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Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

Coloring Pages Of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

hello, everyone. hello, v viewers. this is jessica. long time no see you. i'm back with my secondmini album "wonderland". i guess it's been 7 months. i'm so nervous today. please help me a lot tonight. first, please take a look. you may guess from the decoration.

first, let me introduce the concept. today, as christmas is justaround the corner, what about having a partywith me? so, i decorated the studiowith christmas ornaments. there's a tree and snowman ornaments. i also dressed upto create the festive mood. i prepared a lot of gifts today.

please stay with metill the end. after less than an hour, my new album "wonderland"will be released at midnight. as you're with me until late at night, i'm going to play my new music video later. please stay with me. oh, my. next.

from now on, i'll start with the comeback countdown live stream. let's watch the trailerof my new music video. [wonderland 2016,12.10 00:00 jessica] how do you like the trailer? pretty? trailer and the music video were full of memories.episode? if i may talk about some episodes,

it was so cold. i filmed it in switzerland and france. you can't see how cold it wasthrough the video. i hope you can feel it too. still, it was... other staff memberswere armed with padded coats, i was wearing onlya thin dress with lace. it was so cold.

in some scenes,i lied down on snow and ran around on the show filed. it was filmedfrom a drone in the air. staff members wereaway from me. i was alonethinking it was freezing. i still vividly rememberhow cold it was. but the music videocame out well and a lot of fans love it. i feel so glad.

after releasing the trailer, many fans asked this question. i had a postcard in the music video of "fly," and the same postcardappears in the trailer of "wonderland". from some time ago, i thought "fly" and"wonderland" connected as a series. i decided the concepta long time ago. i wanted to show it to yousoon. finally, as winter came

and i was able torelease the music vide. right. your guess is right,this one is a sequel. hang on. let meread comments. because i feel a bit awkwardso i want to chat with fans. fans are... talking so fastthat i can't understand. i can't catch up with them. thank you. please feel free to ask questions, if you have any.

if you guys have questions,you guys can ask always. ask me here. thank you for cheering me up a lot. "please read".there will be no difference if i read. "jessica, i've beenwaiting for you to come back". "what's your best favoritesong in this album?" let me tell you later. good. i also prepare a small event.

not many days are leftin the year of 2016. i've gathered wish lists from my fans in advance. "i saw you in the airport". i've gathered wish lists from fans. even at the short notice,many fans sent the lists and i hung them on this tree. i guess some of themwere selected. let me read the wish lists.

five of them. let me read. "lie v". isn't it written by naver? "it's for hot rookies to have a live stream while lying down". "jessica is a rookie,'s been less than a year since her debut". is it true? all right. liev. i've watched it before.

it's a new concept. i guess they're trying the new concept.i enjoyed watching it. i have this nickname. my fans in china and koreagave this nickname, "lying-ssica". as i can lie downregardless of place and like to lie down. i guess it's not bad.i think i can do it well. this wish list is

very nice and humble. "please release a duet song titled udon or hot noodles with park myeong-soo". i really want tomake it come true. how can i do this?may i call myeong-soo? the song "cold noodles" is one of my favorite. it would be fun if irelease a duet song with him. back then, i was likea young girl. this time,

we can create a different chemistry. next. "i wish everyoneis happy". "thank you for keeping your promiseto continue to sing". thank you. well, i love singing. also, my fans alwaysask me to sing. i want to make good songs. it's a bit... it's...

it's very simplebut meaningful. i was wonderingwhat i would say in the wish list. "i hope to see jessicatalking about her view of life". "like a small concertof jessica" "or as one..." "as one says?" "i hope i can see her" "on a talk show programlike that". "as one..."

"as one says". my view of life. sure. i want to talk about that. "please continue to release songs. i wish you can do everything you want". "i hope you feel happiertomorrow than today," "and feel happier next yearthan this year. love you, jessica". thank you. i love you, too. then, as i read a lot ofsweet wish list,

i will write down my own. i have this card. let me write downmy wishes. i thought aboutwhat to write down. i just thought abouthaving a trip, something like that. i didn't know how sweet a wish list could be. it's a wish list for 2017, right? i have to hurry.

ta-da! can you see it? first, have a trip. to many places. second. have a concert. three. sing a lot. everyone, was mine sweet enough? all right. i need totap the heart.

i'm going to hangmy wish list on the tree. how can i lighten the mood?i need to do something. when you think about christmas, what do you think of? - carol!- right. i frequently go abroadby plane. when i arrive in a city, i can hear music at the airport. the song is always different,as it's about the city.

it's a song about san franciscowhen i arrive in that city, or it's about new yorkif it's new york. they play all the different songs.however, in december, all the airports playchristmas carols. then i realize christmas is coming. so, to create a festive mood, i prepared a christmas carol. before i sing the song,

i need some time to prepare. please wait for me.i'll be back. [have yourself a merry little christmas] i guess i was nervous. my palms are sweaty. are you ok, mic? i hope you liked it. let me read comments. it's a bit embarrassingto read comments out loud.

oh, my. my voice is shaking. may i have a sip? i wanted to present my bestfavorite christmas carol to fans. however, everyone, this is not the end.i have another gift for you. the gift boxes...can you see these? there are a lot of boxes. let me start with this. in this box,there are pictures.

pictures takenat the music video set. these are the pictures. let me show youone by one. can you see the camera? it's the scenewhere i was reading a book. in fact... where was it?it was inside the wine storage. it was a small placefit for two adults. but it was so pretty. this scene comes in the beginning

of the music video. i thought about whether i can say this now or not. i think i can. it was so cold.can you see the padded jumper? in this scene,many flowers bloomed on the grass field. i had pink color hair, too. it was a beautiful scene. you may think it's prettyand smells fragrant.

can you guesshow it smelled? can you guess? this grass fieldwas for cows. so it smelled likefeces of cows. but the team createdsuch a beautiful scene. this gentleman is the director. at this place, i was supposed to move along the lakeside.

where were the staff members?they were there. so i had t walk alone. but the snow was deep. so the director had to help me to create the path and i followed his footsteps and walked along the was really cold. really. but it's so pretty, huh?

hello, fans in the philippines! the last one is... ta-da! it's a group shot. my dancer team.aren't they cute? you may think the background is made by computer graphic. but the place looked like this. it was so beautiful, so cold.dancers worked so hard. they're covering up their facesas it was so cold.

it was windy and snowy. in the middle of this place, we danced as a group. done! did you like these pictures? let's open another box. the next one is... let me stand up. sorry.

the next gift is a bit heavy. in fact, it's my first time tosee this in person. my album! so pretty, huh? this album's concept is a fairy tale book. as you can see from the cover,

it looks like a book.if you take it out, it looks like a fact, inside the album, there is a short story.a fairy tale. this girl is me. this girl... sorry. it's me! it's my handwriting. i wrote them. my handwriting is not that pretty.

i can't show you everything. please get one and check it out. in the album,there's a short story. let's see, what else? on the back, there are picture. there are photo cards, too. i've got this. it was when

i was so cold while filming. so the staff membersused heater packs to warm up my face. for this album, i chose purple as the color for the concept. it looks like a fairy tale and matched wellthe title "wonderland". i wanted to give andream-like impression. it's good to

keep one. it's "wonderland" album. now... fans are posting comments. "it's worth having one". cute. "so pretty".right? while i'm chatting with fans,

the important time has come. it's the time to let you hear songs of the album. right? it's the time to play. let me start playingthe first song. [dancing on the moon - jessica] may i talk in the middle? oh, i can. i said nothingso that fans can enjoy the song. "dancing on the moon" is

one of my favorites. it's one of my favorite songs. it's an electronic dance song,very exciting. i liked the concept of"dancing on the moon". i loved it. that's how it was made. i wrote lyricsand took part in composing. please play the next one. [celebrate - jessica]i love this song.

i chose this songas the title track. unfortunately, other staff membersall opposed. this song is based on the electronic pop genre with urban elements. i love this song. because i can enjoy it without thinking. it's also very exciting.

when thinking about all the happy occasions and celebrating the happy moments, you can enjoy this song. this song has a good meaning. please enjoy this song. did you like it? which one do you prefer?"celebrate" or "dancing on the moon?" "celebrate?" "dancing?"

if you say "celebrate,"i will complain to my agency. thank you. let me play the next song. [world of dreams - jessica] a bit mysterious. i tried to sing very plainly for this song. in fact, out of all songs in this album, my best favorite is "world of dreams". the song is in my favorite style.

i hope many fans love it, too. you can hear it beforeyou fall asleep. "world of dreams". it's like you have someonewho you can meet only in dreams. you always look forward toseeing him in dreams. that's the part of lyrics.i took part in writing lyrics and composing. please enjoy it as a lullaby. please hit the next one. [beautiful - jessica]

about the inner beauty. it's a trendy and pop-like songs. i didn't participatein making this song. but i like lyricsand the mood of this song. so i like it.i like all the songs. i said i like all the songs. i think the inner beautyis really important. this song is good since i can express it as a song.

i'm tapping the it ok, huh? the previous song was "beautiful". [tonight - jessica] you've heard a lot ofexciting songs. a bit calming. it's a song good for a cold winter night. i want to sing this song. it was "tonight". a good one to hearduring a winter night.

as it's a calming and slow, i guess it neutralizethe entire album's color. the last song is left. i guess you may havethe highest expectation. it's "wonderland". [wonderland - jessica] this song is about "my kinda my kinda wonderland"as the lyric goes. it's the title track.the electronic pop genre.

i wanted to presentan exciting song. things may have been tough for you or you may feel down. i hope this songcan lift your sprit up. how did you like it? please tell me louder. all of these songswill be released at midnight. please look forward to themand check out them a lot. is it over?

what time is it now? may i talk for 2 more minutes? or should i do this right now? may i continue? i feel sorry as it's time to say bye. i guess now i'm relaxed. i've been so i feel better. in a few minutes,the album will be digitally released. time flies like an arrow.

as you are staying with me until late at night, i want to watch my musicvideo with you right now. are you ready? let's watch the music video! [wonderlandjessica] amazing? as i watch the music video now, i want to talk about this.

i filmed it in placeswith scenic views. it really looked amazing.picturesque landscape. those places were likeout of postcards. even though i shot it there,it didn't look so realistic. it didn't look so realistic. so we thought howto make it look more realistic. however, those places look just like that,like postcards. so... that's how it looked.

about this song "wonderland," i've been planning this for a year. it was hardto keep a secret. "when will you releasethe next album?" "what's the concept?" i really wanted to tell you. but i had to say like,"i am preparing. i'm working on it". i just said was really hard to keep a secret.

for now, i finally release the albumin winter. i am so is a happy day. i want to readfeedback from fans. they said all the good things. "thank you for coming back". "where did you shoot the music video?"it was switzerland and france. some fans said, "let's fly to the wonderland together".

they're having this event. "so cute, so pretty".thank you. you guys are so cute! "thank you for giving ussuch a special gift like this". i thank you. i guess fans like this album. i am so proud and happy. everyone. please give a lot ofsupport to "wonderland".

i will continue to workon good songs. my album... where is it? it's gone. all right. the album. as the album is so pretty, i guess you can keep one. oh, thanks. please check out the songsand give support to "wonderland". everyone, i wish

you have a warm, full of love, and happy winter days. bye!

Coloring Pages Of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale