thought he acts like that only on tv shows, but he's the same in real life. i went to his waiting room to say hello. i said, "hello." he was lying on the sofa like this. he glanced at me. he looked like he was saying, "why did he come here?"

- you read his face accurately. / - we all know that. i realized that he's authentic. - he shows himself on tv. / - that's right. after that, i wasn't curious about him anymore. - you read his face. / - i've been so curious about jaeseok. - is that so? / - i believe those who have positive energy can transfer the energy to others. - i think jaeseok has positive energy. / - you do?

your eyes help people - refresh their feelings. / - myungsoo blocks it. - right. / - he has the opposite energy. it's the same for jaeseok. where there's light, there's darkness. the darkness makes you shine brighter. i heard hyunwoo is good - at reading fortunes. / - is that true? - really? / - really?

- he taught himself. / - i learned a little. you did? in a person's face, you can see the whole universe. once i see someone's face, i can tell everything about that person. eyes are the most important in physiognomy. your eyes tell everything about you such as your personalities. could you read brian's fortune?

he's born with good fortune. can i see your palms? - things like this tempt us. / - can you read palms? looking at his palm lines, there isn't much. i mean he'll simply enjoy doing what he likes and then pass away peacefully. are you saying i'm going to die young? - i mean, you'll live a long, happy life. / - exactly. - you'll have a simple life. / - i'd like to know.

- what about k.will? / - i've never done this before. - i ask him all the time. / - are mine similar to his? no, but you should never run your own business. you'll lose money unnecessarily. he sounds like a fortune teller. i'm glad i came here. wait a second. please read my palms too. (please read my palms too.) that's enough.

- i want to get married early. / - what's going on? - you have ears to bring a fortune. / - it's amazing. your earlobes are firm too. - how about hyunmoo? / - i think he's born lucky. he gets benefits without exerting effort sometimes. - he gets more with less effort? / - he's lucky. that sounds a lot like myungsoo's fortune. you'll get married at a very late age. - even later than now? / - yes.

- when is that? / - well... why do you have so much hair there? - look at that. / - it's so hairy. i'm sorry. you could get a haircut with that much hair. look at all that hair. i thought he was sam hammington judging by his hands. (what's my hand doing there?) he has sam's hands.

that's so funny. how do you read myungsoo's palm? he surprisingly has good fortune. - "surprisingly"? / - i see. (oh, well.) everything looks good except for the brain line. does that mean he's not as bright? not entirely. judging by physiognomy,

it'd be better if he had longer hair. - he doesn't have any. / - you should cover the... do you think i don't want to have longer hair? he doesn't have any hair. watch your mouth. he was saying nice things about you. i've been wanting to tell you this. what is it? what is it? you should be careful of what you say.

- for instance... / - so it means "watch your mouth"? the reason for that is... you tell me to grow hair that i don't have and to watch my mouth as a comedian. are you telling me to roll over and die? don't get upset. obviously, you did well to get to where you are now. - of course. / - but there are some things you could do better at.

when you look at his face, you can see how - the ear bones are sticking out. / - that's true. - that means... / - they really are sticking out. they're like some kind of handles. people who have ears like that make critical mistakes. they periodically get into trouble for the things they say. "periodically"?

(that does sound like him.) you should always keep that in mind. you don't get it, do you? that's exactly why i have this guy. he helps me stay out of trouble. - that's good. / - he covers for me. - this is fascinating. / - it really is. - the most important thing is / - this is new. the fortune of jaeseok.

- who? me? / - read his palm. - i'm really curious. / - he himself is happy together. i wonder how the best show host's palm would read. - what's wrong? / - what is it? you shouldn't tell lies. - do you see these two lines here? / - yes. (there are two lines next to each other.) (what does it mean?) (what fortune)

(does the palm show?) this is the hand of someone who'll save this country. what? (you will save this country in crisis.) (what?) - are you sure? / - hold on. mr. president! (the people are going crazy.) - hold on. / - edit this part out.

edit this part out. what's this? are you crazy? (all hail the king.) (let's celebrate.) he's our king. put me down. what are you doing? put me down, myungsoo.

(this is a country with a stormy history.) (from the past and until now,) (all he ever cared about was making people laugh.) (he devoted his whole life to comedy.) (we need you) (to make the people laugh.) yu jaeseok. yu jaeseok. (people welcome) (the new leader.)

are you out of your mind? i knew you'd make a good politician. are you crazy? don't be absurd. let's march to gwanghwamun. to gwanghwamun! what are you saying? (we'll go anywhere) (that's in need of laughter.) what are you doing right now?

i've never seen a palm like that. i've never read a palm like that. - are you serious? / - look at those lines. - jaeseok. / - i've never seen anything like that. your palm reading is much better than your physiognomy. will these two lines save this country? stop it. these things are just for fun. - you're going to become a politician. / - what?

be quiet. i knew you'd be a politician one day. i think everyone was waiting for that. (everyone was waiting for that.) - be quiet. / - why? hyunwoo's palm readings were very entertaining. - it was fun. / - yes. in the end, you do go into politics. - no. / - when are you planning to start?

- be quiet. / - let's lock arms. - take my arm. / - i want to hold his hand too. let me hold your hand. i'm paying a lot of money to sit here. - let me hold his hand. / - me too. i made this for you. this is for you, mr. president. (please remember my name.) he's the president of variety shows.

(his name is yu jaeseok.) (myungsoo tries to put him on a throne again.) (jaeseok stops him.) (that's so funny.) we weren't planning on doing it, but hyunwoo's palm readings were very good. we were only doing it for the laughs. - right. / - of course. the life of a politician waits for jaeseok.

are you planning on becoming one? are you? - stop it now. / - that's enough now. i love the job that i have. i just wanted to hold your hand. who knows what will happen in the future? - that's right. / - in the us, ronald reagan was an actor once. you're making things harder for me.

this isn't "ssulzun". we shouldn't talk about things like that. i'll support you. there's hope. we have to talk about music commander when we look back on this year. of course. he created a syndrome. everyone knew who the man was behind that mask.

it's like what hyunmoo said. at one point, everyone knew. - they did. / - did you not find that troubling? - how did you feel? / - i felt uncomfortable. i had to leave my phone turned off for a while. why? because of the reporters? so many people called me. people stopped asking if it's really me. they asked, "which song are you going to sing next?"

that's what they started asking me. i was like, "what do you mean?" they were mad at me for not being honest. for being too secretive? he wasn't supposed to tell anyone. our bass guitar player didn't even know he went on the show until the day the show got aired. we were just sitting in our room

and heard a familiar voice coming out of television. (he has such a powerful voice.) (only ha hyunwoo of guckkasten can sing this song.) we started watching the show and saw hyunwoo singing with a mask on. then we called our manager. we asked him if hyunwoo went on the show. - that's when we knew. / - you didn't know? not even us.

he didn't tell anyone. it's a promise between the staff members. he kept it a secret. did your parents not know as well? at first, they didn't know. i told them when the show got aired. you really can keep a secret. one other thing is that there are people around me who can't be trusted.

i have to be secretive. he's pointing at someone. sometimes, i don't tell him about the band schedule. he doesn't know our schedule. he told us not to tell him any secrets because he knows he can't be trusted. he can't contain himself. i was there when he performed on stage. i knew he was good,

but i couldn't believe it when i heard him sing. the way he sings is amazing. his high notes are really amazing. my heart was beating so fast. (he reinterpreted the song, "hayeoga".) (he controls the notes however he likes.) (his high notes are top notch.) just how high can you sing the notes? i can go as high as

three octaves until around a or b. how high is that? just how high is a after three octaves? ♪ do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do ♪ that's screaming, not singing. that's how high i can sing. what was that, microdot? "that's screaming, not singing." that's true.

that's not singing. i started singing differently when i joined the band. (this is how he used to sing.) that's what my high notes sounded like. (this is how he sings for his band.) i changed my way of singing high notes. it really is like screaming. - i am screaming. / - he's so good. the highest note i can sing is the high e.

that's a very high note already. - which song is that? / - "left heart". - i see. / - there's a part where i sing the note. but the high a is something else. can we ask you to sing, "she's gone"? you sing it easily, don't you? forgive me (here he goes.)

that's so high. ♪ girl ♪ he's singing in a higher key than the original song. can you sing the original version? can you show us? (this is "she's gone" in the original key.) that's the original key. he sang it even higher. he does that. he sang the song in even higher key.

(he's definitely) (singing in higher notes.) (he's very good at singing high notes.) (confirmed) good singers can sing all genres of music. you only do one genre of music. - i'm talking here. / - i'm sorry. you look like some kind of prisoner.

he didn't tie his hair back. he looks like the undertaker. get out. get out! - get out of here. / - that's a warning, junggil. if you keep this up, you'll get kicked out. - is he like this when he's alone with you? / - yes. did he ever do that on stage? - what? / - did he ever laugh like that on stage? he did many times. and...

(does he look like this?) that would scare the audience. he's only like that in situations like this. when we jam, he becomes very timid. every other member scolds him. why? when a drummer messes up, the whole thing falls apart. we constantly scold him.

he becomes timid and plays like this. (he contains himself while playing the drums.) hyunwoo said junggil is like a gemstone - who could shine in variety shows. / - how? to do well in variety shows these days you need skills in talking or a special talent to be loved by the viewers. i think that has to change. are you some kind of a doctor?

why are you trying to change the variety shows? you look like the helicobacter doctor. i think it's time for a change. it's a time of confusion in this country. he's the most confusing person. (let me introduce the most confusing character of all.) he's a confusing man in a confusing time. he represents the current era. he reflects the current state of affairs.

what is an excessive secretion of active hormones? a drummer of the band, "the who", - has the disease. / - are you serious? - that's what i heard. / - oh, really? when i was young, i couldn't control laughing. but drummers need to be energetic. - that's right. / - i like working out too. - that's how i use my energy. / - funny thing is,

he uses all his energy and sleeps when we're jamming. (he sleeps while everyone else is playing.) he spends all of his energy laughing. he's funny. it could be embarrassing to go to a theater with him. - this is what he actually did. / - what did he do? we went to see the movie, "juon". isn't that a horror movie? yes. it's a scary movie.

there's a scene where a ghost - climbs down the stairs like this. / - right. at that moment, he yelled this in that crowded theater. "get away from that house!" (get away from that house!) (he's startled.) in a theater? he yelled in a theater. he actually said that.

he was talking to the character in the movie. the people in there were laughing at us so hard. i hit him in his head and asked why he did that. "i don't understand why she won't just run away." when people spot a pretty woman - on a subway, / - yes? most people would whisper like this. - that's what normal people do. / - right. junggil goes like this.

"isn't she really pretty?" (he can't control the volume of his voice.) that's how people talk when having conversations. when i tell him to quiet down, he goes, "what? she's pretty." when i tell him she can hear us, he goes, "she can't hear us. she's so pretty." he thinks he's being very secretive. right. only he can't hear himself.

he goes like, "should i ask for her number?" what do you think of someone like that, hyeongyeong? he makes me uncomfortable. (he makes me uncomfortable.) hyeongyeong. what's the one thing that makes you the most uncomfortable? his laugh. it makes me really uncomfortable. you'd rather go for kian84, right?

yes. i would. i want to be friends with people like him. - why? / - he's energetic. - you said you like working out, right? / - yes. then you should come to me. crossfit will drain your energy completely. then you'll end up looking like brian. - i can understand why he'd say that. / - why? - i used to box in the old days. / - i see.

when i box, i make sounds like this. - i know what you mean. / - making sounds like that - is good for your abdomen muscles. / - i see. can you demonstrate for us? - this is how it goes. / - he looks like choi hongman. (this is the sound he makes.) (that's too funny.) excuse me. (he got carried away.)

(he acts frivolously.) (he boxes with his mouth.) excuse me, junggil. can you tie your hair back? junggil. - excuse me. / - you look like an old lady boxer. do you want me to tie your hair back with this? - i think you need it. / - tie your hair back. - should i? / - use this. (he looks like samson.)

the sound boxers usually make is this. what was with that? (it was the least energetic sound ever.) the sound you're talking about comes from the mouth. mine comes from the nose. can you show us again? can you do it like how most people do? don't try to be funny.

- i wasn't. / - he's not trying to be funny. he's always like this. - people go like this. / - right. - why don't you do that? / - i don't feel energetic. what do you have to do, then? that's where the sound comes from. (it's a hard punch.) (he punches like the king of variety shows.) - can you be fiercer? / - show us.

(he makes fierce sounds.) (it's junggil versus a villain.) (take this, music commander.) (it's a combination of punches.) - lee junggil is his name. / - he did well. - he's doing very well. / - i like it. this must be why hyunwoo recommended him. do you like how he's doing so far? how do you grade his performance?

he's more dangerous than i initially thought. (he's out of control.) he's exceeding my expectations. - i see. / - i don't even know anymore. he might fall asleep soon. he must be exhausted by now. we have the kings of different music genres. k.will and brian go way back, right?

- yes. we do. / - right. i heard you did a sample recording of "missing you". k.will set the guideline for us. i also sang the chorus part. we didn't know each other at that time. he wasn't k.will back then. no. i wasn't. - you were just hyungsoo? / - yes. that's right. i was a public service worker back then.

- i wasn't a singer then. / - why is your name k.will? that was random. (he made a debut 10 years ago.) i was just curious. k.will made his debut about 10 years ago. people asked you that a lot back then. people don't ask you that anymore. some younger people might not know. it's just a name i came up with.

my real name, hyungsoo, doesn't sound cool. it sounds friendly, but... that's how one calls the wife of his brother. which is why it would be an awkward name to use. hyungsoo's "left heart" doesn't sound right. (what did you say?) that's the title of my song. that's his song. didn't you hear what he said?

that's my song. (my left heart hurts so much.) he's talking about how he came up with the name. you couldn't use your real name. i thought, "will", would be good for a stage name. the "k" is from my name, kim hyungsoo. that's where the name came from. k.will leading k-pop. that sounds nice. does your family call you k.will at home?

at home? do your parents call you that? his mother probably doesn't call him microdot. doesn't she call you that? she probably doesn't know my stage name. - she doesn't? / - what does she call you? - jaeho. / - hello, jaeho. i'm shin jaeho. microdot shouldn't forget his roots.

you made a debut on kbs's "sponge". - you were on "sponge"? / - that's right. there are pictures of me on "sponge" on the internet. dok2 and microdot were the test subjects. i was a few times. - it was in 2006. / - that's cool. (they're test subjects of "sponge".) it's microdot and dok2. (they're 17-year-old dok2 and 13-year-old microdot.)

- look at his face. / - he was a cute boy. - he looks like a baby. / - that's microdot? i think i've seen this before. that's dok2? doesn't dok2 look like mowgli? - he looks like shindong. / - they look like - child actors from dramas. / - they're so cute. they're really cute. they're so cute.

microdot said he wants to use this as a stepping stone to do more variety shows. i want to do "the law of jungle". - i was supposed to go last year. / - i'm junggil. this man is not from the jungle. "the law of junggil". he looks like my aboriginal friends. aboriginal friends? - yes. / - it should be called "the law of junggil".

("the law of junggil") brian is famous for pledging chastity before marriage earlier than kang kyunsung. - really? / - is it true? my grandmother passed away in 1995. before she passed, she said to me, "people these days are too careless." "don't have intercourse with women until marriage."

- those were her last words. / - i was a kid back then. i was in high school then. i said i'd do as she wishes. how long did it take to break that promise? (how long did it take to break that promise?) (it's factual violence.) that was a good question. this will get aired. that was a very classy question.

in fact, people in my neighborhood think you're gay. there are rumors like that. - do you like men? / - some people even say this. - what do they say? / i'd be at a bar in itaewon drinking beer with my male friend. people see me and go, "it's true." i was just having a glass of beer with a friend. if i was with k.will, they'd go,

- "k.will too?" / - hey! - don't say that. / - people will think that. - are you not? / - no. i'm not. that actually played some part in hwanhee and i growing apart. because of the rumor? it probably had a bad effect on hwanhee. he didn't say anything, but he started avoiding me.

i see. - how long did it take to break the promise? / - what? you didn't answer k.will's question yet. we want an answer. i never broke the promise with my grandmother. - i haven't. / - gosh. i'm trying to keep the promise. - are you only trying or / - i'm trying. has your effort been fruitful?

what do you mean by fruitful? - i'm just trying to / - what are you saying? - personally... / - get to the bottom of it now. you should try to keep your own promise. seriously. you don't look like you keep your promises. (you don't look like you'd keep your promises.) i blame my high level of testosterone. - it's believed one must act moderately. / - okay. so, how long did it take you?

i can say that i keep my promise at a moderate level. - tell us if you kept it or not. / - right. - did you keep it or not? / - i kept it later on. (i kept it later on.) - it's finished now. / - it's settled, then. grandmother, please forgive him. (grandmother, please forgive him.) (i tried so hard to keep it.) - i have shocking news. / - what is it?

brian was thinking about going out with gummy, she started dating cho jungseok. i had no idea she was dating jungseok. - i don't watch tv at all. / - i see. - so, you didn't know who he was. / - right. so, i wasn't aware she was dating him and - we had a joint concert two years ago. / - i see. - right. i remember. / - when we were in rehearsals, she was cute and laughed at my jokes.

- it makes you think she's interested. / - right. - when they smile and laugh, / - that's right. - you start thinking she's interested. / - yes. when i made a joke, she said, "you're funny, brian." - she touched you? / - no, she touched. - what was next to me. / - microdot. - why did you ask such questions? / - she didn't. - the way brian acted... / - she could've touched - my shoulder. / - they're close friends.

if microdot were next to me she'd tell her stylist and the staff that i was funny. that made me think if she saw me as someone who's more than a friend. i was thinking that. i told hwanhee half in jest that when we were in the waiting room. i asked if she had a boyfriend and told him that she was cute, attractive, and kind.

he didn't pursue the topic further. - he didn't tell me she had a boyfriend. / - i see. - it was during christmas. / - yes. she gave me a black hat with mickey mouse on it. - i even remember the hat. / - i see. when she gave it to me, (i even remember the hat.) - i thought she only gave that to me. / - goodness. - she didn't give it to hwanhee. / - are you crying?

- what are you talking about? / - i think - i see tears in your eyes. / - you really liked her. no, i didn't. - this is so detailed. / - yes. - you wanted to make it more than friendship. / - yes. we practiced together. if hwanhee or i weren't in a good mood, - she'd come over and cheer me up. / - gosh. i thought she could be interested in me.

- she was just being nice. / - exactly. but on the day of our concert, everyone told me, "she has a boyfriend. it's on the internet." (he found out about her boyfriend on the concert day.) (he was deluding himself.) - i was glad i found out. / - i'm glad too. - it looks like you were going to ask her out. / - yes. - i almost did. / - he almost did.

- right. / - he was on the verge of asking her. before the concert, i wanted to ask her about seeing each other - outside of work. / - i knew it. but it turns out, she was just being nice. they told you to stop yourself from causing a disaster. - that's a relief. / - since we're on the subject, - we need to be careful. / - that's right.

i make a lot of women laugh because i'm funny, but they don't mean anything by it. - they just leave at the end. / - when i talk, - they softly tap on my shoulder. / - that's true. - in addition to that, / - and she only does it to you. - she gave you a christmas present. / - that's hard. - i couldn't think of any other way. / - hyeongyeong, - you laugh at a lot of our jokes. / - yes. - were you just being professional? / - that's right.

- that's funny. / - so, it's confirmed. - i like her honesty. / - she's professional. - she doesn't laugh that often. / - guckkasten... - you're a famous band. / - they are indeed. but when you think about your hit songs, you don't have that many. as you know, our music doesn't attract a wide audience. - right. / - including myself, i don't know much about their music.

there was a soundtrack that was used for - "gag concert". / - that's right. - was it called "mirror"? / - yes. - hyeongyeong, have you heard of it? / - i found it. - no, i'll ask a friend. / - she should look at it. - ari. / - what is it? play a song called "mirror" by guckkasten. - i'll play the song "mirror" by guckkasten. / - gosh. - is it a machine? / - what's that?

- the voice is quite nice. / - is someone behind this? - is someone there? / - it's coming from this device. - it's a device? / it's amazing. this is wonderful. (the music ripples throughout the room.) (he can't forget about his drums.) - hyunwoo composed it. / - this is the one. this is the only song i know by the band. - me too. / - i see.

(the powerful instrumental) (and his sharp tone are notable in this song.) (you should know this song.) (he's engrossed in it.) ari. stop playing, ari. (it stopped.) you're like a mother to that device. i heard that you practice

- until your throat bleeds? / - yes. - can your throat bleed? / - yes, it can. is that necessary? people think blood gushes out of my mouth. - it usually happens to a master of singing. / - right. - i thought the same too. / - does your voice improve? do you feel the difference? no. i kept singing even though my throat was hurting. thinking it was just phlegm, i spit it out.

i spit out a blob of black blood. - what? / - my goodness. at first, i thought if i had a disease. i didn't talk for a week and i was fine. i started singing again. (i started singing again.) my pitch was a note higher. where did that happen? at a cliff or a waterfall? (deep in the valley and under a waterfall,)

(he tried to master his singing.) at a cliff or a waterfall? it happened at a karaoke. (it happened at a karaoke.) - that karaoke is like a shrine. / - right. - it's where he spits out blood. / - when i was in - high school, i sang in the classroom, the hallway, and the bathroom. - these places had good acoustic. / - that's right.

- i sang in such places. / - you even sang in a closet. i did. i was covering my mouth with blankets. for him to have come this far, not only was he born - with talents, but he also put effort. / - teach us. you don't need anything but your body. - you need your body to handle it. / - my body? for me, you know one of those four-legged cane - that senior citizens carry around? / - yes. i place myself on top of the cane and

- i try to stay on it. / - goodness. or i have someone or a brick on top of my stomach. and i keep singing. i made sure that my singing comes from my body. - does it widen your range? / - yes, it does. if keep trying to reach a note you can't reach... let your throat bleed and spit out the blood. - and... / - it's similar to how you develop muscles. - that's right. it's similar. / - right.

- that's how you develop your vocal cord. / - gosh. and let it heal and tear it again. - it widens your range. / - vocal cord will be strong. when singers can't reach a note they push their head back. - just like this. / - he pushes his head too far. the distance can go as long as 2m when it's hard. (the distance can go as long as 2m.) - he's talking about himself. / - that's the longest.

(it doesn't matter how hard the note may be.) (he understands it completely.) i thought you were looking for something. i thought you lost a wallet or something. (he shows his special skill one more time.) - what's wrong? / - he's searching for it again. (he can't help but be in shock.) (he's cringing.) could i please go home early today?

that's funny. - i'm trying my best to hold it down. / - i'm sorry. - can you teach hyunmoo how to sing? / - me too. - he put something on his stomach. / - just this once. - can we try something simple? / - touch his stomach. - touch it. / - when i stand like this and sing, - goodness. / - i saw your finger. - his abdominal is amazing. / - gosh.

- his muscles are great. / - push where the diaphragm is. - is this where the diaphragm is? / - goodness. - i have muscles here. / - the diaphragm sticks out. - it's muscular. / - you should do martial arts too. i heard that not only did you put a brick, but you also put your friend on top of your stomach. i put everything on it including my friends. - i place everything that looked heavy. / - is that so?

so, you couldn't reach high notes at first? well, a friend of mine used to take vocal training. she told me to improve singing, i should sing - with heavy things on my stomach. / - he put effort. - what was the heaviest thing? / - was it your friend? it's my manager. - how much does he weigh? / - about 100kg? - how... / - then how do you sing? i keep talking with him on my stomach.

- or i read some writing aloud. / - i see. we prepared barbells. - how many would we need? / - i should be on him. - right. / - he can go on top of his stomach later. - how much do you weigh? / - i weigh 96kg. (he's bulky.) my muscles weigh about 49kg. - he shouldn't have talked. / - look at him. - he weighs 4kg less than his manager. / - right.

we're being considerate. he's bulky, but it's all muscles because he works out. - he's massive. / - be careful. - he's done it daily. / - he's done this - for a long time. / - is this okay? - so, don't try this at home. / - are you okay? should i step on your stomach now? (let's see.) (will his training pay off?)

go on it now. (he steps on top of the stomach.) (is he okay?) start singing. (he sings the high note without any difficulty.) goodness. - gosh. / - he sings so well. - i think i can feel his liver. / - i bet. - i believe you. / - you can feel his liver?

- have you gone crazy? / - this part... - it could've been the intestine. / - are you sure? i could feel this part moving through my feet. why don't you try it too, saeho? what should i sing? - start talking right away. / - this really works. - let me know when you're ready. / - okay. - i'm ready. step on my stomach. / - are you okay? (he steps on top of saeho's stomach.)

(what will happen?) (what will be his fate?) i'm not joking, i feel like pooping. (saeho is about to poop.) (and he quickly gives up.) relax. then... you'll be fine. good job. if he had stayed a little longer,

something tragic could've happened. i'm serious. my pants almost changed to another color. (his pants would've turned brown if it happened.) the worst situation could've happened. - that was close. / - he stepped on my lower abdomen. it's good for curing constipation. - you almost got forced to poop. / - that was close. isn't k.will famous for singing at a lot of weddings?

you recently sang at the wedding of one of our writers. that was nice of him. if i were to count all the couples i sang for since i was 20 years old, - there must be a lot. / - there must be around 700 to 800 couples. - that's amazing. / - that's a lot. sometimes, i sang at six weddings a week. - that's almost every day. / - i heard that a lot too.

- i heard that he often sings at weddings. / - he does. - i heard it at a tv station. / - he's amazing. but i wonder. why do you sing at weddings so often? - that's... / - what kind of a question is that? he's asking if you have a debt to pay. he's talking as if it's a debate. all the gigs must be on weekends. and weddings are also on weekends. you don't get paid as much at weddings.

a lot of the times, i don't - get paid for my friend's wedding. / - right. he does it out of loyalty. so, why do you do that? i feel like i need to. - really? / - he's a good man. - it's like that. / - he's a loyal friend. - because i do it so often... / - yes. - one time, i had one wedding in yangjae. / - yangjae.

and another wedding in gangnam. it was on the same day. so, i went to the yangjae wedding first and sang. and the staff at the venue really welcomed me. they kept taking pictures of me. i thanked them. when i was done, i had two hours until the other wedding. after eating, i asked where the next wedding was. and it turned out it was in the same venue. it was in the same hall of the same venue.

so, when the staff saw me again and looked at me like, "what's up with him?" it was as if you were a resident singer there. it felt so strange. it was as if you weren't busy. they asked if i'm a staff member there too. - you should've escaped. / - that's embarrassing. when you get married, put up posters in tv stations. - i'll do that. / - do it.

if i get married, and you feel you're the one, come. (whoever feels he owes it to k.will should attend.) - k.will is everywhere. / - on every show i shoot, there are people who are associated with me. i remember it, k.will. you were a rising star in variety show scene. - but henry ruined your plan. / - henry? i was on an mbc variety show... - "real men". / - "real men"...

- for a year. / - right. - yes. / - he did. - but i don't remember you. / - me neither. - i think he was there. / - i did it for a year. - i did it for a year. / - but later... so, you just served the army. - that's true. / - i was there for a year. when i joined "real men", it was my first time to be a regular at a variety show.

at the time, i joined it with park gunhyung and he used to be an honor guard. chun jungmyung used to be a drill instructor. then, there was me and henry. at the time, nobody knew who henry was. so, people thought i'd be a hit. it's obvious that k.will was the funny one. - he was the good one. / - yes. - i wasn't so bad. / - of course.

i decided that i'd go with the clumsy character. with that in mind, i joined the army. but i saw henry dragging a suitcase to the army base. and i thought i was in trouble. - i was in trouble. / - there was gunhyung too. - you were unlucky. / - how... wait. so, i ended up earnestly serving the army for a year. (he worked hard as if he was in the real military.) (does anyone)

(know this man?) (henry took the attention he deserved.) (and he was sad.) - i was just serving the army. / - right. i got all the tough trainings. time still passed. when i got out of the army after time passed and the shoot finished, i felt so good and refreshed. i enjoyed the rest of the week. but the problem was when

- the next weekend was near. / - you got depressed. - people went crazy in our group chat room. / - how? "it's almost time to go back." ("i really don't want to go.") - it's time. / - it was like they had a vacation. - it was time. / - they were like real soldiers. it was as if i was just on a break and i was expected to be back at the base. it's been over two years since it ended.

and yet i still feel like i'm still on the show. - i'm serious. / - do you dream about it? i really do. anyway, since we have both saeho and k.will here, let's do the wheesung impersonation. k.will started it originally. right. we just sang different songs. - but k.will started it first. am i right? / - it's... what do you mean? i sang that song first too.

you sang "even thought of marriage" too? - of course. / - i sang it on "radio star". don't fight. - i'm not fighting. / - you're both impersonating. - it doesn't matter. / - it's a love triangle. i don't know why i have to keep singing his song. i want to sing my own songs. it's your fault. they wouldn't have asked otherwise. you're so bitter.

we're curious. please impersonate him. by the way, i think we sang different parts, don't we? - right. / - which part did you sing, k.will? i sang several different songs. - please sing some of them. / - he sings well. ♪ i am missing you ♪ (i am missing you) (they're the same.) everyone loves it.

please sing the part "don't look for me". - he's just like wheesung. / - that's not my part. "don't look for me" is my part. try it. (let's see how good he is.) (he starts.) this is not it. wait. (he fails.) take it seriously.

this is how you do it. (k.will shows him how it's done.) (i win.) if they were a team, they would disband right away. (he always makes fun of wheesung.) i see him only once in a while. - that was crazy. / - it was. (saeho tries it again.) (he mimics wheesung's singing.)

(singing) (i love it.) that was crazy. (he attacks with the sound wave.) (saeho succeeds to take a revenge.) (i can't lose like this.) today will be my last time to impersonate wheesung. i will sing "love is delicious". (love is delicious, drenched in moonlight)

(and bearing sunlight, it's a gift of the world) (then he does the ad lib.) ♪ just want to fall in love ♪ - that's it. / - right. (love is delicious. drenched in moonlight) (and bearing sunlight) (it's a gift of the world) (he perfectly mimics the ad lib.) (there's a thud.)

(what was that?) that's amazing. (when k.will impersonated wheesung,) (junggil laughed like he always does.) (and he made everything fall.) (he destroyed the set while laughing.) (he's got the best reaction.) how can this happen? (is this a sign of success?)

what did you just do? - i'm sorry. / - how can you do this? - that was too much. / - i was so surprised. (he made a mess.) - all the books fell. / - what do we do? - it's okay. / - let's just continue. let's just continue the shoot. pay for the damage. you kept doing something to the back.

did you just destroy that with your sound wave? (jaeseok questions junggil.) (he has appeared out of nowhere.) (he's the king of reaction.) (he created the miracle) (with his laughter.) (aren't i the first one to react like this?) anyway, we talked about many things today. hyeongyeong, where do we go now?

okay, ari. (ari, give me the next schedule.) give me the next schedule. there's one schedule. at 12 a.m. you have one meme is worth a thousand words. one meme is worth a thousand words! kian84 is by my side. (meme expert, kian84) - you got your hair cut. / - yes.

i cut it at home. - did you cut it yourself? / - yes, i did. why don't you go to the hair salon? i have done it for four years. it's more convenient. shouldn't you go to the hair salon after four years? it's inconvenient for us. - really? / - you're on tv, after all. they don't even make wigs like that. - does my hair look bad? / - yes, it does.

your mother scolded you after seeing you on tv. i knew it would happen. mom saw me on tv and told me not to act so flippantly. (kian84, don't act so flippantly.) she told me that i should always be humble. your mother is wise. your mother is like shin saimdang. his mother added one more remark.

"you should focus on your drawing skills." - she's wise. / - that's right. she wants him to get a hold of himself. kian84, i heard that you like rock music. i wouldn't say i like rock music. - i like songs of fly to the sky. / - really? - which song do you like? / - which song do you like? "missing you". - "missing you". / - "missing you".

you mispronounced it. you pronounced it like "sewing machine". which member did you like better? back in the days... you can be frank. i wouldn't be offended. i liked hwanhee better. - to be honest, / - he didn't even breathe. i don't mind as long as people like one of us. fans buy our cd because they like one of the members.

- right. / - people watch this show for jaeseok. - it gives us a good viewer rating. / - that's right. you're right. everything will be okay. - don't worry. / - all right. did you say that because the show is doing badly? i said it because of the current state korea is in. - it concerns the current state. / - that's right. by the way, jaeseok really looks like a president. he's completely out of his mind.

- he's right. / - jaeseok looks like a president. do you want to see me get dragged away by the police? i might be forced into a van on my way out. if that happens, a riot would break out. jaeseok, see you at gwanghwamun afterwards. you say that, but you probably won't show up. - see you at gwanghwamun. / - he'll be there. i heard that you watched the segment. yes, i watched it.

i heard that you got an answer right. which one was it? - "mathematics section". / - really? - it was a difficult one. / - it was very difficult. i thought the birds were chickens at first. then, i realized that they have sharp beaks. that's how i knew they were eagles. that's how you got the answer. last week, memes sent by kim jihyo - got good reactions. / - yes.

a lot of viewers sent us memes via the show's website. - that's great. / - thank you so much. - that's great. / - now, let's start with a problem sent by a viewer. this one was sent by seon miok. let's see it. - what's that? / - number five and a cow are on a bus. - this one is hard. / - this one is hard. i think this one

is quite difficult. - it's not a word. / - is it difficult? (did k.will get the answer right away?) what, did he get? "take a bus." it's wrong. you wrote a sentence. (they are disappointed.) - what are you doing? / - isn't it correct? are you sure you got "mathematics section" right?

- i got it right. / - i find it hard to believe. "take a bus" is a ridiculous answer. it's pronounced like "five" and "cow". - does the answer contain "bus"? / - no, it doesn't. it doesn't contain "bus". - number five. / - is it oryuk island? - the answer has four letters. / - i see. it is four letters. - kian84, you have no idea, right? / - i have no idea.

even though he comes up with problems... - he is bad at getting the right answers. / - i know. it's hard. - "holy cow". / - write down your guess. come on. does the answer have letter o? - it does. / - the answer has letter o. - letter o. / - that's right. there are two letter o in the word, right? let's check your answer. come on.

i didn't expect brian to be good at this. "car audio" is wrong. "car" and "cow" are a bit similar. - the words are a bit similar. / - that's right. (he's staring.) hyunwoo, please start writing. i don't think he understood what's happening. please write down your guesses. the shoot will take forever.

i will give you a hint. it's an animal. - an animal? / - an animal. orangutan? it's probably wrong. - i think it's right. / - orangutan. - really? / - you're right. it's the answer. "orangutan" is correct. how did she get it right?

(the answer sounds like "number five and cow riding".) (orangutan is from the jungle.) (the problem gets a full score on originality.) - that was incredible. / - i had no idea. i didn't even imagine it. (their jaws drop at the answer.) "number five and cow riding". (they applaud.) it's an amazing idea.

- it's a good problem. / - that's right. it's a lot better than kian84's. why don't you invite her to the show instead? - he's sulking. / - are you sulking? the next problem was sent by a celebrity. who? i won't reveal who sent it yet. let's see the problem that was sent by a celebrity. - what is that? / - it was sent to us.

it must be a female celebrity. - it must be a female celebrity. / - that's a dog. - a dog. / - singing. barking. - write down your guesses. / - a rat. isn't it a dog? - i think it's a dog. / - this person can't draw. (the quality is different from the previous one.) it's a dog.

is that a dog? this person really can't draw. - this person is a celebrity. / - he or she can't draw. this person is a celebrity and not an artist. this will be difficult. - you wrote down your first impression. / - yes. (what did junggil write down?) "dogfight". (is this a dogfight?)

it's a dogfight. - the answer is english. / - english? the answer has five letters. is hyunwoo writing down his guess? - there he goes. / - let's go. (hyunwoo has an idea.) it's correct. (hyunwoo's answer is correct.) i don't think it's an interesting problem.

really? the problem with letter five and a cow - was very interesting. / - that's right. it overshadows this problem. you'll know the answer once you have a name. - the celebrity who sent the meme is / - who is it? (who sent the problem?) park jisun. - park jisun. / - park jisun.

- is this the answer? / - it's correct. it's a show that airs on sunday night. - "gag concert". / - "gag concert". - i don't like it. / - "gag concert". it's a concert by a dog and a person. (the answer is "gag concert".) like hyunwoo said before, the previous problem that was sent by a viewer - was very difficult. / - that's right.

- this one pales in comparison. / - it threw me off. the previous problem was better. jisun, your problem didn't get good reactions. that's so sad. the problems you see on the website have gotten very hard. let's not give jisun a present. that's right. we're not sure if this will air. please be understanding.

viewers whose problems were chosen for the shoot will be given a small gift. viewers and fellow celebrities, please send us many problems. it's now time for kian84 to start one meme is worth a thousand words. the rules have changed. the first guest with a correct answer will get a gift. does hyunmoo get correct answers on this show?

- yes. / - i do well on this show. hyunmoo struggles up to the point he gets it right. then, he becomes a know-it-all. be understanding. he can't act smart anywhere else. i understand how it feels. now, kian84 will give the first problem of one meme is worth a thousand words. what's the level of difficulty? it's intermediate.

(viewers, try and guess the answer.) i know who he is drawing. it's gung ye. (gung ye?) it must be gung ye. it's a character you saw often in "taejo wang geon". - do you know the drama, "taejo wang geon"? / - yes. my father watched it often. the person on the right is gung ye. he drew choi sujong.

- it's really choi sujong. / - he drew choi sujong. seriously. i know. (gung ye from "taejo wang geon") (i'll see through the memes.) (choi sujong played wang geon.) why are they so close to each other? wait a minute. i know what they're doing. - do you have an answer already? / - no.

- isn't it a scene from "ghost"? / - that's right. - is it easy? / - yes. i don't think it's easy. - how is this easy? / - that can't be the answer. i'll stop here. - is that it? / - what's that? i gave you many hints. "ghost". - i think... / - what's this?

(hyunmoo checks his answer.) is it correct? no, it's not. what did he write? you got "palace" from wang geon and gung ye. for goodness' sake. i can't believe him. it will be easy to take a wrong approach with this one. is it "imperial celadon"?

the answer is very easy. he's now coloring the drawing. imperial... wait a minute. i'll stop coloring. - what? / - why did he do that? imperial celadon. - what is it? / - don't show your answer to anyone. - my goodness. / - i have an idea. - what is it? / - could this be the answer?

what's the answer? - it's correct. / - did i make it too easy? it's an awful problem. - it's an awful problem. / - it's correct. what's going on? - it's correct. / - i knew you would get it right. it's quite straightforward. he shouldn't have made it so simple. - kian84 didn't do so well. / - i'm disappointed.

- is it bad? / - do i check the answer with you? - it's related to celadon. / - isn't it okay? gosh, kian84. - is that bronze? / - the drawing shows everything. - really? / - the drawing shows everything. it's the pride of the nation. the answer is simple. stop being a know-it-all. - i don't want to stop. / - stop it. - there's no need / - don't complicate the problem.

to focus on wang geon and gung ye. the hint isn't in their names. - focus on the situation itself. / - blue and yellow. (blue and yellow) - the answer will anger myungsoo. / - i know. - blue and yellow. / - i agree with you. the answer has two words. - two words? / - two words. fall season.

come on. - yes, i do. / - what? - "yes, i do."? / - come on. - junggil. / - he has an answer. - check your answer. / - come on, junggil. - this is hard. / - it's correct. yes! - hyunwoo has an answer. / - he hasn't gone yet. he's the only one without an answer.

- what did he right? / - the police bureau. it's not "goryeo porcelain". did you write "porcelain" since they are hugging? - it sounds like "darling". / - hearts confused me. wang geon and gung ye are hugging. they were drawn like lovers. that's a better answer. it's nice. his answer is better. (kian84 feels troubled.)

(what's the title of this meme?) (wang geon and gung ye are from goryeo dynasty.) (they are making celadon together.) (goryeo dynasty and celadon) (celadon was made in goryeo dynasty.) (the answer is "goryeo celadon".) (it's the pride of the country.) what did kian84's sweetheart write? this is getting worse. she wrote "bronze porcelain".

(bronze porcelain) she's getting worse. this is ridiculous. hyunwoo is almost there. did you stop at "goryeo porcelain"? i can't get over it. (he cannot stop imagining them as lovers.) it is in a museum. hyunwoo is the last one on hyunmoo's team.

focus on what they are making. - this is... / - it's correct. i think my original answer was more interesting. - you're right. / - it's better. the first problem upped our expectations. the problem that was sent by a viewer was nicely done. (he feels uncomfortable.)

(a good meme impresses everyone.) (a bad meme annoys everyone.) we're not sure if this will air. (the world of memes is cutthroat.) (i should've worked harder.) (at this rate, i'll get edited out.) - i'm sorry. / - kian84's first question was overshadowed by one from a viewer.

(he slams his head on the desk.) i thought it was a question for a second. i thought it was a question. the answer is "wig". - the answer is "wig". / - wig! let's move on. what's the level of difficulty? it's easy. if you find this one strange too, i don't think i should be here. - i'm under a lot of pressure. / - i agree with you.

start drawing. - stop complaining. / - nothing in life is easy. please draw diligently. - okay. / - you'll be here next week anyway. i think this one will be... - you know the answer. / - wouldn't it be easy? his depiction is on point. - thank you. / - is it better than "goryeo celadon"? - it's much better. / - that's radish.

- a radish. / - it's a hurting radish. - isn't it cute? / - is it a stingray? - is it a stingray? / - what's that? - it's very easy. / - is it a kite? (a triangular kite) - the sketch is done. / - my brain hurts. - what's that? / - did the stingray hit the radish? (hyeongyeong's words gave saeho an idea.) - what is it? / - i'm sure this is the answer.

it's a stingray. - regular members don't get a gift. / - okay. - it's a stingray. / - kian84 did a good job. - he still has it. / - kian84 turned things around. - thank you. / - it's an easy problem. stinging radish. - is it "prison"? / - stingray. radish stingray. please think quietly.

you don't have to voice every thought. - what is it? / - he has an idea. - he has an idea. / - what is it? (what is junggil's guess on the title?) - where did you get the hint? / - i don't know. (he doesn't know how he got his answer.) it's not "drinking, singing, and dancing". ("drinking, singing, and dancing" is incorrect.)

(are stingray and radish drinking?) (hitting) until when do i need to get hit? - i'm sorry. you can leave. / - i see. he didn't laugh when he was getting hit. here is a hint. - the answer is food. / - it's a good hint. - the answer is food. / - food? i did get it right.

- are you sure? / - this one should be easier. this one is much easier than "mathematics section". i could tell the answer from the eagles. can't you tell the answer from the stingray? hyunwoo doesn't write anything unless he's sure it's the answer. - he leaves the paper blank. / - he's careful. the stingray is doing something to the radish. - focus on the action. / - that's right.

punching. - hitting. / - the radish is being hit. - it is being harassed. / - a fight. all right. someone was close to the answer. is it "getting hit by a stingray"? - someone was close to the answer. / - is that it? why do you keep asking me? let's check your answer, microdot.

hurry up. come on. (what is microdot's answer?) - it's correct. / - really? he got it right. - i guessed. / - microdot got it right. microdot is amazing. it's brian's turn. he has lived in korea longer than microdot. it has been over 10 years since his debut.

his answer is "sugar-glazed stingray". i didn't know such things existed. (sugar-glazed stingray) that's ridiculous. - did it come from "concussion"? / - it's hitting. - the radish is being hit. / - it's incorrect. "sugar-glazed stingray" is ridiculous. - it's correct. / - you can do this. (what is the title of this meme?)

(stingray and radish) (the stingray is hitting the radish.) ("hitting" is pronounced like "seasoned".) (it's the stingray that's doing the hitting.) (the answer is "seasoned stingray".) (you can use the meme at a buffet.) it's a match between brian and hyunmoo. you can do this. is it "concert stage"?

(concert stage) (he says "come on" when the answer is wrong.) do you want a hint? "are you talking back?" what kind of a hint is that? (his facial expression is the hint.) ("did you season the bean sprouts?") brian didn't get it. it's understandable, (he doesn't know since he grew up in the us.)

myungsoo ended up helping the other team. brian didn't get it. it didn't help him at all. - think about it. / - it's correct. (hyunmoo's answer is correct.) myungsoo aided in the victory of team jun. we won! there is one more problem to solve. team jun is leading by 2 to 0.

the last problem is worth three points. please don't do that. team park is at a disadvantage. it's like giving 1,000 points with the last problem. - they have a handicap. / - we have two foreigners. you need to be understanding. that foreigner got "seasoned stingray" right. (i love korean food.) we have foreigners.

- kian84 is giving the last problem. / - what is that? - watch. / - i have no idea. - is it a rice paddle? / - is it a shoe? - it's an angry shoe. / - i have an idea. - really? / - that's great. is it too easy? that makes me worried. (he's worried.) - wait a minute. / - you were very quick. did he really get it right?

it's not "shinhwa". ("shinhwa" is incorrect.) - shinhwa! / - i wrote "shinhwa", too. (hyunmoo, hyunwoo and junggil had the same answers.) - we have a connection. / - i thought it was "shinhwa". - "shinhwa" is a good answer. / - they startled me. - the shoe is angry. / - i'm glad it's not that easy. it's an angry shoe. the shoes are very...

- all right. don't say more. / - okay. (hyunwoo checks his answer.) - hyunwoo. / - it's probably incorrect, but i wanted to check just in case. it's incorrect. (burning oneself) (the pronunciation is like "furious shoe".) come closer. i'll give you a mustache. - are you serious? / - yes.

- it's the rule. / - i'm serious. please come closer. i'd rather let you hit me. i decide on the penalty. - please hit me instead. / - please come here. - please hit me instead. / - i'll draw on your face. music commander, become a variety show commander. he looks like a chinese police officer. - does it come off? / - yes.

you can remove it with wet tissue. don't worry. it feels like i'm looking at the mirror. - no one in team park has tried. / - not at all. is it "creation of legend"? - incorrect. / - shall i draw on his face? (k.will, you're the best.) please do. good job. focus on getting the right answer. (he's good at everything except for guessing answers.)

they look angry. "ungry shoes"? - you mean, "angry". / - "ungry"? he said, "ungry shoes". - "ungry". / - i meant, "angry". - i haven't heard the word, "ungry". / - "angry shoes". i'll give you a hint. - it's a three-syllable word. / - three-syllable word? (the answer is a three-syllable word.) - my goodness. / - what is it?

i know the answer. i'm sure of it. - are you sure? / - i'll leave the show if i'm wrong. - i hate him. / - i'm sure of it. - okay. / - it came to my mind suddenly. you'll have to leave the show anyway. (don't drag it on and leave now.) i got the answer so quickly. he was the last one to get the answer just before. he seems so confident right now.

- his voice sounds different too. / - this is... (will he leave the show or stay?) - he's wrong. / - why did you think this is the answer? - he'll leave the show. / - should i leave the show? - is he wrong? / - should i leave the show? go get ready. but that's the right answer. (will he leave the show after today?) - why? / - he'll leave the show.

correct. - did he get the answer? / - he's so sly. - i hit him because he's so sly. / - is he correct? - yes. / - i get hit even when i get the answer. (he's used to getting penalties.) he's coloring. he's smart. shoelaces. - that's good. / - my head hurts.

kian84 gave you a big hint by coloring. - is that so? / - he gave you a hint. shoelaces? many of you know the answer but you haven't tried. really? do some of us know? did someone say the answer? the answer is in this meme. is it in the meme? the answer is explicitly revealed here.

didn't someone say the answer? - come on. / - pink shoes. that's the answer. (microdot tries again.) - that's the answer. / - why is that? - microdot. / - isn't it "pink shoes"? (what's microdot's answer?) - really? / - microdot got the answer. brian lived in korean longer than he did.

good job, microdot. you should show us your ability now. k.will, please show us your ability. it's quite different from what i saw on tv. i know. it's a four-character chinese idiom, right? - okay. / - here you go. he said it's a three-syllable word. hang on a second. i told you it's a three-syllable word.

you wrote down a four-syllable word. (myungsoo ignores the hints.) he wrote, "squabbling". i like this. - it's a good idea. / - indeed. - it's incorrect. / - give me another chance. (k.will tries this time.) wait a minute. he wrote too many words. he guessed "mathematics section" so quickly. he wrote nine answers.

are you going to hit me nine times? - that's not fair. / - you wrote these answers. "angry shoes" is incorrect. "yelling shoes" is incorrect. "furious shoes" is incorrect. "red-faced shoes" is incorrect. "short-tempered shoes" is incorrect. "enraged shoes" is incorrect. "mad shoes" is incorrect.

"swearing shoes" is incorrect too. "screaming shoes" is incorrect. i don't think it's the right answer. - this is driving me crazy. / - you got it all wrong. - on the left corner / - everyone. he drew something. (hyeongyeong tries.) "flaming shoes" is incorrect. (are the shoes flaming?)

"flaming shoes"? jaeseok, does she mean a romantic movie scene? romantic movie scene? is it "passionate"? she might say love scene next time. "shoe" comes first. does "shoe" come first? - what is it? / - you know the answer. (hyunwoo got it. thanks to the hint.)

please come here. hyunwoo. (did you catch the answer that many have already said?) (the shoes are angry.) (think of the different ways of expressing anger.) (the shoes fly into a rage.) (kian84 drew the answer in his meme.) (also, some mentioned the answer.) (these are the shoes that lost their tempers.)

(the right answer is "shoelaces".) (this scene became the official poster of the drama.) (song joongki ties song hyekyo's shoelaces.) - saeho hasn't passed yet. / - i haven't. - shoe? / - does "shoe" come later? think of shoes that are angry. - everyone. / - "shoe" comes first? - finally, k.will / - shoe, angry got 10 wrong answers.

"shoe with anger" is incorrect. isn't this the right answer? - shoelaces can't be the answer. / - don't sit on it. this is driving me crazy. (oh, i got it.) - this is no joke. / - sitting here is frustrating. - think of how you burst in anger. / - everyone. - your team members said it twice. / - burst in anger? - gosh. / - correct.

my goodness. saeho, hyeongyeong and brian are left. this can't be. you mentioned it before. correct. that's the answer. - really? / - what is it? - did she say it? / - goodness. - is this the right answer? / - yes. - you two said it. / - why should they be angry? i said it out loud earlier.

- exactly. / - oh, my gosh. everyone in my team got the answer. - i don't understand the answer. / - me, either. the shoes burst in anger. oh, i get it now. hyeongyeong said it three times before. - k.will. / - yes? - you guessed "mathematics section" so easily. / - yes. how do you feel now that you've done it here?

i wish you had a question like "mathematics section". it hurts my pride so much. as a result, team park scored - three points. / - that's right. excuse me? we got three points. - did we win? / - team park wins. (team park wins.) kian84 is doing a great job today.

(kian84 redeems himself.) (a lot of tricky memes will be revealed.) (you messed up with the wrong person.) - go! / - come on! no! give me a second, jaeseok. - isn't it correct? / - yes, it's correct. (how good is lee daeho at reading a meme?) - "steal". / - take it back.

(take it back.) (kian84's amazing memes) (shock everyone.) (kian84 returns.) (next week is "amazing guys special".) ("a lie" by b1a4)

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