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Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

Coloring Hair From Black To Light Brown

Coloring Hair From Black To Light Brown

hi! when i started look fabulousforever because of budget restraints i started with what i knew which wasmakeup that worked well on white faces. my name is tricia and i'm founder oflook fabulous forever and we have a range of makeup specifically formulatedfor older faces, eyes and lips. what we're going to do in this video is show youthose products which actually work equally well on a woman of colour. so ihope you really enjoy it. so for this video our model is valerie. she'sin her mid fifties and linda is going to be our makeup artist. so first of all

linda is going to apply the fabulousprime and you can see that she's doing this with our brush three and with thatbrush is also going to apply the base in a minute or two. so the primer is apreparation for the foundation. it seals any open pores that you might have andany fine lines. it adds a kind of mattifying effect which is reallyflattering and it really helps to keep your base in place for longer. so that just gets smoothed over the skin asyou can see and now linda is going to apply the base. now the base that she's using is not anlff product it's actually from

superdrug and it's valerie's own. it's made by b.even, it's called an oil control foundation and the coluor is chocolate. so you can see that using the numberthree brush, linda is just applying that evenly to valerie's face. what she's doing with this is to evenout the skin tone, make sure that that the skin looks unified at the end of of the aspects of ageing is that skin tone becomes patchy and it just becomesuneven. so the effect of base is to stop that happening and you can see theeffect of the foundation on valerie now. it's made her a beautiful even colour allover.

so apply with the brush and then make sure that the product is really well absorbed into the skin using your fingers. so another product from look fabulousforever range that works on valerie and that is the eye primer and what this isgoing to do it's going to form a lovely base for the eye makeup that we going toput on top. now you can see the effect of that onto valerie's eyelids. it looksquite pale but when we've added the shadows and the colours that we're goingto add to valerie's eyes you'll see that it actually works brilliantly. soapplying with the integrated applicator and then just making sure that it's wellabsorbed into the skin.

so next is a concealer so again this isa product that valerie has brought with her and it's made by mac it's number nw50. and linda's applying it with our concealer brush number four. so concealer underneath the eyes. what concealer does, different from base, it just adds a more heavily pigmented cream to the skin but it's carrying on thatwhole process of evening the skin tone, making sure that there's a nice finishedeffect. you may or may not need this product but it can be useful to put, whereyou can see linda putting it underneath the eyes, if that area is quite dark andpurpley in colour and also around the base of the nose.

so it's easily applied, stippled onto the skin and then patted in with the finger. linda is now going to apply somethingcalled luminaire highlight, it's made by sleek. it's colour is 05 and again valerie bought this insuperdrug. so this is to go on top of the cheekbones and it's to add luminosity ina really pretty way. it's a form of contouring for theface really when you add a product like this. so it can be used underneath the eyes as a kind of very lightweight concealer but the purpose of it reallyis to reflect light and to make the skin look kind of dewey and fresh so it'sa very pretty thing to add. you can

see where linda's just putting it on the upper edges of the cheekbones and she's applying it directly with the integratedbrush and then she's using her fingers to just pat it into the skin. putting it there around the top of thecheekbones obviously makes the face, in terms of the shape of face improves thatbut it also means that when you come to my makeup on, the eye makeup reallystands out looks better and can you see how she's also put a 'v' in betweenvalerie's eyebrows and again it's going make her eyebrows look better and as isaid just bringing that touch of luminosity to that area in the bestpossible way.

so having applied those to valerie's face we're now going tocome on and start doing her eye makeup. remember we've already added the lidprime (the eye prime) to valerie's lids. now this product is the silver mist lid colour and we've experimented with this and decided that it looks very, verypretty on valerie's eyelids. now if you can see where linda's putting it isbasically on the inner corners of her eyes. you can see it quite clearly in that shot. so stroke it on the skin with a spongeapplicator, not the whole eyelid, just that inner corner. what we're going to dowith the eye makeup is make valerie's eyes

yes look prettier but they're also going tolook bigger. and a small amount underneath just as linda is doingthere, not too much and you can see that the immediate effect of that isreally quite lovely, it's also quite dramatic, it's very pretty. if you put these lovely soft lilacy/heatheryshades with brown eyes it brings out the eye colour. next we're going to use another lookfabulous forever product which is the brow shape and because this is a very darkbrown and can be used either lightly or more heavily, depending on the colour of your eyebrows, it actually works perfectly on

valerie's eyebrows. what linda's doingwith the brow shape as you can see is she using light feathery strokes,following the natural line of valerie's eyebrows and strokeing that very darkbrown, almost liquid paint, onto her eyebrows in order to give them greaterdefinition. our eyebrows are incredibly important as they frame our eyes butalso our entire face and they just make sure that there's proportion and symmetry in the way that we look. the brow shape is actually better than using a pencil or something smudgy like a shadow, gives a much more realistic effect and as you can see has brought a better, just generally a better, more groomed effect really to valerie's brows.

now we come to some eye shadow and this is the aubergine which is a lovely dark purple colour. so we've put the silver mist lid colour onthe inner corner of the eye and with the aubergine, we're going to take that to theouter corner of the eye. so using brush 7, can you see what linda is doing there, she's just building up that colour and it's working beautifully with the lid colour. it looks very, very pretty. she's using that brush, brush 7 with theaubergine and just protecting the top of the cheeks from any little bits that might fall down onto the cheeks with a pad. so that's a really lovely effect withthose quite light pretty lilac colours.

silver mist in the inner corners and thenaubergine much darker on the outer edges of the eyelids and also going well abovethe socket line. linda's blending that with a clean brush making sure there are no hard edges. so linda's carrying on using the aubergine but this time with a different brush and with a smaller brush, this would be our brush 5, she's now putting some of that aubergine shadow underneath the eye. so i think you can see the effect of that? looks lovely.

so next, using our charcoal shadow and a wedge brush, which is our brush number 8, linda is going to make valerie's eyelashes look thicker by just pushingthat shadow down into the base of the eyelashes. this is a much softer andprettier look on an older eye. if you use a dark khol pencil or a waxy hardpencil it can end up looking quite hard and not so attractive. i absolutelylove using shadows especially with this wedge brush which works brilliantly. it looks a bit smokey which is soft and ithink far preferable to some kind of hard sharp line.

so you can see there the shape that lindahas created using the charcoal shadow. and now in the under eye area. so can you see now that linda has extended the charcoal beyond the edge valerie's eye and the reason for doing that is so that itcreates the illusion of bigger eyes. it looks really pretty as well. so last butnot least, valerie's eyelashes and we're going to add some mascara. valerie's eyelashes are quite sparse, i'm sure she won't mind me saying that but that doesn't matter you can still add mascara. infact mascara's really important if your eyelashes are a bit sparse because it just makes them look thicker and better. so don't think to yourself "oh i haven't got very much in the way of eyelashes i won't bother."

because actually if you do put a littlebit on it will look lovely. so starting with the lower lashes first, using the end of the mascara wand, youcan see what linda is doing there. you can almost coat the individual lashes ifyou want to, there's is no reason why not. so now the upper lashes. always remember with mascara that you'repushing as much as you possibly can into the base of the lashes and then liftingand separating. so the last thing that linda's going to do tovalerie eyes is to add a bit more of the luminaire pen, remember that was bysleek, 05 is the number, on to the top of

her brow bones. so she's put it on the top of thecheekbones and now she's adding it to the brow bone and the effect of that is to just add a nice bit of colour and luminosity to that area so this will make her brow bones lookbetter. now what we're going to do, we were reallylooking to see what would suit valerie from the the range and we certainlydidn't have a blush that would work with her skin so we tried a lipstick and loand behold our cherry red lipstick as you can see actually looked very prettyon her. now obviously this would work as a lipstick as well but just adding thatlovely pink to her cheeks,

well i think you'll see in a moment justlooks spectacular, so lovely. i love adding blush to a face because i think that it'sthe moment the face comes to life in lots of ways. and i think you can seethere quite clearly that that is just perfect. so cherry red is really a kind of adark pinky, sort of bluey red but it works perfectly. so final primer. we've used the face prime, we've used an eye prime and now we're going to use a lip prime and the lip primer is apreparation for the lip colour really and what it will do, if you have a problemwith feathering or bleeding of your lipstick beyond the outer edges, it will stopthat but it also forms a lovely base for the colour that you're going to put on top.

now the colour that we've chosen for valerie from the range is fuchsia. fuchsia is a very bright vibrant pink and we did someexperimenting with this and discovered that it worked beautifully on valerie'smouth. because it's the same tone of pink asthe cherry red that we put on her cheeks it's going to complement that colourperfectly. the other thing is that we've used thesecool colours on valerie's eyelids so we've used the sort of lilacy silver mist and theaubergine. so by putting a cool toned pink onto her lips. we're completing the effectof those cool toned colours working really brilliantly together.

when i first met valerie she was wearing,and will be wearing in her final shot, a lovely kind of lilacy scarf and shewas also wearing a very blue toned lipstick and i suspected that thesecolours would work very well on her and and so it proved to be true. so obviously using a lip brush to get areally professional finish and just building up the colour by sweeping thelipstick onto the lips until you're happy that you've achievedthe right density that you want. and there you have it and i think thatlooks absolutely gorgeous. really, really lovely

Coloring Hair From Black To Light Brown