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Senin, 17 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Equestria Girl Coloring Pages Games

My Little Pony Equestria Girl Coloring Pages Games

hi transformers hi daddy are you ready for a huge egg hunt? ye ok you've got two rules number one, don't hit the minions if you hit the minions, you lose an egg to the other person and number two bring one egg back at a time

understand the rules? yes, yes what are you waiting for? go go go go go kiddietoysreview: toys and fun with ely and ela whoa ely's got an egg ely's got an egg i got a kinder joy egg be careful don't hit the minions whoa, ela's got a huge egg

don't hit the minions who ela's got a huge egg quick quick quick ely's got a kinder surprise egg next egg ela's going for the play doh i've got it now ely's going for the zelf got two eggs each now

whoa good job ela and ely's got the zelf quick quick ela's got a head start already, quick quick quick quick whoa ely's got a huge egg ela's got a yellow egg whoa drop it in wow you've got three eggs already ely's still got two eggs

i almost hit a minion don't hit any minions whoa here comes a huge egg drop it in the basket whoa, you've got three eggs already ela's back with number four whoahoho good job what is ela taking?

ela's got a cars egg. quick quick careful ela's got a frozen egg quick throw it back in the basket what does ely have? i got a shopkins whoa you've got a shopkins basket quick quick take it to your basket before ela wins drive the bike quick quick quick

careful don't hit the minions where's ela going? whoa ela's got a blue egg here comes ely for her yellow egg ela's going to drop the egg in the basket yay here comes ely with an egg whoa here comes ela with an egg

here comes yellow bumblebee with a red egg is that all the eggs? have a ride around have a look have a look around if there's any more eggs don't hit the minions or you'll lose an egg have a look around, any more? let's see any more? no

no more anywhere? are you sure? okay did anyone hit any minions? let's have a close look kids, did anyone hot any minions? are the minions all still standing? what about this one, this one's wobbling, look look

oh no, he's standing on one foot no, he's okay ok all the minions are good, no one's hit any minions no one's hit any minions so far ok great job no one's hit any minions, awesome let's have a look at your eggs how many eggs have you got ela? one

two three four five six seven eight nine ela's got nine eggs

how many eggs do you have ely? i have one who's the winner? me yay, bumblebee's the winner, congratulations! whoa great job everyone bumblebee, time to open your eggs wow what's all that? angry birds and pigs

wow are you going to set the pigs up and throw the angry birds? there's bomb woohoo boom whoa whoa good throw, here comes red here comes another red whoa whoa ok great throwing

you got all the pigs time to open the other surprise eggs which one are you going to pick? oh you picked the cars one first let's open it up let's open it up and see what's inside i wonder what's there? i think it's going to be a car hahaha what do you think?

probably a car pop it open whoa, what is that? it's not a car that looks like a whistle, is that a whistle? have you ever used a whistle before? whoa cool whistle, try again hahaha again whoa ok try again next time

and what's in the other little packet, is that a rubber? it's candy oh it's candy wow ok we'll save that for later after breakfast what egg are you going to open next? the yellow egg i wonder what's inside it's chase

wow it's chase and he has a light wow he's got a pretty blue light which egg are you going to open next? the green play doh ok open it up i wonder what's in the play doh can wow what's that? who's that?

do you know who that is kids? who's that ela? francesco bernoulli it's francesco, can you pull him out? whoa, francesco is all covered in green play doh i'm cleaning him cleaning him up which egg do you want to open next? the frozen egg

i wonder what's in the frozen egg? what's that? stickers is that else or anna? christoff and sven and what else do you have? candy lolly lolly bracelet and a clip

and a hair clip wow that's beautiful i want to put it on my hair wow what a pretty clip oh very cute the blue play doh blue play doh, ok i wonder who's inside i see something red

do you know what that is kids? lightning mcqueen lightning mcqueen, i can see his eyes wow, he looks so funny in the blue play doh wow there's his smile wow lightning's covered in blue play doh clean him up a bit whoa he's pretty clean now lightning and francesco's together

vroom vroom vroom boom, oh what a crash oh no they crashed together francesco and lightning mcqueen are going to crash through the pigs vroom... boom whoa what a crash they knocked over all the piggies they did

the red egg wow what's in there? it's marshall wow he's got a blue light as well at the bottom there he has a light like chase wow that's pretty marshall let's go rescue the green piggies ok chase oh no

francesco and lightning mcqueen are going to crash through the piggies again oh no, marshall and chase are down the blue egg it's a thomas blind bag wow i wonder what's inside there open it up and find out who who's that? percy

it's percy the green engine chugga chugga choo choo chugga chugga choo choo oh he's going to park next to lightning he's parking next to lightning and francesco do you have any more eggs left to open? which one? the kinder surprise egg the kinder surprise egg, open it up there's going to be some yummy chocolate in there

it's an egg a chocolate egg wow, what's in the surprise egg? wow looks like a barbie doll it is let's put it together it's a beautiful barbie doll i think somebody wants to eat the chocolate hehehe yummy

mmmm yummy chocolate wow look at all the toys i have wow that is a lot of toys are you ready to open your eggs ely? what egg do you want to open first ely? spongebob a yellow spongebob egg, ok open it up lollies wow a lot of lollies

huge lolly pack anything else? spongebob stickers i think you can put those on your bike, what do you think? what egg do you want to open next? frozen frozen egg whoa i got a hair clip with elsa a hair clip, that's beautiful

ok that's pretty what else do you have in the egg? i've got... a sticker with anna a candy bracelet mmmm i think zelf i wonder what zelf you have?

wow it's so pretty it's green and gold it's a green and gold zelf it's daisy may wow that's daisy may skopkins shopkins basket, ok i wonder what shopkins you'll get whoa that was close

wooo what's inside the shopkins? whoa this is so pretty what shopkins do you have? jules and june balloon june balloon, wow they're so pretty thomas egg a huge thomas egg open it up, wow

look at all the thomas trains you have who do you have? i've got james hiro charlie and thomas and thomas, you've got five trains it's a lot what egg so you want to open now?

what's inside the egg? open it up and see what's in there they're barbie stickers whoa pretty look at this one wow, it's like a hologram feel this, it's soft wow feel it so soft

are you going to eat your chocolate egg now? ok munch it up hrr big munch hppp hpp wow someone's hungry wow look at all my toys wow you've got cool toys there are you ready to collect the minions? yes

ok put them in your basket it's a big one i think you can put him into your basket yes i can whoa great job i'm going to send the thomas trains through the minions ok turn them on whoa they pushed through the minions whoa there they go

there they go, whoa and there comes hiro, the last one wow look at all their wheels go whoa there they go knocking over the minions bye bye trains, where are you going? careful of the hose aarrggh oh there they go still going, careful of the hose

who's going to be the winner? thomas is the winner hi girls are you ready for a surprise egg hunt? ok go for it oh ely's got one

My Little Pony Equestria Girl Coloring Pages Games