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Minggu, 16 April 2017

Coloring Book For Adults My Own World

Coloring Book For Adults My Own World

hello and bob ross had like to welcome you to the joy ofpainting this is a one-hour instructional tape designed to take you step-by-stepthrough a beautiful painting project on this tape will paint a picture whichhas never been seen on the joy of painting television series and will have sufficient time todemonstrate in detail at various steps and procedures used tocreate individual affects thank you this tape as a private lesson

in my studio in every service pro-grosseat just for you to start of i suggest you get a tallglass of iced tea setback and do the tape in its entiretybefore you begin painting this way you will have a preconceivedidea in your mind at how the painting progresses and how individual effects are achievedif any procedure is unclear to you he may run to take back and see it againto see exactly how particular effect was made a close attention to the wait tools areloaded to achieve certain affects

a great day for the magic occurs righthere on the palate take your time and work at your own pacespeed will come with practice this is theproject will be paying today i think you will find is paining fun aswell as a excellent learning experience i strongly suggest that uses paintingonly as a guide and add your own ideas to it we need tosee nature through different eyes in your painting should reflect yourvisions your personality devote some time to practice and becomefamiliar with each piece of equipment and verysoon you too

will experience the joy of paintingbefore we get started espy to complete supply list on thescreen listing all the materials you need to paint is fantastic scene with me andi'll be back in just a second back welcome back guy mature defend paying me click pay but though before weget started let me take just a moment retirementtalk a little bit about equipment they were going to be using today

first evolved the main two brushes thatwill use we have here two-inch and a one-inchnatural bristle brush and all these may looklike house painting brushes but these are high quality artist brush is designed specificallyfor this technique don't confuse these with syntheticbrushes such as nylon polyester expatriate absolutely won't work the paintingknives that will be using we're used to different knives we have a number tenknife which is the larger of the two

and and number 59 it's basically the same knife onlysmaller and it allows you to get into to smaller areas and and to detail workwith these names you can create unbelievable affects you can paintmountains and trees and roads and stones rocks houses external real what you can do with thesonograms will be using fan brushless is a number six fan brushright here that this is a bristle fan brush itsquite firm has a lot to spring to it it's not asoft and delicate brushes quite

quite step with that you can do suchthings as clouds trees waterfalls a multitude a beautifulaffects just using a fan brush also and we have brushes will be using andnumber two script liner brush and this is the brush tool used to dofine detail and most important this is the brush that we use to san arecompleted painting some the other things that we'll useliquid right quite is it fair and oil base coat with this we cover the campusto make it wet

make it slick it allows us to literallyblend color right on the campus rather thanworking myself to death on the palate the page that we use the painter we useare specifically designed for this technique of painting theremuch farmer and dry than normal paint if you use aloose lip repaint gonna you can end up being a mad mex areyou going to be upset with me purchase a paint this design for thespecific technique it needs to be firm and drycan say that enough other pieces of equipment that will makeyour job easier

the palate that use i like a plexiglaspalette and you need a pallet this big enough togive you sufficient work area when using big brushes because with the brush this big you needat nasa area to work in if you get a little teenyhella to go you gonna kill yourself trying to stay in this little area kitchen nice big palette really willwork fine plexiglas makes a good palate now norm is very clear ask up this oneup to an inch and on tv but nani their crystal clear k

also another thing that will help youbecause if you watch the television series you know i a beater brush against the lady theeasel and paint thinner goes everywhere can wear and happy marriagein a heartbeat this is called a brush me to rack andit's just a little wire rack that goes in thebottom up wastepaper basket and you shake the brush inside thebasket then you beat the devil at every righton these friendlies little are things here right across this rack

and it contains all in your brushcleaning procedure inside the bucket it'll keep you fromcat covering your whole room getting everybody covered with paint andthinner i really think it's a good investment very cheap littlething say to you right a stake of think we get started heretoday as we mentioned earlier normie the first thing we always do hiscover the entire campus with a thin even coat at the liquidquite so we just dip their will to inch pressure right into the liquid quite but mike so going alright appear andbegan covering the campus

all looking for it's just a nice stand even cut basra 4/5 but cover the campus where worst-covered canvas probably the most common mistakemade has a fine too much look like all youwant this just enough cover the entire canvas if you think you may have a little toomuch liquefied when the easiest ways to make sure cleandry brush

and then go back over the entire campuswith a clean dry brush that a pickup in excess look like yourcampus for the chest height slew of uk press release for herself thing one thing that helped by usercanvas this very smooth some people i can thisas a little more tooth to it more nap that i like a smooth camerasalso use a canvas that has a great primer whenever you can tellexactly how are you liquefied yes if you if you don't have a camera sethas a great rapper sister

apply primer a little a little trick butyou can do is take a little better liquid black despite a pan a little bitinto liquefied little given to a great cast and thenwhen you paint your fight campus you can tell exactly for its coveragekenny long horizontal and vertical strokesleicestershire and to have a nice even coding liquefied the entire surface you're ready to go moving washer brush and we wash upbrushes with odorless paint thinner and i really

really recommend to use odorless tannerto screen down here in the bottom in this bucket scrabble wrestles against the screen thesolid material settle to the bottom can you paint thinner it remainsrelatively clean shake off the excess then in king and has a fun part is holdtechnique take what let's make a happy little sky and for them how to read into a touch of a low blow just a little bit just put alittle bit the color out

and then tap the brussels brusselsfirmly into the cover this work assure a niceeven distribution of paint all the way through the brussels does not take much color just a little can screw it appear now that just usingthe criss-cross strokes begin laying in a basic sky had startedto top and work down birth that way happily abrush will pick up the liquefied automatically automatically color getslighter to light as let the campus work let the quite workclick to brush work

you just enjoy of just cuz painting should make you happyshould be a fun experience you can always add a little more colorstart with very little color you can always go back and have a little more thats as for some to senator gonna tryto take it off you can do it but it's very difficult from chemist quickly we played in happy to discuss of and easy of

can math hollyhead discretion dirty ashave a little touch of water in this painting i love water and so is fun todo some gonna take go right back into myhalo blue retread over here graham attach testtouch at the sale green don't need much totheir splashtop chance to touch title blue entail agreat man just happened to the bristles again chain and the sad for you want water tobe and poor from the outside p.m.

starting outside colin start on thebottom work-up so this might earn lightertoward the horizon i see if you start you start here and go over italy's avery distinct language is hard to blend out but you can if you if you happen toforget the clinton outside a.m. and leave a little air area open credithere look like a little shin light comingacross the water on the dash star about a for couples let it get alighter and lighter toward the top

playing just like so there of see how easy that is solders to and i have several brushesgoing and you'll find it sage a lot of timeand a lot of lot of money in ways to paint if youhave several brushes if you have one for dark color and one for light otherwise you couldpaint going into debt in this washer bucket k clean brush and i just come blend wherecrosses

very lightly i don't wanna lose a slightarea but i just bring it all together stacksof she it's ready how i fixed up if you just have a tinybit a pain underbrush you can just that rapid like ap and ittakes it'll take that pain of okay let's usethe fan bursting will build a happy little clout scurriedinto titanium height and more each day beright back get the least little touch a bit moreafter break rhea

on but a little sunlight and his cloutto make a happy little clout today happy little clout k aside for youcloudless maybe he lives right in here thank thecorner brush just make tiny little circles handle circles round and round and rounddon't stay in one place and keep working fee to stay in one place hearing andkeep grinding the pain begun end up a big cock and balls up inthe sky you can also do this just as well with the one-inch pressureput too much pressure too much pressure affects fantasticclouds

king know the clean dry two-inch fresh use a top corner brush and you won'tplan just base these clouds out touching thetop just clear see very lightly very verylightly chest like so just barely barely lately k now we're going to fluff it and this we're going to a big circularpatterns grab it gently and fluff it up pretty just fluff and you can powerful stringy things theydo that don't worry about it cost money

go across i just go away and that easy you have one beautiful little clout maybe we'll you will put another happylittle clouds in here maybe this other cloud maybe even isright over here same thing tangle circus just droppin for me thanks to the appeal tractor andin your world you put a cloud for you want it youdon't necessarily need to put a clatter i do you put it where you think if you thinkit

live somewhere else and that's wherethey will be there ago gifted chesley left very likely just got crossed nadz yet another happy little cloudsright there and absolutely no problem communal lifeof the old and brush can i just had some papertowels over here that are clean brushes on where king microsoft doing business

let's build maybe we'll be back in herethis just a small amount that lives celeste take touch if prussian blue the better the midnight black we're going to get a will touch on thelist crimson so we get blue-black is in crimson maybe move and i repartee moment theheck just drop it in dark colors can pull the pain as flat asyou can get it just really mashed down hard and take aknife can cut across see their cattle roping

this knife has a straight edge on it and by having a straight edge it's very easyto load it school appear king and maybe maybe on little mountain k gotta make abig decision here maybe he lives right here just close friend in theclouds push very firmly fairy for me for trying to push thiscolor rate in to the fabric and you just tosay for you what little bumps to live seethere's one poor heather wherever you want maybe use

happy to think is right there ok scrape off all the excess paint justbarely getting their naps creek are you can hurt this sleep only thing we're worried about sisnice outside edge in here we could care lessand then a two inch brush i wanna grab this and because the liquid quite campuseswept people call this and move it chris kaman member you can see the entire mountain

it's always more distinct top and is atthe bottom and by doing this that will happen automatically of slacks seriously the sort of load off andskyler of of as this is a very firm paid you canblend right over ankeny and it maybe there's some maybe some snow onthat little mountain so we can take some titanium point andonce again pull it up as flat as you can get justreally

pull it out think across get thatliteral paint say there yes tyrannical rule takescompare k now then right along here take the pointer the knife to read upatop the mountain no pressure slit float just let it flow alright down the side of a mountain airpressure see follow the angles a mountainabsolutely no pressure k maybe right here think really liked what strike paincream sandwich

and to hear credo all these beautifulaffects and if you're right-handed it's not only easier for the light tocome from the right side army easier say very delicate touch to very delicate and doing this is a time and a littleknife would come in people better take it back you're thelittle national it is little places months and againthis new trend in there either night works very well they bothhave the straight edges network rica take alittle bit blue

and my personal feeling blue just attach a chance to touch accident about mix up scan cut across and once again we have that small roomthe pain right on the edge in icing see it a read on him thank you at it decide which peaks fathers to way if this meansin the background but a shadow behind this one first just a little tiny shadow shadowhere

come down distinctly through see their state litter so pressure air ok thank in your mind the only thing tension candice is atnoon ten-year-old paid and each will highlight me toshadow fit and have a shadow come out and playwith your initially via potentially be stranded hey nah neh sometimes is fun

the play some games current clean dry brush i'm going to tapthe basin is following the angles i wanna create missed left approved very softly three hairs as apair over here all these angles left packed cleaned status of incessant again right downthere came out there maybe so you can change your mind maybethere's a a peak that's right here confirm a kiss me looklike it's in front at

back defusing that first and thenbringing a line distinctly down cook push all that back but that littlemysterious only thing that separates the house so chair shit pitcher good friend maybethis should look here you can take thisanywhere you want to go anywhere you want to go notice all the angles of how late are lightcolor are same basic direction same basicdirections cuz light something on strike had given angle come into your scene fortenderness and being just

fun around here and having fun chain him leader shadow bekheir everywhere there'sa highlight have a shadow just a little shadow chest happy chef disrespect see haven't popped right out comes fromcz just a few rules mountains which is geometric shapes highlights and shadows and you can makesome of the most fantastic mountain

gypsy it what's great x break for practice and get to give you experience it justtake a canvas and start the topic mountains from top to bottom and you learn more are its it's a super way to practice by the timeyou finish you'll be good friends with the knife ktapping the base following those angles again at youwanna say that one line right there that's a distinct line separates thesetwo entities

say that discovered fair we reject me crisper light don't wannadestroy just gonna diffuse over here finallysingles save this line that's a distinct linethat you need capital blamed new cat 1 very affective yet very easy little mountain can and do you could doit tva assassin the foothills live right inhere prevent mix-ups color should you take

we had this mountain color house justimpression blueprints a midnight black but some bending pre-owned lives incrimson just little touch asap don't want too much have been in returnwe can find some quite tap and minutes see what we get here yet aproblem quite good to know what you have very difficult totell the most beloved oh yeah so play with color to it gets like youwant and i'm looking for colored sorta bluish gray maybe with the leasewith hanta green

too far we have much green can week lifted up plaxo came clean the knife and today teapot listed misuse of money each brushand a school right into their and his public through test a littlepain on it hikes just like some kings go to the campus may have to make a big decision here wesee little foothills lift maybe a start writing here maybe tissuesin the corner the brash

a minute is coming down here they come wherever you want and just so sorta pollitt street death turnedover use other corner if one gets it simply you can turn overscore straight down but very important here see this littlemisty area rain here you wanna save that miss thisbetween the foothills and mountains if you if you kill it mysteriously squadhills a good look like to write up against a mountain you don't want to another

hand washing brush outside of washingtonprecious lameta run out chemical-chase in him and his beat the devil other now i wanna creep mister the basis foothillsome here prolly gonna do can pay attention pay attention here angles despite hisconcern you coming down this way chest like so i like see how soft it makes a base metals ok cast gentle up burtless

chant gentle gentle great added michael one coming down this way same color on the darker same color onthe darker has things get closer to your landscapeish get darker in value little darker invalues we get closer and you just make six colors underbrushshoot a big deal green in there that much greed too faraway k and maybe maybe this man lives

right along here somewhere here girls of yes say this was a little darker stillstand out sometimes you want to make something that lookslike a typical individual trees you please take a brush internet on the anc pull down it makes moredistinct thanks pending on the effect 21 achieve of evidence comes for h&m just have to makebig decisions side forever lives of

there that easy to of and show usually something is funnymaybe you decided here of maybe there's alittle separation this incomes of right on down here sleepingyou can sort of pull apart make more than one of fed easing of just taken for everyone of nissen freeway that just makes so happyin the foothills and affectionate distance may be over here this one comes up alittle ham

whatever you think but here you thinkyou just pick me up ok king and then either to inch brush still paying attention to the lay of theland tickets are to begin testing this ok just where you think it's going ok don't want to destroy this little linedup gonna keep reading was going between there just after the point fresh stock triax ok k and shorten strokes lysistrata even ifthis comes down hill left straight up straight up straight upstraight up

always if you link it to the side left it look like a little trees far away butlike the wind blown a thousand miles an hour method long way pair straight up africa scary like of slender of nap champ but in at once super way to make some happy little foothills and that easy an easy taylor st

iphone and there it is newness and came from a brush you know when youget all the mines the second thing to go camewith takes a bit dark color use black pants blue want to speak very very dark black bluegets browns sep green the should look black should be so dark upon his preciousthrough the paint as you pull it through week let say we collect and ensure it that'll bring the brush to a super

sharp chiseled edge super sharp is thereyou can see it's very sharp and the only reason a sharp because youhave so much pain in their it's literally just up the bristlestogether que nada may be back in here we bang the distanceare some little evergreens live and the only wayto make the show is to say this little mysteria so touch it with this that pasturesallege same here don't kill that little mysterious inbetween ok and every so often reloaded brushedbrink

back to the shark cage ok and quick and drop in your all cancerjust happy little this to the trees are not looking for adistinction a few too far away stuck to far away when they get closer thenwe'll worry about individual sheet right now par return to do just over taft and and fun soup in a way to make a lot of trees nephew getting too farapart if you let's just do something see if you puton like this they're very rapidly

begun look like telephone poles or fencepost if that happens just but some more in there just meansyou don't have quite enough not comin that ok the large address frequently and maybeis a wonder after they get a little bit bigger and but making them bigger out here and smaller toward the center it'llcreate the illusion up a little pond here you'll see what imean in just a sec it's a little bit bigger toward outsideedges

it makes a wonderful effect paul wonderful affected thank you happy ifyou're interested in selling paintings that's when a seller change i didn'tmatter for them for that color comes down cuz we're gonna have water so thisis just end up being just happy for fractions ok hamanaka but no on things when you're paying methe more planes you have been a painting the more depthmore distance that you have you painting look deeper to command apayment look look closer to show you but

all the planes that we have here this one right here where these darktrees then this this one and other one and then you have several differentplanes in the mountain now if you can zoom back a little bitand take a look see how you look at all these planes independently look at the right take alook at that dept the same that already and its costonly because of all of these various planesin your painting and thats

bats well as wanna make you happy but at it as creates reflections right here stake to express decide where you wantreflection to be crap and pull straight down companies treesare short just have short reflection series youwork howard and get a little longer trees a littletaller reflections a little longer say collective the way to spa straightdown now straight down straight there in at a super easy nice way to make aand testicular flexion

and you can do it can do it and very lightly very likely comestraight across have instant reflection sure you noteelectric this is fun maybe or create another plane in hereyou can do that simply but just taking a little didn'tmatter as long as it's a light color we just whatever happened to be on thepalate and light rain here maybe we'll show a little now a little plain touchy with a fanbrush and left upward to make it look like a little treetrunks our way but also begins

creating delusion have another plane andthe pain actually in looks like a little bank back here hasalso looks like a tree trunks hundreds and tree trunks in its nikkiand more these you again to better to look more planes to having a painting if youget one here that you don't like roads to break we have to do is work it in and all thatdark color back your heated up a spill water line for that and take a touch have a liquefied spendon a pallet

gymnast pulled out and then likely cut across all there is to itseems a little bit a paper read up on the top here cannot go appear use a firm pressure and how we're gonna do just cut in awater line he's a friend keep his lines basicallystreet basically strip their test cut in a happy little water wherever you think they should be where

should be alexa king had and it's super you can do it youcan't seen a few ripples hearing on the waterthey too need to be straight if they're notstraight the water look like it's gonna rain rainany pain cause a lot of problems k tee white tell you what the steel let'sbegin putting some for granted here let's take a big butt show that prussianblue

black brand oh i don't know crimson schapp green it didn't matter whenever you have shoot just property ina dark colors dark colors the cadet as a mix up a big white paint que meclean off and i today tenure tell you must-do lets choose she would issues no to express you couldyou could do this for the fan brush one in to pressure doesn't matter i usedtoo much today

pollitt through the paint weakling itback see wiggle it at the same put it through and wiggle it indeed a lotta pain the brussels justlike with one each brush to bring it to a nice sharp chisel edgequickly that loads have brushes the brussels imean loads brussels and i we doing it andpulling it pulls a paint or the into the brussels and sharpen just likeyou would a knife k look at how sharp at this point

some against just you could shave withit attack super shark now they're in lester said maybe there'sa happy tree evergreen tree he lives right therestart with just touching the canvas use just the corner the brush just the corner and beginpushing making the brussels been slightlydownward see their look at that annette national tree and he lives right here in this brushare you have to do is sorta pushing out each time you start a newevergreen

reload the brush tonight sharp chiseledge go through the same procedure let's have another one maybe he livessoup writer just make a decision and droppingit where everyone tangos thing when the questions i get askedquestions frequently i have to a tree this i don'tlike you i may be on making taller watch here watcher let's say way to mess up thistreatment will show you this a tree maybe you know make history tonerare you have to do is touch

and come right back over the top otherstay here and you just pay no bigotry great overthe top he don't make mistakes we have happyaccidents and you have a brand new beautiful tree that easy tejada still must have a tree on the other side toobring the brush back to chisel edge nice and sharp k i maybe this tree this or treat me he goes almost all theway to the top of the campus

same way just give you some practice using a bigbrush making some beautiful evergreens this might be my favorite brush to dothis with it's so much fun some so often we avoid this pressbecause it's big but it'll do something the mostbeautiful little delicate things chest you're pushing down with the cornerbrace just the corner just the corner as you work down the tree you pushharder and harder so you actually using

more the brush but just the corner can push down see down i'm exaggerating essex it down backthere k added maybe we'll have some leaf trees in their so pulled a brush and one direction throughthe paint whole one direction loaded foale have color one direction's the same order colorreally poet call it but pulling in onedirection

it'll generator around corner see pollitt in the corners around when we touch the campus we want thataround the corner toward the top score a tapir be may be right here lives an ash tree mashed religious push been the brussels upward at aroundthe corner store to top just push and ended up for came

at to make some decisions now for his asalir percent comes right out here here back so whatever by their penises world you make a bigdecision through it i was so much fun school here may be on this side maybe isit really is right in here so we don't have to separate these yetwe separate them with highlights right now are we need just basic shapes same

just push in the pressure up when you doit with the brush lied like to see the difference ghettos makes could swamp grass when after that right now just push there can you just where you wanna you canbegin filming on any good place to practice pushes stuff reading here excellent x placed practice we've got are thatcolor block their

that easy maybe pass individual questionis right there k now they're let's make a few tree trunks here inthere tend to do that will take a little the dark sienna vending brownand some point just pulled up free flap don't over mixleave it at leavitt marble like it cut across get a literal pain all those various covers will be in that littleroll out here it's all there saner k hair

work already been here test touch allow the canvas to pull off what itwants can adjust least a poll to say and you put in just happen creature where you want thateasy maybe in this big tree over here here's a little trunk you don't have to show the entire truckcuz the leaves are gone cover up places you'll see all k maybe industry poultry here there's atrunk lives wire me on for me

henry and the thing just take a clean knife and scratchedthrough the pain see makes look like all canceled lol sticks and twigs but people will thinkyou work for weeks doing this with a little one here brush up if you want to be wider stronger turned the knife go get thickerand you can put liens on trees are everyone just doing this mostly to becovered up has a say i put a few on the other side

ike chance here in abq mmm k have their over his house reflections take the big brushed aside for you wantreflections and and land to meet grab and just put a straight downstraight their liquid white still with it stays wet forseveral days in a good campus and the paint will move and you could turn what was land right intoreflections that easy and go lightly across

grabbing a one-inch pressure now thatlet's begin putting some highlights now these thanks migrated to attach the liquid quite into yellow care delivery to appear tobe right back loop sep green maybe add a little black dial it down some there you could justuse black and yellow makes a beautiful green i'm looking for a dark green color heredark green color bring and brush back to a nice sharpsharp edge

see their very sharp came nada i one highlight his pic evergreens using just the corner brush czesc sneak in here about arcangelo hollisdon't kill only in dark areas of evergreens are usually quite dark saw try not to kill autostar curiouserthey're important special evergreens came notepad here in this went on him leftout that easy antics came to school here this otherevery

foreign evergreen business shoot as iget them all see their just basically using test the corner thebrush though and not a great deal of pressure if you paint won't come off the brush atleast in touch least a little touch have paid tenor toloosen up a nap in allowed come off easier temp a mistaketo think paint k bad the washer pressure for a quick to

pumpkin a good shake no for you and we can begin working on these leavetrees back into the liquid fight and the school run it through someyellow and just a touch agreeing with has to bea nice shiny green and your world you make it whatevercolor you want can just to show you how to createeffects progression one direction and get fullof paint it's a lot of pain in their a secret tothis is to have a lot of pain see just have to

barely touched the canvas if you have tohit the canvas firmly are hard that is gonna smudge with all in one direction it at aroundone corner look red appear you can see a hats around on that cornerbut that around a corner to the top take go slightly above the dark give itat least little touch just push slightly upward just barely bending the bristles said delicatelittle touch no pressure and work in layers workingdownward skinner there we go

downtown just to say treat realism in pain man so i have to do think about limbsare projecting towards you and not just all good have to say it andi just had a random look at it can get a feel for on thebest thing to do is yes take some time and go at new yorker ground the woods and and steady treesmake friends with trey talk to him when you get to understand look at what makes a tree look aroundwhat gives it what gives it personality

might get a touch up paint thinner onthe breast just within the pain a little bit kemp may be right in here now happy little push it leaked repair very little pressure very very little pressure and a pretty little certain again andyellow ochre no indian yellow here in their littletouch a bright red disorder mix color on the brush shoot for

maybe pay me back here who has a nice there's a nice when you're in the worldreally see him fireball fashionable reitman happy one maybe this one is infrom him pushes him back to the bush it in yourmind is a father's two-way to him first katya you can use aside the brush just pushupward see make all kinds a happy little grassyareas attack super super way credo credible bush's work inlayers here though

and noticed there's a dark area see thelittle dark cherry between each layer best only think the separate to bush's don't kill it to pitch good friend keepthe camera can assure you you take the knife come right back in here and these darkareas scratching little sticks kit just in the dark andzach and it'll help create dept any pain how many seasons give little sticks andtwigs that holds all the bushes up much like a lot of detail and youhaven't worked very hard

you had known he worked at all don'ttell me that that's our secret k think paintings for chin always make youhappy a little more column brush can maybe ask do this what right back here has ahappy little bush he lives right there alarm it comes out through their acouple stories talk to them talk to canvass shoot people expect as painters

be half crazy it sorry can get away withit k and in your own a hooker but experts and great britain to protecta as i mentioned earlier when you doingthis at home you use the colors that make you happy i want how we use colors here that arebright enough that you could see 'em and you can distinguish how they're madealia because very soon very soon how peoplebecome easy what's gonna be hard is what topaint bad

becomes the challenge wanting help either we have arkansaninstructional books and there's a book for each televisionseries and each book contains 13 paintings with detailed instructions and just hundreds and hundreds have hadtwo pitchers to give me a lot of ideas of things to paint and with what you've learned hereshouldn't have any trouble at all any trouble at all or if you'd like

we have instructors a travel all overthe country we have certified instructors that i personally have taught andtrained and that we guarantee and theseinstructors travel all over the country teaching hundreds and hundreds of peoplethe joy of painting if you'd like to have an instructor inyour area let us know military local art shop now king maybe get pics on do when we shouldattack mush time scooter

here's on yet when a rascal cute looking for lacey effect should youget a bush that you don't like just takin actscrape it right off just to push it to me scraper littlerascal of but a dark color back in and you coulddo it right over the top no problem no problem at all cuz if you're not happy with something and your change it pair another bush injury text and maybe

who there's a price prescott pretty that really stands happen last t1 for you to for a long landing safelyuse a little small knife it's fine for getting here maybe 1/2 may be back in here lives i'm it is a abig rock big stone various tissues vandyke brown and dark see animage see pain a big ol happy rocking we cantake some only takes brown and some horny

on the recovery rock you want cheney still use in small knife industry chipin here just like you do in a little mountainthis latest bounce along but somehow i don't think rockne prima same maintenance and here monks all these bushes and trees androcks just maybe mountains with proper care nutrition shooting grumpy big mound to choosetejada poly get brown going here may be on this side miss put a littlebit land with one of these bushes to

fall-off in the water williamson dim sumfor a little slits stand on here and take brown chest like so noon we can use in brown should untouchable even in their greasy k brown point touch blue just let s from bounce long makes hey look like turchin are stunt chain if you wanna make it shine a little moreyou can take a little

lighter color and just barely graze herein here disbanding that'll make you jump rightout at you and but when its pressure this is a verystraight edge here you can take and just pop in a little bush like their think that's what pushes itback just hang in there just happy littlebush where you think they should chain back into our color had minutes

put in a lil bush to ran around here secret around the room pointing at like to mention if you enjoyit pending along with me on thisinstructional video tape we have numerous other tapes by myself and what about a fantasticpainters and just about every medium you can think of if you'd like if you'd like a free colorbrochure showing love the tapes that we have dropme a line

will be glad to send you one communityapps some other beautiful beautiful projectsyou can do in the comfort of your home on with videotape k and will take just clean knife and i'mlooking here here gonna just scratching to somesticks and twigs up you think they should live where everyone kemp little bit the liquid trying and we cango under this area here after land

just clean water line same way we didn'tback keeping it basically straight basically street glaxo i think so go anywhere you wanna go here which you want to keep his lines thestreet is you can here ok okay maybe it is happy the ripple isthat it is too should be straight kim to you but when we get the liner brushhave a pic paint thinner and pain

tennis career appearing brown you wantthis to be just then is inc this is painting alittle band-aid for internet brush turning brings it to assure sharepoint see hawkins compare now this is a thin thin paint maybe inhere at least a little sticker tweak right there hi here and dispensed and it go flow literally flow right of the brash if you pay it won'tflow then it's probably not

ten-and-a-half at a little more paintthinner to it sometimes i use a thin oil at work quite nicely to senior kennelsticket loser and he's got a friend is over here tall weighs on sticks in the woods in itand little details to you panicked can contact him have the liner brush i'm ago printer paint thinner and ran into a bright red and i will dothe most important part of the painting then the paint once again toesconsistency a inc low to brush for and miss

go right down here consignor campaigningtest likes and a stampede will flow say erica and hope you can join it is paining alot of fun it'll teach you how to use equipment andit's very very rewarding hannah i look forward the painting withagain on the other instructional videos and until then from our love is here happy painting godbless

do %uh car %uh home set below more are well

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