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Kamis, 22 Juni 2017

Hello Kitty Get Well Soon Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty Get Well Soon Coloring Pages

smoking and drinking is injurious to health why do you commit yourself to death.. give up smoking and drinkingat least for the sake of censor board.. i will pen down a new storyby repairing an old dictionary.. i will narrate a never told story.. nothing extraordinaryjust a simple love story. you are listening to radio city 91.1 fm. this is rachna hosting the show ''aithalakadi morning': actually. it is raining heavily outside the studio.

few feel sad and a few feel happy when it rains. actually it should rain often. so that.!!! i can say that the prosperity because of the good will of people like me. up next.. this song is dedicated to those lazy onesstill rolling on the bed. to those walking with umbrellasto those enjoying a hot cup of coffee. and for those watching in theater. hey. are you enjoying in goa? no. i just finished my shoot in goa.i am in coorg now.

are you in coorg? where exactly over there? paalibetta. it is near virajpet. wow! actually amar's house is right there. patient hoped for too prescribed biryani. actually please do me a favour... it is the same onethat i have asked you before. you go and meet amar's sister. so amar and i can get marriedand your life will also get a new meaning.

hmm. so your plan is to build a road on my a bus can reach your town. very nice work. but she is a doctor... boss. however big a candle is,it has only a single flame. where you are is not important,what you are doing is important. she has studied ayurveda, just for a sake.but you are an ad company owner. you are earning well. she should be lucky to get a guy like you. but i have always wanted a ''love marriage''.

dumbo, you really don't have a brain. actually. girls are very choosy nowadays. already a girl broke your heart once. hmm, next time if it repeats.. your heart license and bank balanceboth will get bounced. as an elder brother you needto think about my marriage.. instead. i am helping you and a girl. hello hello. when you start praising the mechanic as is evident that your car needs a repair.

lo, brother uh... ok ok. i will do this for you. if not a guiding star for your life.i will try to be the colorful lights for your wedding. message me the address.i will call you evening. bro,.you are the best...bye... an old engine. a new battery. my heart hasstarted to work away. writing a simple love story.

just a simple love story. life is a lovely strawberry. reason is, heart has stolen away in a robbery. write a song, pen down the words,to a tune that has been stolen.. temptation is thename of the factory. that sells dreams in a bakery.. enjoy the taste of unseen sweets... don't look for a reason, just watch season with a dream, full of love..

its just a simple love story. hello! sir... donating eyes is a great admirationurinating is a big satisfaction, have some patience. now tell me your problem. which way is the west puri estate? oh, the one that belongs to doctor madam. ya exactly. then go straight, take leftthen right, up and down you will get that. go...

hello boss... first you will come across a small gatewhich will be open, you can go safe. second gate will be big and closedyou will have to climb over, be careful. it is now time for rachna's rhyme. today is the month's last day wa.. wa.. hmm. and also my pocket is empty anyway. tomorrow is first,getting paid feels the best now everyone repeat,rachna's rhymes are the greatest.

no wa.. wa.. you sinnersyou call yourself my friends. we are taking a break here in''aithalakadi morning''.. jai.. brother, where are you? first i walked straight.then took a right. climbed up on the left.i am climbing down now... where are you going? to the address you messaged me. actually i called up and spoke to doctor.she is at home.

amar's phone was not reachable. don't worry go visit them,i have told her everything. putta.. i just saw a girl.. she looked as good as a shining car in a showroom,my girl has to be someone like her. once the new car is out,it will get covered with dust. you first attend my exam. why don't i marry both of them? for what joy? the one who rides a horse is a warrior.but the one who rides a carriage pulled by two is an emperor.

when you can't sustain a whackwith a stick, you want two? no. look if i marry one.i will fight with her. but if i marry them both.they both will fight over me. at least i will be safe. brother... ok ok..don't put glycerin to eyes.. i will go become your doctor's patient. by chance if i don't get the doctor then,i will think about that girl.. there are two types of people in this country.

what are the types? one of this type... and and of other type... you are listening to radio city 91.1 fm.this is rachna hosting the show ''aithalakadi morning'; actually this weather is very romantic. there is some connection betweenrain and love. i think it rains when the earthand clouds get married. actually i am about to tell an interesting story.

there is a boy on his wayto meet a girl for the first time. not just to meet.. everyone proposes for love.but our boy is going for a marriage proposal.. where?... in coorg... i will keep updatingon this live. love and marriage story. this next song goes out toeveryone in love. the hospital looks like a palace. will the doctor be as pretty as a princess? lets see..

ahh. dr. ithihasini? almost perfect. kushal? perfect. give me just 42 seconds.i will be right back. tell me start looking for your engagement date.and also fix my wedding date. did you meet ithi? you decided so soon. marriages are made in heaven. but after that. a hell of a life is down here.

okay. tell me if you really like her? hmm. she is not as fair as me.but for my sister i can manage. you lead a colorful lifeonly through these black and white eyes.. but still. she is fair enough man.. please come inside. okay. i will call you later. bye. i have arrived. i have arrived... the house is very beautiful. it was built by masons.

come. let's go upstairs. looks like nobody is in here... are right in front of my eyes.and in your eyes i can see myself. so i can see both of us here. i mean to other than usthere seems to be nobody here. no one at homethat's why you can't see anyone. where is amar? not just amar.. and even our house maidhave all gone to visit a temple. everyone?

yes everyone. why? when are they coming back? hmm...may be by tomorrow afternoon. ok then. i will go and stay in a hotel nearby.i will come. once amar is back. are you orientedthe other way by any chance? you've been asking only about amar. hey. nothing like that. you have come to meet me right? i am here. talk to me

which color hair band i wear how tall are my heels. which parlor i ask me about it. i will ask you which bike you ride. where do you fill petrol. how big is your wallet. and which area do you go to meet girls. if we like each other then let's sit downand have a cup of coffee. or else. there are a few dirty coffee cups.let's wash them and leave.

but there is no better place or timeto get to know me better. that is true. but... are you lord hanuman's devotee? why? why are you carrying that huge he carried a mountain. put it down... it is true that i know karate. i don't give any guarantee for your shirt buttons.but i will give guarantee to your shirt. please come this way... oh. started to drizzlelet your words start too...

my name is friends call me kush. i have studied up to 2nd year b.scwith a ''conditions applied'' star on its side. i have enjoyed egg rice on the roadside alsoand i have rejected bad tasting biryani in 5 star hotel too. i believe that there is some happiness in peoplehanging out on a bus and there is some sadness in people flying in a plane. then. my sister and your brother workin the same company. they both are in love and want to marry each other. meanwhile. you have to get marriedand i need someone to spend my life with. so. my sister is trying to 'match the following' between us.

all that is done. how come you are hereto meet me all of a sudden. no i was here to shoot a jewellery ad film.near keerahole river. but in between my sister caught hold of meand linked here. which actors had come for the shoot?i have always wanted to see a shooting. even i would have come.. this is not like a movie shooting.. there will be no heroes here.. what was the concept?it's too complex. you won't understand. make this as a test for yourself.explain it to me in a way that i can understand.

hmm ok. imagine.. hmm.. there is a beautiful river. imagine i am the woodcutterand you are the goddess. as i am hammering . the camera zooms in. shit! what the beep. oh no. i don't know how to kids are waiting for food back home. goddess ganga what do i do now? oh my god !!!

wow!!! my child. don't is your axe. oh no. this is of gold. its not mine. take this one. aah. no. no. no.this is silver i say.mine was a basic model. this is not mine. then take this one.. yes. this is mine. well done my child. in appreciation of your honestyi give you this golden axe as a gift. take it. oh. why don't you give mesuvin jewelers gold instead.

what is so great about suvin jewelers gold? it has hallmark. purity.better designs. price tag. and its trust worthy.what your jewels have? so all the gold that i am wearing? good for nothing. how was it? it was alright.actually that concept coffee or tea?ah! aah coffee.

strong or weak? strong. what do mean by strong? strong means. one cup of spoon filter coffee. little sugar. you know it so well. the kitchen is right there.make a cup for me too. i need to water theemporium plants please. you water plantsin this rainy season too? why? after having kidsdo you stop. living together. you are feeding the kidsgripe water.

looks like you have addedcoffee powder to kheer. even though the pipe is so small.the medicine gets sprayed with lot of force. right? i meant it is good for the plants. just hold this.sure. very sweet.thank you. thank you. no i meantthe coffee is very sweet. its ok. now tell mewhat do you know about me? your name is ithihasni.nice name. you look not so bad andyou are an ayurvedic doctor.

kind hearted. my life will be beautiful.that is all i want. dumbo. always remember. the best scenesof the movie make the trailer but the story will be entirely need to watch the entire movie to decide. why are you wearing thisring like a pendant? does it look good?ha. ya its super. thanks. actually my grand-dad gave me this ringwhen i was young. he passed away soon after. super. i meant the gift he gave you is continue. hmm. after that my dad wanted to melt itand make a new jewellery. but i love this a lot.which is way i am wearing it like this.

very good..very good can i ask you a question? i will attempt even if i am notprepared for the exam. ask me brother. huh! hit my right cheek till your left side sandals break.but please don't use such words.. i have come here to marry you.don’t call me as brother. you can't climb every mountain you see.okay sorry. what was the question you wanted to ask. i feel little embarrassed. who is that girl withamar in that photo?

already doubts havestarted to crop up? the photo that is supposed to have my sisterwith amar has some other girl in it? she is our cousin. they share adivine brother-sister relationship. next question i dint mean that. can i ask you one? ask me ten but give methe option to answer any five. as an elder brother you have tosafe guard your sister's interests. but here it seems you are doing resort politicsfor amara rachana's joint government.. whenever i failed in examswhen i could not find a job;

or when my ex-girlfriend'smobile was not reachable. my sister was the one who would right clickand refresh my life. hmm. when your ex-girlfriend's phonewas not reachable? hmm. you were sad that i dintjoin you to make coffee. right? come now let's wash the cups together. you should provide support when batsman is on the pitchnot when he is back to the pavilion. i thought it was boring but now i got a twist. who was that girl? did she dump you? hmm. she dumped my heartand walked all over it.

let's not talk about her now.she is already married. it is not out of jealousyi am asking about her. its very boring now. so i thoughtthis story would be interesting enough. if i get to know your flashback. i could know how you treated girlsand what was missing between you both. so if we decide to take this furtherwe can learn from each other's mistakes. no. i don't want to think about her.let's not talk about it. at least tell me when wasthe last time you met her. last time i met her was.

when she came one evening to invite mefor her reception on the same night. i never met her again. huh! when inviting for reception.that too from a girl to her lover. this will be very interesting.please tell me in detail. haven't i told you it is impossible.i don’t want to think about her.. you are stuck at the same linelike a clock without the cell. don't think about her. thinkabout someone else in her place. aah. think about film star ramya.

she is too busy even tocome into your imagination. look at me. look into my eyes think about me in her placeand tell me the story. she was like an electric spark. straight hair and always wore a bindi. she used to always ask questions. it was raining lightly that dayboth outside and inside of my heart. my girl is getting married tomorrowlet her life be filled with joy. entry into a templealways has a long queue.

special entry with a shortqueue when you pay rs 50. direct entry inside. if you pay 500. and if you pay 50,000 they will bring the lordto your door step and perform the pooja. but even if we give our life.girls will always make us wait for them. how long have you been waiting? just 3 hours. it's okay it is good tospend time in a temple. when we wait for a person it does not meanthat we don't have anything to do. it just means that person is moreimportant than everything else.

did you know the news? from the known sourcesi heard about your wedding. how do i look? ha ha.. even a donkeylooks great at this age. sweet has come straight fromthe beauty parlor. instead of going for photosyou have come here to show sympathy. glowing face. hands with mehandi. when you smile it feels like nailsbeing hammered into my heart. are you angry?

yes. am angrybut not against you. are you notcoming to my wedding? you haven't invited me. should i invite youfor your own girl's wedding? the shoe that you always leave them outside. it walks with you everywhereand stays with you the whole day. but it has no entry intoyour house or your heart. you are my girl onlywhen it's about my love. not when it comes toyour wedding or relationship. hu.

ha ha. great idea to save pen ink. ''your name in etched in our heart.a warm welcome to you and your family;' scratch out 'etched in our heart'; if not. every time i see this will feel like syringing my heart. kush. please don't drinkin depression. and grow beard. ha ha. don't sow suchideas in my head. all you girls like to see your ex-boyfriendroam around in depression. with unshaven beard so you can tell your friendsabout the devdas in your lives. please no.

never say no and throwyour guy out of your heart. bedroom and temple.. because when they will end up feeling sad. if so. i will leave. never again knock atthe doors of my heart. as i bid farewell to you.i request you not to leave me and go. i will burn all our memoriesbut please do not forget me!. my heart has rusted out.please replace it with your's i will keep your name forthe grave of my dead love give your consent

you must come to thehall early at 4 pm. why? haven't you hiredanyone to clean up the place? felt like drops of holy water being pouredinto mouth at death bed. may you prosper in life. goddess lakshmi for wealth.sarawathi for knowledge. but there's no one for love. i always thought she wouldbe my wife in this life. but. in this dry season.she has filled me with tears broke my heart into a million pieces.using her love as a weapon. huh! my favorite movieis on tv come let's watch.

your's lovingly.. super in the market in the majestic.step on the rail. reach the jail. are you all alone. i am completely lost after fallinginto this muddy pit called love. girls are like lotus flowerblooming out of the muddy water. and boys are likeroots of the flower. the roots go deep inside mudand hold it tight. and just like. it supply all the foodand water for the flower to bloom. we boys are always ready to sacrifice heart. eyesand even our selves for girls. yes.

but you girls. smile at everyone passing by on the roaddo not care for the roots at all. you get married and settle in lifeaccording to the owner of the garden, that's your parents. but the roots deep inside mud have no ideaof what is happening in the outside world. ha ha ha. in the same waynobody can understand a girl. but we. the boys die in the mud andbecome food for another flower. the memories that flood my mindwhen i sit with whiskey in my hand. kill my heart. like the good friend called cigarettecomes hand in hand with an enemy called cancer. one fine day. we get run out.

a procession ridingon four shoulders. with women in front shedding crocodile tears.and men at back showering praises after death. ha ha ha ha. by chance if we survive. life will be like the last batsmanwaiting for batting after loosing 10 wickets. sir sir sir. watch out.take your hand. i am steady. you should always walk forward in life.sir sir sir. you are drunk. shh.. yes you are rightbut you are not drunk. the earth looks like it is spinning like a top.come. let's sit down here.

here?come my child sit down here. what happened failure? idiot. my love is success.i just could not get my girl. sir. you look like you have done ph.d in love.tell me how does one get into love. hey. you don't get into just happens. sir. how do i knowwhen i am in love? you look to be in a hurry to fall in love.yes sir. very good. let me give you some tips.listen to me carefully. sir.

number 1: when you see that girlall you want is to get lost in her eyes number 2: every step you takewith her makes your bond stronger. number 3: her touch gives heavenly feeling number 4: the very secondour heart knows that she is the girl. a beautiful songtakes birth in our heart. super sir. super. are you listening? are you listening to me?yes sir. i am. come here let's sit down and in this water?

this is not just water.this is my love ''when you see that girlall you want is to get lost in her eyes.'' power cut. in today's world there isa guide with tips to fall in love. do you have any suchdreams of your ideal man? yes. no matter how much i scold.he should quietly listen and accept it. he should cook for me. he should feel my painwhen a thorn pricks me. etc. it.

have you watched rajinikanth's robot movie?yes i will ask the movie director build a robot for you. marry that you will never find aboy with such qualities. even without having any such qualities.i was loving one guy.. oh. so you have an old love story too? a very simple you wanna listen? i don't want to know aboutthe stops that have passed. i want the stops that are ahead. legs start to ache when you walk.mouth gets dry when you talk.

but the ears don't get tired of shut up and listen to me. there was this one guyi liked him a lot. probably he might bemarried by now. i will replace you in his placefor this story. but you are nowhere close to him.. he was very handsome. he rode anold rajdooth bike. his name was jarin.he was my cousin's friend. spectacles. long hair with a clip.

ha. he had a beard too. and he was an awesomesculpture artist. beyond all this.he had great respect for women. his paintings. bike riding style.i liked everything about him. i visited the church one day. but i felt his speech wastoo heavy. in this journey of life.a women is a symbol of sacrifice. we must always respect her. not just in the bible in hindu scriptures too.there is a line in sanskrit.

which means.where there is respect for women.gods and angles reside there. that means womenstands for purity of soul. a man always has an ego.''i should earn for my kids my family:' but a women always makes sacrificesfor the success of her husband and kids. she leads a life free of arrogance. it felt like a boring lecture butit was quite impressive. like some one who desires to eat almond.but end up eating groundnuts he dreamt of sculpting in ice.but for now he built sand castles. ice is cold. sand is hot.wonder how heart is.

hi. i heard you drill. sorry i mean, talking thechurch yesterday. very impressive. thank you.i was just sharing the little knowledge that i have. this sand sculpture is too there any meaning in this too? yes. this depicts that the relationship shared by a mother andchildis greater than that of father and child. how is that? here a father is tying hisson's shoe lace after noticing them. but with the motherthat is not the case. a new born is devoid of wordsfor at least two years of its birth.

the mother takes care of everything.she knows exactly what her child needs. she feels the child'spulse in her heart. you are lucky to be born as a woman.a kind hearted soul. you are a christian right? christian by religion.human by birth. i am acting.he is overacting. forget know thetrue beauty of a woman is. stop drilling my head. you are thinking something?

ah. i was thinking.please stop drilling my brain. hmm. if i turn around and walk awaywont you think yourself this girl looks great from behind. sorry. i think i have hurt you. okay i will leave now. bye. it's okay. one morning. he wastaking his bike for a walk. looks like he is not well? i have run out of petrol. i have seen you pushyour bike more than riding it.

i took out a loanwhen buying this bike. everything i earn mostly goes into repaying the loan.sometimes i end up with no money for petrol. hmm. you should alwaysbuy a trouser that fits if you a buy big one just coz it looks will slid down one day and embarrass you. that's not the case. when you race with rats and will still be a rat. but. when you race with tigersand lose. you will always be a tiger. i had some trusted sourcesbut none of them came through. come i will lend you somepetrol from my cousin's bike.

there is no value for an empty bottle.a deflated balloon and a bike running on borrowed petrol. i used to observe him from a distance. i wanted to be with him.i wanted to talk to him. my hand wanted to hold his hand. hmm. you haven't heardme curse yet. stop. stop. please.beep. beep. beep hope your silence falls off. what do i do now.i am already late for college. hello hello. stop. stop.thank god you are here.

come. drop me off tomanipal college. but i am going towards malpe. will your bike say noif you turn the handle? nothing like that.shall i drop you to the bus? huh! smarty pants. i lent you petrol theother day. now give me back my petrol. no wait. sit i will drop you. i will hold you tight. will you pop a wheelie?i don't know all that. you sit behind and hold me.i will pop a wheelie. pollution free vehicle.leads to families with happy people.

honk for the right waybut blackmail for lift everyday. i had decided to sharemy feelings of love for him. but the scene thatunfolded there was different. oh. if i ask him what is this.he will drill my brain for half an hour. have you donated your eyes? no but i will in future. heart? yes heart but not the entire heart.just a part of it is enough. how do i donate one part?

let me explain. he is picking up his drill.god save my brain. what is this?it is heart. no it is a symbol for love. for those immature lovers.we don't need this. an actual heart looks like this. two atria and ventricles. atria and ventricles. yes. the function of the heart is. two parts of the heart purify blood.

the other two pump theblood to all parts of the body. correct. love is also dividedinto four types. two stay within usand two go outside of us. the love that stays within us areour parents. grandparents. and so on. it starts within usfrom our birth. the second one is our friendsour pets. school teachers. we give birth to this loveas we grow along. what is the lovethat leaves us?

now the bird is readyto leave its nest. there are two typein that too. the first one is our kids. we don't have anytoday but everyone will have one in the future. don't you agree. dog biscuits may not have dogsbut cream biscuits have cream in them. which is the second type? your better halfi mean your love!. i am strong guy buti have a sense of shame too. but leaving that aside i am asking you.please let me be your better half.

the one who truly loveare the ones who scold the most. without asking your opinion. i sharewith you my feelings with this one line. i love you. huh! his words felt like dropsof rain on a hot summer day. but i did not let myhappiness show. like a silent cat entering without a have planned a lot without giving me a clue. you drill a hole without a drillyou play with colours on a white paper. build castles in sand.and what not. how do i decide to settle with will you take care of me?

even the deepest of oceanshave a shallow end. think about it. okay. come to the beach tomorrow.i will give you an answer. what time? i will come before the sun thatrose in the east. sets in the west. the thought of a guywaiting for you exam paper leaking out. both give a lot of joy but one cannot sharethis with anyone.

that day his handkerchiefwiped his tear. every time i think about eyes fill up with tears too. every one says nevertrust a man who cries but that day my trustbecame stronger because of his tears. i was not sure if i wasthe first love of his life but i wanted to be thelast in his life. he is seriouslyin love with you. the word love itself is too serious. a known donkey isbetter than an unknown horse.

you will never finda nicer guy than him. he may be a christian.a good guy. you can eat out and go on a hunger strike at home.every one will agree. you will get a good friendalong with a good husband in him. like how you get the sri lankamap free with the india map. this not somethingto joke about. no matter how well we know that it will cure the illness.we are always afraid of the injection. as my heart danced with love for mind stood silent. i waited for you yesterdayfrom morning till evening.

i will wait till my death. wait but always government vehicles enter a one way. ls that your final decision? you have your own goals. make ice sculptures.go attend the international competition. win awards. then a single cough of your's makegirls stand in queue to holding syrup for you. present learners are the future experts. no matter how tasty powder milk is.a baby always needs a mother's milk to grow. after that day he wentmissing for 2-3 days.

whenever we would meeti would irritate him. without meeting mehe would irritate me. i learnt the true meaningof the word ''miss you': my days were spent in was like a river flowing. but after i met him. the silence of the ocean andthe force of the river mixed to give rise to waves of love in myheart. my love maintaineda good strike rate. smiles have filled up my face. i like this new feeling in me. my dreams have changed.

memories of a new kindflood my head. my heart rebels againstme and yearns for you. a new flower bloomsin the garden of my heart. without any reason.i have made the decision. i have fallen in love soon. i decided that day to surrender myself to himbut he had decided to sail away from me. you have a niceglow in your face today? i washed it with soap. all these days?

i used it but withthe wrapper still on. where were all these days.i could not reach you on your mobile either. i was in mumbai. to get my passport done. for what reason..? ha ha. every girl accepts aguy's love to become their lover. but you have rejected my loveand become a godess in my life. i do not understand? in some days i will bewatching the stars from another land.

what does that mean? i misunderstood myinfatuation as love. but i have now realizedthe spelling difference in love and life. you know my dreamof one sculpting in ice. i met my father'sfriend few days back. he has promised to get me a lecturer postat the iceland sculpture institute. aah. ouch. sorry. by going there i can earn a name.fulfill my goals and get some peace of mind.

i have gotten bored of this country.i don't want to stay here anymore. people apologies for stepping on the footbut don't even realize when they are stomping on the heart. there is a saying'a grain should boil till it becomes rice: correct. you tried to boil.i could not boil. hmm.when are you leaving? there is one small problem. i need one lakh rupees. i have requestedsome of my friends. as soon as i getthe money i will leave.

in our game of love.he was happy about this exit. i was sad aboutmy time of entry. should i talk to him once? if i wanted him i would havecarried him on my shoulders and come. but he said a few words that. love was just attraction. he is like a penwithout a refill now. why should boys always sacrifice.let us become a devdas once too. why are you sad?

nothing. i am notgetting the loan anywhere. why worry when there is gold at home.pawn the gold and fly happily. no. i don't want. if you wanted would not have gotten the money. some times tears are a sign of happiness.while smiles are a cover up of sadness. i will never be ableto repay your good will. oh so there is no plan ofreturning back my money? no. at present i don'thave anything to give you. i had already decided thati would leave this bike for you.

you have to drop meto the airport in this bike. i dropped the boy whodropped out of my life to the airport. since then there has beenno calls. no letters. no memories. a fence in its thorn. snake in its teeth.datura in its seeds have poison in them. but boys have itright in their hearts. not all men are the same. hello. yes i had. a bomb has goneoff in my heart. i will express my feelingslater with the meanings.

what rice item you like to have? bisi bele bath. do you know how to prepare it? ya actually. i have no idea.i think they use wheat flour in it. such a poor kiddo. so innocent. does noteven know how to open the chocolate wrapper. let's walk to thefarm and eat something there. i am not a tribalto eat in a farm. we were born like wise.

come it will be agood change over for you. you forgot the umbrella.i should forget you instead. wait. here hold the will get wet if it rains. big deal. let's get wet if it rains. why do you have reminderon your phone for everything. my memory is too powerful.that's why. your flashback story was good. but no matter how much a girl tries to becomea devdas she will never be able to grow a beard.

looks like we enteringsomeone else's farm. every guy looks forwardto stamping their pole. you are thinking so muchto jump across someone else's pole. ha ha. jumping.seeing or doing is all secondary. but i first apply for a license. and then enter the heart directly. the rainbow is so colorful. wow. look at that. come come.

'' her touch will feel like heaven '' there is nothing to eat here. wash your hands first. later we will go. hey. where is my chain? oh shit. you kept it here? i don't know get it back now. i don't know how to swim.please i don't know how to swim. i don't know how.but i want my ring back.

i had kept it as mygrand-dad's memory. i will kill you. i am now looking at thesecond most beautiful girl in this world. who is the first one? yourself. but when you smile. hee.!!! smile. my heart has taken a new turn.nurturing this love starts from this moment on. ''the very second your heart knows that this is the girl.a beautiful song takes birth there. '' feelings are best describedwhen sky changes its color.

i'm so much immersed in love.which insist my heart to fly in the garden of my heart.memories bloom like flowers. those cute little words. your beautiful eyes.haunting me every moment. the melody of your smile.has struck my heart like an arrow. a kind of new disturbancehas started in my heart how could you forget to help me outfrom the disturbance ? dear. o. dear. you opened the windows of my heart! shower me with your love.without any expectations. a set of new expectations has been flowing around

bless me with your love and take me close.without wasting any time. act as if your searching blinking your eyes concentrate on the language of lovewithout seeing any words haunting me every moment. hello have you guys already decided?exchanged thamboolam already? i don't know about thamboolam.but my heart has been exchanged. does she feel the same?may be. wait. i will confirm with her.

dr. ithihasini. she is the same girlwho was in that photo with amar. hey. where are you? amar and ithihasini are at templeshe is not her. i have my doubts after seeinga doctor certificate here. did you tell them anything? no. i was confused so i disconnected the calland called you up immediately. don't tell them anything yet. i will find out who shereally is and give you a call. okay. but have youseriously exchanged your heart?

it is my heart.not a showroom. hey what's up! this is pradeep. today'snews on radio city 91 .1 fm is that.. the voice of radio cityis mute with no noise. i was listening to that story you were sharing on any chance is it your brother's story? yes. where is he now.where has the story come to now? how is the weatheron your end? weather was goodbut it changed just now.

it is because you. where did you do yourm.b.b.s? in a college. i meant which college? you ask me in which hall are we getting married.i will give you an answer. moreover. i don't want to know about the stopsthat have passed. i want the stops that are next. feels like i misseda stop somewhere. ha ha okay, tell mehow did you fall in love with your ex? we fell in love out of misunderstanding,we broke up after understanding.

forget it.which subject did you specialize in? i have gotten bored of studyingthe subject for so many years. let's not talk about it.ask me about something else. i told you about my ad completely you tell me something about yourself. okay. i studied inbhuvamma medical college bhuvamma medical college.where does it come? it will come where ever you want.just listen to me. specialized in apocopology. ah! apo..

it is a medical term.a common man will not understand. okay. can i see your doctor certificate.i always wanted to see one i understand that you now know the did you find out? i found out who ithihasini is. why all this drama? who are you? why did you do all this?these questions are pricking my heart now. actually. i came here to give something,meanwhile your sister gave a phone call. i pretended to beithihasini on the phone. came to know you are cominghere to meet ithihasini.

she is little dumb.she would agree to any random guy. so, i made up a prank to test you. so i was the laughing stock.why were you here? i came here to give awedding invitation. who's wedding? my parents. who else will it be. its mine. don't you believe me? no.

nandini weds harish. in both bhandana and mungaru male movies,the heroine's name is nandini. in both the movieshero ends up alone. my life also has thesame fate. okay time for me to leave. before leaving lock the doorand drop the key in the pot. this is rachna on radio city 91.1 fmhosting ''chow chow bath'' because rj nethra is on leave today. remember the story i was narratingabout the boy in coorg on his way to meet the girl.

now he has fallen in love with the girl.apparently, she is not the girl he was supposed to meet. actually, who is this girl? what would happen?i will tell you in detail. in sometime. hey, duplicate nandini; wait. hey duplicate nandini. the date on the card youshowed me has been expired, right? another drama to avoid me. i will tell you somethingduplicate nandini. i don't need who are you?where you have come from.

but i have seriouslyfallen in love with you. if i ever get marriedit will be you. hey, you wished to eat carrotand why are you ending up with radish now? sometimes the journeyseems memorable than the destination. actually i fell in love with you,as soon as i saw you today morning while taking snaps. you fell in love with methe minute you saw me? love is blind,it has no boundaries if you sit down and think, the person is good or bad,educated or not. it will be again an arranged marriage. so,

so now you are theneedle and i am the thread. like how the needle and thread come together.i have decided to spend my entire life with you. that is the end for all your drama. hmm, how sure are youthat i will feel the same. ha ha, if you throw a ball against a wallwon't the wall return the ball back. such a sweetheart you are. if i love you,won't you love me in return. even a great cricket playermight have dropped at least one catch in his life. what if i am thatdrop catch in your life. love is like death in slow motion.i have had my share of experience.

there are many advantages of falling in love.speaker always sounds right. your parents don't need to worry about finding a already know where the guy fills the petrol and how bighis wallet is. also, there is no questionof dowry in a love marriage. so, will you not ask for dowry? thanks for asking meabout my marriage. dowry is a cancer that has spread in our should be completely eradicated. what if the girl's father insists. he insist or persist.i will not accept dowry. but for the sake of her safety.i will request for a few things.

what are those things? imagine i get marriedto a beautiful girl like you. okay. thanks, now after our wedding. we sing a duet, run around trees in ooty, for that coldweather and your father's dreams of becoming a grandfather. imagine you conceive. i will not imagine,but continue. i will be always traveling on work. at the same time my wife;that's you, may have go for delivery.

you can't walk aroundthe road looking for an auto. so for your safety a carwith ac will be good. what else? due to ill fate or jealous people.i end up losing my job. we end upon the streetsas i will be bankrupt to pay rent. to avoid any such situations,a 60x40 site. by hook or crooki will build a house. i will name the house after you. but, i will register it in my name.

then i will be working hard outside. you will be alone at home,so an lcd tv would entertain you. no need of 3d features but i will pay the cable fees. what if you die with anexpired insurance policy. huh..! i will ask my father to depositsome money in the bank. yes, that is a very good idea. even her spit is sweet.

all men are the same,there is no end to your greed. yeah right! we are the ones askingfor reservations everywhere. men act like devdas for a couple of forget everything once you see another girl. nobody smokes a cigarette for the smoke.when we get high on a cigarette like you.smoke is natural. in the name of love,you men spoil lives. we fall in love at first sight,and wait for the whole life. you break-up and forget us in a secondthough you love for the lifetime you men are the onesfollowing us around like dogs. okay, okay.

let your pomeranian walk ahead.our doberman shall follow it. okay, tell me where have we come? i grow mushrooms here. such a big palace togrow mushrooms? though the jack fruit is huge.isn't the pulp inside small. now tell me yourflashback story from beginning. no chance, ladies tell me who are you first. there is no first or last in a circle. you tell me your story first.i will tell you mine when we walk back home.

lets enter my flashbackthrough this front door. statutory warning. shh, pleaseclose at least one of your ears. mornings are spent in gym. noon playing carom. evening with rum. that is how we end up our day. words that we make up become our anthem. hum the tune if you like it.

seal your ears if you don't. girls around shining like a star. faces filled with smiles. when you try going close. they become not reachable. shameless we are. cold hearted a little sweet and spicy. our life is a mixture of both.

my heart is simple. it is an old model. to meet new girls. there is always a temple. we don't know the existence of god,but we still visit temples. field clear. we don't know whether we get a job or not,but we still attend interviews. we don't know whether we will pass or fail,but we still fill up the answer sheet. we are here in thistemple today.

where students expectingto fail have lined up. bribe god to pass them in exams. let us go and have a little chat with them. over to our reporter kasthuri. let us interview the devotees here. tell us, why do youvisit temples? to share my problemsand to seek some solutions. to minus my sinsand to boost my fortunes. okay, what are your reasons?

mangala, aarathi, deepa,pushpa, archana, shanti. what? shanti, for peace of mind. any other reasons tovisit temples? what other reason, dude?prasadam, to eat prasadam. dude. anything from a girl's hand is so tasty who gave you that prasadam? some homely girl over there gave me dude. homely girls are hard to find.

but in temple every girlwill be dressed up homely. uday, can you hear me? hey. dude.hey. please excuse ustake a short break!. tell me dude. what did you pray for? i prayed for all three of us. hope we clear the examend up working in the same office together.

what about you? my not pass okay,but he do not pass. hybrid of kannada plus english,your english paper will burn up in smoke. i asked god to pass my exams,only if you all clear the exams as well what if we all fail? don't worry about them god,just make sure i pass. hello, is it? hey guys, results are out. we spent the whole nighttrying.

but it came out early morning,the results. passed in kannada. but just fail in maths. the other subjects? completely fail. kannada victory... english tragedy. maths complete horror story. oh shit!i failed in english bro.

it is unpossible. you wanted to pass aloneand wished both of us to fail. now see god bowled a googlyand made the three stumps fall at once. we both of three members failed and proved,3 different bodies but 1 soul. three wheels but same enginelike an auto rickshaw. credit card had credit. debit card had debit. but the marks cardhad no marks in it. the subject is very interesting.

let's study for another year. madam is also so nice. like every other day i was walkingback from the andalamma park. it happened to be love at half sight anyways. the meaning oflove at half sight is. ''a feeling of love taking flight in my heartwith just a glimpse. she is the guiding light of my life. she is the motherof my naughty kids. she may be awidow or married.

but i wish to live and diein her arm's'' this is not the meaningof love at half sight anyways. girl is smoking hot man !! somehow i have tomake her fall in love with me'' this is the meaning oflove at half sight. not a girl who doesn'tmake me turn around and look for her never troubles againand again in my dreams. she doesn't have curlyhairs neither blue eyes. but i don't know.i fell in love with her.

madam.when i look at you. it feels like you are thepole and i am the rope. look how all theropes are hugging the pole. i don't know why,but my left hand is itching today. look at my sandalit is already torn a little. it is not like you arethe most beautiful. i felt like falling in lovewith you when i looked at you. you are not a stud anyways. i don't even feel like beingfriend with you when i look at you.

oh. it is okay evenyou don't fall in love. but do notreject a friendship. you can buy a penif you lose one. but if you lose a pen capyou will never find a new one. loafer. every girl looksnice from behind. but only a few looksnice from front. there was somethingwrong with my eyes that day.

she looked like the mostbeautiful from every angle. i had this habit oftrying to hit a target. but i alwaysmissed the target. one fine day.sure i don't know which tree it is. but under that tree.i realized one thing. instead of tryingto feed many birds. what if i tried withone bird. wont the bird bite the grain,at least once. i decided to apply thisnew found logic.

sure, i will makefriendship with her. how difficult it is to tie a lace,once you wear a shoe. why are you following me? don't you come behind me.okay. you don't respect women.don't you have a sister? i do have. but i don't have girlfriends. my brother isblack belt in karate. your brother is just

but i always prefer black belt. one second let me check. yes black belt. boys too have virginity. chained dog coming behind,walks away when you free it. but you always come behind me. but. my sincerity level is greaterthan dog's. i don't believe in all such things.i am not that type of a girl.

even i am not thattype of a guy either. please note. my phone is not working from morning.i am fed up with it. don't irritate me. ls it.let me check, give me. 9845.. its good, its ringing. you seem like a nice guy. yes, for sure.. friends.

remember only friends. take down my phone number. i already called upmy number from your phone. girl after resisted newly to the area.won't she come to beauty parlor ? some bikes don't startwith a single kick. but i don't give up that easily till it starts when a girl sits on the bikecovering her face holding onto you. it is clear thatshe has fallen in love. where are we?

this is my favourite place. i come hereregardless of how i am feeling. have you ever fallen in love? there were a few whoknocked on the door of my heart. but none of themdared to open it and enter. don't you want toknow about me? i don't think aboutthe balls i have beaten. i concentrate on the balli am going to face next. i haven't had a crushon anyone yet.

close your zip. ha ha.there is nothing inside. oh shit. i thought you weretalking about my bag zip. i was talkingabout your bag zip itself. i just dropped her home,she is calling me so soon. tell me. kush. what are you doing? drinking coffee.

watch the news now. what's the matter? just watch the newsand then come to college. at the end of the wedding lunch. if the water glass is empty. it is quite obvious thatit is waiting for buttermilk. we stood wearingthe uniform of love. but name badge waswith friendship written on it. yummy.

this lemon rice is awesome. i prepared it withyesterday's rice. that is why it istoo good in taste. you like lemon rice a lot,right? i like ginnu a lot. but i am hungry enoughto eat anything now. eat nicely. did you watch the newsi told you about. yes i watched.

but there wasnothing interesting in it. it was about some murder.. that murderer is notyour brother right? it's not the murder the news reporter wore a nice ring i have always wantedto wear that kind of ring. i come from a family that visits a temple to pray,not to see what everyone is wearing. moreover. i have already borrowedmoney from my sister for exam fees.

i can't ask here again. am i not demandingyou to get it now? eat quickly and empty the box.i have to go back home. love is nice, sacrifice is forever, but friendship is magically,beautiful. a friend in need is a friend indeed. send me your account numberi will deposit the money. thanks dude. i will message you right away,deposit as soon as possible. the bird is enjoyingthe grain nicely. aaahaha. look at that smile on your face.

the one who once said love is meant onlyfor fiction, ended up in love marriage. the creator of premalokaended up in an arrange marriage. we can't say whatexactly love and life is. shake your thoughtsand turn them around. i knew the momentyou asked me for a pencil. you would ask mefor a eraser soon. i want to see you in saree. yes, you will see me ina saree on my wedding day. but will you bestanding next to me?

or waiting in the guest queue? lets see. to have a child after marriage,one has to wait for nine months a few seconds are enough,for friendship to turn into love. i love you, one. i love you, too. same as this. you will always fulfill all my wishes,after our marriage right? does anyone feed a fisheven after it gets hooked to the rod.

congrats dude. thanks dude. what doesi love you one, mean? ha ha. it meansyou are the first one in my life. she said i love you two. don't mind. how is your love storygoing on? statutory warning.please close one of your ears. hi hi hi.

feeling so cold out here, right? will u leave your hand? i said, will you leave your handwhich is holding mine. what happened? nothing. for a second i felt like thedoors of heaven were opening. what happened you lookturned off without remote. then what. you ask me to leave the hand,which i am supposed to hold it for life time.

nothing like that. my favorite tv show is on.i have to go now from onwardsi will let you hold my hand. then while leaving i will leave my hands yes, yes. we need 5 runs from 1 ball.i am confident that you can do it. last week he said the sameand cost us 500 bucks. hello, is it. okay, i will be there in 120 seconds

okay bowl. actually we needed5 runs om 6 balls. when i couldn't scorea single run in 5 balls. will i score 5 runs in 1 ball? why did you call me? i need to buy a hard diskcome with me. sorry, hero has date problem,heroine has rate problem. i have an exam today afternoon. were you playing crickethaving exam?

don't we boys stare at other girlseven after we are engaged. don't peddle the cycle too muchchain gets cut. i wish. i wanna play cricket with you. why so? every guy wishes toplay kabbadi with a girl. but you alone.. after spending days in love. there was awaitinga breaking news.

what the. fine? ah. fine. dude, did you hearabout the big news? shall i tell you? tell me but i am not going to listen. a suitable alliance has cometo meet kush's girl priya today. kasthuri, what is happening there?

yes uday there is a lot ofdisturbance here. i can't hear anything. there truly was a lot of disturbancei could hardly hear anything. i was not smoking cigarette in tension. i was enjoying my food. like a lightning in the sky. my girl walked into the room. why didn't you pick up my call? there was no strengthin my hand. how did you knowthat i was here?

kasthuri told me. i need to talk to you. why you are sad? i have run out of gas at home. there is an extragas cylinder at home. looks like there is goingto be a big event coming soon. i don't want lovedon't want a lover either.i will live with the memories.. you look different today. no matter how experiencedyou are in the past.

you must pretend asfirst timer in your first night. if not anything youwill at least save some face. words that i speakmay be vulgar. but when they come from the heart,they have some meaning i suppose. i think you are worriedabout something else. i will leave now. i am leaving now. do you need moneyfair for the auto-rikshaw? why do you have toreport everything to her?

she told me that her parents arethinking of her marriage at home. so she wanted to talkto you seriously about it. when the tongue gets hurtit heals. but when the tongue hurtsothers in speech it never heals.. i need to apologize her. did the gas cylinderget delivered? yes free delivery. sometimes you don'tunderstand my feelings at all. when things are too closeyou can hardly see.

but as they drift awayyou see everything clearly. i was not sure if i couldthrow colours at her. but within. we laughed and dancedplaying with colours. our ill fate sat in the innova carwatching us from far. who was that? my brother. huh..?? your brother, thekarate black belt brother right?

it is okay, you havecleared your exams right. you find some job or the other. some how he mightagree. actually. i have failed in maths. my brother kicks by you saying,you are as good as one without anything. nothing to worry.. my friend is starting a new company.i will be the manager there. when in needpeople will help you light a candle.

but they leavewhen they are done. and you will have topay for the candle yourself. i will take care of everything. all i could hear on that fateful day,were the sounds of breaking glasses. probably they were allsigns of a break up. let us run away. why run let's take an auto. kush. then what,

how can i run away with youleaving my sister alone. what do we do then? let's wait for another 2 years. no way. my parents won't agree. if that’s the thing. then let's come together. and give birth to a new life. then your parents will agree..

i don't think i can livewith someone like you. i nurtured a beautiful flowerwith my dreams. today i stand with tear filled eyes,as it slipped away from me. get lost.. you are not the onlyheroine in the cinema. for a girl if you can have such an attitude.i am a guy, you think i don't have some? even a pet dog biteswhen you step on it's tail. but it repents later. i too faced the same situation.

after ordering by2 coffee.i alone used to drink them both. i sat in wait of her phone call. what the luck. credit card, mobile offers, loan offerswere all the calls my phone received. there was no callfrom her at all. that day i realized how difficult it isto live without the loved one in my life. finally sachin scored his100th century. where have you beenall these days? i will tell you everything later.

come to the park inhalf an hour. half an hour! but where are you? i am at the spa getting ready. i will be there in half an hour. will she really comein half an hour? a guy never come on time. a girl gets ready late every time. but the surprise is

we both were ready andmet at the exact time. cigarette, alcohol, paan,kaini, gutkha, marijuana, drugs. none of them can compete with the higha sight of your girl in saree can give. you look very happy today. because i am with kushthat is why. was there any talksin your house? lets not talk about that. how do i look today? no matter how much you paint a will be a crow, never a peacock.

a peacock is always a looks beautiful. especially with it swings open. okay okay. come let's go. it is not good omento ask where we are going. yes correct. without knowing the route if you get into a busit takes you to unknown places. but i was not sure where she would take meshe showed me a wonderful time. first she treated me to have ginnu.

then she played book cricket with me. finally she took meto my favorite bridge. but by then my doubts had cropped up.that the next stop of heaven might be hell here, i bought youa costly gift for you. i can't believe thatyou are giving me a gift. not bad.. i don't see the ring i gave you. she was always like an electric spark. but now she stood silent.

just 10 minutes left forthe end of the world. why are you silent. i thought you wanted to talk to me? i don't know how to tell you. there were no dark cloudsin the sky that day. but a storm was growing in my heart. saw some lightnings in her eyes. i know exactly what has happened. you don't worry.

your parents might haveselected a boy for you in middle. that must be your engagement ring. the sparkle of the gold tells the story. look. i have tossed out my sim card. i will never call you again. i will delete myfacebook account too. if i ever. see you at polio or theaterqueue in the future.

i will walkaway and not disturb you. but, if you getmarried and widowed. or your husband ditches you. don't think twiceabout coming back to me. but, if i am marriedto someone by then. don't even think of mein your dreams. because, i don't wanna put a girl throughthe same that you have put me into. take back your gift. costly gift.

it is like an expired medicine now. it will kill than heal. but you've alwayswanted a gift from me. so this is like a last wishgranted before the death sentence. you think you've fulfilledall my dreams my wishes.. with one day's worth of happiness. you are giving me alifetime worth of tears free. but why should i crywhen i still have a future. but in this temporary life.i did have one permanent dream.

that was to spendthis life with you. but! while riding bike. i never wore a helmetwhen i was with you. because, i was proud to showmyself with you to the world. i should have understood when you sat onmy bike covering your face with a veil. my last words for you. live happily, no matter where you are.what you are, with whom you are. i am already anex-boyfriend now.

i can't say anything more.. good bye... why you go by walkwait i will drop you. you have already dropped me now. from now onwards i have tostart walking and working out. want to impress new girls. that day i felt a500hp motor run in my heart. but i did not let tearsflow out of my eyes. she stood therewith a few tears

which were of no use. my mind has gone numb. my heart drowning down. this moment now i can hardly feel. feeling like listening tothe opinion of my tears life was on the fast lane. but in one way. that too in an opposite direction. i was in the templeto clear my thoughts.

god appearedfrom the opposite side. good morning.. sir, i was justthinking about you. look, when you open a soda bottlegas naturally run up. what happened to your results? sir 98%. 92%. ha ha. look a lie should be so good,that even the truth should believe it.

sir the maths subject you lecturedhas committed suicide sir. how can you be socool about life kush? how will you lead your life? everything is planned already sir. i will get marriedwith my parent's money. and live my life onthe dowry money. kush as a friendcan i give you an advice? yes sir. treat me as a friend.

okay dude. aah..! that is the reason sir. footwear should always be kept outside ha ha ha.. it is okay dude. look it is clear thatyou are not interested in studies. insert a coma for it. insert kama?

no need end it with a full stop. why shouldn't you workin an advertising company? i will recommend you. take this. attend an interview in this company. you always come upwith unique ideas. you will be quite successful there. sir but you have alwayshated those same ideas. kush when the school bell rings in the morningkids drag their feet to school unhappily.

but when the same rings in the eveningthey run out happily. the same way. with time evenour thinking changes. i was the one who hit you onyour head on the send of day. i was the one who wrote a fake letterto your wife accusing you of an illicit affair. you know them too. after all this. you still have concern onme and my life in your heart you are a true teacher sir.

i have a bad back pain. but still i will fall toyour feet for blessings. i thought an interviewwould be in an ac room. but mine is on theroadside shop. usually children crywhile joining to school. but here teachersare crying. am i that hopeless? what to do, i am unable to thinkof a concept for this product. same here.

hi ramesh.hi. hi! suresh.huh..! ramesh.oh suresh. actually what is the problem? one second. shall we ask him for an idea? him! let's see.

sometimes it rainsin the summer too. how important a shoe is for the feet.helmet is equally important for the head. can you come upwith an idea for a helmet ad? sir.. lord ganesh sir. ganesh? imagine goddess parvathi is having a shower. ganesha goes out tobuy her a shampoo. speeding on his rx-135.

by that time ganeshameets with an accident. ganesha loses his headin that accident. paravathi feels sad and cries. lord shiva then makes an entry. fixes a right side sleptelephant head onto ganesha. next time ganesha's friend. while doing wheelie in a pulsar even he loses his head. ganesha runs to get shiva's help.

after some thought shiva speaks out "i can't keep fixing everyone's head,here you go" and he hands him a thing. guess what? helmet sir!helmet. well done, well done. wait, sir is busy now. hey, he is our boss. huh..! sir, sorry sir.. i was involved in workcouldn't notice you.

it is okay, this is what a concept isyou both hardly do this. i appoint you as thecreative head of this company. and these two are your assistants. i want you to start from today itself. mr.suresh and ramesh. create a story board for myconcept and meet me soon. sir these guys are very lazythey work like rain on a summer day. hello sir, we are calling from an ad agencywe will pay you 30,000 please work for us. hello sir, work with uswe will pay 40,000..

offers were flowing inbut i had a better idea. every movie has agroup of friends. and a hero in it. at the endhero becomes successful in life. his group of friends standby him and give a nice smile. but i was different. i opened an ad agencyin partnership with all my friends. oh lord this old age is killing me. my body is bent withno strength left in me.

either give me a quick death. or give me back my youth. ha ha ha ha... cut it. 2 close, 1 mid, 1 wideokay, so this is the story. madam jumped so nicely. watching her, tickled all my senses. dude, it will look great if theperfume bottle came spinning into the frame. we can do that using special effects.

dude, i am unable to think of any conceptdon't know what to do now? why don't you ask thenewbie's in the company. beauty that you couldn't find on fashion channel,will you find them on bbc news channel?. modify the youtube video which i sent you steal an idea? in local it is stealing. call it as style. the seeds that we sow with hard workwill reap benefits in future. like the electricity bills come each month regularlylife was going on smoothly.

when i was singlelife felt lonely. when i was with herit felt likethere was something extra in my life. but after she dumped me, i started to feel likethere is nothing left for me in life. no matter how bigger the door is,there is a need of small bolt to it. me too felt to have a life partnerto share my life with. when such thoughts ofwedding crop up. our favorite heroinecomes to my mind. or memories of our girl who leftme lonely fills up my mind. in order forget them all and to start freshi decided to buy a plant and walked into a nursery.

but i ran into the onewhose memories fill up heart. as i look at her feels likei am falling in love again. but you ended up breakingthe only heart that i had. in every guy's life there is that one girlwho is so close yet so far. and in every girl's life there is that one guywhose memories can never fade away. first love to a boyand first delivery to a girlgives both happiness and pain. if the child birth is with her first lovethat brings even more joy. she liked itbut did not add a comment. i will give you a call.

i will say you bye... were you not curious to seethe guy she was getting married to? there is no need to worry about the chargerafter loosing the mobile. i didn’t go because, i wouldn’t know how to reactwhen the photographer requests me for a smile. i was like a burnt out bulb after she left mebut i feel a lot better now. does it still sting in your heart? yes a little. do you make any profits out this i grow them as a hobby not for profits.

i wish my mum was hereshe would have cooked some mushroom manchurians. very tasty. have you done any cooking course? my sister always felt sick with hotel food.i learnt cooking for her. let's leave it looks like it is going to rain. what next after mushroom? do you want you see honey bee? ho, you harvest honey also? yes honey, follow me.

this is rachna on radio city 91.1 fm at "chow chow baath" nethra is on leave and i am filling in for her. remember the story i was narrating.. about the guy in coorg on his way to meet the that guy is with the duplicate girl. both are togethersharing their past. now, will he fall in love with ithihasinior this duplicate girl is the big question. this interesting story will continue till then.. snake! oh god!

oh my god! oh what happened!! god! i was so happy all this whilethis snake bite looks to put an end to me. don't worry nothing will happen. it is not a snake bite it was just a thornyou were acting like a hero trying to save my life. you have been playing with me since morningdon't you have any feelings? i am very serious about herbut, she is very silly. did you find out who she really is?

no, but now that i can't reach it feels like sour grapes. i will meet amar and come back to bengaluru tomorrow. don't worry sometimes it takes time,once she realizes everything will be fine. i went a little over board. he looks hurt. kush wake up i need to apologise to you. please. you want to spend your life with mei feel bad looking at you. but my situation is complex. my heart may fall in love with you.

but i will never let those feelings get to me.i will never love you. no, i will never love you. on this clear sky night. come into my life like full moon. when my dreams are filled with your memories. it is such a beautiful feeling. lifeless this heart was. you are the one it craves it blooms like a flower now.a new beginning.

erase away the memoriesthat pester my heart.come into my life. fill me up with new feelingsthe feelings that bring beautiful dreams. come and shower me with these dreams. like my shadow you are my love. like the light you have driven away the darkness. my tears were unnoticed by all. your hand held them, wiped them off. there is no light after the sunset. but you brighten up my life.

you are my light that wipes away the dark. the feelings that bring beautiful dreams. why did you call me up here? i have a few question for youwill you answer them all? have you left any pending since morning. will you be my shade that protects me alwaysmy rainbow even when there is no rain. i don't know about all that. but i guarantee that the girl who is with mewill cry only when she is chopping onions. i have a few problems in that ok for you.

my first sim card is past its validitybut i am still holding onto it. actually our names when put together,feels like we are made for each other. tell me your name? kushal, kush kushi my name is kushi. i am not a doctorbut in agriculture, discontinued. mushroom, honey bee i had thought so. there another issue which is beyond your thought.

i am suffering from a weird disease.dr.ithihasini is my doctorwho is treating me. actually the neighboring estate is my home. i was here to pickup my medicinemeanwhile your sister called.. i thought let me have some harmless fun with this guybut it turned out to be the best day i ever had. i like you a lot. i want to spend my life with youwill you hold my hand forever? you are the one in my life nowwhat is that disease you are suffering from? it is too weird. i am scared to explain it.i will tell you before we sleep. no tell me right now.

wow! power cut.oh shit! power cut. i have always wanted to play a gamewith my love on such a dark night. even our breath was carefulnot to blow away the light. we played an old board game.but dancing was my heart with love. mom is calling. hello, yes i will stay here for the night. no i have not forgotten.ok ok.. do you want to talk to doctor. ithi, my mom is on the phone.

hello, how are you aunty? she reminded me, i am cooking aloo paratha. okay aunty, bye good night. kush, one second let me call ithi also.. hello ithi did you visit the temple,you did vomit on the way right. i took my medicines. you want to talk to mum..?one second.. mummy, ithi wants talk to you. hello, how are you?how was the temple?so you are coming back tomorrow.

everyday she wants aloo paratha and dal. aloo and maidha,so aloo paratha is getting ready. will it take an hour to prepare? no 45 minutes it will be ready. i will tell you about my condition meanwhile. you should never run out of gas when cooking. your mobile should never ring when having a mealwe will talk after dinner. i will talk to her, i will talk. hi sister-in-law.

who is this? this is your sister-in-law. what is your name? what is there in a name. give me the phone. where are you? are you both together this late in the night? like all other girlsyour brain is filled with suspicions.there is nothing happening here. where are you? what are you doing?

both of us are still herefor now i am preparing aloo parathas. aloo paratha? did she tell you about her? she is opening up little by little.i will give you all the details tomorrow morning. okay just be careful,should i call up ithi? no, please don't do that.i will give you a call tomorrow. okay, good night. she has fallen asleep. my heart is on a new path.i hopes he decides to spend her life with me.

hello.hello. this is kushal, rachna's brother. hi kushal, i spoke to your sister.she told everything, where is kushi? she is sleeping. ls she alright? she is fine is there any problem. did she tell you about her disease? she just told me she ha san issue.but did not tell exactly. she is suffering from anterograde amnesia.

she can only remember the events of a single day.she forgets everything the next day. three years back she went to drop her friend to the airport.on her way back home she met with an accident.. hence forth, everyday is like a new beginning. she only remembers few things she likes the most.she forgets the rest. in fact she doesn't like whatshe suffers from. hence forgotten the disease as well.. so everyday morning we needto remind her of her condition. she likes me a lotso she will remember me right? impossible. she needs a lot of daysof interaction to remember.

any how give me a callafter she wakes up. we will reach home by evening. i will talk to you then. actually i can't remembera day that has passed. but i remember every minutei spent with you. like the first dew dropson green leaves. i am happy for the first time. whatever will stay with me right? kushal you don't tryto wake her up.

she will be very confused. there is a laptop and some tabletsin my cupboard. keep them both by her sideshe notices it when she wakes up. by then she comes to knowabout her condition. i will call her mum and ask herto give kushi a call. you don't worry about anything. everything will be okay. ya tell me. i spoke to ithi.

she told me everything. don't worry. god is deliberately playingsuch games with me. ithi will talk to her parents todaydon't worry brother. no dear. if she remembers me,i will spend my life with her.. if she doesn't remember me. i will come back thinking allthis was just an attraction. don't do anything drastictake some time, don't worry.

please, my head is spinning. hello brother.. there is nobody here. hello, hello brother. i will call you back. who are you? why are you crying? hello, why are you crying? no nothing.something fell into my eye.

i am amar.. you are not amari know amar. no, i am amar's friend. i have come here to meet him. i am trying to call ithibut her phone is not reachable. did you take your tablets? please tell mewhy are you crying. i have a memory problemi don't remember anything. please tell mewhy are you crying?

nothing there wassome dust in my eyes. amma had called. car is waiting to pick me up. i need to leave. kushal it stopped raining,so are the words too. my love has collapsed into pieces. broken into pieces,it now reveals all the tears these tears are alli am left with now.

my collection of dreamshave melted away. the melted heart is dead now. in this death how do i find peace. a farm rages in my heart. as the farm fades away. i see the love that i nurturedas yielded no fruit. feelings a hand full of memories. are all i have earned today. my tears speak of my feelings.

so much of feelings shewas filled with too. but i have lost her today. my love is dead. so i have to build a grave. i will keep a name to the grave.. ''just a simple love story'' i met you at ithi's housetoday morning right? i am going towards the citycome i will drop you. no need.

i will walk, it's okay. do one thing carry meand the scooter with you. at least that will save some petrol. you are ithi's friend right. you could have stayed tillthe evening and met everyone. no i have some urgent work. what. you have to go backto your wife and kids? i am not married yet. girlfriends?

the first one was for your ex-girlfriend. second one was from me. i am not cutting onions here. but, i am crying. you promised to stay with me forevernow you are walking away after just one day? so you remember me? when i saw youcrying this morning. i felt confused in my heart. i felt like i knew you.

i felt like i have spoken to you. i felt like you weresomeone close to me. i called up ithi afteri reached home. daily, where i would be? with whom i used tocommunicate?to get to know such things. ithi has given me a spy camera. through that spy camerai relive my past. few things i rememberfew i don't. same way. i watched every minutei had spent with you.

come inside. i will call you later bye, strong in the sense one cup of milk,one spoon filter coffee, little sugar. you know it so well the kitchen isright there make me a cup too. look at melook into my eyes. place me in her placeand tell me your story. if i ever get married it will be only with you. you have been playingwith me since morning. don't you have any feelings.

i guarantee that the girl who is with mewill cry only when she is cutting onions. my life will nowonly revolve around you. your lovely talks. your story. my silliness. after watching all themoments spent with you. i realized the reasonfor the confusion in my heart. i have decided that you are themedicine for all my issues. it's okay evenif i forget everything.

i just want to remember you. i called up ithi. spoke to your sister too. now i am standing herewith you in the rain. you will alwaysstay with me right? i will stay withyou for whole life. i will never leave you. even in thehospital delivery room? come.

shall i ride the scooter? you like ridingother's scooter right? anyways scooter will be mine from now on right? i have heard you keeptelling poems to yourself. i will sing a poem. you are the inspiration for it. i will write a story too. ''a simple love story'' you are listening toradio city 91.1 fm.

this is rachna hostingthe show "aithalakadi morning" the clouds have clearedand the sun in out in bengaluru. i shall now complete the storythat was pending from yesterday. the boy's name is kush. ithihasini is the girlhe was supposed to meet. but, kushi was thegirl he met in her place. now kushi resides inkush's heart. and both are very happy together. so the reason behindmy happiness is that.

kush is my elder brother.

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