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Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Coloring Hair Two Days In A Row

Coloring Hair Two Days In A Row

with a rhythm like the waves and the heart beating, i knit one stitch after the other and one row after the other at the same time i collect my thoughts and feelings without the woolen threads, i get lost but if i can knit one more row and one more, i can find my way home again through the magic of the threads i take my way through the days and the nights i live on gotland, the island of the roses and the fairytales in the baltic sea together with my husband and our children and watson the cat kammebornia is our art project as well as our own kingdom

kammebornia is about our wish that everyone could live in their own fairytale kingdom in this place we call reality and it is about our wish that everyone could be the king or the queen in their own life in the kammebornia podcast we want to invite you to our world that is full of thoughts, feelings and discussions caused through the scent of the coffee and the soft peaceful rhythm of the knitting kammebornia podcast is about life in general and knitting in particular welcome to kammebornia podcast! this is the first out of 12 new episodes in 2017 the spring is coming to visby and we can hear the birds singing

today we will show you some more of our beautiful town and i will tell you what my grand mother did during the second world war i will also tell you what i did when my arm hurt so that i could not knit and i will show you three white shawls that i happened to knit in a row the biggest news in kammebornia is that dennis has started to knit, totally volunteer a warm welcome to our podcast! coffee & talking are you going to the yarn festival tomorrow? i do not know but i hope so!

yesterday, i did not think it would be possible, but today i think it will work you have had such pains in your back yes, i have a whiplash wound that gives me more or less pain every day so, i am living with chronic pains tomorrow there is a yarn festival on the mainland that is taking place twice a year i have not been there for a year and a half but i hope i can go tomorrow! i can not plan things anymore, because i do not know how i will feel before my injury i could decide what i wanted to do, make pland and go through with them that does not work anymore, i do not buy a ticket ahead for example, i do that tomorrow if i am well

i have learned not to get disappointed if things does not work out as i want i am happy to be at home to, together with you, even if itâ´s not fun to have pains but it feels a bit poor not to be able to do what you want to yes, but as i can not change the fact of my pains i have to accept them i can only change how i relate myself to the fact that i have pains i can not change it is not easy every day but it is the same as with other difficulties in life we have had our share of difficulties and sorrows it is not only my pains, we have also lost a child and we have both been very ill i have gone through operations and you have had a myocardial infarction

that was only a week after we had moved together not a good timing it was very tough, it is now 7 years ago had i been smoking to much? no, you have never been smoking had i been eating to much? no. it was caused by too much stress it can happen to anyone it was a hard time to go through but all these difficult things have made us stronger and also happier

most of the time we are very thankful and happy to be alive and together this is not meant to be a big complaining section of the podcast i think we have changed a lot, both of us, we can better appreciate the things we have i feel rich when i can drink coffee together with you that is important stuff... and to know that the children are alright sitting together, having good food the small things are the most important ones yes, it is the things we find small that actually are the real big things

yes, and the myocardial infarction was probably the best thing that could have happened then because it made me change i learned a lot by being so close to death i got very grateful for being alive it is tough sometimes but i think we have to learn how to live with the hard things instead of against them when my daughter was 4 years old she was very ill and someone asked her how she was doing she answered i do not feel well but i am doing fine she felt as if she was being cared for and that it was good enough, the best that it could be right then maybe that is the secret when we do not feel well - trying to have a good time anyway

it is not easy but it is about accepting the things you can not change and having the courage to change the things you can it is all about the serenity prayer you do not need so many things to be happy, somewhere to live and something to eat and love it is not always easy to find love either but things are not the key to happiness i am happy if i can go for a walk in the sun or sit and drink coffee with you but yarn... that is a good thing of course there is also happiness in material things

but it is a different thing, a different league it is not a long term help for happiness the sheep are contributing with the wool and we can make clothes it feels kind of primarily anyway, it feels great to be able to sit here and talk with you it is not something i take for granted and i do not take it for granted that i can go to the yarn festival tomorrow but i think it can be real fun if i go there the best thing is the meetings - all the wonderful people i want to see in real life

this episode of the podcast will be released after the yarn festival we'll see... what is the best thing that you have learned through all the difficulties we have gone through? to be grateful! thatâ´s it. it is a nice thing to be, grateful we do not need so many things i also think you have changed by getting very brave you mean that i always say what i feel?

yes, you always stand up for what is right i think that is an important thing to do i also try to do that, but you are better at doing it all the way you are never being a coward but you are good at demonstrating! walking around the town wall with a pink hat on your head yes, i did that a while ago and it got a lot of attention on social media it was a good example on how to reach out to a lot of people through social media there was no organized women's march here, so i went on my own

it was only me and my pink hat - and you filmed it and now thousands of people have seen it on instagram and facebook this was not as boring as i thought, talking about sickness talking about being grateful you mean? it is boring to be ill but what can we do? it is beautiful to be able to feel that life and every day living it is a precious gift nicely put by you again thank you suddenly i discover that i have knitted three natural white shawls in a row the fact that i haven't reflected on it before it is done must mean that i am obsessed

or that i thought i was in a big need of natural white shawls they are all different but wonderful isn't it amazing that there are so many beautiful yarns and patterns? first, i knitted linnea ã–hmans salix shawl in fino from manos del uruguay it is silk and wool and it is lovely and warm then i knitted my pebble beach, a pattern from helen stewart it is usually made out of fingering weight yarn but i used jã¤mtland from solkustens spinnverkstad it is a yarn i really like, soft, cosy and with a great luster and the shawl is really something to keep me warm

i have now finished my hollows shawl, a pattern by sweet melody hoffmann the yarn is like a fairytale, it is called gã¥rdarnas and it comes from organic knitters it is a small scale produced yarn made from swedish wool and spun at bã¥vens spinnhus, close to where we used to live you can check it out at but i have not only been knitting shawls, i have also tried a new sock yarn from moods of colors it is produced by john arbon in devon, england and it is not super wash it is called humble regards from devon and you can find it at i have used it in a new pair of my advent mystery sock then i have had some problems with an aching arm and shoulder and i could not knit for a whole week

after two days i had to begin to do some crocheting it is easier on the shoulders and it is so fun! i really like grannyblankets but i have never made a whole blanket. i guess it is time now! i begun doing some squares using left over yarns then i also started on a grannyblanket in zig-zag, using sock yarns it is so satisfying to watch new things grow out of scrap yarn i have also tried llama silk yarn from jã¤rbo and it is lovely, mulberry silk and baby llama this is going to be a baby blanket

i am so glad that there are so many wanting to knit my new sock pattern lucky me i like the rib, it is a very nice basic sock on instagram you can watch a lot of colour combinations under #luckymesocks on the 27th of january it was 72 years since they could deliberate auschwitz this is the reason why the 27th of january is called the international holocaust remembrance day it is a day when we can manifest our beliefs and commitments for a better world against violence and racism we lit candles and felt how close auschwitz still is it is frightening but we have to turn the fear into hope

and a fight on the barricades for justice, diversity, love and tolerance my grandmother came to sweden in the white buses during world war 2 she was born in 1911 i can still hear her voice telling me about the escape she was packing only the most important and beloved things in a suitcase to leave her home when everything was being bombed her husband was gone and she did not know if he was alive for many years she escaped in a car with her suitcase and three children by the road there were many people on the run and my grandmother told me how she threw her suitcase out

to get some space to carry more people in the car who are standing by the roads today? what can we throw away to help? to whom do we give from our warmth? so many thoughts go through my head as we watch the television news what powers have the ability to achieve all this hatred and violence? we talk to our children every generation is getting further away from the holocaust during world war 2 we have to keep on talking and writing about it so that we never forget

we have to read the diary of anne frank, the book thief, the books of imre kertã©sz in 2002 imre kertã©sz got the nobel prize in literature with the motivation "for writing that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history" he was a prisoner first in auschwitz and then also in buchenwald his stories are strong, beautiful and terrible people are going to the old concentration camps they hear stories from survivors and they can see mountains of glasses, hair, shaving brushes, toys, sorrows and pain let us never forget!

there is still happening terrible, evil, disgusting things every day but there is also so much love and light in the world and i want so much to feel hope! let this year 2017 be the year when the warmth is coming back when the humanity, the empathy and the helpfulness can grow let us together build a softer, better and more beautiful world i know that we can do it! we all have more than what my grandmother had in her suitcase let us help each other! light candles for freedom and peace, today and all other days!

queen of kammebornia knits what are you knitting? what am iknitting? isn't that strange? it is a reversal of roles but i have been knitting for some days now! what about you? i am knitting on a sock. this is a lovely hand dyed yarn i have showed before, it is from @garnbolaget kristin carlsson at garnbolaget hand dyes beautiful yarns this is a very good sock yarn, called trekking

isn't it nice? you can say whatever you want but i think it is unusual to see you knit it has been usual for the last week i don't really have time to talk to you because i am focusing on this are you knitting or purling? am i not supposed to knit two stitches now? yes, you are so talented. what made you want to begin knitting? i don't know really. one day i just thought... it would be nice to knit, but who could teach me? it felt like it was time

so i tried and you told me i had talent you really do! that is kind! no, it is just facts. and it was so fun when you started. i have never been asking or nagging on you to try i think you wanted to try when you saw that rob was knitting, rob who lives with sarah on fibertrek and also andrew that lives with andrea (on the fruity knitting podcast) but it is not a competition no, but i remember that you talked about that you wanted to learn how to knit when we met many years ago yes i did

so you have had it in your mind for a while ouch! i like it, i got stuck immediately! in the last episode we were talking about addiction and i think i am addicted already - or am i not? well, yesterday i went to bed before dennis, which is not very common. and i heard you shouting i will soon be there, i just have to knit a couple of rounds first! that was very special... i didnâ´t have time to go to bed and the first thing i heard this morning was: how was this thing with the purling again?

that's me. i have made swatches! yes, here they are. at first you made one only by making knit stitches i gave you a circular needle at first but it was hard to understand front and back and it got confusing our very wise daughter thought it better to give you ordinary needles at first she was right, as always so you used them instead to get a hang out of it you made three different swatches you learned how to knit and to purl and to make a rib then you got the circular needle back

yes, by then i had understood how it all worked i guess i was a bit creaking at first? yes you were, but now you are really good at it! i thought it was interesting to think about the needles. before, i always knitted on ordinary needles i have quite many needles, i have my grand mothers old ones and i find new old ones at flea markets why is he so mad? do not touch my knitting! well, nowadays i mostly use circular needles and, knitting with the long needles is always very interesting for the cats, so it does not work

this is a pair of extra fine needles, i got this old pair from our friend monica they are from the 19th century, from fã¥rã¶, north of gotland they are very long and crooked and well used i think they are so beautiful so someone has been knitting on those at fã¥rã¶, in an old lime stone house and then i have another pair, dearest to me our daughter ella made these for me why is she always the best in everything? she was in a steiner school (waldorf) and there they got to make their own needles while learning how to knit

these are very precious to me you want to use them as drum sticks, but you can't here i have my dpn:s and my circular needles i keep them in this case that you ususally tease me for - like i am dexter or something the tv-series dexter, a serial killer who keeps his knifes in a similar case but i have needles instead so i found a circular needle for you and you got a hank of wool from solkustens spinnverkstad and now you are working on a cowl i am helping you on the side, you are doing all the work by your self, casting on, knitting and so on

sometimes you need a little help and sometimes you have to knit backwards it turns out so nice! i knit in advance, to make the pattern for you you are a bit faster that is good, because then i can teach you yeah, that is right since the last episode i have been mostly crocheting i started making this grannyblanket for example i like using scrap yarns to create new things

i have also released my new sock pattern lucky me i am working on this pair - it is my advent mystery kal-pattern they were red and green? yes, they had christmas colours, but now i am making them in grellow, not so christmaslike this is the new sockyarn from most sockyarns are superwash to make them easier to wash but that also means that they are treated with chemicals this yarn is not superwash so you have to wash the socks by hand i do not think it is a big issue to wash by hand, i like to take care of my knittd items. like mending socks and sweaters it is easy to forget to do it, but when i actually do it, i like to do it

you can find this yarn at well, i have also started on a tunic for me! look! this is a danish yarn, geilsk i have been wanting to try this yarn for a long time and now i had the opportunity i got this yarn from charlottendals gã¥rd before christmas i had a cooperation with them where you could win yarn and my patterns this will be a tunic for me but i have just started can i knit now? yes of course!

i like it when we can knit together now! but i also knit when you sleep! what shall i do now? purl two! are we finished now? yes, let's knit! we are so happy to be able to share our yarn happiness, gotland love and coffee moments with you! thank you for being with us! we also have the best sponsors and we want to say thank you to them as well

at you can fins yarns and free patterns and much more (mostly in swedish) at opalicious you can find opal yarn and much more at ullcentrum you can find fine swedish wool yarn in uppsala you can find the cosy yarn shop yllotyll and they are also available at i never get tired at using swedish wool in natural colours and you can find that at solkustens spinnverkstad at you can find beautifully hand dyed yarns you can find us at kammebornia on facebook on instagram pia is @kammebornia and dennis is @kingofkammebornia on ravelry you can find pias patterns and you can also join the group kammebornia

our website is and there you can find pias liked blog (in swedish) you can also subscribe on our youtube channel kammebornia thank you so much and welcome back!

Coloring Hair Two Days In A Row