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Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages My Little Pony Rainbow Dash

Coloring Pages My Little Pony Rainbow Dash

- [jason] they guys, welcomeback to awesome toys tv. - [kathy] today we'regonna have a super fun time with pj masks and slime. - [jason] yeah, we'vehidden lots of surprises inside these six slime jars. - [kathy] it's gonna bea ooey gooey fun time, so let's get started. - [jason] okay, i'm gonnastart us off with catboy. (light pleasant music)

can't wait to see whatwe have in the slime. ooh, look at this slime. hmm, i feel something in here. all right, we have a season five shopkin, dum mee mee, and this isone of the charm shopkins. hmm, anything else in here? oh, i feel another shopkin. this one is lola roller blade. then we have a blind bag.

this is one of the milesfrom tomorrowland blind bags. here's a look at allthe awesome characters. and we have m.e.r.c., the ostrich. - [kathy] okay, it's time to find out what we have hidden inside our slime in our owlette surprise jar. i think it's so cool thatowlette can see in the dark. they're super owl eyes. ooh, i just love the slime.

let's see what we have inside. awesome, first up, we have acupcake chic shopkins charm. season five shopkin. see if there's anythingelse in this slime. we have another adorable shopkin. this is creamy cookie cupcake, one of my faves from season five. you get a cupcake and a cookie. and last up,

we have a my little ponymicro lite, awesome. looks like we cancollect all the main six. awesome, we have rarity. so excited to see what this looks like. so cute. love her purple mane,and she even has curls. and when we give her a squeeze, she has a blue light. super cool.

- [jason] up next, we have gekko. the cool thing about gekko is that his costume is camouflage and blends into hissurroundings, pretty cool. and to see what we havein the green slime. cool slime, oh, i feelsomething right over here. all right, we have anotherseason five shopkin. this is sadie soccerball. oh, i think we haveanother one right here.

cool, we have an appleblossom charm shopkin. i like these translucent ones. those are really cool. and what blind bag do we have? awesome, we have seriestwo tsum tsum's blind bag. here's a look at all thecool tsum tsum characters that you can collect in this series. - [kathy] i like anger and sven. - [jason] hmm, i'd like to see an olaf.

all right, we got the one kathy wanted. - [kathy] yay, anger. - [jason] pretty cool, look at that face, and he stacks on a flame,that's pretty awesome. and i like his flame hair. boy is he cranky. (growls) - [kathy] all right,next up, we have connor, and he turns into catboy. let's see what surprises we have inside.

all right, i see a shopkin. and first up, we have bessie baseball from the sports section, and it's a cute little petkin. what do you guys thinkof season five shopkins? aren't they awesome? we also have the green apple blossom charm. and in all this slime,

we have a disney lego minifigure, awesome. wow, look at all thecharacters we can collect. micky and minnie mouse, stitch, buzz lightyear, treasure cat. wow, there are so many. - [jason] i'd like to see buzz lightyear. - [kathy] yeah, that one would be cool, or the minnie mouse, i thinki'd like to see minnie, but let's see who we get.

wow, there's alice fromalice in wonderland, ursula, and ariel, wow. aladdin, the genie, daisy and donald duck. who did we get? so it looks like we have mr. incredible. let me get him put together. here is mr. incredible, andit looks like he's holding either a poster or a magazine that says, doing our part.

there are super cool. - [jason] next, we have amaya, and she turns into owlette. we have pink slime. ooh, i feel a shopkin right here. our first shopkin is barb b que. mm, what's she cookin'? hmm, feel another shopkin over here. all right, we have anothertranslucent charm shopkin.

polly polish. these translucent ones are pretty cool. let's see what blind bag we have. all right, we havesheriff callie, wild west. here's a look at all the characters. all right, we got deputy peck. has his little badge. i like his hat, pretty cool. - [kathy] up last, we have greg,

and he turns into gekko. ooh, we have orange slime. first up, we have a supersilly season five shopkin. this is mike rophone. i just love the glasses. see something else. awesome, we have a see through shopkin, and it's a charm, it's cheeky chocolate. (light playful music)

and we also have some season five shopkins. two super cute petkin backpacks, and inside, we have shopkinsseason five surprises. let's see who we get, i'm so excited. first up, we have polly piano. and in our cute little puppy backpack. and in our second bag,we have mandy moose. and mandy moose is a sweet treat.

- [jason] well, that'sall we have for this video guys, thanks so much for joining us. - [kathy] please let usknow what we opened today is your favorite. for me, it's definitelygonna be the anger tsum tsum. that one is awesome. - [jason] yeah, i think i have to agree. anger tsum tsum is my favorite as well. and if you guys liked theseslime jars surprise videos,

make sure to give us athumbs up, and let us know. - [kathy] if you're new to our channel, we'd love it if you would subscribe. - [jason] yes we would. hey guys, welcome back toanother slime surprise video on awesome toys tv. - [kathy] today, we have theseadorable my little ponies slime surprise jars, andoh my goodness, you guys, we have the baby versions of twilight,

rarity, rainbow dash, applejack, pinkie pie, and fluttershy. aren't they so cute? - [jason] and i can't wait to see what's hidden inside thisicky sticky gooey slime. here's our cute littlebaby twilight, pretty cool. and inside, we have pink slime. ooh, and it's bubbly slime. pop, pop!

ooh, what do we have inside? i think i see shopkins. yay, we have some season five backpacks. okay, let's see who we get, pop! i have a nice tear strip. makes it so much easierto get to your shopkins. all right, first up, wehave cute fruit jello. and i believe this oneis new to our collection. we don't have this color yet,

and it's definitely a cousin of wobbles. 'kay, let's see what'sin our other backpack. ooh, this is a small one. all right, we have grace baseball bat. do any of you guys play baseball, softball or tee-ball? i know our kids do, they enjoy it. - [kathy] next up, we have fluttershy, and how adorable is thiscute little baby pony.

or should i call her a filly, super cute. what surprise do youhave for me, fluttershy? see orange slime. slimy blind bag. and we have a littlest pet shop blind bag. this is series three, and i see a tone of adorable little pets. who do we have? is that a little ladybug?

how cute. ladybugs are one of my favorites. and we have this pet right here, 3989. it looks like we have a basket. and then, of course, ouradorable little ladybug, and the deco bit looks likeit might be a caterpillar? put that right on top of her head. i'm not positive that we have a ladybug, but it sure looks like one.

either way, it's a super cute little bug, and she's in a picnic basket because bugs are alwaysafter food, awesome. - [jason] next up, isour daughter's favorite, baby, rarity. and inside, we have green slime. that's my favorite color. what your guys's favorite color? we would love to knowin the comments section.

let's see what we havehidden inside this goo. that's what our daughter calls it. not slime, she calls it goo. and it is very gooey, that's for sure. i see a my little pony blind bag. cool, let's see which pony we get. all right, we have cinnamon breeze. this one is new to our collection. she loves baked treats, hmm, me too.

she kind of looks like pinkie pie, but of course, she's a unicorn. so let's take a look, and her cutie mark is a cinnamon tree, mm. - [kathy] speaking ofpinkie pie, she's up next, and oh my goodness, thispinkie pie bowl is so cute. she's jumpin' up and down,super excited and happy, like only pinkie pie can be. super, super stretchy.

and what do we have here? awesome, we have a disney princess palace pets blind bag, series three. here's a quick look atthe series three pets. i'm hoping we findblondie, she's super cute. awesome, we got a different pony. this one is bayou, andshe is tiana's horse. wow, i love the colors on this pony. look at her mane and tail, awesome,

and she also has a super cute face. - [jason] and up next, we have one of my favorite ponies, rainbow dash. and inside, we have blue slime. all right, it looks likewe have puppy in my pocket. and these are the series two puppies. we still have a lot ofthese guys to collect. see who we have. all right, this isfrenchie, a french bulldog.

it's got a little toy between its paws. he wants to play. - [kathy] and last up, we have applejack, and i have to say, i thinkshe is so super adorable with those cute little white freckles. and inside, we have yellowslime, and what is this? oh, i see a squishy pop. do you have anything else? yes.

a splashlings blind bag, yay. first, let's open our squishy pop, and see if we're luckyenough to find a pony inside. yes, we do have a pony. wouldn't it be awesomeif it were applejack? let's see, nope. oh, it's super cute rarity. i love the curl in her tail. now let's see which splashlings we get.

up first, we have thecommon version of claudette. super cute little crab. and awesome, we got therare version of clyde glide. - [jason] well, that's all we have for the super silly slime video. thanks so much for joining us today. - [kathy] please leave us a comment, and let us know what weopened today is your favorite. it's really hard, but i think for me,

it's gonna be bayou, theawesome palace pet horse. - [jason] hmm, i think my favorite is gonna be the littlecrab splashling, claudette. hey guys, it's jason. - [kathy] and kathy. - [jason] back with somemore pj masks surprise slime. - [kathy] yup, we've got surprises hidden inside these jarswith gekko, luna girl, catboy, romeo, owlette, and night ninja.

- [jason] so let's get started, and see what surprises gekko has for us. all right, here's gekko,and he's also known as greg, and his green costumehas super lizard grip, so he can climb walls. that would be kind of fun. ooh, i see stuff hidden in the slime. (squishy noises) ooh, excuse me, ooh,that's some stinky slime!

and it's ooey gooey slime. let's see what we have up first. all right, we have a lionguard series one blind bag. and we're still lookin'for this gold kion. maybe some day we'll find him. all right, we got kion. this one is the battle kion. he's ready to battle the hyenasand save the pride lands. - [kathy] up next, we havethe night villain, luna girl.

i wonder what she has hidden inside. ooh, look at this gooey pink slime. super stretchy. super fun, i love playing with slime. super exciting, inside, we have a new finding dory blind bag. i cannot wait to see thismovie, it looks super cute. here's a look at thecharacters we can collect. we have marlin, crush, a sea otter,

we have hank, a hermit crab, pearl, becky, and of course, dory. i don't see nemo, hmm. and we have. awesome, we have hank with alittle bit of slime on him. and he looks a little bit grouchy. - [jason] okay, up next, we have catboy. and he's also known as connor,and he has super hearing when he's using his super cat ears.

see what we have hiddeninside the blue slime. ewww. this stuff is super sticky. awesome, we have thedisney lego minifigures. this is my first timeopening one of these, so i'm excited to see who i get. these are our favorite minifigures so far. they love all the disney characters. all right, who do you think this is?

let's get it put together, and we'll take a closer look. and if you guessed ariel, you were right. - [kathy] she is so cute. i think that's one of my favorites so far. - [jason] yup, this is onekathy's been wanting for a while. and we have little clam witha jewel inside, pretty cool. - [kathy] next up, we havethe night villain, romeo. and he is an evil inventor.

his favorite inventions are his robots. let's see what slimesurprise romeo has for us. and inside our orange slime, we have. awesome, it's a new blind bag from the movie, the secret life of pets, and it's a mini pet. look at these cute dogs on the front. super excited to see who we get. do you guys love pets?

see if we have a checklist. yup, it looks like wehave nine pets to collect, and the flier, it says to look for gold and silver versions, awesome. and exciting, we actually didget a silver version, yay. this is chloe, and i believechloe is a chubby chubby cat. - [jason] looks like apretty cuddly cat though. - [kathy] yeah. i'm excited to see the movie.

i'm not sure if she is good or bad. it says on the flier herethat chloe is unimpressed. - [jason] next up, we have owlette, and she's also known as amaya, and she flies with her super owl wings. hmm, what do we haveinside this pink slime? ooh, looks like my little pony. yay, it is, we have a mylittle pony blind bag. inside, we have,

noteworthy, he remembers everything. let's take a look at our noteworthy, ooh. sparkly, and see through. i like this little guy. - [kathy] and on our last slime jar, we have night ninja, andhe's also a night villain in charge of a bunch ofminions called the ninjalinos. and he has yellow slime. hmm.

what surprise do you have inside for us? awesome. awesome, we have a toy story buddy figure. look at the cutecharacters we can collect. my favorites are jessie and bullseye. awesome, we have rex. look how cute his little face is. here's a quick look at all thecharacters you can collect. there are three buzzlightyears and two woodys.

they even have zurg. - [jason] well that's it for this super awesome slime video. my favorite is the ariel mini figure, but i think the rex is super cute as well. - [jason] i like hank a lot,and i also like rex as well. thanks so much for joining us. - [kathy] we'll see you next time, guys. - [both] bye.

Coloring Pages My Little Pony Rainbow Dash