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Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Animals With Their Babies

Coloring Pages Of Animals With Their Babies

hey everyone this is mei yu and welcometo tutorial thursday before i show you how to draw and color this super cuterainbow cupcake i'm excited to tell you that i now havea bunch of food apps collection - now you can learn how to draw and coloreven more easy cute and fancy food anytime anywhere on your apple devicesthese food characters are also from my fun2draw food ebooks in case you haven't got my fun2draw ebooks yet you should definitely check out my fun2draw food apps collection2 characters today all right to start just tap the appsicon tap start now or in collection one

you can see down here that we havedifferent icons for collection 1 and collection 2 so let's go to collection 2 okay now we're incollection 2 tap that again and these are all the differentcharacters in collection 2 just like all my other fun2draw apps the first character comes for free andthe rest are available for purchase click the download link in the videodescription and you see all my fun2draw apps go ahead and try them out today

all right now i'm going to show you howto fun2draw and color this very cute rainbow cupcake step by step this video is part of my fun2draw easydrawings playlist for more detailed drawings you can see this playlist or myanime manga playlist i hope my different art can help youdrawing in different ways ok to start i'm going to draw a littlecircle on top like that let's make this circle look shiny with alittle highlight on the side and now i'm going to turn this into a juicy cherryjust by drawing us them like that and get now for the actual cupcake

let's start with a layer underneath thecherry so draw a little curve and i'll goaround the cherry to make the first layer of the cupcake there we go right now let's draw a few more littlecurves going down the sides of the cupcake and as i go down i'm going tomake sure that the cupcake will be wider at the bottom then at the top ok so here's another curve so we haveone curve that's the second one three four

five and let's do one more six alright so we have one side now let's go on to the other one so thisis curve number two on this side now let's do number three like thatnumber four five and then the last one would be six ok so now you can see everything is kindof sloping down on either side and let's close this gap to make this the basicshape of the cupcake yeah

i make it slightly round for a round lookit's just close it off ok so once we have this kind of like atriangle shape for the cupcake let's go into the details inside so i'mgoing to start at the bottom and let's make this a happy cupcake just bydrawing a little letter you for the mouth it's pretty happy let's make the meltreally open like that very cheerful look okay once we have the mouth let's go intosome big fun2draw eyes

so i'm drawing the curve cheek lines oneither side like that and then for each eye let's go up and i'll dot the spot rightaround there so i know the height of the fun2draw eye and from this dot let's justdraw a curve going down towards the cheek line i drew it's like that little bit taller andthen go down the other side as occurred let's do one more curve for the side ofthe eye all right and now let's shade in thisarea once we have that lets go in here sofrom here just go up a little bit dot the

spot use that to form a curve and thenanother curve on the other side so once you have this round trianglejust throw one more curve for the side of the i shaded in now we have the fun2draw eyes except forthe pupils so let's add those in let's start with this one so draw a curve come down like that for a highlight let's draw a little curve in there likean oval to make it look extra shiny and to shade the fun2draw eye i like to startwith a diagonal line like that let's shade in this area underneath thehighlight and to complete the shading

i'll just draw a couple more lines so here's one like that and then i'lldraw another one and maybe one more very very small short one in there so we have one fun2draw eye all done andnow for the other side let's draw another curve for theadorable pupil here's the other highlight and then theshading ok keep it up for the jars you're doinggreat so we have this lets just shade thisarea in and then i'll draw the three little lines to complete the shading

and ok so we have the face all done i'm just going to go into these curvesand make them slightly longer so it looks like they are wrapping around thesurface of the cupcake just a little bit more and this will also help with thecoloring which is coming up alright so we have the cupcake now we need to draw a nice little basefor it i want to make this a little bit fancylooking so right here underneath the bottom line of the cupcake

i want to draw a little wavy designthat's part of the actual cup so here i start with a little curve andi'll just continue that around the underside let's do one more okay once we have this little nice fancydesign then i want to go down dot the spot right around there so draw a little slanted line going downthere we go now from this point i want to go aroundas a curve like that and then i'll draw another line coming down

so now we have the cup part of thecupcake ok so once we have this let's make alittle simple design inside this area so it doesn't look too bear i'm going to gowith stripes i'm just drawing a little line goingdown and let's make a couple more ok let's do one more right here so we are done drawing our cute littlecupcake character and now i'm going to show you how to color it step by step alright so now i'm going to show you howto color this cute cupcake step by step for this tutorial i'm going to use mycrayola markers because i think many of

you would have the same or someonemarkers at home so you just use what you have i'm goingto start with my red and i'll color around the outline of the highlight inthe cherry and the outside part of the cherry like that i like to do this firstbefore actually color the whole thing in because i feel if i outline the edges it helps me stay within the lines when icolor and then i'll just go inside like that but if you have a little bit ofcolor going outside the lines please don't worry about that i think as long as we're all having funcreating art and drawings that's the

most important thing all right next up is my orange crayolamarker so this orange will go underneath the cherry for the rim color ok so i have this part outlined and i'lljust go in like that ok i'll put that back next is my yellow so this is a very nicebright yellow and for this area because it and draw it in the drawing i'm going to outline the edge of theyellow so i'm just gonna draw the layer likethat with the color i think that makes

it look much nicer just with the color like that and thendown just outlining other lines around the edges once i have everything kind of outlinedgo into the yellow and just fill it in hey so we have the yellow all done now i have my very bright green crayolamarker and similar with the yellow i'll go into this area so i'm drawing acurve to show the bottom part of the green layer in the cupcake now go around look how bright that is ilove that color

ok so i'm going around here let's goaround the other side and i do want to go just below the yellow so i know where the yellow ends and thenthat was going to help me color the green within the green boundary so just like that it's going to go tofollow me step by step because not only are you going to learn how to draw thatparticular item in the tutorials those are going to learn lots ofdifferent drawing techniques and coloring tips to just like this alright so we have the green colored

okay next up is my blue so i have thisnice light blue and i'll draw this area now notice i'm leaving a little bit of agap between the lines of the eyes and i'll get to that in a minute i'm goingand i'm leaving a little gap too because i want the eyes to show up in the drawingi would like to leave a little bit of white around the furniture eyes likethis so that way i think it shows much nicer against the color just leave alittle bit of weight around here i'll go underneath the green and then i'll go around the sides forthe blue alright so once we have that let's justgo ahead and color in this area

so just going above the eyes try not to color in the white areas ileft between the blue and the eyes the color and everything else right that's such a nice blue ok so once we have the blue all done next in the rainbow should be like adarker blue but this is what i found out in case you don't have a darker blue you can use the same blue and to make adarker you just need to go over the layer a fewmore times and this is how i'm going to

do it so first let's just draw the outer edgesso again just following this white area for the eye and i'm going down here forthe lair of the blue and then draw this bit here leave a little white space around theeyes like that and like that get the sides in there as well alright so first let's just shade it allin again like before but this is going to be just the first layer for this partof the cupcake so going in the middle i'm going to drawanother inch and i'm going to make a

quick dark so that you can see where thefirst blue is and the second layer of blue so that's what we're going to achievewith this layer just by going over the layer a few more times ok so the first layers then and nowlet's just go over it but just like what i did here with the line just go over itagain in a gift until it starts to look darker i'll just fill in this gap here okay look at that so just by going overthis area you can really see the

difference between the original bluethat i had and the darker blue which we made with just going over it a few times so let's do the same thing on this sideso this is my second layer ok so that's quite dark now compared towhat i had before and then just repeat for the other side of the cupcake okay i think that looks very pretty ok so we have the darker blue and therainbow cupcake they'll put that back and now for thefinal layer in the cupcake i'm going to use is very pretty purple color

so let's colour in just the li look howbright that is and love that a color around the outlines first going aroundthe bottom that and now for the eyes i do want to leavea little white around the eyes in this layer as well so i have the little linesright here and also the cheek lines i do like those cute little cheeks solet's preserve those details by drawing the outline like that so you have alittle white in between the same on this side like that and then around thecheeks and then

the line under the blue area ok so now that everything is outlined goahead and color and this very pretty purple color ok around the mouth let's just go aroundthe curve like that and around the upper curve okay and then just keep going just keep drawing ok we're almost done coloring with thepurple

ok excellent everyone keep going so we have the basic cupcake all colorednow for the facial details i want the mouth to be a very brightpink so i have this lovely pink crayola marker and i'll just fill the mouth ingo very pretty and for the eyes i do want some contrast with the bluethis is a very nice dark blue so i want a very nice bright color in the eyes andi think i'll choose my bright green for that look at that look how bright theyare so we have the brilliant green eyes all colored in

okay good job everyone so we have thatand now let's go into the bottom part of the cupcake for this little fancy biti'll use my pink again for some color variation so go into the different outlying areas and then above just goacross here we go and then color it in all right for this area down here i think it will be fun to repeat some ofthe rainbow colors so i'm going to start

with this section first i have my red again and i'll fill it inwith the red and if you guys like to learn how to draw and color even morecute image of food you can check out my fun2draw food collection 1 andcollection 2 in my fun2draw food apps because they're going to show youhow to draw all kinds of very cute easy detailed and fancy food through thedifferent levels ok now i have my orange so you can get the orange in there likethat outline it and then just fill it in

ok now it's time for the bright yellowagain they going to the green okay if you guys want to learn how toshade your characters as well my fun2draw level 2 and level 3 will showyou how to shade your fun2draw characters so then that's going to makeyour characters look more dimensional ok last section so i'm going to use my blue and i'lljust outline it like this and then do it ok this looks awesome

so colorful and so cute good jobeveryone and please let me know hey like thisvideo like and subscribe so you won't miss new videos i have every week ontutorial thursday and fun friday there you go many of you have beenasking me to draw myself i think i'll be fun2draw i'll do thatin a fun friday in the near future check back often to see for tomorrow'sfun friday video see my first travel with the artist video i'll see you then learn how to draw in color morebeautiful cartoons with my fun2draw ebooks and my fun2draw apps they makegreat gifts for birthdays and holidays

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Coloring Pages Of Animals With Their Babies