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Selasa, 30 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of My Little Pony Equestria

Coloring Pages Of My Little Pony Equestria

hi everyone, today we are going to read 2015 picture bookscollection by mcdonalds happy meal. i think these were released back in january2015, but i can't remember exactly when i got these books. it still hasnt' been opened and i kind ofcurious what the stories are about. i guess sometimes mcdonalds give away booksinstead of toys, so i think it's an interesting variety to their happy meal collection. first book is if you give a mouse a cookie.and it comes with this boardgame as well. second book is flat stanley and it also comeswith a flat stanley coloring template.

the third book is pete the cat and it comeswith this glasses that you can color. and finally, the last book in the series isbig nate in a class by himself. and it comes with some stickers. so let's read and see what the stories areabout. the book also came with this stanely coloringpage and it says i need to color him and then take him to a placeand take a photo and share it with friends. so guess where he went. that's right.

he went to a playground. and the book is part of a pete the cat seriespublished by harper collins. and this book is also part of a series by harper colins. and if you are still watching this video almost30 minutes after, hahaha. congratulations. you just finished 4 books in one sitting. thank you for watching and see you in

the next video. the book comes with a paper sunglasses that you can color. i'm going to be using a decotape and here is my cool blue magic sunglasses. the book comes with a board game. you can make the two mice stands and a diceto help play the game.

the book also comes with some stickers.

Coloring Pages Of My Little Pony Equestria