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Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

Hello Kitty Coloring And Activity Book Youtube

Hello Kitty Coloring And Activity Book Youtube

hi girls, are you ready for a surprise egg hunt? yeeee.... ok, here are your bags wow, rainbow bags, they look like our channel colors they do, they're beautiful bags kids, there's a surprise toy hiding somewhere in this video if you can find what it is, make sure you tell us in the comments below ok girls, are you ready to hunt for the eggs?

ye go, go, go, go kiddietoysreview: toys and fun with ely and ela wow ela's got the first one whoa that's a huge blue egg whoa ela's super quick wow great find ela who's going to find the next one? who's going to get the next one?

wow what have you got ely? a green egg you've got a giant green egg it sounds like something's inside there are toys inside who's going to get the next egg? whoa, ela's got one. what have you got ela? a pink egg you've got a huge pink egg

what have you got ely? orange egg wow that's a huge orange egg who's going to find the next egg? where's the next one? whoa ela! what have you got? a red egg you got a giant red one whoa, looks like ely

ely's got the next one wow what have you got? a giant yellow egg whoa that's so huge ok you want to open the eggs up now? ok let's go let's go ok girls, take out your eggs and count them, see who the winner is

one two three eggs three ela's got three eggs how many do you have ely? whoa it matches the picnic cloth oh ye and three

three. who's the winner? both of us both the winner, yay! it's a tie yay a tie ok who wants to open the eggs first? me... me ok ely was first, open them up ely open the first egg up

what's inside? what's in there? wow, it's a musical hello kitty and we've got a hello kitty with a guitar and who's that? it's a hello kitty with an accordion accordion and look at those dancing ballerina hello kitties la la la, i can't wait to dance

they're dancing, look they're all dancing so much fun they're having a party ok, open up the next egg which one's the next one? yellow? yes open it up wow

wow, there's so many kinder surprise eggs oh my goodness there's so many do i get to open them? you do yay! i have so much chocolate to eat open up the hello kitty surprises what's in the first one? hello kitty mopping the floor

oh she's got a little cute broom what's in the next one? hello kitty eating noodles she's eating noodles hello kitty's got a bell and flowers on her head she's so cute what's the next one? hello kitty delivering mail she's working as a postal girl

that's so cute hello kitty's saying "hi" hello look at the pretty flower in her head wow, an orange flower, wow that's so pretty that's 5 hello kitties wow they're so pretty what about the surprise eggs, do you want to open them up with ela together? ok, take a couple each, and open them up

squash them whoa wow wow aarrgghh the chocolate whoa all the chocolate fell out i'm going to have one piece what are the surprise you've got in the eggs? let's have a look, take them out wow a fairy

you've got a fairy? that's so pretty hi it's a barbie sticker stickers oh so pretty what's inside the next one? what have you got in there? what's that?

wow it's a barbie it's a pretty barbie wow look you have to tie this on oh it's a nurse barbie oh no, it's a chef barbie wow that's so pretty ela, what's inside your egg? whoahoho smashing the egg

wow, what have you got inside? let's have a look at the present wow what's that? what is that? it's twilight sparkle whoa my little pont that's beautiful put it together use your big chompers

do you know where the wings go? what's that? is that for her to stand on? twilight sparkle oh she's so pretty put her with the other toys she's beautiful you've got a lot of toys so far who's next? me

ok open up your next one what's inside the next surprise egg? ninja turtle wow look at his mask, he's got a blue mask on does he open up, looks like he opens up? it's really hard to it's hard to open him up so many toys! who's next? ela's next

what's inside the next egg? whoa crunch it more what's inside this one? ninja turtle again! ninja turtle with a purple mask look they're the same you want to try to crack it? oh you opened it up nothing something turns in there, look i don't know what that is

there's two ninja turtles, they're friends put them with the other toys whoa that's a lot of toys, who's next? okay crack it open i have the last one what's in this one? another ninja turtle what i have the same again?

how many ninja turtles have we got? whoa! any more surprise eggs? no, every one is open ok, time to munch down wow look at all your surprise toys i still have a green egg to open ok open it up i wonder what's in there? wow, that's hello kitty jumping on the bed set

do you want to sing the song? ok set them up five hello kitty jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped her head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more hello kitty jumping on the bed four hello kitty jumping on the bed three hello kitty jumping on the bed two hello kitty jumping on the bed

she fell off and bumped her head one hello kitty jumping on the bed doctor and mommy jumping on the bed they fell off and bumped their heads there was nobody left to call the doctor so there was nobody to call the doctor at all hahaha wow you made up your own song is that all your eggs ely? all of them opened?

yes, but how about ela? ela, it's your turn ok ela, open up your eggs wow what a smash that looks like... ... a hello kitty bath time let's use the bottom of the egg for a bath tub that's a great idea but we need something for the bath! do you know what we need?

no what do you need in a bath? i think water water! where are we going to get water from? i have a bottle whoa, ely's got water pour it in whoa they're going for a bath be careful, don't make the bath too full

do we have enough water for a second bath? ok we can have two baths wow look at them having a bath i'm going diving me too. jump. whoa i'm under the water hello, i can see you, hello

Hello Kitty Coloring And Activity Book Youtube