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Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Jake And The Neverland Pirates

Coloring Pages Jake And The Neverland Pirates

captioning of this programis made possible by the corporation forpublic broadcasting and acme crime net. jonesy:round about the month of may life in chucklewood parkseems just perfect. sometimes, you can takegood things for granted. that's whathappened one time to those rascally youngans-- buttons and rusty.

here you go, turner. buttons is suregoing to be surprised when he sees what'she caught. ( laughs: )or thinks he caught. hey buttons looks likeyou got a bite! huh?a bite. a bite! ( glugging )

wow!it's a monster. whoa!!! ( laughs ) ( laughter ) great idea, buttons. let's go for a swim! okay. ( excited laughter ) jonesy ( laughs: )just when you're ready

to spend the whole dayplaying and fooling around something strange happens. huh? where that come from? oh, no!there goes our swim. that's strange. must be an early storm. i'll be in my workshop, bridgette,if you need me. ( sighs: )yes, abner.

oh, well. maybe next year,things will be different. ( sighs: )i guess we shouldhave reminded them. it wouldn’t be the same. ( sighs ) buttons:hi, mom! sorry about the water. we went for a swim. sort of by accident.

and--( sniffs ) oh, boy! honey cakes! together:mmmm! yum! try these, turner. mmm! mom's the best cookin chucklewood park. ( sigh ) gee. i wonder what's wrongwith my mom?

mine too. she always pets me on the head. ( gulps ) this is good! is anything wrong, mom? oh, nothing dear. run along and play. she always says"be back before supper." i wonder what's wrong.

stuff like that,i ask papa. good idea.let's go! ( abner snoring ) sounds like he's busymaking something. pa. pa. pa? whoa! must have been dozed off when i was testing outmy new--chair. pa, i'm worry about, mom.

she seems kind ofdifferent today. there is something differentabout her today. can't put my finger on it. george:hi, girls. rosie:just like lastyear here we go again off to pick the firstchuckleberries. abner, rosie doesn’t seemquite herself today. rosie? i can't say that i noticed.

tell me-- do you think bridgette seema little out of source? come on guys. let's go see if jonesycan figure it out. hey!wait up! abner, how you got up todaymarked on your calendar? suffern skunks! today's the day i was supposed to fix upa shower bath

as a present to bridgette. maybe i can still build itin time! george, what's that stringon your finger for? darn! i tied that on so thati won't forget the flowers i promised rosie. tell you what, george you help me build bridgettea shower bath and i will help you find the flowers.

deal! i'll get my tools. so your mom's actinga little strange and sad. uh-huh. and not smiling. once a year, there's aspecial day for moms. like birthday? ( chuckles: )something like that. it's a chance to showappreciation.

apre--- appreciation? jonsey:means she knowshow precious she is. buttons and rusty:oh! ( sneezes: )aaaah... choo! oh, gee. i wonder how our momslook so sad. we got to do something.

come on! golly! i better go backto the pond and do something for my mom. thanks, jonesy! tell 'em "hi." for me. abner:sure it would work. george:i mean workthe way it supposed to. abner:it will work

when we hook it upto the creek. i can't wait to see the lookon bridgette's face. all we need to do is connectto the old logging chute. i have an idea what are our momsalways asking to do? - clean up the cave?- you got it! this is kind of fun. you said it! look at this.

pa must have made it. wow! - what is it?- don't you know it's for us to play on. watch this. neat-o! let me try. yaaa-hoo! ( laughs: )watch this!

wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! ( crash ) oops. quick, we needto figure out how to put it back together. i think it went like this. or this? one will notice the difference. the cave looks spiffy too.

buttons:yeah! our moms won't believewhat we do here. we better tell on dads about what specialabout today. looks like a storm brewing, abner. maybe we shouldfinish it later. nope.i got to finish it today or it won't be the same. you know howthe girls are.

pa, we found outwhat special it is today. and why our momsare acting so strange. thanks, but-- ( chuckles: )we knew that. that's what abner and i are building this water pipeto this cave. it's gonna be a shower bath. something your mom has wantedfor a long time. neat idea, pa!

strange how it's so hotat the berry patch. and not one sweet chuckleberrythis year. i'll get more honey. bridgette:oh no! why today of all days? i wonder why these cubs have to makesuch as mess. oh my goodness! what's this?

that should take care of it. what does this do, pa? this let's the waterinto the trifle which leads into the pipeline which leads into yourmom's shower bath. like this? abner:whoa!! yep. not now, buttons. that storm from up yonder

is making the water runway too high. there's no tellingwhat could happen. what could happen? abner's so sweet. what a wonderful surprise. i should have known. ( water rumbling ) oh, my!oh dear! i was hoping someonewould clean the house--

not like this! oooh!help! somebody! oooooh! oh my! oooooooh! hey! the gate must havebroken loose. we got to get backto the creek and fix it.

the clouds are gettingawful low. comes the rain. maybe we bettercut through the trees. - ( grunts )- wait. i think were goingthe wrong way. yeah.which was is back? not sure. ( thunder ) this is thoughi forgotten

i even exist. no appreciation. not from the people,not from the birds. not even from the squirrels. it really makes me boil. yeow! who's there? just us buttons... ...and rusty.

why are you spyingon mother nature? we weren't. oh. then you want somethingfrom me? of course. everyone wants somethingfrom me. quick, run! oh, dear me! oooh!

that was close. ooooooooh! ( grunts ) oh, dear! how am i gonna getout of here? ( gasps: )i can't go up that way-- or across there. okay, push! ( grunting )

it's no good. the current's getting strongerand stronger. we better headback to the cave and make sure bridgette, rosieand the cubs stay clear. could be dangerous. what happened here? bridgette, are youin there? mom, you won't believewhat we saw! bridgette?

we saw this realstrange lady in the woods. that's nice, dear. buttons, do you knowwhere your mother is? no. we only saw the ladyin the woods. she could make lighting. yes, dear. george:there's rosy and the cubs. bridgette must be with them.

you all better stay clear while we try to getthe water out of the cave. what about bridgette? i haven't seen her since we leftthe chuckleberry patch. we'll worry about that later. right now, we have tofind your mother. have you seen her? nope.we've been trying to tell you--

all we saw was a strangeold lady in the woods. and she could make thunder. women folk can do that when their madabout something. we'll find her. come on, george. let's follow her trail. i'm sure abner will comelooking for me. i just hope there's time.

( gasps: )button's toy box. i'm so glad it's safe. except, what ifbuttons isn't. it's just a matter of good eyesand good instincts. pa. pa? now now, buttons! we're on the trail. - buttons: but, pa.- what is it?

hey! easy, aber. we'll worry aboutyour chair later. right. we have to stay onbridgette's trail. oh, no!abner's chair. i hope nothing has happenedto my poor abner. this is going to be dangerous. you youngans stay clear.

rosy, you better headback to the cave in case bridgette finds a wayback before we do. all right, dear. come on, buttons. let's ask jonesy to seeif he sees your mom. good idea. skipper, bluebell did you guys see my mompast this way? i can't say we did, buttons.

we've been really busytrying to stay dry. how about a strange oldlady from the woods? well no. let us know if you do. strange old ladyfrom the woods? turner, has my mompast by here? hang in there, turner. looks like jonesyhas his work cut out for him. maybe we can help.

now, the wayi figured it if we can defer enough waterover into chucklewood valley the creek should be backto normal. i just hope we haveenough time, abner. radio:warning all roads into chucklewood park have been closeduntil further notice. jonesy, have you seen my mom? bridgette?no, i can't say i had.

i've been too busysiring up the creek. mother nature is reallyin a bad mood today. mother nature? who is this mother natureyou keep talking about? what does she look like?] ( chuckles: )gee. on a day like today she probablylooked miserable. i guess you like to think of heras a sweet lady and a garland of flowersof her hair.

these were pictured on the first daysof my nature study. flowers in her hair? yep. if i remember-- she wears a garlandof wild orchards. some pearly drops on her earrings and some kind offeather burge. the lady we sawat the woods did not have a garland of flowers.

or any kind of jewelry. i'm not surprised. there is really nosuch person as mother nature. it's just somethingwe folks say. but jonesy the lady we saw at the hallow treewas real. maybe she was just a camper--trying to find some shelter. maybe mother nature cannot findany flowers or pearls. maybe she lost them.

that ought to hold it for now. thanks for the help. sure thing, jonesy.. rusty, are you thinkingwhat i'm thinking? i think so. where are we all gonnaget that stuff? abner:just a few more feet and we are over the rim. rusty:perfect!

the perfect feather formother nature's necklace. how are we gonna get it? simple. ( squawks ) jefferson we need that feather for a presentfor mother nature. that a boy, jefferson! how are we gonna getover the creek? not over,under.

look! hi, buttons. did you find your mom? our pops are lookingfor her now. right now, we have to getflowers for mother nature. can you do it? you want us to diga little tunnel over there? that's a pretty tall order. for mother nature, you say?

that's right. we already got the feather. all right. we better get started. okay, george.hit it! just needs a slight adjustment. great job! you guys can really dig. anything for mother nature.

we need pearls. drop pearlsfor mother nature. you want me todive for pearls? turner, it's formother nature. well, okay. oh, no! not again! oooooooooh! he's been down therealong time.

turner never gets up. ( catches breath ) this i could do. this will meana lot to her. now we need to putit all together. i should have never askedfor that shower bath. where is she? what do we dowith these? woman ( laughs: )so.

you young urchinscame back. what do you want? let me guess. a change in the weather. how aboutsome snow! no? how abouta little breeze? ( shivering: )that's not why we came back. of course not.

you want this year's cropsof nuts and berries to be extra large! is that it? no.that's okay. i know what you want... honey! - ( gasps )- maybe you like to change the way you look. grow up a little faster. or change the color of your fur.

mother nature's gotlot of varieties. i got wings.flippers. sharper teethor bigger ears? we got no complaints. what else couldyou want from me? you don't understand. we didn't ask youfor something-- we came togive you something. what is it?

it's for your hair. it's from all of us. hmm. it looks verynice on you. uh-huh.looks pretty. let me seefor myself. did you make thisall by yourselves? skipper and bluebellfound the flowers turner dive for the pearls

and jeffersongot us the feather. is that so? hey!the rain stopped. wow!a triple rainbow! how did she do that? george:there she is, abner! yoo-hoo! - abner!- bridgette! hold on! we'll beright there.

mother naturemust be having second thought. radio:come in ranger jones this is park service rescue. ranger jones, here. you guys can relax now the rain has stoppedand the creek's holding. if it didn't sound so crazy i don't believe those two youngansreally found mother nature. what's that?

you got an old ladylost in the woods? maybe we'll check it out. ( chuckles: )that's okay. i'll take care of it. so there you cubs are. jonesy, your just in timeto meet mother nature! that would be a great honor. we were showing how muchwe appreciate her. that's good.

without mother nature,nothing would grow. it's all because of her that the blossoms turninto apples the corn growsand-- what!? - mother nature?- she's gone. where did she go? those flowers weren'tthere before. ( chuckles: )i'm sure they were.

you probably just didn'tnotice them. take some home for mom./ and so everyone i want to join mein a toast to mothers everywhere! especially for our own moms! may we never take themfor granted again! especially not mother nature. agree mom for all! ( chuckles: )and do you know something

to this day,i still don't know to believe those youngans nevermet mother nature in the forest. maybe one day, we get tomeet her ourselves. captioned bythe caption centerwgbh educational foundation

Coloring Pages Jake And The Neverland Pirates