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Selasa, 09 Mei 2017

Coloring My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Coloring My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

welp looks like another horse painting... whoa 8 hours wtf man speed upslow poke! bit too much orange there huh? ah well ew what is that colour? more orange dammit fine then... no more orange. just wait for the blorange... you know it's coming. ahh!

ahhhhhhblorange there it is!!!!! my work here is done. hey the horn is...uh... a little "off"...just food for thought bud. seriously stop rotating tho!!! my eyes are not special enough to see what's going on!!! ugh you rotated again! wtf brb? this is youtube i can just skip this.

day 45 and it's still "brb" welp i spoke too soon. well played. going to sleep for a while wake me when it's almost done kk? zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz *bubble* zzzzzzzzzzz- what wait where- you forgot to wake me up. you just decided to watch me sleep now i've missed the lens flares...b-baka~ o-oh my god...

you did wake me up in time .o. ... sorry, not sorry well that's done... back to whatever i was doing.

Coloring My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic