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Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

Free Hello Kitty Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Free Hello Kitty Valentines Day Coloring Pages

hello how's everyone doing after the national holidays? today i'll be sharing the stuffs that i bought during my two weeks' stay in japan for part 1 i will be showing everything but clothes accessories, cosmetics, everything but garments i had a horrifying exam on september 25th, so i arrived at 24th i stayed there til october 8th i went there with a huge suitcase, half of which was empty

and of course, i came back with it full now let's check out my japan haul! where do we start? i'm surrounded by so many goodies and i'll start...with you! so first i have those melon flavored candies it's some sort of melon gummy? a friend recommended it to me and i liked it it's a soft gummy with a chewy core...kind of?

it's nice, try it next! i strongly recommend the red version of lululun's facial masks i started using it before my trip bought them on now that i have tax free this time, had to buy more so i bought a lot this mask is super moisterizing fall is such a dry season, so i strongly recommend it! i have sensitive skin myself and it's not irritating to me

another great thing about it is the package one pack like this comes with 7 masks when you go on short trips, there's no need to pack all those skin care stuffs like toner, cream, all those bottles all you need to carry is this one pack one mask per day and it makes a great skincare routine ah! this. love liner, which i saw a lot on weibo and other social medias as you can see, i haven't opened it yet

this is the brown liquid liner because the brown liner that i own...dried out i used stila before but the thing is, first, it's hard to buy here from china dries kind of fast i've bought so many of them in the past... one year? so when stila liner is dried, the first stroke will add color, but when you make a second stroke, it will wipe the color off

it drives me crazy so i really wanted to try japanese eyeliners and this the package is empty because i've been using this one i actually used it today it was on cosme ranking at some point the brand is called k-palette it's a liquid liner as well personally i prefer liquid liner since it's clear and sharp

i don't like my eye line to be mudgy and dirty so i'm definitely a liquid liner girl i also really like the fact that it comes in a variety of colors it has "漆黑", which is like super black and it also has this "蜶黑", which is a less intense, brownish black i like this subtle distinction of colors i've been using this liner during my two weeks' trip i really liked it! it's very easy to use, easy to color and does not smudge

then we have this i had so much more i wanted to buy but i ran out of time so i bought a little at the airport my flight was so late that many airport shops were closed ;n; this is from the same brand and it's the color super black i think someone recommended it to me, but i haven't tried it yet it's a mascara, and it was also on the cosme awards and then i have this eye drop for contacts it's in a pink little bottle, i have another one lying around...

somewhere. i bought it with a friend and it's nice of course, since i got tax free, i bought the eyeshadows that i've been craving for a while like suqqu and lunasol i also used lunasol today i'll upload a "get ready with me" video where i tried out these eyeshadows if you're interested, don't forget to follow me!

also in the cosmetics category is what's it called makeup brushes from hakuhodo (白凤堂) i've started using their brushes before the trip, and i bought some more this time i'll review the brushes in the aforementioned makeup video so please check it out ok what's more let's move on to accessories this one is from 6% dokidoki

it's earrings, kind of anyway, it's black in color, and you put something through your ear hole, and add the decorative part from behind your ear. it will reads dokidoki on your earlobe i bought a lot of accessories from osewaya it's an affordable j-fashion accessory store i use to buy their stuffs from online shop and bought some more this time at their physical store

i have two rings here one is this black cat face so cute <3 the other one is poker themed i want to use it on a queen of heart coord gotta put them away nicely or they'll get lost by the way, osewaya always have halloween themed accessories every year i bought one of those last year and this year i had to buy more

this is a pair of earrings which features a ghost with blonde twin pigtails the other side says "halloween" this is also part of the halloween collection it's a little longer there are two tiny metal bars and some ghosts at the end hahaha this one is a pair of derpy black cats this one is clip-on so it works on everyone this is a set of clip-on

there's a bat, a pumpkin, and a black cat, an angry black cat on top of a skull xd now it's time for these bags ah this one is...something from kyoto xd first of all we have some osomatsu-san goodies because i have a friend who's a huge fan her favorite is the second oldest one the one that's douchey (sorry!)

so i got her some japan-limited stuffs shhh don't tell her i also bought this 胡粉 nail polish at the same store in kyoto it's some kind of a nail polish made out of some kind of herbs i don't do nails all that often anyway it says that it doesn't have the repugnant smell and it's non-toxic and something like that...? i just really liked the color it's a fall's new color

like a mustard yellow the official name is "黄红叶" (literally translated: yellow, red, leaf) it's a very poetic name. i want to try it some day. although i'm not good at nail thing, i'll do a video of trying out this product i got this in kyoto as well it's a scarf i think it's a dark purple scarf with accents of orange and moss green it has three lovely embroidery too the images used kyoto's signature things

as the weather gets colder, i'll be able to wear it soon! and then we have... this is, uh, a doujin that i got from mandarake you don't need to know what's it about :p (but i said it anyway lol) it's a new doujin from rira it's about the young sebastian and joseph >///< i haven't read it yet

but it's gonna be good elegant, and serious. next we have disney goodies! i'm so happy to be able to go to tokyo disneyland during their halloween period i bought something back too it's a pair of ears it's mickey's ears, with the bow in halloween's orange x black colors

and on one ear it has minnie... wait this is minnie's ears anyway it's mouse's ears on the other ear it reads "happy halloween" on the back it says "happy halloween 2016" so it makes a great souvenir i'll probably wear those in a video moving on to this bag i think i bought a mickey's chain

i bought a cool black and white, vintage style mickey wearing a vampire's cape it can be added to your bags it has a pin in the back too, so it can be easily added to a lot of places as well. and then we have eh? that's all? i did better than i thought! didn't buy that much! i'm proud of myself

this is an alice themed scrunchie adds some nice detail to your ponytail i really like the bow's shape and the color is really subtle i feel like it can go with many lolita and otome outfits lastly, i got this bag i didn't have a bag to go with my disney outfit, so i got this canvas bag and it says "living in new york"

i used to live in new york for almost three years i really want to go back, so i just had to buy it as a token of good luck i also bought a pumpkin mickey chain it lights up too it looks so nice at night that's all i bought at disneyland i'll upload a vlog of my trip to disney later haha, i'm sorry this is becoming a trailer: i'll do this, i'll do that

we are almost done! i don't think there's much else i didn't buy that much after all! good! i got this purse at a gallery in tokyo we went to an exhibition on... like western vintage fashion in the 20th century i bought this little purse it features cute elements such as bows and shoes

it's made of goblin i love the small size of it, really gives an elegant and vintage vibe i want to coordinate it with classic lolita as a vintage bag since i included bags, let's talk about head accessories as well. this one i bought at f.i.n.t it's pretty nice, very affordable, and the flower looks great too it also has some veil/net on the side i think it goes well with a lot of outfits too next it's my favorite thing:

hats i bought three hats on my japan trip the first one is...this. i got it at bookoff, a thrift store, and it's only 200 yen ($2) it's so cheap! on the inside... there's only some tags in japanese one says it's 100% wool the other one says... バラいろの……ぼずし

it means "rose-colored hat" this is rose-colored?! i think it's the brand 's name i'll look it up later anyway it's a cute black hat i do have a couple of black hats, but i don't have one of the same width of brim so i bought it :p because it's so cheap come on it has a lot of decoration on top

of a velvet-like texture it can be worn on one side or down the middle wool hats are great for the coming season and a black hat is always useful on halloween next i have this hat from f.i.n.t it's almost like a beret i really like when it's worn the day i bought it, i was wearing my hair with pinned rolls down here

and i wore the hat on one side with the volumn of hair rolls down there it definitely has a vintage vibe it's also a warm brown i think it's a great color for fall i also bought this one it's from amavel, whichever way you'd like to pronounce it it's from there i like the size of its brim

i can't try it on because of the clips fanny and i bought the same hats so that we can do some twinning coords i'll put the i really like it when it's worn i have a lot of items in wine color and it works great in fall and winter too i think we are done we are done! and that's everything i bought in japan except for clothes

i'll do a part 2 on clothes only xd no wait i forgot the most important thing! last but certainly not least, i got in daiso, the japanese 100 yen store some halloween goodies! i got some cute candy wrapping bags i think this ghost design and this black cat design are both so cute you can put candies into these bags,

and decorate your tea party or give it to friends so in daiso alsmot everything is 100 yen in us dollar that's like roughly one dollar so it's cheap and cute i got some nail stickers as well as i said, i'm not good at nail thing but sticker shouldn't be too hard, right? i want to try them out for halloween

and lastly i have these halloween themed paper lashes i got two types this one is like spider webs this one is a lot more complicated it has a haunted house, a cross, a gravestone, and a creepy tree. they're quite intense i've never used paper lashes before i'm curious to find out how they will feel on your eyes

so in the next video, i will try these lashes! i'll also showcase the outfit that i chose to go with them so that is, officially, my japan haul part one i'll do a part two on clothes later, by then i can add pictures and videos to show how they look when worn as you probably have notices, halloween is coming! halloween is the number one favorite holiday for every lolita, myself included. it's the time that we show our true color

and crash every normal person ever thus, in celebration of my favorite time of year, from now on i'll be doing a halloween special in which i'll be sharing halloween makeup, outfit ideas, vlog on going to haunted house in japan and i'll carve a pumpkin! (from this point on i'll be addressing my viewers on (thank you for watching my video with subtitles!)

(happy halloween, and see you next time!) (bye!) (i mean it!) (but you don't even understand chinese do you) (why are you still here?) (you are funny.) (seriously there's no more subtitles. adding subtitles is so tiring! xdd bye!)

Free Hello Kitty Valentines Day Coloring Pages