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Kamis, 27 April 2017

Coloring Book How To Train Your Dragon

Coloring Book How To Train Your Dragon

happy to be together on happy together! (happy together, the laugh virus on thursday nights) hello. - it's good to see you again. / - hello. mr. yu, the presidential candidate. (what?) you see these two lines here, right? it indicates that he's meant to save his country. (he's meant to save his country.)

(yu jaeseok, the president of variety shows) mr. yu, it's nice to meet you. - what's the matter? / - congratulations. - why are you doing this? / - your palm reading. it was just a joke. why are you still talking about that from last week? i'd never seen anyone with such great palm lines. hyunwoo only said it as a joke. today, we're going to meet great guests.

yes, mr. yu. - they're supersized stars. / - that's right. - they're great stars. / - yes, mr. yu. i'm serious. - i heard it's "the great special". / - did you? - we invited great people. / - exactly. we'll see in what aspect they are great. let's meet them now. - please come out. / - please come out.

- hello. / - come on. it's lee daeho. (lee daeho is the first great guest to enter.) hello, daeho. - it's nice to meet you. / - hello. - welcome. / - hello. (the great men fill the studio.) - please sit down. / - they're all giants. they're so big.

(they're overwhelmingly large.) - today... / - are you okay? yes, i'm fine. it really is "the great special". hyunmoo, please introduce your team members. it's korea's best clean-up hitter, lee daeho. he and daeho have been friends for a long time, but he hasn't become popular yet. it's lee dongyoub. (lee dongyoub, the entertainer who wants to be great)

let me introduce my team members. the great hippo as big as seo janghoon, hyun jooyup. after he avoided jun hyunmoo, jo woojong appeared. the tallest freelance announcer, kim iljoong. (kim iljoong, the tallest freelance announcer) lee daeho and hyun jooyup are no match for him. he's a truly great man. moon seyoon. (moon seyoon, the great gourmand) come on. come on.

today's theme is "the great men". daeho, you're taller than 190cm, right? - yes, my height is 194cm. / - that's great. we have jooyup on our team. - that's right. / - jooyup is here. he's so strong too. what's your height? i grew taller lately, so it's a little over 195cm. are you still growing?

i grew taller after i retired. - after... no way. / - he's still growing? - didn't you gain fat here? / - i exercised hard as an athlete. i guess it stopped me from growing. - we won in height. / - is that so? how about we compare your heights? could you two stand up for us? i'm wearing sneakers. - we can't let them win. / - please don't fight.

we need to intimidate them. (lee daeho, the giant from the baseball world) (hyun jooyup, the giant from basketball world) (she's surprised.) (it's an uncompromising match.) (the giant in this area is me.) (everyone is surprised by their heights.) - what is this? / - they look like the twin towers. - he's wearing sneakers. / - take off your shoes.

- the slippers don't fit me. / - i see. (it's amazing.) we can't be seen at all. (the baseball giant versus the basketball giant) (it's a big match between the two giants.) you're lucky i didn't throw the ball at you. excuse me. i need to have a talk with you. (the great duo's scary encounter)

your appetite equals your sexual desire. she feeds me eel and all the good food. what's the point? let's just have a lot of kids. - i heard something from a baseball player. / - really? call the baseball player now. i didn't say that. tell me his name. i'll talk to him. (it's a fierce talk battle.)

(they declare their plans to take over variety shows.) it's embarrassing, though. (the great men) were you guys born big? i wasn't very big when i was born. - is that so? / - really? i was born small too. i grew up tall. was it the same for you? i was about 4.3kg when i was born.

- you weren't small, then. / - isn't that big? - you were a big baby. / - indeed. you were a big baby. babies weighing over 4kg are hard to give birth to. (the great birth) my cousins weighed 4.7kg and 4.9kg when they were born. i was smaller than my cousins. - it's hard to give birth to a big baby. / - indeed. i was much taller than others since kindergarten.

i prayed every night when i was in high school. - what did you pray for? / - i was almost 190cm tall. - i prayed to stop growing taller. / - really? i grew taller every day. - i prayed to stop growing. / - that's an unusual wish. we prayed to grow taller. - it's opposite. / - exactly. - just 1cm. / - please. you can take everything else away from me.

- please. / - please help me grow taller. - i'd give up everything else. / - help me grow taller. i didn't know what it was for. - why is he here? / - so, i put it on here. myungsoo just said he doesn't understand why dongyoub was invited with the other guests. please don't say such a thing out loud. we've been friends since we were young. i wanted to appear on a tv show with him,

and i thought happy together would be the best. so, i came here with dongyoub. why did you think this show would be the best? it's because of jaeseok. i'm sure he'll help us stand out. i wonder if you two asked around to find a tv show to appear on together. (he's surprised.) (did he ask to invite him with dongyoub?)

- i never did that. / - never? it's not like they'd invite us together because i ask. - i see. / - we asked a few other shows, though. - you did? / - yes. i heard you wanted to become like kim jedong and lee seungyeob, but you failed. what was that about? when we first met each other, we drank alcohol and - daeho said / - what did he say?

that he and i haven't made professional debuts... - back then? / - we met each other for the first time. he said, "i'll become like lee seungyeob." "you become like kim jedong." "then, let's appear on a tv show together like them." "we can beat them." 10 years after that, he kept calling me. "i'm successful now. when will you become successful?" "i've waited for 10 years."

(how much longer do i have to wait?) he tried to keep the promise he made 10 years ago. did daeho help you get invited to tv shows? - he called me from the us / - did he? in october. he said, "i'll help you become popular." - right. / - he's such a loyal friend. he's very loyal, indeed. do you have any special talent?

i can imitate the sound of a bathtub water drain. - that's new. / - it's new. when you finish bathing, the water drains out when you take out the bath plug. i'll begin. when you take out the bath plug... (he imitates the water sound.) and when there's a little bit of water left... (he imitates the sound.) (he adds a finishing touch.)

- that's funny. / - he's good. (up next is his popular line from his comedy skit.) "suck your belly..." let's try this. - "suck your belly in." / - "i'll kill you." (they're like a comedy duo.) - that's hilarious. / - daeho is really funny. - you did a good job. / - good job. he's the funniest today in the past 10 years. (daeho just hit a home run.)

(i'll try harder from now on.) you two promised each other to become as successful as kim jedong and lee seungyeob. iljoong and jooyup are planning to become like ahn junghwan and kim seongju. - gosh. / - many of you want to become a great duo. which one of you should be ahn junghwan? - i'm not sure. / - which one should be? (jooyup is angry.)

- these two are... / - which one is ahn junghwan? they want to become like junghwan and seongju. we need to pair up. these days, it's better to be a duo formed by an entertainer and an athlete. seo janghoon and kim gura are a great duo too. there are many popular duos formed by a comedian - and a former athlete. / - they make a great duo. - it's not bad. / - it's really good. jooyup, what do you think?

i met him on "jagiya" for the first time. why are you telling that story? - is it bad? / - he was on that show for a long time. - that's right. / - right. - i was avoiding it. / - is that so? my goodness. you're the son of s headquarters. - it was a long time ago. / - exactly. i cut all ties with s headquarters.

- that's a very good comment. / - right. i can always return to the company. - yes, you can. / - exactly. - but / - i became friends with iljoong after that. one day, he called me and said, "i'm thinking of becoming a freelancer." "jun hyunmoo and oh sangjin are freelancers now." the three of us joined the company in the same year.

"i want to be evaluated on my ability too." so i said, (after he heard iljoong's decisive plan...) "i'm not in the position to give you advice." what did you tell him? i said he should wait for the right time. - you made your point in a nice way. / - yes, i did. you wanted him to stay at the company. i thought it was too soon to become a freelancer.

i still think that if he has an opportunity, he had better return to the company. - he can take the exam again. / - it's not too late. - they recruit every year. / - you can persuade him. - there's a lot of competition to for a duo. / - why? - saeho asked daeho to pair up with him. / - he did? - he suggested an offer. / - it wasn't official. i thought it'd be fun if we start "dae-sae show" named after our names, daeho and saeho.

- it sounds fun. / - he even thought of the title. we can say, "lee daeho and cho saeho's dae-sae show". i thought it'd be great. - daeho, what did you say? / - i'm curious too. i refused. (he refused saeho's offer.) (that won't happen.) (don't try to) (tempt me.)

- he refused. / - he refused completely. daeho simply said, "i refused." jooyup, how do you think of iljoong as a show host? say something good about me. to be honest, his first impression isn't so friendly. (he starts with a criticism.) - let me finish. / - okay. - however, he's funny as a show host, / - that's right.

- and he's a very nice person. / - is that so? iljoong really has - a good heart. / - that's all i know. the problem is that he still thinks that he's as good as jun hyunmoo and oh sangjin. i think he should face reality. what do you think his reality is? he has nothing but a good heart. (he's being too honest.)

he's just a nice employee at s headquarters. (he's shocked.) although he's not so popular now, he'll become successful eventually. - jooyup, / - thank you for saying that. how different do you think iljoong and hyunmoo are? in fact, you can't compare him to hyunmoo. he may think hyunmoo as his competition, but hyunmoo wouldn't think the same way.

(hyunmoo wouldn't think the same way.) (daeho nods his head.) daeho agrees with him. i don't watch a lot of variety shows, but i think he's right. (iljoong is knocked out.) they're on different levels. i wouldn't think of my junior player as my competition. that's hilarious.

major league players must've thought of you that way. that's right. you're not in the major league yet. (boy, be ambitious.) daeho joined the major league. - i can think of anyone as my rival. / - of course. - you should dream big. / - that's right. - dream big? / - i thought of robinson cano. (he thought of robinson cano as his rival.) (my dream is to become like hyunmoo.)

his rival was robinson cano. jooyup lost weight because he couldn't wear socks. i didn't realize that i gained so much weight. i could wear socks like this. - you can do it now. / - it was okay. but when i tried to trim my toenails, - i couldn't reach my toenails. / - my goodness. i realized that i gained too much fat in my belly. what was your heaviest weight?

i said it was a little over 140kg on a tv show, but in fact, my scale can't measure over 140kg. (it's impossible to measure his weight.) the needle couldn't go further. a digital scale didn't work. a dial scale didn't work, either. - i see. / - so whenever people ask me, i just say, "i think i weigh about 142kg." you didn't lie, though.

we need the scale that is used at the rice store. we need it to weigh ourselves. - you need to go to the rice store. / - daeho, what was your heaviest weight? i weighed about 142kg too. - he couldn't measure his weight. / - about 142kg. i guess he used the same scale. daeho, you can eat a lot, right? - i think so, too. / - athletes aren't welcome

- to all-you-can-eat meat restaurants. / - exactly. whenever we meet, daeho pays the bill. i had financial difficulties too often. (things have been tight for the past 10 years.) - i'm better off now. / - right. one day, i thought i shouldn't keep letting him buy me a meal. i decided to treat him to a meal. when he came to seoul, i told him i'd buy him meat.

i thought he'd come alone. he brought his junior players. they all looked so hungry. i was worried. i told him i'd buy him a meal already. - i couldn't take it back. / - right. they thanked me and started eating. they kept eating. i couldn't eat a single piece of meat. i tried to save money.

i just let them eat as much as they wanted. watching them eat, i thought, "i can raise a cow, but i can't raise children." (i'm still hungry.) they didn't seem to stop eating. after eating, i paid the bill. it took me a long time to check the receipt. "did you eat beef brisket or not?" "i don't think we ordered this one."

"wasn't it on the house, by any chance?" i paid the bill after checking all of them. - it must've been delicious. / - daeho, didn't you know that dongyoub was worried? i couldn't just stop my junior players from eating because dongyoub would pay. - that's right. / - they were your junior players. he would've been embarrassed if i had tried to stop them from eating a lot.

i said, "eat as much as you want. he'll pay." that drove me crazy. he should've been quiet. he said, "eat some more. he'll pay." i said, "let's order cooked rice and naengmyeon." he said, "we'll order them after finishing the meat." "you don't know how to enjoy the meat." - he wasn't helpful. / - that's hilarious. jooyup, what about you?

- i don't eat so much. / - is that so? what are you talking about? - what? / - you eat a lot. no, i don't eat that much. please tell us if you know something. we ate meat together once in chuncheon. chuncheon is famous for dakgalbi and makguksu. but we went to a beef restaurant that was in the opposite direction and hard to find.

i was surprised. you ate a lot, right? - that was... / - why? i should've started this story. i heard you were disappointed by his pettiness. the truth is that he didn't mean to pay. four people including us made a bet. he lost the game, so he had no choice but to pay. - go on. / - also, he said,

"let's go to a beef restaurant." - he suggested that. / - he did? - he lied, then. / - but then, he lost the game. when we got to the restaurant, he seemed upset. he regretted his bluff. how much could four people eat? - i didn't want him to spend too much. / - it's funny. we ordered only 200 dollars' worth of meat.

- beef is expensive. / - we started to eat. actually, i can eat a lot of meat. i looked at his face. he looked devastated. he wasn't even eating. i fully understand how you must've felt. - you couldn't eat it. / - i just ate nurungji. they ordered only 200 dollars' worth of beef. (they didn't order much.) he looked so upset.

i wasn't full, but i thought we should stop eating. then, why did you order seasoned raw beef? we ordered it when we made our first order. you don't order seasoned raw beef when you eat a lot. - exactly. / - is that so? - he ordered it because you looked upset. / - go on. i suggested we should order naengmyeon. - i see. / - then, iljoong said, "hang on a second."

"to have a hearty meal," "you should eat cooked rice." (cooked rice is the best.) naengmyeon is more expensive. he would've paid only 10 or 20 dollars more. a bowl of rice is only one dollar. - that's so petty. / - iljoong. why didn't you take them to a cheap restaurant? you should've let them eat comfortably.

they're not grateful as you made them uncomfortable. - you paid, but you got criticized. / - when i paid, he felt at home. he ordered everything he wanted. he ordered more than he could finish. - we couldn't finish the food. / - this is why. this is why you're called petty. i was upset because i lost the bet. he kept teasing me. "can i order one more?" "you must be upset. it's because you lost, right?"

"you're upset, right?" he made me even more upset. still, you shouldn't have told him to eat rice instead. it's easier to digest meat when you eat it with rice. jooyup, how much food can you eat? i don't usually - eat a lot. / - you can eat a lot if you want, right? how much food did you eat when you played basketball? when i eat my favorite food... - how about burgers? / - i can eat

between five or six burgers for a meal. - just burgers or with other food? / - that's a lot. - i like burgers. / - you can eat five or six burgers? i like burgers with more than one meat patty. - you eat five or six big burgers? / - the big ones? - i can eat more than that if i want to. / - really? (at that moment,) (daeho suddenly looks serious.) daeho seems to think, this is not right.

i don't think he's a human being. (daeho caught him off guard.) how do you eat five burgers at once? with two patties. - it's normal for athletes. / - really? - that's unbelievable. / - how about makguksu? makguksu is my favorite food. i can eat a lot of makguksu... - it's embarrassing. / - it's okay.

my brother, my cousin, and i (how many bowls) (did they eat?) ate up to 28 bowls of makguksu. (they ate 28 bowls of makguksu.) - you ate 28 bowls of makguksu? / - yes, we were young. - weren't you tired of eating it? / - i ate 10 bowls, and the other two ate 9 bowls each. when we ordered three bowls for each person,

the restaurant owner asked if more people would come. (he sighs.) you said you don't eat a lot. we ordered two more bowls for each of us. what do your brother and your cousin do? the owner suggested we eat as much as we could, and he would give it for free. really? we ordered more, and we ate 28 bowls in total.

- it was like an eating contest. / - how did you feel? i felt really good. it was very delicious. i feel bad now. the 200 dollars' worth of beef can't be enough for you. i've never eaten meat until i felt full. - that's right. / - i run out of time and not the food. what a great saying. - that's a great saying. / - i'm sorry.

i've never walked out of a restaurant being full. it's just that i don't have enough time. - i had other engagements. / - i made a big mistake. grills are often changed when you have barbecue. - do you often change the grill? / - me? - the grill needs to be changed / - okay. - when you cook the meat for a long time. / - right. - i don't have to change it often. / - why? i don't cook the meat that long.

(he only cooks it until the blood evaporates.) i don't change my grill a lot. - he's amazing. / - indeed, he is. daeho, did you take your own grill when you were in japan? - in japan? / - it's because i live in japan. - the grills are small there. / - that's true. - japanese grills are small. / - but korean grills are big. so, i always bring it wherever i go.

- that's why. / - you bring it just like your laptop. - does he put it in a bag? / - it's not like that. i thought you would treat it like a tablet. that's not right. (he prefers the grill over a tablet.) you, choo shinsoo, and ryu hyunjin from the us - must eat a lot. / - we have a picture here. - i see hyunjin and shinsoo. / - everyone's there. baseball players don't eat a lot.

you would think we would eat a lot. we had a lot of food because we're many. for me, that's only a single serving. (everyone's in shock.) i think he has a different kind of stomach. i heard there's a story of how daeho and dongyoub became friends. - he came to busan when he wasn't famous. / - yes. "people looking for laughter" had a show in busan.

- i see. / - i was trying to brighten up the mood. - i heard daeho was here. / - he's famous in busan. the staff was excited and told me that i had to - make him stand out. / - i see. i thought making him stand out meant talking to him - and making him seem funny. / - goodness. - you thought... / - i thought it would be funny. "because of daeho, he managed to get his team" "to the 7th place instead of the 8th place."

- gosh. / - goodness. he gave me a hard time. usually, people would laugh. the audience was from busan. someone said, "what's his problem?" - that's what he said. / - people usually laugh at it, - but not in busan. / - he was asking for trouble. - right. / - i was nervous for him. - i was okay with the joke. / - but the fans weren't. right. the atmosphere wasn't so good.

he came to brighten up the mood, but he ruined it. after that, you must've met daeho. i went to see him after the show because - i was nervous. / - okay. he looked terrified. the stage was high and daeho was sitting down. from the stage, he looked small. i thought i could handle him. - i didn't expect him to visit me. / - you were scared.

i was. this was the first time that someone waited for me after the show. when he came, he said, "hey, let's talk." i've never seen someone so big. he was really big. he asked, "how old are you?" i thought how i should tell my age to not get hit. should i be older or younger? - re-enact the scene for us. / - yes. show us. - i was packing up. / - you were leaving.

i said in my dialect, "hey". let's talk. (everyone's terrified.) how can this not be scary? it's scary. (he was chilled to the bone.) - he lied. / - no, i didn't. - i said, "let's talk." / - this was how he said it. - "let's talk." / - he said, "let's talk."

- i said, "how old are you?" / - when he asked, how could i not think it over? - i saw him thinking for a while. / - okay. he was 28 years old. he was older than me. - that was the end of it. / - that part was okay. - what if he was younger. / - i'm 21 years old. if that's what you said, you wouldn't be alive. i wouldn't say that. how about you, seyoon? do you want to collaborate

- with a famous sports player? / - well, for me i decided to star in today's episode for my wish. - what is it? / - do you know the stretching when - someone else lifts you from the back? / - i know it. - i've never gotten one in my entire life. / - i see. i've only lifted others. people would come to me and - ask me to stretch their back. / - they only ask you. i'd need people like jooyup, daeho, or janghoon. - i want one lift. / - that'll make his wish come true.

i really wish someone to stretch my back. - that's his wish. / - i always lift other people. why on earth would i do that on a tv show? i've never gotten one. - we're on tv. / - it's his wish. it's indeed my wish. let me show you. come, saeho. - many people do this. / - why do they do it? they would say their backs are stiff and i'd lift them from behind.

(cracking) - i can hear the sound. / - his back is cracking. (this is an unedited sound.) - my back feels better. / - i just want - one lift. / - can you do it? i can do it, yet i don't see why i should do it. - he really wants one. / - i beg you. (he's giving a hard to everyone.) i've been lifting other people for 20 years.

(they can sympathize with each other.) - can't you do just one? / - how about you, jooyup? - it's his only wish. / - please lift me. i really want to experience it myself. - he's never got one. / - how can seyoon look small? - that's right. / - he looks cute. - is this your very first time? / - yes, indeed. - it's my first time. i'm so curious. / - he's excited. seyoon looks small, next to him.

- my arms can't reach. / - his arms can't reach. (what's happening?) his arms are short. - i think i could work. / - his arms are short. are you showing your love for him? - do you love him? / - it's hard for us to see this. - gosh. / - what a pity. why don't you try, daeho? he'll do it.

his wish came true. - i hope it works. / - i can't hold it. - i don't think it'll work. / - i can't reach. it won't work. (i won't ever get it.) his arms are too thick for me to hold him. it's not about the weight. - it's because the arms are too thick. / - they were. - someone with long arms can do it. / - where do i go?

- choi hongman. / - he should lose some weight. - there aren't many ways. / - his arms are long. iljoong said a mean comment. - what did he say? / - he said to seyoon that - he eats without thinking. / - what does that mean? - did he say that? / - that's mean. since you became a freelancer, - he became mean. / - your comments are harsh. i need to leave an impression.

- i do. / - that's how you'll attract attention. he eats without thinking. i didn't mean that. didn't you mean that? even though he said that seyoon eats without thinking, he has a list of quotes - regarding eating. / - i told you to learn from me. "when you eat tangsuyuk, don't think if you should" "pour or dip the sauce. just eat one more piece." it's so true.

why would you contemplate whether to pour the sauce or to dip it in the sauce? - just eat one more piece. / - be happy. "it's scary when you know how it tastes." what do you mean by it? for example, on an eating show, dishes that interest the audience and keep the ratings high are ramyeon and kimchi jjigae. we eat them often. it's harder to resist when you know it tastes good.

when you don't know the taste, you're not interested. "all the side dishes are there for a reason." you think the side dishes are meant to be there. - there's a reason to it. / - when the chef serves the side dishes, he has an intention. he puts them so that we can enjoy them with the main dish. are there more quotes you want to add? not necessarily about eating, but there are things that arouse my curiosity lately.

- like what? / - i would like to share some of those. "do you want whipped cream in your cafe mocha removed?" does it mean she doesn't want to give me whipped cream? why do they ask me such a question? at restaurants, they ask for the number in a party. they should ask for the number of servings, not people. (the number of servings is more important.) why wouldn't they ask me that? don't you understand my comment about him?

- he thinks when he eats. / - i have my opinions. it's about eating a lot and not eating well. - you work together, right? / - i work with him and i noticed the way he eats isn't appetizing. - goodness. / - is it? - really? / - he doesn't make me want to eat the dish. on the show, we had to eat fried chicken. - we must grab it and bite the chicken. / - right. but he takes a wing and...

(he nibbles the end of the wing.) - goodness. / - what were you thinking? that ruined my appetite. i've never heard that before. he really eats in an unappetizing way. (he verifies seyoon's observation.) when he ate his food, he took one or two bites and said, "i'm stuffed." - gosh. / - it was because i was paying for that meal.

so, it's true. is it true that eating well brings you good luck? - yes, it is. / - moreover, i think i completely agree with the saying, "appetite is connected to sexual desire." i cook well. appetite is connected to sexual desire. (noh sabong's quotes) (appetite is connected to sexual desire.) (it's indeed a great saying.)

- it's recent. / - i had goosebumps all over me. appetite is connected to sexual desire. then, give us an example. (he's shy.) - do you agree with it? / - i'm always full of it. when i leave my house, well, you know where the shoe rack is? it's in the corner. when my children can't see, we always show

our affection for each other whether it's a kiss - or something else. / - you're affectionate. - it must be true. / - iljoong often shows off his manliness. but how can he when he eats like that? - tell us if you think it's relevant. / - i'm curious. - be honest. / - is appetite relevant to sexual desire? i have two sons and am living a happy life. why do you question my sexual desire?

we're asking if you're still affectionate. - do you kiss her at the shoe rack? / - tell us. - is appetite related to sexual desire? / - what happens when the children can't see you? i don't think that saying applies to everyone. my wife feeds me eels or dishes that are good for stamina. but not long ago, when she was preparing the meal, she said, "it's pointless."

"it's pointless." goodness. (everyone is in a complete shock.) lately, our program talks about... - the talk has been... / - it's great. (the talk has been...) this is all noh sabong's fault. it became a tv show in la. it seems like daeho's flustered too.

- that's right. / - daeho. - are you okay? / - i'm okay. i like it, but i'm not sure if it will air on tv. it will air on tv. do you think appetite is connected to sexual desire? i think it is. it's true. i lack the strength because i don't eat much. the thing is, daeho,

i faint by the shoe rack. - why would you faint? / - i get dizzy. all right. - a baseball player told me a story. / - what is it? there's something called "lee daeho's ten-ten club". what does ten-ten stand for? he drinks ten shots of soju at the restaurant. he drinks another ten shots with side dishes. then he drinks another ten shots after the meal.

- it's 10-10-10. / - junior baseball players run away. call the baseball player you heard the story from. i mean... (he froze up.) he's scary. you shouldn't make up a story. why would you make things up? (he denies the claim.) you said you don't exaggerate.

(the major leaguer attacks.) reveal the name of the baseball player. listen. wait a minute. - reveal the name. / - wait a minute. i heard the story from kim hyunsoo and yang euiji. - hyunsoo doesn't drink. / - it wasn't him. i heard the story from euiji. i'm serious. he told me the story. listen. i'm telling the truth.

when he said, "call the baseball player," i felt the fear dongyoub felt. (bromance blooms in crisis.) it's funny because he's my age. - he still makes me nervous. / - that's right. at the waiting room, he will go, "let's talk." - it will be scary. / - "you shouldn't have said that." you should leave right after the shoot. say goodbye to everyone and leave.

this is the end of the shoot. (he will leave right away.) (i will let you off this once.) how much can you drink? i always say i can drink three bottles of soju, but no one believes me. i don't believe you, either. you must know because you drink with him. how much can he drink?

this is what happens when i drink with daeho. when my face goes red and my eyes go unfocused, i don't finish a shot. then he goes, "finish it." then he pours the drink on a spoon and goes, "it's time to take your medicine." why would you do that? that's ridiculous. - that's ridiculous. / - tell us if it's true. he pours the drink on a spoon. when he doesn't finish a shot, the leftover adds up.

it bothers me. - so, i'll ask for a spoon or a ladle. / - then what? then i pour the drink and say, "take this medicine." "take this medicine." i'll give it to him. it would be funny the first few times. then it would become scary. when i do it twice, he drinks well.

i end up taking the medicine endlessly. it's hard to drink without stopping. have you ever made a mistake while you were drunk? no, i haven't. i've never gotten drunk before the others. jooyup is a heavy drinker too. iljoong, you once drank with him. i think he's feeling competitive. no, i'm not.

iljoong, i heard you crawled home after drinking. - i... / - what's up with today's talk? i'm sorry, but do you have a disease? i'm revealing all for the show. these stories make people lose their appetite. (these stories make people lose their appetite.) most stories are like that. this happened after we appeared in a show together.

i can't drink a lot, but i like team dinners. since he's an athlete that i admire, i invited him. my friend who watched the interaction told me that jooyup is known to be a heavy drinker in the basketball industry. when he drank with a coach, he bought more drinks by selling the empty bottles he finished. - that's how much he drinks. / - it's a legend. the story sounds like it was exaggerated.

(he's suspicious.) i can't believe he sold the empty bottles. daeho changed his sitting position. why would you sell the bottles in front of a coach? (why do you exaggerate the story?) i bet the story was exaggerated. this talk is making me lose my appetite. you make the others lose their appetite. (it's his character.)

in 2017, his character will be a hit. he makes the others lose their appetite. (he doesn't eat much.) (even when there's a chicken wing,) (he nibbles at it.) (on top of it, he exaggerates.) i can't eat more since i don't have an appetite. (iljoong makes people lose their appetite.) when i was in college, i had a curfew.

i had to be home by 10 p.m. since the practice ended at 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., i developed a habit of drinking quickly. even if i drank 10 bottles of soju, my mom didn't notice if i chewed gum before going home. - don't lie. / - you exaggerate. i want to pit him against daeho. - it's not a competition. / - i no longer drink a lot. (he doesn't drink a lot these days.)

these days, i drink about two bottles of soju and two bottles of whiskey. did you say two bottles of whiskey? - you also eat nine bowls of noodles. / - i eat a lot. (he realized he has a big appetite.) he has a big appetite. he drinks a lot. daeho, when you were with lotte giants, - you were very popular. / - how popular were you? many people recognized me in busan.

busan is a city of baseball. "flying duck" was played upon his entrance. - "flying duck" is a song by cherry filter. / - yes. in busan, people cheer very loudly. when i entered the stadium, the loud cheer gave me goosebumps. - it made me focus. / - i should've played baseball. - it must've been great. / - it lifted my spirit. sajik baseball stadium in busan is amazing.

- shall we listen to the song? / - what? - should i play "flying duck"? / - really? that was sudden. aria. play "flying duck" by cherry filter. - i'll play "flying duck" by cherry filter. / - nice. (the cheerful intro fills the studio.) lee daeho. - lee daeho! / - lee daeho!

it's lotte's fourth batter in the line up, lee daeho! (make some noise.) daeho! (daeho!) (when the cheer filled the stadium,) (the fourth batter made an entrance.) (he heated up the stadium.) - my goodness. / - he's amazing. it's impressive.

you kept the good scores when you moved to japan. instead of staying, you moved on to mlb. i wanted to play baseball professionally - in korea, japan, and in the us. / - my goodness. nippon professional baseball asked me to stay. - that's right. / - of course they did. you were offered more money from japan. that's right. they also offered a long-term contract.

(he's impressed.) we would've stayed. that's great. myungsoo would have said "hold on." welcome. people wondered if daeho would do well in the us. you hit a home run right away. - my first hit was a home run. / - that's right.

people high fived you after you hit a home run. did you avoid baseball players you hate? - for goodness' sake. / - "get out of the way." since there is a camera... (they are forced to be friendly.) the players you are friends with show excitement. otherwise, they do this. (they remain polite.) - i see. / - that's interesting.

the coach is watching. when you look back on your experiences, how is baseball different in three countries? the biggest difference exists between the minor league and the major league in the us. when you're in the minor league, you travel 25 to 26 hours in a bus for a game. there's a bathroom in the bus. two people are cramped together.

when you're in the major league, you don't even need a boarding pass. the bus stops right in front of the airplane. the organization has a private jet. - that's amazing. / - the players are treated nicely. - you eat from a buffet. / - you get lobsters. i got tired of lobsters after a while. - you got tired of lobsters. / - yes. i eat outside when that happens.

- you didn't eat from the buffet? / - no. happy together only serves chips. i didn't eat them. are you sure you didn't eat them? - he doesn't eat chips. / - no, i don't. are you sure? why would i eat chips? i feel bad for jooyup. he has chips on his shirt. - my goodness. / - he has crumbs on his shirt.

(jooyup readily ate the chips.) (this is what happens when you retire.) where will you go from here? i don't know. - i haven't signed a contract. / - he needs to decide. he will sign a contract soon. i'm a freelancer. - are you a freelancer? / - yes. it's a cutthroat environment.

- it's a cutthroat environment. / - my goodness. you need to do well. - you need wits. / - you make me lose my appetite. you need quick wits. daeho and you are in different situations. he isn't like you. (their situations greatly differ.) this may be a sensitive topic. between you and janghoon, who was more popular?

- who was more popular? / - be honest. basketball players of yonsei university were handsome. they had many female fans. - they did. / - male fans - that's right. / - hated that. korea university had players with average looks. that's why most male fans cheered for korea university. it's true. jooyup had many male fans. i cheered for korea university too.

i shouldn't talk about someone behind his back. however, janghoon is uglier than the basketball players of korea university. (go away.) it's pointless to talk about who was more popular. i see. his words are confident. you talk about him with a smile on your face now, but you and janghoon got into many arguments.

janghoon was not only good at basketball, but also at making complaints. i think tv shows are the best for improving your image. he has changed so much. he laughs all the time. he took on a cheerful and optimistic image. he became a celebrity. tv shows are the best for improving your image.

(tv shows are the best for improving your image.) you were the ace basketball player of korea university. i heard you hated it when girls called you "oppa". i don't have any sisters. i only have brothers. before university, girls never called me "oppa". when i entered korea university, girls i don't even know called me "oppa". everyone called me "oppa".

i would have been okay with "mr. hyun jooyup". - no one says that. / - it's too distant. classmates wouldn't call you that. i was as popular as an idol singer. 30 to 40 girls waited outside my house. my family lived on the sixth floor. they wrote all kinds of notes on the wall. my family always had to pay for that or put wallpaper. - it bothered the residents. / - you painted the walls.

i wanted to focus on basketball, but the girls followed me and shouted "oppa". i hated hearing that. - you hated it. / - i would've liked it. my reaction was absurd when i think about it now. these days, i love it when women i don't know call me "oppa". no one does it anymore. - he misses it now. / - oppa.

i absolutely love it. say it properly. jooyup oppa. (jooyup oppa) (this might never happen again in my life.) (he reacted right away.) - you must be grateful for your fans. / - that's right. - you must be grateful for your fans. / - right. daeho, don't fans call you by oppa?

fans always treated me as a middle-aged man. don't fans call you by saying oppa casually? you must have a lot of female fans. no, i didn't. when my popularity rose, kang minho joined the team. he's handsome. he's a young man and i'm a middle-aged man - to the fans. / - call him "oppa". daeho oppa.

(it's a happy time.) it doesn't have any effect on me. (hyeongyeong is humiliated.) try to say it in a more cuter way. (she's teary-eyed.) gosh. i am sorry. "gosh. i am sorry." the thing is hyeongyeong looks like daeho's wife.

- really? / - they look alike. that's why it didn't have any effect on him. that's not true. daeho, punch him. this is a popular expression in busan. - what is it? / - i have heard of it. - me, too. / - it's a popular expression. "it sounds like lee daeho stealing a base." when you hear nonsense,

you say, "it sounds like lee daeho stealing a base." daeho hits home runs to avoid running. then, he can run slowly. daeho stole a base nine times in his baseball career. - i stole a base many times. / - he did it at least. it's nine times in your entire career. he did it once every year. i thought you've never stolen a base but you did. for someone who finds it hard to steal a base,

nine times is a lot. when did you steal the base nine times? i've never seen you steal a base. i haven't done it recently. it's not that i can't do it. i don't do it. - i don't do it. / - don't be ridiculous. - you're not making any sense. / - i can do it. if i run as if my life depends on it, i can steal a base.

you need to run as if your life depends on it. i can do it if i run as if my life depends on it. - you don't see the need. / - no, i don't. there's a high chance i'll be put out. the catchers who let me steal a base retired early. (he's laughing.) they couldn't put lee daeho out. "how can you call yourself a catcher?" i once stole a base

when hong sungheun was a catcher. they set off fireworks when i stole a base. hong sungheun retired from being a catcher after that. (he was humiliated.) (there must have been a personal reason.) no. he retired because he was humiliated. sungheun told me that he retired because of me. he became a designated hitter.

despite weighing 130kg, lee daeho stole the second base. he stole his first base in four years. the pitcher and the catcher who couldn't stop him look dejected. myungsoo likes seyoon's voice impression. he can imitate joohyun. he can imitate joohyun without practicing. i heard your voice impression is great.

it's nice to meet you, jerk. (he didn't need practice.) he doesn't need to practice. it's nice to meet you, jaeseok. (it's nice to meet you, joohyun.) jerk, you make me lose my appetite. (it's refreshing.) you can imitate joohyun right away. i met joohyun

at an award ceremony, i was intimidated. i was nervous. he walked towards me alone. he grunted as he walked. even though i was nervous, i said hello. "who is this? oh, it's mr. moon." "how have you been?" i told him that i'll be imitating him on the stage of the award ceremony.

he said, "hey." "you can do it everywhere." he sounds exactly like joohyun. "you can even add gestures." (he even coaches seyoon.) "do it this way, okay?" i said, "am i doing okay?" "hey, you can do it all over the nation." "do whatever you want, you jerk."

i got his permission. - his impression is spot-on. / - i know. - it was great. / - joohyun is great. he gave me a permission to imitate him. hyeongyeong, what's next on the schedule? i will tell you. aria, tell me what's next on the schedule. there's one more thing on the schedule. it's time for one meme is worth a thousand words.

let's begin one meme is worth a thousand words. one meme is worth a thousand words! (one meme is worth a thousand words) the webtoon artist, kian84 is with us. - hello. / - hello. let's talk about kian84's love story. kian84 and hyeongyeong's budding relationship is hot in this program.

however, no one outside of the program cares. none of the guests knew. they don't know what we're talking about. we are the only ones who think it's great. you need to help the older woman you like succeed. - the older woman? / - what? - isn't she older? / - kian84, how old are you? - i'm older than her. / - she looks older. as you can see, myungsoo has no interest.

we have worked together for six months! he has no interest. to be honest, i want them to break up. they have never been together in the first place. there's no relationship to break up. kian84, are you aiming to win the newcomer award? i got a call. - really? / - from which broadcasting station? - kbs. / - what did they say?

they told me to come out and receive an award. - really? / - did they really say that? - there's no way they said that. / - i know. - those words don't mean anything. / - what? - really? / - they're giving you a false hope. - do they usually say that? / - it's a false hope. when you hear such promise, your facial expression turns sad when you don't win. they give you false hope to get a good reaction.

myungsoo was tricked a couple of times. excellence award goes to (myungsoo was nominated.) cultwo. (he failed to win the award.) (i was tricked again.) won't hyunmoo win another award this year? - hyunmoo? / - to be honest, i'm half-expectant

- and half-excited. / - which award do you want? that means you're certain you'll win an award. "half-expectant and half-excited"! "half-expectant and half-excited" means you're certain you'll win an award. i was in happy together for a year. it will be hard to win because of "ssulzun". - i'm sorry. / - don't bring up "ssulzun". (the atmosphere turns cold.)

i can't believe him. someone so dense wouldn't win the newcomer award. (i am sorry.) it seems like he won't win an award. today on one meme is worth a thousand words, we will solve problems sent in by the viewers first. this one is from lee hyesung. - what is that? / - i think i've seen this before. this is incredible.

- what's that? / - is that a mouse? even kian84 will find it hard. is that red bean porridge? look at the drawing very carefully. i think it's a sheep. (iljoong checks his answer.) - is it correct? / - how did you come up with it? (is his answer correct?) it's...

- come closer. / - shall i? why do you need that? (you are a fool.) he wrote down, "yang sangguk". (iljoong's answer was "yang sangguk".) i get it. it's a sheep in a soup. there's a sheep in the soup. that was smart.

is that doenjangguk? why is there a sheep there? (what is this sheep doing here?) - what is that? / - just write something down. - i got it. / - come on out. welcome, joohyun. hold on, jaeseok. wait right there. - i got it. / - what is it?

if i get this wrong, - i'll stop impersonating joohyun. / - really? (if seyoon gets it wrong, he'll stop impersonating.) looks like we'll no longer be able to see it. - did he get it wrong? / - what's going to happen? (will seyoon have to stop impersonating?) that's correct. (seyoon got it right.) - oh, my. / - he got it right?

- impersonate on your way back. / - you fools. that's really irritating. (he taunts others with his impersonation.) how did you get it right? - i got goosebumps. / - are you serious? - he's amazing. / - that really was amazing. - it's a four-syllable word. / - four syllables? - what? / - it's a four-syllable word. - he got it right? / - i was surprised myself.

oh, my. it can't be. - what is it? / - i got it. when he does that, i wish he gets it wrong. if i get it wrong, i'll call saeho my father for the rest of my life. - it's a four-syllable word. / - i wish i had a son. (will hyunmoo become saeho's son?) i won't talk down to you from now on. (did he get it right?)

- did you say it's a three-syllable word? / - my gosh. (it's good to feel connected with the meme.) - myungsoo wrote down an answer. / - right. (myungsoo gives it a try.) that's incorrect. (myungsoo's answer was yanghyeon yangha.) that's not even the correct spelling. i didn't go to school (i didn't go to school)

i guessed it incorrectly it's ryanghyeon ryangha. - it's a soup. / - i can see that. - that's right. / - but what kind? - what kind of soup? / - look at the sheep. (pay close attention to the sheep.) (why did you do that?) you gave it all away. - don't condescending. / - you gave it all away.

the sheep is standing. it's a standing sheep. - is it? / - i got it. write it down. - write your answer down, daeho. / - i'm sure of it. - how do you spell it? / - don't let others see. is this the answer? - do you like this meme? / - i do. (he's very satisfied.)

- what if he's wrong? / - that's incorrect. - please take a seat. / - are you going to hit me? what did he write down? (daeho is incorrect.) he said, "yang il yangguk" (daeho's answer was "yang il yangguk".) there's a single sheep in a soup. - that is incorrect. / - what was that? - i thought he got it. / - that's incorrect?

daeho is doing it right now. - he is. / - he's a baseball player. - that is correct. / - he's doing it for our country. daeho is doing this abroad. (daeho is doing this abroad.) do you get it now? the answer was "to enhance national prestige". - it's a sheep standing on a soup. / - i get it.

daeho is doing it right now. that was a good meme. that was very clever. we will continue to introduce the memes sent by our viewers. please send us your memes. let's get the actual game started. - i feel pressured. / - don't be. people are so good at coming up with memes. you should feel threatened.

- why are they so good? / - can i make a guess? - already? / - come on. - yes. / - come on out. if you get it right, you're a genius. - i want to try. / - you'll be the first one to get it right at first try. - isn't that the answer? / - did he get it right? (will dongyoub be able to make history?) what is it?

- what's going on? / - why did you write this down? - am i right? / - hit him hard. (he wasn't able to make history.) - he hit his mouth. / - i wasn't expecting that. "lee daeho" is incorrect. - why would you think that? / - "ho" as in house. the names of the guests are the answers sometimes. the answer was "kim kyungho". (there were memes of kim kyungho and noh sayeon.)

noh sayeon. - you've monitored this show. / - i have. there are some students who try to analyze the types of questions in the exam. dongyoub's love for daeho - is incomparable. / - it is. - he's always thinking about daeho. / - he is. but that was too wild of a guess. - they'll get it now. / - how?

- it's easy, right? / - it is. - what is that? / - we're starting with an easy one. what is that? come on out, iljoong. - but this is too easy. / - i don't get it. what's your answer? is that right? (did iljoong get it right?) why are you holding that?

(to hit you with it.) "running away from home" is incorrect. (iljoong is incorrect.) - what was that? / - what kind of answer is that? you have to do better than that. - i thought it was an easy one. / - it's not that easy. looking good so far. - i really don't get it. / - it's a house. - is that it? / - that's it?

- yes. / - he's done sketching. he'll color it now. - i'm going to give it a try. / - let's go, daeho. daeho is getting up. (everyone looks at him.) let's go. i just wanted to give it a try. - it's probably wrong. / - lee daeho. (what is this reaction?)

- no way. / - did he get it? - are you serious? / - it's probably wrong. (did he get it right after emptying his mind?) so, he is an intelligent baseball player. (did his baseball senses help him guess the meme?) - you look very nervous. / - i'm not. - are you nervous? / - it was a very wild guess. (he didn't think much when writing the answer down.) "universe".

what? - that's incorrect. / - he's at home running around. (he thought that's what the answer was short for.) - i see. / - you thought it was short for running? yes. - i tried. / - is he locked inside the fences? he's not going outside. (it's a person inside a house.)

moon seyoon. - there he goes again. / - i got it again. come on out, seyoon. did someone tell him the answer? this one is hard. (will he prove himself by getting it right again?) - did he get it right? / - did he? - i doubt it. / - did you study other memes? i just learned from watching this show.

- this is your first time with memes? / - yes. but you're so good. he must be a genius. - that's incorrect. / - you scared me. - "housewife" is incorrect. / - that's a good answer. it is. i don't think this is his first time. maybe the third. - take a seat, seyoon. / - okay. (hyunmoo gives it a try.)

is it right? - he wrote down... / - "stubborn". (stubborn) (get out of here.) he's going somewhere from his house. (he's going somewhere from his house.) (myungsoo's answer is too funny.) - he's trying to get out of a circle. / - right. - he's trying to escape? / - exactly.

he wrote down, "spot baldness". (myungsoo's answer was "spot baldness".) is it not right? - i was thinking too hard. / - that is incorrect. he's circling around the house. "concentration" is incorrect. (dongyoub's answer was "concentration".) he's running inside the fences. "vaulting" - is incorrect. / - are you sure?

there's a person inside. "wife" is incorrect. that was a good answer. (someone's deep in thought,) (trying to come up with an answer.) (it's my turn to shine.) let's take a look. - jooyup wrote down an answer. / - this is hard. - why is this one so difficult? / - can i take a prize?

- are you sure? / - can i take one? - can i pick anything i want? / - if you pick a prize and the answer is correct, you can take it, but if the answer is incorrect, - i'll put it back down. / - you'll get hit twice. - i'm feeling confident. / - he's very confident. - what should i pick? / - pick a prize. for the first time, a reservation has been made. he's absolutely certain that his answer is right.

(he's holding on tightly to the prize.) did he get it right? (jooyup got it right.) oh, my gosh. (that's amazing.) that's amazing. (he's pointing at someone.) who are you pointing at? dongyoub is such a smart person.

- what? / - what did he say? - dongyoub is such a smart person. / - why? - don't give them any hints. / -did i give you a hint? - what did you say? / - i'm just saying you're smart. - what did he say? / - what did i say? - what did he say? / - what did he say? i got it. dongyoub really is smart. - it's right, isn't it? / - what was his answer again? - that's the hint? / - what is that?

the person in the picture is working. so he said, "kim iljoong". (saeho is incorrect.) (i'm sorry my name isn't the answer.) - isn't it right? / - no. - no? / - no. i thought the answer was the guests' names. - it's a working person. / - that was close. - i was close? / - it's a good meme.

- it's a two-syllable word. / - it is. some of you are related to this. - some of you are definitely related. / - right. is it me? (myungsoo got it.) (hyunmoo got it at the same time.) what's going on? i got it. i really got it. come on out, then.

(memes are exciting.) (this is what the game is about.) i got it. (the others are frustrated.) come on out. (they're ecstatic.) - am i a smart person? / - you're so smart. - i am? / - what was his answer? what did he write down as his answer?

myungsoo is correct. - this is amazing. / - he got it right? come on, hyunmoo. (is his answer different than myungsoo's?) he's moving sideways. so you wrote down, "lee dongyoub". (hyunmoo's answer was lee dongyoub.) what was that? you thought that was right? are you sure that's not right?

(i feel ashamed for making such a fuss.) - iljoong is correct. / - i knew it. - team park is on fire. / - are you serious? that is correct. everyone except seyoon got it right on team park. come on, seyoon. - dongyoub gave them a big hint. / - when? - what did he say? / - i can't remember. - my answer was lee daeho. / - yes.

- lee daeho? / - yes. try to find the relevance in the picture. - it's a house. / - every clue is there. it's a house. lee daeho. - it's a house and... / - the man is running. is it yu jaeseok? - i don't think this is it. / - all right. seyoon... don't give any hints. "stolen base".

(saeho wrote "stolen base".) - he must be right. / - what is it? (dongyoub also wrote "stolen base".) take your wrong answers. (hyunmoo has an idea now.) (what is it?) - hyunmoo. / - no way. - what is it? / - darn it! (the difference between correct and wrong.)

daeho would laugh at your answer. ("stolen base" is a wrong answer.) you got it. (hyunmoo is correct.) (did you get it just now?) you are correct. (seyoon is correct.) he's running inside a house. it's related to someone here.

- lee daeho. / - yes. (the man is running at home.) (the answer is "home run".) (daeho delivers victory.) (use this meme to cheer for daeho.) team myungsoo won the first round. (the first victory goes to team myungsoo.) daeho should've gotten the answer. it's really difficult. this is my first time.

- i kept thinking deep. / - i know. - now... / - we're all warmed up now. - you're warmed up now, right? / - we are. - i'll be fine. / - don't give excuses now. - stop saying you thought too deep. / - no way. - you won't, right? / - now, stop talking nonsenses. please take a good look at the meme. which one will you choose?

(kian84 chooses the title.) (myungsoo tries to peek.) that's crazy. is it something unexpected? - all right. / - he chose number four. stay sharp. it's number four. there's the fourth hitter and he chose number four. - is that right? / - the answer is lee daeho. (the fourth hitter is lee daeho.) - i won't say that. / - the fourth hitter is daeho.

here's the second problem. this one is good too. this is... can i guess the answer right away? the mcs are used to the pattern and they get it well. i can give it a try, right? this is my answer. - i thought of this right away. / - snow. the answer is not "haeundae". (the sun and the cloud made him think of haeundae.)

- how about this? / - lightning, sun, snow, and rain. what's this? lightning. (dongyoub gives it a try.) did he get it? you shouldn't think too hard. he expressed the drawing as it is. his answer is "today's weather". (is it the weather symbols from a weather forecast?)

- does it look like snow? / - i thought it was rain. this is how you draw snow, right? that's snow. - this is rain. / - that's rain. - why did he circle the rainy cloud? / - what's this? (he circled the rainy cloud.) why did he only circle that part? it's raining and... - it's raining and... / - it's raining and...

i'll give you a hint. - don't give them too many hints. / - that's it. there is no other choice. (he crosses out everything except for the rainy cloud.) the other ones don't matter. dongyoub? (what did he write?) is it wrong? dongyoub gives a lot of hints.

he wrote, "being rained on". it's wrong. (everything except for rain is wrong.) (saeho is confident.) (saeho's sure that he's got the answer.) i got it, didn't i? it's my first time. i think it's right. - you are correct. / - no way! - i'm nervous. / - it just hit me.

(what just hit you?) hyeongyeong is very good. - she has sense. / - her answer is very witty. b1a4. - its the fourth one. / - right. - i know. / - you're wrong. get rained on. - look at that. / - goodness. - i can't believe it. / - i got it, too.

- i got it. / - hyunmoo is correct. - no way. / - don't show it to the people. - really? / - team hyunmoo is leading. - goodness. / - we're doing well. (two people from team hyunmoo got it right.) - this is crazy. / - this is crazy. - it's related to many people. / - yes. - is it related to the people here? / - yes. some of them are related to this.

- i was shocked. / - how many are they? how many are they? - this is really... / - kian84 changed a lot. - you are correct. / - what? is that really the answer? - no way. really? / - i said that, too. i was just trying to be funny. - i couldn't believe it either. / - how... - really? / - how can you not believe it?

- i can't believe it. / - he never expected it. it's amazing that they both got it. the viewers must've stimulated kian84. they come up with really good ones. i know. - what? / - since he circled the sky, he wrote, "1,000 won". that's crazy. (he's embarrassed.)

(the circle in the sky makes 1,000 won.) - this is unbelievable. / - kian84. he now looks like a dumpling restaurant owner. what's this? - it's a two-letter word. / - right. there are some of you here. - i know. / - there are a lot of them here. there are a lot of them. (saeho points jooyup.)

pig? - pig. / - pig? (did hyeongyeong get a hint from it?) no way. everything is crossed out. what's that? - we really have to get it. / - what is it? (hyeongyeong is correct.) - come on. / - she got it. - it's the height of simplicity. / - i'll go.

is this really it? no way. (daeho is at bat.) the four symbols except for the rain are crossed out. he wrote "private expense". it's wrong. (daeho fails.) - the 4 of them are wrong. / - the 4 of them. - you have to think the opposite. / - i got it - i got it. / - no. no. - no. / - what is it?

jooyup, you should know. if it is like this... - jooyup should know. / - you're mean. - jooyup should know it. / - what? kian84, you're so mean. - you're mean. / - you're mean. now... (what is the title of this mean meme?) - this is rain. / - it's rain.

why did he circle only that part? - don't draw too many. / - it's that. (he crosses out everything except for the rain.) (only the rain symbol is circled.) the obesity rate has been increasing mostly in men. (you can overcome it with exercise.) two people from team jun didn't pass. two people from team park didn't pass either. - the rain / - among the ones who got it right,

- only daeho didn't get it. / - it related to rain. (the meme is related to daeho again.) - only daeho didn't get it. / - he's good. (iljoong is correct.) myungsoo is the leader, yet it includes the word "rain". it's the only one circled. - he colored all the other symbols. / - yes. - but he didn't... / - these ones are...

- color... / - he colored everything except the rain. (the answer is out.) he colored everything except for rain. what is this? he colored everything except for the rain. (daeho got it now.) daeho got it. - he got it. / - daeho got it. (daeho gets the answer.) i don't know if it's right.

- is it right? / - is it wrong? (no way.) he wrote "father". (daeho wrote "father" as the answer.) he's ready to pitch. he pitched a strike. he's very bold. (he laughs loudly.) okay.

he's right. there are fathers here. - what's this? / - there are fathers. - i'll keep trying. / - it's all right. - keep going. / - i'll keep going. - keep going. / - i don't know what it is. i'll write every two-letter word i can think of. myungsoo is so frustrating. - you can't give him a hint. / - is that it? you can't give him a hint.

- daeho, don't give him a hint. / - this is it. there are people who are relevant. (the three of them is the answer.) all right! - go, daeho! / - this is frustrating. correct. how did you come up with this? the answer is "obesity". team park is leading with the score of 2 to 0.

let's play the catch-up game. - let's do that. / - yes. - it happens on all variety shows. / - myungsoo, let's give them the chance to reverse the game. - yes, i do! / - come on! - yes, i do! / - how do we play it? (try guessing the answer.) a tiger. - a leopard. kim bumsoo. / - isn't it him?

- lee daeho. / - lee daeho. - it's daeho. / - it's daeho. (is it me again?) has he not been to any zoos growing up? daeho. the answer is daeho. - what is that? a bear? / - a bear? why is the bear so thin? (the bear is thinner than me.) it's doing a headstand.

that's a bear. (he has a bear paw.) - i have to show the paw. / - the paw. (it's a bear standing on its hands.) i'll give it a try. (dongyoub and iljoong try at the same time.) i'll go first. here. this is fun. (jaeseok is surprised.)

i got it, right? - is it right? / - i finally did it. - really? / - can i take the prize? - what happened? / - what's your answer? - i wrote that, too. / - who else? - this is... / - there are a lot of same answers. everyone wrote "door". - it's a bear upside down. / - it's a bear upside down. it becomes that when the "bear" is upside down.

- you're wrong. / - it's wrong? - is this wrong? / - gosh. (however) - someone wrote another answer. / - okay. - it's hyunmoo. / - what did he write? hyunmoo... wrote "white bear". (hyunmoo wrote "white bear".) - white bear. / - white bear.

come back home - come on. / - yes, i do. this is an important hint. - deer. / - what is that? - a dragon. / - a dragon. isn't it deer? it's a dragon. i have no idea. i doubt this is the answer. i'll try again. - i bet he's wrong. / - come on, daeho.

it's not "tattoo". you're unbelievable. he has a dragon tattoo on his back. - how can you think of that? / - a dragon tattoo. (the fourth hitter sighs.) (everyone is struggling this time.) - is this okay? / - it's okay. why am i so stupid? - aren't comedians good at these things? / - i know.

why am i so bad at it? isn't it right? is it wrong? - there's a dragon. / - a dragon. - and there's a bear. / - a bear. he wrote "gondre mandre". - "gondre mandre". / - i know it's wrong. (myungsoo is so off-the-wall.) (he sings the song.) ♪ i cried ♪

(iljoong got it.) why? will iljoong take the prize? - really? / - make sure you hide it. i get to finally win the prize. - i want to know. / - what? - really? / - it's a tough one. here you go. his story previously made us lose our appetite.

(is the answer going to make us lose our appetite?) he's the one who made us lose our appetite. - i got the difficult one. / - you pass. - okay. / - yes! wow. he's amazing. it's too bad. i could've gotten it sooner. - this is it, isn't it? / - you got it. - what? no way. / - please take your seat.

(kian84 gets nervous once again.) it's a nice one though. - what is it? / - they're very good at it. the answer is obvious. - really. / - is it? (hyunmoo starts to boast.) this is amazing. - excuse me. / - he did a good job. - you pass. / - okay.

- two people... / - i think i almost got it. - goodness. / - i think i almost have it. did you get it? - i got it. / - come on, daeho! - i got it. / - did you? - i'm sure about it. / - you got it. - why am i not excited? / - write it down. - i really got it. / - are you sure? so this is how it feels to have it.

- i really got it. / - write it down. - are you sure? / - i really got it. when you're hitting a home run, you know it. - right, it's a home run. / - it's coming. he's going to hit a home run. the pen feels lighter too. - this is it. / - is it? here. - good job. / - we did it.

- it's difficult. / - good job. why can't you get the answer? you dumb bears. is that a hint? it's a great hint. dongyoub got it wrong once. there are three people from team park who didn't pass. - it's a 3-syllable word. / - 3 syllables. that meme will be used often in tutoring academies.

- it's just as you see it. / - just as you see it. really? i just have to write what i see. - yes. / - just write what you see. it doesn't make sense. it's just as you see it. is it really just as i see it? no way. there's no way. it's not a "dragon tattoo". (he just wrote what he saw.)

he just wrote what he saw. how can you write "dragon tattoo"? it's a bear doing a headstand. isn't the answer "moon seyoon"? - why... / - what? (he pretends to be surprised.) - write it. / - in five... - write it down. / - moon se... - in the beginning... / - give it a try.

- what about the beginning? / - i know. - moon. / - we said everything - in the beginning. / - get out and... - moon. / - all right. - yes. yes. / - listen up. those who got the answers will give hints using their body. saeho, you get 10 seconds. start.

(he screams out of joy.) - is that a hint? / - what's that? - what is that? / - okay. - i'll do it. / - watch him. - i think it's wrong. / - you do this. (put it on your back and go up the stairs.) - what is that? / - i think it's wrong. that's bad, too. isn't this right?

hyunmoo will give a hint. you get 10 seconds. (look what's on your back) (and enter the door.) (he's dumbfounded.) - what is that? / - that doesn't help at all. everything is in the drawing. (look at me.) it's so easy to make someone feel stupid.

this is crazy. back of the door? (they react passionately.) don't give him any more hints. (he got it.) (they all got it.) (dongyoub even falls.) (what is the name of this meme?) it's a bear.

everyone wrote "door". it's a dragon. (look at the dragon on the back) (and open the door.) (it's a door with a dragon on the back.) it's considered a gateway to become a celebrity. (the answer is "gateway".) it's a gateway. (team hyunmoo wins the third round.)

(what's the answer?) it's "gateway". (he feels terribly sorry.) - jooyup. / - how did daeho get this? iljoong's hint was confusing. - that was the worst. / - he was going up. - i didn't know what it was. / - you have to go up - to get to the gateway. / - even your explanation made me lose my appetite.

(everything he does is a turnoff.) we don't know when we'll see you here again, but please remain like that. - i should always be like this. / - don't change. i will always be the turnoff. - i will always disappoint you. / - even that's bad. he's such a turnoff. by winning the last round, team jun turned the game around and won.

(team jun wins.) (thank you for joining us.) thank you for joining us today. we will come back next week with more fun. - thank you. / - thank you. (it will be more fun next week.)

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