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Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

Free Angry Bird Coloring Pages To Print

Free Angry Bird Coloring Pages To Print

'touch the peak' vikram prabhu monal gajjar gaurav sathish sathyaraj music byd. lmman 'bring down the patient' 'this waygo left side'

'move aside, please' 'madam, move aside' 'open the door' 'change it quickly' 'sir, please stay outside' 'we have to removethe bullet immediately' 'jagan, switch onthe operation theater light' 'a few months ago' 'headlines for the dayat an atm in bangalore...'

'...a 38 year old woman was attackedwhile withdrawing money' 'life should not be aboutjust living and dying' 'it should be about achieving' 'he's one of thosewho were born to achieve' 'but, look at fate...' 'when god shuts one door itis said that he opens another' 'sir, you've a baby boy' please handover the key to murali it's been days since we met

it's been years, not days heard you're nowthe deputy superintendent i'm happy for you which division? tindivanam great, you haven't quit the policeforce even after losing a leg... you've settled down wellat the crime record bureau what's the sudden visit about? it's to do with my son

he see policemen in moviesand wants to become one but he'll fail inthe physical examination so, i'm here to requestthe dgp for a favor if he puts in a word... he'll get the job lf l can pin a few stars on hisshoulders and make him a policeman my duty as a father ends there stars should be wornonly by the deserving... "only the worthy can be a policeman"

i was waiting to hearone of your 'punch' lines if he gets a job onlyout of a recommendation how will he be seriousor sincere about it? are you joking? this generation doesn't value sincerity can we drink a cup of tea? these days, boys aren'tready to work hard they only want to have fun and we are worried for thembecause they are our sons

don't generalize it why not?they are all alike we're their first villain which kid obeys his father these days? my son does his name is murali pandiyan my word is the final say i believe that children look up to theirfather as their hero

their role-model if we are disciplined, they will be too when we loiter aroundsmoking and drinking are you referring to me? why would i do that? whom did you refer to? i'm the only one here there couldn't be anything more subtle smart, you figured it out

the present generationis geared up to work hard the fault lies with parentswho don't guide them take you for instance when your son wantedto join the 'police' recommendation is the wrongroute to suggest to him i did show the route,but not the wrong one nothing can happen withoutrecommendation these days why not? take my son for instance

do you know what he saidwhen he was thirteen? i wish to become a policeman like you and my advice to him was "no pain, no gain" you need to be physically andmentally strong to become one like you? ever since when the clock strikes six nt am

at 8 am not me my son doesn't like to be recommended give me your hand your son has taken after you he isn't street smart no, ravi i'm sure he'll accomplishall that i desired to he'll get the 'best policemanin tamil nadu' award

and makes me proud, i am sure definitely, sir trust me this is my dream job i'll win the 'best employee'award and bring laurels to you... me on this andrecommend me for this job get up...get up i saywhy are you falling at my feet? get up i did well last time butsomeone else was recommended

that's why i am here withmurthy's recommendation this time i'll help you onlybecause he wants me to you'll receive an intimationfor the interview attend the interview and i'llspeak to the hr department see you, sir ask raja to come to my cabin tiff "wake-up, wake-up,the bird chirps in the ear" "the aroma of freshly brewedcoffee awakens your senses"

"read the newspapersand jump straight" "into the rain shower" "in a a flash" "a compass drawn circleon the dining table" "becomes a delectable dosa" "piping hot, spicy sambhar" "shakes you out of slumber" "stripes or checks?the heart wavers" "red or blackthe heart fumbles"

"car? bike? train? walk?" "all the four plead to me" "i mount a horse to ride" "the girl in the bus waves to me" "the roads are so free" "i glide through like the breeze" "office today was funcandy crush, i won" "drove the prize-car" "to the party"

"at the dance floor, met a beauty" "gave a flower and said i love her" "we hit it off and i went nearer" "a kiss and i wasready to get hitched" "the chairs at pizza hut have worn out" "the cinema theaterscreens have burnt out" "the sand in the beachhas bleached out" "we whispered sweet nothings" "once we tie the knot"

"we'll read bedtime stories" "and have babies instantly" "and click selfish" "it will happen" do you want to enroll?call after a few months lf l answer your call, you can enroll look at the irony my gym is better equipped and i charge less

yet, nobody enrollseveryone throngs here it's all about marketing let me explain are you surprised seeing a full house? i switch on just one machine... ...and automaticallyanother three will work the oldies pay me to work out here and i pay the babes to work out here look at them

they're like the hungry eyeing a feast what do you think? they have a name for this business you can call it anything i call it marketingthat's it! not just thisyour brains also should work this is unethicali regret being your friend why is he here now? guys with 10 friendsare happy but me

what is it? where are you? at my home your father's here handle himi'll be there how can i make up excuses instantly? it's a bet! my friend will definitely be selectedfor the police training wait and see

that was last year his father couldn'tgo along and support him this time, his father satin the front row to support him you should've seen his performance he leaped like a tigerin the long jump event you weren't there you won't know let's draw another bet murali will surely geta police training order

father!! when did you come? you left out something what did i leave out? the rope-climbing event you should've seen his speed i can see his skill in climbing when did you see it?

i can see it rightin front of my eyes i was visualizing your words am i that good with my words? yes where is murali? why the sudden visit? you forget everythingwhen you come to the gym as if he comes everyday we have to attend a function at 6 pm

don't you remember? is it a booze party? what? i forgot i'll be ready in two minutes did you mention booze? no, i meant other stuff i believe you! now, it's time forthe felicitation ceremony

'anna award' conferred for rescuinga kidnapped child and nabbing the criminals 'anna award' for mr thomas you will get an award too you'll get it from meshut up 'anna award' conferred to the constablewho lost his legs in an encounter we call upon the widow of the constablewho lost his life in the same encounter your father wishes this fame for you isn't it wrong to deceive him? this fame will not last beyond today

nobody here will rememberthe dead tomorrow that includes you i've experienced that i know the pain oh my dear! mummy usually it's the parentswho take care of the children i'm sure you will take careof your dad after me i tried a reconstructivesurgery didn't work

i had to amputate his leg he's still in a critical condition the next two days are crucial those two days in the hospital i feared i'll lose him and be orphaned i wouldn't wish that even for an enemy that day i decidedi'll never be a policeman okay why didn't you tell him this?

why did you deceivehim all these years? if i'd been honest about it you can't decide whenyou are just thirteen listen to dad if i'd been stubborn i wouldn't have managed tokeep him happy all these years 'no pain! no gain!'is an old saying now it is 'no brain! no gain!' the father is the hero,role-model for all children

my father has always been my lame-hero i don't want to bea lame-hero to my son is that wrong? you're old enough now why are you still deceiving him? i'm not it's not easy to convincehim to let go his lifelong dream let me get that bank job first what if you get the policetraining order before that?

i'll definitely getthe police training order but, i'll manage won't it be more difficultto manage your father then? isn't life about hope? i will fulfill mom's wish i will keep my fatherhappy and at peace nothing should ever come between us - yes, i'm at the spot- where? nolambur

manage the situation i'll take care of it remove the drape murder it's a clear case ofa murder and an atm robbery what are the policegoing to do about it? what haven't we done? several atms have beenrobbed in different ways haven't we solved them all?

we've cracked such cases before the criminals we nabbedwere educated and tech-savvy the public has to co-operate too we've issued detailed guidelineson pin confidentiality but, no body listens we've requested banks to have bothsurveillance and security at atms but it's only one or the other in last night's incident,the security was an old man it was late in the night

and the camera didn't work there is neithera witness nor finger prints it was a well planned job this is the first timewhere the criminals... ...had both the accountnumber and pin ...and robbed money from the atm the public has lost their money we've lost a life they've killed the police on patrol

how much was robbed? five lakh of rupees the list of people who've lost money what was their last transaction? we have to submit allthe details to the police first how can we returnyour money before that? please be responsible i got a text message lastnight about the withdrawal it was from an atm whichis at the outskirts

i reside at t.nagar why would i go to the outskirtsand withdraw that late at night? you don't have to trust us but how about the text message? we certainly trust you this is a police case i've to go by the investigation there are other banksfacing the same crisis we've collectively made a complaintto the police commissioner

if you'd lost your money, youwould understand our anguish i certainly do call shiva shiva works in the credit card section he lost his entire salaryin last night's robbery he's given a written complaint how does that matter to me? i've lost my hard earned money do you know who i am?i'm a reporter

tomorrows headlines will beabout the atm robbery and you do you want that? why are you losing your temper? just think he can't allow anyone to takeadvantage of this situation... ...and make a false claim how did your cardand confidential pin leak out? try to understand his situation as well all of you write a complaintand he'll definitely take action

i was tense and didn't know what to do don't thank me i did what i would'veif i was working here i understand it's not aboutthe recommendation anymore it's about your timelyhelp at this time of crisis i'll recommend you for the job i'll take care, madam tell me, shiva!

the police have mandatedvideo surveillance at all atms the person you killed was a policeman the police won't rest you should've controlled your temper how would i know he is a policeman? he tried to remove my helmet remove your helmet ok, forget itwe'll handle it i'll keep you postedabout the next plan

be careful until then don't worry there won't be any more trouble grandpa this is your travel itineraryfrom delhi to gangotri the travel guide willescort you on all seven days as it's our 10th anniversary,we're offering a free ticket have you been on a plane before? - no- why don't you come along?

we're all old andyou'll be of help to us and you can take a break will you? i'm ready to go, but he won't let me i'm ready to send him, but he won't go why are they torturing me? he's never misseda single day of training and you're inviting him for a week? wait

he thinks everything will gowell if he has your blessings that's not all he needsgod's grace as well wait and see, you'll have histraining order by the time we're back he'll join us if you allow him to go ahead 'police buddy' tell me, buddy we're leaving to goa tomorrow 7 days

what?one week in goa? by plane we're flying! dad doesn't know he doesn't? that's enough surprises for the day we're in sync only now once we land in goa, i'mno longer your friend i'll turn cupid

hey don't interrupt what's the use ofhaving a great physique? have you ever dated a girl? have you ever hugged one? have you at least kissed? you're a shame to us youngsters once we land in goa,i'll break your penance i'll change you over froma spiritual being to a casanova

i swear on...what's your name? i swear on her i might require thissafety first buddy, where is the ticket? is this the additional person? it's all here, your group,free and extra ticket overnight you've madearrangements for beautiful... ...women to accompany usi appreciate you you sound pathetic

very disgusting did i? forget all that where are the babes? 'twenties or fiftieslove is common to all' i asked for babes andyou're showing me oldies 'it is merry time from now on' they look like they'reat the brink of death is he coming along for the pilgrimage?

pilgrimage? do you have any moresurprises in store? traitor get lost you promised goa and exceededmy expectation with bangkok that's why i am walking away in a huff you want me to sufferfor ten days in the desert not ten daysit's just seven days i can't even for seven seconds

you're happy being singlebut i like to mingle instead, i'll hang outwith my girlfriends here you have fun with the oldies boys, don't leave two more have to come must be oldies again? why don't you check them out first? as it is, they look like theyhave one foot in the grave and you insist that i have to stay

i'm not your friendanymore i'm leaving - hey don't leave me alone- here they are! she looks so cute another disappointment! what is he smiling at? shall we go on the pilgrimage? hello!please come this is my grandson they are...

i know this is grandma ambujamand her granddaughter aishwarya am i right? wrong i am ambujam and thisis my grandma aishwarya this is so embarrassing i fondly call her ambu can i too? it's time to leave

hurry up, oldies by the end of this trip, i willmake ambujam say 'i love you' can you? it's very easy to geta girl's attention do something that'll makethem remember us forever an aisle seat is very useful inboth movie theaters and in a plane just watch you go - take this seat, grandma- ok

what about my granddaughter? i'll take care of that take the seat besideher and share memories you sit here why, do you want to flirt with me? just sit down my game will begin when we take-off i'll win her over by the time we land i wished for a 'single scoop' buthave been given a 'triple sundae'

i won't miss it for anything take the window seat i don't like the window seat i'll sit here take this bag how about this seat? we're going to take-offsay a prayer is this your first time? rats in your stomach?

that's an understatement! you'll be alright is my girl an lndo-american? why? look at the color of her skin why should i? i'm making you feel jealous look at her cheeks as white as a new iphone

look at her lips why is the plane vibrating? what's happening? how would i know? i am the only child to my parents nothing don't worry i'm not scaredlet go of my hand i should've left when theywere uttering that prayer everybody dies andthen goes up to heaven

but, we'll die in theskies and then go down say your prayers now god save us who is that calling godat the time of death? 'have you ever impressed a girl?' 'have you ever hugged one?have you at least kissed?' 'if you die now, yourunfulfilled spirit will wander' has the pilot boozedthat it is rattling this much? don't know what to do

we're dying grandma i've experienced this quite a few times you too you're scared becausethis is the first time the next time, you won't next time? dad, we've reached delhi we're on our way to haridwar

the flying experience was superb can't hear youi'll call back the tension has given me a headache do you have any medicine? i don't there is medicine in my bagshall i get it for you? can you get that for me? why did he bring it here? is that a tablet or a balm?

that's rubbishkeep quiet what is she so angry about? that was a kiss froma james bond movie i didn't get that idea what happened?why are you tense? you took advantage of the situationand got your way with ambu you did all that i wanted to how dare you kiss her? i thought i was going to die

you're the reason for that you described her andgot me worked up everybody screamed thatthe plane was crashing didn't want to come back asan unfulfilled spirit so, i kissed her you could've come backas a spirit instead how could you kissyour best friend's girl? i am not like that that was not my intention i saidsorry to myself while kissing i didn't even get to hold her

so, you've that regret tooshall i book a room? you can hug her tight she could've humiliatedme but she didn't she could have screamed, but she didn't as if you gave her a chance? will she scream through her ears? to add fuel to the fire, she sawthings in your bag and thinks it's mine i'm the villain now you have to help me

i should apologise to herbefore the end of the trip in general, girls are a pain when we pursue them, they say we drool if we don't, they call us a nerd do you know why they call girls 'babe'? they are actually bawling beasts that's 'babe' you can even handle a wild elephant but it's very difficultto handle a girl

if you still want to apologise she will... why does she sound like godzilla? godzilla sounds better rogue' 'i should stay away from himfor the rest of the trip' 'i shouldn't allow him anywhere near me' murali monkey! murali, monkey

don't you have sense?why are you troubling me? how many times do i haveto tell you? this is humiliating let's see what happens next she talks a lot evenon an imaginary call oh, no!it's a puncture how far is the resortfrom here? quite close - just three or four kilometers- i can't walk that far

hey, stop that vehicle stop... stop...wait a minute, brother can you drop us at the resort? ok, come all of you, come here get in don't jolt the vehicle climb up carefully

come on grandma, i'll walk go and sit on top the resort is just here you can't go by yourself sit here i'll climb up won't you listen? just leave this whole jungle is full of elephants

do you know elephants? yes, you look like one why does she want to do her own thingin an unfamiliar place? what happened? she never listens to meit's become dark grandma, don't worryi'll go find her no son, we will see please come inside why is she hugging herself like that?

please wear this you're a lowly... december 21st, 2012,the mayan calendar... people did weirdthings the day... ...they thought the worldis coming to an end i did the same thing i thought i was dying andkissed you out of fear it wasn't planned it needn't have been you,i would have kissed anyone who was there

even an oldie? i'm not justifying it it's wrong and i've beentrying to apologise but you run away, terrified forgive me i come from a good family too good family? you're someone who brought a condomalong for a pilgrimage i haven't seen anyoneas cheap as you

you're pretending to bea decent guy idiot... stop it - you talk too much- get lost! you're tiny, yet you have the cheek tospeak like this to a tall guy! he values friendship, that stopshim from retorting both bags look similar one is mine and the other is his you took that stuff from his bag

he would've refused tocome on a pilgrimage so, i told him wewere going to goa thought i will be visitinga temple in goa he packed his usual stuff he was the reason i kissed you it's up to you to believe me if you have to scold someone,he's the one take it from her it's not a can of 'coke' thati can take!!

useless... grandma, what is it? nothing, i am tired what is it, grandma...? grandma... someone give the water she needs water immediately i'll be back where are you going?

it's nothingyou're alright my grandma is all i have that was so sudden,i didn't know what to do if someone you loveis in danger... forget yourselfthis is common you haven't spoken muchabout yourself it's explained in the school readerlook it up i'm murali pandiyan,an assistant manager in a bank i'll soon become a manager

with his father's blessings! right? what about you? - house surgeon- house servant? she is a doctor would you want to marryanother doctor? i know an actor who isalso a doctor do we have to travel this farto see a saint? he's supposed to have powers

we have to write our questionson a paper even before reading it, he'll identify usand give us our answers it seems he knows all languages what's the doctor going to write? i'm not going to write anything i'm here just for my grandmother am i likely to marrya tall, fair, beautiful girl... ...who's alsoa doctor like you? that's my question to him

a direct 'i love you' would havebeen better would you be interested in guyswho own gyms? please write this for me my name is ambujamjust write it down i am a doctor will i marry a policeman? thanks who is ravinder from mumbai? that's me

you've been jobless forthe last six months... ...and you want to know whetheryou'll get a job isn't this your question? you'll get a job soon thank you! who is ambujam from chennai? you're a doctor and you want toknow whether you'll marry a policeman? is that right? say 'yes' and i'll clean upthe cobwebs on your face

don't worryyour wish will come true you will marry a policeman you will be happily married sit down you had a plan in mind! you embarrassed meand now play innocent i tagged along only to help you i'm to blame why are you so tense?

that saint has saidyou'll marry a policeman isn't it? that's why i'm tensei hate the police i've told you countless timesthat i don't want an ambitious husband i only want a handsome one a guy who works regular hours,a software engineer or a bank manager can't you find someone witha risk free job? i want to lead a peaceful lifeis that wrong? not at all!

the saint's words won'tcome true he is a fake don't blabber did you see his face?you can see a glow of wisdom i couldn't even see his facehow did you see the glow? keep quiet don't trust himhe is a fake don't try to pacify me it's a very simple trick

the first person he called outis his accomplice... but the note he picked for himwas actually yours that's how he had your detailswhen he called out for you... the paper he picked for you wasn't yours,but the next person's... it's a very simple trickdo you get it? really? i'll prove it who is prabhakaran from madurai? a confusion right at the beginning!

i meant k prabhakaran lam k prabhkaran i didn't say i was'captain prabhakaran' lam k prabhkaran too my inner wisdom tells meit is his paper you sit down he wishes good for all fellow beings he is in great difficulty now that definitely must be his paper

please read it 'hey, fake!i know your trick' 'if you want to be spared' 'read it out as your prediction,word-by-word' should i guesswhat's written in there? you're absolutely right this belongs to him cheat! you're trying to handle it

- son!- tell me your friend will marry a tall, fair,beautiful doctor, just like the girl here are you happy now? the best con man i've seen! i was really scared don't worryyou'll not marry a policeman you'll marry somebody who is tall,clad in jeans and a jacket... ...and currently working asan assistant manager ...who'll soon become a manager

are you okay with the idea? would you like that? tiff "i like you" "over and over againi like you" "i don't know why i like you..." "the heart that seeks an answerhas only lost its way" "with your touch, my dear" "my hormones playout melodies"

"i burst with joy" "that love makes you eternal" "you come in personto tell me, my angel" "i discover you ineverything, my love..." "with you in my thoughts,i like myself" "it isn't drizzling now" "and yet, i see the rainbowi enjoy it, because of you" "i smile to myself" "my heart is fragile"

"you fling a stone and walk away" "the lifeless days i've livedyou've made them worthwhile now“ "you're the cascade that's near me" "i like to get drenched inyour beauty" "i don't know why i like you" he has turned a play boyinto a ward boy it is late alreadylet us dine and go stop at a good restaurant,i am hungry i am not hungry,you go ahead

ls there an atm close by? grandfather,where did you go? i needed money andi came to the atm hello dad! why is he taking so long? oh my god! grandfather...! grandfather... i've sedated him for pain relief

let him rest for some time ls everything alright? how can that be? the bone is disjointed i advise complete rest it's painful it'll heal soon i just spoke to you over the phone i've already told you

i couldn't see their facesbecause of their helmets an 80 year old man was bleeding! should i be by his sideor chase those guys? i'm telling you again,i didn't see their face it is a serious issue don't disturb me hereafter i could've removed the helmetand walked out like anyone else but, you were hasty i'm going to break his neck forbreaking my hand

i'll find him wherever he is... ...and kill himi have to kill him why are you getting tense? he said he didn't see our faces we're in trouble because ofyour temper for how much longer can we take bigrisks for just a few lakhs? before the police get on our trail,we've to do something big and settle down are you suggesting werob the bank? no

domestic cards allow onlyrs 25,000 a day but, with an international card... one swipe... and we get 2,000 usd that's one lakh of rupees we can disappear even beforethe banks there inform the police here by then we can safely move toanother city and settle down the idea seems good but where will we getinternational card details?

our friend, stephen worksat a bank in the us i'll get the informationthrough him will he agree? anyone in this world will yield tothe temptation of easy money i'll have the details in my handby the time your hand heals i'll figure out a way grandfather,get down carefully are you trying to tread safe? what has the old man achievedto get a red carpet welcome?

he's only got beaten up - open your mouth- why? to check you brushed your teeth open your mouth now is it for this? your word has come true my son has got his training orderfrom the police academy, chennai god bless you!become a policeman soon i'm very happy

you will succeed isn't going to shimlafor training, good news? why are you upset about it? you seem so happy to leave me behindand attend training the moment i fell in love with you,i got the bank training order you may leave my phone will be turned offwhen i'm in training i'll call you every evening will you spend the whole oftomorrow with me?

that's impossible i've a lot to do what could bemore important than me? dad, i'll go on my own you don't want anyone to knowyou're my son don't worry...i'm not coming along ok dad focusedon your training 'no pain, no gain'

you'll be trained extensively don't while away timestay focused on your goal i'm very particular about disciplineand punctuality understood? i'll be your point of contactfor all doubts and assistance so, you're my roommate! i'm murali pandiyanyou can call me murali i'm aadhimoolam can ca“ you madam'?

you can call me aadhi and which town do youcall your own? i don't have the money toeven buy a house... is it possible to have my own town? so, are you very wealthy? wealthy? are you setting up a departmentalstore at the academy with all this? don't be arrogant because you'vea better physique i need all this forthe training here

get trainedthat's the whole purpose hello, am bu! i've reached s him la it's very cold here shimla? what is that noise? that's nothinga polar bear is howling when have bears howled? love has not only blinded your visionbut your intelligence as well

god!help me my roommate was on the phonewith his girlfriend all night i tried waking him upbut he's fast asleep murali!!! the next time, you've... forget your dream ofbecoming a policeman i won! what, you won? why were you frozen?come down

calm down - it's only a punishment- don't you get it? i've been blacklisted by the principalon the very first day i'm a hero to my fatherbut i'm nobody here i've a game plan... i'll fake dizziness at shooting range... i'll say i not able to see one moment

why don't you turn around?do you want her to ride pillion? go on i'll be pulled up he'll call me to inquire i'll keep a sad faceand accept their charges they'll say i'm medically unfitand relieve me if they don't, i'll makesure they do how is my pm? my god!

you are the biggest crook i know my dad will only pity me he will not get angry for surethat's it! my route is clear do you think everything willhappen as planned? yes, it will there is a 'god send' hereto help me he would've begun hiswork by now - he's too much trouble- i'll take care

i'll take carewhat's his name? murali pandian, zodiac sign -virgo you must be briskand energetic you haven't hit the targeteven once sorry siri'm unable to see the principal wants to see you meet him immediately you'll live a long life i was just thinking about you

how is the training going? while shooting today... shooting? while shooting questions... they were stunned they said i am toogood to be here i'm on the wayto meet my manager i'll call you after the meeting you said you're in shim la...

but you're a police uniform answer me who is it? so, you're murali pandiyan?what the hell are you thinking? go inside you can leave now i'll meet you tomorrow you were lying all along do you know why i'm here?

i'm here to speak to my fatherabout our marriage thank god! i know the truth now i don't want to marry a policemanand suffer all my life like my mother why are you tense now? i have a doubt you look so beautiful but your father? then how you are...?

i take after my mother i didn't come here to become a policemani'm here so that i don't become one when i'm pulled up tomorrow... ...i'll prove that i'm medically unfit in a month's time they'llsend me out of the academy i'll never become a policeman can i trust you? i'll never becomea policeman i've had several years ofexperience as a policeman before

i took over this academy but, you are just a novice! you've performed exceptionallywell in your selection exams i was wondering why youweren't doing well here i'm unable tohandle this training i feel giddy under the sun obviously when my daughter hatesthis job, you will too do you think i'll allow youto quit that easily?

you'll step out of this academy onlyas a policeman i'll ensure that are you taking revenge? is this your plan to makeyour daughter forget me? this isn't revenge i want to help your father if i'm alive now,i owe it to your father my friend, chellapa i knew him even beforeyou were born

don't keep brooding over thingsthat happened when you were just twelve a flat line indicates death evenin an ecg machine if that's how it is with a machine,how can life go on without any risks? your father often says 'only the worthy can be a policeman' sir please... i don't want to be worthy i don't want to become a policemanand this is my only escape route help me leave this academy

nothing can change my mindi will never become a policeman let's see how you don't become one? no matter what you say or do...i may even extend your training but, i won't let you quit claimingyou're medically unfit if you still insist on leaving,i'll call your father i won't hesitate telling him whatyou've been hiding all along shall i tell him the truth? if you think i shouldn't,i'll give you another option we will make a deal

you have to be awarded the best'taluk sub-inspector' of this program and for a month, work as an independentsub-inspector (si) at a police station and if you don't like it or if youare scared to continue, i'll help you i'll help you get out withoutany trouble for your father and you i'll convince my daughterto marry you you decide now if you are willing to accept it... 'i swear in the name of god thati shall bear true faith and...' '...allegiance to the constitution of indiaand ideals of the tamil nadu police service'

murali pandiyan hasbeen chosen as... ...the best cadet andsub inspector of the year i told you he will make it he's your sonhe's bound to win come, sir why are you addressing me as 'sir'? i have to respectyour designation haven't i made your wishcome true? are you happy?

happy? wait a minute dad...! the bullet has to beremoved immediately switch on the operationtheater lights here it is, sir hey, where is the p-2police station? do you know it or not? go straight and takethe second right

a policeman who doesn't knowthe way to the police station! that's no good! 'are you all trying to lure one girl?' 'displaying your glamorous thigh?lower your dhoti' sir, the sub-inspectorhas come 'i'll come and attend to you' i'm the head constable i'm the constable nice meeting you

i'm arumugam, the criminal won't you shut up? constable, you'vetwenty years of... ...experience and youraim is still no good did somebody tell you thati'm the constable? i'm the head constablewhy are you changing my 'resignation'? it's not resignation but 'designation' he's an educated criminal please come...

i want a complete list of all the criminalsin this area immediately 'acid azhagar',he tops the list i'll strike i'll strike him down did you see that? brother, he is the new sub-inspectorappointed to our police station his name is murali pandiyani heard he's very strict this fellow...? this is 'blade babu',his right-hand man

this is ravi he's a pick pocketand a petty thief his name is kumar, he's pickpocketbalu's friend sir, he is... law and order si aadhimoolamreporting for duty sir can't be! sorry, i've come to the wrongpolice station adhimoolam, you've cometo the right place come

why's he taunting me? it's your first day here and you'relate by forty five minutes as a station house officer,may i know the reason? definitely! i went to the temple as i'm taking chargeas an independent si duty should come before god there again, a punch-line! i'll come to the point i am not concerned abouthow you were at work earlier

but, i'll lay down some guidelinesto be followed from now on for the next 30 days there should neither be an arrest noran 'fir' without my knowledge i haven't finished yethold on to your doubts these files are cases of pickpocketsand other petty thieves these are harmless ones these files have details ofdangerous criminals we're dead, if we touch them so...

thought he'll put away criminals,but he's putting away the files i'll be here at 9 ami'll finish work and leave at 6 pm nobody should call or disturbme after that it should be a hassle free 30 daysfor the police station and me there is some trouble sir, don't jump off suicide is a criminal offense after l die you can take my bodyto the court and get it punished i'm bald-headed and standing inthe scorching sun without an umbrella...

...why do you need one? fold it nowi'll punch you hot peanuts... eat hot peanuts andwatch the show sir, they're selling peanuts they'll sell tickets next and make thisan entertainment show hot peanuts, sir the police are heremake way move aside

this is our first case don't trouble us step downlet's talk it out my wife has deserted mehow does it matter now? i smoke and drink at the barjust seven days a week is it that big a crime for herto desert me? i don't have a wife now,i'll commit suicide sir, don't be impulsive if a marital problem isthe reason to commit suicide...

...then allmarried men have to die step downlet's talk and son it out mum, tell that bald uncle tojump off soon that's not a childthat's a little devil... can i borrow it for a second? give it to me isn't it a bad habitto go to the bar? give up the habitand your wife will return how can that be wrong?

what does the priest offerin a temple? 'prasadham' (offering) that has 'dham' (a cigarette) rascal! what do you serve as lunchfor your husband? hot, steaming 'sadham' (rice) doesn't that have 'd ham'? what do you serve with that? 'sam bar' (gravy)

doesn't that have a 'bar' in it? you idiot... why won't his wife desert him? how can it be wrong to smokeand drink in the bar? it's a terrible mistake to havenot pushed him down by now! sir, why are you coming upinstead of watching? sir, won't you listen? i'll jump off if he comes sir, don't come up

since you've pleaded so much,i won't commit suicide why should i commit suicidewhen there is no wife around? stop shouting - don't yell...- shut up... we'll get tired if we hit him - shall i beat you up?- won't you keep quiet? you've been hitting me the whole daydon't you have any other case? think about it to practice as doctors,you need patients

only if students fail,can tutorials function to serve as the police,you need criminals like us for the help that we render,you needn't be grateful to us at least, don't beat usblack and blue i won't hit youspeak the truth i swear on him tell me what do i say? i'm tired of maneuvering throughcrowds to steal

so, we choose our favourite place gathera crowd and steal at our own pace but you figured it out how did you find out? when every head in the crowd waslooking up at you just these two heads were lookingdown at the purses you gave them green shinsto spot them easily i spotted them as well why don't you use your intelligencefor a better cause? who'll give us a job?

you give me a job and i'll workbetter than your officers i'll start my work on you now i'll frame charges onyou across all cases don't file it as a suicide caseregister it as a pickpocket one poor fellow! did you hear that? you are a superb police officer shut up! sir, i'll never forget you

sir, you'll do well murali, i have a doubt you said you're not going to workbeyond 6 pm? what do you have to doafter 6 pm? wear your glasses? why are you following me? i told you that everything isover between us stop shouting, listen to me if you don't, how'll youunderstand?

nothing to understandleave me alone "s how-off, show-off, a big show-off" "what a waste" "clad in jeans" "and fancy heels" "you're showing off even whenyou're in the smallest of villages" "you're making faces" "the kohl that costsa few bucks" "you opt to buy through eml"

"you're so full of lies" "god, put her in place" "stop snubbing me" "i can't take it anymore" "if you end up with wrinklesyour fan following will trickle" 'hit me buddy, hit me' 'girls are always like this' "you prefer tocuddle with animals" "but, if i beg to come closer to you"

"you see men as lesser mortals" "we won't squander our timeand follow you any longer" "don't think we are wastrel" "we too have our prestige" "with an ace up our sleeve" "we'll make you run around in circles" "it's all gone a waste" i'll see your... why did you slap me?

do you expect me to cajole you? you're such a show-off your father is the reason for allthese problems he wants to tie me down to the academyhe doesn't realise i've tied him down further, he's given mea 30 day deadline i'll meet him after 30 days and tellhim that i don't like the job he's promised to help me quitand let me marry you lf l didn't accept his offer that day,i would've lost my father and you i even attended the bank interview

what if dad doesn't permityou to quit the police job? going forward,it is your dad's problem there'll be no moretrouble between us here, this is my'locked-house report' i live in pasupathi nagar i'm going to tirupathialong with my wife i've given details ofthe days i'll be away you have two children? i didn't have any at first

then, how do youhave two now? i watched 'the parent trap'... and had twins after that thank god, you didn't watch'ali baba and the forty thieves' i'll watch that too don't worry! will anyone dare tosteal when i'm around? i'll take care the power is back

switch on the walkie-talkie charger what is this? i can begin my work now looks like namesof people abroad? it'll take two days gently! you can resume your work what work do you do? you're so brainy, shiva

so much money in one night! let's not deal withdomestic cards anymore only internationalcards from now on after we swipethe remaining cards tomorrow you take all the moneyand leave to mumbai there'll be unnecessary suspicionif i leave suddenly i'll apply for medical leave aftera few days and then join you in mumbai let's decide on a safe-hideoutafter i reach there why this sudden plan?

the police didn't focus on usbecause of other crimes in the city but from this evening,we are the 'heroes' by now, the police would've collectedall our details and will be this is the incident that tookplace six months back this is from the adambakkam atm this is the incident thathappened yesterday this is the visual fromthe kotivakkam atm comparing and analyzingthe visuals, the physical parameters... ...the costume and the design onthe black pouch clearly indicates that

this person was responsible forthe recent murder and atm robbery he was using domesticcards all along but, yesterday, he had usedinternational cards... four atms and robbedabout forty lakhs of rupees from where did he getthe international card details? who are his accomplices? in order to investigate, a 12 member'operation sigma tiger' has been formed two teams have beenformed for this operation we've prevented many crimes

the public and media don'tappreciate us because they don't realise we stopped it evenbefore it could happen in spite of us arresting criminalsafter intelligent investigation the public thinks we are due to police complacency,murders and robbing atms... ...have raised theirugly head in chennai again people have lostfaith in the police let's hear what the publichave to say about this they've had helpline numbersfor different emergencies

now, they'll have a separatehelpline for an atm robbery there is no safety for public what are the police doing? in bangalore... chellapa, aren't you leavingfor the day? the dgp has asked forthe crime records of this month he has to give it tothe chief minister i'll be delayedyou get going ok, see you on monday

even they killthe atm's security man don't knowwhat the police is doing... atms have come to denote'any time murder' very unsafe to go into one it's the same acrossthe different states a murder and lakhs ofrupees robbed the only questionposed by the public "are the police sleeping?" i've been doing this forthe past 30 minutes

look at all the sandthat's fallen off you seem very happy your dad's deadlinegets done with tomorrow that's why ok first thing to do onmonday morning ls to meet yourdad and tell him i don't want this job i'll take you outtomorrow evening

i'll buy the cinema tickets you buy the dinner inexpensive tickets on you andan expensive dinner on me you're very smartyou'll fare well don't make any lastminute changes i'll be there at 5:30 pm there won't be any problem hey!who is that? what's the problem?

why are you bothhitting the old man? he was just talkingwhy did you hit him? don't hit don't let him gohold tight tie his hands dad, what happened? i'm alright that's nothing what's this?

how dare you messaround here? you were sparedbecause it was me if it were my son,he would've killed you both p-2 police station... sir? he is here it's the commissioner heard you nabbedthe atm robbers gather all the detailsand hand it over to the inspector

make sure you followthe procedure sure, i'll do it, sir let's go home, dad you stay back,i'll go on my own please come, dad careful sir, should i file a report? prepare the firrecord all the details collect all the evidenceand keep it in my drawer

shiva twenty seven years old grew up in orphanage, mumbai i'm working in the credit cardsection of a bank lawrence i'm a karate instructor 'atm robbers nabbed' 'they will be producedin court tomorrow' i've kept all the evidencein your drawer

have you verified the details? i'm on the job check the date never mind, sit down how's your dad feeling now? he's alrightit was a small injury i was the one who panickedon hearing the news i was at peace onlyafter seeing him sir, i've checked all the detailsit's correct

i didn't take any action becausei didn't want to put him in danger but he... today is the last day thought of biddinggood bye to the job but i am stuckunnecessarily don't worryeverything will be alright hand over them in courttomorrow and move on i saw ambujam on my way hereshe was entering cherian hospital is she working there?

yes, she is doing a two monthinternship there ls dad home?i'll visit him why are you leaving immediately? an actress is coming tothe gym tomorrow i have to buy a treadmill to her sizeand alter the entrance i've plenty to do tell me, dad are you through withthe procedure of filing the report? has the inspector come?

dad, you've called methrice already i'm at worki'll take care please take rest are you ready to leave? where? movie theater at 5:30 pm! have you forgotten? it skipped my mind it's an important case

i have two criminalsin my custody i'll be free after i hand themover in court tomorrow shall we go tomorrow? - tell me- i'll come going to watch a movie? i'll come back at 9 pmtake charge till then does that feel good? do you feel good about it? it feels greatdo you want to try it?

i'm seething where is the 'locked-house report'which i gave you earlier? it's here is it here? do you know where it is? 'thankee' to you for the information thanks to you has beenwritten as thankee! it's all gone when you said no one willdare steal when you're around

i should've had my doubts sir, are you accusing me? of course! how did that reportfind its way here? even god won't forgive you are you accusing the policeof being thieves? i'm a lawyer andi'm not scared of the police give me the phone i'm going to make a callto the commissioner

i won't spare you am i tense?am i not cool? rascal, didn't spareeven the air conditioner don't disconnect it answer the phone, murali hey, i might getimportant calls forget about itwatch the movie switched off? he never turns off his phone

- have you sold the bike?- no...not yet, sir no, it's an old one there's no response inthe police station either please understand i can't come now the inspectors are not here take our child toa hospital close by i'll come there directly can't even piss peacefully

ups is just forthe sake of name we have to set rightthe power back-up - sir...?- what? can i have a smoke? are you kidding? a criminal is asking for a cigarettefrom a policeman how arrogant! once you hand me over tomorrow,i can't smoke all my life think of it as my last wish

get your way withemotional talk! take it be done beforethe inspector comes thank you, sir sir, will you be in trouble if a criminaldies when he's in police custody? what are you saying? hey, what are you doing? oh!! bring the extinguisher

you open the cell firsti'll bring it it's burning hit him!!! hey. what happened? shiva, take our phonesfrom the locker what happened, moorthy? shiva, let's hurry hit him! hit him

we got caught because of you you're the reason die now let's seewho stops us now die off come, let's go let me go come fast, let's take the moneyand leave this place where's the money?

let's go 'inspector murali pandiyan please cometo the theater office immediately' any problem? i'll go check on him your dad held onto his leg he didn't allow them to escape asthat would reflect badly on you he held on to his leg till the end those rascals shot himand escaped "you're my loving dad"

"there's no one like youin this world" "through your love,i see my mother in you" "all my needs" "you gratify instantly" "you're truly a god that grantseven before i seek" life gives everyonea chance to win you must win! "you've been a friend in needand a shoulder to lean on" "you've helped me rise upafter every failure"

"you veil your sorrows" "and give me a smile" "you've shielded me fromthe smallest harm" "you've carried me on yourshoulders all along" "you're god sent" i've heard a lot of people promisingto give their life for somebody but, nobody does but, your father he's really great

you're very fortunate tohave a father like him nothing will happen to him i'll take care of him you do whateveryou feel is rig ht no matter what you decide,i'll be with you murali, i'd asked you to come tothe bank to discuss your job why didn't you come? my work begins only now! shiva, twenty seven years old

lawrence, twenty seven years old why are you digging upthe evidence again? what's your analysis? the police and you know only aboutthe two criminals who've escaped but only i know about a third oneinvolved in this case a third one? when they were escaping, the two of themgot into the backseat of the vehicle move fast - who drove the vehicle?- that's the third person

he's my target now how will you find himin such a big city? since shiva was workingin a bank he knew he couldn't withdraw muchmoney through domestic cards he's used his contact abroad... source details ofthe wealthy there ...and robbed theiraccounts from here the karate instructorhelped him both of them are from mumbai

but we already knowthese details! i feel that the third personshould be a local he must be in contactwith the criminals here he must be the one who helpedthem make fake cards if we lookout for the personwho made the cards... ...then we canfind the third person in such a big city how can you find himin such a big city? won't one criminalrecognize another?

i never seen sucha 'bald headed snake' thank you for trusting mewith this 'operation' our ears will hurt with hisnon-stop jabber did you hear that, murali? we asked him to help us and he thinkshe's a pan of this 'operation' this is not a goodplace to talk let's talk on the way parry's ravi is the contact formaking small-time fake documents but for bigger things likefake passports, bank documents...

...fake credit and debit cards,tondiarpet ramana is the contact he's educated and will doa thorough job how are you so sure about this? the chain snatcherwon't rob houses the thief won't pickpocket we have ourown work ethics you know we steal from crowds we find credit or debit cardsfrom the purses we steal if we use those cards,we'll surely get caught

we never risk that i give all those cardsto ramana for each card i give him,he pays me rs 5,000 he's made big bucks usingthe cards i've given him you are talking aboutoriginal cards how about these fake cards? i've seen plenty ofsuch cards with him where can i meet ramana? did you get the moneyfor the passport?

i've to collect itfrom him tomorrow hey ramana!gaja is a miser he wanted to pay rs 10,000for everything put together it looks like a brand new tv!will you pay me more? am i a pimp10 pay you more? don't you knowi don't deal with all this? sell them to gaja!leave the place if a thief doesn't buystolen goods, who else will? 'why is he here?'

'wonder he found out i am the onewho stole goods in the lyer house' what do you want? convert this informationinto a card the guy you made internationalcards for...he's my friend i'll pay any amount rs 30,000 you've come tothe wrong place, leave now - i've come to the right place- i'm telling you to leave he wants you to leave!

i am escaped sir, i'll tell you everything stamp paper, debit card, credit card,ration card, passport his work is better than the original he's been running a smallgovernment office i need a passport myself i know you made theseinternational cards yes, sir how does he look?

he only calls and that too fromdifferent numbers each time he'll call twice and disconnecti answer the third call he'll tell me to cometo a specific place he'll be wearing a helmeti've never seen his face till now i swear i don't knowanything else - check whether everything is there- thanks a lot, sir please forgive me i spoke too much that's alrightyou can leave now

- thankee, sir- where are you escaping to? it's a shame you use the mirror it's more shameful thatyou wear sunglasses sir, don't leave him till he is able topronounce 'thank you' properly - i'm sure you will get death sentence- 'thankee' you, sir it was very difficultto nab ramana it's been of no use he hasn't seen his face either police theories claim that even the mostbrilliant criminals leave a clue behind

why are you watchingthe atm visuals now? i'll tell you make note of the time red hills, 845 muttukadu, 7 pm aren't all these atmson the outskirts? you're right on what basis do you refillthe atms in the city? we know the nature oftransactions at each atm...

in certain areas there is high usageand we refill every day what about the atmsat the outskirts? we refill once a week as they don'thave too many transactions when a customer uses his cardat an atm that has insufficient funds... ...the customer gets a message the bank is alerted as well we refill cash as soon aswe get the alert did you notice something? all the atms that were robbed wereon the outskirts and at desolate places

not just that, the atm was robbedshortly after it was re-filled how did they get informationon the atm refills... ...and the location ofthe atm camera? i'm sure someone from the agencyin-charge of the atm refilling is involved fifty five people work here each team has five members two custodians,two gunmen and one driver each custodian is given a six digitconfidential password the atm machine will open onlywhen both custodians key in the password

after they refilland close the atm machine... ...the password becomes invalid i've already explained thisto the police the public will knowwe are re-filling the atm because the shutter will be half closedand our vehicle will be stationed outside someone from the publiccould've informed them can i have the list of the teammembers who serviced these atms? it was the same team thatwent to all the atms can i interview them,one at a time?

i'm rajesh, the driver i've worked herefor the past seven years - what about your family?- my parents live in madurai i live with my friend - where does your friend live?- brindavanam street, west mambalam shiva, 27 years old, grew upin orphanage, mumbai i can imitate this voice this is shiva we're both safe call me on the usualnumber after work

i've to tell yousomething important who was it? don't know who that was someone called shiva he disconnectedafter telling me to call after office hours you can go i'm nishanth i've been a cash custodianfor the past five years it's ok, take the call this is shivawe're both safe

after work, call me onthe usual number - who was it?- don't know who that was someone called shiva, he disconnectedafter telling me to call after office hours i'm mannavan andi'm a cash custodian father? my father diedwhen i was very young my mother lives in thoothukudi i've two sisters who arestudying in thoothukudi - i've to tell you something important- i'm in a meeting

i'll call you back - who was that?- my uncle he's coming tomorrow, he's asked meto pick him up from the bus terminal why do i have to knowyour personal details? the next move? go to the control roomi'll follow him you decamped withthe money, didn't you? if i get you... why are you yelling?

how can you blame mefor getting caught? what if you'd succumbed andconfessed to the police about the money what would i do then? didn't we struggle only toget our hands on this money? you didn't go to your house last nightneither did you take our calls don't try to cheat us why should i cheat you? if i'd wanted to cheat,why would i call now? didn't i follow your instructions ofnot answering the first two calls?

when you called 30 minutes back,the police were questioning me thank god!i managed somehow when did i call? you only called me was it my voice? i swear it was your voice ecr road, muttukaadu tower shall i send a patrol car? no, they would haveescaped from there now

how many peopledid the police inquire? five - did they ask the same questions?- i don't know that but they said they'll be questioningthe gunman and the driver again they didn't doubt me fool! you are their only suspectthey're on your trail now bring all the money to the peramburbus terminal at 8 pm i'll throw away mysim card after this call switch off your mobile

switch it on sharp at 8:05 pm,only after coming to the bus terminal i'll call you from a publicphone booth as always where are you meeting them? where are those two now? i don't know i don't know! i don't know, sir don't hit me look at him hangingupside down like a bat

this is a techniquethe police use in 20 minutes, you'll bleed fromyour eyes, nose and ears please leave me my eyes are burning it's unbearable, sir i'll tell you the whole truth we used a skimmer deviceand a pin-hole camera to rob shiva taught us to use it the skimmer device is small andcompact, you get them in china

i'm aware of the high-transactionatms in the city i pretend to be a customer, go tothose atms and fix these devices when a customer swipes his card,all his details recorded on the card... ...get transferred onto the device after that... pin-hole camera will help usto find out the four digit password the pin-hole camera records the passwordand stores it on a memory card and the next day, i walk inlike any other customer... ...remove the devicesand give it to shiva

shiva extracts the detailsfrom the memory card he gives methe account holder's list - then, i take it to ramana- it takes two days ramana makes the fake cards while giving the cards to shiva... ...i also give him information about the atmsrefilled in the outskirts of the city ...and also the exact location ofthe security cameras in those atms after which theyboth rob the atms he talks about a skimmer device,pin-hole camera

they've put theirbrains to good use we've to learn a lot from them not about robbing,but about using the brain who has all the money? it's with me where is it? we've retrieved the money sir, i've installed mobile trackingsoftware in all the four mobiles the location of the incoming callwill be displayed

have you been waiting for us... the perambur bus terminalfor the last 30 minutes? do you knowwhere we are now? we're at the entrance of the hospitalwhere your father has been admitted isn't your fathervery dear to you? brother...? take him tothe police station safely can i meet dr ambujam? sorry, she is in the icu

it's very urgent can i have her number? 'the number you've dialedis currently busy' i'm murali's friendi have to meet you urgently where are you now? you wait therei'll come and meet you wait therei'll come dad...? what happened to him?

you shouldn't comeinto the icu please stay outside the pressure is dropping - nurse, where is dr. ambujam?- i don't know are you lookingfor dr ambujam? she's with us i'll call again to tell youwhere to meet us... ...on beach road,come there with the money if you don't come with the money,i'll shoot your girlfriend as well

we've located the black van it's at the chepauk signal shall i ask them toblock the vehicle? no, don't how many signals betweenchepauk and beach road? three do as i say go straight and turn rightat the third signal from here the vehicle hascrossed the signal

disable the 'go straight' sign and divertthe others to the left and right take right...! can't go straighttake rig ht or left move...movedon't stay we've made the diversion the vehicle is moving towardsthe second signal take the rightkeep going diverting in the right side don't we have to head straightto go to beach road?

move...! hey, black van!move take the right let's take the longer route move...move block the right sidego straight go straight we've diverted them to the rightbut the next signal is not working ls there any sergeant?

i'll direct themto the right stop them all - divert to the right- you can't go straight listen to what we say work for the 'metro'is in progress don't stoptake right diversion will you allow usto go home or not? there are several truckscoming that way it's ok...!we'll adjust

0k, go...go hey...stop the vehicle there are no vehiclesahead of us or behind us they are planned signalsdivert and caught to us the police have trapped usturn the vehicle around shiva, run over him when we return home victorious,to celebrate that... ...or when we come back defeated,we should have a family to comfort us if we don't have that, there isno meaning to the life we live

i've come back a winner i need you, dadyou should be with me always will you be with me always? behind every man's success,there may or may not be a woman but, behind every son's success there will be a father for sure like mine 'dedicating to the beloved fathers'

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