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Kamis, 20 April 2017

Coloring Book For Me And Mandala Mod

Coloring Book For Me And Mandala Mod

spirituality is a particular term which actually means:a dealing with intuition. in the theistic tradition there is a notion of clinginginto a word. a certain act is regarded as displeasing to a divineprinciple... a certain act is regarded as pleasing for the divine...whatever. in the tradition of non-theism, however, it is very direct...that the case histories are not particularly important. what is actually important is here and now. now is definitely now. we try to experience what is available there... onthe spot. there is no point in thinking that a past did existthat we could have now.

this is now. this very moment. nothing mystical, just 'now', very simple,straightforward. and from that now-ness, however, arises a sense ofintelligence always that you are constantly interacting with reality oneby one. spot by spot. constantly. we actually experience fantastic precision, always. but we are threatened by the now so we jump tothe past or the future. paying attention to the materials that exist in ourlife... such rich life that we lead all these choices take place all the time... but none of them are regarded as bad or good perse

everything we experience are unconditionalexperiences they don't come along with a label saying 'this isregarded as bad' or 'this is good'. but we experience them but we don't actually payheed to them properly. we don't actually regard that we are goingsomewhere. we regard that as a hassle. waiting to be dead. waiting to be dead. (echo... ) that is a problem. that is not trusting the now-nessproperly that what is actually experienced now possesses alot of powerful things.

it is so powerful that we can't face it. therefore, we have to borrow from the past andinvite the future all the time. and maybe that's why we seek religion. maybe that's why we march in the street. maybe that's why we complain to society maybe that's why we vote for the presidents. it is quite ironical... very funny indeed. {zeitgeist}

the more you begin to investigate what we think weunderstand, where we came from, what we think we're doing, the more you begin to see we've been lied to. we've been lied to by every institution. what makes you think for one minute that thereligious institution is the only one that's never been touched? the religious institutions of this world are at thebottom of the dirt. the religious institutions in this world are put thereby the same people who gave you your government, your corrupteducation,

who set up your international banking cartels. because our masters don't give a damn about youor your family. all they care about is what they have always caredabout and that's controlling the whole damn world. we have been misled away from the true and divinepresence in the universe that men have called god. i don't know what god is but i know what he isn't, and unless and until you are prepared to look at thewhole truth, and wherever it may go, whoever it may lead to,

if you want to look the other way or if you want toplay favorites, then somewhere along the line you're going to findout you're messing with divine justice. the more you educate yourself the more youunderstand where things come from the more obvious things become and you begin tosee lies everywhere. you have to know the truth and seek the truth andthe truth will set you free. they must find it difficult... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority g. massey, egyptologist

because i gotta tell you the truth, folks, i gotta tellyou the truth. when it comes to bullshit, big-time, major leaguebullshit, you have to stand in awe, of the all-time champion of false promises andexaggerated claims - religion. think about it. religion has actually convinced people that there'san invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute ofevery day. and the invisible man has a special list of ten thingshe does not want you to do.

and if you do any of these ten things, he has aspecial place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burnand choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time! but he loves you. he loves you, and he needs money! he always needsmoney! he's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money! religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes,and they always need a little more. now, you talk about a good bullshit story. holy shit!

part i: the greatest story evertold this is the sun. as far back as 10 thousand b.c., history is abundant with carvings and writingsreflecting peoples respect and adoration for this object. and it is simple to understand why as every morningthe sun would rise, bringing vision, warmth, and security, saving manfrom the cold, blind, predator-filled darkness of night. without it, the cultures understood the crops wouldnot grow, and life on the planet would not survive. these realities made the sun the most adored objectof all time.

likewise, they were also very aware of the stars. the tracking of the stars allowed them to recognize and anticipate events which occurred over longperiods of time, such as eclipses and full moons. they in turn catalogued celestial groups into whatwe know today as constellations. this is the cross of the zodiac, one of the oldestconceptual images in human history. it reflects the sun as it figuratively passes through the 12 major constellations over the courseof a year. it also reflects the 12 months of the year, the 4seasons, and the solstices and equinoxes.

the term zodiac relates to the fact that constellations were anthropomorphized, orpersonified, as figures, or animals. in other words, the early civilizations did not justfollow the sun and stars, they personified them with elaborate mythsinvolving their movements and relationships. the sun, with its life-giving and life-saving qualitieswas personified as a representative of the unseen creator or god. it was known as "god's sun," the light of the world,the savior of human kind. likewise, the 12 constellations represented places oftravel for god's sun and were identified by names, usually representing

elements of nature that happened during that periodof time. for example, aquarius, the water bearer, who bringsthe spring rains. this is horus. he is the sun god of egypt of around 3000 bc. he is the sun, anthropomorphized, and his life is a series of allegorical myths involving the sun'smovement in the sky. from the ancient hieroglyphics in egypt, we knowmuch about this solar messiah. for instance, horus, being the sun, or the light, had an enemy known as set and set was thepersonification of the darkness or night.

and metaphorically speaking, every morning horuswould win the battle against set - while in the evening, set would conquerhorus and send him into the underworld. it is important to note that "dark vs. light" or "goodvs. evil" is one of the most ubiquitous mythological dualities ever known and is stillexpressed on many levels to this day. broadly speaking, the story of horus is as follows: horus was born on december 25th of the virginisis-meri. his birth was accompanied by a star in the east, and upon his birth, he was adored by three kings. at the age of 12, he was a prodigal child teacher,

and at the age of 30 he was baptized by a figureknown as anup and thus began his ministry. horus had 12 disciples he traveled about with, performing miracles such as healing the sick andwalking on water. horus was known by many gestural names such asthe truth, the light, god's anointed son, the good shepherd, the lamb of god, and manyothers. after being betrayed by typhon, horus was crucified,buried for 3 days, and thus, resurrected. these attributes of horus, whether original or not,seem to permeate in many cultures of the world, for many other godsare found to have the same general mythological structure.

attis, of phrygia, born of the virgin nana ondecember 25th, crucified, placed in a tomb and after 3 days, was resurrected. krishna, of india, born of the virgin devaki with astar in the east signaling his coming, he performed miracles with his disciples, and uponhis death was resurrected. dionysus of greece, born of a virgin on december25th, was a traveling teacher who performed miracles such as turning water intowine, he was referred to as the "king of kings," "god's only begotten son," "the alpha andomega," and many others, and upon his death, he was resurrected. mithra, of persia, born of a virgin on december 25th,he had 12 disciples and performed miracles,

and upon his death was buried for 3 days and thusresurrected, he was also referred to as "the truth," "the light," and many others. interestingly, the sacred day of worship of mithrawas sunday. the fact of the matter is there are numerous saviors,from different periods, from all over the world, which subscribe to thesegeneral characteristics. the question remains: why these attributes, why thevirgin birth on december 25th, why dead for three days and the inevitableresurrection, why 12 disciples or followers? to find out, let's examine the most recent of thesolar messiahs. jesus christ was born of the virgin mary ondecember 25th in bethlehem, his birth was announced

by a star in the east, which three kings or magifollowed to locate and adore the new savior. he was a child teacher at 12, at the age of 30 he wasbaptized by john the baptist, and thus began his ministry. jesus had 12 disciples which he traveled about withperforming miracles such as healing the sick, walking on water, raising the dead, he was alsoknown as the "king of kings," the "son of god," the "light of the world," the "alpha and omega,"the "lamb of god," and many others. after being betrayed by his disciple judas and soldfor 30 pieces of silver, he was crucified, placed in a tomb and after 3 days was resurrectedand ascended into heaven. first of all, the birth sequence is completelyastrological.

the star in the east is sirius, the brightest star in thenight sky, which, on december 24, aligns with the 3 brightest stars in orion's belt. these 3 bright stars are called today what they werecalled in ancient times: the three kings. the three kings and the brightest star, sirius, all point to the place of the sunrise on december25th. this is why the three kings "follow" the star in theeast, in order to locate the sunrise... the birth of the sun. the virgin mary is the constellation virgo, alsoknown as virgo the virgin. virgo in latin means virgin.

virgo is also referred to as the house of bread, and the representation ofvirgo is a virgin holding asheaf of wheat. this house of bread and its symbol of wheat represents august and september, the time ofharvest. in turn, bethlehem, in fact, literally translates to"house of bread". bethlehem is thus a reference to the constellationvirgo, a place in the sky, not on earth. there is another very interesting phenomenon that occurs around december 25th, or the wintersolstice. from the summer solstice to the winter solstice,the days become shorter and colder.

from the perspective of the northern hemisphere, the sun appears to move south and get smaller andmore scarce. the shortening of the days and the expiration of the crops when approaching the winter solsticesymbolized the process of death to the ancients. it was the death of the sun. by december 22nd, the sun's demise was fullyrealized, for the sun, having moved south continually for 6months, makes it to it's lowest point in the sky. here a curious thing occurs: the sun stops movingsouth, at least perceivably, for 3 days.

during this 3 day pause, the sun resides in the vicinity of the southern cross, or crux,constellation. and after this time on december 25th, the sun moves i degree, this time north, foreshadowinglonger days, warmth, and spring. and thus it was said: the sun died on the cross, was dead for 3 days, only to be resurrected or bornagain. this is why jesus and numerous other sun gods share the crucifixion, 3-day death, and resurrectionconcept. it is the sun's transition period before it shifts

its direction back into the northern hemisphere,bringing spring, and thus salvation. however, they did not celebrate the resurrection ofthe sun until the spring equinox, or easter. this is because at the spring equinox, the sun officially overpowers the evil darkness, asdaytime thereafter becomes longer in duration than night, and the revitalizing conditions of springemerge. now, probably the most obvious of all theastrological symbolism around jesus regards the 12 disciples. they are simply the 12 constellations of the zodiac, which jesus, being the sun, travels about with.

in fact, the number 12 is replete throughout thebible. coming back to the cross of the zodiac, the figurative life of the sun, this was not just an artistic expression or tool totrack the sun's movements. it was also a pagan spiritual symbol, the shorthandof which looked like this. this is not a symbol of christianity. it is a pagan adaptation of the cross of the zodiac. this is why jesus in early occult art is always shownwith his head on the cross, for jesus is the sun, the "sun of god", the "light ofthe world", the "risen savior",

who will "come again," as it does every morning, the "glory of god" who defends against the "worksof darkness", as he is "born again" every morning, and can be seen "coming in the clouds," "up in heaven," with his "crown ofthorns," or, sunrays. now, of the many astrological-astronomicalmetaphors in the bible, one of the most important has to do with the ages. throughout the scripture there are numerousreferences to the "age. " in order to understand this, we need to be familiar with the phenomenon knownas the precession of the equinoxes.

the ancient egyptians along with cultures longbefore them recognized that approximately every 2150 years the sunrise on the morning of the spring equinox would occur at a different signof the zodiac. this has to do with a slow angular wobble that theearth maintains as it rotates on it's axis. it is called a precession because the constellationsgo backwards, rather than through the normal yearly cycle. the amount of time that it takes for the precessionto go through all 12 signs is roughly 25,765 years. this is also called the "great year," and ancientsocieties were very aware of this.

they referred to each 2150 year period as an "age. " from 4300 b.c. to 2150 b.c., it was the age oftaurus, the bull. from 2150 b.b. to i ad., it was the age of aries,the ram and from i ad. to 2150 ad. it is the age of pisces, the age we are still in to this day. and in and around 2150, we will enter the new age. the age of aquarius. now, the bible reflects, broadly speaking, a symbolicmovement through 3 ages, while foreshadowing a 4th.

in the old testament when moses comes downmount sinai with the 10 commandments, he is very upset to see his people worshiping agolden bull calf. in fact, he shattered the stone tablets and instructed his people to kill each other in orderto purify themselves. most biblical scholars would attribute this anger to the fact that the israelites were worshiping a falseidol, or something to that effect. the reality is that the golden bull is taurus the bull, and moses represents the newage of aries the ram. this is why jews even today still blow the ram'shorn.

moses represents the new age of aries, and uponthe new age, everyone must shed the old age. other deities mark these transitions as well, such asmithra a pre-christian god who kills the bull, in the samesymbology. now jesus is the figure who ushers in the agefollowing aries, the age of pisces, or the two fish. fish symbolism is very abundant in the newtestament, as jesus feeds 5000 people with bread and "2 fish. " when he begins his ministry walking along galilee,he befriends 2 fishermen, who follow him. and i think we've all seen the jesus-fish on the backsof people's cars.

little do they know what it actually means. it is a pagan astrological symbolism for the sun'skingdom during the age of pisces. also, jesus' assumed birth date is essentially the startof this age. at luke 22: 10 when jesus is asked by his disciples where the last passover would be, jesus replies: "behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water...follow him into the house where he entereth in. " this scripture is by far one of the most revealing ofall the astrological references. the man bearing a pitcher of water is aquarius,

the water-bearer, who is always pictured as a manpouring out a pitcher of water. he represents the age after pisces, and when the sun (god's sun) leaves the age ofpisces (jesus), it will go into the house of aquarius, as aquarius follows pisces in the precession of theequinoxes. all jesus is saying is that after the age of pisces willcome the age of aquarius. now, we have all heard about the end times and theend of the world. apart from the cartoonish depictions in the book ofrevelation, the main source of this idea comes from matthew28:20,

where jesus says: "i will be with you even to the endof the world. " however, in king james version, "world" is amistranslation, among many mistranslations. the actual word being used is "aeon", which means"age. " "i will be with you even to the end of the age. " which is true, as jesus' solar piscean personificationwill end when the sun enters the age of aquarius. the entire concept of end times and the end of theworld is a misinterpreted astrological allegory. let's tell that to the approximately

100 million people in america who believe the endof the world is coming. furthermore, the character of jesus, being a literaryand astrological hybrid, is most explicitly a plagiarization of the egyptiansun-god horus. for example, inscribed about 3500 years ago, on thewalls of the temple of luxor in egypt are images of the enunciation, the miracleconception, the birth, and the adoration of horus. the images begin with thaw announcing to thevirgin isis that she will conceive horus, then nef the holy ghost impregnating the virgin, andthen the virgin birth and the adoration. this is exactly the story of jesus' miracleconception. in fact, the literary similarities between the egyptianand christian religions are staggering.

and the plagiarism is continuous. the story of noah and noah's ark is taken directlyfrom tradition. the concept of a great flood is ubiquitousthroughout the ancient world, with over 200 different cited claims in differentperiods and times. however, one need look no further for a pre-christian source than the epic of gilgamesh, written in 2600 b.c. this story talks of a great flood commanded bygod, an ark with saved animals upon it, and even the release and return of a dove, all held incommon with the biblical story, among many other similarities.

and then there is the plagiarized story of moses. upon moses' birth, it is said that he was placed in a reed basket and set adrift in a river in order toavoid infanticide. he was later rescued by a daughter of royalty andraised by her as a prince. this baby in a basket story was lifted directly fromthe myth of sargon of akkad of around 2250 b.c. sargon was born, placed in a reed basket in order toavoid infanticide, and set adrift in a river. he was in turn rescued and raised by akki, a royalmid-wife. furthermore, moses is known as the law giver, thegiver of the ten commandments, the mosaic law. however, the idea of a law being passed from godto a prophet on a mountain is also a very old motif.

moses is just a law giver in a long line of law giversin mythological history. in india, manou was the great law giver. in crete, minos ascended mount dicta, where zeusgave him the sacred laws. while in egypt there was mises, who carried stonetablets and upon them the laws of god were written. manou, minos, mises, moses and as far as the ten commandments, they are taken outright from spell 125 of theegyptian book of the dead. what the book of the dead phrased "i have not stolen" became "thou shall not steal,"

"i have not killed" became "thou shall not kill," "i have not told lies" became "thou shall not barefalse witness" and so forth. in fact, the egyptian religion is likely the primary foundational basis for the judeo-christian theology. baptism, afterlife, final judgement, virgin birth, deathand resurrection, crucifixion, the ark of the covenant, circumcision, saviors, holycommunion, the great flood, easter, christmas, passover, and many many more,are all attributes of egyptian ideas, long pre-dating christianity and judaism. justin martyr, one of the first christian historiansand defenders, wrote:

"when we say that he, jesus christ, our teacher, wasproduced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven,we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding those who you esteem sonsof jupiter. " in a different writing, justin martyr said: "he was born of a virgin, accept this in commonwith what you believe of perseus. " it's obvious that justin and other early christiansknew how similar christianity was to the pagan religions. however, justin had a solution. as far as he wasconcerned, the devil did it. the devil had the foresight to come before christ,

and create these characteristics in the pagan world. fundamentalist christianity, fascinating. these people actually believe the world is 12,000years old. i actually asked one of these guys: "ok, dinosaurfossils?" he says: "dinosaur fossils? god put those here totest our faith!" "i think god put you here to test my faith dude!" the bible is nothing more than an astro-theologicalliterary hybrid, just like nearly all religious myths before it. in fact, the aspect of transference,

of one character's attributes to a new character, canbe found within the book itself. in the old testament there's the story of joseph. joseph was a prototype for jesus. joseph was born of a miracle birth, jesus was bornof a miracle birth. joseph was of 12 brothers, jesus had 12 disciples. joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver, jesus wassold for 30 pieces of silver. brother "judah" suggests the sale of joseph, disciple"judas" suggests the sale of jesus. joseph began his work at the age of 30,jesus beganhis work at the age of 30. the parallels go on and on.

furthermore, is there any non-biblical historicalevidence of any person, living with the name jesus, the son of mary, who traveled about with 12followers, healing people and the like? there are numerous historians who lived in andaround the mediterranean either during or soon after the assumed life of jesus. how many of these historians document this figure? not one. however, to be fair, that doesn't mean defenders of the historical jesus haven? t claimed the contrary. four historians are typically referenced to justifyjesus's existence.

pliny the younger, suetonius, tacitus are the firstthree. each one of their entries consists of only a few sentences at best and only refer to the christus orthe christ, which in fact is not name but a title. it means theanointed one. the fourth source is josephus and this source hasbeen proven to be a forgery for hundreds of years. sadly, it is still sited as truth. you would think that a guy who rose from the deadand ascended into heaven for all eyes to see and performed the wealth of miracles acclaimed tohim would have made it into the historical record. it didn't because once the evidence is weighed,

there are very high odds that the figure known asjesus, did not even exist. {"the christian religion is a parody on the worshipof the sun,} {in which they put a man called christ in the placeof the sun, and} {pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun" -thomas paine, 1737-1809} we don't want to be unkind, but we want to befactual. we don't want to cause hurt feelings, but we wantto be academically correct, in what we understand and know to be true. christianity just is not based on truth. we find that christianity was in fact nothing morethan a roman story, developed politically.

the reality is, jesus was the solar deity of thegnostic christian sect, and like all other pagan gods, he was a mythicalfigure. it was the political establishment that sought tohistorize the jesus figure for social control. by 325 ad. in rome, emperor constantineconvened the council of nicea, it was during this meeting that the politicallymotivated christian doctrines were established and thus began a long history of christianbloodshed and spiritual fraud. and for the next 1600 years, the vatican maintaineda political stranglehold on all of europe, leading to such joyous periods as the dark ages, along with enlightening events such as the crusades,and the inquisition.

christianity, along with all other theistic beliefsystems, is the fraud of the age. it serves to detach the species from the naturalworld, and likewise, each other. it supports blind submission to authority. it reduces human responsibility to the effect that"god" controls everything, and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the nameof divine pursuit. and most importantly, it empowers those whoknow the truth but use the myth to manipulate and control societies. the religious myth is the most powerful device evercreated, and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.

a myth is an idea that, while widely believed, is false. in a deeper sense, in the religious sense, a mythserves as an orienting and mobilizing story for people. the focus is not on the story's relation to reality buton its function. a story cannot function, unless it is believed to betrue in the community or the nation. it is not a matter of debate if some people have the badtaste to raise the question of the truth of the sacred story. the keepers of the faith do not enter into thedebate with them. they ignore them, or denounce them asblasphemers. it is wrong, blasphemous and sinful for you tosuggest, imply or help other people to come to conclusion that the u.s. governmentkilled 3.000 of its own citizens.

part 2: all the world's a stage if a demolition team set off, when you do thedemolition of an old building. it looks like one of those scenes of an old buildingbeing purposely dynamited and blown up. anybody who ever watched a building being demolishedon purpose knows that if you're going to do this you have to get the under-infrastructure of thebuilding and bring it down. the way the structure is collapsing... this was theresult of something that was planned. it's not accidental that the first tower just happenedto collapse and then the second tower just happened tocollapse in exactly the same way. how did they accomplish this, we don't know.

the building collapsed to dust, you don't find a desk, you don't find a chair, youdon't find a telephone or computer. the biggest piece of a telephone i found was half ofthe keypad, and it was about this big. what happened to the concrete? the concrete was pulverized. from river to river - this dust powder, two or threeinches thick, the concrete was just uh... pulverized! reminiscence of pictures we've all seen too much intv before,

a building is deliberately destroyed by well placeddynamite to knock it down. it's as if they had detonators, yes, detonators,planted to take down the building, boom, boom, boom. i heard a second explosion. there was a heavy-duty explosion. there was a secondary explosion and then asubsequent collapse. ...explosion blow and then it knocked everybodyover. to me it sounded like an explosion. it sounded like gun-fire, bang-bang-bang. and then allof a sudden three big explosions. ...and we heard big explosion coming down.

...and then the entire top of the building just blewup. we saw some kind of explosion. the force of the explosions... ...big explosion... it blew us back into the 8th floor... ...then we got to lobby, there was a big explosion. the lobby looked as if a bomb had exploded there. ...huge explosion, now raining debris... ...there's been a huge explosion... ...huge explosion that we all heard and felt.

we just witnessed some kind of explosion... was very loud... it blasted... explosion... ...smoke and secondary explosion in tower i... ...that is another bomb going off... he thinks thatthere were actually devices that were planted in the building... ...planted in the building... the 9/11 myth 19 hijackers, directed by osama bin laden, tookover 4 commercial jets and, while evading the air defense system(norad), hit 75% of their targets.

in turn, world trade towers i, 2 and 7 collapsed due tostructural failure through fire in a "pancake" fashion, while the plane that hit the pentagon vaporized uponimpact, as did the plane that crashed in shanksville. the 911 commission found that there were nowarnings for this act of terrorism, while multiple government failures preventedadequate defense. "no warnings" i don't think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, ahijacked airplane as a missile. ...nobody in our government at least, and i don't think the prior government could haveenvisioned flying airplanes into the buildings.

no specific threats involving, really domestic operationsinvolving what happened obviously, the cities, airlines and so on. there were no warning signs that i am aware of. usatoday reports that in the two years before theattacks on september 11th norad conducted exercises using hijackedairliners as weapons. and one target was the world trade center. cover of fema response manual, 1997 operation "mascal", october 2000: simulated aplane crash into the pentagon in confidential documents from the philippinesobtained by cnn, the plan was clear: he would board any american commercial aircraft,control its cockpit, and dive it at the cia headquarters.

other buildings targeted - the pentagon and theworld trade center. security and counter terrorism was blinking red, inthe words of george tenet, that the warnings of an imminent attack was sosevere, that something dramatic should have been done. it was unparalleled. instead, our president went on a month longvacation? 19 hijackers the head of pakistani intelligence (isl) mahmoodahmed requested omar sheikh to wire $ 100.000 tomohammed atta who was the lead hijacker. ...hijacker mohammed atta received wire transfersvia pakistan.

the man sending the money to atta is believed to beahmed omar saeed sheikh. omar sheikh admitted he was supported by thepakistani government's intelligence service - the isi. no inquiry was ever made as to why generalahmad ordered $ 100k to be sent to mohamed atta, on the morning of september 11, government officialswere having breakfast with general ahmad in washington. the 911 commission deemed the financing of the attackswas 'of little significance" in their official report. although we are told that 4 or 5 of the allegedhijackers were on each of the flights, if so their names should have been on the flightmanifest. but the flight manifest that had been releasedcontained neither the names of the alleged hijackers nor any arab names whatsoever.

we know that the men who were supposedly thehijackers had their houses, cars, credit cards paid for by theu.s. government. they were, in truth - agents. evidence was also apparently planted. the passport of one of the hijackers on flight 11 wasallegedly found in the rubble. goes through the fireball, through the side of theplane and comes down on the ground unscathed. but something happened. for 6 months they reported they had thispassport... "yes- we got it, we got the proof"

and then the guy stood up and was alive. several of these 19 men are still alive. i couldn't believe it when the fbi put me on their list. theygave my name and my date of birth, but i am not a suicide bomber. i am here. i am alive. i have no idea how to fly aplane at least 6 of the "hijackers" are still alive. the fbi has to this day not revised their list. no evidence has ever linked any of the alive or dead"hijackers" to osama bin laden. osama bin laden of course we're after saddam hussein, i mean binladen, he's, he's, he's...

january 200i. the bush administration orders the fbiand intelligence agencies to back off investigations involving the bin laden family, including two ofosama bin laden's relatives who were living, guess where? - in falls church,virginia right next to cia headquarters. when he was already america's "most wantedcriminal" he reportedly spent two weeks in the americanhospital in dubai, was treated by an american doctor and visited bythe local cia agent, we have not seen one piece of evidence that linksosama bin laden directly to the planning stages of september 11th.

this failure to provide proof was later said to beunnecessary because bin laden in the video allegedly found inafghanistan admitted responsibility for the attacks. this confession is now widely cited as proof. but the man in this video has darker skin, fullercheeks and a broader nose than the osama bin laden of all other videos. we again seem to have the planted evidence. in 1976 osama's older brother saleem bin ladenhired a man in texas by the name of jim bath to handle all the investments in the united statesfor the bin laden family. jim bath also happens to be a personal, almost life- long friend and former international guard pilot, with george w. bush.

the connections between the bushes and the binladens become much more clearer when george herbert walker bush made trips to saudiarabia in 1998 and 2000 to meet with the bin laden family on behalf of thecompany called the carlyle group. george h.w. bush was meeting with osama's older brother, shafigbin laden, on the morning of 9/11 in a carlyle group function. the carlyle group is linked to the world's largest defense contractors, which continueto reap massive profits off of the post 911 "war on terrorism" and afghan/iraq wars. pentagon how could anyone fly a 60 ton, 125 ft wide, 44 ft tallplane through this obstacle course. the aircraft before striking the pentagon reportedlyexecuted a 270 degree downward spiral and yet hani hanjour was known as a terrible pilotwho could not safely fly even a small plane.

"he didn't care about the fact that he couldn't getthrough the course" - flight school employee "i am still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the pentagon... he could not fly at all. "- flight school employee. no seats, no luggage, no bodies. nothing but bricksand limestone. the official explanation is that the intense heat fromthe jet fuel vaporized the entire plane. flight 77 had two rolls royce engines made of steeland titanium alloy and weighed 6 tons each. it is scientifically impossible that 12 tons of steel andtitanium was vaporized by jet fuel. we're also told that the bodies were able to beidentified either by the fingerprints or by the dna.

so what kind of fire can vaporize aluminum andtempered steel and yet leave human bodies intact? from my close-up inspection there's no evidence ofa plane having crashed anywhere near the pentagon and as i say the only pieces left that you can see aresmall enough that you can pick up in your hand shortly after the strike, government agents pickedup debris and carried it off. the entire lawn was covered with dirt and gravel sothat any remaining forensic evidence was literally covered up. the videos from security cameras which wouldshow what really hit the pentagon were immediately confiscated by agents of the fbi. and the department of justice has to this dayrefused to release them.

if these videos would prove that the pentagon wasreally hit by a 757 most of us would assume the government wouldrelease them. shanksville it looks like there's nothing there except for a holein the ground. basically that's right. the only thing you could see from where we were abig gouge in the earth and some broken trees. you could see some people working, walking aroundin the area, but from where we can see there wasn't much left. any large pieces of debris at all?

no, there was nothing. nothing, that you can distinguish that a plane hadcrashed there. commercial plane crash in nigeria, flight 93 "crash" in shanksville. world trace centertowers i, 2 and 7 pancake theory according to which the fires,although not melting the steel, heated up sufficiently to cause the floors weakenedby the airplane strikes to break loose from the steel columns, and thisstarted a chain reaction. so, you would expect then from that theory, whichis the official theory,

to see a whole stack of floors piled up on top ofeach other and then a spindle of core columns standing too. the core of each of the twin towers consisted of 47massive steel columns. if the floors had broken loose from them, these columns would have still been sticking up inthe air a thousand feet. the plane did not cut all those core columns. we designed the buildings to take the impact of theboeing 707 hitting the building at any location. the building probably could sustain multiple impactsof jetliners. ...that the plane flew straight into the building.

straight through, right. so you're saying that the building was actuallydesigned to cope with a hole like that and would still survive? yes, it was. if you would drop, say a billiard ball from the top ofthe world trade center, 110 floors up there it would have taken 8 to 10 seconds to hit theground encountering no resistance whatsoever. the twin towers came down in nearly free fallspeed. 200.000 tons of steel shatters and explodesoutwards over 500 ft. this means that floors shattered at an average rateof about ten floors per second.

there is no scenario for a pancake effect of buildingsfalling that allows them to fall at a rate of free fall. and what can do that? what can move mass out ofthe way? explosives. 47 huge steel columns going up the core that areinterconnected, how do you get them to fail simultaneously so thecore disappeared. it looks like those core columns were cut. the way we do this is by cutting the beam at anangle. wtc core column after the collapse.

notice the "cut" shape and the melted... or "moltenmetal". i started looking at the molten metal. all three buildings, both towers in the rubble, in thebasement areas, and building 7 there were these pools of molten metal. for well over 6 weeks after the collapse, hot spotsof 2000f were documented in the debris. that is 500f hotter than jet fuel even burns. you get down below and you see molten steel.molten steel running down the channel rails. like you were in a foundry. like lava of a volcano. the molten steel was found 'three, four and fiveweeks later.

he said that molten steel was also foundunderneath world trade center 7. so i'm looking through the official reports, what dothey say about the molten metal? they say nothing. wait a minute. this is important evidence. where did that come from? thermite is so hot that it'll just cut through steel,through the structural steel for example, like a knife through butter. the products are molten iron and aluminum oxidewhich goes off primarily as a dust. you know, those enormous dust clouds

you can imagine, when you assemble thesechemicals on a large scale. through electron microscope analysis of the moltedwtc steel and the iron-rich microspheres in the dust, dr. jones found exact traces of not only the "thermite" explosivecompound, but, due to the high sulfur content, "thermate", a patented brand ofthermite used in the demolitionindustry. molten metal pools under both towers after theycollapsed, and building 7. now, building 7 wasn't even hit by a jet. part of the problem is that most people simply don'tknow much about building 7. due to the extraordinary secrecy surrounding itscollapse. this was a 47 story skyscraper.

this building fell at 17:25 it was not hit by a plane. this building had fires on only 2 or 3 floors. ...and it was brought down by what we know was acontrolled demolition. demolitions look just like that, kink in the middle, and then that building just comes straight downalmost at free fall speed. they first blow one of the central columns so thebuilding falls in on itself. building 7 had a classic crimp or wedge. its central column was blown out first

so it didn't structurally damaged buildings just a fewfeet away from it. the government's explanation for all threecollapses was a 'fire' theory. never before or after 9/11, has any steel buildingcollapsed from fire. collapse characteristics ofwtc i, 2 and 7, fit thecontrolled demolition pattern exactly. oh-did i mention the sub-basement explosions?which occurred moments before the first plane hit? our office was on the b- i level. as i was talking to asupervisor at 8.46 and all of a sudden we hear - boom! an explosionso hard that pushed us upwards. and it came from the basement, between the b-2level and the b-3 level. and when i went to verbalize we heard - boom!that impact of the plane on the top.

as i'm walking by the main freight car of the buildingin the corridor, that's when i got blown. i mean, the impact of the explosion threw me to thefloor and that's when everything started happening. all of a sudden a big impact happened again and all the ceiling tiles were falling down, the lightfixtures were falling you know, you gotta go clear across from i to 2world trade center and then all of a sudden it happened all over again. something else hit us to the floor... right in thebasement you felt it, the walls were caving in on everything that wasgoing on.

i mean, i know people that got killed in thebasement, i know people that got broken legs in the basement, people got reconstructive surgery because the wallshit them in the face. norad according to standard operating procedure if anfaa flight control notices anything that suggests a possible hijacking, controllers are to contact the superior. if the problem cannot be fixed within about aminute the superior should ask norad (north americanaerospace command)

to send up or scramble jet fighters to find out whatis going on. norad then issues a scramble order to thenearest air force base with fighters on alert. and although interceptions usually occur within 10or so minutes, in this case 80 or so minutes had elapsed before thefighters were even airborne. it's a mind-bending anomaly. not a single us air force interceptor turns a wheeluntil it's too late. there are no jets at all. what if they were so confused, and had been sodeliberately confused that they couldn't respond? the reason that they didn't know where to go

was because a number of conflicting and overlappingwar game exercises were taking place that involved the insertion of false radar blips on theradar screens in the north-east air defense sector. faa: "hi, boston centertmu, we have a problem here.we have a hijacked aircraft headed towards new york, we need someone to scramble some f- 16s orsomething up there, help us out. " norad: "is this real world or exercise?" there was another exercise - "vigilant warrior",which was in fact according to a norad source a live-fly hijack drill being conducted at the sametime. with only 8 available fighter aircrafts, and that haveto be dispatched in pairs, they were dealing with as many as 22 possiblehijacks on the day of 9/11

and they couldn't separate the war game exercisesfrom the actual hijacks. in 2000, norad had 67 intercepts. 100% accuracy.on 9/11they failed 4 times in one day. on the morning of 9/11 dick cheney was in charge ofnorad orders from the command bunker under the white house. in at least one of the many war games going on the morningof 9/11, planes being flown into buildings was a scenario. 9/11 commission page 172: "the us government has not been able to determinethe origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. ultimately, the question is of little practicalsignificance. " the american authorities have not managed to tracethe source of the funding.

and then the most amazingly disingenuousstatement "ultimately is it of little consequence". it is of massive consequence! doesn't it matter who paid for 9/11? the collapse of building 7 has been recognized asespecially difficult to explain. the 9/11 commission report implicitly admittedthat it could not explain the collapse of this building by not even mentioning it. mr. president, why are you and the vice president insistingon appearing together before the 9/11 commission? because the 9/11 commission wants to ask usquestions, that's why we are meeting, and i look forward to meeting with them andanswering their questions.

the question was, why are you appearing togetherrather than separately, which was their request? because it's a good chance for both of us to answerquestions that the 9/11 commission is looking forward to asking us, and i am lookingforward to answering them. do you think they should be able to stand up andspeak their own words? they should go under oath. yeah. in public. when bush and cheney met with the 9/11commission, they did so only on their own terms they appeared together they were not under oath

no press or family members were allowed toattend no recording of any kind was allowed no transcript was allowed don't you think that the families deserve to have atranscript or to be able to see...? adam, you asked me this question yesterday, i gotthe same answer. (next question). the final report was a unanimous report. that means that if there was a single commissionerwho had any objection about anything, that fact would be dropped from the report, we have found out that he not only served on thetransition team of the bush administration,

that he was a person who wrote a draft memo for the setup of the bush administration's nationalsecurity council, that he was an individual who wrote the preemptivewar strategy that was eventually used for the war on iraq, that he's a close friend of condoleezza rice's, we want him to resign. there is literally nothing in the 9/11 report that thebush administration did not approve of. we can understand therefore why that commissionunder zelikow leadership would have ignored all the evidence that wouldpoint to the truth

that 9/11 was a false flag operation intended to authorize the doctrines and fundsneeded for a new level of imperial mobilization. terrorism terrorism: i) systematic use of terror, manifestingitself in violence or intimidation, for generating fear. for generating fear armed with knives. armed with chemical, biologicaland nuclear weapons. fanatics. terrorists. september 11th. september11th. killers. september 11th. terrorists. terrorists. al qaeda,terrorists. nuclear weapons. terror. 9/11. terror. terror. terror.evil.

september 11th. september 11th. the terrorists.war and danger. september 11th. terrorism. global terrorism.terrorism. terrorist terrorist. terrorist. terrorist, terrorist. theterrorists. terrorists. terrorists. terrorism. september terrorism. terrorism. terrorism. terrorists. september terrorism. terrorists. terrorism. september 11th. globalterrorism. september the 11th. terrorist. terrorist. terrorist.terrorist, terrorist. weapons of mass destruction. septemberthe 11th. september the 11th. terrorists. the evil terrorists.terrorists. terrorists know!

terrorism. the words are hypnotically repeated: terrorism. terrorists. terrorist threat. and of course,believe-to-be-linked-to-al-qaeda, but, it's the so-called "war on terrorism" that's inour faces practically 24/7 as the inescapable focus of our existence. one day our grandchildren will look back on thistime and ask: "how was the war on terror won?" the entire us ruling class, ruling elite comes to see terrorism as the preferred means,indeed the only means, to provide social cohesion,

to provide an enemy image for the society, to keepit together. according to neocon theory from carl schmitt, youhave to have an enemy image in order to have a society. a very dangerous thing because now it means thatthe entire social order, the political parties, intellectual life, politics ingeneral are all based on a monstrous myth. nearly all terror suspects detained are releasedwithout charges. ...but that's after they make it to the front page foryou to see. terrorthreat...

bull shit terrorism: 2) technique used by governments tomanipulate public opinion in order to further an agenda, look- what the cia has done in this country. whatthey have done to us is unbelievable. look at the terrorist acts that have occurred. thecia behind most if not all of them. we had the marine barracks, then embassy in kenya, we had pan am 103, we had the uss cole, we had oklahoma city, we had the world tradecenter in 1993. ...that helped the terrorists to blow up the wtcthe fist time. they built the bomb, they got the driver's license.

the informer emad a. salem, a 43-year-old formeregyptian army officer, he was given the assignment to put the bomb togetherand he went to the supervisor, that's the fbi supervisor, and he said, "we're gonna put a dummy bomb"right? and the fbi supervisor says "no, we're gonna put areal bomb. " the fbi actually carried out the attack on the worldtrade center in 1993. they actually hired emad salem and paid him imillion dollars and gave him real explosives, a detonator and toldhim to build a bomb and to give it to the foolish people that he wascontrolling to allow them to attack the world trade centercomplex.

unfortunately for them, there were only six peoplekilled, not enough to pass the legislation. so, what happened is two years later, april 19, 1995 down comes oklahoma city, themurrah building 168 people killed... a year later, the anti-terrorlegislation, which takes away many of our constitutional rightsand civil liberties, is passed. 7/7/2005 london three trains and a bus were bombed, killing 56people. that morning, an "anti-terror exercise" justhappened to be taking place as well

dealing with... the exact same bombing scenario. at the exact sametrain stations. atthe exact sametime. it was at half past 9 this morning. we were actually running an exercise for a companyof over a thousand people in london based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely atthe railway stations where it happened this morning, so i still have the hairs on the back of my neckstanding up right! to get this quite straight, you were running anexercise

to see how you would cope with this and ithappened while you were running the exercise? precisely. yeah... that's right. we're supposed to believe it was some kind ofcoincidence. there was also an anti-terrorist drill going on on7/7. and again, just like on 9/11 they were talking about attacks on the same targets,the same tube stations at the exactly the same time as the actual attackhappened providing some kind of cover for what must beoperations orchestrated in some way by the state.

the 9/11 truth criminal elements within the us government stageda "false flag"terror attack on its own citizens, in order to manipulate public perception intosupporting its agenda, they have been doing these for years. 9/11 was an inside job. i am absolutely appalled at how much people in thiscountry do not think, we are given to understand that an arabic guy outthere up in the mountains financed the most elaborate attack on this country. do you think some people in a cave were able tohave norad stand down?

do you think that people in the cave were able tohave all of this happen? and when i think about how many americans werekilled in new york city and believing as i do that this thing was a set up job, this is a textbook operation that nazis used andthey've used it over and over again. america has been suckered in one more time. i don't have to tell you things are bad. everybodyknows things are bad. the dollar buys a nickel's worth. banks are goingbust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. punksare running wild in the street. there's nobody anywhere who seems to know whatto do, and there's no end to it.

we know the air is unfit to breathe and our food isunfit to eat. we sit watching ourtvs while some localnewscaster tells us that today we had 15 homicides and 63 violentcrimes as if that's the way it's supposed to be! we know things are bad. worse than bad. they'recrazy. it's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so wedon't go out anymore. we sit in the house and slowly the world we'reliving in is getting smaller. and all we say is, "please, at least leave us alone inour living rooms. let me have my toaster and my tv, my steel-beltedradials and i won't say anything. just leave us alone. " well i'm not gonna leave you alone. i want you toget mad!

i don't want you to protest, i don't want you to riot. i don't want you to write to your congressmanbecause i wouldn't know what to tell you to write. i don't know what to do about the depression and theinflation and the russians and the crime in the street, all i know is that first you've got to get mad! you've got to say, "i'm a human being, goddamn it! my life has value! there's smoke - real bad - 105.two tower. it's real bad, it's black, it's arid. my wife thinks i'm all right. i called and said i wasleaving the building. i was fine, and then bang!

three of us - two broken windows. oh god! "when hostilities commenced in europe in 1939 it was realized that the american people had nointention of entering the war but they believed that this country could be enticedinto the war in very much the same way that it was enticed into the last one they planned, first, to prepare the united states forforeign war, under the guise of american defense second, to involve us in the war, step by stepwithout our realization. third, to create a series of incidences, which wouldforce us into the actual conflict.

these plans were, of course, to be covered andassisted by the full power of their propaganda, our theaters soon became filled with plays,portraying the glory of war news reels lost all semblance of objectivity and they have used the war to justify the restrictionof congressional power and the assumption of dictatorial procedures on thepart of the president and his appointees. a fear campaign was inaugurated. we cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices, of other peoples, to lead our country to destruction"- charles lindberg. part 3: don't mind the men behind the curtain there is something behind the throne greater thanthe king himself.

the world is governed by very different personages fromwhat is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. the real truth of the matter is that a financial element in the largecenters has owned the government since the days of andrew jackson. 1775, the american revolutionary war began, as the american colonies sought to detach fromengland, and it's oppressive monarchy. although many reasons are cited for the revolution, one in particular sticks out as the prime cause: that king george lli of england outlawed the interest free independentcurrency the colonies were producing and using for themselves, in turn forcing them to borrow money from thecentral bank of england at interest, immediately putting the colonies into debt.

and as benjamin franklin later wrote: the refusal of king george lli to allow the coloniesto operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches ofthe money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution. in 1783 america won its independence fromengland. however, its battle against the central bank concept and thecorrupt, greed-filled men associated with it, had just begun. so what is a central bank? a central bank is an institution that produces thecurrency of an entire nation. based on historical precedent, two specific powersare inherent in central banking practice.

the control of interest rates, and the control of themoney supply, or inflation. the central bank does not simply supply agovernment's economy with money, it loans it to them at interest. then, through the use of increasing and decreasingthe supply of money, the central bank regulates the value of the currencybeing issued. it is critical to understand that the entire structureof this system can only produce one thing in the long run: debt. it doesn't take a lot of ingenuity to figure this scamout. every single dollar produced by the central bank isloaned at interest.

that means every single dollar produced is actually thedollar plus a certain percent of debt based on that dollar. and since a central bank has a monopoly over theproduction of the currency for the entire country, and they loan each dollar out with immediate debtattached to it, where does the money to pay for the debt comefrom? it can only come from the central bank again. which means the central bank has to perpetually increase itsmoney supply to temporarily cover the outstanding debt created, which in turn, since that new money is loaned out atinterest as well, creates even more debt! the end result of this system without fail is slavery.

for it is impossible for the government and thus thepublic, to ever come out of the self-generating debt. the founding fathers of this country were wellaware of this. "i believe that banking institutions are moredangerous than standing armies... if the american people ever allow private banks tocontrol the issue of currency... the banks and corporations that will grow up aroundthem will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continenttheir fathers conquered. " -thomas jefferson, 1743- 1826 "if you want to remain the slaves of the bankers andpay for the costs of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control thenation's credit. " -sir josiah stamp by the early 20th century, the us had alreadyimplemented, and removed a few central banking systems,

which were swindled into place by ruthless bankinginterests. at this time, the dominant families in the bankingand business world were: the rockefellers, the morgans, the warburgs, therothschilds. and in the early 1900's, they sought to push onceagain, legislation to create another central bank, however, they knew the government and publicwere weary of such an institution. so they needed to create an incident to affect publicopinion. so,j.p. morgan, publicly considered a financialluminary at the time, exploited his mass influence by publishing rumors thata prominent bank in new york was insolvent, or bankrupt. morgan knew this would cause mass hysteria whichwould affect other banks as well, and it did.

the public, in fear of losing their deposits,immediately began mass withdrawals. consequently the banks were forced to call in theirloans, causing the recipients to sell their property, and thus a spiral of bankruptcies, repossessions, andturmoil emerged. putting the pieces together a few years later, fredrikallen of life magazine wrote: "the morgan interests took advantage to precipitatethe panic of 1907 guiding it shrewdly as it progressed. " unaware of the fraud, the panic of 1907 led to acongressional investigation, headed by senator nelson aldrich, who had intimate ties to the banking cartels, and laterbecame part of the rockefeller family through marriage. the commission led by aldrich recommended acentral bank should be implemented,

so a panic like 1907 "could never happen again". this was the spark the international bankers neededto initiate their plan. in 1910, a secret meeting was held at a j.p. morganestate on jekyll island off the coast of georgia. it was there that the central banking bill called thefederal reserve act was written. this legislation was written by bankers, not law-makers. this meeting was so secretive, so concealed fromgovernment and public knowledge, that the 10 or so figures who attended disguisedtheir names when in route to the island. after this bill was constructed, it was then handed over to theirpolitical front-man, senator nelson aldrich, to push through congress. and in 1913 with heavy political sponsorship by thebankers, woodrow wilson became president,

having already agreed to sign the federal reserveact in exchange for campaign support. and 2 days before christmas when most of congress was at homewith their families, the federal reserve act was voted in, and wilson in turn made it law. later, woodrow wilson wrote, in regret: "(our) great industrial nation is controlled by itssystem of credit. our system of credit is privately concentrated. thegrowth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men... who necessarily, by veryreason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economicfreedom we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one ofthe most

completely controlled and dominated, governmentsin the civilized world- no government by free opinion, no longer agovernment by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress ofsmall groups of dominant men. - woodrow wilson congressman louis mcfadden also expressed thetruth after the passage of the bill: "a world banking system was being set up here... asuperstate controlled by international bankers. acting together to enslave the world for their ownpleasure. the fed has usurped the government. " now, the public was told that the federal reservesystem was an economic stabilizer. and inflation and economic crisis were a thing of thepast. well, as history has shown, nothing is further fromthe truth.

the fact is the international bankers now had astreamlined machine to expand their personal ambitions. for example, from 19 i4 to 1919, the fed increasedthe money supply by nearly 100%. resulting in extensive loans to small banks and thepublic. then in 1920, the fed called in massive percentagesof the outstanding money supply, thus resulting in the supporting banks having to callin huge numbers of loans, and just like in 1907: bank runs, bankruptcy, andcollapse occurred. over 5400 competitive banks outside of the federalreserve system collapsed. further consolidating the monopoly to a smallgroup of international bankers. privy to this crime, congressman lindberg steppedup, and said in 192 i:

"under the federal reserve act, panics arescientifically created. the present panic is the first scientifically createdone, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation. " however, the panic of 1920 was just a warm-up. from 192 i to 1929 the fed again increased themoney supply. resulting once again in extensive loans to the publicand banks. there was also a fairly new type of loan called amargin loan in the stock market. very simply, a margin loan allowed an investor to putdown only 10% of a stocks price, with the other 90% being loaned through thebroker. in other words, a person could own $ 1000 worth ofstock with only $ 100 down.

this method was very popular in the roaring 1920's, as everyone seemed to be making money in themarket. however, there was a catch to this loan. it could be called in at any time, and had to be paidwithin 24 hours. this is termed a margin call, and the typical result of a margin call is the selling ofthe stock purchased with the loan. so, a few months before october of 1929,j.d. rockefeller,bernard baruck, and other insiders quietly exited the market, and on october 24th, 1929, the new york financiers whofurnished the margin loans started calling them in, in mass. this sparked an instantaneous massive sell-off in themarket,

for everyone had to cover their margin loans. it then triggered mass bank runs for the samereason, in turn collapsing over 16,000 banks, enabling the conspiring international bankers to notonly buy up rival banks at a discount, but to also buy up whole corporations at pennieson the dollar. it was the greatest robbery in american history. but that didn't stop there. rather than expand the money supply to recoverfrom this economic collapse, the fed actually contracted it, fueling one of thelargest depressions in history. once again outraged, congressman louis mcfadden,a long-time opponent of the banking cartels,

began bringing impeachment proceedings against thefederal reserve board, saying of the crash and depression: "it was a carefully contrived occurrence. international bankers sought to bring about acondition of despair, so that they might emerge the rulers of us all. " not surprisingly, and after 2 previous assassinationattempts, mcfadden was poisoned at a banquet before hecould push for the impeachment. now, having reduced the society to squalor, the federal reservebankers decided that the gold standard should be removed. in order to do this, they needed to acquire theremaining gold in the system.

so, under the pretense of helping to end thedepression came the 1933 gold seizure. under threat of imprisonment for 10 years, everyone in americawas required to turn in all gold bullion to the treasury, essentially robbing the public of what little wealththey had left. at the end of 1933, the gold standard was abolished. if you look at a dollar bill from before 1933, it says itis redeemable in gold. if you look at a dollar bill today, it says it is legal tender, which means it is backed byabsolutely nothing. it is worthless paper. the only thing that gives our money value is howmuch of it is in circulation.

therefore the power to regulate the money supplyis also the power to regulate its value, which is also the power to bring entire economiesand societies to its knees. "give me control of a nation's money supply, and icare not who makes its laws. " - m.a. rothschild, founder of rothschild bankingdynasty. it's important to clearly understand: the federalreserve is a private corporation. it is about as "federal" as "federal express. " it makes its own policies, and is under virtually noregulation by the us government. it is a private bank that loans all currency at interestto the government, completely consistent with the fraudulent centralbanking model that the country sought to escape from

when it declared independence in the americanrevolutionary war. now, going back to 1913, the federal reserve act wasnot the only unconstitutional bill pushed through congress. they also pushed the federal income tax. it's worthwhile to point out that the americanpublic's ignorance towards the federal income tax is a testament to how dumbed-down and obliviousthe american population really is. first of all, the federal income tax is completelyunconstitutional, as it is a direct, unapportioned tax. all direct taxes have to be apportioned to be legalbased on the constitution. secondly, the required number of states in order toratify the amendment to allow the income tax was never met,

and this has even been cited in modern court cases. "if you examined 16th amendment carefully, you would find thata sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment. " u.s. district court judge james c. fox, 2003 third, at the present day, roughly 25% of the averageworker's income is taken via this tax. and guess where that money goes. it goes to pay the interest on the currency beingproduced by the fraudulent federal reserve bank, a system that does not have to exist, at all. the money you make working almost three monthsout of the year goes almost literally into the pockets of the international bankers, whoown the private federal reserve bank,

and fourth, even with the fraudulent governmentclaim as to the legality of the income tax, there is literally no statute, no law in existence, thatrequires you to pay this tax. period. i really expected that of course there's a law, that you can point to in the law book that requiresyou to file a tax return. of course there is. i was at that point where i couldn't find the statutethat clearly made a person liable, at least not me, and most people i know, and i had no choice in my mind except to resign.

based on the research that i did throughout theyear 2000 and that i'm still doing, i have not found that law. i've asked congress, a lot of people, we've asked theirs commissioner's helpers, they can't answer, because if they answer, the americanpeople are gonna know that this whole thing is a fraud. i haven't filed a federal income tax return since i left. i have not filed a tax return since 1999. the income tax is nothing less than the enslavementof the entire country. now, the control of the economy and the perpetualrobbery of wealth is only one side of the rubik's cube the bankershold in their hands.

the next tool for profit and control is war. since the inception of the federal reserve in 1913, a number of large and small wars have commenced. the 3 most pronounced were world war i, worldwar ii, and vietnam. world war i. in 1914, european wars broke out centered aroundengland and germany. the american public wanted nothing to do with thewar, in turn president wilson publicly declared neutrality. however, under the surface,

the us administration was looking for any excusethey could find to enter it. in a noted observation by secretary of state williamjennings: "the large banking interests were deeply interestedin the world war, because of the wide opportunities for large profits. " it's important to understand that the most lucrativething that can happen for international bankers, is war. for it forces the county to borrow even moremoney from the federal reserve bank at interest. woodrow wilson's top adviser and mentor wascolonel edward house, a man with intimate connections with theinternational bankers who wanted in the war. in a documented conversation between colonelhouse, wilson's advisor,

and sir edward grey, the foreign secretary ofengland, regarding how to get america into the war. grey inquired: "what will americans do if germans sink an oceanliner with american passengers on board?" house responded: "i believe that a flame of indignation would sweepthe united states and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us intowar. " so, on may 7 th 1915 on essentially the suggestion ofsir edward grey, a ship called the lusitania was deliberately sent into germancontrolled waters where german military vessels were know to be. and, as expected, german u-boats torpedoed theship,

exploding stored ammunition, killing 1200 people. to further understand the deliberate nature of thissetup, the german embassy actually put advertisements inthe new york times, telling people that if they boarded the lusitania, theydid so at there own risk, as such a ship sailing from america to englandthrough the war zone, would be liable to destruction. in turn and as anticipated, the sinking of the lusitaniacaused a wave of anger among the american population and america entered the war a short time after. the i st world war caused 323000 american deaths. j.d. rockefeller made 200 million dollars off of it.

not to mention the war cost about 30 billiondollars for america, most of which was borrow from the federalreserve bank at interest, furthering the profits of the international bankers. world war 2. on december 7th 194 i, japan attacked theamerican fleet at pearl harbor, triggering our entry into that war. president franklin d roosevelt declared that theattack was a "day that will live in infamy". a day of infamy indeed, but not because of the alleged surprise attack onpearl harbor.

after 60 years of surfacing information, it is clear thatonly was the attack on pearl harbor known weeks in advance, it was outright wanted and provoked. roosevelt, whose family had been new york bankerssince the 18th century, whose uncle fredrik was on the original federalreserve board, was very sympathetic to the interests of theinternational bankers and the interest was to enter the war. and as we have seen, nothing is more profitable forinternational bankers, than war. in a journal entry by roosevelt's secretary ofwarhenry stimson dated november 25th, 194 i, he documented a conversation he had withroosevelt:

"the question was how should we maneuver theminto firing the first shot. it was desirable to make sure the japanese be theones to do this so that there should remain no doubt as to whowere the aggressors. " in the months leading up to the attack on pearlharbor, roosevelt did everything in his power to anger thejapanese, showing a posture of aggression. he halted all of japans import of americanpetroleum. he froze all the japanese assets in the united states. he made public loans to nationalist china andsupplied military aid to the british, both enemies to japan in the war...

which, by the way, is completely in violation ofinternational war rules. and, on december 4th, 3 days before the attack, australian intelligence told roosevelt about ajapanese task force moving towards pearl harbor. roosevelt ignored it. so, as hoped and allowed, on december 7th 194 ijapan attacked pearl harbor, killing 2400 soldiers. before pearl harbor 83% of the american pubicwanted nothing to do with the war. after pearl harbor, i million men volunteered forthe war. it is important to note, nazi germany's war effortwas largely supported by two organizations,

one of which was called i.g. farben. i.g. farben produced 84% of germany's explosivesand even the zyklon b used in the concentration camps to kill millions. one of the unspoken partners of i.g. farben wasj.d. rockefeller's stand oil company in america, in fact the german air force could not operate without aspecial additive patterned by rockefeller's standard oil. the drastic bombing of london by nazi germanyfor example was made possible by a 20 million dollar sale of fuelto i.g. farben by the rockefeller standard oil company. this is just one small point about how americabusiness funded both sides ofworld war 2. one other treasonous organization worth mentioningis the union banking corporation of new york city.

not only did it finance numerous aspects of hitler'srise to power, along with actual materials during the war, it was also a nazi money laundering bank, which was eventually exposed for having millions ofdollars of nazi money in its vaults. the union banking corporation of new york was eventuallyseized for violation of the trading with the enemy act. guess who the director and vice president of theunion bank was? prescott bush, our current president's grandfather, and of course our former president's father. keep that in mind when considering the moral andpolitical dispositions of the bush family.

vietnam. the united states official declaration of war onnorth vietnam in 1964, came after an alleged incident involving us destroyers beingattack by north vietnamese pt boats in the gulf oftonkin. this was known as the gulf oftonkin incident. this single situation was the catalystic pretext formassive troop deployment and full fledged warfare. one problem however. the attack on the us destroyers by vietnamese ptboats... never happened. it was a completely staged event to have an excuseto enter the war.

former secretary of defense robert mcnamarastated years later that the gulf oftonkin incident was a "mistake", while many other insiders and officers have comeforward relaying that it was a contrived farce, a complete lie. once in the war, it was business as usual. in october 1966, president lyndon johnson lifted trading restrictions on the soviet block, know full well that the soviets were providingupwards of 80% of north vietnams war supplies. consequently, rockefeller interests financedfactories in the soviet union,

which the soviets used to manufacture militaryequipment and send to north vietnam. however, the funding of both sides of this conflictwas only one side of the coin. in 1985,vietnam's rules of engagement weredeclassified. this detailed what american troops were and werenot allow to do in the war. it included absurdities like: north vietnamese anti-aircraft missile systems couldnot be bombed until they were known to be fully operational. no enemy could be pursued once they crossed theborder of laos or cambodia. and most revealing of all, the most critical strategictargets were not allow to be attacked,

unless initiated by high military officials. apart from these imposed limitations, north vietnam was informed of these restrictions and therefore could create entire strategies aroundthe limitations of the american forces. this is why the war went on so long and the bottomline is this: the vietnam war was never meant to be won... just sustained. this war for profit resulted in 58000 americandeath and 3 million dead vietnamese. so, where are we now.

september 11th was the jumpstart for what is nowan accelerating agenda by the ruthless elite. it was a staged war pretext no different than thesinking of the lusitania, the provoking of pearl harbor and the gulf oftonkin lie. in fact if 9/11 wasn't a planned war pretext it wouldbe an exception to the rule. it has been used to launch two unprovoked illegalwars. one against iraq and one against afghanistan. however, 9/11 was the pretext for another war aswell. the war against you. the patriot act, homeland security, the militarytribunals act and other legislations,

are all completely and entirely designed to destroyyour civil liberties and limit your ability to fight back against what iscoming. currently in the united states unannounced tomost brainwashed americans, you home can be searched without a warrant, withyou being home, you can in turn be arrested with no chargesrevealed to you, detain indefinitely with no access to a lawyer andlegally tortured. all under the suspicion that you might be a"terrorist". if you need a painted picture of what is happening inthe country, let's recognize how history repeats itself.

in feb 1933, hitler staged a false flag attack, burning down his own german parliament buildingthe reichstag and blamed it on communist terrorists. within the next few weeks he passed the enablingact, which completely eradicated the germanconstitution destroying people's liberties. he then let a series of preemptive wars all justified to the german people as necessary tomaintaining homeland security. "an evil exists that threatens every man woman andchild in this great nation. we must take steps to ensure our domestic securityand protect our homeland. " george bush?

no, adolf hitler when announcing the gestapo tothe people. on the matter of communism... and its frontorganizations should not obscure the issues! our enemy is a radical network of terrorists andevery government that supports them. it's time to wake up. the people in power go out of their way to make sure you are perpetually mislead andmanipulated. the majorities perception of reality, especially in thepolitical arena is not there own. it is shrewdly imposed upon them, without themeven knowing it. for example, the public at large actually believes theinvasion of iraq is going badly,

as sectarian violence doesn't seem to stop. what the public fails to see, is that the destabilization of iraq is exactly what thepeople behind the government want. this war is to be sustained, so the region can bedivided up, domination of the oil maintained, continual profitsreaped for the defense contractors and most importantly, permanent military basesestablished to be used as a launching pad against other oil bearing,non-conforming countries, such as iran and syria, for further implication that the civil war anddestabilization is purely intentional - in 2005, 2 elite british sas officers were arrested byiraq police

after being caught driving around in their carshooting at civilians, while dressed up as arabs. after being arrested and taken to a jail in basra, the british army immediately requested the releaseof these men. when the basra government refused, british tankscame in and physically broke out the men from the basraprison. if you wish to destroy an area, how do you do it? well there are two ways - you can go in there andbomb it, and so forth, but that is not very efficient. what you do is try to get the people in that area tokill each other

and to destroy there own territory, their own farms. and that's what has been done in that area. the way in which you destroy an opponent is gethim to destroy himself, by dividing his ranks against one another. then you feed both sides, you have agents feedingboth sides, inflaming both sides. and they kill each other off. and it's time that some of us woke up to this reality. to understand that people who try to maintainempires and create empires, do it by manipulating the people they are trying toconquer.

you might to ask yourself why the entire culture is utterlysaturated by mass media entertainment from all sides, while the educational system in america continues itstupefying downward slide since the us government decided to take over andsubsidize the public school system. what your government pays for it gets. when we understand that, then we look atgovernment financed institutions of education and see the kind of students and the kind of education thatis being turned out by these government financed schools, logic will tell you that if what is being turned out inthose schools was not in accord with what the state and thefederal government wanted, then it would change it.

the bottom line is that the government is gettingwhat they have ordered. they do not want your children to be educated. they do not want you to think too much. that is why our country and our world has becomeso proliferated with entertainments, mass media, television shows, amusement parks,drugs, alcohol and every kind of entertainment, to keep the human entertained. so that you don't get in the way of importantpeople by doing too much thinking. you had better wake up and understand

that there are people who are guiding your life andyou don't even know it. " we are in a lot of trouble! because you people and 62 million other americansare listening to me right now. because less than 3 percent of you people readbooks. because less 15 percent of you read newspapers. because the only truth you know is what you getover this tube. right now there is a whole, an entire generationthat never knew anything that didn't come out of this tube. this tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation.

this tube can make or break presidents popes primeministers... this tube is the most awesome goddamn force inthe whole godless world and woe is us, if it ever falls in the hands of the wrong people. and when the largest company in the world controls the mostawesome goddamn propaganda force in the whole godless world, who knows what shit will be peddled for truth onthis network! so you listen to me... listen to me: television is not the truth. television is a goddamned amusement park, television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troop ofacrobats, story tellers,

dancers, singers, jugglers sideshow freaks, liontamers and football players. we are in the boredom killing business! but you people sit there day after day night afternight, all ages, colors, creeds... we are all you know. you're beginning to believe the illusions we arespinning here, you are beginning to think the tube is reality andyour own lives are unreal. you do whatever the tube tells you. you dress like the tube, eat like the tube, raise your children like the tube, you even think likethe tube...

this is mass madness you maniacs. in god's name you people are the real thing we are the illusion! the last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious informed public capable of criticalthinking. which is why a continually fraudulent zeitgeist isoutput via religion, the mass media, and the educational system. they seek to keep you in a distracted, naive bubble. and they are doing a damn good job of it.

in 2005 an arrangement between canada, mexicoand the united states was made. this arrangement, unannounced to the public,unregulated by congress, merges the united states, canada and mexico intoone entity, erasing all borders. it's called the north american union. you might want to ask yourself why you have neverheard of this. in fact, there is only one mainstream reporter whohas actually heard of, and has had the courage to cover this issue. the bush administration's open borders policy and its decision to ignore the enforcement of thiscountry's immigration laws

is part of a broader agenda. president bush signed a formal agreement that willend the united states, as we know it. and he took the step without approval from eitherthe us congress, or the people of the united states. it's a deal that few have even heard of. it's been done again, by very few people, at the verytop, on behalf of the investment class. but the workingclass of people, political officials across our country fromcommunities and cities, they don't know anything about this.

this isn't some trade agreement. it is a total removal of sovereignty from thesecountries which will also result in a completely new currencycalled the amero. i think the one thing that people who are dollarsbased need to focus on is the amero, that's the thing no one is talking about that. i think is going to have a big impact on everybody'slife in canada, the us and mexico. the amero is the proposed new currency for thenorth american community, which is being developed right now between canadathe us and mexico to make a borderless community much like the eu

and the dollar, the canadian dollar and the mexicanpeso will be replaced by the amero. by default of this agreement, the americanconstitution will eventually be obsolete. you would think that a situation like this would beon the cover or every major newspaper. that is until you realize that the people behind thismovement are the same people who are behind the mainstream media and you are not told what you are not supposed toknow. the north american union is the same concept asthe european union, the african union and the soon to be asian union and the same people are behind all of them.

and when the time right, the north american, union, theeuropean union, the african union and the asian union will be merged together, forming the final stages of aplan these men have been working on for over 60 years. a one world government. "we shall have world government, whether or notwe like it. the only question is whether world governmentwill be achieved by conquest or consent. " - paulwarburg, council on foreign relations /architect of the federal reserve system "we are grateful to the washington post, the newyorktimes, time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respectedtheir promises of discretion for almost 40 years. it would have been impossible for us to develop ourplan for the world

if we had been subjected to the lights of publicityduring those years. but, the world is more sophisticated and preparedto march towards a world government. the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual eliteand world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries. david rockefeller, council on foreign relations one bank, one army, one center of power. and if we have learned anything from history. it is that power corrupts and absolute powercorrupts absolutely. this is aaron russo, a filmmaker and formerpolitician.

to his left is nicholas rockefeller of the infamousrockefeller banking and business dynasty. after maintaining a close friendship with nicholasrockefeller, aaron eventually ended the relationship, appalled by what he had learn about therockefellers and their ambitions. i got a call one day from an attorney i knew and shesaid: "would you like to meet one of the rockefellers?"and i said: "sure i would love to. " we became friends and he began to divulge a lot ofthings to me, so he said to me one night, he said: "there's going to be an event, aaron, and out of thatevent we are going to go into afghanistan,

so we can run pipelines from the caspian sea, we are gong to go into iraq to take the oil andestablish a base in the middle east and we are gong to go into venezuela and get rid ofchavez. " the first 2 they have accomplished, chavez theydidn't accomplish. and he said: "you are going to see guys going intocaves looking for... looking for people they are never going to find. " he was laughing about the fact that you have thiswar on terror, and there is no real enemy. he was talking about how by having this war onterror you can never win it,

because it is an eternal war, so you can always keeptaking peoples liberties away. and i said: "how are you going to convince peoplethat this war is real?" and he said: "by the media,. the media can convinceeverybody that it's real. " you just keep talking about things and saying themover and over and over again and eventually people believe it. you know, they create the federal reserve in 1913through lies. they create 9/11, which was another lie. through 9/11, then you are fighting a war on terrorand all the sudden you go into iraq,

which was another lie, and now they are going to do iran. it's all one thing leading to another, leading toanother, leading to another... i would say to him: "what are you doing this for? what's the point of this thing? you have all the money in the world you would everwant, you have all the power, you're hurting people. it's not a good thing. " and he would say: "what do you care about thepeople for? take care of yourself and take care of your family".

and then i said: "so what are the ultimate goalshere?" he said: "the ultimate goal is to get everyone in thisworld chipped with an rfid chip. and have all money be on those chips and haveeverything on those chips, and if anyone wants to protest what we do orviolate what we want, we can just turn off their chip. " that's right - micro chipped. in 2005, congress under the pretense of immigrationcontrol and the so called war on terrorism, passed the real id act, under which it is projectedby may 2008, you will be required to carry around a federalidentification card

which includes on it a scannable bar code with yourpersonal information. however this barcode is only an intermediary step, before the card is equipped with a verichip rfidtracking module, which will use radio frequencies to track your everymove on the planet, if this sounds foreign to you, please note that the rfid tracking chip is already in all newamerican passports. and the final step is the implanted chip, which many people have already been manipulatedinto accepting under different pretenses. we have a florida family who are really pioneers in abrave new world.

they have volunteer to be the first ever to havemicrochip identification devices implanted into their bodies. after 9/11 i was really concerned with the securityof my family. i wouldn't mind having something plantedpermanently in my arm, that would identify me. in the end, everybody will be locked into amonitored control grid, where every single action you perform isdocumented, and if you get out of line, they can just turn off yourchip, for at that point in time, every single aspect ofsociety will revolve around interactions with the chips. this is the picture that is painted for the future ifyou open your eyes to see it.

a centralized one world economy where everyone's movesand everyone transactions are tracked and monitored. all rights removed. the most incredible aspect of all: these totalitarian elements will not be forced uponthe people, the people will demand them. for the social manipulation of society through thegeneration of fear and division has completely detached humans fromtheir sense of power and reality. a process, which has been going on for centuries ifnot millennia, patriotism,

race, wealth, class, and every other form of arbitrary separatistidentification and thus conceit, has served to create a controlled population, utterlymalleable in the hands of the few. divide and conquer is the motto, and as long as people continue to see themselves asseparate from everything else, they lend themselves to being completely enslaved. the men behind the curtain know this. and they alsoknow,

that if people ever realize the truth of theirrelationship to nature, and the truth of their personal power... the entire manufactured zeitgeist they prey upon,will collapse like a house of cards. the whole system that we live in, drills into us thatwe are powerless, that we are weak, that society is evil, that it's crimeridden and so forth. it is all a big fat lie! we are powerful, beautiful, extraordinary. there is no reason why we cannot understand whowe truly are; where we are going. there is no reason why the average individualcannot be fully empowered.

we are incredibly powerful beings. i think i spent 30 years of my life, the first 30, trying to become something. i wanted to become good at things, i wanted tobecome good at tennis and school and grades. and everything i kinda viewed in that perspective, i'm not okay the way i am, but if i got good atthings... i realized that i had the game wrong. because the game was to find out what i alreadywas. now, in our culture we have been trained forindividual differences to stand out.

so you look at each person and the immediate hit is. brighter, dumber, older, younger, richer poorer... and we make all these dimensional distinctions, put them in categories and treat them that way. and get so we only see others as separate fromourselves in the ways in which they are separate. and one of the dramatic characteristics ofexperience is being with another person and suddenly seeing the ways in which they are like you, not differentfrom you.

and experiencing the fact that which is essence inyou, which is essence in me is, indeed, one. the understanding that there is no other. it is allone. i wasn't born richard albert, i was just born as ahuman being and then i learned this whole business of who i am,whether i'm good or bad, achieving or not... all that's learned along the way. when the power of love overcomes the love ofpower, the world will know peace. sri chinmoy ghose

the old appeals to racial, sexual and religiousshovanism, to rabid nationalistic fervor, are beginning not to work, a new consciousness is developing which sees theearth as a single organism, and recognizes, that an organism at war with itself isdoomed. bill hicks used to finish his shows with this: life's like a ride in an amusement park, and when you go on it you think it's real becausethat's how powerful our minds are.

the ride goes up and down and round and round, it has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored. and it's very loud and it's fun for a while. some have been on the ride for a long time andthey begin to question: is this real? or is this just a ride? and other people have remembered and they comeback to us and they say: 'hey, don't worry, don't be afraid ever. cause this is just a ride. ' and we kill those people.

shut him up i have got a lot invested in this ride,shut him up! look at my frowns of worry... look at my big bank account and my family... this has to be real... it's just a ride. but we always kill those good guys who try and tellus that, you ever notice that? and we let the demons run a muck... but it doesn't matter, because it is just a ride

and we can change it anytime we want. it is only a choice. no effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. just a choice right now. between fear, and love. the revolution is now.

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