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Senin, 03 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Coloring Book Friendship Is Magic

My Little Pony Coloring Book Friendship Is Magic

hey guys its robin. i'm going to target. it's after work and i need some groceriesand stuff and the sun is really shining in my eyes and last time before i went to baltimorethey had so many new toys. i don't even know if there is going to beanything left but we shall see! they have moved the tsums tsums display overhere. is that mad hatter? [gasp]. it is, oh my gosh i need him.

i found the cheshire cat and alice last timei was here. yea this is so cool! i think i'll get grumpy too, he's one of myfavorites. awesome! they've got some qixels left over here too. that is cool. i guess that makes sense, over here with someof the craft stuff. oh, magic kits. my brother used to play with those when wewere kids.

he was really good at that. oh yea, they've rearranged this store sincei've been here. oh my gosh, it's dancing snoopy! okay, there is a lot of cool snoopy care here. there's this really cute snoopy dog house,which i want. there's the awesome, awesome dancing snoopy. he's so cute i love him. i want one. and they have this little snoopy here anda big snoopy plush.

oh my gosh. that's not bad, he's only $30.00 for thatdancing snoopy. oh i want one! i'm still in love with that guy back at bonkerbash. do they have any of the other sets? i saw some of these too. they're from schleish. so cute, look at this little woodstock. oh my goodness.

adorable, i cannot wait to see this new beemovie. okay, so now the play doh is over here. some of the like the little kids toys likeplayskool, not playskool but leapfrog, mooshka, play doh, dolls. oh are these new ones? these are! that is one of the new fashion ones. oh my gosh they're so cute! oh i love cabbage patch dolls.

cute little puppets. look at all this cool duck stuff here on theend. very fun educational stuff. all the disney gear. doc mcstuffins. some sheriff callie. oh madison is so into disney shows right now. she's into all of them. oh they got some care bears.

oh here's some pets. oh cool! okay i got one of these. i think i got this set the other day. so cute, has so many new different animalsand i love, love the colors. super cute. puppy in my pocket! oh i really like the blind bags of these guys. oh i want this one with the pug.

they got little teeny ones too. oh my goodness these are so cute! oh my gosh, oh my gosh! okay i don't see one with a pug so i'm notgonna get this yet today. [laughing]. they have some cute toys. they have a lot of new stuff here today, ohmy goodness. they have some cute inside out stuff. um, they've got the crystal surprise, flipsieswhich are really cute.

i saw those at the bonker bash as well. oh they got some more of these family sets. i bought this one already. oh and a panda one. these are so cute! i like how they have an adoptive family memberin each set and the accessories. very cute. they've got...what? oh my goodness, they have all the power ponies.

they have shopkins play set. they have the power ponies. oh my goodness, oh my goodness. i need to look through these. i may get some more. power ponies with the barn. they have an ice cream truck. they have this really cool celestia castle. oh my gosh, they have...what's this one?

it's a hamster play set. they have the airplane down here. wow wow wow wow! so much new stuff, oh my gosh. oh! friendship games dolls. i haven't seen them yet. they have twilight and fluttershy here. sour sweet.

wow wow wow. i don't collect those but that's cool. we have some single ones. so i had bought that big set up there so todayi'm gonna get the rest of the power ponies in the little size just because i really likethe big set but actually it's way too big for collecting. which shopkins did i get last time? i don't remember that either. i'll have to look.

over here there's lots of frozen stuff. this is cute. i haven't seen this skating elsa set before. we have...awe cute! princesses and they've got all these palacepets. so this aisle is not nicely organized yetas the other stuff over in the boys. there's barbies and monster high heads andponies over here. barbies sister, a swing set too. barbie and her horsie.

got all these rock n royals. cool stuff. ever after high. i don't think any of these are new. they have the student council down there. they have one frozen. i love this cute little sadness. there's just everything up here, it's funny. oh, little puppies.

cute, cute. maybe there will be new monster high cominghere soon. oh i see a bratz doll. i haven't seen any of them much in stores. she is a selfiesnaps doll. cool. this box is really cute with anna and elsaand olaf. really adorable. saw that at toy fair too.

oh look at all these new friends sets. these are like pop star. they are super fabulous. really fun looking. oh yea. lots of bratzage going on here. there's a snow lodge, oh my goodness, there'sshoes. i'm glad i don't collect those dolls causethere are tons of that stuff. journey girls.

here's a set. these look really cool. that's awesome i like that. i don't really like lego friends but i dolike this set. i think that's really cute. i even like this. it's doc mcstuffins. that's so cute! more peanuts stuff.

these are lite brix and you can build a lemonadestand. that's cute. it's really adorable. they've got some cute play sets coming outfrom peanuts movie. i like schroeder's little dance hall. there's snoopy. those are really cute! wonder if these are hard to put together? they look adorable.

they have the mystery machine! i really want this but i can't get it justnow because i have lots of lego's i haven't built yet but that is cool. i'm definitely gonna be getting that at somepoint. i want to build a little mystery machine. it looks really cool. oh they've got gem beados now. those look really cute. oh i like the kinectic sand floaty stuff.

that was cool, we played with that at thetoy fair. there's more shopkins here. i've never seen so much shopkins before herein the store. oh my gosh i have to send a picture of thisto my sister. they have, what is her name, everest. whoa. that is so cool. how cool in metallic. hello pound puppies, you're so cute.

do you want to be my friends? awe you're adorable! you guys are so cute. here's some qixels. they've moved everything around in this store. okay, this is where the minions are. there are a ton of the tube heroes. these are all youtube people who i've neverheard of but they should make some of these of my friends.

that would be really cool. so you guys know that i don't know anythingabout minecraft but i really want a zombie pig man. it's a fun little figure. omg! what? there's a 35th anniversary strawberry shortcakedoll out? oh my gosh, she looks just like the ones ijust bought on e-bay. how much is she?

i may need to get her just to have her andkeep her in this really cute little box. she's so cute! she looks just like the original. wow. that is awesome. did not even know, wow it's her 35th birthday,wow. makes me feel old. they have all these classic toys here. all stuff i had when i was a kid, oh evencreepy raggedy ann and raggedy andy dolls.

view master, that is so cool. wow, strawberry! that is an awesome, awesome find. they've started packaging a bunch these oldgames. candy land retro style. wow, like these weren't even ones i had butwere the ones my aunts and uncle had they used to play. this version of clue, that is so cool. that is so fun.

some people like to watch sports on sundayor go to the beach. i like to come to target and get a big coffeeand i am in the baby section because we have to get baby stuff too but they were re-stockingthis target and i'm hoping there's even more awesome toys than i found just the other day. we found thomas, there's lots of paw patroltoo. look what's over here maddy! what do they got here? oh the zoo, it's so cute. uh, the dvd's.

we found stuff to be interested in. looks like their still re-organizing here. this is an awesome truck. i had seen this at blocker bash and it isawesome. so cool, it has all the cars, oh my gosh,that's amazing. oh they have these i was looking for the otherday! these are so adorable! i love, love, sister is going tofreak out when she sees this. here she comes around the corner now.

maddy what did you put in the cart? olaf? who knows. what else you got there? doggie? snoopy? oh maddie is buying all of this plus somedvd's that she's taken. yea. well, she's putting stuff in the cart now.

what are these? project mc, are these like smart girls orsomething? i've never seen those and there's bratz nextto them. oh, i haven't seen this yet. boo york. cool! they also have like a microscope and you canmake your own bubble gum and a robot. i really want one of these digiowls. look they got the chubby puppies play set!

this is really cute. has like a little elevator and a slide. oh, i really want one of those. it's so cute. what car is that robin? that is the mooska car. nice! they have the furreal friends pug, j.j. it looks like penny!

yea! so you got two doggies and a pony movie thatwe are not putting down. i'm at wal-mart today because i have to geta card for my mom for her birthday. oh, maybe i should get her a minions card. these are super cute! comes with minion clips. it's my moms birthday tomorrow so i'm goingto look for a card for her and then go over to the toy section. oh my gosh!

look at this little puppy! hug-a-pug. oh my gosh, that is so cute! omg. i should get this for my mom for her birthdayand she will be like, thanks a lot! it has little leg warmers. these are cute. i love these figures and now that maddie isinto sheriff callie, i plan on getting them all some time.

what are these pets? there's a backpack. look, they got a pug. cute. little backpack pets. oh, uggly pet shops, how cool. oh and this one actually has ones i don'thave. i don't have this dog or this crab lookingguy. oh here's some more of these guys too.

i like those. paw patrol, cool. oh and they have the stackems here, cool. turtles, oh and they have more of the cans. here's some more paw patrol stuff. awe, marshall and chase, you guys are so cute. look at this big pack. oh what are these guys? little mini pals.

i haven't seen these before. they're like little squishy guys with flatheads. it's cute. okay they've moved stuff around since i'vebeen here last. okay so that might be a good sign that there'snew stuff. they have the lego friends pop star stuffhere and lots of elves. sweet bird. what's this? it's a unicorn.

ha. it's a walking unicorn. that's funny. oh cool, what is this, like a little mousetrail? like a smaller tract set? i don't know. it's cool. oh they have j.j. up there. i really want j.j. he's so cute!

princesses over here now. the descendants, oh. there's lonnie and mal and ben. hmm, more of these weird princess baby dolls,i don't get that. so loopsy's are over here with some bratz, oh they got bratz here at wal-mart. bratz, monster high. awe, i haven't seen her yet. she's cute. awe and here is this little pug again.

i kinda want one, it's really adorable. wonder how much it is? it's really cute! i'm going to put him in my cart for now. how could i not buy a pug? okay, ponies, oh plinko pony. oh shopkins! oh are these the hideaway series? yes!

i have not found these yet. oh i'm getting these guys. see if there's any new pets here i don't haveyet. oh mae mae, i don't have her. i have terri, i have this gracie, oh and idon't have this bunny ross either. these are some that i have been looking for. i literally have a list of these guys. shoe dazzle in fashion spree play sets. oh and they have maddie hatter.

i watched that movie last night guys and ireally, really want those dolls now even more. we love doc mcstuffins now too. so cool. oh they've got boo york. oh that's a little watzit, i've never seenhim with the t-shirt. i don't think i've seen these yet in stores,have i or i haven't noticed them. they're frightmares, that's cool. here's more of the project mc square dollsthat i saw in target. i believe they are a tv show on netflix.

i just saw that, or at least netflix alsohas them. i don't know if they're still on their channel. bratz. lots of bratz. london bratz. i like her panda t-shirt, that's cute. just found this set. it's a wal-mart exclusive. this is really cute, it has a really cuterussell and a little donkey.

oh my gosh, they're so cute! i kinda want this set too. it is a wal-mart exclusive. that's awesome. they also have this play set here and theband and...oh cute, i wonder how much these guys are? also have this 3 pack of luna and mouscedesand elle. they don't look as fancy as they do in theirother outfits. oh, i want to see how much these dolls are.

$23.88. hoping to get them on sale some day. maybe one day i will get myself maddie andi actually really like apple, i'm not usually an apple fan but this movie has changed mymind. i was looking for puppy in my pocket playsets and i found some of these multi packs in a place thats the blind bags. look at this little dalmatian. i want this set just for that doggie, he'sso cute! awe, i just want to adopt him he's so adorable.

these guys are really cute too. little scotty dog and this guy, awe and thisguys cute too! awe i want some of these. it comes with a fancy purse. i really want to find those blind bags. awesome. i want this car. there's like a whole end cap with these legofriends. this is a cool little row too.

i want some like that, it's fabulous.

My Little Pony Coloring Book Friendship Is Magic