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Minggu, 23 April 2017

Coloring Book For Me Apk Full Unlocked

Coloring Book For Me Apk Full Unlocked

- [dan] i don't think we evercould have imagined how much actually goes intomaking a stage show. - [phil] what couldwe do that will leave behind somekind of feeling of "yes, that wasdan and phil?" - are we good atentertaining people live? - ladies and gentlemenof the amazing tour company, this is yourbeginner's call. - we wanted todo something big

and probably bigger thanhas ever been done before. - it can go wrongat any moment. okay. we're going on stage.this is happening. - if i told philfive years ago that i would be stood on thestage at the dolby theatre in front of thousandsof people, i would have run out of thedoor, but here we are. [music] how did this allbegin, phil?

- it all startedwith a sharpie. - whisker time.oh, jemima. - whisker-ing achieved. it all started off withus making a q&a video called "phil isnot on fire." the first questionwe saw was, "why do you always make catwhiskers on your face?" - did you always wear catwhiskers on your face? - no. that's why thatwas a weird question

but it did bring me i was like... - i'll just do it. why not?- why not do it? - now it's on the stagebehind us. what the hell? - yeah.- hey there, friend. - hello, sir. [noises] - friendship. yeah. - if you showed thatdan and phil that stage, what do youthink they'd do? - microwave.

- yes, it is. you've been doing this along time, dinosaur phil. - i'm a youtube dinosaur. i'm ayoutube pterodactyl, i think. - caw.- caw. - for 10 years, you'vebeen doing this. - hi, i'm phil. welcometo my video blog which i hope you're veryexcited to be a part of. i started makingvideos because i got a webcam in acereal promotion.

- that is a good originstory right there. - it was blackand white. - that's up therewith batman. - i was really... [laughter]it's up there with batman. i was really northern.i was like, "hello, welcome tomy video blog." i got my mum thisfor mother's day. it's a monkeytrapped in a cage. no edits. i didn't evenhave any editing software.

it was just me. - you just did a one-takeupload to youtube. - one take.that was it. - i think that's alot less shameful than my firstvideo, though. - yeah. hi. so my name is dan. my name is- [together] dan. - and this is my firstproper video, i guess.

woo! - when we werefirst on youtube there weren't that many peoplewatching youtube videos. - at all.- compared to now. - there weren't even thatmany people on the internet. - i only had 100subscribers for a year. - a year. - and i was just doing itbecause it was a hobby. [bird noises]

i don't think weever expected so many people tobe watching our videos when we startedmaking them. - no, never.- yeah. - it's not like wechanged anything. i mean we startedsucking less, the more time went on, but then...- better editing. - but the snowballjust rolled up. - do a creepy

- then all of asudden, we realized, "hey. we got thishuge audience. this is a real thing. what happens if we just gethit by a meteor? we need to do somethingbefore it's too late." - what is the legacy? so wehad a sit down. we were like, "what could we do thatinvolves our audience, that is completelynew and something we'venever done before,

and that will leavebehind some kind of feeling of, "yes, thatwas dan and phil." - and i said, "let'sdo a book and a stage show, so then peoplehave something to hold, and people can comesee us in real life." - yeah.- and that was it, basically. - here we are. [llama noise] we wanted to dosomething big

and probably bigger than there'sever been done before-- i mean it had tobe so many things. internet people. - it obviously had to beme and phil on a stage. it had to be a liveinteraction with an audience because that's what people wantto come and see and experience. it had to have elementsfrom our youtube videos, but it also had to be agood stage show that was creatively challengingand stimulating for us.

- we're in a theater. we're ona stage. we got an audience. i think we could do somethings i've always dreamed of. so we knew we wantedto get a lot of the elements from ouryoutube channels into the stage showbut the challenge was how do you transform"the 7 second challenge" into a stage thing? or "the weird kid," or "theinternet support group?" - and also, can we do that?- yeah. is that possible?

who is up for someaudience participation? - most of the showis an in-joke for people thatwatch our videos. - the entire show is an in-joke honestly, to anyone that'scome, i've been like, "if you don't watchour videos, just..." - you might notget most of it. hi. my name is dan. - really? really?

but we didn't want to make ashow that was objectively good. we wanted to do it forus and our audience that had been with usfor half a decade. [roar] - we knew we were bringing the internet to the show, but then we did needa theatrical director - the technical side.- tell us how to theater. - keep thedialogue sharp. so it's, "get in the box. i'mnot gonna get in the box."

- so we brought on ed.- fine. this is a terrible idea. - who is amazing.- da da da da. - here's director ed's partytrick. three, two, one. hey. [laughter] itactually worked. - before i startedthis project, i knew nothing aboutdan and phil. i spent quite a fewweeks watching so many hours andhours of videos to try and understandwho they were

and what theirfans were like and what madethem tick. - he just seemed to getwhat we wanted to do. - how did thatlook when we went forward at the veryend of the show? - yeah, it was good.- okay. - it was good.- yeah, it's fine. dan and phil areused to creating all of their contenton their own.

they set up the camera.they light it. they edit it.they write it. they do everything. so working with anothercreative voice, i think, was a bit of a challengefor them at first. - giving someone the opportunityto tell us what to do was a completelyforeign concept. - i mean i haveissues with that. i'm a control freak.anybody will tell you.

- i feel like the silencebetween when dil goes quiet to say"yes" is too long. - no, that was good.i liked it. - but you need someonethat has no shame just telling youthat you suck and telling you youneed to improve. - thanks, ed.- no worries. bye. - have a good evening.- thank you. you too. one of my most excitingchallenges about the show

was the fact that when westarted, we had nothing. - just gonna sleepfor a week now. - and we had to createthe whole thing in like lessthan two weeks. that was reallythrilling. - so when we said wedidn't want to just do the typical thingpeople might expect, we took that a bit furtherthan usual, and we said, "hey, why don't wedo some crazy things

that normal people doon a theater stage, that no one wouldthink we'd do?" - i think one of the firstconversations we had was about medoing a magic show. - whoah! the magic routine was so hardfor me to learn. it's not aneasy thing. - the clash goes on. [laughter] that wasactually okay. - there's so many little tricksthat you don't know about.

- hello. so i am about torehearse my magic show, practicing with theincredible chris cox. - [chris] hello.- are you incredible? - depends who you ask. - so i'm gonna dothings like this. - whoah, beforemy very eye. the first time phil evershowed me the magic routine he was so excited.he was like, "dan. dan, sit down.look what i'm gonna show you,"

and he...- i was excited. - he balls the entire thing was a complete disaster. whoah. what the heck? okay. we're going on stage ina month. this is happening. - yeah, but then i improved.right? it's perfect. - i think phil is a veryconvincing magician now. i think vegas calls. - so phil, your thing was, "iwant to do a magic trick." my thing inthe show was,

"we are ending it ona musical number." [singing] okay. fine. whatever.i'll join in too. so we got some professionalbroadway songwriters that want to help you. we went, "no. no, wedon't want any help." - we're not interested.we're gonna do it. so i was like, "here are mylyrics," and the guy was like, "none of these rhyme. thisjust doesn't work as a song." - i remember that.i was sat on the sofa like,

"nothing rhymeswith internet. splinter net?" - just don't stop watchingyoutube, or we'll be unemployed. - so luckily, we got to talkingto jimmy jewel, who is a... - a wonderful guy.- genius. - musical genius. - he is amusical genius, and he helped us craft"the internet is here." - [jimmy] remember howwe said if you push

this first four linesto that note on "day," the whole thingis pushed towards that. you're going on the one,then the second goes... [singing] to brightenup my day... that's like the nice... - you just needto sit there. - one of thechallenges we had when learning thesong is sliding, and sliding is whenyou go from

one note to the other,in the same part. [singing] ♪ it makes mewant to sing ♪ it's not about making"makes" really short, because that's theway you're doing it. "it makes mewant to sing." you just haveto not slide. - okay. [laughter] buti don't know how. - beautiful.

- if you're imagininga drunk person singing, they slide allover the place. - that's what we soundedlike, according to jimmy. - don't slide. equally as embarrassing and fun,we also learned how to dance, or we learnedhow to "dance." i have zero rhythm. you'veseen me play just dance. it's not good. it'snot a pretty sight. - oh, man. we hadlike a proper

west end showchoreographer come in and try to teach us adance routine, and we gave it our know what i mean? i think we were soterrified that this show was happeningand we had to do it, that we just jumped inwith both left feet. that's wrong. there was actually an incidentwhere phil forgot how to walk. i am gonnabring that up.

that's soembarrassing. there was a dance movecalled "the spotty dog," where you do the da,da, da, like that. basically it's just reallyexaggerated walking. oh, my god. you justdid it wrong. how did you just fail atwalking normally? - you know when you're pattingyour belly and rubbing... i can't evendo that now. that thing. it's the same kindof thing, except with dancing.

- phil! [laughter] this is the kind of thing whereif we mess up in the show, it's endearing becausethat's who dan and phil are. - yeah, i go on abouthow clumsy i am, and then i proveit in real life. - good excuse. - they're really hard workers,really, really hard workers. actually there is never animpossible for dan and phil. they just work and work andwork until they can do it.

- one of the mostimportant things we had to have inthe show was dil. dil, dil, dil, d-dil, dil, dil.- oh, yeah. of course. - our virtual son/creation.- in "the sims." [simlish] - we actually calledea to get permission. - we did. i emailed the...- to get dil in the show. - i sent them such a funny...i was like, "can we make a 3dversion of our sim and

put it in a stage show that'sgoing to be across america?" - can you imagine who answeredthat email and was like, "what?" - they were like, "what?"- okay. - but they wereso nice about it. they were like,"sure. go for it." working with dil is a challenge.i won't lie. - that's the word.yeah, challenge. - i mean he spendsages warming up. - he hogs the stage, seriously.he's only in it for two minutes.

- i know we need some dil timeon stage, guys. dil time. - so we need a reasonfor dil to be in the show, and i think he was kindof like the final jigsaw piece that tied this veryloose story together. - yes. - [together] it's dil! - that's myfavorite part. - no one is expecting dilto be there in real life, and seeing people'sfaces is priceless.

- the moment we just go,"it's dil, buh, buh, buh," it's the single-most ridiculousthing in the entire universe. just the moment whereeveryone turns around and they'relike, "what?" and there's a thing stood behindthem with this giant head. - some people start worshipinghim. they're just like, "dil!" - i don't think we evercould have imagined how much actually goes intomaking a stage show. we're used to just havingthese ideas

and it being quite simple inour house, but then we were... okay. so we want props, and we want a big stage thatdoes these nine things, and we want interactivecontent to be collected, and we need all these costumesand props and everything. - llama legs. so dan is currently havinghis llama legs fitted. let's see whatthis looks like. [laughter] are you feeling?

- warm, but obviously fabulous.i mean check this out. - that is incredible. - it's a human llama.- yeah. - it's the most well-groomedllama you've ever seen. it was just insane. - can you give usa little trot? - my llama walk? the fur gets everywhere.- everywhere. - it's like glitter. it willdestroy your house, seriously.

- you've still kind of got somellama fur on you right now. - i know. every time i transformout of my llama legs, i spend a good five minuteslinting myself backstage. - this is what everyone'sbeen waiting to see. - did it feel good to beback in the llama legs, dan? - it felt so felt right. - am i doing a goodjob of linting you? - this is somebody'sdream job. - it's not coming off. thelint roller doesn't like me.

- it's too much.- there's too much lint. what's up? welcome to thetatinof wardrobe department. - that is right. - yeah. thought i could give youa little tour of our threads. - phil, never saythat word ever again. - i'm trying. - i've gone for theiconic dan eclipse t-shirt that i wore in thathorrible profile picture for about three years. you knowthe one i'm talking about.

- it took me about 17 yearsto decide on a shirt. i think this is the one.shirty, you won the x factor. - you're calling it "shirty."- yeah. - i wear edgyzip shoes. pros are, when i'm magicallytransforming into a llama, they're convenient to get off, but the cons are thatthey naturally zip down throughout theshow as i move. so when i get to likethe kicking at the end

one day i'm gonnago, "the internet," and right in the face ofsomebody in the audience. - i'm surethey'd be happy. - but really it wasjust an excuse to get multiple copies of myfavorite clothing. so i felt like i didwell out of this. - definitely.that's our costume. - the magic of wardrobe.- ta-da. - the guy thatdesigned our set was

the genius thatis james turner. - he came with so manydifferent designs for us. - it was amazing.- it was incredible. - dan and phil both have areally strong aesthetic and they'rereally involved. they've got a reallydistinctive style. so it was great to getall of their input. - we worked on so many things.then one day, we went, "phil microwaved his's the story of the internet.

the microwave is adoor and a screen, and it explains the story."- yes. - woo! the set is agiant microwave. - it's weird to think thatwe'll be inside that set performing on itat some point. - one of the bestthings about doing something biggerthan youtube is for the first time we got tosay, "hey, here are our ideas," and thenprofessional people

that have beendoing something, that are the masters oftheir crafts for decades, made something for us, and itjust completely blew our minds. the uk set had to bebuilt very quickly. so we heard that it waskind of hammered together out of paper and chewinggum in 10 minutes, but it looked amazing. but then the u.s.set, they were like, "oh, we've got like amonth to make this.

we'll make itbigger and better because you're doingbigger stages." we're like, "okay. what doesbigger and better mean?" then we saw it, andit was like, "ba." i feel a little moist. - you feel moist?- because of the florida air. - it is kind of thick. - i feel humid and know what i mean? outside for two seconds,and i'm like a hobbit.

- yeah.- are you ready for this? - i'm scared.- how big is it gonna be? - i heard it's biggerthan an actual house. so i'm really nervous. - is it? okay. - check one, two. checkone, two. hey. one, two. - oh. oh. oh, my god.okay. let's do it. let'sgo right now. - oh, my god.

this is the biggest singleobject i've ever... - look at the microwave handle.the screen is huge. - oh, my god. howwide is this stage? this is gonna be like exercisejust crossing it to talk to you. it's a giant metaphorfor what we're about to experience in america, phil.oh, my god. - i shouldn'thave done that. - we haven't saidhi to the crew yet. let's not breakthings after they

just put it up. okay. - there's a lot ofelements to the set that reflects stuff fromour youtube channels. we got the lionand the llama, which we knew we wanted toframe the set in somehow. - larry has gotten bigger anda bit sassier in the face. - yes.- let's see. how big is he? - dangerous.- wow. okay. they were originallygoing to be topiary.

they were. - but then it's veryinconvenient to drag a hedge with youaround the world. - the buttons on themicrowave represent things we love, likepopcorn and pizza. - phil, those are just normalbuttons on a microwave. - oh, i thought theywere specific to us. - that's not even a actually... oh, my god. - i thought they were.

- so phil, howwould you sum up your reaction tothe american set? - big.- big. big. big. - phil, the poet, known forhis extensive vocabulary. - it's bigger than's bigger than a kaiju. this is tatinof usa. - we have the mostrandom assortment of props i haveever seen. oh, my god. is that dil's head?- oh, yeah. put it on.

- wow.- can you actually see? - the visibility is so muchlower than i ever thought. how you doing, phil?- just don't fall over. oh my god. it's! no, no, no, no. no. no. - oh, that's a trolley.oh, i'm fine. i'm fine. everything's fine.okay. - careful. you'regonna break everything beforethe show starts.

- let's just go be quietin our dressing rooms. we have a remote-controlcar, a cactus, a mysterious red button,a bunch of pop-up canes. - yep. - oh, my god.[laughter] oh, my god. - if my personality wasturned into a trolley. - i mean that's the idea. phil, this is better than icould have ever dreamed. - do you remember thepoint where we'd

finished rehearsals,and we were like, "well, there we go. we rehearsedthe show. we're ready to do it." - yeah. that's it.we know it. - then we suddenly realized,"oh, wait a minute. we actually have to go onthe road now." - yeah. - traveling for months at a timeand perform a show every night. that was terrifying.- it was. - the uk tour wasfunny because it was our first timeperforming the show,

which was this wholething, but the actual lifeon the road was weird because we did all of ourtraveling during the day in just a little gray car.- yeah. so we're on our wayto the next venue and dan has already establishedthe browsing position. - hey, hey. just becauseyou're in a car doesn't mean you can't getin some quality tumbling. - it was a lot ofday driving,

which wasn't good formy travel sickness, because everyone wasjust on their computers doing their emails, and i was just looking out thewindow like [vomiting noise]. - no, we're notgonna do this. - i'm gonna readthis bag of hummus chips and let's seehow long it takes me before i throw up. - before phil projectilevomits on us.

- okay. forty percentless fat than regular potato chips.fat reduced by... i already feel sick. there wego. seven words, was that? it's exciting seeing what thehotel room will look like. - that's always's like, "ooh, where am i going to be trappedfor the next two... eugh." or maybe, "ooh." - oh. is that a prison? - so our lives have just...what the hell are you doing?

phil is stood on a chair.what are you doing? - why does it freak you out? i wanted you to look over andthink i was really tall. - i'm con... you look likefricking slender man. i was really concernedfor your safety then. - i like this becausethe ceiling is high. - what's it like, livingin hotels every day? - i've actually enjoyed it.- it's kind of fun. - and interesting.

one thing i knew iwould miss was my pillow from bed, so ibrought it with me. it's good if youneed a nap because some of thesedays are long. so you can havea little nap. and i just don't trustpillows from hotels because who's beenlaying on them? - phil, please. - they're just filled withskin and hair, saliva.

- i think it's a copingmechanism, phil. what is your pillowa metaphor for? - it's just a little piece ofhome that i can take with me. one thing i lovedabout the uk is always getting to seeso much of the uk that i've neverseen before. - yeah. even though we'rebritish, it made us realize how little of our own countrywe've actually seen, - which was fun.- yeah.

- it was so beautiful.there were rolling hills, lush pastures,majestic animals. - driving to basingstoke throughslough maybe not as good. - maybe less scenic.- we love our country. - touring sounds greatwhen you hear about it. "oh, we're going to havea glamorous lifestyle." - we're going to belike rock stars. - it's going to be shades,champagne, dogs everywhere. i don't know whati'm thinking.

but turns out it's a lot ofliving out of a tiny suitcase and trying to compact yourlife into that tiny space. - phil is the worstpacker in the world. - we have threeleft feet there. - i don't knowwhat's happening. this is a typical phillester situation. - where are the otherthree pairs of shoes? - i probably left themunder my bed somewhere. - america attack!- what are you doing?

in america, we werethere for two months. i can't escapethe freedom! and it's a big place so we actually neededa proper tour bus. so this was the next levelof life on the road. - that is huge. - are we going to stay in that?okay. it's not stopping. okay. i feel like it's about tocrush us. wait, wait. okay. wow.

i feel like this isa slight step up from the van wehad in the uk. i don't know about you.- i think it definitely is. i think you could fitabout seven of the vans we were in in theuk in that one. - what's up? yo. i'm d-hizzle.- i'm p-lizzle. - welcome to our tour bus.come on in. welcome to the lounge.oh, yeah. - this is where i'll be doingall my sweet browsing.

- look at that position.that is ergonomic. you got it down, phil. mat. non-slip mat. - [phil] vhs. - vhs.- all my winnie the pooh" vhss. we're gonna be bustingthem out on this thing. - oh, phil. oh, look. halfthe room is extending. it's... look. oh, so much space.phil, keep it going. keep that forcepumping out.

- boom.- that took a lot out of me. - bing!- the microwave. - made that onomatopoeiato cook your food in. we got the wi-fi. when we came in thebus, we were like, "this is going to be awful.we hate life," and then we saw that,and we're like, "no. got the wi-fi." seriously, we need that to live.- we need it so bad.

- i don't know whatwould have happened if the busdidn't have wi-fi. storage. check it out.we got storage here. that's a bin. that onedoesn't even open. plastic cutlery.- there's a scoop! - scissors. they're notleft-handed. i can't use these. storage. - fact: did you knowthat this used to be ed sheeran's and kanye west'stour bus?

- wait. what? kanye usedthis on tour? did he... - he's used this.he's been here. - i just need a moment. - dan? - welcome to the bedroom. wait.what? i don't see any beds. hey, phil, why don't youshow off the bunks? - welcome tomy bunk, yo. we got a baby-poo-coloredmattress, which feels abit like rocks.

we got a dvd player. i can watch all myanime and cry while everyone else isfalling asleep and a red light thatlooks like it's part of a serialkiller's basement. see you later. - and i hear you asking,"what about the smell? you can't be stinkyon a bus with a bunch of peoplefor two months."

well, let me show you. - welcome tothe shower. it's got a slightlysee-through shower curtain because who cares ifall your coworkers and friends cansee your bum. it's too small for a tallperson, so that's gonna be fun and it smells a littlebit like a sewer. time to get soapy. - let's just givehim some privacy.

wait, no, i got it. and now, are you ready for thebest thing on the whole bus? welcome to themaster bedroom. - aka, my room.- what? - it's my room. i'vealready called it. - you can't just call thebedroom with the tv. - yeah i can. i'm on the bed.i've marked my territory. - tmi. i think there's onlyone way we can resolve this. - [together] ultimaterock, paper, scissors!

- [together] one,two, three, go. [laughter] - one, two, three, go.yes! one, two, three, go. [screaming] no! - that's me! getoff the bed. get off the bed.- don't do this to me! no! it's so small!i'm so big! - yeah.- oh, whatever. fine.

- bye. - there was one timewhere we went to a diner in americawhen we just arrived where we unfold thewhole map and said, "right. now we knowwhere we're going to, let's draw out the route and see what we've committedourselves to." - america. - so we have to startin florida, end in la

and go to new yorkkind of somewhere in the middle, andthen [noise]. - thankfully the map shopalso had some sticky stars. - i don't know ifyou're expecting a geography pop quiz today,phil, but here we go. right, so the first stopis orlando, florida. - orlando.- then jacksonville. - also in florida.right? - yes.- i found it.

- then we got reading,pennsylvania. - that's insane. - that's like 10 englands,stacked back to back. this countryneeds to shrink. then new york.- there we go. - no, put it onmanhattan, you dork. - sorry, manhattan. - you went touniversity in old york. - i did.

- how does that compareto the new one? - less skyscrapers andstatue of liberties, but still very pretty. - more geese?- more geese. - kalamazoo.- that is not a place. - there we go. boom. found it.then charlotte. - alabama.- no. - west virginia.- nope. - kentucky.- nope.

♪ america, the land of liberty ♪ - baltimore, in md.what the heck is md? - which sounds like mad.- mad land. maryland. - maryland.- then washington, dc. - i didn't know thatchicago was on the sea. - that's a lake, phil. the home of mission controland beyonce, houston, texas. then cupertino. that doesn'tsound like a real place. that's a pokemon town.

milwaukee. phoenix, arizona.then hollywood. - da da da da! oh, i missed it.- boom. - we did it. that isa lot of stars, dan. let's go get a corn dog. - what even is a corn dog?- let's go find out. - okay. - bet it tasteslike freedom. - i don't even want tothink about that. thanks this says, "please use theother door." - too late.

? red, white, and blue.? - one of the thingsthat i actually loved the mostabout touring was that we justhad a purpose. we woke up every dayand it's like, the reason we're aliveis to do a show and i actually foundthat quite refreshing. - i really enjoyed going todifferent american diners and eating a lotof pancakes.

ba da ba ba.- what is that? - it's a cupcakepancake. - here we go.- here we go. this is it. - om nom nom. review?thumbs up. in america, we did allthe driving overnight. - it was kind of justlike sleep teleporting. you go to sleepin one place and wake upin the other. morning. timefor breakfast.

dan, wake up. we gottago to the venue soon. - stop. don't film this.don't laugh at me. "oh. i get a bed.i get to just..." oh god. - it's like agiraffe being born. - the bunk is too smallfor my long legs so i've kind of curved myspine into an s shape. - you're not allowed to poopon the bus. there's a fact. - i wasn't gonnabring that up,

but you said it.that's okay. - that's a thingyou can't do. now the mostdangerous part is pouring the milkas the bus moves. we're on a straight road rightnow so it should be okay. - phil, that's not a joke.don't even joke. - i'm not joking. - there are some dayswhere we actually got to go out and about,which was really fun.

woo! go sports. - hello, from chicago. - where we are eating, as thepeople of chicago recommend, with a deep dish pizza. check this guy out.- look at that. - welcome to america.i am ready to experience your cultureall over my clothes. there were lots of otherspontaneous day trips though, like niagara falls.- niagara falls!

- we were drivingfrom america to canada, and we were like, "oh, weknow that's somewhere, but we don't know ifwe're gonna have time." and then we drove pastit, and we were like, "should we juststop the bus?" so we're aboutto go through this. i don't really cope with gettingwet very well. what about you phil? - i can't see anything.

- can i make this any tighter?maybe just... - i don't think so. yourface would fall off. - like this? wouldthat be good? we're in the eye of the, wait. that means thatit's not raining. - no. we're in theedge of the storm. - this phone has gotlike one minute left before it's justmade of water. - i'm gonna fall over!help!

it was incredible. - you loved it. you had thebest day of your life. - it was the best day. it was one of the bestthings i've ever seen. walking through vegas,and we've discovered dan's ultimate nemesis,the hobbit hair machine. - oh my god,it's a mister. - it's a mister.- literally. it's the bellagiofountain.

- yay. i'm ruining it. - phil has now won over $400on the gremlins machine. don't gamble. well, it is about 2am, and i am walking throughthe middle of the casino with a pinatallama-corn. i've had a funbirthday. the bus hasbroken down. - [together] and we're inthe middle of nowhere.

- we're literallyin the middle of... look. look over here.what is that? - three hours later, andthe bus is still broken. apparently it's a clutchfan or something? i don'tunderstand cars. but we have no internet, andi'm starting to go insane. i think i'm goingto eat my own face. - one of the challengesof doing a tour for so long was thatif you get sick,

what's going to happen?- yeah. - thankfully philgot really sick like a week and ahalf into the tour. - oh, i did. - how sick are you? - well, i've been usingthe power of mindfulness and telling myselfi'm not sick. - and how's that working out?- in reality, i'm pretty sick. i've got a reallyhorrible cough.

i've been shivering.i've had fevers. - you spent an entire day asleepin georgia before the show. - that was the made me want to sleep for about 20hours a day. - i'm filming you. - huh? oh no! - what i would dois i would just have to sleep inthe dressing room

until show time,do the show, and use all my energyfrom the day, and then goback to sleep. [phil coughing] oh no. hopefully i won't do thatduring "weird kid." eugh. whoever breathed on me atplaylist, i'm not your friend. the challenge is you're goingto a different place every day so you don'thave a base. you don't have thebedroom to go back to.

- you have no home.- you don't have your home. - ah, peaceful, relaxing morningin my hotel, except not. i woke up to this guy. so i've come downto dan's room, and look at this mansionthat they gave him. what is this about?why? - did you tell them thatyou swapped the keys? - no. - so the best thingis phil is like,

"what floor are youon?" i'm on five. he's like, "ha, i'm on..."- i'm on 14. - so i was like, "okay.well, you've obviously won because you'vegot the good room." so phil was like, "yes, finally. i get the high one. dangets the low one." - yeah.- look at what the low one is. - then look at what he gets.look at this. i've got captaindrilly mcdrillerson

outside mywindow as well. this is like a silent palacewith five rooms in it. not fair, hotel gods. - what did you miss the mostwhen you were out and about? - i definitely missed reliablewi-fi. that was one of them. - oh. oh, let's not evenjoke about anything. - don't jokeabout the wi-fi. - it's who we are. the first thing we didwhenever we went was just,

"what's the wi-fi code?where's the wi-fi? does this hotel have wi-fi?does this venue have wi-fi?" we need a wi-fi code. what's the wi-fi? wi-fi. do you know the wi-fi? - do you have wi-fi? - we've got our ownwi-fi network, phil. - that means a lot.- what a good day. thank you.

- what's the password?- you need the password. - oh, yeah.- ready? danandphil26. - oh, my god. this is happening.okay. thank you. - we performed at awhole variety of venues and locationsacross the tour. good choice ofwords there, phil. a variety.- variety. seriously. - i mean some placeswere grand opera houses. some were like smallcommunity theaters.

- some of the dressingrooms were incredible. - whoa. - is this our dressing room?this would be on the titanic. - i'm just goingto recline here. - okay. you are making yourselfat home with no [inaudible]. - this is me therest of the day. - then there were some that werekind of like dank basements. we got two chairs. there's a chair thereand a chair there

and a sink and apacket of tissues. - this is the dream. - some of thesevenues, seeing the other people thatperformed there was one of the things thatput it in perspective for me especially all the placesthat signed the walls. i mean you'd be walking along,and then you'd see everyone from frank sinatra, andre3000, amy schumer. - the beatles.- exactly.

- elmo's healthy heroes.- elmo's healthy heroes. - that is the showthat i want to have. - disney live winnie the pooh.oh, my god. phil. we are in the hall ofheroes if we sign this. we're here in detroit,at the fox theater where everybody that hasperformed has signed the wall, which is themost amazing thing. so many legendary artistshave signed this thing. it's absolutely crazy.

- it goes all theway up to the top. - we have decided that we aregoing to film here on this door. - we're goingto sign here. - outkast. dan and phil.boom. check that out. - there forever. wait.where is it? there forever, in the historyof the detroit theater. we ended the american tour atthe dolby theater in hollywood, which is where we filmed theshow, which was terrifying. - it was terrifying becausethat is the theater

where the academyawards are filmed. - welcome todolby theater. - thank you very much.- thank you. we're very excited. - good, good.- we are. - i'm so happy. you have somefans already waiting outside. - oh, really?- we saw when we drove past. - holy mother of my god.that's high. - oh, wow.- hello. okay. - that is insane.- okay.

- look at that. - so there's just a few do you feel right now, phil? - i feel like a lot of famousbutts have been on those seats. i think the only thingwe've got left to do now is actually do the show. - you say that as if it's easy.- we have done it 42 times. - and it's just doingit one more time. - yeah. justone more show. - you're right. justdoing it once more

and whatever we do is howpeople judge us forever. wow. oh, my god.this is so cool. even though thisis totally safe, i always feel like i'mgonna get in trouble, standing on the roof. - look at these houses. - hey, halle berry. it's kind of funny thatthis is the moment that the last kind of year anda half of our lives has been.

because when did we decideto do a book and a tour? - so long ago.- start of 2014 or something? it's literally allbeen just nonstop building up towardsthis moment... - until today. -, where we aredoing it all live on camera. - beneath us.- beneath us. - should probably go insidebefore i get sunburn. - before literallyevery show that we did

on the tour, we dida meet-and-greet, where we met about 100to 150 people and that was a bigimportant part of the tour because it wasn'tjust about us doing a stage show and peoplegetting to see it. there are a lot ofpeople out there that actually wanted tomeet me and phil. [cheering] our audience is this biganonymous mass on the internet.

so meeting eachindividual person and then hearing their story andactually being able to connect with the peoplethat have given us everything i think, isreally important. - the highlights of thetour have definitely been meeting the fans andgetting to know the fans, because they'reso much fun, and they bring so much energyand joy and life to the show. - i don't think we realized howmuch of an impact we've had

on certain peopleuntil we've met them. - hi. how are you?- oh, my god. that is amazing. - seeing peopleso excited to see us is such asurreal feeling. there's always sucha lovely reaction, that it makes me feellike supercharged, like a battery that'sgone in a charger. - good metaphor.- thanks. - they don't feel like they'rejust big celebrities.

- they feel really real, andi really like that about it. - when you seesomeone through a screen, you feellike you know them. then you see themin real life, and it's like their faceis right there, and they got really good i was quite happy about that. - the parents were funnybecause some people are like, "we watch your videos togetherand have a good time," or they're like, "i'vejust been dragged here,

i have no idea what'shappening or who you are. i want to leave assoon as possible." - i didn't expect toget so excited when i saw them. i was quite star-struck. - i think it'ssomething like this new generation'sbeatlemania. - i am really excited. i can'tbelieve i just met them. - i can't believe i'mseeing them in 3d. ♪ dan and phillive was amazing. ♪

- all the people that watch ourvideos are a big community - that all share onecommon interest. - so a lot of people wouldcome that were like, "hey. i don't knowanybody here." then they'd leave, having meta whole bunch of friends. - i love you. dearly. - their social awkwardnessand their humor sort of relates tome, as a viewer. i think that's what ilove about them the most.

- the videos are justso creative and unique. yeah, they justmake me laugh. - i went to tatinovand all i got was the chance to see thepeople who saved my life, who made me write again,who made me sing again, who made meplay piano again. so thank you, guys. ilove you guys so much. - we're just making theseyoutube videos sometimes. we don't think it'sthat important,

or there's no bigthought behind it, but then someone willcome up to us and say, "hey. i was going througha really hard time, or i've been through this, andjust watching your videos made mesmile when i was sad." that's the most important thingthat anyone could say to us. - they're so nice.they're so kind they understand what issuch a big deal to us. ♪ i just want to saythanks to them. ♪

- while we're at ourmeet-and-greet, our lovely stagemanager, greg, and... - accompanied with asquad of crew members. - ...go around, tryingto get our content for "weird kid" and "internetsupport group." - and "crafty corner" and"the 7-second challenges." - which involves a lot of stuff.- it's a busy hour for them. - it was important for usthat everybody feels like they got a customizedexperience, just for them.

- every night, theshow is different because the fans bringnew and interesting and weird stuffevery evening. - this is the very importantpart before every show, where we wade through all the"crafty corner" submissions. - there's somany incredible crafts people createfor the show. - it looks weird though.we come out into a corridor, and there's justthis thing laid across.

you got cactuses, cakes, papiermache heads, paintings. - we got a canned tweety here. we've got dan and philvoodoo dolls. genuinely non-creepy.- actualized paintings. there have beensome memorable "crafty corner"crafts as well. there was a mosaic of usmade entirely out of cereal. - i'm surprised you didn'teat that, to be honest. - i was so temptedto lick it, but then

people in the frontrow were going, "don't lick it. don't lick it."so i don't know what that was. - somebody once made a plushy ofour sim dil howlter and i said, "oh, look. it'sa dil doll." - we get about 11 weirdkids to choose from. we've got tonarrow them down to 5. it's a tough one. - i used to sitin dishwashers. - dangerous.- that's amazing.

the "uncle dan" questionswere funny because i had no idea whatpeople would ask. sometimes people would bereally sincere and say, "hey. i'm thinking ofdropping out of college," and then the nextperson would say "my friends don'tlike me because all i say isshrek puns." - then come the"7-second challenges," which have been submittedinto our beautiful cube, and

we're given about100 or 200. - we just scoop themout with our bare hands and just startrifling through them. - so we wade throughthem and try to choose the most degradingand embarrassing thing for the otherperson to do. make up a rapabout pigeons. -what? - pigeons. pigeons.they're full of diseases.

- if you kiss one, you doloads of wheezes. word. - the good thing isif one of us does something horribleto the other, during the next show,we can get them back. - dab 10 times. go. one, two,three, four, five, six... - we have no idea what"7-second challenge" we will pickfor each other. phil sometimeshas no idea how horrifying the weirdkid is going to be.

sometimes i'm nottold how weird an "uncle dan"question actually is. - my problem is i've been inthe anime pit for four years. will i ever escape? - it's those moments where we'regenuinely caught off guard. - it's a dil doll. - or we mess up, orwe're scared, or we break characterbecause we're like, - "okay. this has justcompletely fallen apart."

- that's what makes itspecial for the audience. - the energy in theair on a show day is something veryspecial that i've never quiteexperienced before. - dan, startthe warm-up. - is it... okay. we've hadour five minutes countdown. - it's singing time. - got my can of relentless.i'm freaking zazz. - you're on relentless?

- phil is pumped from thetransformers he had. - transform-a-snacks.- should we warm up? okay. - yeah, let's do it. we have a pre-show ritualwhich we do every night. it starts with the warm-up,where we lubricate our voices. [noises] - very professional. mee-maw, mee-maw.that's very important. one, two, three.

♪ danger men at work,danger men at work, ♪ ♪ danger men at work dangermen at work danger, men ♪ ♪ at work danger men,at work danger men ♪ ♪ at work danger, men at workdanger men at work dan- ♪ ♪ -ger men at work dan--ger men at work dan- ♪ ♪ -ger men at work dangermen at work, danger men at ♪ ♪ work danger men at,work danger men at ♪ ♪ work danger men at workdanger, men at work danger ♪ - i can't do it!

♪ men at work danger,men at work danger ♪ ♪ men at work, danger men atwork, danger, men at work ♪ - oh, my god. i did it.i did it perfectly. that was the first time i'vedone that in like five months. - kind of danger menat work genius. - get wrecked. - dil takes longerwarming up than we do. - seriously. what a diva.- i know. - never work with a sim. okay.- sims.

- nightmares. - so i'm getting the mostimportant haircut of my life right now, as it's gonnabe immortalized forever. how do you feelabout that, neil? - no pressurewhatsoever. - no pressure. nopressure at all. just don't shave myeyebrows off, please. i've seen edits on does not look good. - inhaling somewater for my voice.

it is actually waterfor my voice. - it is. - we then spendabout an hour surgically attachingour real faces. - here's myprosthetic nose that maryann's about toglue onto my face. my show nose.- your shose. - don't zoom in somuch on my face. - sometimes i'vecome off a show and

then looked at my face,and there's just like lines like melting snow downthe makeup in my face where like a bead of sweathas just plowed through it just revealing thedesert underneath. - you can taste themakeup as well when it dripsinto your mouth. you're like, "mm. i can tastethe makeup in my mouth." - i think that's one of thosethings you shouldn't share. - tastes kinda nice.

i'm about to be sprayedby maryann in the face and it's reallyhorrible. you ready?- one, two, three. - ah. ah!- one for luck. ah! oh, it's likebeing at sea world. but less cruel. then there is a time whichwe call "no-internet time," which is the worst time becausewe switch off our phones and just focusourselves on the show.

- we sit there, have akind of mild freak-out, and then it begins. - ladies and gentlemen ofthe amazing tour company, this is your half-hour have half an hour. - we're sat in a dressing's just me and phil, and we're hearing thousandsof people above us stamping theirfeet and clapping. sometimes they startchanting "dan and phil" and i'm like, "stop.stop doing this."

director ed's wise words, "bein your body, not your head." - because if you just go, "i'mnot thinking about anything," it'll just come out. if you start thinking aboutit, you'll go, "what?" this is your quarter have 15 minutes. - the atmospherejust builds up to this kind of terrifying,amazing crescendo. this is your beginner's call.places, please. places, please. - this is it.

- there's a lotof people. the louder the crowd, thebetter the show, i think. - i think so. - it charges uswith energy. - hello. hey, guys.- hello, hello, hello. - how you doingout here? - hello, hello, hello.hi, hi, hi. - once we've jumpedout of the microwave, we start performingthe show,

and that feels very excitingto me. i'm no longer nervous. once i've seenthe audience, they're no longermonsters in my head. they're nice happy's time to do it. oh, it's my weirdkid files. i also get quite nervousduring weird kid, because that is a hugemonologue that is in my head and it's alwaysthe same every night. - i'm really...- you have so much to remember.

- ...really scared i'm gonnaforget one of the lines. - so while phil isleft doing weird kid, and i've justpushed this box in with my llama legs,it's really funny. i immediately have to go sitdown and pull off those legs. i open up my laptop, havea drink. i mop my face. - i like how evenduring the show, you find an excuse toopen up your laptop, with like five minutes.

- it's important. ineed to refresh myself what's happening therest of the show. - after the weird kidsection, i go off backstage. i just sit thereand watch you do "uncle dan's phonesupport hot line," because it's a newshow every time. so i just enjoy hearingwhat the answers are. - that's one of the mostfun things, actually. - it's also a perfecttime for a fringe check.

so this is actually thebackstage mirror so i can look at my hair, whichis quite embarrassing. but look. it getsquite messy. this is the backstage torchso i can look at my hair. there we go. hello? - hi, dan. my name is paulina,and i'm from california. - it's really weird havingan audience to react to because that's the one thingthat we don't get from youtube.

you know? it's all like,"i think this is going to be funny and thatpeople will like it," but then you just see theresponse in comments, whereas this was ourfirst experience ever coming outonto a stage and going, "ha ha. joke," andthen having someone go... [clapping] - thank you. duel-wielding cloths.

oh, my god. this isthe way to do it. - no it's not, ican't see anything. a really intensemoment during the show is when we have to scrub thewhiskers off each others' faces. we figured that thebest way to do it was to scrubeach others' faces instead of our own becauseyou can't see your own face. - it's so bizarre. all the wardrobe peoplethat are new every time

are just like, "what ami watching right now? - by far, the scariest and mostintense part of the entire show is the song at the end. dan and phil, dan is not onfire and the amazing phil, have to perform a musical numberin front of thousands of people. - at least you don'thave to go first though. i'm stood there with ahuge spotlight on me, with everyone gettingready for me to sing. ♪ i might go outsideand feel more alive. ♪

♪ without twitter,where would i be? ♪ ♪ i guess i'd be fit. ♪ ♪ i'd stop posting shi... ♪- rubbish! ♪ but tumblr's a part of me. ♪ - seeing thereaction to the song and dance is one of my favorite thingsbecause nobody is expecting it. no one knows we're going toburst into song and dance. - even though youdo it a couple times, they justthink it's a joke.

- i really loved the song.i loved the song. - there's a song and dance.i love the song and dance. - it's something you don'tsee out of them normally. - yeah, that was myfavorite part because it is something so differentfrom they usually do. - it's painfully catchy.i need it on vinyl. i don't even have avinyl player. i'm just going to run myhands over it like braille. i need to commitit to my memory.

♪ the internet is here.the internet is great. ♪ ♪ when you gotlots of followers ♪ ♪ who needs a real mate? ♪ - i try not to makeeye contact with the audience whilei'm doing that. i just look intothe spotlight. but when i do seeanyone enjoying it, it makesme feel great. ♪ life is so much better whenyou spend it all online. ♪

- i think we did it.- i think we did. coming off stage is like a sweaty ball ofemotions just exploding. - i think thatwent really well. - i thought it went reallywell too. how do you feel? - i feel overwhelmed. ican't believe it's the end. - i'm kind of exhausted,physically. how about you? - i'm so tired. i've neverdanced that hard before. - we danced like ourlives depended on it.

- really, reallywell done. - so now's thetime where you say the list of thingsthat went wrong. - the show was amazing.i loved it so much. - i've seen it twice now becausei guess i'm a massive fanboy, and it's like nothingi've ever seen. - here we go. - words cannot evendescribe how important all the crew behind thescenes are with the show.

to tatinof! [all]to tatinof! - and it's thanksto them that our ideas became real andwere so good, so we lovethose guys. - it was crazy seeingthem both in real life, after watching them onthe internet for ages. - they're so funny.they're so spontaneous. you can tell thatthey're genuinely enjoying whatthey were doing.

it was just... i could nottake the smile off my face. - hope you allenjoyed the show. doing the show hasmeant so much to me, notjust from meetingall of our followers and seeing the effectthat it's had on them and allthat good stuff, but just the privilege ofbeing able to actually go around the worldperforming something is just a once-in-a-lifetimeexperience i'll never forget.

- my brother and i have beenmaking video for a long time. a big part of it forus is the community. sometimes dan and phil havelooked to us and our community, but really now i feel like thestudent has become the master, and now i'm looking towhat they're doing. - i'm so happy that i pushedmyself to try something new. - it was just an idea. it was, "yeah, we're gonna dothe stage show. we're gonna write a song.we're gonna do a dance."

and it was soterrifying. but the fact that we actuallydid it, and people enjoyed it, i'm just so happyand proud of us. now i think i'm, you know, lessscared of trying new things. - they have, and i don'tknow how they did it, the best, most engaged communityon the internet right now. - they're these two giganticfunny nerds on the internet, just saying whatevercomes to their mind. - i love you guys.

you guys are life-changingand my inspiration. - we want our followers tocome away with a feeling like it's okayto be a bit weird. you should be yourself. youshould try new things. - you might be havingan existential crisis. you don't knowwhat's important. you don't know what shouldmotivate you to do things. but atthe end of the day, if something makes you andother people happy,

that's what's important. i don't know what life is gonnabe like when i get back. - we've just been doingthis for so long. - yeah. i don't think i'memotionally prepared. i think i'll be on theplane and i'll be like, "oh, i miss thetour bus." - will you miss the tour bus?- yeah. - i'm gonna go tosleep for about a year, and then i'llsee you after that.

- yeah. just not a know what i mean? just some toast,some youtube videos. - let's go back to beingyoutubers for a bit. - hey, phil.- what? - let's go home.- okay. this is what dandoes after a show. where does theenergy come from? i'll leave him to it. - hey there.we're just...

- we're in amysterious green void. - hey there.- hey. i mean it smells... okay. i brokethe shower. i've still got some residualbutt bruisage from that. - now's a good timeto stop that story. - terrifying.- terrifying. - i'm's terrifying. terrifying. that's aterrifying thought. dan howell versus tablecloth.- i don't think i can do this.

- three, two, one. that was so... oh. bad hair. - okay. we've completelybroken this. [whistling]

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