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Minggu, 02 Juli 2017

My Little Pony By Coloring Book Princess Celestia

My Little Pony By Coloring Book Princess Celestia

a: hey, there we are again!b: hi! a: we're totally looking forward to the season opener of... wait, i have to get my pinkie... a: the season opener of season four.b: yeaaaah.. a: but we have to admit this is no blind reacton, we already saw the episodes. b: yeeaaahhh...a: granted. a: i have a version here which doesn't have the intro in it, they changed it a bit... that's new as well, so i will play it first now. wait... there, in the house!

a: see? discord is in fluttershy's house.b: ah... okay.. a: and there are much of the characters now.b: ah, zecora and all those are new there. a: so new group photo. and luna is there in the end! that's extremely awesome that luna appears! b: yeah, i think that's cool, too! a: super, luna!! yahoo! ok... now... b: now the episode! a: so let's start. 3, 2, 1 and hype!...yeah. oh, twilight...i'll put you there for some time, pinkie... b: ugh, not so fast, that won't do it.a: oh, twilight...

a: but she's learning how to fly, that's awesome!b: excactly, not so hard... ahhh.. b: nononono...that won't do it... owowow..a: i love that she has wings now, so neat! b: same here! a: yeah... well, sure... a: i saw berry punch...and minuette! a: yeah the big finish, yeah, do it!! so awesome!b: we have too look out for derpy. a: if derpy's there?b: yeah... i didn't look for her. yayyy, fly! b: she's happy ...and then ouh!a: awesome...ouh!

a: oh man!b: fly, fly!! yes, exactly, exactly. a: upwards! a: she's spinning like crazy!b: owowowowow... a: oh man..b: oh, twily... yeah pinkie...yeah, of course! for pinkie everything is a big finish! a: here would be the intro, but we already saw that before. b: yeah. a: aw, that looks amazing i think! beautiful!b: aw, beautiful! a: and look, the light! the light on the ponies that looks...amazing!

b: yeah, it looks beautiful. b: beautiful... they really went out of their way for that.ouh! from way up above... b: that's an extreme shot, isn't it?a: yes. a: she's dreaming about some frosting... b: hehe, hoo wee, so awesome! oh applejack...a: she's raving of celebrating heck of a party... a: home, alone, so without her. b: awwww! a: yeah, sure... "exhibit a"!b: hm-hm.. a: yeah...yeah...well! that does keep them connected.

a: ok, all clear: it counts as yes when pinkie is crazy. that means that she's basically saying yes to everything...hey, pinkie promise! b: yes, pinkie promise... a: i think it's sad that they don't hug spike. b: i love the ponies hug!a: yes, but why does nobody hug spike? if you say goodbye to two friends of yours, do you only hug one of them? that's unfair! b: yeah..a: more spike love you makers, i don't like that. b: yeah.. b: well, the landing thing she still has to practice.a: yeah...

don't think too much... b: yeah, exactly...that's twilight.stop, stop, stop...boing! ow. a: twilight didn't change all that much.b: no. a: she's still that perfectionist and keen on order. b: ah celestia...always great to see her.a: celestia... b: ...boing!a: my god, you know each other for how long now? a: ah, yeah... b: so sad... a: the background music is totally beautiful!

a: just check out the background music!b: hm-hm...beautiful. a: her eyes! b: awwww... so cute!a: awwww... a: i love that just in the moment when she begins to say "i will always be there for you" her eyes begin to sparkle... hehe pinkie! a: er, there her eyes sparkle, so you see her love for twilight. i really dig that. and the joke with the letter was also great. a: i just missed it, but the first time i saw it, i enjoyed it very much. i thing that sound is so awesome! a: ouoh..that's pretty dark.b: yeah...

a: that they have really let her scream that way... but it's very cool. a: that does look awesome! i find it so cool.b: yeah... a: also beautiful...the design is just great. the colors are great. it's getting a little dangerous here. a: he's fainting again already.b: that was too much for him. b: she also can use the wings to... i noticed, the princesses use their wings to.. a: wait... let her speak... a: what, she can use her wings to what? b: um, they use their wings to show authority i noticed. then they spread their wings.

that makes them bigger and with that they also show authority. a: oh.b: twilight did just that. she did... b:...when she felt ready to give order, she spread her wings. a: harry the bear, i think he's so cool!b: yeah. a: yeah, i get it, never noticed that... just partly.. hehe, that scream! b: yeah, definately. hehe, i think its so awesome how the apples deal with it, they try to... a: yeah, with the mouth, that is reallyb: so awesme, they aren't afraid... a: who's chuck norris? we're the apples!b: yeah, they deal with it at once, that's so awesome! a: oh, he's getting trolled from the plant, what's that?! whoa, that plant is mean!

b: aww, poor big mac... a: ehm, princess twilight is slowly accustoming herself to her role, i mean twilight is accustoming to her role as a princess, you saw a development there... a: ...that was cool.b: yes... she's taking respo- a: haha, and another one. i didn't notice that he gets hit two times when i first saw it! b: oh man oh man oh man.. the clouds... ouoh! a: that's the first time applejack is shown that much even though the others are all there. a: she's getting a lot of screen time.b: yeah, i think that's cool! ow! owowow... a: that was a fail.b: oh, rainbow... nononono...don't even try!

jep..jep, rainbow. this is why i say "don't even try!" b: you don't say, rarity!a: she doesn't realize it at all somehow... b: yeah...a: so awesome! whoa.. a: what's this? it looks cool... b: yeah... but it causes this...see?a: yes, that sucks... b: that's why it's not that cool anymore.a: oh my... a: that hurts... a: yeah! right! chase opalesence!! a: that mean cat!b: yeah, opal...

a: conceited cat that.b: ok, so it can be stopped that way... a: "i don't believe a word you say, you bitch!"b: yeah... a: aww, don't blame your poor little sister straight away...b: yeah... a: i think sweetie belle's voice is so cute!!b: yeah... b: awww... no...a: whoa.. a: awesome... so much action. a: oh, that's gonna be exciting!b: but what i still have to criticise is that they... ...when they run that fast they shouldn't be able to speak that clearly. b: ouch!

a: oh well, i'm just accepting that, i don't find it that bad here... a: hehe, that sound!! like some old car!b: yeah... b: oooh... rainbow...oh dear, oh dear...uh oh... the everfree forrest...that's gonna be bad... yeah, exactly, run over there... a: hey, where did you leave your sister, where is sweetie belle? she must have lodged her at someone elses place.... b: yeah...a: she wouldn't leaver her all on her own... b: yeah right, pinkie! pinkie can utilize everything...a: yeah... b: pinkie is so random...

b: fluttershy flies again. i find it so cool when she...a: hehe, pinkie! the way she jumps on it... b: yeah...a: yep, that's growing pretty fast somehow... a: that's really a menace.b: yeah... a: whoa, i find it so dark, that's cool!b: whoa, it's mean! b: he's sick already...a: yeah, hehe... a: where did you get that from, please?!b: yeah, exactly. a: now he would rather take the train. b: she's not flying that bad, spike! just landing she still has to practise.yeah, exactly! whoaa...exactly! ow! owowow

b: yeah sure, right... yeah... aww, twilight... a: a "tiny bit"?? pinkie sense!b: "teenie- tiny"?! a: oww, whoa it totally hit rarity broadside! full broadside for rarity. b: aw, i like applejack's necklace...beautiful....all of the are. yeah, exactly. b: yeah, pinkie...a: she coloring a coloring book just like that. a: the world is ending and she's playing domino...b: well, that's pinkie...

a: yeah...b: but she... if it gets really serious, she takes it seriously. b: so she can be...a: yeah... here, for example. a: you can see her look is serious.b: yeah. a: and.. and..b: precisely. if there's serious stuff to do she does take action. a: yeah...b: like with the parasprites. she gave her best there. a: yeah... but she was a little...yet she did, yes.b: oh cool! magic! magic! yay!! cool! a: yeah, i love those scenes with magic. that music also!! b: aha! we know that one!a: winter wra- he sings winter wrap-up! a: oh, she was supposed to give him a heads-up with a spell she learned from celestia before they summon him.

a: um..yeah, actually.b: yeah... a: she calls him "buster"! cool!here, she is pretty brave. b: "maybe"!a: hehe, oh fluttershy, yeah... b: that was when the laughter was really loud in the room. a: yeah... at the premiere (party). a: he congrats her on becoming a princess."you totally deserve it". a: whoa... hear ye , hear ye! yeah... a: hm... well...

a: he's so cool! and entering zecora! yeah!b: yeah... zecora! a: err... i thought that was black magic?! so that really is alicorn magic?! a: but she also used it when she wasn't an alicorn yet.b: yeah... a: or are those two different kinds of magic now? i'm a little confused now. but ok, well. b: however, it's working.a: or she intuitively used black magic. b: yeah... ooh!a: that would be intense for twilight. b: that's totally the avatar state!a: yep, the avatar...yeah! air, fire, water, magic! a: oh, she looks cool! i love luna, she's so cool!b: me too! i love luna too. luna is so pretty. a: with that wonderful original voice who also voices rarity... audible, but it's awesome anyway!

b: i find her eyes so beautiful.a: whoa, wait! a: whoa... luna is going berserk!b: yeah... a: sorry, but that's so intense... b: so that way she became jealous...because she wants to be the only princess.. a: she's been jealous for a while here, here she's doing the transformation... ...not for the first time even, i suppose. she must have already spread some terror over the land. maybe she reveals herself to her sister now finally (as nightmare moon). because otherwise one could think she becomes nightmare moon for the first time here, but... ... well.. i won't say anything now, i won't spoil anything, but...

b: uh oh, she gets afraid... a: i will talk later about it. so...well...and it continues at once, yay! a: hah, first she laughs and suddelny she looks vicious... a little insane. b: yeah, black magic is powerful.a: dude, she... she wants to ice coldly kill her! a: she looks so mean. great design! whoa, she totally attacks her own sister! a: watch that, the way she moves! the animation got so much better... b: the light falling on her, looks so awesome.a: yes... yeah, that's cool as well.

"royal duty"?! "to destroy you"?! whoa... so that's a royal duty? to kill the sister. okayyy... that's dark! b: whoa, intense! whoa.... manomanoman... a: that scream! really sounded like a death cry!b: yeah... a: she looks a little like a dog there i think.bark bark...but the laughter was awesome! a: well, that's not luna anymore, twilight. a: well, she thinks it's the present. but... b: the elements!a: yeah..well! but this is done so awesome! awesome, it looks so awesome!

a: yeah. now you got it...the night she banned her...yes, exactly. but i mean... nightmare moon appears and gets banned immediately and that's it? the whole nation is afraid of nightmare moon. she must have spread some terror over the land before or so... i think.b: might be, yeah... that is cool! a: because otherwise i don't know if this would be stuff for a legend. cuz you don't see her at all... ...the nation could only have seen her now in the sky, during the sky fight.... what?b: that is what you meant, right? a: yeah... totally awesomeb: that rainbow and so on... a: i do think that is so great!and here she has tears in her eyes...that b: whoa. and this is a harry potter reference for me.a: the music! listen to that background music!! a: you have to listen to that with headphones. the background music is so awesome...

i'm simply speechless....that was really awesome...whoah. the banishment couldn't have been displayed better, right? whoa-ha-ha, i'm so wiped out. b: but do you want to make the reaction all alone?i also wanted to say a thing... a: what?b: so that everybody knows. for me that was... ...a harry potter reference. a: what about harry potter now?b: that with the two energy blasts. a: that's a classic thing, has been done before in different... that's not especially harry potter. b: well, it reminds me.. yeah.a: it reminds you of harry potter. hm... she has to take another sip. i found that so cool just now where he shows her the paper...

...and it showed the scene where she cried and you hear a baby mean. he's such a meanie... ...that discord. was that officially flirting just now? a little maybe?maybe...maybe... b: the seeds...ding, ding.. a: feeding himself while the other arm themselves... ...he seems to be pretty confident that he's won already. a: the background music is great here, too. b: aw, cool.a: that feels like a movie to me! a: that's the first two-parter that really feels like a movie.

b: hm-hm, i know. that one has such a beautiful design, i think...looks great! a: if they only borrow that magic and if they aren't goddesses at all and just borrow that strong magic... cuz without these elements celestia usually loses. than this is so intense, because twilight's cutie mark on that tree. that means, twilight might be destined to get a higher function later on... ...than celestia!! b: applejack...a: environmentalist applejack! b: they should get going. girls, hurry up! b: hehe, yeah, exactly.a: that grin! he's having so much fun... see everything going down the swanny.oh, what's that? a: ah, it continues.b: it was advertisement. a: i think this is the last quarter of this... super-awesome, it does feel like a special. that's no episode for me anymore. so awesome! ah, i love it! b: uh...look out. uh-oh!a: there are wood monster, this is a rock crockodile.. a: what's up with that forrest?!b: well, it's magical... i don't wonder, the forrest is magical. b: yes!! yeah, applejack power! a: now that's applejack! that's awesome!

a: yeah...listen to her, she's been there. b: fluttershy flies! i love it when she does.beautiful. a: that is exactly what every fan is afraid of. that the fact she is princess now splits them into two. and if it would continue this way, that would really happen... a little. a: he's using gummy to clip his claws just like that. a: "bonding experience" he's rubbing in that they would bond without her practically. - explains what spike said - a: yeah, but it is better that way. look, she's jumping, but she's not smiling.

well, she's jumping because it's her preferred way of walking. she loves to jump, but it does suit her. totally exaggerated, always she's jumping. sure, pinkie finds the stairs. soon a scene will come which has my most beloved background music so far... to the one with nightmare moon's banishment. that is dark, looks really nasty. awesome. it gets really dangerous here.finally something's going on in ponyville! a: i dig that!b: whoa. bong, bong! a: well..b: so...

rainbow dash, it doesn't always work, when you try to run your head against the wall...doesn't work. a: well! you did decide that, yeah... that's right! a: now! now listen to the background music! that's cool! heh! yes, sir! there the method works. listen! that's the music! yes, right. it's cool!

pinkie almost got killed! did you see her look? she did not notice that! like... "fuck, i would almost have died!!"that's the way she looked like. finally spike is part of the group hug! see, they don't see her as a princess that much.they want to have their friend with them. yeah, that's awesome. i love that this is adressed so clearly because so many fans... ...are afraid that could change. and here you see: so worries, mate! "i'm leaving the fandom!" oh my god... ...ok then... go. well! that's a good lesson to learn. it's not about symbols,... ...just about that you know which side the bread is buttered on.

you also don't need a only need your heart. come on! come on! come on, twilight!do it! you can do it! that's beautiful. that's one awesome show! well, that's it. goodbye, you ugly plants! whoa, how dense that was... you old meanie! you speculated in twilight's failure. but he also seems to be ok with the fact that things worked out different. (later) he's chaos. a leopard cannot change his spots. he wants to see chaos.

aw, nice. they're back. there they were imprisoned. aww...beautiful. look, she's hugging them both! she's also hugging luna! that is so beautiful. yeah... sigh whoa... well, some more is waiting there for them. that thing looks so awesome. great design. that's what they meant when they said "we did something we've never done before." they put a task for the ponies to take the whole season at its beginning.

that's so beautiful. "and our friendship remains." that's so awesome. discord, i love him! there is even something left in the bottle. the way they look! like they've been beaten up! ah... it should have began way earlier. - translates the dialogue between twilight and discord - he's such a varmint, that guy!he's slinking himself out of the affair so sharply here! b: but i didn't see derpy at all!a: well..but you do see derpy...

here somewhere i think... wait... i am not really sure, because her hair is somewhat different, but... maybe back there... there was a grey pony with orange mane. maybe beacuse of the light or so...dunno... the new crown suits her well and wow, twilight, literally! that's not supposed to be kind of a... sonic rainboom or so, but that's magic she used there, that was stated officially. yep, side by side it will go on. cool. super! wait, what's this?

what kind of mean villain is that now? a: oh well...b: i have to go now... a: wait! just a minute!b: i have to go soon! what did you like about the episodes? er, most of all the scenes with magic in them. and that twilight experiences the past. that was cool. and that aj was allowed to say so much. i found that cool as well. i found it awesome as well that aj got so much screen time. so you can't call her background pony anymore. she almost became main pony of ponyville... to princess twilight, that is.

honestly, that felt like a movie to me! that is practically... ...a compensation for equestria girls. while eqg was not that good... this was the shit! b: yeah, i think so, too!a: whoa! we had the memory of luna's fight... ...and banishment. nightmare moon's banishment i mean. luna's transformation... er..we had discord against the two sisters... we had twilight facing the fear of losing her friends... we had some jokes here and there... we had discord who was funny like hell... awesome fight scenes... ...and most of all we had amazingly great design for the most part... ...and for the most part a background music that was worthy of a movie! the overall grade is clear for me!

despite little weak points i am so overwhelmed by those episodes that i would say... 5.0! we're going along with each other!5.0!! full score! bam! a: awesome season start and i am looking so forward to the upcoming episodes.b: me too! i'm already filled with pony fever because this... well.. i am totally blown away...still. so... ...whoaaa, dude. what an amazing start of a season was that? yep, i can subscribe that. a: yeah...well, go.b: yeah, i have to go. byeee! so... i am so content...the only thing i can say is brohoof! brohoof!

bye! and now outtakes! aj: do we start now, or what?a: yeah... oh sure, yes.. one second, i... aj: oh man ohmanohmanhe's out of it. a: damn! applejack! watch it, or else!aj: what? a: or i will steal your apples!aj: what?! aj: no. nobody steals my apples! we'll start now. 3, 2, 1 and go! ...oops. yeah, so much for that.

3, 2, 1 and go! ... go! not really. i always think she lives in canterlot now, but it is stated that she will keep on living in ponyville. b: o-kayy... anke has to repair the hat.a: well... dumb. shit happens. a: it has been cuddled too often.b: yeah... great, rainbow dash's thing got broken, now here the hatsomawhelnjeh. man! are y'all looking forward to the episode? "you don't succeed to do your tasks every day"... subscribe to me!

how do you react when you believe that thought?

My Little Pony By Coloring Book Princess Celestia