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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Coloring Book For Me Pro Apk Download

Coloring Book For Me Pro Apk Download

this is incredible!- what's happening in our village? at this rate, nobody in ourvillage will be safe anymore a daylight robbery! somethingneeds to be done about it! he's the victim today. tomorrow,it could be anyone right! something needs to be done.- where are you guys going? you come along, too. or she'llcarry you away too! will he help? - he's the onlyone in the village... who can solve the problem. we'llhave to fall at his feet! right! you're right!

what happened?- are your ears blocked? no.- so come on what's happening? is itsomething scandalous? nobody knows. narayan dada's sonwas carried away by a witch look at them! the bloodyherd of sheep! they're here to chew on ourbrains, early in the day! say we're closed for a fortnight.- what for? the dcp's mother's gettingmarried again where are they going?- they just walked by!

entry to women is forbidden... am i going to walk there to help?come here and talk to me why are you guys wailing?what's wrong? you are our lord and master!our saviour in trouble! why? where are your other saviours?- but you are the most powerful! my son has been carriedaway by kartaniya's men! kartaniya? who's this lizard? that woman from the cattle market!- she has abducted his son! is she going to pickle him?

are the cops around only to havephotos taken of their shining medals? go and tell them thati've sent you. dismiss! we went to the police, sir.we even mentioned your name but the witch still wouldn'tspare his son! so you're at my feet because you'redisillusioned with the police? i don't poke my nose inother people's affairs i fight only my own battles.go on now, get going that witch gets all her help fromthe lady in anpara village, sir laxmi's goons are standing inattendance, to defend them

lawyer...- sir? use the phone. summonmy kids immediately no, sir. we ought not tointerfere in this matter why not?- it has to do with womenfolk you never know what twistthe tale might take don't you guys knows? sethangarchand's men... never get involved with women!and you still come here? go away now! mind your ownbusiness! - listen... yes, sir.

as far as i can see, this isno ordinary case of women the lady at anpara and her childrenare involved in this scandal she's a very stubborn woman. if anyone asks me for help against her, i'm surelygoing to help him! sir, call for you balli, come home immediately.- right, daddy lmmediately.- right away. immediately hail lord hanuman,lord of celibacy...

phone for you, sir shakti, see which fool it is who the hell is it? your mother was nurturing a spiritwasn't she? i'm the same ghost! brother! it's daddy.- daddy who? daddy! daddy, talk to brother...- no. come here immediately right, daddy. we'llstart immediately hold this for a moment

well? you couldn't recognisemy father's voice? i don't tell my father'svoice either i'll play your father'svoice for you right now! is this the law collegeboys' hostel? - yes i wish to talk to jaichand.- i'll call him who is it? go on? didn't you go to college today? daddy? i went, came back. andwent again and...

is that a carrom-board you'vebeen bouncing off? i'm going back in theafternoon, daddy no, no need to go there.come home immediately no, i'm really going inthe afternoon, daddy must you keep raving,you idiot? listen to me we got some important business tofinish. come here immediately wow! all the wealthy men together!at the poor man's door? so you're the poor man who abducteda poor farmer's son? and you now want to swallowhis piece of land in ransom?

bring that boy here immediately.- so you've come to take the boy? he's not coming out, sir.- he can't? never mind we can walk. we'll carry him no, none of you guys cantake him away from here we are taking him away we don't use our expensive footwearto walk to such places sir, this is a cattle-market. iclean scatter with these hands... i use this hand to wash my backside a punch with this onewill stink even more

i'm not standing in thehot sun for too long finish it all up quickly. let's go which sonofagun dares takeaway the boy from here! dammit! silly bachelors! how would you know whatheat a woman possesses? is there a real man among youwho can sate a woman's thirst? if there is, step forth, you curs! i'll show you what it meansto flee with a turned tail! get out of the way.

let go of that child. these are the people responsiblefor all this bloodshed and violence and the father and the sons oughtto be punished for their crimes that's all, your honor. dear students, today happens to beanjali's last day at the college but it saddens me to say thatan intelligent girl like her... is abandoning her studiesto settle down in matrimony however, it is a matter of pridethat anjali is getting married... to the home minister of our state,the young mr govindrao pachpute

i therefore extend our heartiestcongratulations to her we hope there will be fameand honor in her life let us therefore giveher a happy farewell anjali, listen...- what? will you please help me? what happened?- this what is this?- my transfer order you can have a word with theminister and have it stalled me?- yes, you

now don't say you can't do it.- i'll do what i can bye. - bye, take care. give it to him on your nuptialnight. don't forget! come. - bye. spray the rose-water,elephant! spray it! spray the rose-water, elephant! what sort of a mahout are you? you can't make the elephantspray the rose-water? give me the cane. i'll show you

sprinkle the rose-water,elephant! go on! there, mother! the rose-waterand also the oblations! what are you guys watching?clean the mess! sprinkle the rose-water, elephant!sprinkle it! - sprinkle. - keep going. who're you giving those dirty looks? who asked you to bringthe elephant here? i did.- what are you doing, ma? there's work held up in the fieldsbecause the elephant's not around... and you're holding a farce here?a circus on display?

circus? my grand-daughter'sgetting married... if the elephant sprinklesrose-water, does it become a farce? have you forgotten the prideof the high-caste families? you call a sacred ritual a circus! in that case, why don't you get theelephant to serve the guests... who arrive at the wedding? thevillage will witness the honour! an elephant serving food!- viru! don't try to play my father! what the elephant will sprinkleon the people of anpara... i will decide, not any servant

but mother...- enough! go inside brother pratap, what's goingon with you around? there'll be 10,ooo guests! and theelephant's going to be around! so you want me to sprinklerose-water on the guests? oh no, go ahead and build muscles! i wonder what burden you'regoing to carry! now look, vir, if you're irked,go and tell brother surajbhan there's no need to eye mymuscles! is that clear? there you go again!

can't the two of you digestanything unless you argue? vir, you don't want the elephant tobe there at the wedding, right? yes, brother i've stuffed a kilo of cottonin the elephant's ears! that's when i brought it here!even if a bomb explodes... the elephant won't hear a thing!- that's very nice... well done! why don't you stuff some cottonin your mother's ears too? remember one thing. it's themarriage of a motherless child there'll be not just elephants...

...there will be fireworksat her wedding too! we will invite only those people whowill bless her with all their heart do you understand that?my foot you will! grandma...- my princess has arrived! my darling daughter has arrived!come, dear... i hear the home minister's fianceehad a grand send-off at the college? don't poke fun at her! it'scommonplace in colleges nowadays studies take a back-seat. funand frolic take centrestage! why not? my friends came to see meall decked up at my wedding too

anjali... how are you? oh sure! you married this mountain,and were laden with gold, isn't it? enough. - where's daddy? - he hasgone to meet the home minister he mustn't have been around, so hemust've stood around like a guard? the minister hasn't disappeared!get lost! he'll come back lord... where the hell are they?- what's up, lawyer? send half a dozen men, please.i can't carry this burden on my own really? listen... lendthe lawyer a hand

looks like the home minister hassent a lot of gifts... hurry up! hurry up and get him out what happened, brother-in-law? what happened to him? - let him getsome fresh air... get some water! but how did this happen to him?- daddy? what happened? the cat got your tongue? won'tyou tell us what happened? all i can say is that thiswedding is not taking place the home minister claims that thisalliance is posing problems for him and i say he's being instigated... that our daughter'swedding is stalled stall my grand-daughter's wedding?who dares? tell me! it's no good wringing my neck!rather you strangle angarchand's neck! he's the one who has hadthis wedding called off he has lured ten legislatorsto his fold. he has threatened thehome minister... to call off the wedding, else he'llbe toppled off his position and that is why he has refusedto go ahead with the wedding and you know! death, mosquitoes andpoliticians are not to be trusted!

that's it! bravo! slam him tothe ground! - flattened him. eat all you want to, let therebe no room in your tummy there's no feast at anpara anymore.- there'll only be a mourning there they were forging an alliance... ...with the home ministerto belittle angarchand! and now her own grand-daughtersits humiliated at home! i spat because the people of anparahave gone down on their knees... ...before me why did you have to spit?one single spit was enough

i spat because you spaton my face, sir but you sat before me withyour mouth wide open! where else could i spit?go and sit elsewhere! but this is surely not enough.the story doesn't end here she'll have to go througha lot more misery the mother and her children willgo through a lot more of hell! shakti. - yes. - are the fireworksready? - yes, daddy so what are you waitingfor? burst them what are you doing, ma?are we all dead?

if you are true men, takethis gun and go there bring his dead body to me! lady! what madness is this? yes! the ladyship ofanpara has gone mad! she has killed angarchand!say that in the court! don't just watch! stop her!- ma... stop there! watch out! if anyone triesto stop me, i'll kill him! wastrels! don't getanywhere close to me! stop it, ma... - give me the gun. -listen to me... ma.

get the car out.- what are you doing ma? wait... have you gone mad?calm down! ma... let me go! leave me alone!- calm down, ma... have you gone mad? quiet! quiet! ma... get some water quickly! great! what bigger blow could wehave dealt to them than this one? thanks to this, the children ofthis place can now live in peace the children of thisfamily are already living in peace. you doubt that?

what sort of a life is this, sir?getting violent to help others... resorting to bloodshed to humiliatethe family in anpara... what sort of a life is this?what i'm getting at is... they too now need to lead adecent life too, isn't it? no!- i see! so you're still againstthe family in anpara? you must end this feud of 20 years... ...and put an end all thebloodshed and violence for how long will you keepthe fires of hatred alive?

the fires will live, lawyer! doyou expect me to forget it all? even though the fires are dead,the embers are still alive must i really forget it all? andhow many things must i forget? tell me... tell me! my parvati... the goddessof my family before my very eyes, she was hereat the altar in this courtyard and she finally breathedher last in my arms must i forget that? i spent14 years in prison i endured the hardships of prisonlife mentally and physically

must i forget it all? you just said that my childrenneed to lead a peaceful life but why isn't that the case? whyhasn't balram got married? why haven't kishan andshakti got married yet? after jai, no child wasborn in this family i always yearned to see a cheerfulbaby. why? tell me angarchand can never forgetall these things. never it isn't an iniury on my's a wound on my heart my fires will be sated only whenthat woman and her children are dead

if pain could be expressed, everywound of mine would speak volumes shut up! first think of putting outthe fires that rage in my heart! only a widow knows the anguishof losing her husband! you lost your father, but i didnot concede defeat to angara! but today i realize that angara'ssons are true men. and my sons... are iackals that hide behindtheir wives aprons! jackals! yes, keep saying thatto them, lawyer where are you going, roopa? wow! the birds and the bees!that's the beauty of a woman!

you see how they got drawn away? get this clearly! only a woman cancreate a rift in that family! that there is no woman in theirlives happens to be their strength! if there were a womanin angara's family... it would difficultfor them to handle. all four would takedifferent paths... and thus, they would be don't get it? we need a girl to destroy thediscipline of that family! you will then see...- shut up!

cut the crap! you'vebeen barking away! my daughter's weeping because hermarriage has been called off and this man is thinking aboutgetting those princes married! are you going to kill the girl becauseher marriage has been called off? she says she's not going to study.- that's what she'll obviously say but if she remains here, she'llbe even more miserable so i suggest you ask her toresume her studies again the latest! sensationalnews! all for free! take it for free.- how's it going? - great guns!

where's the rest of the money?- what money? this is not done! you never returnthe balance to me ever! did i ever ask forthe balance from you? when did you give meany money at all? don't screw up my mood.i've got work to do sensational news! for free!mind-blowing news! take it. the village belle returns... she could not unitewith her beloved he did not bring the bridalfineries for her...

so who is she going to find now? look at this babe! just ask, why'sshe so worked up? just look, what a babe! why's she so arrogant? why doesshe fight with everyone? she seems to be a spirit! her charm is a killer her eyes ooze oomph lightning strikes my heartwhen she sways in her gait

she makes everyoneat college pine... she won't let anyone gettheir hands on her she's a volcano waiting to erupt fair-skinned, beautiful...she's sure a nymph a blossoming beauty, she'sproud of her looks tell her, friends... not to flaunt her airs let's give her happy memories let's find a prince for her

the poor girl's grieving... let's make her a bride why's she always on her own? she's such an enigma nobody knows what ails her someone reason with her,she's all pumped up at this rate, she won'tfind anyone... she ought to get back to her senses the poor girl might endup remaining a spinster

i told you folks that i'm notgoing back to that college! but you still thrustme into that hell! he humiliated me in frontof the whole college i've lost all therespect and honour! are you happy now?- who humiliated you? your uncle has asked you aquestion. haven't you heard him? who else could it be? it wasangarchand's son, jai! he had it published in a newspaper... ...and distributed itin the whole college

do you know what filthy thingsthey wrote about me? that scoundrel dares?! brother,vir... let's go! hari singh, deva... get your swords! get a dozen more men! afterwe're through with him... he'll never do a thing like thisever again in his lifetime! where do you think you're going?and what do you imagine? he'll be waiting for welcome you? remember, you took a battalion lasttime to fight over water rights and what happened? fourof your men got killed...

seven were crippled,four lost an eye... and five were permanently blinded! we're still paying fortheir livelihood! bloody lawyer! you live off us andlavish praise on that family? we fought then for someoneelse's water rights but it now has to do withthe honour of our family! he'll have to pay for toying withthe honour of a girl from our family! this is too much, ma. we're nowgoing to return after beheading them! let's go, brother.- wait

i don't want you to do anything can't you hear me? go inside! there's no need to pamper me! grandma, i went to college becausei cared for your feelings but when it came to my honour,nobody here is bothered about it all the love just evaporated!- who said it evaporated? now is when the lovewill flow, my dear maybe i'm getting old, but ihaven't lost the spirit yet then why did you stop myfather and my uncles?

why didn't you let thembattle it out? but no! your sons must come to no harm,even if i'm burnt in the process! what do i mean to you anyway?why must you bother? have you gone mad? is that all you have got to knowof your grandma in so many years? the best attack is the onethat makes the least noise listen, did he humiliate me oryour father or your uncles? no he humiliated you. so you willplot the course of your revenge you will fight for honour. how'she to look at? handsome?

who?- angara's son? i don't know, i didn'tlook carefully then you must now take a good look you will have to give hima sense of belonging... and make him eat out of yourhands. make him a pet you mean, i must fallin love with him? love? if you fall in love,you're the first one i'll cremate! there's a difference in what youweigh and what you buy. you have to just weigh.

you got to lay the trapof everlasting love bring him to a positionwhere he licks your heels when he's madly in love with you... ...and revolts againstangara and his family. and if you will say,he'll even present... ...angara's head to you on a platter and what love and what alliance?it'll be the end of the story he'll bang his head onthe walls all his life our revenge will be complete.then, i'll have my peace!

you get that, little girl? listen, where's jai's room? upstairs. room number 6.want me to call him? no thanks. i'll find him on my own hey, move. jai! jai! wake up!- let me sleep! that girl's coming here.- which girl? anjali.- don't tell me!

yes!- how did she get here? how would i know? she is here. give me my pyiama!where the heck is it? i'm not your wife! - give memy pyjama! - here, take this. you're on the bed, and yourpyjama's are on the floor! the girl! keep her out!- hurry up and wear it! i want to talk to jai.- how come? jai... i need to talk in privacy no way! say what you haveto in his presence!

this is between you and me.rather we talk in privacy lucky! can i come in and talk? - notnecessary. speak from where you are but i'm not comfortable here.- what're you doing, girl... watch it! this place is only for men; so comeout and say whatever it is! i haven't come to stay anyway. buti will say what i have come to say what harm have i done to you, thatyou're treating me like this? there is an enemity betweenour families... but must you seek revenge from me?

my marriage was annulledbecause of your father but don't ruin mystudies now. please i request you... stop bothering me even if we're enemies... ...when a girl cries beforeyou and asks for your help. and if you still bother her, it'sterribly shameful for a man and i really believe that you'rethe only man in your family... who will not disappoint me go on... go inside

she shouldn't have said could she say such a thing? what?- she means you're the only man... in your family, and the rest ofthem are impotent, faggots... so they didn't get married!- when did she say that? she said it to your face!- and i didn't utter a word? no!- did she say that? did she really? - yes...she did. - i'll show her! hey girl... what did you say to me? that i'm the only realman in the family, eh?

was i wrong? aren't you a man? no!...i mean, i am! are the rest of my brothers impotent?- really? i just got to know is that how things are? poor brothers!- look, don't act too smart! don't mess with angarchand'ssons, okay? you'll land in deep trouble!they're lions... jackals, actually! one second, one second... what names are you callingyour brothers, jai?

you call them lions, it a family or a zoo? am i here in the nude? get lost! who do you think you are?the princess of anpara? you're actually acontagious disease! this son of angarchand aloneis enough to deal with you! i'll give you such a tough time,i'm going to bother you so much... i'll do all i can! ihate you! i hate you! have you said what you had to say?- no! i... okay, i have... so?- very simple

i'll love you just asmuch as you hate me keep hissing like a cobra, andi'll still try to charm you! yes, i love jai. with all my heart to hell with your heart! i'm notgoing to let that happen! never! did you seek my permissionbefore starting to hate me? so what's the problem withmy love? it's my choice keep your love to yourselfand... just get lost! that's exactly what i'm doing.i didn't ask you to love me in return say it, then you'll know.- i don't need to

i love jai! i love him, i love him! a hundred per cent! and nobodyhas a copyright to love was it your father whogave birth to love? i love you. what's going on here? is this aboxing ring for the two of you... to settle family scores? if youwant to continue studying here... you must behave yourself. else,get out of this college i've told you,'s not jai's mistake it's my fault. - there's noneed to say anything more

i've let you off on severaloccasions without any punishment and this was your last chance, butyou're saved because of this girl you will leave now. we could hear the commotion!who faced the music? what have you done, anjali? this was your chance to havehim thrown out of the college not yet. let him stay for a while.- what are you saying? what's the point inplucking a raw fruit? just see what anjali does

rahul... what the hell are you doing?return my clothes to me! what's love doing to me? give my clothes! i'm losing my sleep, mypeace and my senses give my clothes, i say! don't go away from me... come closer... what's love doing to me?

the earth reioices... the skies celebrate what place is this? where have we landed? it's the season of youth,you and i are together... there's mischief in the air ours is such a lovely meeting... come into my arms a yearning, a daze...

this is a huge kick i'm losing my sleep, my peace,my sense of time tis such a splendid moment,a cool breeze blows our hearts are skippinga beat, there's an aching you are the one i desire, youare the one i think of... even if you don't realise it how will i tell youabout my state... you may never believe me i yearn, you're blissfullyignorant...

i'm loving every moment of this i will be dead. she has startedto walk in my dreams even. what are you doing?- i'm quitting college i can't stay here anymore.that girl's gone crazy! you have no idea what shehas been doing to me! if my folks get to know,they're going to kill me! you don't iump out of bed forfear of the bedbug, do you? if you're a real man, have thegirl thrown out of the college but she's been following me around!i love you... she says!

what can i do about a girl likeher? - say i love you to her what? me? i couldsock your face for that! let alone fall in love,angarchand's sons don't... ...even look at girls!remember this. to fall in love... ...angarchand's sons need to beborn in another man's family yes, that'll take ahell of a lot of time how could you say i must love her?- when did i say you must love her? don't! don't ever!- then?

pretense! a drama of love!- what? don't you want those in anpara togo down on their knees to you? what?- it's the girl who approached you! how can you let such a greatopportunity slip out of your hands? i'd advise you to trap her in aweb of love to such an extent... that there's no way out for her! after that, all of them will pleadand beg at your father's feet! save our daughter's honour!please save her honour! lmagine! the nemound respectyou'll command in your family!

think! imagine! stop thinking! thisis time for action! lmagine! you and your fatherwill have your revenge! two birds with one stone! ican feel the goose-pimples! i hope that will notcreate any trouble. never mind, it'll get okay...- not this all this could create an uproar!- but there ought to be an uproar! there'll be fun only ifthere is an uproar! now go and tell her what i toldyou. - but what have i to say?

i'll bring a flower everyday to your hostel gate? no, not flower! makethat a rose! simple! it's not simple! you goand say that to her angarchand's not my father! youwant the revenge, don't you? go and say it to her! hurry up! excuse me, anjali. could you come herefor a minute, please? just a minute. what is it?

i couldn't sleep all day.- all day? no, i mean, all night. sorry.- i couldn't sleep all night either really? was it because of me? no, i couldn't get sleep. therewere a lot of mosquitoes in my room it's your guts and sense ofhumour that i really admire! my rose. nothing. whether you believe me or not, i'mtelling you the truth today, anjali no girl as beautiful as you has evertold me that she's in love with me

it's the first time such a thinghas happened to me. and it has... you hear drums?- yes, drums in my heart! and i thought, i ought toshare my feelings too anjali, i really likeyou a lot. i love you it's the beginning of our romance.- listen... you can't say that andget away so easily i need to be convinced that youare the speaking the truth i need to make sure aboutyour feelings - ok. swear it on your mother thatwhenever i call you...

you will leave yourfamily and come to me there's no hurry. think twice. youcan let me know later, okay? may i go now? take flower. let's go! she's bloody dangerous!- but what happened? she pushed me against the wall.- but what did she have to say? say? she actually stung me! whenever i call you, you must leaveyour family and come over to me! i got to swear it on mylate mother! am i crazy?

that's even better! fantastic!what's the problem with that? your mother's dead, isn't she?she's not going to die again she's not watching what you'redoing. take it from me, it's a ploy! be one-up on her! use a ploy on her! ask her to swear on her late mother! what are mothers for anyway? you swear on them whenthey're dead, really! what if she takes an oath?- okay, you take the oath too no way, i'm angarchand's son.i never go back on my word

a mere word! it's not thesupreme court's verdict! call her before she calls you over! when she leaves herfamily and comes. her entire family will bowto you! what do you say? you're right.- i knew it. go on excuse me anjali, one second, please have you made up your mind already?you can take your own time no, i've thought about itand even made up my mind you will also have to give me yourword. swear it on your family

what's the big deal? i swearit on my family... whenever you call me, i'll leaveall of them and come over to you now you make the promise.give me your hand. go on slowly but surely, you'rethe one who stole my heart and i didn't even get to know quietly, secretly,you cast a spell... and i didn't even get to know we kept consentingand disapproving... secretly, we pined...

and the things it all led to you are the one i dreamof every night it makes me sigh wistfully,it leaves me restless i'm crazy about you... i wish i were the glassyou held to your lips... you know not at your side, in your arms... i always wish to be pangs of separation i do not wantto suffer, even for a moment

you are the one who possessesmy memories, my love yours is the scent thatlingers on my breath you mean the life to me uncle... there's nothing between us you're making a mistake. comeon in, i'll explain... go and keep this inside first.we'll talk later actually...- i told you to keep it inside we'll talk later. get going! what's on your mind?

i don't tell beggarswhat's on my mind listen... if you mean well,i will stand by you i'll cut off the hands of thosewho try to stand in your way but if you are trying tosettle family scores... i'll be the first one to pumpa bullet into your chest that's what i'm out to do. hitme, if you have the courage damn you! let go. what are you guys lookingat? thrash him!

no one interferes! this is between angarchandand the anpara family! just pick up the corpsewhen one of us dies anjali! anjali! your uncle and jai are fightingit out like mad dogs! hurry up and come down. else,one of them's going to die! jai. - don't dare look at heror i will kill you. my foot, you will kill me! bringyour dead father back to kill me! i'm going to kill you!- calm down, uncle...

you'll go home in pieces! angarchandwill see the consequences! i swear, take him away if you don'twant him to see dead at my hands! leave me alone! his folks will be happyto see him alive! let me go, anjali! - i told youthere's nothing between us! so why did you get into the fight?- what was it that i saw? i'm not blind! what was all that? speak! what was it?

at grandma's behest, i...- what? it was meant to create a riftbetween angara's sons i was just a puppet, uncle. it'sgrandma who holds the string god almighty! that old woman's out of her mind!and you listen to her? what do you think angara's sons are? if they get the slightest of doubt,they'll kill the two of you! they'll bury you alive! the oldwoman knows how powerful they are! do you want to know the truth? witha little change in your destiny...

you'd have been born inangara's family, not ours your mother was in love withangarchand's eldest son, balram she even left her familyto marry him... but your grandma wouldn'tlet it happen she had your mother forciblyabducted from the wedding altar... and got her married to yourfather. in the melee... your grandfather shot at balram but the bullet struck balram'smother. angarchand's wife she died. in retribution, he hackedour father in broad daylight

and all this happened only... ...because of the stubbornnessof your grandmother! you now want the same kind ofbloodshed for yourself all over again? i'm on neither side now but please don't tell everyone athome about this and create a fuss what'll happen if i tell them?they'll either give you a thrashing... or stop you from studying further. but guess what will happen... when his folks get to know? there will be bloodshed

lt'll all be over. justthink about that who was it that dared raisehis hand at our brother? who dared to hit our brother jai? that brawl you got into! yourbrothers got to know! they're out there, barking away!- so now? so indeed! you want to becomethe hero of anpara... and your brothers, the villains!they'll bury you in this very bed! i saw the daggers in their hands!they've come prepared for the kill! what are you talking? have you toldthem that i'm here?

am i crazy to say that? go out there and tellthem that i'm not here! are you mad? they'll clobberme if i go down there! your mad brothers bash up anyonethey can get their hands on! i'm running away now! that's it!run... for your lives! you too get lost. there are madmen out there!save your lives! run! who hit our brother? who was it? where's he hiding? speak up, who hit my brother?

speak up, or we'll carve you out! get him! he's running away!must be there, that wretch. stop. - stop... whereare you running to? who has kept the door open? stop there! where the hell is he? these college boys are difficultto catch nowadays help! get him!

why did you hit my brother? speak up. i did not. - strong man, eh? you hit my brother?- you dare hit my brother? not me...- not you? so who was it? brother! he hasn't done anything!leave him alone! who hit you? who?- speak up, who hit him? i hit the man, he didn't hit me!- tell us his name! if i tell you, you'll go thereand raise a bloody storm just give us the name

the name! veeru. brothers, listen to me. don'tgo there... please! find him, he mustbe around somewhere all right, go ahead! but killme before you kill him! what will people say ifyou even touch viru? that the elder brothershad to rush... avenge their kidbrother's beating? i won't have any respect left!rather you kill me right now!

all right, if something of the sorthappens again, just hack him and feed him to the vultures sothat everybody gets to know... we're not cowardly men go to iail for that if you haveto. only real men go to jail but you mustn't spare him is there somethingyou wanted to say? and without the boatman,my heart trembles. you didn't want to ask why i gotinto a fight with your uncle, did you? it wasn't my mistake. he said ishouldn't meet you, not love you...

who the hell is heto say that to me? even if the gods order me...i'm not deserting my love jai. there was nothing of thesort you imagined there was i'm not in love with you.whatever i said or did... was all a falsehood my love and my sweet words weremeant to be a big deceit it was a game i started at thebehest of my grandmother... but i got to know that she was doingit only to settle family scores i realised then, how disastrousthe consequences could be

so i have decided to putan end to this pretense please, jai... forgive me.and also forget me hey, stop there... you're through with your story?now listen to my epic! like hell you will lie to me! i wasthe one who was deceiving you! at my friend lucky's behest. to settle old scores andso on and so forth! and what did you think? thati've fallen in love with you? are you crazy? look at your face!it's like a melon on a papaya tree!

and listen... what else did yousay? that i must forget you? i need to think ofyou to forget you! now get this into yourskull! i hate you! i hate you a thousand times morethan you can ever imagine! a thousand times more! good bye! the oar paddles across the waves... without the boatman... causes an upheaval in my heart wake up!

i've done nothing...what are you doing? my sleep is ruined andyou're snoring away! i haven't driven your sleep away.i'm not a girl. but constipation. let me sleep in peace.- it was your bloody idea! i was happily doing my own thing... and you stoked the firesof love in my heart now when the smoke is rising,how can you keep snoring? but you told her that you're not inlove with her. end of the chapter! shove the book under yourpillow and go to sleep!

you want me to sing a lullabyfor you? in my guttural voice? love isn't about throwinga tenant out of your heart! something's amiss?- i can't get sleep one minute, one minute... you mean, when you shut youreyes, you see that girl! and when you open your eyes,she disappears! right?- yes! i know this disease very's a very dangerous ailment! you're a hopeless case. you're...

what the hell are you doing?- but why're you screaming? i screamed because you screamed.and why did you scream? i was scared! i was wondering what would happenwhen my brothers got to know... that i've fallen in love. and you landed here just then! you're in love, why're you scared?raise the banner of revolt! go and marry the girl, i say!take her away to dubai... - shut up! you talk any rubbish! onecan't decide these things in a hurry i'll have to think aboutso many things

so stand here and think about things.i'll lie in bed... and think! tally ho! make sure you don't wakeme up when i'm thinking! you? at this hour? how didyou get into the hostel? i did my best... to hateyou. i really did but... i couldn't, i don't know why did you also try?- what? to hate me? i know, you tried.and you also failed

i don't think we canever hate each other so why don't we accept the truth? i know you're in love with me.but i want to hear you say it it doesn't have tobe here and now... i'll come tomorrow what happened of her class?i wanted to know about the same. but couldn't get any clue. madam, can i meet anjali kashinath? but she has left- where to?

her folks came this morning.they took her away listen... anjali has gone away deliberatelyso that you don't meet her again she asked her folks to takeher away and just left she said that you mustn'ttry to meet her ever again she could've said that to my face.i wouldn't have swallowed her i'm going to meether now at any cost even if i have to go to anpara.- anpara? yes, anpara

you're right. you must goand fight for your love you're going with me.- you've gone mad! no way! you're going to seta stack of hay on fire! just come with me! that girl in red... the one there. with long tresses. what's this? adhesive.- so much? must be for some paintingjob. why bother?

what has adhesive to dowith a painting job? one more question and i'llseal your lips with it! letter, ma'am looks like they're all upstairs.get me a ladder come soon, just see what is written. listen. if there's aproblem, just whistle! you know how to whistle? shut up!- i can inform your folks then! they're the ones who'll performyour last rites, isn't it? go on!

hold the ladder.- hurry up! shut up, will you?- what are you standing on? the ladder!- not the ladder. it's my hand! i can't bear to see someone gettingbeaten up... you better go. hmm. - what hmm. - i will die. what will i say, where i was. before you only... what happened?- what happened? the scene... it scared me

but it's a comic situation.why must you be so scared? well, it was a comic scene... but i bit into my fingerinstead of the wafer carnivorous girl... shebites into fingers! you... get the hell out of here! go! give me some wafers first.- here you are. go! now say that you love me.- shut up! all hell will break loose ifsomeone sees you! go away! i'm not leaving! firstsay that you love me

no, i don't!- lies, lies! in that case, you'd havetold me yesterday! you thought of professingyour love in the morning... ...and then chickened out look, i've taken the risk ofgetting all the way here to see you unless you tell me that youlove me, i'm not leaving! someone is here. i hadseen it with my own eyes. what are you saying? won't we cometo know of someone arriving? we are the watchmen here.

don't trouble us. i'll wait in the storeroom. unless you come and say ilove you, i'm not going! whatever happens! okay? it takes a good 3 hoursto go to the market... buy the goods and come back. i'm going to the storeroom!- have you gone mad? both of us will get killed!- no, no! i got to go! and... how am i going to kill time?- hide somewhere!

if you're bored, catch themovie playing up there! please do not will we get out? has raia arrived? i wanted to ask thisonly. is there any news? he told me that he would be here. what happened? it's nothing...- something wrong? no, there's nothing.- i'll take a look no, where are you at fault?

you remain busy in partiesand with your friends. who left that storeroom open? is someone there?- yes, lady? lock that door. andset the dogs loose so that no one can either enter... ...or go out of here. imagine what would happen then both of us... what happened?- i don't know... nothing

something wrong? why's that dog barking so much?look if there's a jackal in there! take a look! a family of dogs! listen... there seems to besomeone behind those leaves ghost!- get lost, soon. over there! get him! freeze! or i'll makea sieve out of you! scoundrel! thief! you came to steal?is this your father's house?

you came to steal the utensils? i wasn't here to steal, i swear!my name is lucky... i had come to take thenotebook in anjali's class. notebook? you iump a wall for that? i didn't want to disturb you!so i jumped over the wall! shut up! he's a real thief!his eyes are like a frog's! that's how they've always been! thewhole family has eyes like mine! don't let him go. handhim over to the police call anjali here. then hand meover to the police, the navy...

shut up... anjali! i'll be back what happened, daddy?- do you know this boy? lucky... roll number 32 yes, lucky. my class-fellow.- see? you believe me now? they were handing me overto the cops! - what for? how would i know!- what for, daddy? why? it's nothing. go to bed! may i go, lucky?- sure, go on. thank you

i'd have been turned into anadhesive! - shut up and get going... or else you will be crushed. come out, i am saying that. stop. - don't hit.- where are you going? whom were you looking for?- no one... i was only taking a leak.- right! i'll make you leak from everywhere!- no! anjali, i'm not leavingunless you say it to me listen to me, please!- don't you want me to go away?

please go away beforesomeone lands here! who did you come here with?- no one, i swear where's your buddy? are you saying it or not?- jai, please! all right, i'm staying put then it's okay, it's all right...- very well, i'll say it! i have no friend at all!- where's that rascal jai? i don't know any jai!- watch out, frog! one punch, and you'll stick tothe wall like a lizard!

i don't just love you, mean the life to me! you're my father's son-in-law andmy grandma's grandson-in-law. okay? is that enough? what are you doing here?- nothing so go on inside... hurry you guys can fall in love, getmarried, or even go to hell! but why must i keep getting beatenup for you all the time? who asked you to iump off that tree? i didn't! the branch gaveway and i fell down!

lucky for you, i fell down.or you'd have been caught... and they'd have given you such athrashing, you'd be thorn to shreds! you ought to be gratefulto me. ungrateful man! well, well! have you everacknowledged my favours? what favours?- you asked me to fall in love... and i did, didn't i?- so? so what? when i took the risk offalling in love at your behest... it's your responsibility to protectour love. remember that which law says that? takea look at your father!

every female is allowed inside,including bitches, asses and mares... but not womenfolk! look in thewhole of india with a lamp... but you won't find a grumpyold man like your father! and look at my father! he happilydied, three days after i was born and look at your old man!he's sworn to life! he won't die and won't let die! and he swearsyou to something crazy everyday! if you really want to marry thatgirl, there's only one way out reform your brothers. makethem cozy up to women

if even one of them gets romanticand gangs up with us... our iob will be done! marriage for me? at this age?have you guys gone crazy? you're not as old as you think.- guys older than you get married really?- that's not what he means... whatever my age, i can't getmarried in this lifetime i once set out as a groom to getmarried, but it didn't happen and i have no regrets. nor do ithink i have taken a wrong step but guess what i see wheneveri hear of a marriage?

my mother's body,wrapped in a shroud and our father, shackled andbeing held by the police do you want me to forget allthat and still get married? sorry, brother. i didn't comehere to hurt your feelings neither does he plan ongetting married, right? i spoke because i didn't want ourfamily to go without an heir. without an heir? as if we'rethe last of the dinosaurs... we face extinction and the worldwon't get to see dinosaurs again! go on... get the hell out of here!

how dare you ask me to get married?i'm a sworn celibate! i recite the hanuman chalisaeveryday. forty times! i visit the shrine at bairangpurevery month to pray... that the destruction called womandoes not ever come to possess... heart and soul! and you want me to prayfor saris and blouses? what will the lord say? thati've let him down? i'm going to kill you! what are you doing?- i'm wringing his neck!

leave him alone, please! - who thehell are you to stop me? who? i'm his close friend!- close friend? you beggar! before i end his story, get thehell out of here! out you go! hail bairangbali! thelord of celibacy! that's the wrestler. don't stand around to talk to him if he asks, say we're here forlord hanuman's oblations don't look at him...- hey... come here you insist that we guysought to marry, isn't it?

six years ago, this is exactly whati was pestering my brothers with for how long would they get offboth the sides of the bed? and remember what dad said then? your brothers have decided... they are not getting married. so why do you want to get married? that's it. i decidedto do my own laundry. but i'd never get married and nor will i let anyonein this family get married which means none of themis going to lay an egg

what?- i was talking about poultry... come in... you come here! look murky...- lucky whoever you are, it's your companythat has done this to my brother look at me! if i see you withmy brother ever again... i'm going to wreck your knee-caps c'mon... come here! get some rat-poison andfeed it to these guys! kill the silly asses!

so long as your brothers live,you can never get married! not you alone, they won'teven let me get married! this is the end of your friendship.we go our ways hey lucky...- forget it where are you going?listen to me! i know our union could bringabout an earthquake but i'm not afraid. to be honest,i just don't care you have no idea how myfather brought me up i was only five when my mother died

but my father and my brothers neverlet me feel the lack of a mother and yet, i'm willing to leaveall of them for your sake should i call you, willyou come to me? try me out you will never leave me, will you? what? come here don't be scared. i'm with you don't yell! i'm coming

i asked you to come here you've turned outto be a smart girl! so the fish has taken the bait! you are now truly grandma's girl! he will behead angarchand ifyou ask him to... won't he? he will, won't he? he'scrazy about you, right? yes...- yes! i'll tell you what step youmust now take. come with me jai! you have it made! yourwedding band's on its way!

jai, you have it made! you can love anyone you wantto, and even get married! your rotten father and brotherscan't do a thing to you! who was it who got most worked upwhen we suggested marriage to them? your brother kishan! he can't openhis mouth before us anymore! the so-called celibate!- what's all this about? where does this brother of yours goevery saturday and sunday? bairangpur. lord hanuman's temple.- no! he goes not to lordhanuman's temple!

he goes to gangapur to meet someone! who?- his wife! he's been married for seven yearsand even has two children! he has kept them in hiding you're talking about mybrother kishan, right? and he's no celibate, he'sthe playful lord krishna! he goes not to the lord'stemple at bajrangpur he goes to meet his wife. gopi. who happens to be ateacher in gangapur

lucky, if you're spinning a yarn,you're really unlucky, i warn you! i knew you wouldn't believe me!i knew it... i have solid proof! look at this! this is your brother kishan. andhe's definitely not a celibate! moron! this is the first sensible thingyou've done in your lifetime! wow! brother kishan!what a smart game! here, gangapur has arrived. let's ask there.

does a school teachercalled gopi live here? school teacher?- yes no. there is a lady calledgopi who lives nearby but she's not a school teacher.- is her husband's name kishan? no. her husband's name is murari.- murari? it's someone else you always listen to somedrivel and drive me berserk let's go now...- hang on... one moment is this murari? right. this is murari indeed

and his wife's name is gopi?- yes but she's not a school teacher.she trains children in dancing one, two... one, two, three, four... one, two... one two, three, four... who is it?- before brother can arrive... we'll produce her before father.- right! who is it? who?- sister-in-law!

get up! who are you? this is your brother-in-law! jai!- jai who? me... hail sister-in-law!- sister-in-law? who? aren't you brother kishan's wife?- kishan? no, i'm not kishan's wife.i'm murari's wife it's one and the same thing! i'm sorry, your husband's nameis not murari, it's kishan and i'm his younger brother jai.where are the children? i haven't seen them, butthey must be very cute!

listen... where are you going?- children! i'm your uncle! call me uncle, please.- uncle! quiet! they're not my children.they're here to learn dance set that child down... go on!and get going... get out! what are you doing, sis-in-law?- i'm not your sister-in-law! it's no good, sis-in-law.the cat is out of the bag! kishan has told angarchand thetruth! i don't know any angar... nor am i any kishan's wife.get going... get lost!

sister-in-law! let me tell her the truth!- all hell will break loose, jai! lt'll be worse if i don't tell her my poor brother won't get to seehis wife and children before dying speak softly... she might listen!what are you doing? what's the matter?- nothing, let's go something surely is...- nothing... what were you saying? tell me!- go on. tell her sister-in-law, i'm sorry, i don'thave the permission to tell you

but there's no other way now my brother has met with anaccident! - what happened to him? he broke a bone in his tummy- there are no bones in the tummy! i mean, his legs are broken. and he badly wants to seehis wife and children i'll be back in a moment.don't go away! ok, bye. sir...- yes? is your name kishan?- yes... who told you?

where did you meet kishan? notkishan! my name is murari! you know my name, don'tyou? murari... okay? i told them, but theywouldn't believe me who wouldn't believe you?- brother whose brother?- your brother my brother? - there was alsoa toad of a guy with him a toad of a guy... didhe wear this ear-ring? yes.- damn it! where did they go? - i showedthem the way to your house

what? my house?- yes. a right, left... and straight my house... what harmhad i done to you? i'll pull your guts out! why're you angry with me?- angry? did i ever tease your sister? didi misbehave with your mother? rotten scoundrel! damn you! hurry up children... thank god you're all right and they said you hadmet with an accident

that you had broken limbs!- what can be worse than this? you've fallen in the handsof these wastrels! you boys ought to be ashamed! he'sright here, hale and hearty... ...and you said he hadhad an accident! may the worms get your tongue! dogs! are you going to be happyafter ruining my family? fantastic! you're marriedand having all the fun and how about us? have youever given a thought to us? let's go, lucky. let'sbring dad here!

and then we will see whetherthis marriage happens or not. stop him, gopi... stop him! brother-in-law, please stop...- don't stop me, sister-in-law we're not staying here,no matter what happens brother, say whatever you haveto only to father, okay? you're my father's last mistake!have mercy on me... please! you want to get married, don't you?i'll get you married, okay? gopi... - a sister-in-law islike a mother. how could you? dumbo! not her!

i'll get you married to anyoneelse you want, okay? not i but he wants to get married. whoever you say, blindor crippled... i'll get you married toher, okay? i swear! really?- of course you won't back out, will you?- you don't trust my word? one moment... i swear it on my children. i'll get you married tothe girl of your choice

why're you hollering away? it'senough that your father's crying! okay? in that case... there's thisgirl i'm in love with what girl? i'd get you marriedeven to a tigress! who is she?- she's very much there but... go on.- she's from anpara village grand-daughter of laxmi devi. anjali you promised me! you gaveme your word, brother! no promise! it's all over!

and what are you watching?take the kids inside! laxmi devi's family, eh? you'replaying games with me? find another girl! this marriageis not taking place! you want me to get you married, somy kids will find another father? get lost!- i must bring daddy here! listen... why do you keep draggingdad into this mess? can't you let me breathe easily? couldn't you find another girl,except this female ghost? are you or are you notstanding with me?

i'm not lying down now, am i?but let me tell you... if anyone except you, i and thisrat gets to know about this... ...marriage, i'll. will it cause trouble?- trouble? i'll bust your eyeballs!- don't tell me! we're headed for trouble.- what happened? step aside... come how was i to know that the two ofyou would reach a compromise? i told shakti that kishanis already married

what? you told shakti? moron! by now dad musthave got to know! brother? - his eyes are open.he could be alive. sister-in-law! fetch some water! is it true? from what i gather you've tossed a live fish onthe burning sands, shakti if there is even an iota oftruth in what you say... only three sons of angarchandwill remain alive

i'll hack kishan to pieces andfeed him to the vultures and if what you say provesto be untrue... angarchand will still haveonly three sons alive i'll give you the same treatment i'm worse off than a badly who hasa scorpion crawling on his head! gopi, stuff the kidsin a bag. let's go! shakti could get here with dadand elder brother any moment and when's that ass arrivingwith the taxi? if the taxi doesn't arriveon time, we'll all be sunk!

don't worry, brother. everythingwill be all right shut up! i'm sitting on a frying pan andyou ask me not to squirm...? hurry up! all this has happenedbecause of you! let me just get into another house,then i'll turn on the music for you! you're doing nothing to help!stop shouting now! hurry up, else we're allgoing to be cremated! the cab has arrived!hurry up! o god!

what's that in your hand?- i made some sweetmeat sweetmeat? you mother...- what are you saying? i'm being stripped and you'remaking sweets! dump it! will you distribute sweetsat a time like this? why've you left all this here? gopi... gopi! go on inside! go! father? back... we're going back! hurry!

god! gopi... who are you? i was going out to do somethingimportant and... i'm a strong believerin auspicious timing. i'm in a bit of a hurry have we met before? whois this elderly gentleman? so you want me to tell you his name? i only asked his name... why'reyou gritting your teeth? is it a difficult name?

so you've forgottenfather and brother? i see! so he's your father andyou're his son! very nice! but why're you creatinga fuss out here? worthless chap! do you remembernow or do you want another slap? one more slap may remindyou that you are kishan! i'm not kishan.- are you not kishan? i'm not kishan.- i'm not, i'm not, i'm not! you are slapping mefor refusing to say that i am not!? if you are not kishan,land a slap on my cheek

go ahead. if you are not kishan,give me a slap on my cheek! hit me! hit him... hit! take him and get thehell out of here! i'm sparing him because he happensto be of my father's age! go away! else, i won'tspare him either! go away... god! i'm runningout of patience! go away! balram! jai!

yes, father? yes? you idiots have been blind! you never asked kishan wherehe went and whom he met! i ought to have had thewhole information! he's not setting foot inthis house ever again! very well, father even if he comes, he's not gettingin without meeting me even if it happens to bein the dead of the night! hail lord bairangbali!lord of celibacy...

to thee i offer my obeisance's,o devotee of lord rama... o almighty lord... why have you called allof us here, father? you boys are now perhaps beginningto think that... i'm ruining your lives by not getting you married, i'msowing thorns in your lives is that true? father, why are yousaying such things? answer my question. do youreally think like that?

no, not at all i don't think likethat either, father and what do you think? no, father. the two of usdon't like that either talk only for yourself. he'llspeak for what he thinks i haven't thought likethat so far, father which means you might startthinking like that in the future? no in that case, i've begun to thinkthat i've made a very grave mistake. not getting my sons married when there was a proposal forshakti long ago, i had laid down... ...a condition that balram would get marriedfirst and only then... anyway, i withdrawthat condition now let him not get married,if he doesn't want to but the rest of you must getmarried. you must, mustn't you? and thus i have decided, thatkishan will get married first why? what happened?

you will put the wedding necklacearound the girl of my choice... ...on an auspicious day he's getting married? putting the wedding necklaceon another woman? let me see how he gets married he's not doing it out of his ownwill. he's being forced into it his father has locked him upand he's getting him married. i swear to that! and he's getting married too?- yes

before he does that, he'll haveto see me and my children dead! what are you doing? listen! this is getting worse!sister-in-law... listen to me, sis-in-law... sister-in-law... - come on. what will i listen to now? whodo i have in the world anyway? i'm here for you.- shut up! look at your face! toad!- toad? sister-in-law... - my childrenand i are doing to die!

sister-in-law... what are you doing? please don't do somethingrash! sister-in-law! i have to answer all the questions!please, sister-in-law... i'll break open the door! i'mtelling you, i'll break it! here i come! won't you even let me change? you're wrecked the utensils,cursed chap! damn you! balram... we're going out for a while.- come on, dear...

the way he broke the pitcher!fantastic! brother, gopi...- yes, she's going to whack krishna! brother! sister-in-law gopi! hey girl... what do you thinkyou're walking into? stay out! haven't you readthe signboard? get out! i'm not staying out! i'mrelated to this family! these children are partof this family! the sons in this familyare not even married! so where did the kids come from?she has gone mad!

no, i'm not mad. i'm yourson kishan's wife, gopi! my brother's a respectable man!if you utter a word against him. we'll throw you out!- get lost! send my husband out first.- aren't you going away from here? kishan!- say i'm not in! what will i say, where you've gone?- say i'm dead! go on! coming, father! brother! it won't helpif you get scared! look at me... i'mwith you! be brave!

there's no need to be scared!just do as i told you to! okay? go on.- no... you come with me... come! what is the matter, father? are you not feeling well, son?- i'm all right come here! is this your husband?- yes! look there. - tell them!that i'm your wife! that you don't want to getmarried a second time! that these kids here are our ownchildren! tell them, please!

what rubbish is she talking,dad? who is this woman? that's exactly what i'masking. who is she? you don't know... no?- no you don't know? no? cheat! you don't know me? don'tyou know these children? when you got to know you're gettinga new wife, you forgot all... ...about us! answer me... speak up! do you have any proof. a ring,perhaps? or a locket?

yes, i do!- what? the wedding necklace. thevermilion on my forehead! and these two children! swear it on their heads thatthey are not your children! that i'm not your wife! ifeven that's not enough... where's your brotherjai? where is he? there he is... hiding there! call him out and ask him;he knows the whole truth jai! come on out!

yes, father?- come here do you know this woman?- brother-in-law... at least you must admitthat you know me! that i'm your sister-in-law,that these are our children! tell them! i've asked you a question,jai! do you know her? yes, i know her it's an old habit of hers to takeher children into families to... ...extract money

my god! - it's true.i've seen her many times! for him this sinful earningseems to be everything. women like her mustgo to the police! brother... why dragthe police into this? what a shame! this wretched woman... brother! it'll be even moreshameful if the police arrive here why?- well, maybe they will suspect us i'll see her off.- i'm not going away! sinners! i'm not going anywhere!

silence! who knows whose bundlesof sin they are... who knows what you're tryingto palm off to us! throw them in a well or the rivers! oh yes, that is what i willdo! to save my husband... i'll strangle my motherlyinstincts! just you watch... i'll dump them in the well of yourvery own house. c'mon, come... come on... gopi, listen to me! don't do it... give the child to me, are my wife...

and these are our children! i played this drama onlyto save your lives but i'm not scaredof anyone anymore. let them discover what they want to father... forgive me i've been deceiving you please forgive me. please pardon me filthy scoundrel! you wantme to forgive you? you cur! get up! up, i say!

what did you think? i pretendedto get you married... only to make you speak the truth! scoundrel! you are his elder brother!stop your father... please! rascal... out of my way, girl! please let him go!- lay off! stay away! shakti, drag her away! youdare deceive your father! i'm going to kill you! andyou want me to pardon you? when the handle of a sword snaps,it's your own hand that is injured!

you dirty scoundrel! get up... i'm not going to spare you! insolent! how dare youhold father's hand? no one has dared holdhis hand, or stop him go and ask for his forgiveness.fall at his feet and apologise! i've made no mistake for which imust seek forgiveness from father! what sin has brotherkishan committed... get beaten up so mercilessly? he got married, he has two innocentlittle children...

is that the reason? if you still think i'vedone wrong, kill me... but i cannot stand by fatherin this injustice! what do you need us for, father?why're you taking care of us? to get beaten up by you? or get into brawls withpeople for your sake? you don't need sons, whatyou need are thugs! you need not your flesh andblood, you need monsters! what are you watching, wastrels?

throw the two of themout of the house! i don't want sons who arenot loyal to their father! they no longer exist for me! ask two people to lend a shoulderto carry my bier... but don't ever ask themto touch my body! get the hell out of here!go away, you scoundrels! henceforth, angarchand shallhave only two sons after my death, don't even letthem get a glimpse of my body! broken! angarchand's arroganceis shattered!

ruin what is left of angarchand!finish him! finish that wretch off, too. angarchand's sons areenough to finish him let the fireworks continue.let there be a celebration! how did you get here?- i walked in through the door you talk too much, don't you?what have you come here for? i have come to meet anjali. what have you to dowith my daughter? that's something i'll tell onlyher. please call her here

anjali, as i promised, i've lefteverything and come to you my family and home... everything. you must fulfill your promise now hey! what rubbish are you talking? you walk into our houseand play with our honour? you keep out of this.let me talk to him my child, tell him, that youare not in love with him... that the love was only a pretence! also tell him that even if hisfather comes at begs at our doorstep. will still notchange your decision! what did you think? that mychild would go away with you? she was only taking revengefrom you! - that's a lie! anjali, tell them thatthis is not the truth! why are you quiet? tell them thatwe're in love with each other! tell them what we have decided! now get the hell out of here! oryou'll be crippled... get out! you don't need to be afraidof anyone. i'm with you separate them...- let her go!

get inside. i'm going to kill you! don't dare touch! your father's going to carryyour corpse away from here! what are you doing?- go away! or i'll take you apartwith my bare hands! oh get lost! i only came to see whethermy love would stand by me after what happened, i can seefrom your face that i needn't say anything!

i will come and take her what you can to prevent me! will you go to meet him?will you? speak up! yes, i will go! a thousand times! i'll go to him everytime he calls me! you will go to meet him?- wait, let me deal with her ma, stop it!- let me go... anjali, you go inside. what do you want to do? kill her? i told you not to interfere!- you don't interfere!

stay away! use your common sense!this is all ma's doing! she's the one who instigatedanjali. she's the one to blame! blame her... ask her! what happened now? what? anjali, you come inside don't cry viru did right by stopping you! what good will it do bybeating up the girl?

what had to happen has happened. now get the girl marriedat the earliest make her see reason and bringher back to the right path keep your advise to yourself! it's because of your advisethat we have to see this day! why? all i said is that we oughtto plant a girl in that family when did i say that we must sendthe girl from your own family? enough, let's forget about thisand think of the future at the earliest possible,find a suitor for anjali

she must be given away in marriagein not more than a fortnight in a fortnight? am i going topluck the suitor from a tree? pluck him from wherever you have to! it's just that he ought to be... of an equal status andcommand equal respect! you're speaking as if i carrysuch guys under my arms as if i need to flap myarms and they'd pop out! well? what have i done? in that case, let's get the suitorfrom your flapping arms

dr sattu... satyendra. your son.what's wrong with him? yes, what's the problem with that?- no, there is no problem... we have no problems either.let's just go ahead actually, jai has issued a threatthat he'll do whatever he wants to i hope he doesn't bumpoff me and my son no, he won't do anything don't ask me, my love, whatstate my passions are in... robbed... my precious modesty

why ever did i... set out for the marketplace? i met this faithless youth... who asked me for my heart he took me for a naive belle andstarted forcing himself on me how i fought was an eye-opener i wonder why the treacherousknave picked on me go anywhere near his lair he held my arm and said,come closer, darling

i felt shy to begin with,and then i was scared when he reached for my finger,i freed my wrist that was the first night, icouldn't realise what he was upto plundered, robbed... you've been thrashed and thrownout of the house, isn't it? but you needn't worry. i'm with you if there's anything you want,just let me know give the gentlemen two cupsof tea! in my account if we need anything from youraccount, we'll let you know

that'll be too late. we havean old score to settle so let's settle it now.- that's what i'm here for some thugs are beating up yourbrothers in the cattle market! hurry up! else, they'll get killed who sent you here?- laxmi devi come on out, you rats! you guys are holed up hereafter sending hired goons? come on out! hey old hag... you think you'regoing to make us brothers fight?

remember, even if we brothershave a thousand differences... if someone casts a stone at us, your sons won't have heads on their shoulders! and we won't hire thugs. we'llcome here on our own... and settle the issue! i'm tellingyou that. you get it, old hag? go away, you dog... wait! you are a loudmouth indeed!what did you say? if someone casts a stone at you,my sons will be beheaded?

in that case, i'll have yourbrother garlanded instead! do you know why your brotherspat in your father's face... and walked out of the house?to marry my grand-daughter! i'll make sure... that your brother puts thebridal necklace around my... ...grand-daughter's neck! and that necklace is going tostrangle your father to death! go and tell your father,the burnt out ember... to stop it, if he can!

mother, what nonsenseare you talking. whom did you askbefore saying that? my daughter and thatbeggar? never! if you're going to decideeverything on your own... why are we here with you? you morons will alwaysget things wrong will i let the marriage happenjust because i've said so? she'll marry the suitoryou choose for her in that case, why didyou tell lies to them?

i did. if i didn't, all our efforts tillnow would have gone down the drain now watch their storycoming to an end! command me, father do i bring him alive or dead? whose permission did you taketo set foot on this land? we are not here to fight. have you brought a match then? get going.- we always heard that angarchand...

never turned away anyone whocame asking for his help damn you guys... getthe hell out of here! hold it, shakti... let them come my respects please forgive us, angarchand please don't harbour any willfor the mistakes we have made please forget everything- damn it! your son had come to our mother,asking for help to marry my daughter and mother only wants todefeat you. all the time

so she reiected the matchwe had decided for the girl my mother is now insisting... that she will have my daughtermarried to your son at any cost however, we want her to marry theone we have fixed her wedding with if our mother or your son stilltry to disrupt this wedding... we'll have to do something about it you decide now...- you will have to do nothing i'll be the one who willdo what needs to be done you want this marriage totake place, isn't it?

i'll make sure she marries thesuitor you have chosen for her father...- shakti! when someone's lying on the floor,you have to bow to pick him up i'd take defeat from anyone! butif i'm defeated by my own son... i'll be ashamed of myself! where's your father'srespect and honour? he was so proud of himself! but only to defeat his son, he willgo and guard someone else's wedding! is he a landlord or a watchman?- that's enough...

brother, you had toloose your head now only? could you suggest a better time? i could wrap your legsaround your neck! i'm already in trouble she comes! but what he want? and have anpara's daughtermarried? tell me! madam gopi, your yelling isgetting to be too much! jai, if you're going to sithere and listen to him... you might as well doit all your life!

we must go there andstop the wedding! whether we have to take ona demon or your father! you tell me, you wantto marry that girl or not? who's this so late in the night? my sons and your fatherhave got together but nothing means more tome than anjali's happiness and thus i, an elderly woman,appeal to you... you must surely come there and tie the wedding necklace around her neck

it is in this hope that i willdress my little girl as a bride... and send her to the wedding altar please preserve my honour i know what my mothermust've said to you is she really going toget you married to her? she only wants you and your fatherto fight between yourselves and that is why she camehere at this late hour it wasn't to get you married to her maybe you don't know...

...but my mother is very mucha part of the conspiracy just as she came to you to ask youto tie the wedding necklace... my brothers went to your father,to seek his help... at my mother's behest.- this is a new ploy! when they saw that you're goingto get married to her... they're using new tactics! - we know how to get the wedding done get going!- get lost! bloody toad! one punch andyou'll be flattened out! what are you doing? get out!- listen to me...

hear me out, jai!- get out! i haven't revealed all this to youbecause i'm worried about you it's the girl i'm worried about.the one who's part of my family she asked me to warn you... so that you wouldn't fight yourfather and cause each other's death! else, she's not going to live you want to die?get out of the way! run me over! so you can all win! whom are you out to defeat, father?

you're going to guard theirwedding, so you can defeat me? which son has ever won gloryby humiliating his father? won't you get out of the way?- i won't! you will have to hear me out! they're plotting todeceive you, father! don't give them any help...- balram! rather than talk to him, runhim over with the car. let's get going! but hear me out at least!

i'm telling you that i'm notgoing there, father. i'm not! you mustn't go there either youmean the world to me, father! i let you go once,because i loved you but don't put me to anymore tests. father means the world to us also which is why we will go there andmake sure the wedding takes place if you get there and tryto disrupt the wedding... i can even take your life tomake father keep his promise this is angarchand's son balramspeaking to you...

is that understood? i'm the same father's son!but if this is the case... i'll prevent the marriagefrom taking place! greetings. - who is that? my sister-in-law andmy brother-in-law welcome... who are they? the chief from the neighbouringvillage. with his wife welcome

stand right here! and don't budge,unless i ask you to! don't waste time. getthose vessels out! hey... wait there balram, check out who they are i'll take a look, don't bother.that's how they are... latecomers! i'll take care of them.- hurry up who is it? gangatai?go on... quick! why're you so late?- i couldn't find huge vessels

all right... babubhai... go ahead hurry up. so you're here, too? let the marriage take'll see then... come. i'm glad we covered our faces.else, we'd have been beaten up always cover your face, yourascal... - quiet, brother! stand up! why're you sitting?- who asked you to sit? sit quietly, pal.

they're not serving a feast here,bro! get to your feet! what are you doing? where to? come on, quick!and don't make a noise! damn this loincloth! go and stand by the toilet.i've drawn up a plan just stand by me. okay?go on! hurry! what are you doing, uncle?- standing by you remain standing. i'm leaving! stay here, no one mustget in from here, okay?

they're all very tense.anything could happen i don't think he would takethe risk of coming here angarchand's keeping a strict vigil if jai lands here, angarchand'sgoing to slit his neck! you're out of your mind? you'reguarding a closed door! guard this place... noone must get through! sister-in-law, i hope therewon't be any trouble? there will surely be trouble!jai's a very dangerous boy come here... quick!- what? is there trouble?

no, not yet. but whoknows about tomorrow? really?- come here, come don't be afraid, i'm with you.wet your throat, if you wish to with what?- rum, whiskey... we have it all we're all drunk.- what if somebody finds out? nobody will get to know. i'll send my brother-in-law,he'll handle it no, i don't want to...- yes, say that to him... he'll force you and youcan gulp down a drink

i'll send him over... have patience brother-in-law! come here! there's a problem...- what is it? nothing... you needn't yell it's not so serious.- so what is it? the groom's getting the blues.because of the marriage in his tummy.- what's in his tummy? what can be there?he wants to go to the loo. is this the time for such things?

can't he control it?- how can he? what if he wets his pants? he's feeling shy... come and help, please why don't you take him to the loo?- how can i? there are women there. an elderly man like youcan make them see reason he's going to refuse, but you mustinsist that he goes to the toilet lmagine how nasty it'll look... ...if it happens in themiddle of the ceremony!

nasty, right? so go on! come on.- i don't want to do it do it right now... the pressurewill increase later nobody will get to know. hurry up!- but i don't want to... come with me, come... over there.- but i don't want to do it so what's wrong? everybody does it! everybody does it?- yes, we do it early in the day ask the women to move there for5 minutes... it's an emergency

please come...- quick! hurry... there's water in there. get it over with quickly,i'll stand right here won't you come in with me?- why must i? to keep me company.- no way! go on inside! company! bad tummy, i see oh, you are here.where's the groom? he's in the loo andyou're keeping guard?

the auspicious hour is passingby, they're waiting for you have patience, the boy has a badtummy. let him feel relieved there'll be a flood at the altar!- i'll handle the flood go outside, my wife's waitingfor you at the dining-hall right ahead, the room there?- with your hands down... go why are you pushing? son. papa...- my son... where are you? have you finished yet?

sit down, dear you chant some real goodmantras and really well at that. come, son. where's the groom's father? take his blessings look... it's jai! put down that wedding necklace!put it down! set it down...- hold it. we're not stopping him let angara stop him.we mustn't interfere

your son is here... to put the wedding necklace around my grand-daughter's neck! what sort of a man are you?the whole world believes... that anpara never goesback on a promise if that is really true, youmust slit your son's throat! shakti, balram... whatare you waiting for? can't you still see what's onthis woman's mind, father? she didn't enact this dramato have us married she wanted us father and sonsto fight and kill each other...

that's the only thing she wanted! i came here only to makeyou realise the truth! i have no intentions of defeatingyou and marrying her forgive me my father had once hadyour wedding stalled and it's my turn today i can't give death to my fatherto grant you a new life without my father's blessings andapproval, we cannot live together put the wedding necklacearound her neck

put it around her neck, i say only if father says i know how father it without any fear if you're really angarchand's son,put the necklace around her neck! snatch that necklace from him!- give it to me... i have the necklace!- don't let anyone get you! here it is... on this woman!- this is mine! get out!- gotcha! here you are... runaway with it! run!

you're old enough to be my fatherand you're angling for me, rascal! shameless man! give that wedding necklaceto me! give it! what are you waiting for,morons? pick it up! jai! come here! up there! none of them must getanywhere close to it without the wedding necklace,the marriage cannot take place! get him! catch him! after him!

don't let him escape! this has to do with thehonour of my family if you wish to get tomy grand-daughter... you'll have to finish all of us no. how much more of enmity, grandma? please forget everythingand accept our wedding if you can't give us your blessings,at least forgive us, father we'll make a world of ourown someplace far away

no, you're not going anywhere.come here... touch father's feet andtake his blessings gopi, here's our chance. let's touch father's feetand take his blessings! come to me, my children.

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